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Full text of "Rotuli curiæ regis. Rolls and records of the court held before the King's justiciars or justices .."

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VOL. I. 

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§ !• The RoUs of the Curia Regis, or 
the King*s Court held before his Justices 
or JusticiarS) during the reigns of King 
Richard I. and King John, and here pub- 
lished for the first time in an entire formi ^^ \^,>^^Mx^ 
are the earliest consecutive judicial recordsf^i/ijL^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 
now existing» At least, after endeavouring 
to ascertain the fact, by consulting the best 
authorities, I have not been enabled to 
discover any other specimens bearing an 
anterior date. 

It is true, that many detached muni- 
ments relating to judicial proceedings — 
narratives of placita — suits before various 
judges and tribunals — and other legal 
memorials of more remote periods — are 
extant : but none, which, like the present, 
constitute a continuous roU or register. The 
most antient documents of this description 
known in the continental archives, belong 
to the Parliaments of Paris, being the 
" Olim'' Registers as they are called, com- 
mencing in the year 1254» the twenty- 
eighth year of Saint Louis; whereas we 

RoT. CoE. Rio. * a 

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possess the RoUs of the Curia Regis 
trom the Quiozaine of St Michael^ in the 
sixth year of the reign of Richard Coeur 
de Lion, 1194, or soon after his retum 
ftom the Holy Land. 

§ II. With these roUs, the series de- Rotuiusde 


posited in the Treasury of the Exchequer s*ciMichae- 
begins. Yet the usage of preserving a regu- ^s. (a. i. 
lar written record of judicial proceedings, ^'^ 
was certainly practised in England during 
the preceding reign. The roU of Michael- 
nias Term, 9 John, contains a short trans- 
cript of certain pleadings, 7 Henry II., 
proving that the mode of enrolment was 
then entirely settled. I have not dis- 
covered any other traces of those rolls. 
They are not noticed in any of our reper- 
tories or calendars. Perhaps, when it was 
declared that legal memory extended not 
beyond the iirst year of Richard's reign, 
the earlier judicial records, deprived of 
their practical utility, were cast aside and 
neglected, and ultimately destroyed, either 
by neglect or design. 

§ III. Much as the loss of these docu- 
ments may be regretted, — for no other 
sonrce can supply the information which 
they would have afForded concerning in- 
dividual transactions, — still we have no 

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reason to suppose that they disclosed any 
principles of law beyond those established 
by the surviving records. The main out- 
lines of that peculiar and national system, 
the English Common Law, were fully fixed 
and drawn. Our jurisprudence had as- 
sumed all those characteristicks, through 
and by which, greatly as they have been 
altered from age to age, it is distinguished 
at the present day. Beginning with Glan^ 
ville; — continuing our inquiries upon the 
Rolb, existing from the reign of John in 
regular succession ; — comparing these 
records with the commentary furnished 
by the Year Books ; — and lastly^ opening 
the Volumes of the Reporters, properly 
so called : we could — if human life were 
adequate to such a task — exhibit what 
the world cannot elsewhere shew, the 
judicial system of a great and powerful 
nation, running parallel in developement 
with the social advancement of the people 
whom that system ruled. In the history 
of the English Ck)nstitution, our legal 
records are amongst the most important 
elements. The law restrained the Sovereign 
before he was controlled by his Great 
Council. And the most important func-^ 
tions antiently vested in the High Court 
of Parliament, arose from the dispensation 
of justice, exercised in ordinary cases by 
* a2 

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the Judges to whom the King delegated his 
authority and powen 

§ IV. But the interest of our judicial 
records is not local^ or peculiariy apper- 
taining unto this our country. They are 
the property, not merely of England, but 
of the English people^ wheresoever settled 
or dispersed. We have here the germ and 
foundation of the laws obtaining in those 
States, which, rising beyond the ocean, seem 
appointed to preserve the language and the 
institutions of England beneath other skies, 
when the empire of the parent common- 
wealth shall have passed away like a dream. 

Nor will these muniments be without 
great value in the estimation of those able 
and learned men, who, amongst foreign 
nations,and more particularly the Germans, 
are applying themselves to the study and 
discussion of jurisprudence with a laborious 
research into historical facts, and an en- 
lightened pursuit of legal science, which 
may at once excite our national emulation 
and check our national pride. For, in 
England, no branch of study, no pursuit^ 
receives so little elegance from the acquire- 
ments of hterature, or the investigations of 
philosophy, as the law. Its professional 
members are distinguished for their know- 
ledge and their talent, but they labour to 



cultivate and adorh every field except their 
Gwn. — And while we thus reject the em- 
bellishment derived from human intellect, 
our practical Legislators have never yet 
sufficiently recognized the truth^ that the 
positive laws of man can stand upon no 
other sure foundation but those immutable 
principles» which ought to be as much the 
rule of conduct for communities, as for the 
individuals of whom they are composed. 

§ V. The character in which these re- 
cords are entered is cursive, and often very 
illegible, perplexed, and obscure, andthe 
writing being also much faded, they cannot 
be deciphered without difficulty. The en- 
tries are frequently irregular and confused, 
bearing the evident tokens of haste and 
interruption. Many clerical errors are dis- 
cemible, especially in the names of persons 
and places. In coeval charters and chiro- 
graphs of concords, documents which were 
written carefullyandleisurely,the character 
is set, regular, and firm ; and the compa- 
rison between these classes of muniments 
and the judicial RoUs, will lead to the con- 
clusion, that the latter were written whilst 
the Court was actually sitting. {Nouh.) 

In a subsequent age of our legal history, 
it would seem that the roll was carefuUy 

*a 3 

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and leisurely engrossed by the clerk, from 
the notes taken in court of the oral plead- 
ings. In London^ a curious vestige of the 
antient custom may be found in the civic 
Courts, in which there are no paper 
pleadings, but the declaration, the plea, 
and other entries^ are engrossed at once 
upon the parchment by the attorneys, 
(who in fact are the Clerks of the Court) 
in the same manner as they would have 
done» had the suit been followed and de* 
fended according to the antient mode. 

§ VI. Upon a cursory perusal of the 
Rolls, two points will present themselves 
prominently to the reader^s attention. 

The first, is the great quantify of business 
transacted before the Justiciars. And when 
we recoUect the heavy expence, which, even 
at this period, was attendant upon legal 
proceedings, and the difficulties of commu- 
nication between the remote parts of the 
kingdom and the central tribunal, it must 
appear evident that so many causes would 
not have been prosecuted in the King^s 
Court, had not some very decided advan- 
tages been derived from this course. 

The second point is, the smallness, in 
many cases, of the matter in dispute, the 
suits being frequently brought for very in- 
considerable portionsof land. It is probable, 

Digitized by 



however, that the ^^a€ra" originally con- 
tained one hundred and twenty of the 
ineasures usually so called, especially when 
the land was situated in the western Shires 
of England : or that the term acre was 
equivalent to '* carrucate/' It is possible 
also that the common rights, appurtenant 
to small pieces of land held in severalty, 
may have been much more valuable than 
the land itself, and were the substantive 
objects of htigation. 

The spirit and principles of our antient 
jurisprudence ofFer a wide and interesting 
field for enquiry : some remarks and hints 
upon these subjects, as well as upon 
the affinity between the Norman customs 
and the laws of Anglo-Norman England, 
raay perhaps be introduced hereaften In 
the present essay, I shall confine myself to 
the observations suggested by a very few 
of the more remarkable passages appearing 
on the record. 

§ VII. Such are the entries relating to Rot-Cur. 
the appeal of treason, brought by William K5/'''"'' 
Fitz Osbert against Richard liis brother. 595^^^**" 

William Fitz Osbert, the Appellant, Hoveden, 
had accompanied Coeur de Lion to Pales- 
tine. We learn the fact from the narra- 
tive of a vision, relating how Thomas a 
Becket had appeared to Filz Osbcrt, and 

a i 

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to GeofFry, a Citizen and Goldsmith of 
London, both embarked upon the vessel 
which had sailed from the port of that 
city. The vision itself, has little, if any, 
bearing upon the general history of the 
reign, and it is just such an incident as 
we might be inclined to neglect or expunge 
as an idle tale. But the legend afFords a 
curious proof how useful the slightest 
notices relating to individuals may be, in 
completing the chain of historical evidence ; 
and that matters, appearing at first sight 
without any specific application to authentic 
history, may nevertheless confirm the tes- 
timony afForded by the more trust-worthy 
portions of the chronicler. By this tran- 
sient glimpse of Fitz Osbert in the cha- 
racter of a Crusader, we can trace the 
source of that intimacy with King Richard, 
which afterwards enabled him to take a most 
influential station in the civic community. 

1194. § VIII. William Fitz Osbert, who is de- Hoveden, 

scribed as one learned in the lavv — quidam Neubrigen- 
legisperitus — a phrase probably import- DicSJ'69i 
inff that he had studied as a civilian, M.Paris,i8i. 

' Gervasius, 

was endued with all the qualifications I59i. 
required in the leader of a popular party. Annaisof the 
He possessed a slender portion of learn- dm^ hi thT" 
ing : his wit was quick : his eloquence, sur- i^berde^^A^ 
passing. In stature he was mean, but he Jiqu^Legi^ 

Digitized by 



endeavoured to give importance to liis 
looks by nourishing the growth of beard, 
which he deemed would render him more 
notable in the crowd and the Folkmoot ; 
and hence, Wyllyam wtth-the-lovge-berdey 
derived his common name. Others say, 
that he and his kinsmen had adhered to 
this antient English fashion as a testimony 
of their hatred against their Norman mas- 
ters. And at all events, it is sufficiently 
easy to understand the object sought by 
this afFectation of singularity. 

Great and frequent were the talhagcs 
imposed upon the City of London, for 
Richard's ransom : and the burthen, ac- 
cording to the popular opinion, was in- 
creased, by the inequality of its appor- 
tionment or repartition. London at this 
period, contained two distinct orders of 
citizens : the Aldermen, the " Majores '* 
or " Nobiles," as they are termed in the 
antient Year Books of the City, the 
Patricians or higher order, constituting 
(as they asserted) the municipal Commu^ 
7iia, and constantly exercising the powers 
of government. To these, were opposed 
the lower order, who — perhaps being 
subdivided amongst themselves into two 
tribes of plebeians — maintained that thet/ 
were the true Communia^ to which, as of 
right, Ihe municipjfl authorily ought to 

Digitized by 



belong. And in these conflicting ranks, an 
historical theorist may suppose that he 
discovers the vestiges of theremoteperiod, 
when London was inhabited by distinct 
races or nations, each dwelling in their 
own peculiar town — the Ealdonnanna- 
byrigy still known as the Aldermanhury — 
inhabited by the nobles or conquering 
caste : whilst the rest of the city was 
peopled by the tributary or subject commu- 
nity. — But, abandoning these speculations, 
and reverting to the plain story of the 
chroniclers, it appears that whatever may 
have been the right of the superior classes, 
they failed to exercise their jurisdiction dis- 
creetly. And when the Aldermen assem- 
bled, according to usage, in full Husting, 
for the purpose of assessing the taxes, the 
rulers endeavoured to spare their own 
purses and to levy the whole from the poor. 

§ IX. William with the long beard, had Neubrigen- 
an elder brother, Richard Fitz Osbert. ^'/eDiSo: 
To this relative he had been indebted for ^^^* 
support wheii young, and whilst pursuing 
his studies. Extravagant and profuse in 
more advanced age, WiUiam attempted to 
encroach upon Richard^s bounty,and strove 
to obtain by threats, the relief which had 
been denied to his solicitations. He now 
sought thc blood oP this near kinsman, 

Digitized by 



perseduting him to the death with the Inost 
virulent hostility. 

Longbeard repaired to Coeur de Lion ; 
and, availing himself of the intimacy which 
he had acquired, he denounced Richard 
Filz Osbert as a traitor, a conspirator 
against the life of the King. Such was his 
devotion towards his Sovereign, he declared, 
that he would not spare his brother at the 
expence of his allegiance. We are told (AofeB.) 
by Neubrigensis^ that the accusation was 
spurned by the King, and, as this wriler 
conjectures, on account of his horror at 
such unnatural cruelty. It may be doubted^ 
however, whether Richard, who was him- 
self so devoid of natural afFection, could 
be actuated by such a motive. And the 
authentic record of the proceeding will 
enable us to rectify the statements of the 

21N0V.1194. § X. It appears, then, by the entries RotCur. 
upon the Roll, that on the Morrow of eQ^'*' ^^ ' 
SU Edmund, in the sixth year of Ric. L, 
William Fitz Osbert preferred his appeai 
before the Justices at Westminster against 
Richard Fitz Osbert, his brother. Speaking 
as a witness — for every Appellant sup- 
ported his complaint by his own positive 
testimony — he affirmed that a meeting was 
heid in the ** stone house^' of the said 

Digitized by 



Richard, when a discussion arose con- 

cerning Ihe aids granted to the King for 

his ransom. llichard Fitz Osbert exclaimed, 

" In recompense for the money taken from 

** me by the Chancellor within the Tower 

" of London, ,1 would lay out forty marks 

** to purchase a chain in which the King 

" and his Chancellor might be hanged/' — {Nou c.) 

There were others present who heard this 

speech, Jordan the Tanner and Robert 

Brand, without doubt the two true men 

noticed, but not named, by Ralph de 

Diceto, whose brief account of the trans- 

action agrees, so far as it extends, with 

the record, And they also vied with Richard 

Fitz Osbert in his disloyalty. '^Would that 

" the King might always remain where he 

" now is,*' quoth Jordan. In this wish 

RobertBrand cordially agreed. — And, — 

" Come what will,'' — they all exclaimed, — 

" in London we never will have any other 

" King except our Mayor;'' — Henry Fitz 

Ailwin of London Stone. 

The Appellees, in due form, denied the 
whole accusation " de verbo in verbum,"and 
demanded the franchise of London, or the 
right possessed by the citizens of defending 
themselves by compurgation, according to 
the oldAnglo-Saxon laws of their ancestors, 
Upon this plea, a day was given to them on 
Sunday next after thc feast of St. Kalhc- 

Digitized by 



rine, in three weeks, and in the meanwhile 
they were enlarged, finding pledges for 
their appearance ; amongst whom, scanty 
as the early memorials of the City are, we 
recognize many well-known names of 
citizens and civic families. The cause of 
the Appellees was therefore defended by 
the Magnates, to whom William with the 
long bearde was so much opposed. (AofeD.) 

2iDec.ii94. § XI. On Sunday next before Christ- 
mas, a further day was given to William 
Fitz Osbert and the Citizens of London, 
conceming the allowance of their franchise 
in respect of the appeal, to wit, on the 
oclaves of St. Hilary, at Westminster. No 
further information can be derived from 
the mutilated and imperfect record, but 
we can ascertain that the facts liave been 
mis-stated by Neubrigensis. The accu- 
sation was followed up in due form of law 
before the Justices at Westminster, and 
without any reference to the King. 

1196. ^ XII. Defeated as an informer in Court, Hoveden, 

. . 765. 

Fitz Osbert now re-appears in the City as a M.Pari8,i8i. 
patriot. Those chroniclers who espouse ^^l^^^f^^' 
his cause — and the coeval authorities dis- 
play, most instructively, all the violent 
parly feelings of the age — maintain, that. 

Digitized by 



moved by an ardent zeal for justice and 
equity, he acted with specious fidelity as 
the advocate of the poor. Face to face he 
opposed the Aldermen, on all occasions : 
asserting, that by the corruption of the 
" Nobiles '' the King^s Exchequer was 
shamefuUy defrauded ; and labouring to 
effect an equal and impartial assessment of 
the citizens according to their means. 

For this purpose, he repaired to the 
King in Normandy, praying '' peace for 
'* the citizens and for himself/' The re- 
quest is obscurely expressed, nor are we 
informed of the answer which he received. 
but since we do know that Longbeard 
complained of the extortions committed by 
the King'8 ministers or officers, and that 
upon his return, the Chief Justiciar or Re- 
gent, Archbishop Hubert, was moved to 
exceeding wrath, we may conjecture that 
the authority of the latter was restricted, or 
his discretion impugned. 

Hubert at once declared himself as the 
open adversary of William Fitz Osbert in 
particular, and of the citizens at large. 
Orders were issued by the Justiciar, that 
any one of the commonalty found without 
the walls of the City should be arrested 
as an enemy to King and Kingdom. 
Either the franchises of the citizens, ' or 

'[^gitized by VjOOQIC 


their strength, or perhaps both causes com- 
bined, restrained or deterred the Justiciar 
froni attacking them vvithin their own 
Mirch 1196. municipal territory. Beyond the city liber- 
ties, he did his worst; and, about Mid 
Lent, several London merchants, attending 
Stamford Fair, were seized pursuant to 
his commands. 

Fitz Osbert, safe within the walls of 
London, defied the Justiciar and the Royal 
authority. We are told by Neubrigensis, 
tbat fifty-two thousand citizens were en- 
roUed by name as his adherents or follow- 
ers, all arrayed against the rich and noble 
of the City, who were compelled to watch 
in arms, day and night, for the purpose of 
protecting their wealth, their honour, and 
their lives against this confederacy. 

§ XIII. Availing himself of the terrors Neu^rigen- 
excited amongst the higher orders, and *'*'^^* 
supported, without doubt, by their in- 
fluence, the Justiciar proceeded to London, 
and convening the citizens, he induced 
them to give pledges for the keeping of 
the peace. Wiliiam Fitz Osbert was no 
party to this transaction. He called a 
folkmoot, as he was wontto do, in St.Paurs 
Churchyard, and here he addressed a for- 
cible and energetic discourse to the assem- 
bled people, inviting them to defend their 

Digitized by 



cause by rallying round hini as the Pro- 
tector of the Poor. But, according to the 
invariable destiny of party leaders, he began 
to experience the levity of the multitude : 
and, either by fear or treachery, the union 
which had supported him was weakened or 

§ XIV. Hubert the Justiciar, advising Hoveden, 
with the "Proceres," summoned Fitz Osbert Sbrigen- 
to appear and answer the accusations now r df^^" 
preferred against him. Two of the " noble 5?^- . 

,, ^ , , Gervasius, 

citizens, or Aldermen, acted as intelli- i59i. 

j • .1 - . M. Paris, 

gencers, and espymg out the ways of the isi. 
declining demagogue, they ascertained how fS*""' 
and in what manner he could be safely and f^^i^^^"' 
surely apprehended. When, therefore, it Tyrreis 

j , , Chron. of 

appeared that the capture could be effected London, s. 
easilyand quietly, an armed band,stationed Undin.**^ 
by the Justiciar under the command of LiSe An- 
these Citizens, attacked the popular advo- ['^"'*Ji!?'" 

' ' bu8. (MS.) 

cate. Force was resisted by force. One of 
the leaders, Godfrey by name, fell beneath 
Fitz Osberfs battle-axe, the other met with 
a similar fate : yet Longbeard found that 
he had no safety but in flight. He took 
refuge in the church of St. Mary le Bow : 
and, having but too good reason for ap- 
prehending that the sanctity of the edifice 
might not be sufficient to defend him against 
his enemies, he retired to the lofty tower. 

Digitized by 



m which he proposed to resist a siege. — 
** Come out and abide the law," — was the 
summons reoeived by Fitz Osbert, and 
which he knew he could not dare to obey. 
The Archbishc^, whoUy disregarding 
the immunities of his pecuHar Sanctuary, 
gave orders, to the great astonishment and 
marvel of the surrounding crowd, that Fitz 
Osbert should be expelled by main force. 
And when it was ascertained that the victim 
had fled to the tower of the church, the 
Archbishop directed that the structure 
should be «et on fire. The fierce flames 
compelled Fitz Osbert to abandon his 
stronghold : he descended and attempted 
to escape« As he was rushing out, he was 
stabbed by the son of the citizen whom he 
had slain, secured, bound with fetters and 
manacles, and carried to the Tower of Lon- 
don. The **Majores" of the City and 
the King's ofiicers, all joined in urging the 
Justiciar to inflict a condign punishment 
upon the offenden Fitz Osbert, by ad- 
vice of the ** Proceres " assembled at the 
Tower, was condemned to die. The sen- 
tence was executed with the usual barbarity. 
Stripped naked, and tied by a rope to the 
horse's taii, William was dragged over the 
rough and flinty roads to Tyburn, where his 
laceraled and almost lifeless carcass was 
bung in chains on the fatal elm. 

ROT. CVB. Rio. b 

Digitized by 



In the archives of Guildhall^ a single line 
commemorates the execution of the traitor. 
ThevemacularChronicle of theCity informs 
us, how the ^^ heretyke called with the 
Longe berd was drawen and hanged for 
heresye and cursed doctryne that he had 
taughte/* A confession, said to have been 
made by him, acknowledging in his name 
the foulest crimes, was loudly and indus- 
triously repeated and reported to the 
disgrace and contumely of his adherents. 
They heeded not these accusations. They 
who had abandoned their advocate when 
living, lamented and honoured him when 
dead. It was believed that miracles were 
worked by the relics of this martyr to 
the popular cause. Hubert the Justiciar 
was able to chase away the votaries of Fitz 
Osbert, and to reduce the citizens to obe- 
dience : but the trespass which Hubert the 
Archbishop had committed against the 
privileges of the sanctuary, was not forgot- 
ten, and ultimately occasioned the loss of (J xxxvn.) 
the great secular office which he held. 

§ XV. A very remarkable plea relates Rot. Cur. 

to the expulsion of the Monks from the J^^?^^^"^" 

Priory of Coventry. 
I3 0ct.ii94. Moses, late the Prior of Coventry, and 
st. Michaei, his Conveut, pray that they may recover 
^^^*^' seisin of the Barony of Coventry which 

Digitized by 



they held in the time of Henry II., and 
after the first Coronation of Ric. L, and 
from whence they were ejected by force 
and without judgment, declaring that the 
Prior had performed homage for the same 
to the King. 

The Canons against whom the suit is 
brought, allege in their plea that they hold 
nothing in Barony, nor otherwise than 
in frankalmoigne : and that if they held of 
tbe Barony, the same is in other hands, and 
not in theirs. And, inasmuch as they only 
hold in frankalmoigne, they refuse to 
answer, praying their privilege of Court 
Christian. Upon this plea, a day is given 
to the parties to hear judgment at West- 
minster: and the Canons appoint their 
attorneys to appear in their stead. 

The plea to the jurisdiction was not 
allowed : and amongst the entries on the 
^J^ij^ Morrow of St. Edmund, is the appearance 
^Ednaod, of the assizc, empannelled to try the issue, 
whether Hugh Bishop of Coventry and 
the Canons of Coventry, unjustly and with- 
out judgment, disseized the PriorandCon- 
vent of Coventry of their tenements in 
Coventry and elsewhere, since thc first 
Coronation of the King. 

The Canons plead, that when King 
Henry II. granted the Bishoprick of 
Coventry to Hugh de Nonant, he also 


Digitized by 



granted to him the priory of Coventry, i» 
the same manner as Bishop Roger Clin- 
ton, his predecessor, had enjoyed the 
same. Now Bishop Roger held the priory 
in his demesne and Barony, and re- 
ceived the homage of the Freeholders, and 
provided necessaries for the Monks at 
his discretion. And the Canons profFer 
the charter of Hen. II., purporting that 
the King granted the priory to the Bishop 
in the above-mentioned manner and fornu 
Before, however, he could obtain seisin 
thereof, Henry II. died, and he therefore 
came before King Richard,and prayed his 
confirmation thereof. 

Moses the late Prior, the demandant in 
the present assize, appeared, as they further 
allege, before Archbishop Baldwin, the 
Bishops of London and Rochester, and 
many other discreet men, as well of the 
Clergy as of the Laity, at Reading, and 
surrendered the Priory into the hands of 
Hugh de Nonant, the Bishop of Coventry. 
And therc, in the presence of them all, 
Prior Moses abjured the Church of Coven- 
try, and promised that he would never 
retum thereto. 

Some time afterwards the Bishop held 
a Synod in his church of Coventry, when 
the Monks came forth and struck the 
Bishop upon his head with a cross, and 

i^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


idrew blood. This assault was made known 
«nto the Pope; and by the assent and 
testimony of the King and the SufFragans 
of the Church of Canterbury, and the 
judgment of the Court of Rome, the 
." religion '* or regular community was 
altogether suppressed. And by the King's 
assent, the possessions of the Church were 
distributed or divided into prebends, saving 
only the entirety of the Barony, which 
the King granted to Bishop Hugh de No- 
Jiant for his life ; and thus, by the autho- 
rity and command of the Pope, addressed 
to William Longchamp Bishop of Ely, then 
his Legate — and of whom much more (i xxvi. to 
will be said hereafter — the prebends were ^ 
assigned to the several Canons. Thereupon 
they proffer the King's confirmation, and 
pray that the same may be allowed to 
them, and they offer to the King six hun- 
dred marks, that they may hold the priory, 
together with the Barony of the same 
priory, as Prior Moses held the same, and 
that they may have the King's further con- 
firmation thereupon. 

The Prior prays that his Assize of 
Novel Disseisin may proceed : and he 
in his turn, proffers the King's charter, 
in which it is contained that the King 
granted to the said Prior the entirety of 
his priory, together with the habit and 


Digitized by 



the order of the Monks, as fuUy as they ever 
had the same, and that they should not in 
anywise be impeded or damnified by the 
charters which Bishop Hugh had obtained 
from the King. And to the end that they 
may have the entirety of their priory, toge- 
ther with the Barony, and the restoration 
of their order, as the same was granted 
to them by the King, they also ofFer to 
the King six hundred marks of silver. 

But now a third party interposes, namely, 
the Archbishop of Canterbury, who asserts 
the suit should be decided in Court Chris- 
tian, as of a church which is vacant, and 
should be in his custody, the dispute 
concerning ecclesiastical property. And 
the Justices demand that the suit may 
be retained in the King*s Court, as being a 
plea concerning hisBarony. And it is there- 
fore adjudged by the Court — consideratum 
est — that the King's pleasure shall be 
taken thereupon. 

§ XVI. Here the record breaks ofF, and Hoveden, 


the plea must be elucidated by the chro- Genrasius, 
niclers. — ^There prevailed at this period a j^^! ^^^^' 
bitter hostility against the Regular Clergy, ^^^-^^^^jZ 
and particularly against the Monks who Waisingham 


constituted the Chapters of many Cathe- Neustri», 
drals, including the Primatial See of Coggeshale, 
Canterbury. Monastic or regular Chapters ^^* 

Digitized by 



werederived from the Anglo-Saxon Church, Giraidus 

- _ . . , , ,. Cambrensis, 

and the institution was almost pecuhar to vitaHugonis 
England. They were originally introduced 351-353!* ' 
into the Cathedrals for the purpose of ef- fg^^^^^, 
fecting an ecclesiastical reform. The secu-- Knyghton, 
!ar Clerks had so greatly neglected their M.Paris, 
duties, that there appeared no cure for the xinmuth, 
evil but the substitution of a priesthood iii.l^)^^^'* 
bound by monastic vows. Now, the accu- ^»^'|B"rton. 
sation was retorted : it was allesced that pugdaicB 

^ Warwick- 

the Monks were equally unfitted for their shire, 107, 
charge : and the utmost efforts were made Annaies de 
to expel them from the Cathedrals, and wikfr^i^ 
to introduce secular Canons or Preben- S-^-^"^- 


daries in their stead. In addition to all (M.S.) 
those means which could be considered as 
lawful, the adversaries of the Monks fre- 
quently employed every kind of undue 
influence, fraud, and violence. Canter- 
bury Cathedral more than once sustained 
a regular blockade from the forces of the 
MetropoHtan. Pilgrims proceeding to the 
shrine of St. Thomas were shamefully en- 
treated. And the Monks who fell into the 
power of their Archbishop were cast into 
prison, chained, and fettered, even until 
they were starved by cold and hunger. 

The majority of the chroniclers being 
Monksy their accounts cannot be received 
withoutqualification: it is evident,however, 
that the efforts of the secular clerks were 


Digitized by 



not prompted by any sound principle^ 
Altbough tbe brigbt days of Lanfranc and 
Anselm were passing away, yet it was prin- 
cipally amongst tbeir disciples tbat any 
vitality of religion was to be found And 
in tbepersonal cbaracters of tbe ecclesiastics 
wbo appeared as tbe antagonists of Saint 
Benedict, tbere was little by wbicb respect 
could be commanded or coniidence inspired. 
Hugb de Nonant, Bisbop of Coventry 
and Cbester, was amongst tbe most for- 
midable adversaries of tbe Regular Clergy- 
— ** Leave tbe matter to me,'' — said be to 
Ricbard, — ^* and in a sbort time not a 
" Monkwill be remaining inEngland/' Tiie 
grant and confirmation of Ricbard L, no- 
ticed in tbe plea of tbe Canons, bad been 
purcbased by tbe Bisbop from tbe King for 
Oct. 1189. tbe sum of tbree bundred marks. He ob- 
tained seisin and possession of tbe Convent 
by a forcible ejectment. And an unbappy 
quarrel between tbe Prior and tbe Monks^ 
either instigated or fomented by tbe Bisbop, 
afforded a plausible pretext for interference, 
and tbus efFecting bis designs against tbe 
community. Attacking tbe Convent witli 
an armed force, tbe Prior was driven out by 
bis Pastor, and tbe Monks wbo took refuge 
in tbeir Cburcli were neitber protected by 
tbeir cbaractcrs nor by tbeir Sanctuary. 
Tbey were beaten, wounded, maimed, and 

Digitized by 



the muniments and archives of the Church, 
rifled and despoiled. 

It appears, however, that this warfare 
was not quite unprovoked : for it was before 
their expulsion that the assault was com- 
mitted upon Hugh de Nonant, which is 
stated in the plea. Giraldus Cambrensis, 
the solitary partizan of Hugh de Nonant, 
who alone in the crowd of Chroniclers 
holds up his hand for the Bishop, tells us, 
that, proceeding to the Synod, called for 
the purpose of consecrating the Bishops 
recently nominated in the Parliament at 
Pippewell, and held before the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, he displayed his recent 
wounds and bruises, demanding justice* An 
excommunication was launched against the 
Monks: and, the more efFectually to prevail 
in the common cause, Bishop Hugh pro- 
posed that all the other Prelatfes, who like 
himself were infested by Regular Chapters, 
should join with him in raising a fund to 
defray the expences attending the hostility 
against the common enemy. Canterbury, 
Rochester, Winchester, Bath, Worcester, 
Ely, and Norwich might, as he suggested, 
contribute two thousand marks amongst 
them, whilst he for his poor Church of 
Coventry would give one thousand, making 
three thousand marks in all. 

Agents were forthwith dispatched to 
Rome, their purses well filled with the 

Digitized by 



means of carrying on the suit, and bearing 
the letters of the Prelates, which at once 
declared the misconduct of the Monks, and 
entreated the Pope to sanction the re- 
organization of the Cathedral, by the intro- 
duction of a secular Chapter. During six 
months, the Pope suspended the sentence, 
to the intent that the Monks might, if they 
pleased, appear and shew cause against it. 
Their poverty incapacitated them from 
making their defence, and, as it is said, a 
sentence was pronounced, by which they 
were expelled ; but it is by no means cer- 
tain that they were legally abolished or sup- 
pressed, as pleaded by the Canons. The 
hood and the amice replaced frock and 
cowl. The Canons were installed: and, 
the better to efFace all recoUection of the 
former inmates, Bishop Hugh pulled down 
the conventual buildings, and rebuilt them 
upon a new plan, paying the expences with 
the moveable goods of the late community. 
It appears, however, from the pleadings 
on the roU, that the Monks kepttogether as 
a body, notwithstanding their expulsion; 
nor was any legal objection taken by the 
Court against their corporate existence. 
Similar examples may be found in modern 
times, the Monks of La Trappe and the 
Nuns of Syon having, though despoiled of 
their possessions, equally withstood the 
Revolution of France, and the Reformation 

Digitized by 



of England, preserving their unbroken suc- 
oessioii unto the present day, An ecclesias* 
tical corporation may be extirpated by the 
secular arm, but, according to the doctrines 
of the Canonists, it can only be legally dis^ 
solved by competent ecclesiastical authority. 
In whatever manner procured, for it is 
difficult to coUect the real facts of the 
case, a Papal BuU was subsequently pro- {Noie E.) 
duced, directing and empowering Hubert 
Archbishop of Canterbury, together with 
the fiishop of Lincoln and Samson Abbot 
of fiury, to restore the Monks, and to 
Jan.1198. eject the intruding Canons. Acting under 
this authority, both as Archbishop and as 
Justiciar, Hubert proceeded to Coventry : 
and, compelling theCanons to abandon the 
Cathedral, he restored the Monks to their 
domicile, in which they continued without 
further disturbance. Prior Moses, however, 
was dead, and a successor was therefore 
appointed in his place, Josbert or Gisbert 
the Norman, who had already obtained 
three other priories, Daintree, Wenloc, and 
Bermondsey, appointments which gratified 
the avarice of this pluralist, though he had 
in some measure deserved them by his pru- 
dence and discretion. 

During their banishment, the number of 
the Monks had been much diminished by 
death. And, as well for the purpose of form- 
ing an adequate community, as for the res- 

Digitized by 



toration of sound discipline^ some brethren 
Avere introduced from St. Albans, a coloniza- 
tion which occasioned a lasting connection 
of friendship between the two Houses. 

9N0V.1194. § XVII. In an assize brought by Alice Rot.Cur. 
next after^ dc Fundenhall against Herbert de Hel- 37. ' 
if AuSs, leveton, concerning the Advowson of the fi^slJctl 
6Ric.i. Church of Dunston in the county of J^f^;^^'*' 
Norfolk, and upon which a recognition Chartersex- 

'^ ... cerptedby 

had been taken before the Justiciars Itine- Lobineau, 
rant, the record of the assize is made by taigne, ii. 
Simon de Pateshall, one of such Justiciars, RatherH Ep. 
to the following effect. ^o^^^^^'"' 

It is declared b^'^ the Assize that they PascEp. 
1 . . . "^ 201. 

have never seen the presentation of any BioomfieWs 

Parson to the Church of Dunston : but the Fox,\cts 

Parsons bave always held the same from ^elitsllL" 

Parson to Parson, and from father to son^ tf*"H-^* 

until the death of the lastParson. And they of the Angio- 

further say, that the Church is founded 

in the fee which Alice holds of the said 

Herbert in theTownship of Dunston, and 

that he had nothing in demesne round about 

such Church. Upon this verdict judgment 

is given by the Court that Alice should hold 

in peace: and that theBishop shali receive 

her Clerk upon her presentation, 

The incumbents of Dunston held the 

Church by inheritance. The ecclesiaslical 

benefice descended as a military benefice 

would have done. This custom, by which 

Digitized by 


introduction: xxix 

Church property was considered as herit- 
able and belonging to particular families, 
had subsisted of old time. In Ireland the 
usage was already very antient, and long 
established before the eleventhcentury. The 
Archbishoprick of Armagh, previously to 
the election of St. Malachi, continued here- 
ditary in one sept during fifteen generations. 
And so entirely was the archiepiscopal en- 
dowment converted into lay fee, that the 
eight last Bishops had not even received 
holy orders. Such being the usage with 
respect to the Primate of the Irish Church, 
it cannot be doubted but that the inferior 
members of the hierarchy enjoyed the same 
privilege. Amongst the Armorican Bretons, 
an hereditary succession in the Church 
equally prevailed. Theobald, the son of a 
Priest, having obtained the Bishoprick of 
Rennes, married Ihe daughter of the Arch- 
deacon of Nantes. Wlien he grew old, he 
retired to the Abbey of St. Melanius, and 
gave the Bishoprick to his son Walter, and 
Walter in his turn gave it to his son Warine. 
These are perhaps instances rather of a 
right of alienation than of inheritance : but 
Duke Conan expressly attests that a pa- 
rochial church had been granted by his 
predecessors, by homage, to marriedClerks 
and their sons, ^* jure hereditario." 

In Italy, during the tenth century, Ra- 
tUerius Bishop of Verona, after vainly at- 

Digitized by 



tempting to enforce the rule of celibacyj 
earnestly exhorted his Clergy that they 
would at least allow their sons to continue 
laymen, and marry their daughters unto 
laymen only — for the Church had become 
the dowry of the female, who, on espousing 
a Clerk, received her portion from the pos- 
sessions of the altar : — so that the evil 
might not become perpetual. 

The efForts of the Prelates, had more 
immediate effects beyond the Alps, than in 
England. Pope Pascal, whilst using his 
utmost endeavours to prohibit the mar- 
1107. riage of the Priesthood, was compelled to 
allow that the sons of the Clergy should be 
instituted to ecclesiastical benefices. He 
makes this concession, on account of the 
great number of individuals thus circum- 
stanced; and the indulgence was not to 
prejudice the discipline of the Church in 
fulure. But the Dunston pleadings show 
that the reservation was of little effect. 

It must be observed that the facts 
disclosed by the Dunslon plea, go much 
further than the deeds and charters, trans- 
cribed by Fox the Martyrologist for the 
purpose of establishing the position, that 
Priests with wives continued in England 
after Anselm. These instruments only 
prove that the children of Priests had in- 
beritable blood. That such issue should 
be considered as legitimate, is in con- 

Digitized by 



forinity to the doctrines of the Church of 
Rome, the marriage of Clerks being only 
Yoidable, and not ipso facto void ; whereas 
the plea shows the ecclesiastical benefice 
devolving from ancestor to heir. The 
Clergy of England might therefore, like the 
Priests of the Greek Church in Russia, have 
become a sacerdotal tribe or caste, to the 
incalculable detriment of the country ; and 
thi$9 without doubt, was one of the reasons 
why their marriage was so strongly opposed. 
In the course of our Reformation, a reason 
not entirely dissimilar was strongly urged, 
though upon one of Ihe most favoured 
grounds of modern political economy. It 
was apprehended that if the Clergy were 
released from the moral restraint of celi- 
bacy, their families would multiply so 
rapidly as to absorb the means of subsist- 
ence in the land, and Ihus starve out the 
descendants of the lay community. 

8Juiyii99. § XVIII. In a plea between Nesta or Rot.Cur.R. 

Sc John thc Agnes deBaskerville andRobert de Wastre, Ro"t**Par. i. 

1 JoST* ^^^ former demands the Castle of Bredewar- ^^f *daic*i 
dine as her right and inheritance, of which Pf^^]?^®' *• 
the defendant deprives her. The SherifF 
of Hereford has been commanded to take 
the Castle into his hands, but he answers 
that the Castle is out of his bailiwick, and 
that he dares not intermeddle therewith,the 
same not being in his power. And WiUiam 

Digitized by 




de Braosa says, that neither Kingj Sheriff^ 
nor Justice have any right to enter into his 
Liberty ; and the plea is respited until the 
will of the King shall be thereupon known. 
The namesake and representative of 
William de Braosa claimed the like regality 
so Ed. I. in his great Lordship of Gower. When 

1S02. ® ^ 

impleaded in Parliament, the latter Wil- 
lielmus de Braosa alleged that in such 
Liberty he has his Chancellor and his 
Chancery, and his Seal in such Chan- 
cery ; judgment of life and limb ; and 
cognizance of all pleas as well of the Crown 
as all others, arising in the said lordship, 
between all persons whomsoever. 

The bold language employed by the 
elder William de Braosa, may not have ex- 
tended beyond a legal claim ; but in that 
boldness we find the germ of those dissen- 
sions between him and John, which ended 
in his banishment, and in the cruel death 
of his wife and child. 

EyeofSt. § XIX. Johu, the son of Richard de Rot.Cur. 

6 Hic. i. ' Lideford, claims from Richard de Wike 86. 
two of the Scilly isles, Hagness (now cor- 
ruptly called Sainf Agnes) and Puor or 
Byer; the first as his right and inherit- 
ance, and the second as a pledge or wad- 
set. The suit is termiriated by an amicable 
composition. The Deforciant acknow- 
ledges that the demandant shall hold the 

Digitized by 



island of Hagness as his right and inhe- 
ritance, to him and his heirs, by the service 
of finding two armed men for the defence 
of ihe Castle of Scilly, from the feast of 
the Invention of the Holy Cross until the 
Assumption of the Virgin in each year. 
And the said Richard grants the chase of 
the island of Puor to the said John and 
his heirs, and that he may hold the same as 
his wadset for the term of two years, from 
Michaelmas, 7 Richard I. ; but nevertheless 
at the rent of ten pounds. This entry is 
interesting upon many accounts. It affords 
particulars respecting places whose history 
is remarkably obscure : and it proves, from 
the marginal note ^* Cornubia," that the 
Scilly islands were then Shire land, and in 
the body of the county, respecting which 
point many doubts have been raised. 

§ XX. Two Iters were held in the reign Thome, 
of Richard, the first in the sixth, and the Rot. bur. 
latter in the tenth year of his reign. No ^49/219?^'' 
entire county roU of the Iters of the sixth 
year is now extant: but Thorne, in his 
chronicle, inserts an extract from the rolls 
of that Iter, relating to the judgments 
or ordeals of fire, water, and duel, in the 
lands of St. Augustine's Abbey. Of the 
tenth year, the Rolls for Hertford, Essex, 
and Middlesex have been preserved. The 


Digitized by 



pleas are stated to have been held a 

S u o.:^ f ^^ A (jj Hertford, at Stprtfgrd, and at Clerkenwell 

before GeofFry Fitz Peter and his assoclates 

These rolls are amongst the earliest con 

necting links between the Anglo-Saxon la^ 

and the English common law, properly s 

called. From them, we learn that, in thos 

counties which corresponded with the ar 

r)^. ^ I tient kingdom of Essex, the tything was nc 

^ \ a division of territory, but an organizatio 

of Ihe inhabitants. The ^* Decenna, 

" Decima,*' or " Frankpledge'' answere 

by its Headborgh ; he was the leader an 

chieflain of the band. 

§ XX l. In several Townships, the juric 
present the names of parties who wei 
found dead in the fields, having bee 
starved by cold or hunger, or otherwij 
killed by accident, no one being suspectc 
as having caused such death by violenc 
In all these cases, the judgment is *^ mu 
" der,*' foUowed, as is well known, by a fin 
Instead of considering the responsibility 
the Hundred as merely resulting from tl 
laws made for the security of the Normj 
or the Dane — though without doubt tl 
object may have been one of the purpos 
for which the mtirdrum was enforced — t 
liability was founded upon a very compi 
hensive view of police. Since the Hundr 

Digitized by 



was thus siibjected to a mulct, if the inan 
died for want of the necessaries of life, may 
it not be inferred that the inhabitants were 
bound to provide those necessaries — food 
and raiment : — and that, consequently, the 
principle of a legal provision for the poor 
was recognized by the common law ? 

§ XXII. Amidst the dry technicality of Rot. Cur. 
the record, we may discover various parti- 54, 56,8?! 
culars elucidating the state and condition ^os! 211', 
of society. A foflMrfe, the wife of William ^^^' ^^'^ 
le Parmenter, of Westminster, is designated 
in the same pleadings as Sna-wit or Snow- 
whtte^^ixA also as Swan-hilda. Both these 
names are evidently epithets, derived from 
the beauty of her complexion, and equiva- 
lent to each other. And they also show how 
purely the common people were still Anglo- 
Saxons in language and mode of thought : 
for the expressions thus employed have all 
the spirit and the form of the poetry of 
Iheir remote Northern ancestors. But 
with respect to the upper classes, and those 
immediately connected with them, we may 
equally discern the influence of the foreign 
longue in other names, no less significant. 
Trencheventy who appears in court as the 
Essoniator of William de Sisseverne, was 
evidently a messenger distinguished by his 
swiftness of foot. And the name of Alan 

c 2 

Digitized by 



Trenchemerj Richard's Sea Admiral^ ind 
cates his profession and his skill. 

With respect to the condition of tt 
conimon people, there are some slight y\ 
clear indications, that they were not stinte 
in their means. Clean sheets were reasoi 
ably expected in the cottage of the chur 
and the ale-house keeper and the vintn< 
invited the guest in the upland towns. 
EveofSt- AU the lands of Roger de Mortimer 
6 Ricfr the County of Norfolk, are seized into tl 
King^s hands because he had tourneyi 
without the King's licence. But Mortim 
finds pledges that, before the feast of S 
Hilary, he will make his peace, or compoui 
with the King. His pledges are Rog 
Earl Bigod, Galfridus de Say, and Willia 
de Warenna ; and the SherifF is thereup^ 
/ commanded to let him have his lands aga: 

Tournaments had been strictly prohibit 
by three general Councils, but Richa 
found it convenient and practicable 
raise money by granting dispensatio 
for violating the precepts of the Church : 
one of the numerous proofs that the autl: 
rity of the Clergy went for nothing, whc 
ever the governing powers chose to co 
bine with the multitude in setting th 
doctrines at defiance. 

A day is given to Master Radulpl 
Niger to answer concerning a prebend, 

Digitized by 



the Cathedral of Lincoln, which had been 
swom (or found), by the verdict of a 
jury, to be in the donation of the King. 
This Radulphus Niger is probably the 

Of Constance the Countess of Brittany, 
and Geoffry her husband, we have several 
notices. It appears, amongst other matters, 
that Richard, who had seized her person, 
also took possession of her lands. 

William Fitz Osbert's appeal contains Rot. Cur. 
the declaration of Jordan theTanner and in^^iu.'^ 
Robert Brand — that they would have no *^^' 
King except the Mayor of London — Henry 
Fitz Ailwin. The charter of the sixteenth 
of John, is the first by which the citizens 
of London are authorized to elect a 
Mayor; and it has been considered as 
creating that municipal office. But from 
these rolls we ascertain that, as is very 
frequently the case, the charter, purporl- 
ing to confer a new privilege, is really the 
cotifinnation of a pre-existing right: and 
the grant merely enabled the citizens to 
make a better title to a privilege which 
they already enjoyed. Other entries occur 
respecting the Mayor upon the records, 
so as to establish the existence of this 
OctaTeiof magistrate both in fact and name. The 
lORicL ' Mayor of London essoigns himself before 
the Justices at Hertford by Richard New- 

C 3 

Digitized by 



Quinzaine of man. In an assize conceming a virgate c 
Baptist, land in Pertinges in Ihe county of Susse^ 
^ ° ' it was found to be the lay fee of Peter, th 

son of Henry the Mayor of London, an 
of Ysabella the wife of the said Pete 
This last entry is curious, as giving som 
particulars with respect to Fitz Ailwin 

It may not be unimportant to add, tha 
in a grant made by Fitz Ailwin, one ( 
the persons vouched in the attesting claus 
is Radulphus Brand, probably a kinsman ( 
Robert Brand. And, named in the san] 
character of witnesses are " Jordanus filii 
Sperling,'' and ^' Jordanus filius Jordani, 
either of whom may be the same individu; 
as Jordan the Tannen The seal of th 
document is much defaced, but enough n 
mains to shew that Fitz Ailwin was repn 
sented with hawk on fist, in baroniai guis 
And the seal comes in support of the ol 
tradition of London, that the Aldermc 
ranked as Barons. Such tokens of static 
were not assumed without due warrant. 

Some particulars concerning the top- 
graphy of London may be collected fro 
the Rolls. Newgate, under the name 
New-port, was already used as a gac 
*^ Old Street without London'' then ai 
now still bears in its name the memorial 
its Roman antiquity. 

Digitized by 



§ XXIII. Besides the legal and histo- 
rical knowledge to be derived from these 
records, they assist the enquirer in local- 
izing the information concerning indivi- 
duals, and in disclosing many minute 
particulars concerning entire layers of so- 
ciety, of whom no other memorials are 
preserved in this compacted and con- 
nected form. Not only do we here obtain 
proofs of alliances and descents of which 
no other evidence can be found, but we 
have aJso, in the difFerent capacities of 
Jurors, Suitors, Attorneys, Essoniators, 
and the like, the means of identifying 
great portions of those persons, who con- 
stituted the most efficient portion of tbe 
populatiou in each Shire. It will there- 
fore rest with the topograpber and the 
genealogist, to make an adequate use of 
the records here placed at their disposal. 

§ XXIV. A brief view must now be b. Abbas, 
taken of those historical events which are Neubrigen. 
connected with the administration of the ^carluls 
Sept.1189. law. — At the period when Richard suc- Pjyi^l®"®*** 

^ ■ (MS.) 

ceeded to the throne, the celebrated Ralph Chron. win- 
deGlanvillefilledthehighofficeof "Rector (MS.) ' 
Regni,*' ^* Procurator Regni," or " Justi- 
ciar.*' Thus designated, he is enumerated 
amongst the Barons who assisted at the 
Coronation of the new Monarch^ yet we do 

c 4 

Digitized by 



not find any notice of his specific appoint- 
ment by Richard. He continued to holc 
the station which had been bestowed upor 
him by Henry 11. And ft^om this, as wel 
as from other similar instances, it does no 
ap^iear that the delegated authority belong 
nig to the Justiciar, was determined by th( 
demise of the individual Sovereign fron 
whom it had been derived. 

Glanville had then attained an advancei 
age. According to one contemporary au 
thority, the Justiciar, sinking under bodil 
infirmity, and disgusted by the vices of lh< 
young Monarch, became anxious to sur 
render up his trust. Glanville, therefore 
solemnly resigned his office to less com 
petent successors, and departed, as a Crn 
sader, to the Holy Land. It is said, that b 
anxiety and vexation, his intellect becam 
much enfeebled. And dying shortly aftei 
wards, leaving only female issue, not a 
individual remained who bore his honoure 
name. Other contemporaries inform i 
that Glanville was deprived of the Justicia 
ship by the rapacious Monarch, who at t\ 
same time removed the SherifFs and the 
ministers throughout the Kingdom, rai 
soming them to the very last farthing ; ar 
Glanville himself was cast into prison, un 
he purchased his enlargement by submittii 
to a fine of three thousand pounds. Tl 

Digitized by 



latter account is not destitute of plausibility. 
Coeur de Lion's avarice was equalled only 
by his extravagance : and by creating a va- 
cancy in this or any other office, he obtained 
the means of raising money by its sale. 

Sept. and § XXV. Richard^s Presence Chamber b. Abbas, 

Oct.1189. u- u 11 *u * xu 567,569,580. 

was a market overt, in which all that the Hoveden, 
King could bestow. all that could be f^^^^^' 
derived from the bounty of the Crown or 1]^* . - 

^ . , M.Paris,155. 

imparted by the royal prerogative, was dis- Ricardus 
posed of to the best chapman. Hugh Pud- 
sey, the Bishop of Durham, purchased the 
Earldom of Northumberland, together with 
the Lordship of Sadbergh. For the Chief 
Justiciarship he paid, at the same time, 
the suin of one thousand marks. In the 
bargain was included a dispensation to 
the Bishop — or at least such dispensation 
as the King could grant — from his vow or 
promise of joining in the Crusade. 

These transactions are singularly oppo- 
site to our notions ; but if we wish to under- 
stand the policy of the middle ages, we must 
recoUect that there was a regular and re- 
cognized profit arising from judicial and 
ministerial ofRces, and the price paid by the 
functionary was a security, so far as it ex- 
tended, for his good behaviour. In other 
words, he bound himself by a penalty for 
the performance of his duties : because, if 
deprived in conscquence of misconduct, he 

Digitized by 



forfeited his money. Thedefect of the sys- 
tem did not consist so much in the venalit^ 
of such offices, as in the arbitrary power ol 
deprival. Had the functionaries been un- 
amoveable, except for due cause, they mighl 
have been independent men : and the pos- 
sible efFect of this system may be seen ir 
France under the ancien regime, where th< 
Judges, who sat only by purchase, consti 
tuted a bench of singular integrity an( 

15, 17 Sept. The appointment was formally an 
nounced by the King in the presence o 
the Great Council held at Pippewell, ai 
assembly appearing to have been in th( 
nature of a Parliament. William de Man 
deville, Earl of Albemarle, was included ii 

Oct.1189. the commission of Justiciarship. But ii 
the course of the foUowing month, the Eai 
quitted England and repaired toNormand} 
leaving the Bishop in possession of th 
office; in which, however, he did not lon, 
continue undisturbed. 

1189^^' Previously to Richard's departure fror 

England, he had nominated a new regenc^ 
by which Bishop Pudsey's authority wa 
greatly weakened, and his ascendancy de 
stroyed. Several colleagues were assigne 
to him in his office, or, as their dutie 
are more fully stated, to dispense justic 
to every claimant, observing therein th 
laws and lawful customs of England. Ac 

Digitized by 



cording toBenedictus Abbas, the additional 
Justiciars were William de Longchamp 
Bishop of Ely, Hugh Bardolf, and WilHam 
Briwere. Hoveden adds other names. 
These appointments were in contravention 
of the bargain made with Pudsey ; but 
Richard never scrupled to revoke or annul 
the grants which he had made. And, 
although Pudsey was still called Chief Jus- 
ticiar, Richard had openly placed the whole 
government in the Bishop of Ely's power. 

William Longchamp was of humble 
origin. " His grandfather," — exclaims 
Hugh de Nonant, when reviling a political 
opponent, — " was a serf in the diocese of 
Beauvais/' Longchamp possessed great 
worldly wisdom and talent for business, 
and his low birth was, in truth, a proud 
commendation. It is the more important to 
advert to such historical facts, because they 
show the manner, in which the open aris- 
tocracy of an established hierarchy, always 
mitigates the close aristocracy of blood, and 
participates in the aristocracy of wealth, 
by creating an easy and accessible path to 
greatness for the lowest ranks of the com- 
munity. When the people pillage the altar, 
they waste their own children^s inherit- 
ance ; they rob themselves ; they destroy 
the most impartially democratic element 
which any theory of government can afFord. 

Longchamp, in addition to his office of 

Digitized by 



Justiciar, held the Chancellorship. One o 
the seals, the seal appointed to remain ii 
England, was deHvered to him for the ex 
ecution of the King's commands, and hi 
was moreover entrusted with the custod 
of the Tower of London. For the Chan 
cellorship, he gave the sum of three thou 
sand marks. A competitor, ** Reginaldu 
Italus," ofFered an additional thousand 
But Richard, from his greater trust, as w 
may suppose, in Longchamp, accepted th 
lower tender. 

In order to maintain a species of balanc 
between the powers of the two jealou 
Prelates, the custody of Windsor Castl 
together with the Forest, and also th 
Shrievalty of the County of Berks, wer 
granted to Bishop Pudsey. This arrange 
ment, however, was better calculated t 
enable both parties to annoy each othe 
than to promote concord. It was extremel 
unpleasing to Pudsey : and great dissen 
sions arose between the nominal Chief Jus 
ticiar and his colleague, whose views seldor 
or ever coincided. 

Feb. 1190. § XXVI. Richard now prepared himse! 
in earnest for the Crusade, and a Counc 
was held in Normandy, which was attende 
by Queen Eleanor, John Earl of Moreto 
his brother, and by various Bishops, wh 
are stated to have crossed the Channel b 

Digitized by 



Ihe King's command. In this assembly Historia 
Longchamp Bishop of Ely, the Chancellor, (vvhw-u>n), 
was formally appointed Chief Justiciar of ^on,win- 

England. toniense. 

Longchamp had gained the entire con- 
fidence of the King, who stood by him to 
the last. Richard wished to exalt him above 
all competitors- In addition to the two 
great ofBces of Chief Jusliciar and Chancel- 
lor, Longchamp sought the highest eccle- 
siastical authority* The Archbishopricks 
were fiiled ; but he despatched his agents 
to Pope Clement, soliciting the Legation 
of England. Richard supported the appli- 
cation, and the willing PontifF granted the 
Jane HQa boon, extcnding the legatine province of the 
Justiciar^ not merely to this Kingdom, but 
to Wales and Ireland, or so much at least 
of that island as was subject to the Engiish 
Crown. And about the same time, Richard 
being then at Bayonne, he issued letters 
patent, addressed to ali his iieges, com- 
manding them to obey the Bishop in all 
things, even as he the King himseif was 
to be obeyed. This instrument, though 
dated some months subsequentiy to Long- 
champ's appointment, seems in fact to be 
the patent of the Justiciarship. 

Longchamp's character was one of sin- 
gular activity, which displayed itself in 
every branch of its adminislration. We 
owe the Tower Ditch to the Chief Justiciar : 

Digitized by 



it was the first act of his administralion 
upon his retum to England : but he had 
more skill as a politician than as an engi- 
neer, for he supposed that the riverThames 
would keep the excavation constantly full. 
Soon after Easter, he proceeded lo York 
with a great body of troops, for the purpose 
of punishing the ofFenders who had mas- 
sacred the Jews ; but he engaged at the 
same time in a conflict with the Canons 
of the Cathedral. They contumaciously 
resisted Longchamp's legatine powers ; and 
according to the notions of the age, they 
put the greatest possible afFront upon 
him : — they would neither meet him in 
procession nor ring the bells. — The Jus- 
ticiar, Chancellor, and Legate retumed the 
afFront in kind. By his command, the ob- 
stinate belis, which had refused to greet 
him, were unhung and placed on the floor 
of the belfry : and he kept the Clergy imder 
an interdict, until, however reluctantly, 
they acknowledged his authority. 
Juneiiga It was agreed in Council, that Pudsey 
should act as Justiciar for so much of the 
antient kingdom of Northumbria as re- 
mained to England : from the Huniber to 
the dominions of the King of Scotland, and 
from sea to sea. The Bishop of JDurham 
when Chief Justiciar, had resided anc 
exercised his jurisdiction principally in th' 
North : and, even with this contracte 

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authority he might have exerted consider- 
able sway. Numerous complaints were 
already addressed to Richard against Long- 
champ. Richard is said to have satisfied 
the applicants by giving them such answers 
as they desired, and which, as we collect 
from the subsequent transactions, imported 
that Pudsey should be restored to his former 
authority. Armed with these letters, Pud- 
sey retumed to England in great triumph. 
Longchamp was absent from London, but 
he received an immediate check in the 
metropolis, where the Barons of the Ex- 
chequer refused to admit him on the bench. 
The accounts vary considerably as to the 
place where the two ri vals came in contact. 
According to the most probable narrative, 
Pudsey hastened after Longchamp, who 
was proceeding through Lincoln towards 
York upon the before mentioned errand. 
Bishop Longchamp received his coadjutor 
or competitor with much apparent courtesy . 
He would most willingly, he said, obey 
the King^s commands, and surrender his 
authority. — And, would Bishop Pudsey 
please to meet him that day se'nnight in 
the Castle of Tickhill ? — Pudsey, with sin- 
gular simplicity, assented to this proposal, 
and entered the Castie. As soon as he was 
within the walls, Longchamp seizedPudsey, 
exclaiming,— " As sure as my Lord Ihe King 

Digitized by 



^^ liveth, thou shalt not depart until tho 
" hast surrendered all the castles whic 
" thou dost hold. It is not Bishop arresi 
** ing Bishop, but Chancellor arrestin 
" Chancellor ;'' from which expression 
should seem that the Chancellorship ha 
also been granted to Longchamp's con 
petitor. — And in such custody and di 
ress was Pudsey kept, until he surrer 
dered the Castle of Windsor, and th 
Custody of the Forest, together with th 
Shrievalty of the County, as well as th 
Earldom of Northumberland and the Manc 
or Lordship of Sadbergh : — all, in shor 
which he had purchased from the Kinj 
With respect to the Northern Justiciarshi] 
he had never been in possession of tl: 
ofBce at a]l, and Longchamp was now i 
liberty to exercise his power without chec 
or control. 

1191. § XXVII. Great discontent was excite 

by the Chief Justiciar's administratioi 
The whole powers of civil and militar 
govemment were entrusted to him. All tli 
Royal Castles, — the bones of the kingdon 
as they are termed by the Chronicler,- 
were in his keeping; and he was Chief Pn 
sident and Superior in every court. But tl: 
various functions possessed by Longcham 
were carefully distinguished : and the fe 

Digitized by 



memorials relating to his transactions on 
the Rolls of the Curia Regis, clearly declare 
that^ the writs issued by Longchamp the 
Chancellor, emanated from the jurisdiction 
of Longchamp the Chief Justiciar. 

To these secular powers, were added the 
vast ecclesiastical authority which he de- 
rived from his legatine commission. He is 
represented as tyrannizing equally over 
clergy and laity, confounding right and 
wrong, ofFending and oppressing the whole 
community by his insolence and rapacity. 
^^ Had he continued in office," — said his 
enemies, — " the kingdom would have been 
" whoUy exhausted, not a girdle would have 
" remained to the man, nor a bracelet to 
•* the woman, nor a ring to the knight, nor 
*^ a gem to the jew.'' — Most violent dis- 
sensions arose between the Chief Justiciar 
on the one part, and £arl John and the 
Magnates on the other part : and they ad- 
dressed a letter to Richard, who was then 
on his voyage to Palestine, declaring the 
fearfiil mischiefs which the Justiciar was 
occasioning to King and Kingdom. But, 
before we admit the truth of these accusa- 
tions, we must pause. The Justiciar steadily 
opposed and counteracted the preten- 
sions of John, who was endeavouring to 
secure his succession to the thronc; and 
we may suspect that a portion, and pro^ 

RoT. Cum. Rio. d 

Digitized by 



bably no small portion, of Longchamp's 
unpopularity arose from his opposition to a 
powerful, and ultimately prevailing, party. 
In order to increase his influence, as it is 
said, he was a munificent patron of that 
species of talent, by which, in rude ages, 
public opinion was guided or deluded. 
Minstrels, Trouveurs, and Joculators, at 
once poets, actors, bufFoons, and beggars, 
were paid, courted, and rewarded by him : 
and the market-places resounded with the 
venal strains recounting the Bishop's fame 
and praise. — Had these rhymes alone sur- 
vived, liow difFerent would have been the 

Subsequent events fully prove, that 
Richard's confidence in Longcliamp, if 
ever really shaken, was aflerwards fuUy 
restored, But the representations which 
reached the King in a foreign country, 
may, as it is said, have induced him to 
adopt measures amounting to the displace- 
ment or discharge of the Chief Justiciar. 
Two commissions or letters patent arepre- 
served in the Chronicle of Ralph de Diceto, 
both sealed by Richard or in his name, at 
Messina. The first, addressed to William 
Mareschall, GeofFry Fitz Peter, H. Bard, 
and William Briwere, empowers them, if 
the Bishop shall ndt act failhfully accord- 
ing to their advice and the advice of the 

Digitized by 



others of the Council, to administer the 
24FebJi9i. afFairs of the Kingdom: the second, in 
terms, addsWalter, Archbishop of Roiien, 
to the Board of Justiciars. But the con- 
struction of these documents, as we learn 
from Benedictus Abbas, was, that if the 
accusations against Longchamp were true, 
then the Archbishop of Rouen was to as- 
sume the Regency or Justiciarship, with 
William Mareschall and Geoffry Fitz Peter 
as his colleagues ; if false, the three were 
nevertheless to be associated to him in the 
Aprii 1191. The Archbishop of Rouen and the other 
Justiciars, bearing these letters, arrived in 
England for the purpose of exercising the 
powers confided to them. Such was the 
apprehension excited by Longchamp^s in- 
fluence and tyranny, at least according to 
the representations of his detractors, that 
the Commissioners did not dare to disclose 
the authority which they possessed. But 
the Chroniclers opposed to Longchamp 
conceal the important fact, that Richard, 
immediately before he set sail from Mes- 
sina, issued his letters patent, addressed to 
his subjects, taking leave of them, now 
that he was entering upon the perils of 
the crusade; and especially requiring all 
persons to obey the authority of Long« 
champ,^ whom he inention^ with the 


Digitized by 



greatest honour. And, any how, it appears 
that the Archbishop of Rouen remained 
idle and unoccupied until the domestic 
revohition, by which the Justiciar was 

Juiyii9i. § XXVIII. Longchamp, supported as B. Abba», 
he was by Richard*s influence, easily ob- Hoveden^ 
tained a renewal of his legatine autho- Neubrigen. 
rity from Pope Celestine, the successor of ^o^^^iei 
Clement : and he acted on all occasions as ^^- 
a strenuous asserter of the King^s rights. 
Gerard de Camville, a factious and tur- 
bulent Baron, claimed the custody of 
Lincoln Castle, either under a purchase 
from the King or in right of his wife, 
Nichola, together with the Shrievalty of 
the County. Raising a great army, the 
Justiciar besieged the castle, and sum- 
moned Camville, who had already been 
deprived of the bailiwick, to surrender the 
fortress which he held. 

As soon as it was certainly known by 
John,that his brother had actually departed 
from Sicily, he assumed the port and sta- 
tion belonging to an heir apparent who is 
entering upon his inheritance. Great 
movements took place in the country. 
The Barons addressed private letters to the 
Clergy and people, exciting them against 
the Justiciar. Camville did homage for his 

Digitized by 



castle to John, wbo directed him to hold 
out against the Justiciar, — or in other 
words, against the King — and also in- 
stantly attacked the royal Castles of Not- 
tingham and Tickhill, and took them both 
after a short siege of two days, And — 
*^ unless you forthwith raise the siege of 
^* Lincoln, and allow Gerard de Camville 
*^ to hold his Shrievalty in peace," — was 
the tenor of John's message to the Justiciar, 
•^ I will forthwith come against you with a 
•* force which you can in no wise resist 
*^ or repeL" 

§ XXIX. Longchamp convened the B. Abbas, 
leading men and chiefs of the King^s Hoveden, 
array. " Believe me not/' — said he, — ** if Ric.Diyi- 
" this man is not seeking the govemment. "^*"^' 
** His demands are beyond all bounds. 
^^ They would be unreasonable even if he 
•^ were half King, he and Richard wear- 
•* ing the crown every other year/' — But 
he was not supported, and being compelled 
to yield, a truce was concluded between 
the contending parties. On the Bishop's 
part, the negotiators were the Earls of 
Warrenne, Arundel, and Ciare, and eight 
others. On the part of Earl John, Stephen 
Ridel his Chancellor, William de Wende- 
wall, Reginald de Wasseville, and seven 
others. The instrument itself is preserved ; 

d 3 

Digitized by 



but there is a notice of another documenty 
perhaps a preliminary agreement, rather 
difFering in import. John Earl of Moreton 
surrenders the possession of the Castles 
of Nottingham and Tickhill, the first to 
be held by William Mareschall, and the 
latter by William de Wendewall, who were 
to keep the fortresses in the King's fealty 
until he should return from Palestine; 
but, should he die during his Pilgrimage, 
then they were to be restored to the Earl 
of Moreton. Other castles were in like 
manner delivered to various Bishops and 
Barons, upon the same trusts. 

It was agreed that Bishops, Abbots, 
Earls, Barons, Vavassors, or Freeholders, 
should not be disseised of their lands or 
chattels at the pleasure of the Justiciars or 
Ministers of the King, but that they should 
be dealt with by the judgment of the King's 
Court, according to the lawful Customs and 
Assizes of the Kingdom, or by the King's 
command. In this passage, the *^ King's 
command'' must probably be intended 
as his lawful command signified in due 
form. With respect to Gerard de Camviile, 
it was also agreed, that he should be 
reseised of his SherifFdom, and a day was 
given to him to appear in the Curia Regis 
to stand to the judgnient thereof: and, — 
if it can be sho^n against him by the 

Digitized by 



judgment of the Curia Regis that he ought 
to lose his bailiwick^ then let him lose it, 
otherwise let him keep the same. — These 
clauses are of considerable importance in 
relation to the jurisdiction of the Court, 
and its legal authority ; and other stipula- 
tions were added for better carrying them 
into effect. At the same time, a conces- 
sion of very much greater importance was 
obtained or extorted from the Justiciar. 
By his advice, Richard had appointed | 
Arthur as his heir and successor. But |l 
this settlement was now set aside : and, 
Longchamp, directing the act, the Earls 
and " Primates'* of the Kingdom took the 
oalh of fealty to John, acknowledging 
him, should Richard die without issue, as 
heir to the Throne. 

§ XXX. New causes of disturbance B.Abbair 
soon arose. Geofiry, Archbishop elect of Hovedai', 
York, the son of Henry by fair Rosa- j^^^j^j ^j,. 
mond, had been banished from the King- «s» 4^05-408. 

^ R.deDiceto> 

dom, a sentence well and truly earned by 662.663,67U 
his turbulence and disaffection, He was esf ^^ ^ ^'^ 
nowpreparing to return. The whole board 
of Justiciars enjoined him not to land, and 
the Chief, fairly acting in the exercise of 
his authority, and issuing a legal writ or 
precept, commanded the SherifF to arrest 
GeofFry should the injunction be con- 
d 4f 

Digitized by 



Sept. II91. temned. Geoffry, at the instigation of his 
brother John, despised the prohibition, and 
landed at Dover. The Archbishop took 
refuge in the monastery of Saint Martin* 
Longchamp's officers broke into the church 
where the Archbishop had just concluded 
mass. Clad in his sacerdotal vestments, he 
was seized by the officers, who literaily 
dragged him through. the streets, using 
much more violence than was needed, and 
treating him with unnecessary despite and 

Indignities thus sustained by the Primate 
of England, ofFered a plausible reason for 
exerting the powers said to have been con- 
fided to the Justiciar^s enemies. The Jus- 
ticiar did not attempt to palliate the pro- 
ceedings which attended the Archbishop^s 
arrest. He had not directed them ; and the 
Constable of Dover, acting as is often done 
on similar emergencies, thought fit to under- 
stand much more from the warrant than was 
really intended. But these excuses availed 
him nothing. His foes had got him fast in 
the snare, and they were determined to ef- 
feect his fall. John and the Archbishop of 
Rouen, together with the other Justiciars, 
summoned Longchamp to make amends to 
the Archbishop of York, and to answer for 
his conduct before the Curia Regis. Long- 
champ attempted to put ofF the evil day. 

Digitized by 



and evaded compliance. He was then 
peremptorily summoned to appear at a 
general Council held before John Earl of 
Moreton, at Loddon Bridge, between 
Reading and Windsor. 

John was supported by almost aJl the 
Bishops, Earls, and Baronage of the King- 
dom. They readily attended this great 
meeting, for which special writs had been 
issued by £arl John, in regular parliamen- 
tary form. The Chief Justiciar did not ap- 
pear, nor any one on his behalf. Richard 
Biset, who adhered to Longchamp, brought 
him the news that John intended to seize 
the City of London. Some chroniclers 
state that John certainly was preparing to 
proceed to the City. Ricardus Divisiensis 
says, that this intelligence was erroneous. 
Whether true or false, Longchamp deter- 
mined to preoccupy the station, and 
hastened to London, requiring the Citizens 
to close their gates against the £arl. But 
Geoffry, the Archbishop of York, was 
beforehand, and had egged on the Lon- 
doners to resistance : and when summoned 
by Longchamp, they declared that they 
would not obey a traitor and disturber of 
the public peace. Longchamp then took 
refuge in the Tower, which was closely 
blockaded by the Citizens both by land 
and by water. 

Digitized by 



As a portion of the Justiciar's history, it 
must be added, that when retreating to 
London, he fought a battle with John's sup- 
porters and adherents, who endeavoured to 
intercept him. In this conflict, Rogerus de 

8 Oct. 1191. pianis, John's " Justiciar,*' was slain. John 

seems to have assumed a royal autho- 
rity in the domains which he had re- 
ceived from Richard^s bounty. So con- 
siderable were these possessions, that the 
title of Tetrarch is given to him by the 

9 Oct. 1191. John, and Archbishop Walter, presided 

in the great Council held on the foUowing 
day in St. Paurs Churchyard, It was 
like the Convocation at Loddon Bridgc, 
in the nature of a Parliament. Here were 
convened all the Bishops, and Earls, and 
Barons, and the Citizens of London came 
in folkmoot and joined the assembly. 

The Archbishop of Rouen and William 
Mareschall then first promulgated the 
King's letters patent, bearing date at Mes- 
sina, and made the contents known to the 
people: — how the King had appointed the 
Archbishop of Rouen Justiciar, in the place 
of Longchamp, if the latter should commit 
any act in detriment of the Kingdom. The 
coUeagues of the Justiciar all loudly asserted 
that he had despised their advice. Hugh 
de Nonant inveighed against him with the 

Digitized by 



utmost bittemess, What the tenor of his 
discourse was, we may judge from the viru- 
lent letler in which he exults over Long- 
champ's falh The charge of bad govern- 
nient was accepted and ratified by the 
acclamations of the multitude ; ^^ He shall 
" no longer domineer over us/' exclaimed 
they. And — " having held our Council be- 
" fore all the people of the City, and in the 
*• presence and with the approbation of the 
*' Justiciars,'' — it was decreed by John the 
King's brolher, and by all the Bishops, 
Earls, Barons, and by the Citizens of 
London, that the Chief Justiciar should 
be deposed from the government of the 
Kingdom. Earl John was then proclaimed 
" Summus Rector totius Regni." This 
appointment was in no wise contemplated 
by King Richard's patents or commissions ; 
and John, in the exercise of his authority, 
appointed the Archbishop of Rouen as 
Chief Justiciar under him, in conformity, 
though not in obedience, to the King's 
supposed commands. 

Four Bishops and four Earls were de- 
puted to convey Ihe unwelcome intelligence 
to the Justician He fainted on receiving 
the news, and dropped senseless on the 

The part taken by the Citizens of Lon- 
don in this transaction is very remarkable. 

Digitized by 



They appear as one community joining in 
the deliberations of another distinct com- 

iooct.1191. § XXXI. Very early in the moming of B. Abbas, 
the foUowing day, Earl John assembled 7si,7S6! 
his troops in the East Smithfield, the great jo^-icn^ns. 
open green plain near the Tower. The ^^^^^^^^*'' 
Bishop came out of the fortress to receive Neubrigcn- 

^ . . 818,409-413. 

the propositions of his opponents. They M.Pari8,i^. 

would allow him to keep his Bishoprick, sis. 

and the custody of three Royal CJastles, Reris, vol.i. 

Dover being one of thera. It should seem ^^' 

that this ofFer was made in order to induce 

Longchamp to ratify Earl John's proceed- 

ings by a formal abdication of his ofiice. 

This efFect was not produced ; he was firm 

in refusing his assent to any such arrange- 

ment. He refused to surrender any of the 

powers bestowed upon him by the King ; — 

" But you are stronger than I am : and, 

^^ Chancellor and Justiciar, I yield to 

" force." — And thus speaking, he deli- 

vered up the keys of the Tower. 

These transactions being concluded, 
Longchamp quitted the country, or rather 
escaped from it His flight was, if we 
may credit his enemies, accompanied by 
circumstances of great disgrace and con- 
tumely. The Archbishop of York had 
his full revenge. Longchamp forthwith 

Digitized by 



appealed to the Pope and complained to 
Richard, showing that John Earl of More- 
ton had deposed him from the government 
and ejected him from the Kingdom. 

Celestine warmly espoused Longchamp'8 
cause, intimating that his appointment 
had never been revoked by Richard : and 
sentence of excommunication was de- 
nounced against all those who had usurped 
the authority of the Chief Justiciar. The 
anathema was whoUy unnoticed. Not a 
Bishop would obey the commands either 
of Pope or Ex-legate. And the Arch- 
bishop of Rouen and the other Justi- 
ciars placed a sequestration upon the 
temporalities of Longchamp's bishoprick^ 
receiving the revenues in the King's name^ 
in compensation^ as it was alleged, of the 
royal treasures which he was accused of 
having dissipated or purloined. When he 
was expelled, nought was found in the 
Treasury, — said they, — save the empty 
chests and the keys. 
1192. Longchamp ofFered to account for every 

farthing which had come to his hands ; and 
he constantly maintained that the King 
never assented to his removal. In spite of 
the letters patent in Richard's name, and 
under Richard's seal, he asserted that the 
mandate was of no efFect More faith, — 
he said, — must be gi ven to the King^s own 

Digitized by 



words, spoken by his own lips, than to a 
scrap of parchment. Strange as it may 
seem, this mode of reasoning was grounded 
upon law. It was admitted as a principle, 
that if oral declarations came in conflict 
with written instruments, the former had 
Ihe more binding authority. When two 
parties came before the Court, the one 
claiming according to the King's verbal 
declaration, and the other bv virtue of the 
King^s Charter, a solemn judgment was 
given in favour of the former, upon the 
express ground that the King^s intentions, 
testified by his own mouth, must prevail. 

Richard himself, during his captivity, 
$tultified, if such an expression can be 
used, his own letters patent in general. 
In a writ or letter addressed to the theri 
Justiciar, he directs that no faith be given 
to any instrument issued in his name, 
though produced by a messenger coming 
directly from him, imless the same be to his 
honour and profit. Richard was beset with 
applicants and suitors, and, in order to rid 
himself of their importunities, he appears 
to have adopted this ingenious plan of 
granting what was asked, with a secret de- 
feazance, annulling whatever grant or pro- 
mise it might not be convenient for him to 
observe. This conduct, subversive of all 
good faith, utterly prevents us from ascer- 

Digitized by 



taining whether any particular instrutnent 
was or was not issued by Richard, with the 
intent that it should be observed. Our un- 
certainty is increased by the knowledge that 
letters were repeatedly counterfeited in his 
name by his brothers. And it will always 
remain a problem, whether the documents 
under which Longchamp was removed, 
really expressed King Richard's intentions 
and pleasure. 

Celestine continued Longchamp in the 
legatine authority, which he states was 
expressly granted at Richard's eamest 
request. The King did not withdraw 
his confidence from his Chancellor. And, 
having propitiated Eleanor by large gifts 
and larger promises, Longchamp made an 
offer or bidding to John for repurchasing 
the station of Justiciar. 

The sum proffered is stated by one 
writer to have been five hundred pounds, 
another makes it fifty thousand marks. In 
these accounts there is evidently some mis- 
take or perhaps exaggeration . Bu t Eleanor 
and John were induced and moved to take 
the proposal into grave and serious con- 
sideration. Forgetting past dissensions, 
and willing to serve their purposes by 
setting up Longchamp, both the Queen 
Dowager and the Earl, laboured much 
with the Archbishop of Rouen for the pur- 
pose of persuading hini and ihe other Mag- 

Digitized by 



nates to reinstate the Legate in his former 
station of Justician Amongst other reasons, 
they urged that it would much displease 
the King, to know how Longchamp had 
been thus displaced from the govemment 
of the Kingdom without his command, 
A strange assertion this, in the face of the 
letters patent by which John and his par- 
tizans had effected Longchamp's expulsion, 
but entirely conformable to Longchamp's 
declarations : and confirmed, indeed, by 
what is stated, that Richard's determination 
to return to England was accelerated by 
the intelligence of Longchamp^s removaU 
Taken any way, such an argument is a 
strong exemplification of the prevailing 
want of truth and principle. 

Of John's exertions on behalf of Long- 
champ, one example is narrated with 
amusing particularity. A Council or, as 
we should call it, a Parliament, being as- 
sembled at London, the messenger of 
Longchamp, Legate and Chancellor, sud- 
denly entered, announcing the arrival 
of his master at Dover. Alarmed at such 
intelligence, they forthwith send to Earl 
John, who is at Wallingford. Another 
Council is held. In this, John informs 
them that Longchamp defies them all, 
provided he can obtain his, John's, pro- 
tection, for which he ofiers seven hun- 
dred pounds, to be paid within a week. 

Digitized by 



** I am in wantof moriey," — continued Earl 
John, — *^ a word to the wise is enough/' 
And having thus spoken, he departed, 
leaving them to consider this pithy moni- 
tion. Anxious to prevent the return of 
their imted enemy, they agreed to buy John 
ofF, by lending him five hundred pounds 
from the King's treasury. The Earl forth- 
wilh withdrew his proposition in favour of 
Longchamp. Eleanor equally abandoned 
the late Justiciar^s cause : and letters were 
addressed to him in the name of the Queen, 
the Clergy, and the people, insisting upon 
his immediate departure from the Realm. 

1191 toii93. § XXXII. Walter Archbishop of Rouen, R.deDiceto. 
who now governed the kingdom as prin- Hoveden, 
cipal Justiciar, but under John and by his -^els^^^' 
appointment, conducted himself mildly and Coggeshale, 
conscientiously, refusini; all bribes, — a rare B. Abbas, 


instance of virtue, — and deciding equitably iiot.Cur.K., 
and according to law. Eleanor appears 35'* ^*'^^' 
to have been associated to the Archbishop. ^*^- P'^*" 
19 Aprii In Richard^s letter, dated at Hagenau, ho 
addresses her and the Justiciars. She ap- 
pears active on various important occa- 
sions, such as in the different measures 
required for the preservation of the King\s 
peace. And certain pleas are recorded on 
the Rolls, to have been held before her and 
before the Archbishop as Justiciar. Thus 

RoT. CuR. RiG. e 



Digitized by 



we find that Sarah de Bonneville, wounded 
and robbed by the armed ofFenders, who, 
instigated by her daughter-in-law Con- 
stantia, had attacked her in her dwelling, 
first preferred her appeal before the Queen 
and the Archbishop of Rouen. A short 
incidental notice of her aiithority appears 
on another appeal. In a curious chiro- 
graph or agreement, made in the Curia 
Regis in the Excliequer, the Archbishop, App. li. 
described as Justiciar of England, appears 
sitting below John Earl of Moreton and 
above the Treasurer and Barons. John 
took his place in court as Governor of the 
Kingdom : and which station he probably 
retained until his open rupture with Richard, 
when, having quitted England, he became 
the swom liegeman of the French King. 

Sept.ii9S. § XXXUI. When the terms and con- Horeden, 


ditions of Richard^s ransom were settled, Genrasius, 
but before his actual liberation, he com- Bfomfield 
manded that Eleanor and the Archbishop Norfoik, 
of Rouen should repair to him in Germany, Spelman^s 

Icenia» X4 

and the Chief Justiciarship was bestowed Mona»tic< 
upon Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury. ^*' ^* 

Hubert Walter, lately advanced from the 
see of Salisbury to the archiepiscopal dig- 
nity, had been educated in the house and 
nnder the guardianship of Ralph de Glan- {^ou F.) 
ville. Hubert was equally indebted to the 

Digitized by 



care of Bertha, the wife of Glanville. He 
testified his afFection for his foster parents, 
and endeavoured to repay their kindness, 
by attributing to them, when he founded 
the Abbey of Dereham, the merit of the 
good work, thus performed. And the 
pupil of the legal writer, to whom we owe 
our first text book, appears to have been 
fuUy fitted by his acquirements for the 
station which he filled. 

But the Archbishop^s clerical dignity was 
considered, and not unjustly, as adisquali- 
fication. There were many who thought, 
that the employment of the Clergy in 
secular affairs, was equally contrary to the 
discipline and to the best interests of the 
Church. When Roger, the good Bishop ot 
Salisbury» was much urged by Henryll. 
to accept the onerous duties of Chief Justi- 
ciar, he long hesitated, and would not enter 
upon the ofiice; until, being sanctioned 
by his successive Metropolitans, and autho- 
rized by the Holy See, the scruples which 
he entertained were silenced or removed. {Nou G.) 

§ XXXIV. Against the appointment of Hoveden, 
Hubert,the strongest opposition was raised. 754-! 755! 
Almost all the Magnates, as well as 682.*^ '^^ ^' 
Richard's most intimate counsellors, pro- 
tested against entrusting unlo the Arch- 
bishop the adminislration of the Kingdom. 

e 2 

Digitized by 



Richard, from whose letters this informa- 
tion is collected, stood firm in his choice, 
and retained his minister ; but the dissatis- 
faction, though silenced, was not removed. 
Hubert never appears to have neg- 
lected his duties as Justiciar. Com- 
plaints were preferred by the Canons of 
York against their Archbishop, the over- 
bearing GeofFry Plantagenet. Hubert 
forthwith dispatched Justices to York, 
namely, RogerBigod, William deWarenna, 
William de StuteviUe, Hugh Bardolf, Wil- 
liam Briwere, GeofFry Haket, and William 
Fitz Richard. The Court was held at York, 
and it was ordered tbat thc Archbishop^s 
retainers, accused of robbery or violence, 
should be attached and imprisoned. The 
Archbishop was next summoned to abide 
the law, and as he failed to appear, the 
Justices seized all his possessions, with the 
single exception of the Manor of Rippon, 
to which he retired. 
March and It appcars to havc been part of Richard's 
* ^" policy, that the Chief Justiciar should 

be the acknowledged and unquestioned 
superior of all classes, both in Church 
and State. And Richard now petitioned 
Pope Celestine to invest Hubert with the 
legatine authority throughout the Realm 
of England. Celestine issued the Bull, 
stating the King's request, and granting 

Digitized by 



the most ample faculties to tlie Justiciar. 
In the capacity of Legate, he visited the 
Archdiocese of York. The OfRcials of the 
Northem Primate, and the Canons of the 
Cathedral, submitted to his functions as 
derived from St.Peter's successor, but they 
carefully protested against any supremacy 
which he might claim as Archbishop of 
Canterbury. He entered upon his visita- 
11 Junc tion on Sunday the feast of Saint Barnabas, 


commonly called Barnabybright. On the 
following day he presided in his Court 
Christian, where he judged ecclesiastical 
causes, whilst his " ministers '' or deputies 
held a Court for Pleas of the Crown, and also 
for Assizes of Mort Dauncester and Novel 
Disseizin. These proceedings show the 
great extent of the power possessed by thc 
Chief Justiciar, in deputing the jurisdic- 
tion bestowed upon him by tlie Crown. 

1194,1195. § XXXV. To this periodof Hubert's Kot.Cur. 

1 • • -11 I /» f 1 rfc 11 Kegis, vol. i. 

administration belongs the nrst of the Rolls 9, 14, 25, 32, 
now published, containing the proceedings 72,82l87!89! 
of Michaelmas Term, 6 Richard I. (p. 1 to ^;J^;1^;^ 
137), and in which there are repeated re- Abbreviatio 
ferences to his authority as Justiciar — 3,4. 
daysgiven to pariies — record made by him 
of lheKing's oral declarations — pleas heard 
andjudgments pronounced — and writs is- 
sued by his command. In these entries, he 

e 3 

Digitized by 



is generally designated either as ^'Dominus 
Archiepiscopus '' or "Dominus Cant'/' 
From the similarity between the letters t 
and c in the record, the word **Canf' '' has, 
in the extracts heretofore made from these 
Rolls, been transcribed as " Canc' ''; so that, 
supposing any legal hjrpothesis had been 
grounded upon the printed text, the en- 
quirer would have inevitably transferred 
the Justiciar*s authority to the Chan- 

The policy of the reign of Coeur de Lion 

is of no import, except to ihe historian or 

the antiquary. But it may be here remarked, 

that an error, exactly of the same descrip- 

tion, probably contributed to establish the 

authority of arrest and detention exercised 

by the members of the Privy Council. In a 

case arising out of their supposed jurisdic- 

tion, a document was produced, which, any 

person moderately acquainted with records, 

would, I think, have expounded as eviden- 

cing a committal '* per dnos de Concilio.*' 

The Court admitted the reading, " per duos 

'^ de Consilio;'' and the ambiguous form of 

a letter, vested in any two individual mem- 

bersy whose signatures could be obtained, 

the power which, according to the antient 

constitution, belonged to the Lords of the 

Council sitting in their corporate capacity, 

and as a tribunal. 

Digitized by 



§ XXXVI. To the Justiciar^ the laity 
rendered but a sulky subaiission : and the 
jealousy excited by his legatine functions, 
put him out of favour with his own order. 
Hubert was also warmly engaged in a 
domestic quarrel. He was labouring to 
abrogate the Capitular rights of his Monks^ 
and perhaps to eject them altogelher 
from the Cathedral monastery. At this 
juncture, occurred the rebellion and death 
of William Fitz Osbert. Hubert's violation 
of the immunities of the Sanctuary of Saint 
Marv le Bow. his own Peculiar, excited the 
most grievous indignation of the Monks. 
They urged, that whilst enforcing the royal 
aulhority, he was nevertheless bound to 
respect the privileges of the Church ; and 
all communication between them and their 
Pastor was at an end. 
"^ Hubert became anxious to resign bis Hovcdcn, 


statiou, allegingthat he felt himself unable Gervasius, 
to suffice for the whole civil and eccle- ^^^^' ^^**' 
siastical adminislration of the Kingdom. 
Richard, at first, would not accept this 
resignation. No one was ever found like 
unto Hubert in the preservation of the 
King's rights and the administration of the 
law. But at length Richard yielded, and 
allowed the Justiciar to retire. 

When Hubert had obtained this permis- 
sion, then he suddenly repented him of the 

e ♦ 

Digitized by 



intention which he had formed, and of the 
petition which he had urged. Hubert 
niade up his accounts. It appeared that 
in the short space of two years, he had 
raised for the King's use the sum of 
one million one hundred thousand marks, 
— a statement which, if at all approaching 
to the truth, fuUy accounts for the discon- 
tent excited by his administration, — and 
he ofFered to continue to serve the King. 
The proposal was gladly accepted by 
Richard, and Hubert relained his office ; 
exercising, in direct contradiction lo ihe 
duties of his sacred funclions and his cleri- 
cal vows, not merely civil, but military, 
authority. A predatory, yet formidable in- 
cursion of the Welsh, which threatened 
desolation to the Marches, was instantly 
checked by the rapidity of his movements. 
And amongst other instances of his skill as 
a commander, is the second battle, in which 
five thousand Welshmen fell in conflict 
with the army raised and lcd on by Hubert, 
the Papal Legate, the Archbishop, and the 
Chief Justiciar. 

1198. § XXXVII. But the Monks of Canter- Gervasiua, 

bury were indefatigable in their opposition. HoVtden, 
Theyhad dispatched agents to Rome for M.Pari8,i93 
the purposc of carrying on the suit then 
pending bctween them and the Archbishop, 

Digitized by 



concerning the collegiate chapel founded 
at Lambeth, and by means of which, a pre- 
bendal Chapter would have obtained the 
rights hitherto vested in the M onks of the 
Cathedral. It was contrary to all ecclesi- 
astical discipline, — they complained to the 
Pope, — that Hubert Archbishop of Canter- 
bury should act as the King's Justiciar, 
sitting as a judge upon criminals con- 
demned to capital punishment, and be 
so entirely wrapped up and engrossed in 
secular affairs, that all his ecclesiastical 
duties were neglected and cast aside. — 
They concluded their charges against the 
Archbishop by declaring to the Pope, how, 
contrary to all the privileges and immuni- 
ties of Holy Church, he had violated the 
Sanctuary of St Mary leBow, from whence 
William with the Long Beard was forcibly 
taken, condemned to death, and hanged 
on the tree. 

The Pope received the accusation,and ad- 
mitted its relevancy. Addressing Richard, 
he exhorted him, as he tendered his souFs 
health, to remove the Archbishop from the 
Justiciarship : and furthermore, wholly to 
abstain thenceforth from employing any 
Prelate in secular affairs. A concurrent 
mandate was addressed to all the Prelates, 
strictly prohibiting them from meddling 
with employments so uncongenial to their 

Digitized by 



station in the Church. The King obeyed : 
and Hubert Archbishop of Canterbury, 
being deposed from the Justiciarship or 
administration of the Kingdom, Geoffry 
Fitz Peter was appointed in his stead. 

^^ust, § XXXVIIL The new Justiciar had long HovedcD, 

been familiar with the duties of the judicial Geirasius, 
station. Immediately upon his appoint- itdeDiceto, 
ment, we find him issuing writs to the Con- ^^' 
vent of Canterbury. The military talents 
of the *' Proto-Justiciarius Angliae '' were 
exerted against the Welsh. And, leading 
a powerful army against the restless Gwen- 
wynwyn, who had besieged the garrison 
placed by William de Brause in Maud's 
Castle, he entirely defeated the Cymric 
army. Three thousand seven hundred of 
the enemy are said to have been killed in the 
confiict ; and the single Englishman who 
was slain, fell, not by the arms of the enemy, 
but by the erring shaft of a feliow soldier. 

§ XXXIX. A strange ballad or roun- Gervasius, 
delay had obtained currency, no one lcnew R.deDiceto, 
how, in Normandy. Its burthen, as sung Hoveden, 
by the Norman damsels, purported, that in 5>iveti An- 
the Limousin the arrow was making by «aies, 134. 

^ ^' Annales de 

which the Tyrant would die. Whether Margan, 12. 
these shadows cast before the event, arose Dunstapie, 
from the wishes of the people, or indicated M.Pari5,i95. 

Digitized by 



any organized conspiracy, must for ever Waisingham, 
remain uncertain. But the reign of Richard Neustn», 
was fast approaching to its conclusion. coggeshaie, 
According to Hoveden, Richard expired ^„1^1,«^^^ 
onTuesday next beforePalm Sunday, viz., ^^- 

. Gaufridus 

6Aprilii99. the eighth of the ides of April. Gervase, Vosicnsis, 

. 842. 

Radulphus de Diceto, and most of the Reinerus 
other authorities agree in this date : yet all ^i^ ^^^^^ 
our recent histories of England have failed f|^"^^°' 
to notice, that, althous^h the chroniclers Romanceof 

. Richard 

coincide as to the time of Richard's demise, Cceur de 
there are the most singular discrepancies Langtoft, 
and contradictions respecting the circum- Rigord, 74w 
stances by which his death was attended. c^onU 
Hoveden, who has been usually followed, o^London, 


relates the well-known story, how Richard Chronjcon 
besieged the Castle of Chaluzj in order 4ia 
to win the treasure, which the Viscount (Ma) ^°^' 
of Limoges withheld : and how he was .•^iVo'^'*" 

^ 818. (MS.) 

slain by the arrow of Bertram de GurduUy Hiatona de 


who, afler Richard'8 demise, perished as a perquendam 

. .. ^ .1 nk/r Canonicum 

victim to the savage vengeance of Marca- deLanercost. 
deus, the leader of the Brabantine mer- cott.ciaud, 
cenaries. But a chronicle, compiled by a ^* ^";) 
nameless Canon of Lanercost, and which History of 


generally follows Hoveden, states that 
Richard required, not the treasure^ but the 
surrender of the Knight by whom the trea- 
sure had been discovered ; and who, fear- 
ing the King's severity, had taken refuge 
in the Castlc. 

Digitized by 



Ralph de Diceto^ a most trusty and ac- 
curate testimony, was not acquainted with 
the history of the treasure, and commemo- 
rates Peter Basil — and not Bertram de 
Gurdun — as the soldier by whose arrow 
Richard was stricken. And the chronicle of 
Dunstaple, the Annals of Margan, Matthew 
Paris (or rather Roger Wendover), and 
Walsingham, relating the story of the trea- 
sure, all designate the same Peter Basil as 
the youth by whom the quarrell was dis- 

The manuscript chronitle of Winchester 
agrees with the last preceding authorities 
in naming Peter Basil as the man, but 
differs from them by ascribing to this indi- 
vidual the unhappy fette of Bertram de Gur- 
durij and yet with a variation. Marcadeus 
surrendered the prisoner to Richard's sister 
Joan, Countess of St. Giles, and shey and 
not Marcadeus, plucked out his eyes, and 
caused him to suffer other horrible mutila- 
tions and tortures, under which he expired. 

The anonymous continuator of Geoffry, 
the Prior of Vigeois, a Limoisin Monastery, 
places two knights, Peter Bru (perhaps 
Brmi) and Peter Basil^ in the tower from 
whence the missile proceeded : and adds, 
that as it was reported, — a report which 
he repeats without positively adopting it, — 
Petcr Basil was the marksman. 

Digitized by 



Ralph Coggeshale ascribes the ^' private 
war " waged by Richard against the Vis- 
count of Limoges, to the aliiance which the 
latter had contracted with the French King. 
Relating all the circumstances of Richard^s 
death, the time of the day, the habit and 
equipment of the King, his attitude when 
he received the fatal stroke, his words and 
actions under the infliction, this able and 
accurate writer omits the name of the 
Soldier, designating him simply as " qui- 
" dam armatus/' Whilst inveighing with 
the utmost vehemence against the " most 
** impious Marcadeus,'' the names of Ber- 
tram de Gurdun and of Peter Basil were un- 
known to him ; and he is equaliy ignorant 
of the vengeance taken either by Mar- 
cadeus or by the Countess. But, as a com- 
pensation for this omission, Reinier x>f 
Liege represents the whole garrison as 
expiring in the most cruel torments. 

The attention of Gervase of Canterbury 
was most especially directed to the particu- 
lars of Richard^sdeath. — It was ajudgment, 
as Richard acknowiedged, for the vexations 
inflicted by him on the Church of Canter- 
bury, — a confession carefuUy recorded by 
the chronicler. And the intelligence was 
brought to the Convent by a Monk, who, 
having been dispatched to Richard, be- 
came acquainted with the news when on 
his road, apparently in Normandy ; upon 

Digitized by 



which he immediately turned back and 
hastened to Canterbury. — And what was 
the intelligence thus conveyed by him ? — 
Richard had laid siege to Nantru and not 
to C^a/i/2/ a Castle belonging to the Count 
of EngoulSine and not to the Viscount of 
lAmoges. The want of provisions reduced 
the garrison to the greatest streight, and 
they offered to surrender at the King's 
mercy, their lives only being saved. Richard 
refused these terms. The inmates of the 
fortress were driven to despair. Now there 
was a youth, — neither Bertram de Gurdun 
nor Peter Basily — but a third, hitherto un- 
mentioned, Jo/tn Sabraz^ — who, standing on 
the Castle wall, shot off a quarrell, quite al 
a venture, yet in the earnest hope that, by 
its stroke, the besieged might be delivered 
from the oppression of their enemies. 
Ridiard was so near, that he heard the snap 
of the crossbow, and stooping his head to 
avoid the shot, the weapon hit him in his 
left shoulder, inflicting a mortal wound. 

Walter of Hemingford, who is quoted 
by Bromton under the name of Walter the 
Canon of Gisbume, relates a story which 
departs widely from the preceding narra- 
tives of Richard's death, discrepant as they 
are amongst themselves. He transfers the 
scene from Chaluz in the Limousin to 
Chateau Galliard in Normandy. The fe- 
males, employed as the laundresses of the 

Digitized by 



garrison, were accustomed to come out by 
a postern gate which opened upon the 
waten The troops of the King of France, 
who had prepared an ambush, surprized the 
fortress through this entry, and won the 
Castle. Richard returned, burning with 
indignation ; and, taicing his station in the 
town of Andelys, he from time to time rode 
round and espied the fortress. A nameless 
arblaster, — whether Bertram de Gurdun^ or 
PeterBasilj or John Sahraz^ or any of them, 
we cannot tell, — who recognized the Mo- 
narch, discharged a shaft at him, and in* 
fiicted the wound of which he died. 

The very curious EngHsh Chronicle of 
London tells us, that ^^ the Kyng was 
" sclayne atte the Castle Gayllarde in 
** Fraunce, with schot of a venemed quar- 
*^ rell in theheed." The metrical romance, 
which commemorates the geste of Coeur de 
Lion, adopts the same version of the tale : 

King Ricfaard reyned here 
No more tban but ten yere 
Sytbe he was scbot, alas ! 
In Castle Gaylard there he was. 

Peter Langtoft, saying that it was either 
Chalouns or Chateau Galliardj does not 
know whether it was one or the other : 

I wene it bate Chahalounsj or it hate Galiard 
Outhers the Castle or the town there smyten was 

Lastly, we may observe that Alberic of 
Troisfontaines preserves a vestige of yet 

Digitized by 



another authority, in which additional par- 
ticulars of Rlchard*s death, not in our 
English historians, were found. The very 
valuable chronicle of this Cistertian 
Monk consists almost whoUy of excerpts 
from other writers, whom he generally 
quotes by namc. Speaking of Richard as 
slain by the quarrell discharged from the 
crossbow of a certain esquire, he proceeds 
to extract a portion of the narrative of 
Hugh de Nigella, an author whose chron- 
icle seems to have been lost. According 
to this story, whilst the smith was forging 
the arrow hcad, the passers-by, proceeding 
to a wake or fair, repeatedly saluted him 
with an " Heaven speed you/' — Taking 
these greetings as an omen, he engraved 
a cross upon the metal : and with the 
weapon, thus marked for a special purpose, 
was Richard slain. 

§ XL. As soon as *' JohnEarlof More- Hoveden, 
ton '' was informed that his brother the M.%ari8, 
King had expired, he forthwith retained the S.Ston 
soldier knights whom Richard had in his ?/7- , ^ 
pay, and he promised largegifts unto them. latis, i Joh. 
Furthermore, the Earl forthwilh dispatched R.*debiceto 
Hubert Archbishop of Canterbury and Biomton, 
William Mareschal to England, in order ^^ ghtd 
that they, together with Geoffry Fitz Peter ^^^- 
and the other Barons of the Kingdom, ^5^^*''^^' 
might keep and preserve the peace. We 

Digitized by 



know not exactly how long they were 
employed upon their journey : and it will 
be seen below, that there is some diffi- 
culty in fixing the period when Richard^s 
demise was declared in this country. 
Earl John now proceeded to Chinon, 
seized his brother^s treasure, and received 
possession of various castles. But in the 
meanwhile, the lieges of Mans and Anjou 
had proclaimed the young Arthur as their 
Sovereign. And John, in assertion of his 
claim to the succession, proceeded to 
punish the citizens of Mans for the support 
afforded by them to his competitor. John Earl of Moreton, returning from 
Mans, arrived at Beaufort in Anjou on 
Easter Day, and there he celebrated the 
Paschal festivaL Thence he advanced to 
Rouen, where he was received without op- 
position. And, on Sunday the octaves of 

25Apr-ii89L Eastcr, being the feast of St. Mark the 
Evangelist, he was solemnly inaugurated 
in the Metropolitan Church of Rouen : 
and girt with the sword of the Duchy by 
the hands of Archbishop Walter, who also 
placed upon his head the golden coronal. 
A report of King Richard's death is 

i7Apr.]i89. said to have spread to England on Easter 
Eve, perhaps an echo of the vague 
and ominous rumours floating in Nor- 
mandy, at once false and true. Hubert 

fter. Cum. Rio. f 

Digitized by 




Archbishop of Canterbury and William 
Mareschal, as soon as they arrived, when- 
ever that may have been, used their utmost 
endeavours to fulfil their commission for 
the conservancy of the peace. And they 
required all the lieges of the Kingdom, 
*' as well of the Cities as of the Burghs,'* 
and all the Earls, Barons, and Freeholders, 
Ihat they should be in the fealty, and keep 
the peace of ** John Duke of Normandy, 
^^ son of King Henry, son of the Empress 
'^ Matilda,'' against aJl men. 

But the more powerful classes did not 
yield a ready compliance, and seemed dis- 
posed to refuse this acknowledgment to 
the *'Duke of Normandy.'' Bishops, Earls, 
and Barons, all who had castles, filled these 
strong-holds with soldiers, preparing them- 
selves for ofTence and for defence, laying in 
stock and store of victual and of arms. By 
others, great devastations were committed. 
A King's death was the usual signal for the 
general disorganization of the community : 
and until another was established upon his 
throne, no protection could be found in 
the law. 

GeofFry Fitz Peter and his associates, 
Archbishop Hubert and William Mares- 
chal, acted with quickness and decision. 
Assembling at Northampton, they called 
before them those great men whose fidelity 

Digitized by 



was most doubted, David brother of the 
King of Scots, Richard Earl of Clare, Ralph 
Earl of Chester, Waleram Earl of War- 
wick, Roger Constable of Chester, Wiliiam 
de Moubray, and many other Earls and 
Barons. The Baronage received a promise 
from the Justiciars^ that " John Duke of 
^ Normandy" wouid render every man his 
right, if they on their parts would keep their 
fealty and peace towards him. Upon this 
satisfactory covenant, the Earls and Barons 
swore fealty and faithful service to ^* John 
^^ Duke of Normandy^' against all men. 

i5ftS6BiUy ^* John Duke of Normandy" landed at 
Shoreham on Tuesday the eighth of the 
calends of June. On the morrow, to wit 
the Eve of the Ascension, he repaired 
to London, for the purpose of being 
crowned. And all the Magnates, as well 
Bishops as Earls and Barons, being then 
and there assembled, ^' John Duke of 
" Normandy^' was crowned and anointed 
King of England in the Church of St.Peter 

«MiyU99. of Westminster, on Thursday the feast of 
the Ascension, the sixth of the calends 
of June. 

And, on the day of his Coronation, King 
John girt William Mareschal with the 
sword of the Earldom of Strigoill, and 
Geoffiy Fitz Peter with the sword of the 
Earldom of Essex, for although they already 

f 2 

Digitized by 



bore the title of Earls, and had the admi- 
nistration of their Earidoms, yet until now, 
they were not girt with the swords thereof. 
And on the same day, girt with swords, 
the Earl of Strigoiil and the Earl of Essex 
served at the table of the King. 

§ XLI. It will be observed that the Rot.Cur. 
leading narratives of Richard's death agree 259, 264. 
only in one material circumstance, namely, 
that a shaft discharged from a crossbow 
inflicted the mortal wound. Had the in- 
telligence been communicated by any writ 
or letter, it is scarcely possibie, that such 
variations in the statements conceming 
this important event, could be found in 
narratives so nearly contemporary. This 
uncertainty, is no equivocal token of the 
general confusion prevailing in the realm. 
More than three weeks fromRichard'8 de- 
mise had elapsed, before the vacancy of the 
Throne was authoritatively acknowledged. 
This circumstance is proved by the Essoign 
2Mayii99. roll of the Quinzaine of Easter, which is 
entitled as of the tenth year of Richard's 
reign, and entered on the sixth membrane 
of the record. It does not appear from any 
part of this roU that the death of Richard 
was yet recognized : and in fact we have 
evidence, nearly conclusive,to the contrary, 
for a day of appearance is given in a plea 

Digitized by 



between the Prior of Durham, and the 
Abbot of Melsa, the Prior of Newburgh, 
and others, who had proceeded in a suit 
(probably in CJourtChristian) concerning an 
advowson, against the King^s writ or com- 
mand, " contra preceptum Domini Regis,'' 
which would not have been the usual style 
if speaking of a deceased Monarch. Are 
we to suppose that the intelligence had 
not yet reached England : — or that it had 
not arrived in so authentic a form as to 
warrant the Justices in proclaiming the 
event, which had already been more than 
once bruited, without any foundation ex- 
cepting the wishes of those by whom it was 
desired: — or did the Justiciars purposely 
delay notifying that Ihe inheritance was 
open, the better to secure the succession 
of the new Monarch ? 

§ XLII. The next or seventh membrane^ Rot. Cur. 
has no heading or title either of date or 26& 268? * 
reign. Here, we have an unquestionable 
proof that Richard's death was known to 
the Court. RobertBertram casts his essoign 
** de ultra mare de servicio Domini Ducis/' 
shewing that the entry was made after 
the inauguration of John as Duke of Nor- 
roandy, and before his Coronation as King 
of England. But an entry, towards the 
conclusion of the membrane, was made 

f 3 

Digitized by 



after the Coronation, it being an essoign 
" de servitio Domini Regisy' cast by Regi- 
nald de Cornhiil. 

§ XLIII. The first membrane of the Rot.Cur. 
whole record has the following heading, 2^22^ 
•* HaBc sunt essonia Paschae et Sanctae Tri- |^^ ^3* 
nitatis et Sancti Johannis et Sancti Mi-- ^*» ^» 
chaeltSy' but no regal date, or specification 
of essoign, appearance, or retum day : 
the words in Italics were added after the 
title was first written, and the roll does not 
(apparently) contain any matters which 
can be referred to Michaelmas Term. But 
this membrane was made up before Jfthn^s 
Coronation,^ inasmuch as it contains two 
essoigns '^ de servitio Ducisj^ one cast by 
Thomas de Estlee, and the other by Phi- 
lippus Molendinarius. 

The eighth membrane contains the es- 
soigns " de malo veniendi,'' in three weeks 
9Mayii99. of Easter, and which are continued in the 
eighth, ninth, and tenth membranes. In 
this portion of the roll we have several 
entries *' de servitio Domini DuciSy^ re- 
spectively cast by Robert fitz Hervy, 
Gilbert de Mineres, Richard de Munfichet, 
Philip de Ounne or Ouue, Thomas Marin, 
and William de Warenna. But in the 
essoigns ^ de malo lecti *' of the same date, 
and also on the ninth membrane, there are 

Digitized by 



two entries noticing the King, one of lands 
^^ in manu Domini RegiSj^ and another of 
a party " in misericordia RegisJ^ These 
entries, however, are made upon a portion 
of the roU which seems to have been pre- 
viously lefl blank, and the whole is much 
confused* It is therefore most probable 
that the heading was first written, and that 
these last entries were not actually put 
upon the roll until afler John's Coronation. 
§ XLIV. On the dorse of the first mem- Rot-Cur. 

1 /• 1 Tfc 11 I • i* ■ Regi8,vol.u 

brane of the Koll, are the essoigns of the 225. 
«11171199. Morrow of the Ascension, the feast itself 
being, as before mentioned, the day of 
John's Coronation. It is followed by the 
essoigns of the Morrow of the Trinity, the 
Octaves of the Trinity, the Quinzaine of 
the Trinity, the Octaves of St. John the 
Baptist, and the Quinzaine of St John the 
Baptist, and upon these membranes^ in all 
the entries referring to the Sovereign, he is 
duly and regularly denominated the King. 

§ XLV. The pleadings begin confusedly Rot Cur. 
at the twelflh membrane of the Roll, and so5, so7, 

S09 Sll* 

without any heading or tille, or any date of ' 
day, term, or reign, but the first entries were 
clearly made before John's Coronation. 
Hillary de Rachenton has a day given to 
him on the Morrow of the Trinity, because 

f 4 

Digitized by 



he is in the Duke^s Castle at Porchester. 
The assize of Novel Disseisin between Os- 
bert GifFord, demandant, and Ralph de 
Wellinton, deforciant, is respited until the 
Octaves of the Trinity by the precept of 
Geoffry Fitz Peter, because Osbert is in the 
service of John, Lord of England, with 
h(H*ses and arms. A day is in like manner 
given, by command of GeofFry Fitz Peter, 
on the Morrow of the Trinity, in a plea of 
land between Robert Morin and the Abbot 
of Chertsey, because the said Robert went 
in the service of the Lord of England to Ox- 
ford. A day is given to William de Wrotham 
and the Prior of Lewisham and Theobald de 
Einesford, in a plea of land, on the Morrow 
of the Holy Trinity at Westminster, because 
the said Wiliiam was in the service of the 
Lord of England. A day is given to 
Richard de Fescamp and Henry de Be- 
champton, in a plea of land, on the Mor- 
row of the Trinity, on account of another 
party being in the Castle of the Lord of 

§ XLVI. In the thirteenth membrane, Rot- Cur, 
which is without a date^ the pleas con- sf|*si4^ ' 
tinue. The first, is an entry that an 3^^^ 
assize of Novel Disseisin between Osbert ^* ^^ 

361> 381. 

GifFard, demandant, and Ralph de Wel- 
linton, deforciant, is respited until the 

Digitized by 



Octaves of the Holy Trinity, by the com- 
raand of Geoffry Fitz Peter, because the 
same Osbert is in the King^s service with 
horses and arms. This is the same adjourn- 
ment which is given on the preceding mem- 
brane, only substituting the title of King 
for the title of Lord. Possibly it may have 
been repeated after John'sCoronation,upon 
a blank space previously left on the parch- 
ment ; for, somewhat lower down on the 
membrane, a day is given to certain ap- 
pellees, because they are in the service of 
the Duke. 

On the fourteenth membrane, which is 
also without a date, it is recorded that 
John de Perteshall, having been in posses- 
sion of a false or forged writ, took refuge in 
St. Ciement's Church in Cambridge or Cam- 
bridgeshire, from whence he abjured the 
land of John Lord of England. This is fol- 
lowed by another entry, stating that all the 
lands and possessions of Ralph GifFard and 
Phillp de Sumeri are put in peace by the 
writ of the Duke of Normandtfy and that 
they should not be impleaded conceming 
any of their tenements, so long as they 
should be in the service of the Duke beyond 
the seas, such writ being tested by Geoffry 
Fitz Peten And on the dorse of the same 
fourteenth membrane, is an entry stating 
that all the assizes appertaining to the Earl 
of Albcmaric aiid hi? mcn, who wcrc iu 

Digitized by 



the service of the Duhey are respited ** sine 
die/' 80 long as theEarl and his men shall 
be thus in the Duke's service beyond the sea. 

The sixteenth membrane is likewise un- 
dated. This contains an entry that the plea 
between Godfrey de Sancto Martino and 
Waudrigesil de Curcellis, concerning the 
fee of William Mallett, was put in respite 
until it should be otherwise commanded, 
and this by the writ or precept of John 
Lord of England. 

The seventeenth membrane is undated ; 
and here the plea between Godfrey de 
Sancto Martino and Waudrigesil de Cur- 
cellis is again respited *^ sine die/' until 
further orders should be given : and this, 
by the writ or command of the Dukc 
The plea between Robert de Stok' and 
William de Hengeford is stayed ** sine die'' 
until the arrival of the Duke in England, 
and this by the Duke's writ or precept. 

The eighteenth membrane is undated^ 
Roger de Brai demands against Hugh 
de Brai three acres of land in LafTelde, 
which he had pledged to Hugh, the father 
of the said Hugh, for a term then expired. 
Hugh denies the pledging, and says that 
Iie holds the land in fee. Roger there- 
upon ofFers to the Duke half a mark that 
he may have a jury of lawful men of 
the visne, whether the land be his fee, or 
whcthcr it was pledgcd for a term ; and, in 

Digitized by 



the margin, this sum is repeated as an 
oblate or ofFer to the Duhe. 

The first plea roll which is dated, is of 
the Morrow of the Holy Trinity, on the 
twenty-first membrane ; and from this 
place the entries proceed regularly, deno- 
minating the Sovereign as the King. 

§ XLVII. It will have been observed ho w Rotuli de 

^ . . Oblatis. 

carefuUy and consistently the Chroniclers, Liber de 
whose language I transcribe, as well as the Le^S^" 

I judicial records, abstain from bestowing the ^eromSiver 
I title of King upon John, until his Corona- ^JvrS®^.®^ 

tion. From that day his reign was reckoned, Middie 
varying, however, in each year according eS. Review, 
to the moveable feast, which was taken as voL xxx. 
the anniversary ; that is to say, the reign ^'"^f^^e 
was calculated from Ascension day to Engjw^ 

Y . . Legislatufe, 

j Ascension day in each year, and not from Ed. Reyiew, 

.r , , . , , /-Ti^ m, . Marchl821, 

.^ and to the twenty-sixth day of May. This voLxxxv.20. 
fact was first ascertained by a writer of dis- Revii^'^^ 
tinguished eminence as an investigator of y^Lxx^^ 
our historical antiquities, and noticed by ^?- 
him in two essays upon the English Con- Pr^eM 
stitution, inserted in a periodical publica- Common- 
tion. Observations to the same effect are ^g. '^^**' 
also contained in an essay upon the sources ^^ w">J' 
of Anglo-Saxon history, in another perio- (Chron. 

,.,.,. . ^ , , . . Ab8t-)i.l. 

dical publication. Our modem histonans Hume'8 Hit* 
and chronologers were previously accus- ^"^* 
tomed to reckon the reign of John from the 
day of thc dcath of his prcdecessor, so that 

Digitized by 



all tlie instniments of his reign, dated be- 
tween the sixth April and the Ascension day 
of the current year, have been transposed. 
Hurae generally bestows a title upon John 
which never did or could belong to him, 
namely, that of *' Prince/' Had the origi- 
nal authorities been consulted and studied 
by this able writer, it is probable that his 
shrewdness might have enabled him to de- 
tect the crror. But Hume^s narrative of the 
earlier periods, — for to this portion only I 
limit my present observations, — frequently 
inaccurate, and always vague and super- 
ficialjlabours under defects which no system 
of annotation can correct or remove. A 
professed and ostentatious enquirer after 
truth, this cool, acute, but inconsistent scep- 
tic neglected ordinary diligence in the col- 
lection or exaraination of the evidence 
whereon his historical belief is founded. — 
And, taken asa whole ; and whetherjudged 
with respect to research, or to spirit, or to 
tdne, or to general tendency, it would be 
difficult to point out any one book, which, 
rotten at the core, has inflicted a more last- 
ing injury upon our national literature. 

The maxim of the French law, *^ le mort 
saisit le vif^' and which we have adopted as 
a coustitutional principle, was unknown to 
the English in the earlier periods of our his- 
tory. The death of the father did not vest 
the royal litle as an inheritancc in thc son : 

Digitized by 



and some further act was required before the 
style of King could be assumed. The rule 
of succession in the same blood or family, 
prevailed before the right of primogeniture 
was established as an indefeasible canon. 
Hence, until the Atheling was accepted by 
the " land-folk '' or consecrated by the 
Priest, — and I here purposely avoid enter- 
ingupon ihe difficultquestion, whetherthe 
popular acclamation or the sacerdotal cere- 
monial had the greater or the lesser con- 
stitutional efficacy, — no heir presumptive 
could be considered as King or Emperor, 
Bretwald or Basileus, in Anglo-Saxon Bri- 
tain. After the Conquest, it is probable, for 
we can only speak doubtingly and hypo- 
thetically, that the heir obtained the Royal 
authority, at least for the purposes of admi- 
nistering the law, from the day that his j>eace 
was proclaimed. He was obeyed as Chief 
Magistrate, so soon as he was admitted to 
the high office of protector of the public 
tranquillity. But he was not honoured as the 
King, until the sacred oil had been poured 
upon him, and the crown set upon his head, 
and the sceptre grasped in his hand. 

John did not enter into the receipt of 
the revenues of the Kingdom until after his 
Coronation, as appears from the Oblata 
Roll, the Treasurer beginning his accounts 
from the twenty-ninth day of May. We 
learn, however, from the judicial rolls, that. 

Digitized by 



though not acknowledged as King, yet that 
the •* Duke of Normandy " or the " Lord of 
England" possessed very many rights of 
sovereignty. And I am informed that some (ihm H.) 
charters, recently discovered, prove that 
Richardy before his Coronation, equally 
exerdsed royal rights, though only as- 
suming the style of Duke of Normandy 
and Lord of England. But» after the demise 
of Henry IIL, the royal title as well as the 
royal authority resulted from this recogni- 
tion. Edward L began his reign, to ali 
intents and purposes, from the feast of 
St. Edmund the King, four days after the 
death of Henry IIL» when his peace was 
90NoT.m2. proclaimed at Westminster^ and he was {Ncmt) 
tbenceforth entitled King in all public 

Edward's accession was attended by some 
remarkable circumstances. Great dissen- 
sions prevailed at this period in London. 
There were two competitors for the office 
of Mayor, one elected, as of old, by the 
^^ Magnates/' the other by the lesser Com- 
mons : and the King had interposed by ap- 
pointing a Custos, until the settlement of 
the disputes between the contending par- 
ties. Henry III. was then on his death- 
bed, and the popular party proposed that, 
as soon as he should expire, they would rise 
against the Aldermen and plunder them of 
all their ^^oods and chattels : under the im- 

Digitized by 



pression that this could be done with impu- 
nity whilst the kingdom should be " without 
a King'' — dum Regnum esset sine Rege. — 
But this — continues the writer of the Year 
Book of London, probably the Town Clerk, 
— was an erroneous opinion, for immedi- 
ately upon the King's death the Kingdom 
devolved upon Dominus Edward his son. — 
And when — continues this writer — all the 
people should have done fealty to him, then 
it was certain that all who, being under his 
dominion, perpetrate any act against the 
peace, should be as grievously punished as 
under the dominion of his living father. 
And the lesser Commons were prevented 
from perpetrating this iniquity, because im-* 
17N0T.1272. mediately upon King Henry^s death, *' on 
the Morrow of Saint Edmund the Arch- 
bishop/' the Earl of Gloucester, the Arch- 
bishop of York, and many other Nobles of 
therealm of Englandthen present,came into 
the City and caused peace to be proclaimed 
towards all, both Jews and Christians. 

From this proceeding, three important 
facts may be collected respecting the theory 
and practice of the Constitution in relation 
to regal succession, as prevailing when 
Henry III. closed his reign : I. — ^The people 
of London, more thoroughly an Anglo- 
Saxon community than any other then sub* 
sisting, and probably never merged in any ^ 

Digitized by 



Anglo-Saxon Kingdom, though under the 
supremacy of the Basileus, retained a remi- 
niscence of the era, when, upon the death 
of the Monarch, a complete inter-regnum 
ensued. II. — London was still so much of 
a distinct State, that proclamation of the 
King's peace in London did not extend to 
the rest of hisKingdom, so that there might 
be, as in this instance there was, two dif- 
ferent periods for the formal acknowledg- 
ment of the Sovereign, the one arising from 
his recognition in the City, the other from 
his recognition in the rest of the Kingdom. 
And this explains an expression occasion- 
ally employed concerning the commence- 
ments of the reigns of the antient Kings, 
namely, that they are computed secundum 
U8um Scaccariij implying that there might 
be another usage elsewhere, According to 
our present practice, the Lord Mayor 
and Aldermen of London are invariably (Noie K.) 
parties to the proclamation of a new 
King, being always required to concur 
in signing the act of recognition. And we 
may perhaps venture to conjecture that 
ihU custom was originally introduced for 
tho purpose of consolidating the two re- 
fognitions, so as to have but one date of 
Aoocsaion, for the City and for the King- 
ch)m at large. III. — ^But although the 
j)iH)olamation of the peace was required to 

Digitized by 



enable the Sovereign to exercise his lawful 
authority, for this position is clearly to be 
coUected from narratives in the City Year 
Book : still the Crown descended by here- 
ditary right to the eldest son : And by the 
proclamation alone, before the coronation, 
the Lorc? of England acquired the title of 

This, certainly was a doctrine established 
subsequently to John's accession. The 
different branches of the government were 
making a symmetrical advance. Parliament 
was obtaining more influence : and at the 
same time, the Throne was acquiring 
greater stability. 

But what was intended by the style 
of ** Dominus Anglice ?'' — This title appears 
to indicate the right to the superiority 
over the soil, when distinguished from the 
chieflainship of the people^ The King 
might be admitted as Dominus Anglice 
before he was acknowledged as Kex Anglo- 
rum : and this distinction was consislently 
maintained. John was Lord of Ireland, 
but he did not claim to be King of Ihe 
Irish. Edward wrote himself Lord of 
Scotland, and acknowledged Balliol to be 
King of the Scots. 


Digitized by 



§ XLVIII. One of the works contem- 
plated by Sir Simon D'Ewes was, " Tbe 
•* antiquity of the Municipal or Com- 
•* raon law of the Realm before the Nor- 
«* man Conquest, out of records for the 
** greatest part, or other unvulgar mate- 
** rials ;" — to this he intended to add a 
second part out of the *^ Itinerant and Plea 
" Rolh, chiefly remaining in the Treasury 
•• at Westminster/' — or the muniments of 
which this present publication is coroposed. 
— "These,'' — he continues, — " I have pro- 
*' posed to myself to labour in,besides divers 
•• other ^maller works, as well theological 
'* as moral, like him that shoots at the Sun, 
** not in hopes to reach it, but to shoot as 
^* high as possibly his strength, art, or skill 
" will permit So, though I know it i» 
'* impossible to finish all these during my 
^* short and uncertain life, having already 
*• entred into the thirlieth year of my age, 
•^ and baving many unavoidable imploy- 
'^ ments and cares of an estate and fiuuilyt 
^* yet if I can finish a little in each kind^ ii 
^ may hereafter stir up some able judg- 
'* ments to add an end to the wbole, in 
'* the same way and search I shall have 
^* waded in before them. In the mean 
** limc I shall always pray, as I do sin- 

Digitized by 



" cerely desire, that by all my endeavoiirs 
*^ God may be glorified, the tnith, divine 
^' or human, vindicated, and the publick 
" benefited : 

" Sic mihi contingat vivere, sicque mori." 

Such remarks are too instructive to be 
omitted. They are the memorials of a 
period when the indiyiduals most distin- 
guished by knowledge, by learning, or by 
intelleciual eminence, were impressed with 
the deep feeling of the duties resulting from 
the important station whereunto they had 
been called. Raised up as teachers, freely 
dispensing the gifts firpely bestowed upon 
them, seeking neither present fame nor 
worldly profit, but acting under an humble 
responsibility for the faithfiil use of the 
talents entrusted to their stewardship. And 
indeed, these sentiments and principles 
will alone enable the inquirer to proceed 
steadily and cheerfiilly, in labours, which 
even humanly speaking, can never be 
ripened into harvest, until the hand that 
80wed the seed is mouldering in the grave. 
Pursued with any other motives, the dreary 
annals of literary history will warn him how 
little chance he has of escaping firom the 
most bitter vexation, sorrow, or despair. 


Digitized by 



§ XLIX. About the time that D'Ewes 
was fonning his plans, the celebrated 
Arthur Agarde was Keeper of the records 
in thc Treasury of the Exchequer. This 
able and industrious antiquary compiled 
several volumes of extracts from the Rolls ; 
not for the purpose of framing a regular 
calendar or abridgment, but simply select- 
ing those entries which appeared inte- 
resting to him. From these and other ex- 
cerpts of the same description, the volume 
intituled •• Abhreviatio Placitorum^'* was 
published by the Record Commission in 
1811. This work was undertaken upon 
the suggestion of the Right Honourable 
George Rose, deceased. He was then the 
Keeper of the Record Treasury ; and he 
reported that most of the curious matter of 
the original Rolls would be found in such 
abstracts. But although much information 
is certainly contained in them, still it will 
be found by comparing the text now given, 
with the AbbrevicUio Placitorunh that the 
latter presents only a very imperfect and 
mutilated view of the originals : the records 
contained in this volume occupying but 
twelve pages of the folio. 

When the Editor first began collect- 
ing the materials for the general Con- 
stitutional Historjr of England, the im- 
portance of these Rolls, in filling up the 

Digitized by 



blank anterior to the commencement of 
our Parliamentary Records, properly so 
calledy became apparent to him. And 
the subject having been brought before (iVofeL.) 
the Commissioners in his reports, the 
Board, after consulling and advising with 
other persons conversant with records, 
and receiving information from them, 
ordered that the work should be printed 
by the Editor in its present form. 


Record Office, 

Treasury of the Exchequer, 
14 February 1835. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


A P P E N D I X. 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Deed by which Henn/ Fitz AUwin, Jirst Lord Mayor ofLondmf 
grccnU a piece ofLdxnd in Lime Street in the City ofLondon» 

Nol sit ^ psentib^ q' fu& qd ego Henr JilP Ailmni gcessi 
WUo Lafaite Iram q*m Emma soror pdicti Witti tenuit in Lim-' 
strete que jacet juxta f ram Afibis de Rameseia tenenda de me 1 
liedib^ meis illi 1 liedib^ suis . in feudo 1 in lieditate finabiir • 
( . xii. d. annuati reddendis • scii. vL d infra . viii. focto dies Sci 
Michaet.% vL . d . infra octab Pasche. B hac gcessioe dedit m* 
WiBs pdict^ :! dimid mar6 . argenti in gersumia. T. Pef^JUio 
Alani.Badulf BraTid.JordanJS Sjfi . Bdtto Camiraio . Jord ^ 

From the Original in the Treasury. Appendant is a seal of 
yellow wax, varnished, impressed with the representation of a 
nian on horseback, a hawk perched on his fist. Much defaced. 


Charter of Convention and Concord made in the Curia Begis, as 
sitting in the Ezchequer, 3 Bichard /., between WiUiam Fitz 
Beiner and Henry his brother, conceming lands and tenements in 
Londonj ^c 

HEC est Qvenco 1 finsj gcordia facta in Curia Dni Reg ap' 
Westmon ad festn Sci Andr Apti anni regni Reg Bic tercii . cora 
Jifc Comite de MoreT fre Dni Reg . 1 cora . W. Bothomag Ar- 
chiepo tuc Justic Angt . T Bic Loni Epo tunc Diii Regis Tliesauf 

Digitized by 



1 cora Baronib^ de Scakario . in? WiSmJit ifetn. 1 Henf ffem 
ej^. videlicl qd pfato Witto 1 bedib^ suis remanl Sra de EdelmeT 
cvL p^to 1 Hgraua p.lx. sot reddit^. £t fra de Newelande cu ptinciis 
suis. Et II Witleshd cu pdnenciis suis. £t in Hamme Ix. solid 
reddit^ cii ptinenciis suis. £t de Ric Painfarer . xv. solid reddit^. 
£t de NewerUun . J. solid red4it^. £t infra Lod remanl eid 
Wiit capittd mesuagiu cu toto clauso. Sctt cu ?ra q' Germojp 
tenl . % cu celariis u* Loettnf venire solebant. £t cu tota longa 
domo pet4ia.Ti supra T; subt^ cu domo Gerardi Flandreeis.% 
cu f ra q reddit . v. sot ecctie Sce Marie de Suthwerke, Remanent 
% eid Witto 1 bedib^ suis ad . xiii. paupes i ppetuii pascendos . 
ifra Lond . xiL marcal reddit^. Scil de JStdf Ctico . ii. soL De 
SualP domiiP sub archa . v. sol. De domo pe^na 9sus vicu . 
xii. sot D domo an porta mesuag . viii. sol. D Turgis vi. sol. 
D pistore . xvL sot D \\Sereine . vi. d. D fra ad Ecctiam Sci 
Albani . v. sot D Goda Fenera^ce . xxxvi. sot D Witto Bbmdo . 
xxi. sot D II Glidhatt . ii. sot D Jordanojit He^. xviii. d. D ?ra 
retP selda Bertrami.i. marc. D ?ra q* tenTi de Sco Salvatore. 
V. sot D Ric Festhart x. sot D Ric Feniatore . i. marc. D David 
lineo drapero . xxxiL d. D ^tc <&/ iSazfe . viiL d. £t Henrico 
pnoiato remanl Dustune cvi ptinenciis suis . exceptis centii solid 
\re q^s Witt de Badue bt. Et exceptis duab^ virgatis tre q^s 
Canonici de Sco Jacobo bnt in ead willa. Et reman^l eii Henrico 
tota %ra de \\Senleia cii ptinciis suis. Et infra Lond remanl eid . 
H. meSuag u* Terri JH Fulcredi mansit juxta Wlnotmaricherche . 
cu %ra vacua juxta illud mesuag q reddit p annii iiiL sot . sci} , 
SSimonialib^ de Clerkenewette fl iiii. sot Hospitali Sci Egidii . 1 eii 
Sra Teloenarii q est de eod feodo. Et cii ?ra vacua u* Rannulf^ 
Lanator mansit. Remanl 1 eid Henr totii reddit^ que Ricjit 
Rein hiiit in Fridaistrete . excepta . i. marcata reddit^. Et de 
Witto Blundo . xxi. sot reddit^. Et vacua %ra iiA dom Wttt Bhmdi 
. 1 dom q Goda tenl g . xxi. sol reddit^. Et ?ra q fiiit Turstani 
usq, in Tamisid p xx. sol reddit^. Et est guenco in? .W.1H. 
pdSm q si forte a^s illo^ aliq^ fra de hiis fris psc^ptis . aut de red«- 
ditib^ amiserit aut vi aut placito . alter ei restaurabit ad medietate 
llvalitudinis . pref Dustune q* si Henr qd absit forte amiseritr' 
vt bedes sui ^ Witt pfat^ vt bedes sui debnt eis restaurare . centu 
sold ?re. Et post obitii Alicie de Dustune debl Henr pdcs vl 
bedes sui redde . W. pdSo vt bedib^ suis i Dustune xx. solid 
reddit^. Debnt %.W."l H. pfati omia debita qRicfr illoj debnit 
comunil aq'etare. Et omia catalla ipi^ Ric participare. Et omia 
debita q ipi Ric debebant'" comunil pq*rere 1 pticipare. Et tota 

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hanc guecoem afidaunt ex ut^c^ pte teneda sn fraudis ingenio. 
Hiis testib^. jETiiy' Epo Cest^e . Witto Marescallo . Jofie Marescano . 
Bci^de WUefeia. Roff" ^ Eeinfr. Rct^ Roff". Oa ^ ITvei.R^ 
Ruffb CaSario Com Joiiis . Henr de ComhuUe . RaA *l Re^ f rib^ 
^m&.RadJit Rad.HenrJit Ailtcini . fVtSo de Hawhtdle • Rog^ ft 
Jlani . Alano ft Pe^. Micfi fi JoHis . Ric fil ej^. Galfr Bucolte . 
Jolieja; Elinant. Wi» Badue. 

This instrument (also in the Treasury) is indented at the top, 
the word " Cirographum " being cut through by the indentation. 
A sealof green wax isappendant, much defaced, but apparently 
represendng a castle or fortified town rising out of the water. 
Most of the names which foUow after Robertus Ruffus are well 
known in the City archives: and they probably were theMagnates 
who proceeded in a body from the Court of Husting to the Court 
of Exchequer, for the purpose of attesdng the agreement between 
the parties. Henry de ComhuUe was SherifF 1 Ric. L, together 
with Richard Fitz Reiner, the brother of the parties ; Henry 
Fitz Ailwin is the Mayor. William de Haverhulle was SherifF 
3 Ric I., together with John Bocointe. Roger Fitz Aleyn was 
Mayor 16 John. 

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N O T E S. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


N O T E S. 

' [A.] p. V. 

Ttie membranes of the RoUs are stitched or fastened together 
at the top of each skin. This appears to have been the custom 
of the Exchequer in all its branches, from the earliest periods^ 
It is thus that the Pipe Rolls are made up, and all the Judicial 
Rolls. The same custom prevailed in the Exchequer of Nor- 
mandy. But in the Chancery, the rolls were and still are made 
up by attaching the membranes end to end. The Lithographs 
L IL IIL will shew the difiPerence between the hand-writing of 
the rollsi and of other coeval documents. 

[B.] p.X\. 

— aditoque Principe cui se pridem vel arte vel obsequio com- 
mendarat (Nevbrigengis ut supra). Neubrigensis does not seem to 
have been aware that the intimacy commenced during the cru- 
sade. According to Eadulphus de Diceto (691 ) William joined two 
others in the accusation. Fratrem suum quoque camalem, duos 
etiam alios, opinionis int^as viros, tanquam regise proditionis 
reos in conventiculis suis, ad mortem usque persequebatur. 

[C.] p. xii. 

The record iBvery mudk de&ced and faded, and in many 
parts whoUy illegiUe, as will be seen hy referring to the text, 
pp. 69iy 70. Thei^ is, however, no doubt) but that the paraphrase 
exprcsses the sense of tbe ori^naL ^ 

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[D.] p. xiii. 
Hamond Brand was Sheriff in 1203. 

[E.] p. xxvii. 

The Bull granted by Pope Celestine for the restoration of 
the M onks, is transcribed both by Hoveden and in the annals of 
Burton, and it speaks of Hugh Nonant as being then alive. The 
narrative of Matthew Paris, which is very circumstantial, ascribes 
the restoration of the Convent to Innocent IIL his successor. 
Some few of the Monks, as he says, had repaired to Rome, for 
the purpose of inducing the Pope to restore the Monastery. 
There they lingered : some, wearied out by disappointment and 
poverty, quitted the Apostolic Court; others died; till at length 
only one remained, Brother Thomas, who, £rom extreme want, 
was often forced to beg his bread. About this dme, Hugh de 
Nonant, being on his way to Rome, suddenly sickened when in 
Normandy. Conscious that his death was nigh, he sent far and 
wide to the Clergy of the Province, entreating them to visit him 
on his death bed. Before them he confessed his sins. In par- 
ticular he acknowledged, with great grief, how he had expelled 
the Monks of Coventry, warring against them with mortal hatred; 
and, eamestly entreating from the Abbot of Bec-Herlouin, that 
he might be clothed with the habit of that order which he had 
persecuted, he died. 

Jin. & Feb. The removal of this powerful opponent gave courage to Brother 
1198. Thomas, and when Pope Innocent, who had then lately been 

enthroned, was sitting in full consistory, he came before the 
PontiflF, and preferred his prayer for the restoration of the Monas- 
tery. " Know ye not, Brother," — replied the Pope, with great 
wrath, — " that my predecessors, Clement and Celestine, oft and 
oft rejected the same petition, aye, and I saw and heard them. 
Get along with you, get along with you, you wait in vain.** — 
" Holy Father," — rejoined the Monk, — " I wait not in vain. 
My petition is just and right; and I wait for your death, even as 
I waited for the deaths of your predecessors. One may succeed 
you, who will eifectu#y grant my prayer,"— By this address the 

Digitized by 



Pope was startled and scared, and after expressing his surprize 
to the Cardinals in somewhat unseemly language, he tumed to 
the Monk, and said, " Brolher, by St, Peter you shall not wait 
for my death, your petition is granted f and before Pope Inno- 
cent again tasted food, he issued the Bull by which Archbishop 
Hubert was authorized to restore the Monastery. 

Now as this statement is whoUy inconsistent with the Bull, 
which is preserved textually and entire, we must either admit 
that the document is a forgery — and, at this period, the practice 
of fabricating spurious Bulls prevailed exceedingly — or that 
Matthew Paris, the Monk of St Albans, was singularly 

[R] p. Ixvi. 

It is probable that Hubert was the ward of Glanville. He thus 
expresses himself on ihe Foundation Charter of West Dereham. — 
Omnibus Sanctae Matris Ecclesice filiis, praesentibus et futuris, 
Hubertus Dei gratia, Eboracensis ecclesice Decanus, aetemam in 
Domino salutem. Sapiends est hiis, quce salute animae proficiunt, 
dum potest, intendere et transitoriis aetema commutare. Quod 

quidem intelligentes quoddam coenobium Praemonstratensis 

Ordinis in feudo nostro, apud Derham fundavimus, pro salute 
animae meae, et patris et matris meae, et Domini Ranulphi de 
GlanoiUd et BerUe uxoris ejus qui nos nutrierunt (Monasticon, 
vol. vL 899.) — Geoffry Fitz Peter is one of the attesting wit- 
nesses to the Charter. 

[G.] p. Ixvii. 

Diceto, 652. — The good Bishop was thus licensed by three 
consecutive Metropolitans, the Venerable Ansehn, Ralph, and 
William de Corboyl. It therefore appears that he did not con- 
sider that the sanction given by the Archbishop for the time 
being, bound his successors. 

RoT. CuB. Reo. 

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[H.] p. xciv. 

I am informed that the fact of Richard's having made royal 
grants before his Coronation, assuming the style of Ricardus 
Dux Normanniae et Dominus Anglise, appears from some Char- 
ters in the Archives of the Duchy of Lancaster, which have been 
recently brought to light by the exertions of Mr.William Hardy, 
an active oflScer on that establishment. 

[I.] p. xciv. 

See the Chronological Abstract of the First volume of the 
Parliamentary Writs, vol. L In all regal tables, &c. the acces- 
sion of Edward I. had previously been reckoned from the 
16th November, the day of Henrjr^s death. 

[K.] p. xcvi. 

The earliest proclamation which I have seen in the Registers 
of the Privy Council, is that which took place on the accession of 
Charles 1. The King is accepted and proclaimed by the " Lords 
" Spiritual and Temporal of this Realm, being here assisted with 
" those of His late Majest/s Privy Council, together with num- 
" bers of others, principal Gentlemen of quality, with the Lord 
" Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of London." The proclama- 
tions were made at Whitehall, Charing Cross, Denmark House, 
Temple Bar, on the Middlesex side, and the Great Conduit iii 
Fleet Street. When the Lords of the Council reached Ludgate, 
the gates were closed. The Lord Mayor and Aldermen, "in their 
" formalities," were within the gates. On being assured that 
King James was dead, they opened thegates, and the proclama- 
tion was made. The name of Sir John Gore, the Lord Mayor, 
appears as the first of the signatures. The proclamation em- 
ployed, upon the accession of His present Majesty, is nearly 
word for word the same as that of Charles I. ; but ihe Lord Mayor 
and Aldermen now attend, in the first instance, at the Palace, 
and sign the proclamation on the table. Upon the accession of 

Digitized by 



William IIL the proclamation was made by the ^' Lords Spiritual 
'^ and Temporal, and Commons, together with the Lord Mayor 
^ and Citizens of London, and others of the Commons," omitting 
the Privy CounciL In all other cases the precedent of the pro- 
damation of Charles I. was foUowed. 

[L.] p. ci. 

See my Report, and the recommendation of the Committee 
who examined the original RoUs, (Cooper on Records, voL iL 
18, 32, and voL L 241-243). An analysis of the RoUs, shewing 
the comparative nmnber of foUos, printed and miprinted, wiU 
be fomid in the same work (Cooper, voLL 306-401). This 
statement was not compiled by me, but I beUeve it to be correct. 

h 2 

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U 5 1^ 


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-^ ,;r 


1 £ ^ \ 










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e V 

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6 Ric, I. \ Pleas, &c. at Westminster, on the Quinzaine 
1194, 13 0ct J ofStMichael 1-6 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c. on the Morrow of St Dionisius 
1194,10Oct. J orDennis 6-13 

1194 27'oct J ^^^' *^ ^ ^"® Month of St Michael. -. 13-16 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas, &c. at Westminster, on Sunday next 
1194, 30 Oct J before the feast of All Saints. 16, 17 

6 Ric. I. \ pj^^ ^^ ^^ Morrow of AU Saints 20-26 

1194, 2N0V. J 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas at Westminster, of the Justices Itine- 

1194, 27 Oct J rant, in One Month of St MichaeL 27, 28 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas at Westminster, on Sunday next after 

1194, 6 Nov. J the feast of All Saints 28-35 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Wednesday next after the 

1194, 9 Nov. J Octaves of All Saints 35-41/ 

6 Ric. I. 1 pj ^^ ^^ ^j^^ Morrow of St Martm. ... 41, 42 
1194, I2N0V. J 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Sunday next after the feast of 
1194, 13Nov. J StMartin 42-45 

6 Ric. I. 1 Pleas, &c. on Tuesday next after the feast 
1194, 15 Nov. J of St Martin 45-50 

6 Ric I. \ Pleas, &c. on Thursday next before the 
1194, 17Nov. J Octaves of St Martin 50-54 

6 Ric I. 1 pj ^^ ^^ ^^ Octaves of St Martin. ... 54-58 
1194, I8N0V. J 

6 Ric. I. \ Pleas, &c. on Sunday the feast of St Ed- 
1194, 20N0V. J mund. 58-64 

6 Ric L -I pj g^^ ^^ ^j^^ Morrow of St Edmund.... 64-70 
1194, 2IN0V. J 


Digitized by 




[ Pleas, &c. on the feast of St. Clement. ... 70-72 

6 Ric. I. 
1194, 23Nov. 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c on Thursday the Eve of St. Ca- 
1194, 24Nov. J therinc 72-78 

6 Ric. L 1 Pleas, &c on Monday next before the feast 
1194, 28Nov. J of St. Andrew 78-85 

, , ^ . T^* \ Pleas, &c on the Eve of St. Nicholas. 86, 87 

1194, 5Dec. J 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c on the Day of St. Nicholas, to 
1 1 94, 6 Dec J wit, the Eve of the Octaves of St Andrew. 87 

6 Ric I. I pj ^^ ^^ Octaves of St Andrew. . . 87-91 

1194, 7 Dec J 

6 Ric I. 1 Pleas, &c on Sunday after the feast of 
1194, llDec J StNicholas * 91-94 

6 Ric L 1 Pleas, &c. on Sunday next before Christ- 
1194, 18Dec J mas 94,95 

6 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. taken at Westminster, in 
1194, 13 0ct J Fifteen Days of St Michael 95-99 

6 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. on Saturday next after the 
1194, 15 Oct J feast of St Edward 99, JOO 

6 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. in Three Weeks of St Mi- 

1194, 20Oct J chael. 100-102 

6 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. in One Month of St Mi- 

1194, 27 0ct J chael 102-106 

}• Essoicns, &c. on the Morrow of AU Souls. 106-113 
1194, 3 Nov. J ^ 

6 Ric I. 1 Essoigns, &c. on Sunday next after the 
1194, 6 Nov. J feastof AUSouls. 113,114 

IEssoiims, &c. on the Octaves of All Souls. 115-117 
, ^ 

6 Ric I. 1 Essoigns on Thursday next after the 
1194, lONov. J Octaves of All Souls 117,118 

6 Ric I. I EgsQigng^ ^^ ^^ ^jjg £)^y Qf S^ Martin. ... 1 18, 1 19 
1194, 11 Nov. J 

6 Ric. I. 1 Essoigns, &c on the Morrow of St Mar- 
1194, 12Nov. J tin 119,120 

Digitized by 



6 Ric, I. 1 Essoigns, &c. on Wednesday next after 
1194»16Nov. J St. Martin 120,121 

6 Ric L 1 ^ . 
1194 18 Nov. J ^^^^^» ^^- ^" %^^ I^ys of St- Martin. 121, 122 

6 Ric L 1 Essoigns, &c on the Morrow of St Mar- 
1194,12Nov. J tin 122-124 

6 Ric. I. 1 T. . . , . 

1 194 23 Nov J *^°^^ ^^ ^" *® ^^^^ ^*" St aement. 124 

6 Ric I. -1 Essoigns, &c. on the Morrow of St. Cle- 
1194, 24Nov.J ment. 125,126 

6 Ric. L -1 Essoigns, &c. in Fifteen Days of St. Mar- 
1 194, 25 Nov. J tin, to wit, on the day of St Catherine. 126, 127 

6 Ric L "1 Essoigns, &c. on Sunday next after the 
1194, 27 Nov. J feast of St Catherine 127 

1 194. 29 N I ^^^^» ^^- ^" *® E^^ ^f St. Andrew. ... 128, 129 

6 Ric L 1 Essoigns, &c on the Morrow of St. An- 
1194, 1 Dec J drew 129-133 

1194. 5 rw I ^^^^^' *^' ^^ ^® ^^® ^f St Nicholas. 133-135 

, , ^ ^ '' l Essoigns, &c. on the Octaves of St Andrew. 135-137 
1194, 7 Dec J 

9 Ric I. 1 Assizes and pleadings of Easter Term, 

1198, 12 April. J 9 Ric L, viz. in Fifteen Days of Easter. 138-148 

10 Ric I. "1 Essoigns, &c. taken at Hertford on the 

1198, 6 Oct J Octaves of St Michael 149-153 

n AQ r ^^^ ^^ *^ Assizes at Hertford, 10 Ric. L 153-158 

1 1 98. J 

10 Ric I. 1 Pleas of the Crown pleaded at Hertford 
1198. J before Geoffrey Fitz Peter and his asso- 

ciates, 10 Ric I 159 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pieas, &c of the hundred of 
119a J Odesey 159 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 
1198. J Edwinstree 160,161 

Digitized by 



10 Ric. I 



10 Ric. I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 
1198. J Hertford. 161 

10 Ric. I. "1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 
119a J Dacor 162 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 
1198. J Broadwater. 162 

10 Ric. I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 
119a J Braughmg 163 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentraents, pleas, &c of the half hun- 
1198. J dred of Hitching. 164,165 

10 Ric I. 1 Pleas and assizes of land, &c in the 
1198. J county of Hertford. 165-168 

!• Amerciaments of the county of Hertford. 168-170 

l Essoigns, &c taken at Hertford. 170-173 

10 Ric I. "1 General Amerciaments of the county of 

1198. J Essex 173 

1 Ric I. *i Amerciaments of assizes of the coimty of 

1198. J Essex 173,174 

10 Ric I. "1 Assizes and pleas of land, &c in the county 

119a J of Hertford. 174-178 

10 Ric I. 1 Appointments of attomeys, &c in the 

llOa J county of Essex. 178 

[ Amerciaments, &c of the county of Elssex. 178-180 

The like continued. 181-184 

10 Ric. I. l Essoigns, &c of pleas taken at Stratford on 
1198, 11 Oct. J Sunday next after the feast of St- Denis. 184-J88 

10 Ric I. 1 RoU of the assizes taken at Stratford by 
1198. . J Geoffrey Fitz Peter and his associates, 

lORicI 188-197 

10 Ric I. 1 ^^ jjj^^ continued 197-201 

iioa J 

10 Ric I. 1 Pleas of the Crown pleaded at Stratford by 
1198. J Geoffrey Fitz Peter and his associates, 

10 Ric 1 202 

Digitized by 




10 Ric, I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

119a J Chehnsford. 202,203 

10 Ric. I. "I Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

1198. J Dunmow. , 203-205 

10 Ric. I. "1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hmidred of 

llOa J Lexindon 205,206 

10 Ric L "I Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hmidred of 

llOa J Tandring. 206,207 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the half hmi- 

1198. J dred of Witham. 207,208 

10 Ric. I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the half hun- 

119a J dredofHarlow .' 208 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

llOa J Rochford. 208,209 

10 Ric I. "I Presentments, pleas, &c. of the half hun- 

1198. J dredofWaltham 209 

10 Ric. I. -I Presentments, pleas, &c. of the half hun- 

llOa J dred of Chehnsford. 209,210 

10 Ric L -1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

llOa J Dengy 210 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

1198. J Thurstable. 210 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c of the hundred of 

llOa J Ongar. 210,211 

10 Ric L "1 Essoigns, &c. taken at Qerkenwell, on 

1198, 21 Oct. J Wednesday next after the feast of 

St.Luke, lORic 1 211 

10 Ric. L 1 Assizes and pleas of land of the county of 

llOa J Middlesex. 213 

10 Ric 1. 1 Pleas of the Crown pleaded at Clerkenwell 

llOa J before Geoffrey Fitz Peter and his asso- 

ciates, 10 Ric 1 214 

10 Ric I. "I Presentments, pleas, &c. of the hundred of 

1198. J Spelthome 214-216 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of Istelworth hun- 

llOa J dred 216 

Digitized by 



10 Ric I. "1 Presentments, pleas, &c. of ^^^ j^^^_ ^ 

1198. J Hertford. ^n 

10 Ric. I. 1 Presentments, pleas, &c. < ^^^^j^p ^^ 

119a J Dacor 217,218 

10 Ric L 1 Presentments, pleas, &r ,^^ ^^ ^^^^ 

1198. J Broadwater. 218,219 

10 Ric I. 1 Presentments, pleas, ^ ^ r i i 

,,..^ f n u- ^' St John, and 

119a J Braughmg -^ ^^^ 

10 Ric I. "1 Presentments, plea 

1 19a J dred of Hitchiic ^^^ o^ ^® ^^^' 

lORicI. IPleas and assi/. "** 

119a J county of Ih - lorrow of the Holy 

j^ j^j^ j -, 228-233 

}■ Amerciaments . a ^i. tt i 

1198. J ^ursday after the Holy 

lORicL 1 • 233-236 

1198. J ^ ^S^ ' ^* .^ Octaves of the Holy 

lORicL iGeneral A 236-245 

1 1 98. J Essex. i^ Quinzaine of the Holy 

lORicL -i Amerciu 245,246 

1198. J Essc^ iieOctavesof StJohnthe 

10 Ric L 1 Assizr 246-248 

119a J o(y itheQmnzaineoftheHoly 

10 Ric L 1 Api 248-259 

1198. J t , m FifteenDays of Easter, 

10 RicL I ^^ V Ricl 259-271 

1198. J 

^ sv. m Three Weeks of Easter. ... 274-291 

10 Ric. I. } 

1198, 11 Oct. ; ^sw. iu One Month of Easter. ... 291-294 

10 Ric. I. i 

j jgg ^ s^, iu Five Weeks of Easter. ... 294-299 

10 Ric 1. ^ V» ou Sunday after the Octaves 

1198. ^ ^ Vv.i and St.Paul 299-300 

IQ I^i^ ^ ,V. iu Three Weeks of St John 

llo "J V^su 300-304 

, ..^u\^ aisizes, pleas of land, &c ... 305-381 

Digitized by 




1 John, 1 Pleas, &c on the Morrow of the Holy 
1199, UJuneJ Trinity 381-394 

1 John, 1 Pleas, &c in the Octaves of the Holy 
1199, 20 JuneJ Trinity. 395-422 

1 John, 1 Fleas, &c in the Octaves of Su John the 
1199, IJuly. J Baptist. 422-426 

1 John, 1 Pleas, &c in the Quinzaine of St. John 
1199, 8July. J theBaptist- 426-445 

1 John, 1 Pleas, &c in Three Weeks of St John the 
1199, 15 July. J Bapdst 446-453 

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Digitized by 



Digitized by 


...-c >een repeatedlj/ exammtd, 

. .ic ri(/inal Record^ of whichy 

, htrk of this description^ the 

^ .^'jrt.>€ fis to certain unimportant 

zjm ^nntj less regylar than in later 

..^^rtu could not be exactly reprt' 

^::.»tulf/ the case in such toords as 

:e iiie denoting the ahbreviation 

.■ 'Cffr tico or more letters^ as wiU 

ji ^he printed text it extends only 

Francis Palgrave. 

. ^i^> m theface of the record^ except 
...r^^ 'ifr tninuscules where required, and 
^^ .i^twdng marks: — 

^^^ uid also words which are apparently 
. :. u aH? original. 
.*w^^ V t-rurs in the original. 
.^^vi«:i> iii the original. 

uL . r<i>ures, or apparently added to the 
.^ rin>t written. 


^ iK l^ tor Hcn read ||-fio*. 
^v^ a*c ts for Archpc read Archjk). 
-^ UJK xJt. tor J^ictis read MoUs, 

V;jv ^' -"* t*^^^ f"^^ ^^^d ^^ *• 

^4^ «K^ lU for Jo^ read HJb^. 

^\ UK^ ^ for P'ore read ||Piore. 

^ s^. ^^ t^ tor Pett^ read ||Prfr^. 

^ ^ JUH ItK tor Ost read BOsft. 

^v ^^ ^' '"^ tbr //(rrr;/()r(f road \\Herffbrd. 

Digitized by 



Anno Regni Reg' Ric. vj^. 

m. 1. Ra ap Westm' afesto S^c^i MicK l xv. die$. 

Sudf\ (f Will fit Rein d \\Ldd redd Hug" fit Rob d 

Richihale . xxx. acr rre que vocat' WNordfeld i 
Witlesha . uii reco sumoii fuit de morte aii- 
cessoj^ cora j^tic i ptib} ilt. 

Lanca^. f Dies dat^ t Gittb fil WReipt ."X monachis de 
Fomeis d pt catello^ pdcoj^ monacoj^ T c^stino 
Westm. clausi iPasce . ap Westm. 

Nor/\ jf Richtis decan^ d SparehS venit 1 advocavit 

TVilt de Muchdsi de ec* de Braudewett c^ 
advocacoem Theohald Wal? clam. 

••• JT Bndict^ de Bedigfia venit 1 advocavit Nichot 

de Stutevitt de ec* Sce Marie i cimitio de 
Bedighd c^ advocacoem Theobald Wal? clam. 
jf Nicots sumoneaf^ q sit apd Westm in ocl. oium 
sco^ ifi resposur^. 

Oxm. JT Sim de la Cumbe Gittb de la Hid . Wilt \\Clinlo. 

Rad II? Wauzs. diciit p comitatu Oxori q Add 
de Bediggefeld nuq*m i comitatu illo uth- 
lagal . d q** pcepl fuit vic . ut in iq^rert rei 
Et dicut q n^ ibi fecit un utlagari debuit. 
RoT. CuR. Reo. b 

Digitized by 



Norf\ f P^trus fil Henr ponit loco suo Nichot de 

Wokendun vsus Rogi del Estre d pt debiti 
ad lucnd 1 pded. 

Esej?. f Witts ctic^ q°nda Com ^AlhruP.\ Nicot q^da 

capttan^ ej^ iveflunt pleg standi r*1x> si q's 

vsus eos loq* voluerit d pecun pdci Comitis . 

scitt aut q ea habeat aut sciat u' ea sit 
pt. f Pleg WiUi . Lod Epc . Rog] . fil fiReiJ\ Henf 

d WCodeha.Joh le Manat . Wilt Jit Rad . d 

f Pleg Nicot. Lod Epc p^dcs . Rad d Btto Cdpo 

Stephs d WTopffeld. 
f Pleg -[Mich . memorat^ Epc .1 Rad dBtto Cdpo. 

1 Stephs d Topffeld.\ Ricft \\Com. 

Keni. f Joh d Ekenl petit jud d ptu suppoito vs^ Ric 

q* lldr fil Barth.\ Ric dicit qd ipe if* etate t .'l 
de ead rra ||aliq*n t*ct^ fuit i plac tempr Reg 
H. 1 iii fiiit tunc concord .1 cyrog*^ll inr eos 
fcm . ita q capitale mesagiu.T: v. mcal reddit^ 
remaserut pdco Joh . don*^ Ric etate hret 1 
cu etate hret:' concedlt concord illa si vellet. 
t jus suii repePet.T: sup illii fine ii vult 
placitare . n*^ recognicoem [iri] audire n* con- 
sidacoe curie . d sicut ad huc t if* etate. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis ad tindu cyrog*pli suii R^ 
p^dco l c^stin sci Andf . ap Westm. 

Cantebr. f Dies dat^ j Abbi 1 covetui d Rameseia .\ Gilld 
Peche.d plac . de rra * ^Overa a dic lune paf 
^festu Sci Edward l.i. mse ap Westm . faut 
audied tiic record et jud suii ifi. 

Warewic. jT ^^^l^ ^ -0«^ Martin venit \ dix q lit ec*m d 
Herdewicho ex dono Reg Henf . vacate p^o- 
ratu Conuetie.^ tiic fuit i manu Reg.l iii 
ptulit carta dfli Reg q ti id testat'. 

Digitized by 



Ibid. f[ Wib succetor Cauetr venit \ dixit q llt ec*m 

d Sudh ex dono p^oris .1 c5vet^ monacoj^ 

Ibid. jf EverardP Dvredent dicit q tenet .i. ||ea*m d ec* 

ConvStr i Epopatu Wigorn ex dono Epi Con- 
vg/f .1 ipe ||ip*t^ f iil p Epm Wigorn. 

Ibid. JT Moyses q^ fuit Por Qmvetr . 1 gvet^ ej^d loci 

petiit saisina sua d barr d gi^^/f q*m tenuit 
tempr Reg.H. pris [dni] iJic^. Reg \ p^ p*ma 
Cor5acoem Reg Ric.^ uii ejecti fueriit p^ 
p^ma cor5acoem Reg Ric vi 1t sn judico 
vs^ Can5icos CavBtr 1 uii ipe p'or fecit hu- 
magiu dno Regi . T^ Canonici venlunt 1 
dixerut . qd n^ tenet d barron . n* d elemosin . 
1 si q^d d barron illa tenuerut iltd 1 1 aliena 
manu .1 no i sua .1 desicut v} tenent n* i 
elemosina .^ libe petut [ift] Cur x'anitatis 1t 
nolut ifi respSde . n* i c'ia x'aniJ (|in . consida- 
coe cur. 

jf Dies dat^ t eis a die Sahbi paf^ j^ festu Sci 
Edwardi . t ro. dies ap Westm . ad aud Jud 

JT P^dci Canonici ponut loco suo . Wa^ d Dan 
Martin . Wilt d Sca Fid .\ Magr Helia . d 
Chiuet . 1t Henr archid d Slajffbrd . \ t's illoj^ 
si oes iree fi porunt. 

Bedeford. ^ fVilt d Einetford junior qV q Hugo d Btto 
Cdpo . \ mr ej^ Alienora detinent ei tota 
tieditate sua occasi5e dotis ipi^ mris sue . 1 
ipa venit . 1 dicit . q ipa fi vult resp5de ifi 
sn viro suo. 
f Wilt liat br ad sum pdcm Hug^ q sit ap Wesi^ 
a die Wcurii pw'' p^ festu Sci Edwardi l 
B 2 

Digitized by 



Narf\ f P^f^^ fi^ Henr ponit loco suo 

Wokendun vsus Rogi del Estre 
ad lucnd t pded. 

Esex\ f ^«^fe cKc^ q°nda Com ^AlbruP.I 

capttan^ ej^ iveflunt pleg stanc^ 
vsus eos loq' voluerit d pecufi p 
scitt aut q ea habeat aut sciat u' 
pt. JT Pleg Wiin . Lod Epc . Rogl . fil 
d WCodehd . Joh le Mandt . TJ 

f Pleg Nicot. Lod Epc p^dcs . R 
Stephs d WTopiPfeld. 

f Pleg Wcn . memorat^ Epc .1 
\ Stephs d Topffeld . \ Ric 

Kent. f Joh d Ekenl petit jud d ptu 

q^ lldr fil BarthJX Ric dicit < 
de ead rra ||aliq*ii t*ct^ fiii 
H. \ iii fuit tunc concord 
f cm . ita q capitale mesag 
remaserut pdco Joh . d( 
cu etate llret:' concedl 
1 jus suu repePet.T: 
placitare . n*^ recognicoc 
sidacoe curie . d sicut : 
jf Dies dat^ t eis ad lin 
p^dco l c^stin sci Ana 

Cantebr. JT Dies dat^i Abbi T: co\ 
Peche.d ri 
ppfestu Sci Edwanl 
audied tuc record c 

Waremic. jf Wal? d Dan Marttn 
Herdewicho ex d( 
ratu Conuetie.1 : 
ptulit carta dni 1 

Digitized by 



tudies . q*s debent i rris suis i CUpston . T: q*s 
feSiit iii qn tra d CUpston . fuit i manu . ^r . 't 
pW venit \ obtulit se.iiij. die suo.1 ipi ii 
veSut I se ess. 
jf P*or eat sn die T: ipi liant tal recupcoe qMe 
Rre debeant. 

Sudf.^ Pceptu fuit MatiU d Ludh q teneat pleii rectu 

Ade \\BavSt d.lx. ac's rre i Chembenhat . q^ 
clam tenle d illa p .iii. sol p annu q*s Rob 
WGamoise ei deforciat .1: n* facet vic faSet .1 
loqla ^sua^ illa fuit i comital p defcu cur ipi^ 
Matitt.^ poita fiiit d ^cur^ comital p bre 
diii Arch . a festo Sci Mich i arv. dies . 1 tuc 
venit Rob WGamoise .\ petiit illi^ tVe visu . q^ 
Ruit ptes rras i ead villa. 
jf liat visu . f dies * t eis l Oci Cfiu Sco^ ap 
Westm . 1 irim fiat visus. 

Lincat. ar Petrus d Holt .'X Joh d Northon optutiit se . 
iiij. die vsus Thom fit \\Simis d pl debiti 
. xxij. m* .\ dim . q's eis debet .1 ipe fi venit . 
t se ess . 1t sumo ||testa fuit. 
jf Atachient' Thom qd sit t ocl oium Sco^ ostesur^ 
q^r ii ^vavit die s* poitii 1 responsr d ca- 
pitat pt. 

(iD. l.dorS.) 

Esex\ f Dies dat^ f Ade Tibec X Pet> Picot d pl . ? . d 

Haidon.imt audiend record.1 jud suii p 
Rotul Justic . q*s ipe Petr^ vocavit . a die 
Lune px^ post festu sci Edward t . vj. septim. 
jf Petr^ poii loco suo Rob Rumb ad luc*d l pd. 

Wartxic. jf WiU d Lemiton . WiU d \\Gigmes . T: Etias d 
Sudh . WiU d Sudh . Thom Jit Wnard . Ric d 
Redburh . WiU Balderaue . teiites d barr Con- 

B 3 

Digitized by 









vetr veSut f\ posuemt se i mia diii Reg % 
dixerut qd il potueriit mora diuci^ faSe ap 

/w Crastinu Sci Dionisiu 

jf Loqla "^ Ric d TVar .% Reg' d Argenl .\ 
Henr d Mtemore .\ Walf d Mtemor .^ i 
llrespic usq^ ad Od Sci M^^tin. 

fC Ric d Waver poii tota rra sua . T: q'cq'd tt i 
pl . q gvicet Henr d Mentemor q fr suus 
t*did ei . i . dest^riu i motu suo v^s^ Jerlm . 
q adhuc detinet. 

f Henr defend.l dic q dedit dHo suo .i . palefrid 
ad motii suii . % dfis e^ dimisit ei . i . run- 
cinii t^tante. 

f Pt Henr stadi recto . Rogl Enganet . \ Albin^ 

f Brian^ fil Alan obtul se vs^ hoes Bucard.^ 
da? die p^ oci sci Mich d vasto past^e sue d 
Askat . \ d ocupacoe e^d past^e . \ illi 
fueriit poiti p vad 'l salvos pl adee ad ocl sci 
Joh Bapl . \ n vefliit . 'l tiic fuit pt eoj^ Add 
senesscall^ Buchard . 1 postea fueriit poiti p 
melior pl.T^ n vefliit.^l tiic fuit Buchard 
Thesaur Eborac eoj^ pl. 

jf Jud . Comuna past^^e d Aska q* hoes d Askd 
clamat i ea.capiat^ i manu dni Reg.l dies 
capcois madet' Justic Et Buchard .1 Add 
Senesscall e^ ponat'' P P^ • 4 veniat % ocl sci 
MHin . ostesr q*r il hueriit q°s plegiaveriit 
ad rm eis poitii. Et hoes d Askd ponatf^ p 
pleg q tuc sint ibi audit^i Jud suii. 

f Loqla ir YvonS Mineariu . 1 SewaU est i 
respec usq t Ocl sci MHiii. 

Digitized by 










9C°tadi sut 


cr Bic d Tame poil loco suo Wilt d Hatfeld \?s^ 
At*) d Brum faut audiend jud suii d ec* d 

JT Rop d Luuecote iven pl d pseqnd vs^ vic 
X^ q eu ijuste dissasivit d feod . i. milil . 
dii fuit i svi8o dni Reg . Sil . fVilt MarescaU . 
1 Petr^ Picot. 

JT ||hat bre. 

JT Dies dat^ t At*i d Abbedun .1 Gunnore d Wa- 
ren d pl advocacois lleclee d Nichot a die sci 
Mich l . vi. septim . ap Westm. 

f At* d Radding* pon loco suo jRofi Camariu 
suu t ?ra/? tf WUesor ^s^ O^iwVa/ Et Ma///f . 
1 Margar . 1 -4/ic . T: i?ofi Meueret d pl rec 
i p^ston.l, i JEiton .% \^sP uxore //e/ie (f 
Liggebi d pl t'u hid tre i Liggebi !\ \?sus 
Pore de Derehst . d pl catatt q fuerut jE/fe de 
la Mora . ad luc*nd t pd. 

JT fri/if Hibn poit^ loco -4/ic uxoris sue vefl \ 
petiit roablem porcoem AUc uxoris sue i 
Petcheslee . d rra q fuit \\Ingain pris pdce -4/ic 
v^s^ Margar uxore (fi^ q* ipe dd t'xit i 
waratii . "X ipa fe8at se ess d mat lecti . \ 
tiuit languore .1 tlat^ fuit rm^ lag**ris sui . fsicl 
jcv. dies p^ festu sci Mich. Et ipa tiic venit 
sfi viro suo . \ ** iiij. die p^ optut se \ esS 

virii suii." 

jf F ceptii fuit AUin d Bosco . q redd ReinJitAdd . 
ij. caruc rre i Fingale . q fueriit Ad pris 
sui. Et n' fe&t qd eet poit^ p vad 1t pt . q 
eet ap Westm a die Sci Mich t . arv. dies . 
ostesur^ qr n fecit. Et Rein obtulit se . 
iiij. die suo \?s^ eii . ^t ipe ii venit t se ess . 

B 4 

Digitized by 


: ri e^ faemt RobJilAlured.1 fVmcticP 

*J; r^ Z^^] athachiet^ p plg q sint i ocl oiu 
< d jstesur qr n lluerut Alan . q pt ad die s* 
X .:u i cur. Et tra pdca capiaf i manu dni 
Ac^ .^ dies capcois madetf' Justic .1 Alan^ 
<x.;uoneat^ q tiic sit ibi audifus Jud suu. 

: ' c ,Vr/(f fil Fulcon 1 Wilt dLanvaleia concord 

^;c d tota ?ra d JVakeleia c oib^ ptin . q»s id 

fiJ clamavit \?s^ eud Tkeobald . p . s\ qd 

v! wm qetu clamavit totii jus suuml clamiii 

S4.tu i p^dca tra de se 1 d hedib^ suis eid 

l\:ohald. \ liedib^ suis ippetuu .1 cartas q*s 

ut Hiatimt d p>dca Pra reddid pfato Teobaldo . 

\ id feobald 1 A'phelis uxor e^ c^ dos ?ra 

ilb >: tenebut tra illa i tota vita sua.T: p^ eo^ 

Ji cessu redibit ?ra illa ad FiUcoh fit feobald. 

\ dUenore uxori sue . T: si id FiUco . \ AUenof 

iiO hueriit hede r' pdca Pra redibit ad alios 

hcdes ipi^ Teobald. 

^Kobaid Wal? obtut se . iiij. die suo v^s^ Petru 
i^i/ic!nd d pl advocacois ec'' d HauSkendun. 
\ ipe Peh^ fi venit t se ess.l siimo tesl 

•lut s^dvoco ec* pdce capiar i manu Et 
vlic^ capcois madet'' Justic.l Petr^ Pic!?ia 
MUnoueat^ q sit i Ocl oiu Sco^ ap Westm 
v^ciUvHiu*^ qr ii §vavit die s* poitu i cur . "l 
K^^(K>sur^ d capitat pt. 

,* ,. wui^ it Bedelingehope .1 Blakema .1 Godefr. 

\i\^tiric^{\tF^ein veSutt q*etu clamaverut 

\u luofio 1 successorib} suis tota ?ra q*m 

( /U J Cherigg" tenuit d eis i Beteligge^h^ope 

^ \km^co d Rumeneia. 










loqnd cu 

JT WiVt.^x a PlustedSi Bic fr ejus veSunt \ 
dixenint .tsiclt Witt . diixii qd advocavit d 
ecla de Wittoh . Joh fit Widoh d Breidestoh . 
jf \ [| par advocavit . Galfr fil Pe/« sic p c^tod 
Ade fit Ade d Breidestoh .1 p eud -4^ d ec* 
d Bouetoh. 

jf H5ies d . wExenet venliit 1 reddidut q*ete dHo 
Archo.yix]''. C. ac*s tre cu ptin i wOjconet.o^ 
ptinet ad manliu d Limmtg .1 posuerut se i 
mia e^ uii fuerut i pt i Cur diii ^. 

JT Dies dat^ t hoib} d Westgate .1 hoib^ Canl d pt 
Caplte d Haketoh 1 d pt Judei.1 garcois 
captoj^ p falsoria .Tt d pt q ad eosd||expectat. 
l c^stih Sci Andr ap Westm. 

jf Dies dat^ t Afebi d Bardenai.\ fnb} 5a Lazari . 
d pt advocacois ec"* d //«[a]^ 1 d \\Heketoh 
t Ocl Sci Hylarii . ap Westm . 1 oes rec veSiit 
p^r Joh d Hascebi q* ponedus t p vad \ 
pleg . q®r ri ven ad die suii. 

f ?fi/r II J5nm^ petens .1 Godard^ fit Stdhard tenens 
concordati siit d tiij**'. rod Pre i Fordahd . p . 
s*^ . qd id Witt cocessit eid Godardo 1 hedib} 
suis tenle i ppetuii d eo 1 hedib} suis pdcas 
. iij. rodas p sviciii t*ii . d . p annii . p oi ^vico. 
Salvo foriseco svico. 

f Wilts d Westhat pel record . T: jud suu v^s^ 
Gaufr de Falestorpe d . c. ac's tve i Weslhat % 
rra illa capta fuit i manu dni Reg . p defcu 
ipius Gatifr . q*a ipe vocavit diim Rege ad 
waratii 1 veii .T: petiit trra illa . p pleviii . 1 
liuit ea .1t c debet respode q*r fi lluit waratu 
suii ad die s^ poitii . ipe dixit qd ipe tutat dflo 
Arch q°da br d dno Rege d rra illa . 1 
nesciebat q^ Qtinebat' i bri illo. 

Digitized by 



jf Dies dat^ t eis [i banco] ad audiend Jud suu 
a die Pasch In fs sepl . apd Westm. 

m. 2. 

Lancast. f Rog^JitGospat^c sumoit^ fuit ad ||cu . , afesto Sci 
Mich l jcv. dies . ap Westm cora Justic osten- 
s^^us q*r II9 duxit i uxore filia . 'l hede WaHi 
Jil Oseh sii assesu .1 licecia Teobald Wd6i . d 
cuj^ donacoe t:' ut ipe dicit . T: Teohald vefi 1 
obtulit se . iiij. die suo . 1 Rogi n ven . t se 
ess . 'l sumo tesl fuit. 
jf Jud . Rogi pSaf p vad .\ pl . qd sit t Ocl omiu 

Ibid. JT Teobald Waff optul se . iiij.die suo . Ps^ Mar- 

garetd fil.*! fiede Wa^ Jil Oseb.a pt . qd 
ipa maritavit se Roglo Jit Gospat^c sfi assesu . 
\ licecia ipius Teobald d c^ donacoe ipa t . 
1 ipa fi veii . 1 se esJ^.^l siimo tes? fuit 
jf Margareta poat^ p vad .1 pt . qd sit t Ocl 5iu 
Scof, ap Westin . ostensur q*r n 9vavit die 
suii . *\ responsur d capitat pt. 

Norf\ f Nicot d Wokindun poit^ loco Pef fit \\hnr.1 

Ysabet uxoris sue obtut se . iiij. die suo . vsus 
Roglm d Aistre . d Jememuth . d stauramtis . 
T: iplemtis receptis cu rra d Scrotebi . Rogi 
fi vefi n^ se ess. 
f Jud Rogl atachiet^ p vad . 1 pleg . q sit ap Westm 
t Ocl bium Sco^ ostesur^ q"? n svavit die s* 
poitii \ respos'^ d capitat pt. 

Linc. ^ Andr fit Rob d Orblinge . i. rec ir fres Sci 

Lazari .1 Afeb d Bardenai . d advocoib^ eccta^ 

mia. d Hale .\ \\Bekinton posuit se i mia q^ n ven ad 

die suii . "^ q^ ^donatii t ei juramtii . deb^ ^ 

dno Regi. 1 Hug" d Tkehd.l rec d 

Digitized by 



eod simlr posuit se i mia . *\ deb^ simitr dim . 
m*. diio Regi. 

fVigarn. f Sim d Belt Cdpo pon loco suo Laur cticii suii 
vs^ Afib d! Cormeilles . d advocacoe ecte d 
Seldesle . ad luc\ l pd. 

Bedef. jf Rob fil Ric d Cherdlton offert dno Regi . xx. sol 

p Rnda boii volutat ej^ . 1 Nicot clic^ d 
(|Gawrfi^/o^ . XX. soX.Alexand \\Ruslus xx. sol. 

ibid. JT W^i/^ fil Wigdi dim . m\ Jf Rob de ^Tw/m dim . 

m* . p hnd similr boii volutal . ^r . ex hoc qd 
fueriit i vi cii Canonic d Newenhd ad asportad 
blad monacoj^ d Ward. 

Ebordc. jf Cristian q fuit uxor W7/fi Bardt poii loco suo 
jKa(f Capll v^s^ Rad Bardt ad aud Jud suii d 
pl dotis sue i Houton. 

Htp. f W^//^^ d Ruscdp poit^ loco Gunnore d Faluin 

petit . ij. v*gal ?re i ||^/?fo' y^s^Acelinu dAbtge- 
ton .1 \Lucas de Bercdsted. sic jus 1 lieditate 
sua . s . pdce . Gtl ."X Acelin .1 Lud d Bercdsted 
vefliit .1 petiemt ifi visii. 
jf Jud . Hat visii iii . jf Dies dat^ t eis a die lune 
paf^ p^ festu Sci Luce euu^^ti.l . iy. sepl . ap 
Westm Sl i?im fiat vis^. 

Kent. jf Att) d Boxet veii T: obtul se . iiij. die suo vs^ 

Oseb d Logo Cdpo .1 Avelind uxore sua . d pt 
finis fci i cur.l d ||capied cyrog*ptl iii fco 
llcapiend T^ ipi n venJiit. t se ess.l ipi fueriit 
poiti p vad J\ pt. 
f Jud . Ponat' p meliores pleg . 1 pleg eoj^ p pt . 
qd ♦ i Ocl Sci M^tin . iri resposur. 

Eborac. JT ^^ Caplt poit^ loco Xane q fuit uxor Witti 
Bardt obtut se . iiij. die suo . vs^ Rad Bardt d 
pt q ret** f ei d racoabli dote sua i [jff ]£A:e- 

Digitized by 



ton. Et Rad Bardt ft fuit sumoit^ q^ ipa 
X^ana n feSat sec^^itate 3 pseqndo .'X tuc vefi 
ipa 'X fecit sec^^itate . d pseqndo. 
jf Considatii t q ipe jRo^? sumoneaf . q sit ? Ostin 
Ocl Sci M^in ap Westm . iii resposur. 

Escx\ jf HurruP mil dSi Reg obtul se . iiij. die suo ysus 

F^ore d P^teswell d pl p^sntacois ec** d wWinc- 
ford .\ ipe p^or ii veii . 1 se ess Si sumo tesl 
f Jud . Advoco illa capiat' i manu ^ . "X dies 
capcois madet' Justic . \ sumoneat' p*or pdcs 
q sit ap Westm i c^stin Sci M^tih . ostesur^ 
q*r fi §vavit die suu s' poitii .1 resposur^ d 
capitat pl. 

Ibid. if I^ HurruP obtid se . iiij . die suo vsus WiU fil 

Witt.di pl . xl. ac^j^ ?re . i Wicford. et ipe Witt 
ri ven 1 se ess . *\ sumo lltesta fuit. 
jf Jud ?ra capiat' i manu . Pr.1 dies [capcois] madet' 
Justic et Witt siimoneat'^ q sit % c^stinu Sci 
M^tin . ostesur^ q*r ri svavit die suii .1 respos 
d capitat pl. 

Oxon. f Witt Wakemd . ^ Witt \\Gnitf fueriit siimoiti ad 

respod Rodto d Lamara d . c . sol d firm 
Ojnoh . venliit 1 cognov^iit pdcam firma ei . \ 
iii feSiit pace ad scaccariii .\ ad reddend illa 
l Oci Sci M^tini ap Westm. 

Escs\ C Hudfl Hub ivenit pl standi recto . Joh fil Godefr. 


Sudsex\ ^ Epc Cicestr .T: Rob d Viliers gcordati siit d pl 
rre i Triferd ufi pl fuit it eos i cur dfii Reg . 
sclt q id Rob dedit ecle sce T'nitatis Cicestr i 
ppetm . libe 1 q^ete . v. ac^s tre . W^X pdca villa 
d Tferd i libam elemos . p . s^ . q q*cq*d p 
sac^^mentii xij. legaliii milil d ipo visn f&t 

Digitized by 



iq'situ q ptines f 8it d pdca rra ufl pl fuit n 
eos ad p^dcam ectam . remaneb p^dce ec'' 
q*etu .1 q*cq4 n ptiiis f 8it ^ d pdca rra ^ iri 
ad ectiam illa p eoj^ sac^tu iltd remanebit 
q'etii pdco Rod 1 lledib} suis. 

jf Dies dat^ f eis ad capied cyrog*pti suii t Ocl 
Sci Hylarii ap Westm. 

f Epc pon loco suo Thom d Ferig^. 

f Rob poii loco suo Rob d Stanton ad capied 
Cyrog^ph in. 

Sudf*. jf Dapif honoris d Eia petit cur Eie d loqla q f 

iV Matilt d Atcbvilt. 1 nepotes suos d rris . q 
sut d honore d jEia ad hora 1 rinu. 

5i^. f Hatiisa d Walton petens . et Wilt AgwiUun . 1 

Sarra uxor ejus tenentes gcordati siit . d ?ra 
q fuit Alured d Bendevilt. p . s^ qd id WiltSi 
Sarra uxor sua gcesserut pdce Hauise 1 
hedib^ suis manliii de wF^net cn ptin . libam.l 
q'el . hnd . 1 tenend i ppetuu d capitat dno .1 
p^ decessii pdco^ WiU.1 Sarr . pdca Hauisa 
1 hedes sui habebut . 1 tenebt manliii d 
Bekesxvud cu ptiii ippetuu 1 p hac concord 
pdci Wilt.1 Sarr dedunt pdce Hauis . xlv . 
m. argnl. 


A festo 8ci Mich l . i. M^sem. 

Norf, f Joh exe^^.l Nich d WesSh venlut T: testati sut 

sumonicoem q* feciit WViceco Capett d q*r. 
xx^ . m . q*s diis Rex 1 Justic ej^ llexigit 
ab eo. 

Kent. if Rad d Sco \\Leodegart . Galfr d Sunderhesse . 

Wilt d Sinton . Rob d Campain . iiij . milil . 
d xij^' . militib} q* iq^sierut Bup sac^mtu eoj^ 

Digitized by 




' N^ 

ton. Et Rad Bardt 

. ut^m \\Hamr d 

X^ana n fecat sec^itati 

obiit d maSio S. 

ipa 1 fecit sec'itate . ( i 

Jh d Comhill fiiit 

f Considatii t q ipe Rad 

ir dComhiU obiit. 

Od Sci M^tin ap ^\ 



I tsuo 
ra . 1 
; . ro. 


; tota 

Oj:^ ectas . 


t C^a7 
Esc uxore 

&«, desce- 


Digitized by 








jf Oci? poa loco suo Wilt virii suii ad luc*nd t pd. 
jf H*at visu. (f Dies dat^ t eis a festo Sci M^tin . 
t . av. dies .^ itim fiat visus. 

jf Rob Picot pofi loco suo Alan d Fulgers .\ 
Gaufr d Rokeswrd Vs^ Petrum d Beche d 
pt . ip . d WMildelton ad lu . 1 ad pd. 

If Rad d Sumi poii loco suo Petru Bludu vs^ 
dflm Rege d Judico suo d tris d Patesden . 
1 Abigewerd q fueriit c^da | Jo li sui . sictt 
Wilt Pun/erer q eas forefec p felonia ufi id 
Rad pmisit . x. m*. p lind Jud. 

jf Hoies d Kingeston tasseriit dno Reg . C. sol p 
lind respcii tenedi villa sua i manii sua . usq^ 
ad advetii dfii Reg . ^ ipi offeriit . xxx. m. p 
find carta dfii Reg tenedi villa illa.p eade 
firm . q*m ifi redde solebat tempe . H. Reg . 
\ ufi carta ipi^. l^ . liueriit . q ^busta f p 
ifortuniQ . T: ne vic ixim manii eis in apponat. 

(f Sim d Cropi offert . iij. m\ p Rnd br d recto d 
feod i. mili?. d feod d \\MorStou 

jf Rob Jit Anketit cepit i maii faSe escabiii Joh fil 
Hugj^ d dim v'gal rre i Harewemede . q^* wara- 
tizav ei cora Justic. 

f Hegii sut. WJVilts.l Gaufr .% Gillb filio^ Peti d 
MelUng^ Rndi eos ad r^tii . si q^s vs^ eos 
loq^ voluit d morte Judo^ Colecestr. 

f PetT^ pr eo^ .T: Ad d Coketfeld \ Rob d Hulm . 
H^v^ d Gedding\ Rob d ^MgSdun . Gaufr d 
Nerford.ldi plegiavunt p eod TQCio.^Badewin 
d wTictelden et fVilt m Ric d Bruton. 

Oxoii. jT Emm uxor Rob d WDunvilt poii loco suo Rob 

vir suii vs^ Rob d Neovilt 1 Maiilt uxore ej^ 




Digitized by 



d pt . r . ad luc* .1 ad ^^.l die dnica pr' an 
festu oiu sco^ ft obtulit se 9s^ eud Rob d 
eod pt. 

Stif9. ff Wilts le Franceis remittit appltm suu 9s^ Rog' 

le Frdceis d pace Jt. fracl ^ i ^ posuit 

mTa. se i mia. 

Sudf. (f Petr^ d WMenading' .\ Add d Cokefeld. Rob d 

Hulm.l ITv^ d Geddin^ . missi p cuf Sci 
Edmudi diit . qd Roh fil Rad q* aptt Nicot 
fit Hu^. d pt 4» ^ . fracl . nuq*m fuit appitat^ 
i Cuf sH jEdmMdi d pace Jt . n^ p ordiem 
clicat^ ifi defedebat se. 

Dorset. ff Wilts d Monte Acuto obtulit se q*rto die suo 

loqn. v^sus Wilt Com d Vemone . d pt ||. xxviii. li. 

catalt S\. ipe ii vefi 1 se ess. 

jf Et dat^ fuit dies ei p ess suos . s . Rad MaskereU 

\ Ric d Lahee . a festo sci Mich . t tres sepl. 

Et Sim \fit Roges fuit pleg ess pdcoj^. 

jf Com ponat' p vad 1 pleg qd sit a festo sci 
Martini . t tres sepl . ostesur^ qf * ^ vavit die 
suii .1 Simfit Roges sumoneat"^ qd tuc sit ibi 
ostesur^ qf fi lluit ad die pdcm . q^s pleg. 

m.3. D^nica arH festu oHum S^c^o^ apd Westm*. 

Suff\ f Pleg WtUi \ Galfr \ Gildti filio^ Pet^ de MeU 

Un^ ||hni eos ad rectii si q*s vsus eos loq^ 
voluerit . de morte Judoj^ de Colecestre . Add 
de Kokefeld.iRud de Hulmo H^evuPde TisteU 
den H^eouP de Gedding^. Rob de \\Munegeden. 
Galfr de Nereweford. 

jf Id plegiavut f de ^ p eod recto . Baldewin de 
Tistelden .1 WiUm fit Ric de Brumton. 

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JT Et Wilts fil Ric inven p! de eod . Wiirm jit 
Fulkoh.\ WiUm de \\Koleville .1 \\Ivioh de 

Oxdn. f Flma uxor Rob de \\Ouiutt optut se 9sus Rob de 

Novavilt ^de^^X MatiUid uxore ej^ de plac 
tre . die dhica ^a^ ah .festu ofmu scoi^ . \ \c 
posuit pdcm Rob virii suu loco suo vsus eosd 
ad luc* vl eod plac. 

Siaf. f Wilts le Franceis remittit appltm suu q feSat 

vsus Rog* le Frdceis [d plac pac ifracte] \ 
mia. posu se in mia dili ^. 

Sugr\ ^ " " Petr^ de \\Menudiuges .1 Add de 

Coktfeld. 1 Rob del Hulm \ WITecic^ de Ged^ 
ding* dat p c'ia sci Edmund q Rob Jit Rad 
q* appfiat Nicotm jit Hug* de pace diii Reg 
flq* fii apttat^ i c'ia sci Edmund de pace 
Reg n*^ p ordine cTicat^ in defendebat se. 

Dorset. f Wilts de Mote Acuto optut se . iiij^. die v^sus 
Coih Wiltm de Vemu de plac llxviij. lib catalt. 
1 Com Wilt 2 veii . vi se ess . 1 ft dies dat^ 

f ii ei p ess suos . s . p Rad Masker \ 

Ric de Heia . a festo Sci Mich in t^s sepl . T: 
Simo \\de Roges plegi^ fii ess . illoj^. 

JT Jud Com Wilt " ponat^ p vad 1 pt . q sit ap Westfn 
" a festo sci Marl in t^s sepl . ostensur^ qr 
" fl ven ad die s* poitii p ess suQ T: Sim fit 
" Roges sumoeaf^ q sit ad eud rminii apd 
" Westin resposur^ qr ii tiuit q yplegiav ad 
" die suii." 

fmr. (T Ric Crass^ 1 Walweih ft Angod optulert se 

iiij. die vsus Wiltm Waleran 1 Watini fit 

Philipp Capellaii de plac recogfi de morte 

ancess .'X ipi ii venlut vl se ess .\ fuert petentes. 

RoT. CuR. Reg. ^ 

Digitized by 



^ y^^aoein eat sK die .1 alii tant 
r^t uc q4e tire debet . T: rec eat sn 

^ui/^ pon* loco suo .Gf76 cticu v^us 
:«?4 de plac tre in t;ig^7 omizZ ^co& 
;Ht • 1 de plac ufi ipe jBo^ {(r qd 
jj^ eu t*hit in plac in wapentac. 

. 3arf poit^ loco Abh de 5efefo* 9sus 
•£u Etoj^ de plac catallo^ . s . de . C lib. 
><?.^ ivit sn die.q^ Archps dissaisit^ 
, .uta tra sua. 

1 Scales pon loco suo Rob de Scales 
.:.* suu.v^sus Wiltm de JVichend 1 fCris- 
^. ^ \^\\Margareta] uxore ej^ de plac ?re in 
.>.adluc vl pdend. 

.^ Jat^f JRofi de Watlington .\ WdSo de 
niirk . poito loco Rad. *1 Margar nans 

>^c • ad Rndu cirog^ph suu in Octab sci 
imI apd Westm . jf Rob poii loco suo Joh 
ad cirog^ph suu recipiend ^ in 

^\uid sci Martin apd Westm ^ .1 n* lc veSit 

,iC\t . p q amittit in 

CtAUUU suu. 

{^s de la Mare . poH Rad de Harden vir « 
liKH> suo . vsus Canonic de Hagemot de plac luc^.vl pd. 

Vx^ * ve . re . Si Silvesf avuncls AUc uxoris Ivon 
uV Keneton . fii saisit^ die q* obiit in dfiico 
ut de feodo suo de tcia pte feod . i. miliJ . in 
Ikhbehd \ in Keneton . 1 in \\Ejffeld 1 si 
<4>iit p^ p'ma coroii . H. Reg pris . 1 si Alic 

Digitized by 



ppinq*or lies ej^ t . q* pte MarlirP de \^Bello 
Fago S\. Gila uxor ej^ tenet. 
cr Juf dnt . qd Sifvesf ita obiit iii saisit^.T: q AUc 
f ppinq*or lires ej^ ifl. 
Jud . Alic YiBt saisina sua iii. 

Middehex\ f Ass ve . re . si Rad pr Godefr fii saisit^ in 
dfiico suo ut de feodo suo die q* obiit de 
servico illi^ virgate rre q Godeff Halchild 
ten3 1 Tokini .\ si obiit p^ p*ma coroii H. 
Reg pris . 1 si id Godeff ppinqW hes ej^ 

sit . q serviciii Rog^ de P'ston 

f Hnt lic 9Cord .1 Rog^ ve .1 1| gnov saisina [Rad'] 
pris ipi^ Godefr. 

Unc. jf Johs Pihet . ven 1 advocav Atebem 1 gventii 

■* de Westm de ecclia de Dodington . q ipe 
debet ea teSe de Atbe ^ gventu . p annuale 

MideUe:^. (T Ass . ve . re . si Hug^ fit Lefberd avuncts Sabin . 
f ii saisit^ in dflico ut de feodo die q* obiit . 
de fb} ac^s rre c ptifl in paroch Sci Andf 
eaf' Holelfne. Et si obiit p^ p*ma CoroH .H. 
Reg pris .1 si ead Sabin^ ppi!iq'or hes ej^ sit 
q* rra Matilt de Sco WClemte tenet Et ipa 
Matilt vefl 1 dix q ass ft deb} iii fieri . q^ ipa 
fi teu} tra illa n' ^ ad firma ^ [in custodia] d 
llqda Emma . 1 Matillide . 1 in vocat eas ad 
f Jud . Matill liat warantu suu a festo sci Martin 
in rv. dies . apd Westm . ^ pceptii t rec . 
q tc sit ♦ 

Linc. jf Joh de \\Norton pofl loco suo Petf de Ho cticii 

de plac debiti 9sus Thom fit ad luc* 

vl pdend. 

Digitized by 



In crastirC OrrCium Scot^. 

Bedef\ f Loqla int Regin de Halidai .1 GiWl de \\ Wauuiu 
den de pl aptti t poita sfi die.T: inrim lint 
lic gcord. 

Rksir. ir Odo de \\Kamo . pofi Wiltm fil suu loco suo 
v^sus Galfr de WChausi de plac Vre de IIJBofe- 
Jbrd ad luc* . vl pd. 

A Bedef.L JT Pnor de PriteweU petiit p plev*m . in crastin 
Essex\ omiu sco}^ eccliam de Wicford q capta fu in 

maS dfii Jt . p ej^ defectu. 


Suff'. JT Simo de PerepUt poit^ loco Joh Ex^nei petiit 

\?sus Rad de Plaiz . tra de Bemhd c ej^ 
ptinenc q^idRad ten^ tenenda de eoSRad ad 
warati[zand Monact d Tieford.'] sic jus suQ 
q ei descend ex pte Regin le Brun avuncli 
Jofiis Ext^ei pris ipi^ Joh S\ ut illa q* Hug^ de 
Plaiz^ dedit c Helewisa fil sua in mat*moniu 
Rad Jit hlewin.^ p^ illu tenii ea Regiii le 
Bruh fil p^dci Rad Jit \\Helewise . q* id Rad 
le Brun dedit Ipe . H Reg pris dfii Reg in 
elemosina Ecctie 1 Monach de Titford . Et 
Rad de Plaiz \en !\ dix q ii tenet ea in diiico . 
set Rad le Neveu tenet de eo . T: ii lit in ?ra 
illa n' ^viciu tre illi^.l Rad Nepos dix qd 

[teH rra ||illa] n vult iii respode sfl 

diii Reg vl Justic . n* gsidacoe c'ie. 
f Considatu t . q Johs qrat bre \?sus eund Rad 
. . . . si voluerit. 

Oxm. ^ Matilt uxor Walfi fil Robti petiit . vsus Cecilid 

uxore Radjit Wigaih . \ Wtltm de . . . . senes- 
call ipi^ Rad . poitos loco ipi^ Rad ad luc* vl 
pdend . Manliii de Swereford ut dote sua qd 

Digitized by 



Henr de Oilli vir ej^ ei dedit in dote c aliis 
fris die q* ea desposav % uil id Henr fu 
saisit^ die q* ea desposav ut de jure suo.l 
in pdux Henr de Oilli fil pdci Henr 1 
tiede suii ut warantu suii de dote sua . q* iltd 
ei warantizav ut de jure 1 Reditate sua .1 si 
illi velint 9t*di8e q'n Manliu iltd de Swereford 
fi fuerit jus "X tieditas illi^ 1 qd pat suus . 
Henr n fuit iii seisit^ die q* pdcam Matillid 
desponsav offert pbare vsus eos . p Rogimjit 
Milon . vl p Rogim de Teie .\\ p W. . . . . 
. . . ne/. q* ti offiit pbare 9sus eos . p corp^ 
suii put c^ia gsidav^it . Cecit . T: Wilt \en T: 
defendut jus ipi^ Henr 1 dix?ut qd Henr de 
Oilli n fii saisit^ de rra illa die q* Matilt 
desposavit.l dix?iit qd nuq*dedit Era illaMia- 
tillid in dote n^ dare potii . 1 dix?ut qd Ipre 
Pr H. Galfr Luvet .\ Rogl de Causton appSati 
fuerut de pdicoe dfii Reg . T: dic qd rra illa 
cecidit ut escaeta in man dfii . ^r . 1 Dns 
Rex avus dedit tra illa Wigain marescall 
suo 1 tiedib^ suis . 1 iil ptut carta dfli Reg 
avi . in q* continet' qd ipe dedit ei tota 
(m.d.dorS.) Vra Galfr Licvet 1 Rog^i de Causton \ tie- 

dib3 suis post eu in feod 1 tiditate sic ea 
tiuit in manu 1 diiio suo die q* mare t*nsiv 
veniendo in Norm . in illo anfl q*^ nat^ fii 
nepos suus Henr fit Matillid Imperat^cis . 1 
sup hac carta fi fvult ifl respSde n^ c^^ia gsida- 
vit .1 si responde debeat ponut se sup magna 
ass St dixJut qSHenrde Oilli iiq* fii ifl saisit^ 
die q* MatiUid desposav.n*^ umq* aliq° Ipe 
pac . 1t de ti ponut se sup magna ass. Henr 
dix qd Henr de OilU pr ej^ fii ifi saisit^ die 
q* MatilUdS desp5sav 1 q ea dedit MatiUid 
c 3 

Digitized by 



in dote St sup h' ||qd . H. pr ej^ eet saisit^ de 
pdca rra die q* ea desposav ut de jure ^ de 
feodo suo pdux secta suflSciente q toffert 
pbare q vidunt ipm . H. ifi saisitii die q* 
Matiltide desposav capiendo iii expleta ad 
valencia . v. sot. vl plus .1 iii offert ponle se 
sup ass. 

jf gsidatu f q Matilt liat bre ad rec utx . Henr 
de OiHi fuit sai^t^ die q* desposav ea vl n. 

f Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Marl . t viij. dies . \ 
Matilt pon loco suo Walf vir suu. 

Essex\ cr Prior de Caril pofl loco suo ^fea:* Monac suu 

vl Godefr de la Dene.v^sus Wiltm de Suth- 
chche . de plac ^vencois ad luc*. vl pd. 

Kct. jf Matilt q f ii ux Rad Coc . vefi in c'ia 1 ggnov 

Roglo de Wymedale . i. ^ v^gata^ [carucata] 
tre in Midelton q* ipa tenebat ee jus \ liedi- 
tate ipi^ Ro^i t illi 1 liedib} suis ea q'eta 

mir. ^ [" Witts fit Etie poit^ loco '*] Emme de Pi petit 

vsus Wiltm Basset . feod . i. milil in Corfton . 
c ptifi . % feod . i. milil in Acleia c ptin . 
ut jus 1 heditate ipi^ [^Eme'] q ei descend 
ex pte Luvet de Brai avi sui q* riu illa 
tenii tf^e- Reg H. avi . 1 post eii Fulko fit 
Luvet pr suus q* ea huit 1 tenu tpre Reg . 
H. pris ut jus 1 feeditate sua . capiendo in 
expleta ad valencia . v. sol. vl plus .1 h offeft 
pbare vsus eii p Rad fit Stephi q* hoc offert 
pbare vsus eii ut de visu pris sui p corp^ 
suii sic c'ia gsida^it. WiUs vefi 1 dic q lit 
pla feoda in [mafliis ill .] 1 petit visii si fire 
debeat . Emma dic q fi deb^ hre visii q^ petit 

Digitized by 



totu qd ipe lit in mai^s itt.l: q^ Qsidatu t 
q Wilt n deb} hre visu r' veii Wilt \ defendit 
jus 1 lieditate ipi^ Emme St visii [pris] Rad 
fil Stephi . p Johem de Frith . q' hoc offert 
defende p corp^ suii 9$idac6e c'ie . Wilts Jit 
Elie dic q inj^te defendit q^ siit de . i. stipite X 
ita qd ip3,Emma t de p^mogenito fre St ad iltd 
recognoscend offert dfio Reg . xx. m. Wilts 
Basset n defend q n sit de . i. stipite . S3 dic 
q ?ra illa ii descend ei ex pte illa uii siit 
de [.i.] st^ite . q^ Rex . H. avus dedit tra 
illa Osmund Basset t auvo suo . p §vico suo 
q* ea fiuit \ tenu . \ p^ illii Johannes Basset 
pr 8UU8 1 iUe p^ ipm ea lit t ten} ut 
jus suu "i Wilts fit Elie . f dic q ?ra illa 
descend . ex pte illa unde ^ [defend q Rex . 
H. ii dedit Osmundo Basset tra illa . set q 

<« " H Luvet dedit tra illa Basit uxori ej^ in dote , 

1 p^ morte Luvet Osmund^ Basset cep Basilid 

«• " in uxore 1 s*^ p ea tiuit int^itii in tra illa . 1 

" ** sic descend rra illa ex pte illa uii sut de uno 

cc ^_^ f9 stipite . 1 ad ti reconoscend . offert dflo Reg 

t*ginta marc.] 

Sff\ ff Martin^Pnov de Tieford.^JohsExt^us gcord 

siit de . i. carucata rre c ptiri in Bemeha 

q* pdcs Por clamav vsus ipm Joh . p s*^. q pdcs 

Prior q'etii clamav in ppetuii de se.1 suc 

cessorib} suis pfato Johi \ hedib} suis . totii 

4 Jus \ clamii suii q liuit in pdca vra. Et p 

h* q^eta clamacia Joh dedit . Priori 1 gven- 

^ tui de Tiqford . xx. solidatas rre in Totini . 

^* ••.s . In Westlestede . xxi. ac*s tre . 1 in Longa 

j^L fra . ij. ac*s ,1 in fote . i. ac*m S\ dim .1 ptea 

^ i #1 gcessit eis . t*s nativos suos q"*' huit in ead 

Wr^ ^ villa 5 eoa tenem 1 ^viciis . s . Ailmu de 



Digitized by 



Totinton .\ Wlrniu d Totinton . 1 Hug' de 
Totinl. Tenebit itaq^ pdcs Prior tota pdcam 
tra \ pdcos holes libe \ q^ete \ pacifice 
de pdco Johe T: Redib^ suis in ppetuu 
q^eta ab oi svico \ exaccoe salvo forinseco 
§vicio dni . Jt. Et p h* gcord pfat^ Por dedit 
pdco Jotu . C. sol. Ita tfi q si pdcs JoJis 
p^dcam ?ra adq^r?e poftt ea pdcis Priori 1 
gventui plenarie . restituet . 1t Prior \ gvent^ 
resignabut pdco JoJii pdcas xx*L solidatas tre 
in Totinton . q^etas 1 absolutas . 1 p?ea dabut 
lc pd5o Jofii . c. sol. 

Norhdt. a Dies dat^ t Priori de Luffeld .\ WiUo Jil Rid 
de Kainnes ad cirog^pR suu recipiend de viij. 
sol reddit^.fl^5/o sci Marl in av.dies apd 

Norfidt. f Dies dat^ t Ric Basset .1 Willo de Costentl.\ 
Galfr Danzel. de plac ass de morte aiicess. p 
Epm Lond. in Octab Sci Hilarii . apd Westm. 
p^ce pciu . 1 in?im hnt lic gcord . \ n* ffiint 
9Cord !c sumoneaf ass. 

Norf\ JT Thofii de Arden \ Rad Jit Rob pofl loco suo 

Magr Witt de \\Lecton v^sus Witt de AMtt 
1 MatiU uxore ej^ ad luc* vl pd . de prticoe 
Reditatis Rann deGlanvitt. 

Norhdt. JT Andr AW) de Burgo « . Hug" de WcSuitt petens 
senescall abbie de Burgo ut jus suii.QCord 
sut p s« salvo jure ipi^ Hug' p^ morte p>dci 
A«)is . qd pdcs A«) dedit ipi Hug* xij. 
marc arg . q^ Hug* i resp^^u posuit p>dco AtSb 
q^* [diu] ipe A^ vix?it pfata senescalcia. 

Oxon. (T Dies dat^ fii Alea:^ Arsic . \ Witto de Clinton 

de plac magne ass . de feod . i. milil in Ger^ 

Digitized by 



sini a festo sci MicH in xv. dies . % pceptu f u 
q ass lc venisset • 1 ad illu die ven Wilts . % 
exp*1av usq^ in c^stiri festivitatis dta^ . 1t Alea^ 
2 veii . vl se ess Sl io psidatii t qd ^i/fo eat 
sn die . 1 Ale^f q' petes t Rat tale recupacone 
q*le lire tbebet. 

•♦•• JT Simo de Bibbeford .\ Ric ft Wilt ft Guid. 
plegiavut Godefr Jit Ric \ Rad frem ej^. 
captos apd Lond . p Henr de Ribeford . hfii 
eos recto . p diim Canl. 

Caniebr. jf Simon fit \\Eue . pofi loco suo Sim de Instda v^sus 
Rogi fit Rob.\ Jocelin de Cfib} Scis de plac 
rre • ad audiend record 1 jud . suii .1 ad luc^ 
vl pd. 

♦•♦ f[ Agnel de Amundevilt petiit p plevina die ven 
paf^ ^ festu omiu scof, tra sua in Skedingeton 
q capta fii in mafi diii Reg p ej^ defectu vsus 
Pet?nilt q f u ux Thom . de ^Harimes .\ ead 
Agn po2 loco suo Ric le Norreis ad luc*. 
vl pd. 

Mid. iT Rog] de Huntingqfeld optul se die ven pa^ ^ 

festu omiu sco^ vsus Andr de HodeUngton de 
pl c^da cirog*ph. 

*** f LewirP de Espania optut se vsus Rad de 
P^telt eod . die. 

••• jT Dies dat^ t Pet^ de Hokinges . \ WalSo de Pet^ 
Pote d plac catalt in Octab Sci Hilar . apd 
Westm .1 inrim Rnt lic gcord. 

Narf'. JT Afeb d Sco Edmund petiit \?sus Wilt de Hunt- 

ingfeld.\ Isabet uxore ej^ rra de Wenlinges. 
sic mbr ptines ad maniiu de Rungeton . sic jus 
1 libam elem . ecctie Sci Edm . 1 un ead ecctia 

Digitized by 




seisita fu ut de li15a elefil l^e . H. Reg pns 
MatilUd impat^c . 1 eo die quo pdcs . H. Rex 
obiit . capiend iil expleta ad valencia. v. sol. 
in rris . \ p*tis . 1 redditib^ vl pTs . \ in ptuT 
secta sufficiente \ iltd ei phib^ . \ uH aiices- 
sores ipi^ Isabet tpe gwerre poccuparut 
pdcam rra.l ipa adhuc ea eis deforciat.1 
Wilts \ Isabet venlut \ dix?ut qd tmt pTes 
rras . in ead villa de plib} dfiis . \ peciert in 
visu.jf Rant visu. 
f Dies dat^ t eis a festo sci Martin in ro. dies • 1 
inrim fiat visus. 

jf Dies dat^ t Simoi de SoUers . \ fVaffo de SoUers . 
de plac rre . ad audiend jud suii in Octab Sci 
Hilar . apd Westm. 

»•♦ jf Dies dat^ f fri WdlSo de Niwehos.1 Ade de 
Selbi de plac r re . in Oct . Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

•*• JT WiU de Huntlgfeld \ Isabett uxor ej^ poniit 

loco suo Rob de Alebi vsus Ric de Lechesha . 
de plac rec . de morte aficess . ad luc* vl pd. 

Cabr. JT Add de Cardoil optul se . iiij. die vsus Ric 

JltRic wTruet de plac duoj^ mesuag in Cardoil. 

\ Ric n ve. vl se ess . 1 dies f ii ei dat^ in 


JT Jud Add eat sii die 1 Ric fiat tale recupacone 

q*le hre deb^. 

Wilt. jf Considatu est qd assisa capiat^^ qd recognoscat* 

utru ?ra illa [d wCorJ^ton.1 de Akleia.'] descen- 
dat Emme de \{Pi ex pte Lun)et de Brai . 1 
Fulkon pns ipi^ Emme [ut jus suii]] t si 
OsmundP Basset huisset aliii introitii in tra 
illa q* p Basileam . q f u uxor ipi^ Luvet. 
Dies dat^ * in crastih Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Digitized by 




(M. 4.) Plafi apd Westm'. a festo s^cH MiclC in v. sepf . 

de Itin?e Justid. 

Jforhdt. /T I^^ dat^ f Bic de Qendon petenti • \ Robto de 
Stanton poito loco Bic JU WiJU p ipm Ric 
Q^ se essoniavat de mat lecti.a die lun pa^ 
an festm sci Marl in ^. die^ apd Westm. 
Et notad qd ide Ro6 ggnov cora Justic q . iiij. 
milil q* vidut mor^ ipi^ Ric gsidavut qd h 
fu languid^.l q posudtei die ad diSven pa^m 
^ festu omiU sco^ . .1 q ipe Ric cora milil 
posu eii loco puo ad luc* vl pd . n^ ille ad 
eude die intee posset 1 fViHs Trussel . 1 
Richeward de Henmgekia . duo missi ad ipm 
vidend venlft!t% iltd eid R(^ phibuert.T: Thom 
de Suhegtone . i. viso^ ess • se . p Philipp Gibun . 
1 Philipp de Wolfne . i . viso^ • n ven . vl se ess. 

Ibii ^ Dies dat^f AW)i de Cirencestr \ Ric de Clendon 

fcia die postfestU sci Andr ad satisfaciend ipi 
Atbi de xvi. soldal reddit^ un fine fec c eo 
in c'ia dili ^r.apd Oxon.1 n* lc fe&t sit 
m octad sH Andr apd Westm oslnsur^ qr il 
fe&t . \ At*) poil loco suo tMagrr WiJXm 
clicu suii. 

QroS. jf Hug^ \Torel . t Rad de Hen?. sumoitores vemut 

t dixliit qd sumonuert Regih Basset qd eet 
cora Justic apd Westm ^ (tie ven ^ [a festo 
sci Mich] in .v.sep 1 qd hret lc ibi Wiltm . 
1 Henrft Bemard. q**s Wilfga q fii uxor 
Pet^ de Swaleueclive . B,^V[ay de morte Pel^ 
viri sui.^l qd silr lc liret ibi Alaii de KeniU- 
worthe q* rectat^ t de receptacoe malefco^. 

RgUland. JT I(^la de Henr de Hermentiers . 1 hoib^ suis . 
\ de Wilto de Lei^ . de plac apptti de pace 

Digitized by 



Reg infracta . t in resp^^tu usq in octab sci 
Hilar pce pciu. 

Berkesif. jT Hnr Blundics de Bustlcsham pelns Et ToU \ 
Gunnild uxor sua tenetes cocordati sut de . 
una virgata rre c omib} ptifl i Bustleshd qua 
Cristiana mar pdci H^nr tenuit i Bustlesfid . 
ufl pl fuit inr eos i Cur diii Reg.p sic q 
p^dict^ H*nr reddidit 1 quiel clamavit tol 
jus 1 clamiu q huit i pfata virgata tre tenen- 
dam de se 1 Redib} suis pdco Toli 1 Gun- 
nild uxori sue 1 liedib} suis ippetuii libam 
1 q*etam ab omi svico p octo sol 1 octo den 
annuafi ifl reddSdos p duos tminos anni. 
scilicet quatuor sot 1 quatuor defl ad festu 
sci Mich . 1t quatuor sol 1 quatuor defl ad 
festii sancte Marie i Mar? 1 p hc quieta 
clamacone 1t concordia pdcs Toli 1t Gwfulct 
uxor sua dedunt fPdco Hnr duas Marc 

WUL ^ C^^^^ dat^f ] Osbl0\ WittdeATlebge . a f c*sti+ 

festo Sci Martin in arv. dies . adee apd Westm . 
p tota villa ad audiend jud suii. 

Die d^nica paf ^ festu onCiu s^c'o^ a|>d 

Wigof. ir Dies dat^ t Osdto Strecfie . 1t Rod Streche . S 
plac tre . \ §jantie . a die Pasch in fs sept . 
\ intim hnt lic ^cord. 

Ibid. JT ^i^ ^ Biseleia . T: jRic 6fe Grimesleia . Godefr de 

Alsieston . Simo de WNotton . missi ad vidend 
utr infirmitas q* Margar uxor David de 
Pecesleia ess . se . vsus JViltm Ibniense . 1 Alic 
uxore ej^. de [plac] porcois sue in Pechesleia 

Digitized by 



diit qd languor t . 1 q posuert ei die a festo 
Sci Mich in rv. dies anii RegH Reg Ric \^^. 
usq in . i. anii ^ . i. die apd frim Lond . ut 
q lc veniret vl p se sufficiente mitteret re- 
f Considatu t qd Margar n vefl sufficient q^ Dd. 
vir ej^ il vefi sec % q nttm e ess . q ipe se ess . 
iij. die p^ plac . idq AUc Rat porcone sua d 
rra d Pechesleia. 

Rotcland. fi Henr fit WalSi . \ Hug^fit Bured \ Rad fit ej^. 
optuler se.iiij. die vsus Wiltm de Clopton. 
de plac aptti de pace dfli Reg infracta [ufl 
id Wilts eos appttav] 1 ipe 2 vefi vl se ess St 
dies f u ei dat^ cora Justic apd NorhaL 
f Jud Henr \ Hug" .\ Rad eat q^eti 1 Wilts in 
mia. mia . 1 pleg ej^. s . Godefr de Bretton . \ Sa- 

laedin de Huringeha. 

Norhal. ^ O^^s ^^^ t JoU Diacon . apttato de frap p 
MilesSt * afesto sciMarl % arv. dies . ap Westra . 
1 notadii q ipe expectav . iiij. die suii . \ ipa 
MilesSt fi vefi . vl se ess. 

Ldnc. ir ^^l^ ^ ^o^ appttav Add de Tid qd ipe minat^ 

fii ei .1 q p eii 1 ex ej^ missioe ^buste fiieft 
dom^ Ric pris sui [1 arma illojj asportata \ 
hoies infra domos intfecti . s . Rad, ppoitu \ 
Godtfr Diacon . 1 qda femia Leues'] 1 qd 
malefactores illi q* li fcm fec^iit venliit de 
domo sua ad iltd fcm faciend .1 ad ej^ doin 
rediert^ li offert pbare vsus eii gsidacoe c^ie. 
[p corp^ suii.] 1 invefi pleg de pseqdo apptto 
suo . scit} Ric prem suu. 
jf Add vefi 1 defend totii de, vbo in v^ii put c'ia 
(^sidavit . desic f apettat^ de alio apello. 

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ECeford. f Dies dat^ f Rob Deuias . \ Magro Johi Clemit 1 
Gayir de CeUar poitis loco Alfc de Gloec • de 
plac psentacois ecclie de Kem \ Capellarie 
de tde Deuias . In crastih Octab sa Hilar^ 

♦♦• jf Dies dat^fjBofi de^Auvers. % Agnel nxori Rogli 
Ctici \ Sim fil suo . de plac tre . a die Pasch 
in ro. dies. 

Dorset. jf Rogl Wa^ail petit v^sus Rogi de Hineton . L 
hida r re in Deverel q* Claricia mat ipi^ Rogli 
de Hinel clamabat vsus eii in c^ia dHi Reg 
1t ea ei q*etu clamav p fine fcm int eos in 
c'ia dni Reg . p . v. marc q*s ipe Rogis de 
Waspcul dedit ipi Claric . 1 ifi ptul cirog*phm 
int illos f cm q iHd ide phibet. Rogi vefi 1 
dic q alias tras habl; in ead villa \ petiit visu 
illi^ hide " jT gsidatii t q il deb^ fieri visus 
" q^ finis fcs fuit ifi/* 

♦♦• jT Ad de Burgo pofi loco suo Gilb de Bemeke Psus 

Henr de Stanewake .1 de Coting^hd 

d plac excomunicacois ij^te . 1 de plac tre . 
ad luc' vl pd. 

•♦♦ jT Wa^s * t Isabet soror ej^ ponut loco suo Add 

de Colne 9sus Fore de Ber .... 1 JEdmd 
de ITeford. de plac . i. molend c ptifi ad luc* 
vl pd. 

Salt^. f WThomJit Witti \ Wittjil Rogii . tuleft bre de 

nova diss . vsus Warnfu de Wileleia de libo 
tenem suo in Keneleia . \ Warmus vefi 1 dix 

q ass fi deb^ vice alta saisina huit 

de ead tra p cocordia int iUos fcam in cur 
dfii Reg . 1 ifi ptul cirog^tm suii . in q® ittd 
id 9tinet'.T: p^ gcord Thom % Wills 

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posueft se in eact ?ra.T: ^l pd2i Thom.l 

JVilts . illd il ptMii 1 in reinasit ass . 

1 Th(m.\ fVilt in mia.1 Warn!us tat 
saisina sua iil. 

••♦ iT WRic dePelUnges. ^.injHe\siijua 

Ricjit WiJti de libo tefi ....'.. Lukenor i 
lesione coroil diii Reg Ric . 1 Jur diit • qd , 

Ric saisit^ 1 q Ric eu ifi diss . I 

f Jud i2ic &at saisina sua iil. 

M«[/.' Dies dat^ t fTiflb rfe Mmchanesi . \ Milon. de 

Hasting^ de plac ass de de feod. 

i. milil i [ II Q^dehale'] in Octab sci Hilar 
apd Westm.1 inn tat lic gcord p s*^ q si 
possit pcord . dabut diio Reg ex ut*% pte 


LM. f Rad de Ludesia poit^ loco Alic mat^ sue . petiit 

Psus Magrm 1 Moniales de Stikeswald.feoS. 
i. milil \ . i. bovata tre . in Bukenhale ut jus 1 
lieditate ipi^ AUe . \ ufl AlarP pr ej^ f ii in 
saisit^ tpe . H. Reg pris . capiend iii expleta 
ad valencia v. sot.vl pl^ ut de jure suo.1 h 
offert pbare vbus eos p Alan holem suu . q* li 
offert pbare v^sus eos p corp^ suu . \ Magr 
vefi \ diS qd lit ptes tras de pKb^ dflis . \ petit 
visii illi^ tre . jf liat visii. Dies dat^ t ei ad 
fciU diS jjpjesttl sci Andr apd WestSai .\ inftm 
fiat visus. 

Esse:^. jf Wilts fil fVim de Bemflet petiit p plevina ?ra 
de Wieqford. in ocl oium sco^ . q capta fu in 
mafi dfli Jt . p ej^ defcu v^sus Urric la Arbe- 
lasi \ Wilts pofl loco suo Wilt fit 
luc*. vl pd. 

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Ket. JT Dies dat^ t Philipp de \\Diua 1 Lecie de Chele- 

feld de plac rre i Chelefeld . In crastin sci 
Andr apd Westm . pcepto diii Gxn/. 

Bedef. JT Dies dat^ ♦ Hospitalar .1 Rob fit ITbti de plac 
§vicii tre . in Ocl sci Andr apd Westm pcepto 
dfii Cani. 

Norf\ JT -^^ de Fundenfiale poil ioco suo Rob fit Rad 

virii suu loco suo v^sus ITbl de Helgeton de 
plac advocacois ecclie de Duneston . ad luc*. 
vl pd. 

JSAoj. jf Alan^ de Bosco petiit in Ocl oium Sco^ p plevina . 

ij. carucatas tre in Finghale q capte fuert in 
maii diii Reg p ej^ defectu v^sus Reiniu fit 
Ade .1 petiit ea ad hora 1 rmifi. jf liuit ea. 

Sussea^. jf Magna ass . Inr Rad fit Rad \ Ric fit Bar- 

thot petente [d dim hida rre in Bekinton'] t 

in resp*^ ab octah omiu scot^ . In rv. dies . 

p def recognitoj^. jf Philipp de Woburn. 

[rec ess se] p Wd^ \\Onote .1 Ric de Essete . 

ess . se p Rogl Passem. jf Simo de \\Kates- 

feld . p Henr WalensS . Rob de Hekhd . p 

Wal?m de Henhurst . Mich de jynehd p Aka^ 

fit Silvah . f 1 Wilts de Horstede . ess p Jordah 

fit Wilti . \ Regih de Esb^hd . 1 Simo de Shnund 

positi fuert p vad \ pleg qd eent apd Westm 

in ocl oiniu sco)^ . ostensur qr il veSut cora 

Justic in itinie suo ad illa recogfi facienda . 

venlut 1 nict dixJ iit q*^ posset sanare die suii . 

mia. 1 io remanet in mia. f Ide dies dat^ t aliis 

recognitorib} q' lc jpsentes fuert. 

Sussea^. JT Dies dat^ t Hug* de Fekintoh . ^ MatiUid de 
\^Berkha de plac homagii \ servicii q id 
Hug' exig ab ea de feodo de \\Feskenges q 

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ptin3 ad feod de WTerring* Q ♦ in custod 
dfii Cani . ab Ocl omum sco^ in xv. dies . apd 

Lific. JT Robjit Sim petiit p plevina in Ocl oium sco^ 

rra sua de Scalebi q capta fu in mafi diii Reg 
p ej^ defectu vsus Ingerd frem suii. 

S^'. f ^og* ardhid de Suff* petiit ||xv. ac*s rre c ptiR 

in lacheshalai . vsus Petru jil Everard q 
ptinet ad eccTiam sua de nHb^o^. [ut liba 
elemosina] 1 Petr^ veii \ dic q recupav rra 
illa vsus ipm Rogim p ass de nova diss .1 q 
ten^ rril illa de Priore de Norwic 1 fi vult ei 
iii respode absente Pore n* c'ia gsidavit.^l 
Rog' ven \ ofTert . i. marc argi diio Reg ut 
recognoscat' utr rra illa sit liba eleiS ecctie 
sue . an laic feod p'oris de q advocat ea 
f Jud Petr^ eat sil die St Rog* det m St hat bre 
vsus Fore in octab sci Hilarii apd Westm . ad 
rec illa facienda. 

Kardoil. f Wills Engerd deb} drio Reg . iij. marg argi p 
tinda loqla sua in c'ia dni Reg de ^vico qd 
Add Jit Ade exig ab eo de libo teneni suo 
in Edene^ord . s . arare p . i. die c omib} 
carucis rre sue . jpr carucas dominii sui . \ 
herciare rra illa p ann in qMragesima 1 
mere p . i. die in Hautupil . de una q*q^. domo 
c uno hoie pr dominiu 1 multura sitr de tota 
rra sua pr dominiu. 

f Wilts veii 1 dic q cepit rra illa c uxore sua \ 
vocat teu in waranl n*^ vult absente illa placi-, 
tare . n* ^''ia ^sidavit . "hat warantu suii. 

f •* Dies dat^t eis ut hant warantu suu . in octab 
" sci Hilar apd Westm." 

RoT. CuR. Reo. d 

Digitized by 



Norf\ jf Dies dat^ t Rog! de S^ton . de plac Hrecti de 

morte judoj^ in ocl sci Andr apd Westm. 

Kent. f Hamo de Girund q'r qd Gilo de Merleia t*xit 

eu in plac du f u in . . . . a Justic 9* ess q 
ipe Hamo fec in c'ia sua . 1t in pdux testes . 
s . wCuneb 1 Joh .t Ric . q* hoc testant'. 

f Add de Surnii poit^ loco Gile defend q nllam 
c'iam tenu du f u cora Justic . n*^ t^xit eii 
in plac 1 h*^ offert face sic c'ia gsidavit. 

f Hamo eat q^et^de plac illo q liuit vsus ipm GilofL 
.... ipi^ GilL 

Oxah. JT ^ilt^ fit Hevic optul se . iiij. die . vsus Rob le 

Puhier de plac ass de morte aficess . 1 Rob 
n ven . vl se ess . 1 dies f u ei poit^ p ess suii 
in itiSe Justic. 
f gsidatu t qd Rob sumoneaf q sit apd Westm a 
c^stin Sci Martin in av. dies . apd Westm os- 
tensur^ qr fi ven ad die suQ .1 ||tc veniat ass. 

Sudf\ JT Robjit Rob .1 Joh fr ej^ D^^"^} ^^ ^^S • ^- ^^^ 

ut gcordia inr illos fca de eo^ heditate in 
Godrichestorp .Tt in Tomdon q* id Rob q*etu 
clamav in ppetuu eid Johi 1 fiedib^ suis de 

selhedib} suisp q*s ijie Jb^ ei dedit 

1 iiij. soUdal reddit^ in Biskeleia in 

q*s Seher^ de Biskeleia tenuit de Rob pre 
eo^. ^ 

Kantehr. f Curia Eliem Epi recordat' q Simjit \\Eue peciit 

in c'ia illa xxij. virg rre in Prvm- 

tune p bre recti 1 ad peticoem ipi^ 

illi^ rre . p^ea pcedente tepe q ||c duellii in? 

capiones pdcos judical fuit sup fi 

qrelapsiluertduomilites sctiio^j^f. ...... 

oib} scis \ ptestati st q iS ponebat tenemtu 


Higitized by 



suii q ipi v'gatis rre in defensioe 

Humfr diii illoru quicquid 1 

responsu f a c'ia q fi intellexit . ea q ipi 

fa secdii locu 1 tepus q vale deftent 

• •..... ent amove tenemtu illoru a defen- 

sione fefati fuert ab ancessore 

ipi^ Hufr de ej^ T: Hujr 

dixit q llri habebat in dnico suo 

Tt capitale masagiu pcedente tepe c pdcs . . . 

nasset . misit Baillivii epi 1 ipm 

Sim masagio jPdicti duo milites 

restirunt Tt ipm SimonS \ adhuc 


fnit. f Hawisia de Dindt ponit loco suo Fulkon jil 

Wariri . . . . de plac rec de morte aricess . ad 

luc^.vl pd SihiU de Dinat uxore 

ej^ loco suo vsus eiid 

Syff\ ^ Tiz,i? t dies Bxid Gemu . 1 Wilto le Franceis de 

plac a die Pasch in an). dies . apd 

Westm . p dnm Arcli 

jS^ff'\ f Emma de Cruveg^r \ Milo de Hasting^ gcordati 

st de . • . pPdca Emma q*etii clamav de se \ 

liedib} suis p (lassensii totii jus \ 

clamiii suii . ipi Miloni \ hedib} suis \ ipe 
Milo 'X unii hostarcii. 

}Jorf\ f Dies dat^ t Wilto de Lungevilt \ 

sci Hilarii apd Westm p 

pceptii archiepi 


Die Mcurii post Octah' OmHu S'c'o^. 

Norhdt. JT Ass . vefi re . si Fulko JitRogli IJit ^Dauie^ diss 
inj^te 1 sri judo Cecilid Jit Hervei . de libo 
D 2 

Digitized by 



tenem suo in Gadint p^ p*ma coroii • dfli Reg • 
1 Ric. 
jf 1 Rad Passem! . i. rec . vefi St gnovit qd fi fec 
visii de rra illa . n*^ q fu ad hospitiu qfi 
sumoit^ f u . 1 RoB WCapon dix qd fec visu St 
pnovit qd fu rustic^.t nlts illd ei gt^dix.l 
q^ rec defuert ass poita t in resp*^.a c^stiii 
sci Martih .in xv. (fie^. apd Westm. 

JT *l Cecit q^ fu g*vida poii loco suo AUc sorore 
sua ad rec Ula recipiend . id dies dat^ t ipi 
AUc Jit ITevic. 

jf p^ceptu f vic q lc faciat venire plenarie rec, 

f Cecit veil in c*stino ^ \ ret*xit se \ posii se in 
mia, mia. 

Gloec. ir SavariiPjit Sim HappBavit fViltm Jit Mathie q 

neq*r \ in pace Diii Reg asportav catalla dni 
sui in robia ad valencia . x. marc . \ de catalt 
suis ad valencia . xx. sot . "l h ofTert pbare 
vsus eii.p corp^ c gvent^ eet qfi li 
f cm fii ipe dix q . iiij. anfi t^nsactis . 1 q S 
monst*vit li vic . n^ Justic itinlantib^ in ptibj 
ill . q, ipe Witts fi f li in pat^ .\ Wms veii .t 
defend robia . \ felonia . t di5 q recupav 
q*da rra vsus Rad de Filtoh . 1 vic fec ei ifi 
saisina sua \ svientes sui cepiit fen q inve- 
nliit in rra illa 1t dix q Jc f u in Ibnia . qn fi 
fcm fcm fii. Ilm c ^vent^ fii SavaruP utr 
levav clamore ifi . in visneto de robia illa dix 
q fi levav clam. 

jT gsidatii t q t acia . jT San^aru? in mia .1 WiJX 
eat q*et^. 

Ket. JT Johes de Crioii.veii in cuf 1t q^etii clamav totii 

jus 1 clamii suii qd liuit in Ecctia de S^res 


Digitized by 



in ppetuu de se 1 fiedib} suis P'ori 1 gventui 
de Ledes. 

JT Hug^ de WLucei ven 1 q^etii clamav siTr ^dcis 
canonic totii jus suG q liuit i pdca ecclia d 

WilX. JT Fulkojit Warih poit^ loco Hawiss lluxo^ sue .1 

5/fe7r uxor -Hifg*' de Plugenai poita loco ipi^ 
Hug* petiit rec q sumoita fu inr illos . ^ 
H^btn jit Nhti \ Petr fit ej^^d H^bti de 
morte aiicess . de rris de Caleston . t de Stan- 
ton .\ Petr^ Jit Nbti ess se iij. die p^ plac 
1t Fulko petit qd h ei allocet' qd Petr^ ita 
se ess . jf % rra illa t in man dSi . Pr. gsidatii 
* t qd ass iri n capiat*^ p^usq^* dns Rex reddidit 
ea rectis tedib}. 

Eha^. JT Hu^fitArf^i.Ro^filPeP.EUasJilMorkier. 

Rog^ WBeilhus. missi ad vCi]dend utr infirmitas 
q* Henr de P'ci se ess de mal lecti vsus Brien 
fit Rad ^ Gunord uxore ej^ de plac rre de 
Pettesmrthe . venliit 1 dix]ut q lang*d^ 1 1 q 
posuert ei die a die Sabbi pxima . an Jestm- 
tatS omiU Sco^ in . i. anii .\ /i. die apd t^rim 

Norf.* JT Hbt^ de WHetleueton ess se iij. die p^ die plac 

de II iii. ||ve . vsus Alic de Fundenhale de plac 
jud t record . sui de re5 sumoita inr ipm 1 
Alicia pdcam . de advocoe ecctie de Dune- 
stoh . 1 dic q se ess . cora Justic Itinlantib^. 
Rob fit Rad poit^ loco ipi^ Alic petit ut * 
aUocet' ei. 

f " Record a Simoe de PateshulZ.ii ass dix q niiq* 
" vdunt aliq* p"m psentari ad ecctiam de 
" Dunestoh . s} sep tenuert psone.*p8ona in 
D 3 

Digitized by 



" psona ^ de pre in filiu us% ad ultima pm q 
" ultimo obiit . 1 dnt q ecctia illa fundata t 
" in feodo q AUc ten^ de ipo ITberto . in villa 
" de Duneston .\ qd nicli lit in dnico circa 
" ecclia illa." 

f Considatu t q AUc teneat in pace ,1 qd [Epc 
recipiat p*m ad psentacone illi^ AVic]. 

Ebof. JT H^bt^ de Sco Qntino appBat Stephm de Faucbge . 

1 JViltm de KilUnge .1 Everard de WWhiticc. 
1 Rob de Tudinton . \ illo^ vim . q venlut in 
rra sua de Borton . c vi 1 armis . \ rotia 1t 
neqT \ i pace dni p. . asportavut catalla sua 
. s . fbas ad valencia Ix. sot . \ ea duxiut i 
c'iam illi^ Wilti .\ li offert pbare . p WaHm 
Norense q* llcustos erat rre illi^ vsus ipm 
Wiltm . 1 p Ri^ de Sco Mich . ^sus Rob q eu 
vidit in vi illa.l vic testat' q Stephs fi fu 
invent^ qn sumo p*mo veil . q^ t iJt* mare. 
f WiJts ven \ defend felonia 1 robiam.1 totu 
de vbo in vbu \ dic qd turbas q's asportav 
asportav de libo tenefii suo \ de feodo suo . 
T: ii in feodo i^i^ ITbti.^ITbt^ dic qd turbas 
illas fode 1 llface fec p^q* dns Rex Ric ap- 
plicu de Alamania [bn 1 i pace \ sn aliquo 
clamio q Wills iii fecisset] 'l q p^ t^nsfreta- 
Qoem diii Pr in Norm . illas asportav .1 Rob 
totii defend vsus ipm H'btU de vbo in vbii 
jf Considatii t qd vic faciat fieri visii de rra 
illa unde turbe asportate fuert 1 p iiij. milil 
ferre record illi^ visus c^ sit rra illa.apd 
Westm . a die Pasch in .i. mesS. 

Caniebr. fi R^d de Feugles \ Jtdiana uxor ej^ pelntes \ 
homas de Bassingeb"ne tenes concordad st 
" " . de . ij . hidis ?re 1 dim . cii ptinen- 

Digitized by 



ciis . in Winepot \ in WAnnlgetoh . ufl pta . f u 
inr eos . scil^ qd pdci Rad 1 Juliana uxor ej^ 
q*etu clamavert in ppetuu de eis 1t de hredib^ 
eo^ . pdco . ^. 1 hredib^ suis . totu jus . 1 
clamiu suu qd huert in pdcis tris .1 p hac 
q'ta clamatia . \ fine \ cocordia . jpdcs . ^. 
ded pdcis . 22. 1 . J. v. m. argenti. 

Linc. JT Dies fu dat^Priori de Suthleia p ess . suu in Ocl 

oMu sco^ apd Westm . vsus Rob de WCatebi q* 
f u petes de advocacoe ecclie de WCatebi !\ lc 
vefl id For 1 expectav . iiij . die !\ Rob n veS 
vl se ess. 
jf gsidatu t q p*or eat sii die 1t Rob liat tale re- 
cupacone q'le hre deb}. 

ibide. f Petf^ de HoU .1 Joh de WNorton obtulert se iiij. 

die vsus ThomJitWTrwe d plac debil xxj. m.H 
dim .1 ipe f u poit^ p vad 1 pleg qd eet apd 
Westm in ocl omium sco)^ oslnsur^ qr fi veS . a 
festo sci Mich in arv. dies . sic tc fii siimoit^ \ 
ipe Thom ii ven . n*^ ad p^mii die n^ ad scdm . 
1 pleg ej^ fuert Thomas \ Galjr % Andr de 
f gsidatu t q Thom ponat' p meliores pleg . 1 pleg 
sui p pleg.q sit in ?cio die jPfestU SciAndr 
apd Westm iri resposuri. 

Dorset. IT ^og^ Waspaitt petit vsus Rog^ de Hineton .i. 
hida rre in Deverel ut jus suu q* Claric 
mar Rogli de Hineton ei q*eta clamav in 
3 C^ia dni Reg . i^. cora Rann de Glanvilt " 

\ aliis Justic \ m cirog^pllm pfert q h id 
testat'. Rog^ de Hineton defend jus suii 1 
[dic qd nescivit q cirog^phm eet iii fcm] 
^ cirog^hm ^ H dic qd Rog' Waspail pr . 
p?dci Rogli dedit Rogio pri suo c C/aric 

D 4 

Digitized by 



fit sua ut in maritag 1 p xxv. marc 1 p . L 
albo p[a]lefrid i feod 1 Keditate p homagio 
suo 1 p servico . i. milil 1 ita tenu pf ej^ tota 
vita sua . p^ea Claric tenu rra illa dii fii infra 
etate ^ c etate tuit fec llpii Rogli homagiii 
suu 1 releviii 1 p^ ivit id Rog^us in WaUia 
in 9vico dRi Reg noiati . p tra illa X p^ea fec 
homagiu isti Rogio de ead tra \ dedit ei 
unii palefridii bai p relevio 1 in pduc jlsecl. 
s.Gregoriu.ii^ h offert pbare p corp^ suii 1 
dic q de tra illa n potuit mat ej^ fine faoe 
vsus eiid . % p*us ei q*eta clamav tra illa 
cora Epo Norwic . 1 Witto fit Audelin 1 
Bert^ de Vdun lc Justic apd Andevr.% 
si h sufiiSe ii p^ ponit se in magna 
rec utr ipe maj^ jus hat tenendi rra illa de 
illo ille Rog* tenend eii i dnico suo. 
1 p t tndo offert dno Reg .v. marc fi dic q 
Com Johes posuit ipm Roglm Waspail in 
saisina illi^ tre in werra sua dii fii in Castello 
At CristescJiche .*\ c pax fca fii p p^ceptii 
Justic inq^s fu p vic de diss sua 1 p inq*sicone 
s* restituta fii \ ifi voc vic. jRo^ Waspaill petit 
ut finis fcs in c^ia ei teneat' \ n vult intH^ i 
plac sup fine illii. 
f Rogls \Waspaiir\ veiil dic q inplacltav predcm 
Roglm in cur Com Wilti Gloecfl ibi p pcordia 
fuert concordati de duab^ hid tre p s* q. 
i. hida remasit Roglo de Hinetoh \ in homag 
suii cep .\ alia q*eta ei clamav p ||xx. m. argi . 
q*s ei ded 1 . , . iri saisina huit \ p^ venit 
mat ej^d Rog^i 1 Tplacitav eii in c'ia doi 
Reg de ead hida ?re \ ubi fcs fii finis 1 
cirog^ph \ ita sep huit saisina iiS q^^usq^ iste 
JRo^ p^ werra Com Joh eii iil diss 1 q Rogj^ 
de Hineton flq* dissaisit^ ftt . p Com Joh de 

Digitized by 



illa hida ponit se sup rec pat^e . \ Rog* sitr 
pofi se sup recogn. 
f Jud veniat ass a die Sci Hilar in viij. dies. 

(ai.5.dorg.) /n CrostirC S^c^i Marf. 

Essex\ f Vrru? Arbelesh^ petit vsus Wittm Jit Witti xl. 

ac's rre iu Wikeford. sic illas q debet ee de 
diiico suo .1 WiUs ven 1 di8 qd tenet rra ill5 
de dno Rege 1 de li poii se in magna ass 
dni Pr . ad rec . utr ille liat maj^ jus tenend 
rra illa in diiico de dno Rege . an UrricP in 
dBio suo. 
jT Jud t in resp* . usq ad adventii dfii Reg . p bre 
dfii Cant. 

Ibid. JT Ide UrricP petit advocone ecclie de Wikford 

vs^ p*ore de PretesweUe sic illa q ptinet ad 
libum diiium suii in ead villa de WHfford qd 
ht ex dono diii Reg. Prior veii 1 dic q Rob 
de Essex Jit Sweni dedit ecctiam illa ecctie 
tecclie de Pritewelle 1 Monach sci Panc^tii de 
Levoes in pura 1 ppetua elemosina 1 iil pfert 
carta ipi^ Robti . in q* iltd id gtinet' . \ 
c5firmacone Reg . H . avi . q pdcam eccliam 
eis gfirmat ex dono ipi^ Robti tS capitat dni 
ej^de fundi. 

£60^. jf Ass . in? Rad de Roucestr.l Waff de Faucbge . 

[d morte aiicess.] remanl p def 2u rec. jf Jbfe 
de Melsa . i. rec ess . p Osb de Swine .\ Ric 
CUc^ esi . p Aka^.Jit Rici . Gilb de ScriUing" p 
Galjr de Harpha . Waffjit Haldeloc . p Rob . 
\\Be . Radjit WReini p WalS de Sutton . Rob de 
HteUng' p Emotd Hare .\ Thoni de WEwrest- 
xinch p Steph de Seton. 

Digitized by 



f 1 Walf de FauZbge offert diio Reg . xl. s. ut 

recogrt illa capiat'' in ptib} iB. 
f H ess . fid . In ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm . Id 

dies dat^ t aliis rec q* jpsentes fuert.1 RadSt 

Waffo silr. 

Linc. jf Rob de Saviorp poil loco suo Johjit Thom vsus 

Eudon de Bauverit de plac finis f ci in Cur p 
cirog*pfi . ad luc* . vl pdend si ipe intee fi 

Unica post festu S*c^i Marf. 

Siiff\ f GerardP jil Galjr pon loco suo JoKem Jit Rob . 

vsus Gila uxore Henr de WHechd de plac 
xl. ac*hii rre i WHechd . ad luc* vl pd M ^ced 
ei totii jus suii qd ftt in p^dca rra. 

Oxon. JT \\Pientia q fu uxor fVaffi de Cau^ optut se . iiij. 

die vsus Alenoth de Si/rewast de plac dotf sue . 
[. s. de rcia pte Pre fVatfi de Cau} in WBensinl 
1 in \\JValden2 *l Halenoth fl vefi vl se ess^l 
dies f u dat^ ei in Banco apd Rading in itiSe 
f Pra capiat' in man dfii Reg . lc . 1 Aleno 
sumoeat' qd sit apd Westm in Octab Sci Andr 
ifi resposur^.t qr S servavit die suu.s.m 
vi. sepl j^festU Sci Mich. 

Rotct. f Wiltsjit \ hes Robti fit Ric petit v^sus Ric de 

Cadamo.1 Werreis fil fsuo Ix. solidal ?re i 
Castreton q*s Rob pr ipi^ Witti c^ ppinq*or 
lies ille est ut dic liuit ex dono ipi^ Ric 
\ ufi carta sua pfert [q fi id testat'] % 
notand q Ric ess se . iij. die p^ plac \ Werreis 
vefi 1 dic q Ric pat ej^ nich lit in Pra illa . 
T: q ipe !it ?ra illa . \ Wilts petit q allocef 

Digitized by 



ei q Werreis ess se . iij. die p^ plac jf Werreis 
dic q lit pl^q* . C. soT . rre in ead villa 1 petit 
visu illi^ rre si hre debeat . Wilts dic q n deb} 
lire visu q^ ipe petit tota rra q* Ric pr ej^ ht 
in illa villa c advocoe ecclie ej^d ville c omib^ 

f Considatu t q Ric ponat' p vad \ salvos pleg q 
veniat apd Westm . In Ocl Sci Hilar resposur^ 
carte sue 1 qr fi servav die suii. 

f Id dies dat^ t Werreis. 

NorhdT. f ^^^^ ^^^t^ t Com Cestr . 1 alii poito loco ipi^ Com 
ad luc*.vl pd . q^ nlts illoj^ Hpsentes fuert. n*^ 
d!is Cani bn recordat' q*s ille sit q* poit^ f u 
loco Com St Henr de WPukenni St Godefr de 
la RoJcele .1 Wilto de WDunhd \ Gervasio de 
Cogeleia p ess suos . . . de recognoe manlii 
de BuddeJfc a die Sci Hilar in rv. dies apd 
f la dies dat^t Thofn de WBrini .\ Warnlo de 
Trop.1 Rob de Audenebi rec p ess suos.H 
pceptii t re8 aliis q psentes fuert q sit ad 
eund rmiii ibi ad rec illa faciend . \ Ric de 
ide AnestiSt Ric de Basevilt.\ Wilts de Bike- 
leia tenentes ponat' p vad 1 pleg q lc sit ibi 
oslnsur qr n veSut ad die suii sic sumoiti 
fueriit 1 * audiend rec illa. 

Stqffbrd. f Ide dies dat^ t eid Com Cestr.^X Wilto de Caunvilt 
de rec Manlii de WCh . . . . Et Wiltojit Gwidon. 
Tt Ade de Standon reS p ess suos .1 pceptii t 
aliis rec q* psentes fuert q lc sit ibi ad illa rec 
faciend . Tt Wilts de Bray \ Alan^ le SenescaU 
1 Nicot de WMuton rec % n veSiit n*^ se ess . 
ponaf^ p vad 1t pleg q sit ad pdcm rmiii 

Digitized by 



osbisur q? n veD3ut ad die suu .\ pati rec 
illa facienda. 

SuffJ f Prior de Btitteleia pofl loco suo WiUm clicu 

Osbti jil ITevic . ad recipiend cirog^R suii . 
vsus Warin de WBetshd. 


JT Dies dat^ t Wafio de Folevilt .\ Milon de Sco 
Mauro .1 Rad de Sco Maur \ Henr de Sco 
Maur . d plac apelli de pace dfii Reg a die 
Pasch in an). dies. 

Ebo}. f Hug* de Verli qr q Amand de Sutton pocupav 

Ix. ac*s in Marisco de Bramsholme p^ duellu 
inr eos pcussu in c'ia Archiepi Ebo^ .1 petit 
visu f cm an duellii de tra iUa. 
jf Considatu t q vic faciat fieri visii illu de rra illa 
p eosd milil p q*^s p'us fcs . fu • an duellu 1 
faciat venire record illi^ visus p . iiij. milil afi 
Westm . in Ocl Sci Hilar. 

f " Hu^ de Verli pon loco suo Hug' deMustereU.'^ 

(m. 6.) 

IViUesir. jf psidatii t q vic faciat inq*rere p comitatii suii 
q*s tenu dim hida trei Coggeleia qn plac motii 
f u q* Wilts Ud petit ^sus WiJX de Chelewode 
q capta fii in man dfli Jtr p def cu ipi^ WitU . 
Et Rob de Brengemrthe ven 1 petiit rra iUa 
p plevina ad hora . 1 dix q Wills de Chelexvode 
tk teu} tra iUa S5 ipe teu} eal tenu die q** pla5 
movebat' 1 io inq^rend t • 'l mandand p 
iiij. milil . in Oct Sci Andr apd Westm. 

Buking. f Wilts fX Grego^ pon loco suo . Hug^ PeveretT vt 
Wilt de Bukingha vsus Abbem de M5te de 
plac rre in WTingwich ad luc*. vl pd. 

tTorf. JT Dies dat^ t Wilto de Bello M(mte.\ Johi de 

Digitized by 



Sumthesha . de plac appSi in Octab Sci Andf 

p defcu record Justic de ilt ptib} coiil q*b} 

loqla mota fu • q* ildu fuert 
jf Id dies dat^ t eid Johi 1 JoJu de Fineleia d eod 

f Id dies dat^ f Rogio Daco \ Jordan de Torpleia 

de eod plaS. 

Siaf\ JT Loqd de Ric Capeilan \ de Rob de Feugies . de 

ass nove disS q reinasit p bre dni CanL 

Ebof. JT Jlan^ de Bosco ven in c'ia \ pcessit Reinlojit Ade 

lire custod ElieJitAde c . ij. caruc rre i Fing- 
hale q ixiertAde pris ej^d iS/iV don<* ^dc^EUas 
fiuit etate tenedi tra . p . iiij. m. argi q^ ipe 
Rein ei dedit 

WHX. f Dies dat^ ^RicJit Witti . de Henton .\ Regih Jit 

Waet .1 aliis apptt . de plac apffi in Oct . Sci 

Detm. f Witts de WBrahost poii loco suo Ada de Port.vX 
Gilb Morih vsus Olivium de T*ci de porcoe 
sua de honore de Berdestaple q id OUvlus ei 
deforciat .1 de . i. hida tre vsus Joh de WTiwe 
in Sussex\ad luc^vt pd.vl.i. illo^ si ambo 
in?ee il possit 


f ^Rog^ de Hatcstedepoii se in magna ass dni Reg 
de ^vico . i. hide tre in Swauesie qd WDriun de 
ta Roche ab eo exig • ad rec utr debeat ei 
sviciu dim . m. vt . n.^ 

Die Marf post festu s'c'i Marf. 

mit. f Dies dat^ t Witto de la HuUe .1 Witto Malewainh . 

1 Roglo Burel . de plac finis f8i inr eos p 
fine duelli in c'ia ^inJr dni Pr. un id Witt de 

Digitized by 



la Hulle fit cirog^llm de fine tiUe . in crastin 
Ocl SciHilarij . apdWestm . ad audiend record 
illi^ finis . 1 Jud suG. 
jf Wilt dHulle pon loco suo JViltm Saltemareis. 

Wigoy ^ Wilts de la HuUe ven in c'ia 1 f didit Ric le 
Hag^nier tota rra sua de HuUecremhe St de 
WSoUue p xl. marc q*s id WiUs debu pfato Rvi 
de custo qd posuit ad pq*rend jus suu . a festo 
Sci Mich scdo p^ adventii dni Reg de Ale- 
man& . usq^ ad vj. annos . tenenda s* 1 Redib} 
suis . 1 ad fine illoj^ vj. anno^ . recipiet pfat^ 
Wilts vl tedes sui pdcam tra q*eta de oi 

NorhdT. jf Hug* Peverel petiit record 1 Jud suii de rra de 
Swanelfne [\ d wAceleia.t d Stokes .] t de tota 
rra Robti de Tenerchebrai de sic Comitat^ 
recordat' qdiLucia natalt Hpgnas fiiafi q* mar 
ej^ desposata f u Robto de TenerchebH pn suo 
1 ide petit lieditate ipi^ Robti vsus ea . ut 
vsus bastarda 1 si record . com ei suffiSe fi 
possit pbabit ea ad bastarda ubi ea pbare 
debuerit . 1 q Wilts Peverel par ej^ cuj^ loco 
ipe poit^ f rect^ lies ^ . ut ille q* f li de . i . fre 
\ Rob de TenerchebH de alio fre . 1 petit 
aiiq*^ pcedat i loqla illa visu essoii dne Lucie 
\ q essoii ei * allocent' [desicut essoii psentes 
n fuert]. 
\ ClemSs de Stowe posit^ loco Liccie dix q sep 

" ** extitit loco ej^ in h loqla St si for- 

tasse ipa fec se essoniare £1 opteret ei fecisse . 
q^ ipe ad oms sumoes \ dies suos secut^ t 
loqla 1 simul c illa Lucia fii in c^^ia die Sabbi 
f^ f^ fistu Sci Martin .\ warantizav^ essoii 
suos cora Justic f\ tc dix Hug^ qd [diis] Canl 
noluit audire loqla iUa 1 ifl p licentia Justic 

Digitized by 



discessit 1 iii vocat eos .1 Hug^ dix q nuq*^ 
relaxav ei essoii suos. 
f Dies dat^ t eis m Oc/ Sci Andr apd Westm . ad 
audiend record \ Jud suii . 1 dies gcord . 
ittj. die . p^Jesl Sci Andr. 

(m. 6. dortf.) Eod" die Mart\ 

Natingh. ^ ^dd de Benmngefeld . 1 Gundra de Monasfiis 
uxor ej^ tpetiit vsus R06 Malluuel \ Pauia 
Matre ej^. ||vij bovatas rre in Raveneston 
[c ptin] ut illa ^ ipa Gundra dironav in dote 
in c'ia dni Reg . H. vsus Rob Malluuel prem 
isti^ Robti . ut illa q*^ Stephs fr Robti p*mo- 
genit^ ei dedit in dote \ iii pfert cirog*phm 
q h ide testaf.l dnt q ide Rob eos diss in 
gwerra Com Joh . ut ip q* c Com fii gt* dnm 
Rege apd Kingeshage.1 dic q q^ Rob saisit^ 
fii p Com Joh . capta fu tra illa in man d&i 
Jt . ||q jHt^gr* -Bar^f testat' 1 ipe iJo5 dic q fine 
fec c drio Rege de pace sua linda .1 de tris 
suis habend . 1 p tra ista . 1 in ptulit vic de 
Notingha litas dni Reg q 6 testant'. 
Et d&s Canl diS q ipe accep ab ore d&i Pr q ipe 
reddet seisina trar omib} illis . q^ dissaisiti 
fuert p Com Joh 1 dic q ratii habet' q ipi 
dissaisiti fuert p Com Joh. 
f Jud Qsidatu t q mag ratii habet^ q dfis Rex ore 
Pcip q* q p liras niandav .1 q AdS ^ Gundrea 
liant saisina sua. 

Ibid. f Pauia mar Robti Luuel petit eamd tra p bre 

recti vsus ipam Gundrea. ut illa q lieditas 
ej^ t • 1 uii Rob vir ej^ n huit n* custodia . 1 
in fine n potii fa§e n* debuit 1 q sit heditas 
ej^ porl se sup visnel . 1 offert diio Reg . 

Digitized by 



X. m. p hnda in rec. Gtmdra petit pleiiaria 
saisina sua . scil} de xxxvij. ti. q^ cep de rra 
iUa inf^ diss . ista |3 li offert pbare p Rob le 
Flamenc q* li offert pbare p corp^ suii] *l dic 
q bre p q sumoita t fi loqf de Ada viro suo 
't n vult huic bri respSde n* cla gsidavit 

Linc. ^ Bxid de Wodelfge petiit cora Justic libm tenem 

suii in Hebston . p ass nove diss . vsus Htt^ 
Bard 9* q* ass Hu^ dix q huit saisina illa p 
jud cur sue . p defectu ipi^ Rad 1 cu? re- 
cordata t sumoes 1 dest^scias ipi Rad ronabtr 
f cas t ipe ||J?o8 Hgnovit sumoes 1 dest^scias 1 
dix q n debu ibi placitare q^ nic6 debii de eo 
teSe in tra illa.imo de feodo alti^ tt % ipe n 
qst^ fii Justic n^ aliq*s p eo de h q Hug* 
inj^te t*xit eii in plaS de tenem q ipe Rad 
tenii de feodo alri^ dni. 
jf Considatii t q Hu^ teneat in pace . Tt Rad 
mia. placitet p bre recti si velit \ sit in mia p fo 


E$sea?. ir Hug^ Peverelt petiit die plac curia de Bolonia 
de plac warantie carte qd Aitrop de Merc 
lit vsus Sim de Merc \ pce ptiii 6t c'ia. 

Surr. JT Regin de Cruce ven in c'ia t dix qd ess se d 

mat lecti vsus Wiltm de Sirini 1 q^ ^valu de 
infirmitate sua anq* visus ei fieret optut se 
stare recto. 

War. jf Loqdii t de Regih de Puteo d fine fco p tra 


Ebof. f Hug* de VerU q'r q Aman^ de Suttoh pocu- 

pav . Ix. ac? i Marisco de Bramsholme p^ 
duellii inr eos pcussii ^ petit visii fcm an 
duellii de rra illa. 

Digitized by 



f gsidatii f q vic faciat visii fieri p illos milit q' 
p*us visu illu fecut de tra illa url duellu 
pcussii fii in c^ia Archpi .T: faciat record 
illi^ visus venire [l od sci Hilar. ap WesL] 

Salop. ^ Gwido de Soubir inven pleg de . xx^^ marc q^s 

deb} dno Regi p mia sua i q* cecidit p de- 
tencoe . i. marc de redepcoe dni Reg. 

jf Wal? de Haia . \_Buking\'^ d x. m. Mich de 
Wahulle . [^Ket .] de . i. m. Rad de Bosco . 
[Essea^.'] de.i. in. Wiltsjit Grego^ [Osoiili 
de . iij. m. Regin de Tirne [Salopsir] de . iij. 
m. Ric Jit Walteri . [Buking^] de . ij. m. 

Linc. JT ^ Dies dat^ t Ric de Ormesbi T: Isore * . d plac 

rre . in ocl sci Hilar Sl Rad jil Sim sumo- 
neaf^ q ?c sit apd Westm ut sciaf^ de eo cui 
illo^ voluerit se teSe de teneni illo. X Et 
recordat^ q Isoreus petiit vij. boval tre in 
M^eton vsus Ric de Orm . ut jus suii q ei 
descenrl de Alea:^ pre suo.T: in saisina ej^ 
voluit pbare p qda capione noie Rob .\ Ric 
defend jus.l saisina pris sui.T: dix q siit 
de . i. stipite . ita scil^ q Hug* BlundP liuit 
duos fit . scil} Osbtu . \ Simon . % dedit Sim 
rra illa p homag . % svico suo 1 ex illo 
descendit huic Ric . T: Osbt^ p'mogenit^ huit . 
iij. fit . Ilug^ .\ Alex\ \ Sim . q* alia lieditate 
Ilug^ Blundi huert \ ex hac ?ra fec Siih f)r 
Ric homag p'mo Hug* pri suo \ p?ea Osbto 
fri suo. 1 ipe Ric in fec Hug^Jit Osbti homag. 
De Ilug* descend rra illa Sim fri suo cui ipe 
Ric silr fec in homag \ ad h^ t lio Radjit Sim 
de q° teu} rra illa. 

(f Ysore veii T: di5 q tenet se ad pband jus suii . 
\ saisina pris sui . ita q pr suus cep in expleta 
RoT. CuR Reo. e 

Digitized by 



ad valencia . v. sot . vl plus . ut de feodo 1 
jure suo • [tpe Reg . H. pris] p Rob Botolf. 
q^ h offert pbare v^sus eu ut de visu pns sui 
p corp^ suu ut c'ia gsidaPit.l Ric defend jus 
suu 1 saisina pris ipi^ Ysore . p t 

jf Dies dat^ t eis in Ocl sci Hilar \ \c 
veniat Ysor^ c pba suaJl Ric c defensiSe 

jf Ali^ dies f ii eis dat^ a die Pasch in aro. dies . 
ad die illu veSut 1 Ric posuit se in magna 
ass ad recognoscend q's eo^ hat niaj^ jus in 
rra illa r' dies dat^ t eis ut q*tuor mil veniat 
ad eligend xij. miL die Jovis fP ascens St Ric 
affidav Isoreo pace diii . Pr. d se .1 suis. 

m. 7. Die Jovis arC Ocf S^cH Marf. 

H*tf\ JT Lucas de Berkhasted .\ Acelin de Abini obtu- 

lert se iiij. die . s . die Jovis ^a^ ^ f*. sci 
Marl vsus Wiltm de Ruschdp poitii loco 
Gunnor de Valon . de pt . ij. hid rre i WH^fer- 
ding* 1 ipe n ven vl se ess . 1 ipa f u petes. 
Et tota tra ipi^ Gunnor capl t in maii dfii . 
Pr . 1 io considatu t q ipi eant sii die. 

Linc. fi Galfr Jit PetW Wilts de StuteviR \ eoj^ soc 

Justic itinlantes in Linc record q Hug^ de 
WSe&bi apptt .^/wr de Glenthd q in pace dfii . 
Pr * .1t iniq . assultavit Henr frem suu T: illu 
vulnlav dexta manu sua un obiit . \ ti offert 
pbare Vsus eu gsidacoe c^^ie.l q h vidit t 
audiv \ Jordif: appett de vi . q* utlagat^ f 
Alur totu defend sic ho maimat^ de morbo 
caduco . sic c'ia gsidav . vl p Rob de Karle^ 
ion hoiem suu \ cognatu . vi p WiUm Branche 
q* h offert defende p corpa sua^ 

Digitized by 



JT Hug^axi di5 q ad fcm cep ipm Alur.\ JordSt 
ipos libav Baitt fGerarardi de Canvilt. lc vic . 
\ petit ut inq*rat' p sac^^mentii xxiiij. milil . 
9pvincialiu utr Alur fiat morbu caducu vl . 
fi . 1 utr Rod \ Wilts parentes ej^ sint vl K. 

jf Mili? custodientes plac coroSi in gventi dSt q 
in Com p*mo appellav Jord q* m? utlagat^ t 
de f co .1 Alured de vi . T: vic . \ Com fi id 
testant'. Hug^ totu defend . vsus milif .\ vic . 

f Dies dat^ t eis apd Westm . in ocl sci Hilar. 

Warew. IT Dies dat^ t Wilto de Kanvilt .\ ''Rad'' Pinclne 
de plac appffi . in Ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

JT Ite Galfr jit Ret^ \ Wilts de Stutevilt \ eo^ 
socii . Justic itiSantes in Warewic recordati 
st q Wilts de Canvilt q^^r q ciL fuit i servico 
diii Reg in Wallia . q . Rad. Pinclna \ Henr de 
WHornlton T: Rod de Walle T: alii multi quos 
llnoinat q venert ad rra sua de Arwe et ibi 
roboraVut ei . i. lorica d . iij. m. \ aubgellu 
de . XX. sot. \ catalt quid in bladis q^d in 
aliis . ad . valetia . x. m. T: hoc offert pbare p 
Rob Drake q^ hoc offert ||pbae de visu et 
auditu 1 h f ca fuert de c^todia sua. 

Jf Rob Drake . appellat Rad Pinclna 1t Rob de 
Walle . q ipi in pace di 1 Reg . vefi ad rra 
diii sui apd Arwe !\ i robia asportav . i. lorica 
d . iij. m. T: . i. Aubgellu d . xx. sot . 1 catalt 
ad valetia de . x. m 1t q qii petiit pace diii 
Reg . ut serviens Wilti de Kanvilt. dix q dHs 
Pr fuit in tali loco q niiq* eu videt \ q mor- 
tuus fuit T: hoc . offt pbare p corp^ suu vs^ 
Rad Pinclnd de robia .1 v^s^ Rob de Walle q 

E 2 

Digitized by 



hoc dcm dix de diio Reg 1 si hoc n posset 
fce n*^ deberet . hoc ide offt pbare .WElias de 
la More. 

Rob defendit tol de vbo in vbu 1 dixit q emit 
qdam tassii aveii de Capell d ArcTve .\ ei v 
dedit . V. sol in arra \ illud bladu asportav 
\ dixit q no potuit ptem tassi lire q^ tidit 
illud in cimiriu \ liuit illud p Archid loci X ^ 
de hoc vocav eu. 

f pt Rob de pseqndo Simo d Elmcap. 

Jf Alexandr de Weston aptt Aleaf de WBrunton q 
ipe cii Rob hoc fcm fecit in robia .1 fi dcm 
dix c eo . 1 h audiv \ vid . \ h offt pbare 
vsus eu p corp^ suu. ut de visu sqo,^ — ^_ 

jT Rob Pistor apptt Wilt jil Ric . S Ecleshat.q. 
ipe fuit i illa vi . 1 pticeps illi^ robie . 1 dci 
pdci d dKo Reg St fi of ft pbare vsus eii p 
corp^ suii. 

JT Rob de VaHe dic q Wilt d Canvitt fac eii 
appttare p attia p rra de Sekendun . qua 
clamavit vsus eii ut jus suu St petit q iq*rat' 
c q** Rob Drake fuit die q° H fcm fuit .1 
debuit fieri . 1t dic q tc fuit svies A^s de 
Evesha .X Rad Pinclna dic q ntta robia fca 
fuit.1 q ntts clamor n^ ||utes fcs fuit iiiJl 
Wilt dic . q Ric jyvers . ^vies fuit ibi . t 
audivit clam . 1 Ric ^viens defend . q nuq* 
intfuit . n*^ clam iii audivit. 

f Dies dat^ t oib} istis p^dcis .in.av. dies.jP Jesl 
Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Essex\ JT Loqla in? Priore \ Monact de PreteweUe 1 Urric 
^Arbelas?iuit de la Bruhire de plac ultime 
psencois ad eccBas de WCanuudon .1 de JFic- 

Digitized by 



Jbrd. f-poits, usqj. ad adventii dfii Reg iii AngT . 
p bre dni CanL 
Devon. f Fres Milicie tepli Jertm optulert se.iiij. die 9sus 
Wilt de la Hela de plac xvj. ac'ru rre i la 
Hela !\ de plac cruciQ Alevata^^ [pst^^ta^ .] 
in ead villa p ipm Wiltm . \ ipe Wilts fi ven . 
vl se ess . 1 sumo testata f u. 

JT Considatii t q Wilts ponat' p vad St pleg q sit 
apd Westin In Oci sci Hilar respSsur^ pdcis 
frib} de capitali plac . 1 oslnsur^ qr fi servav 
die suii . s. diS crastin p^festu Sci Martin. 

Suhdi. JT WaJ^ de Abnu . pon loco suo . Baldewih de 

Niwehd . vsus EUd jil Wal?i . d pla5 rre [i 
Lesshd'] ad luc* . vl pd . 1 dies dat^ t eis in 
Ocl Sci Andr \ gcord de eod plac .\ q^ ille ^ 
ten3 rra illa a fu pses ^ceptii t ut ipi tant 
eii apd Westm ad recipiend cirog^ Elias 
poS loco suo iii . Thom clicii. 

Surr. jf Rob le Bulett . rt Auic uxor ej^.] pon loco suo 

Alah fil suii . vsus EUd de Edini . d plac rre . 
ad luc*^ vl pd. 

Oxdn. J Ass . ve . re . si Wilts pr Ranh fii saisit^ in dfiico 

ut de feodo suo de . i. v*gata rre c ptiii in 
Garing' die q*^ obiit .1 si obiit p^ p*ma coron . 
H. Reg pris . \ si Ranh . ppinq'or lies ej^ 
sit . ^ rra Walf Belebuche tenet. 

^ Jur dflt qd . Witts tiuit Pra illa die q* obiit in 
dnico ut de feodo tpe Reg. H . set nesciiit- 
utr [Rah'\ sit rect^ 6es ej^. vl n . q^ ipe Wilts 
huit de p*ma uxore sua . t*s fil . T: t*s fil . Tt iste 
Ranh . t de scda uxore. 

jf Jud. ^a/? teneat in pace .1 Ranh pq*rat se si 

voluer q*^usq^ dtificef^ q fil . p'oris uxoris pfis 

sui sit mortui. 

E 3 

Digitized by 



Midelsex\ f Goda q fu wxot Alan Jit H*bti petiit v^sus Wiltrn 
le P*men? \ Snomt uxore ej^. ronabile dote 
sua in Westm q ea gting ex dono Alan v^ sui. 
8. rcia pte t'u raesuag in Westm . ad q* Alan^ 
ea desposav . 1 in habebit secta ad hora 1 
rmifi . S5 Sllam tc huit n' warantu, t E 
Wilts « Snamt dfit q noliit ei iii respode desic 
ipa vocav hfe ifi secta .1 warantu \ nttm in 
huit 1 petiit q h ei allocet' T: WSwanild pofi 
loco suo Wilt viru suG • ad luc*. vl pd. 

jf Jud Wilts \ Snwwit eant sn die . \ Goda pq^rat 
aliud bfe si voluef de dote sua ^da. 

*** jf Ass . ve . re . Si Regihjit Swein avuncts Henrjl 

H^bti fu saisit^ in diiico ut de feodo suo. 
de . i. v'gata rre .1 v. acs rre c ptiri in Borton . 
die q*^ obiit .1 si obiit p^ p*ma coron .H. 
Reg pfis 1 si id Henr ppinq^or tles ej^t .q' 
rra Wilt de Haured .'X Galfr WCkmpio tenet. 

f Juf dnt q Regin ii obiit iii saisit^.ut de feodo 

jf Jud . Wilts \ Galfr hant saisina sua iS .1 Henrjit 
H^bti in mia. 

(m.7.(l.) In Oce 8'c'i Marf. 

||Sf/rr. ![ Wilts de Sirinl q^r q Regiii de Cnice int^^sit se 

in feod . i. miUl ||suo in MicheUid dii fii in 
peg^nacoe sua apd Jertm . uii ipe saisit^ f ii die 
q*^ it' peg^nacois sue arripii 1t p^ p*ma coroii 
dfii Pr Ric St du f u in ipo itifle in svico dfii 
Reg.l petit iri saisina sua si fire debeat. 
Regin veri \ dic q recupav saisina illi^ feod . 
p ass de morte ancesso^ vsus ipm "— — ^* 
tpe Cancett . apd Gelleford . cora Justic dni 
Reg . s . Thom de Husseb^ne .\ ^S. Archid 

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Eliensi .] soc suo 1t dic q Galfr de \\Gadeleia 
avuncts suus deb} ee waral ej^ de rra illa. 
f Dies dat^ t eis ad auctiend Jud auu . die dnica 
pa^ an Natale. 

Voiingh. jf Ass de nova diss inP Radde Hugenden.\. H. 
Archid de SUajff^.de gmusL bosci de Hugendeh 
remanet. t^Rad cognosc ipi Archid Qunia pdci 
boscL Ita q ipe Archid hat de pdSo bosco 
haibote .\ husbote 1t ad igne suu .[sn wasto.] 
\ pannagiu ad tp*os porcos nut^tos in domo 
sua ita qd nich m vende possit A Rad pon 
se in mia. 

Ehdf^. jf Dies di2it^^RadBard.\ Cristian q fu uxor WiUi 

Bard. d plac dol sue i Hatton WclSa Andr . 
T: Petr^ Bard ponat^ p vad 1 salvos pleg adee 
!c ibi oslnsur^ qr ii servav die suu sibi dal 
in banco . I Ocl Sci Martin . q' deb} ee Warant 
ej^d Cristian d dote illa. 

Ibid. if Wilts Jit ^Su^id .\ Hug^ de Putiaco . venlut in c'ia 

1 gnovut Hug^ Bard . iiij. ti . de firma Ebo^ . 
q*s id Hug^ ab eis exig . 1 p s^ gcord \\Ric. 

Wam\ jf Rob de Chetewod pon loco suo. Wiltm \\Ruffu. 
\?su8 Ric de Fardinges tefi de pl rre i Wl/ri- 
cheston ad luc^ vi pd. 

Glo€c. JT Joha q f u uxor Henr de Langebge qr q Regiii de 

Blokeleia diss ea de dim .v*gata t^re c ptiS in 
Langebge p^q* Justic Itinlantes ultimo fuert 
in ptib} ilt.l Regiii ven.T: defend qd ii diss ea 
in ut ipa qr.1 de h poii se sup Jur visneti.1 
ipa Joha silr pon se sup jur visnetu 

f Dies dat^est eis ad ass illa recipienda. /nOc/. 
Sci Hilar . apd Westiii. 

E 4 

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(m.T.dors.) Dte SahVi p^ od s'c'i Mart\ 

Linc. j AlarP de Bosco petiit vsus JoTi de Bosco . x. lib 

tre in Ledelid \ in Fulehroc ex dono Comil 
Alan Britan St ex dono Coin . Cunan . un cart 
illoj^ ptulit q* testant' q ipi dedunt Alan jil 
Galfrid [^Avunclo ipi^ Alah d Bosco"] pdcam 
rra p svico T: homagio suo \ liedib} suis .p. 
§viciu . i. milil p anft p omi servico . cuj^ iste 
Alan^ rect^ fies est.1t in ptul gfirmacone diii 
Reg . H. pris .1 Jolis veii \ dix . q Com Galfr 
Britann !\ Comitissa Constantia dedunt ei rra 
illa in escambiu cuj^da tre in Angiers .'X .\. 
vinee .\ in pfert cartas ipi^ Com T: Comitisse . 
q li id testanf.1t si tl n ||p* ei suflSde. dic q 
pdca Comitissa .1 flt Res ej^ q* infra etate t 
debet ee warantu suii de rra illa.l irl vocat 
eos ad warantu. 
jf JoTis hat warantu suii in crastin Purific apd 

Suhdi. Sf Assa ve . re . si Ric pr Robti clici fu seisit^ die 

q* obiit de dim hida rre . 1t iij. percatis c 
: ptin in fVertifiges ut de feodo in diiico suo . 1 

si obiit p^ p'ma coroii . H. Reg pris . 1 si Ro5 
ppinq^or hes ej^ t . q^ rra Abbas de Hida 
jf Ateb veri T: dic qd ass n deb^ ifi fieri q^ Ric 
bastard^ 1 1t nttm t*^ fnttm jus ht in hac tra 
n^ in alia. 
" f Rob hat bfe ad Epm Winl ad pband utr sit 
" legitime nat^ vi ri.'' 

Ibid. fi ^^^ . ve . re . si Rad pat Aline f u saisit^ i dKico 

ut de feodo suo de t^b} virgal rre c ptiii i 
Muchelediure die q* obiit .1t si obiit p^ p^ma 
coTon.H. Reg pris et si pfata Alina ppin- 
q*or hes ej^ sit . q* tra Abb de Hida ten^. 

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jf AHb \en T: dic q ass H deb^ ia fieri q^ jpdca ^//wa 
tulit aliud bre de morte ancess cora TVilh Bri- 
werr . 1 Epo WinH St Johe Marescalt lc Justic 
in ptib^ ilt .\ ibi dix illa bastarda ee .1 q illa 
!c liuit bre Justic ad Epm Winl ad pbanda 
illa ee vl legitime nata vl bastard . \ c pba 
debil ee . ipa appllavit ad c^iam Romana \ 
recess a ^'"ia Epi Winl. 

f gsidatu t q ipa redeat ad c^^ia Winl Epi \ ibi 
se dironet ee vi legitime nata . vl bastard. 

Norf\ jT Loqla itaAlic de Fundenhale !\ ITbi de WHelgeton. 

de advocoe ecclie de Dunestan . t in resp^tu 
usq^ in q^rtu die p^ Octab Sci Hilar ad audiend 
Jud suu . apd Westm. 

Linc. jT Wilts de i?o^ appttat Ada de Tid/l Ric Uth- 

lagiu frem suu . \ Wittm 1 Jord fres ej^ \ 
Hanion Dot parastr suu . q neqx 1 in pace 
dni Reg p^ pace dni Reg s* data a Justic . 
[d ipo Ada \ suis p qMa loqla q inr illos 
fu .] minati fuert ei semel \ irum qd ri diu 
gaudet de pulc's armis suis n*^ de edificiis pris 
sui .1 q post minas illas p Qsiliii \ ^''chaciii 
ipi^ Ade gbussert domos pris sui \ inrfecunt 
Godefrid Diacoii .1 Rad ppoitii 1 Leves qMa 
femina !\ vulnla^ut ^Siv:ard.^ [Everard.'] \ 
Wiltm Hare ita qd nescit' utrm vive possint 
an n . T: dic q Regifi de Marisc . 1 q'da 
Bertelot in p^sonavut Rad hoiem suu c catalt 
suis . s . c . ij. marc . T: ad h^ tenet .1 petit eii 
1 catalla sua . p vad .1 pleg ."X appttat Hanid 
parastru suii . q ipe h fcm pambulav . \ 
p^locut^ f u .t q fi malu T: li dapnii ei ptingat' 
p Ada -! offert pbare vsus eii p corp^ suu . put 
curia gsidav^it • in p'aiis ,1 nichomin^ remittit 

Digitized by 



HamonS . n"^ Hiofn de Muleton homine suii . q^ 
li fcm pambulavut . 1 malefcores [illos] 
receptavut [qii ad li f cm ivert 1 . . . . ert 
\ silr apllat Gilb le Berkier ^ ipe ivit pp 
malefcores illos]. 

jf Ada veii \ defend totii de vbo in vbii . t dic q 
cora Justic dedit ei pace tm de se ipo 1 ii de 
aliisl offert dno Reg . x. marc. p tndo Ujuaral 
de duob^ comitatib^ . utx sit atia vl . n. 

Ibid. JT Matilt Jit Godefr Diacoii appBat Ada de Tid qd 

die [alflj] quo h malii ad sero f cm f ii q pr ej^ 
misit ea in niitiii suii qd lc vidit Bic Utlagiu 
in domos Regifi de Niwenl.\ ad domjulian 
uxoris Ham vidit Jord Utlag^ ubi ipa Julian^ 
tenu eii in brachiis suis 1 ad ples domos vidit 
ext*neos hoies q*s n nov St in illo sero novit 
Ric\Jord.itaL q J?ic pcussit c q^da hachio 
prem suii dices accipe h ^Ada de WTidh.^ q h 
f cm f ii p Add de Tid offert pbare vsus eii put 
c^^ia 9sida9it Tt dic q vidit ibi similr Wilt de 
Tid . frem Ade q* ad huc t c ipo Ada. 
Ada defend totii vsus ea ut vsus femiam. 

Ibid. jf \\Emold de Herelaue St Rog^ Murdac .\ Add d 

Greinvilt Ht Wilt FoUot missi p Everard \ 
Wiltm vulSatos diit q appttant pdcos Regiii 
de Marisc Sl Add de Tid. de receptacoe Ric 
1 Jord \ Wilti.i^ h mat feSiit.l de ce?o 
scdm pdcm appllm . \ dfit q ii videt' eis q ipi 
possit vivere. 

ra.8. Die dCnica in die S^cH Edm\ 

Suhdt. jf Ass inr Rad de la Dene .\ Rob de Auuiliers de. 

ij. v*gal rre i Estden f in respectii usq^ in Ocl 
Sci . . . apd Westin p defcu rec. 

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f Galfr de Luver^z rec. ess se . \ Ric de Kinges- 
brig^ silr Tt ess £1 expectav eos 1 Johs de 
Kardunvill . 1 Bemard de Luverez . 1 Pagan^ 
de Seintele^ \ Wa^ de Lungwe .\ Ada de la 
Mare . rec . n venlut vl se ess .1 io ponend siit 

?vad 1 pleg«(l slt apd Westm ad pdcm 
minu pati fa8e in rec . T: ost&suri q? n ser- 
vavert die suu. 
jf Id dies dat^ t rec 1 p^entes fuert. 

Boieland. f Ass . ve . re . si Witk de Camla 1 AlanP fr ej^ diss 

Hug' ^tMich de libo tenem suo in Hameleden 

inj^te Tt sii judo . p^ p*ma Coroii diii Reg Ric. 

f Jur dnt qd Witt 1 Alan^ diss eu . in. 

f JiiS. Hug^ hat seisina sua in.1 Wilt t -4&5W^ 

mia. 4k)iat^ in mia. 

Narhdi. f Wilts Brun^ petxt .iiij. v*gatas t^re c ptiii in Pokes- 
leia \ in Alfwinesfeld vsus -HTt^ Reuel sic jus 
suum .T: q*s Nigetts de Bechhamton. dedit [^Ric] 
BrahU avunclo pris ipi^ Witti . p homag t 
§vico suo in feod T: lieditate 1 uii id iJic 
avuncts pfis sui saisit^ f ii Ipe Reg .H. avi . ut 
de jure T: feodo suo capiendo iii expleta ad 
valentia v. soT . vl plus . 1 fi offert pbare vsus 
eu . p Walfde Brakeleia hoiem suii q* h offert 
pbare vsus eu p corp^ suu . ut de visu pns 
Ht^ Reuel ven T: dic q n tenet de pdca rra n* . 
i. v*gata t q*^rta pte . i. virgal tre in diiico S3 
alii tenet alia pte p^dce rre de eo . 1 si ipe sft 
aliis deb} resp5de de illa pte q ten^ defendit 
jus suu 1 saisina jKic avuncli 
hoiem suu q' 6 offert defende p corp^ suu. 

f[ Considatu t q Hug^ n respondeat de tris libe 
tenentiu suo^ \ q ipi libe tenentes sumoneant^ 

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q sit apd Westm a festo Sci Hilar in xv. dies 
apd Westm resposur de ^dcis rris jf noia libe 
teii st Rob Vici^(P Hug' Reuel . T: Wal? Reuel . 
1 Hug* Jil ^Osmuod. 

Suhdt. jf Com Wilts de Vnu poii loco suo Rog* de Stanton. 

v^sus Wiltm de Mote Acuto de plac catall ad 
luc*.vl pd. 

Norhdt. jf Ric de Waure appttat Regifi de Argenl . 1 Ro^ 
f rem suQ .\ Henr de Mentemore \ Waff Cticu 
qd ipi neqT T: in pace dni ^. \ de noctu Tt 
insultu p^meditato in hospiciu suQ in rra sua 
de II. .Jeld.^\ eu vulSavutT: ossasua fregliit. 
\ catalla sua asportavut 1t duos hoies suos 
m^^dravut \ in saccos c^da Rustic sec hoies 
suos intfcos asptavut 1 6 offert pbare vsus 
eos ut ho maimat^ \ ut ctic^ ordinat^ S3 nttm 
ostend maimii. 

jf Id appttat Rob WTTitelful hoiem suu 1 ppoitii . . 
qd ea nocte q*^ h malu s* \ suis fcm fu vefi 
Ric in villa deBifeld \ ipe JK08 dix ei q fi potii 
in domo sua hospitari q^ fec braciare .set eu in 
alia domo c^da viciii sui hospitavit .1 p^ cena' 
qsiv iOiRob ab eo utrm hret albos panos ad 
lectu . \ ipe Ric dix ei q pann sui ad lectii 
fuert ad doin c^da femie . 1 q debxi ire pp 
pannos illos ivit pp malefcores illos q®s scivit 
ee inimicos suos. Ita qd qii ipe Ric evigilav 
vidit domii illa plena de inimicis suis q' ti 
malii s* \ suis intulert . 1 h offert pbare vsus 
eii ut domin^. vl ut ho maimat^. sic c^ia gsi- 
davit . vl p . i . ex hoib} suis vulnlatis si debu- 
erit set nttm noiavit. Et appttat de societate 
It gsenteria Ric de Argenl . \ Ric Pollard . \ 
Ric fPollard^ Russel .\ Turstan cKcu \ Ric 

Digitized by 



Jit Watii . Carpenl . 1 Gerard de Lebeb^ne . \ 
Rog^ jit Godwi .1 Rob jit Itiete .1 isti sut de 
Mentemore !\ Ric Testee de Suleg^e .1 oms 
hoies Rob Capun 1 hoies Hu^ de ITdebg St 
Wilt Welhist 1 Rob CarefultSt oms isti q* noiati 
sut venJut 1 defendert totu de vbo in vbu . 
vsus ipm ut vsus excommunicatu 1 petut ut 
allocet' eis q ipe Ric n servav dies eis poiL 

Buk*gfi. JT Preceptu f ii Witto de WCreuilt q tenlet Stepho jit 
Witti fine fcm in c'ia dfii Reg p Cirog*pllm 
inr ipos fcm . Witts veR 1 dic q in ntta re freg 
fine f cm inr eos . Stephs dic qd ii pfe5 ei fine 
fcm inr eos q finis int eos fu q gcessit ei duo 
molend . in Tepetawe . c . ij. mesuag 1 c oibj 
ptinetiis suis p . xx. sot . . . . per et ad pdca 
molend repanda decenr sii wasto . de bosco 
suo . 1 q n5du tit n* tm . i. molend . \ Wilts 
dic . . . • q ipe hret t^a molend. 
jf Considatu t q Steph faciat aliud molend de bosc 

illi^ Wilti llqii voluer q^ sup f u n* 

. i. molend. 

Norhdi. f ^^* ^ Wafvilt petit vsus Petr de Esseteia ad- 
vocone Ecctie de Esseteia sic illa q fundata 
f in feodo suo de Esseteia .1 Petr^ de Esseteia 
veS 1 defend jus suu.1 dic q ecctia illa fl f 
fundatain feodo suo.l ifl pon se in magna 
ass dni Reg ad recognoscend q^s eo& tiat 
maj^jus in advocacoe illa. 
f Rob tiat bre ad sumonend . iiij» milil . q sit apd 
Westin in crastiiiSciHitar ad ehgend . xij. milil 
ad recogil illa faciend. 
jf Id dies dat^ t Rob 1 Pet^ in banco . ad audienda 
elec illa. 

Siqfordt. ^ Precepl fuit Justic itinlantib^ q ilponlent' assisam 

Digitized by 



de nova diss q* Ricjit Thom tul vsus Rob de 
Fulch . . . de libo tenemto suo i Licchefeld Tt 
ex^Liche/eld i capis i respecl sine die \ ut au- 
diert recordu Curie Epi H. de Nondt q»le in- 
t**itum ipe Rob fiuit i tenemtii ilt 1 recordata 
fuit curia q epc fec jurare . xij. Burgenses de 
Lichtfeld utr Rob majus jus hret i tenemto 
illo aut Ricjit Thom tenes 1 q Ric reclamavit 
q ii ponlet se in sac'menl illo^ n^ voluit int*re 
in plac de libo tenemto suo sine pcepto diii 
Reg vl Justic ej^.1 sup h^ capta f u recogfi 
1 p recogflone illa recupavit Rob saisina. 
jf Jud 9sidatii t q tenem ittd capiat'' in mail dni 
Reg 1 Rob sumoeaf q sit apd Westm In Oci 
Sci Hilar audit^^us iri Jud suii. 

jjnc. ^ BasiUa Jit Nicot appett Wilt d Herlesle milite 

Epi Dunolm de (|rapo . 1 ipa sequif 1 Will 3 
veii vl se ess 1t Epc Dunolm cepat i manu 
ad tindii eii ad rectii cora fVilt de Landa lc 

. 9Stabular castelli Linc . sup tota de 

Lincsir.l siimonit^ fuit q eet apd WLeic cora 
Justic . n*^ ibi veri vl se ess. 
1t gsidatii e q Epc Dunolm sum*^ q sit ap 
Westm ad ocl Sci Hilar ostensur^ qr ii huit 
Wilt pdcm q pleg cora Justic ap Linc. 

Warao\ j( Dies dat^ t Hug* Bard. \ Alic de Harexecort d' 
plac dol uii ipa plus ftt q» ea lire . . gat a die 
Pasch in fs sept 1t inrim lint lic gcord. 

Snff\ JT PagarP d WLond tut bre de nova diss . 9su9 

Wiltm Marescalt d libo teii suo i Banve 1 
Wilt Marescalt veii 1 dic . q dfls Rex redd 
ei os tras 1 oia jura Com Ric de St^gieH c 
fit 1 lied Com Ric \ qii ipe veii 1 cep homa- 
gia libe tenenciu de feodo honoris illi^, nlts 

Digitized by 



9puit p feodo illo . 1 ille TVilt sunionle fec 
ipm Pagah sup feod ittd semel 1 i?m .1 Pcio 
ut veniret 1 fa8et ei q fa?e debu 1 n veK n*' 

p se misit \ io judo c^ie sue " " 

feod ittd in namiu p defcu alio^ catallo^ 
sup feod ittd . 1 . . . . fil Pagan poit^ loco 
pns sui . vea \ dic q qii scivit q feod iltd 
captu fuit in manu dci Willi Maresc . veS ad 
euT: petiit feod ittd p plevina .1 fl potii fire .\ 
dic q £i deb} tenle feod ittd . de ipo Witto 
S3 de Rad de la Kersimere . \ vocat eu ad 
warantu 1 petit adhuc ffeod iltd p plevina. 
f hat plevina rre illi^. 

f Et dies dat^ t eis a die Sci. . . . in aro. dies apd 
Westiri . ut fiat lc warantu suu. 

f Wilt Maresc pon loco suo ..... /m . vl Wilt 
de Gard. 

Suhdt. jf Loqla in? Epm Winl. \ Wiltm Briwer de q^da 

hoie ej^d Epi fcapti p furto oviu in . . .1 feod 
ej^d Witti t in respectu usq^ in tres sepl post 

Pasch . apd Westm !\ Wilt \l poK iii 

loco suo Thoih de Rocheford .\ Epc poR loco 
8U0 . Joh SenescaS' suii. 

miT. f Dies dat^ t Willo ReueU . 1 fil Robti Malduit de 

plac advocacois Ecclie de WemUnistr in Ocl 
Sci Hilar. q* advocacone id Witt petit p uxore 
f Witts hat uxore sua lc ibi. 

Mid. jf Matitt q f u uxor Galfr WForesfii optulit se . 

iiij. die vsus iio^^cte la More . de plac 

Roglus n ve . vl se ess !\ tra illa capta f u in 
man diii Reg p def cu illi^ Rogli \ detenta 
. . . . ita q nlts petiit ea p plevina. 
JT Considatu t q Matilt tiat saisina sua in. 

Digitized by 



Canichr. f Curia Eliensis Epi recordat^ . q Sim fil WElie 
petiit i curia illa vsus Hunfr fit Rob.xxiy 
v'gat tre i . . . . p bre recti et ad pecone 
ipi^ Hunfr fuit fcs vis^ Uli^ ?re. P^ea 

pcednte ?pe c duellii int capiones t 

Hunfr judicatii fuit sup h® querela psiluert 
duo mil . scil Rogl fit Rob X Gocelin^ d bHr^ 
Scis \ ptestati .... ponebat tenemtii suii . qd 
ipi tenebat i pdcis xxij. v*gal rre i defnsoe 
Hunfr dfii illo^ q^cq . . . d duello \ respos . . 
f a c'ia qd ii Hitellexll ea q ipi dixiant eis 

valit'"^ scdm loc \ tps % vate lldeb} 

dix qd ii debent amove tenemtii illo^ a 

defnsoe Hurfr . q^ ipi fefati funt a 

Ilpditore T: desp^liatore ej^. Et | 

Hunfr dix q n liebat i dnico suo n* . vij. 

v^gatas tre 1 capitale mesuag Ipe c 

pdcs Sim p duellii dronasset misit ballivfi 
Epi \ ipm Sim i saisina de capitali mesag 
jpdci duo mil restitunt i saisina 9* bailt Epi 
1 ipm Sirti \ adhuc resistut. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis ad die dnicd proximd an Natale. 

(m.s.dors.) ^^ crastin^ 8^6*1 Edm\ 

jf Fretlieric de Bissopeston pon loco suo Witt fil 

suii vsus Sewale fit Fuldti . 1 Wilt de Bello 
cdpo . d plac fin f ei in c^^ia ad lu .vl pd. 

fVarr. jf Ass de nova diss . int Canonic 1 Priore de 

Kenilleworte petentes .1 Hug^ de Sai de libo 

' tenein pdco^ Canonico^ in Moleton . capienda 

f .1 dies dat^ f ut ass veniat apd Westm . 

iii. die p^ festu sci Hilar. 

tVarexic. jf Ass ve . re . si Henr fit Fulkon pr Henr fu 
saisit^ die q* obiit in domin ut de feod suo » 



de XXX. sol reddit^ in WSlanre . 1 si obiit p^ 
p*ma Coron . H. Reg pris . 1t si Henr ppinq'or 
hes ej^ sit . q^^s reddit^ Priorissa de Etton ei 
JT PWissa dic q Henr obiit ita iii saisit^.1 tut 
carta ipi^ Henr pris Henr q testaf q p^ obil 
ej^ p^dce moniales debet ftre p^dcm redditii 
q^etii vsus lledes suos 1 petut pace q^^usq^ 
Henr p^dcs q' infra etate t hat etate . % ipe 
deb} warantizare eis cartas pris sui . \ Henr 
\ illi q* p eo locunf petut saisina in q* ipa 
p'orissa cognov prem suu fiuisse . die q* obiit 
1 q sub judicib} lis 1 ^tenco fu utr carta pdca 
debet tenli vsus puerii q* infra etate t q ipe fi 
6ret saisina pns sui . gsilio Justic gven inr 
moniales 1 ipm Henr q moniales singlis annis 
dabut ad nut^end illii . xv. sot ad duos tminos 
anni q^usq^ puer etate Tiat salvo jure ut^usq^. 
ptis . Ita q in ultimo anno pdce moniales nich 
reddet ipi H. qn ipe jus suii vsus eas exigJe 

j}a)6n. ir Ass^s advocat^ Ipe pacis psentav ullima 
p'm ad ecctiam de Torini . q vacat ut dr . 
advocone cuj^ JoHs de Torini clamat vsus 
Afebissa .1 moniales de Sco Edward. 

f Atbissa veR 1 dic q ass fi deb} in fieri q^ bre 
loq''^ qd legales hoies 1t tlibos de villa d Torini 
tm sint recognitores in hac ass . T: fi hoies de 
visneto desic ipi odIs siit hdles ej^d Joh q* ass 

jf Considatii t q ass in remaneat.1 q Johs fiat 
bre q loqH*^ de hoib} de visfi de Torinl.t 
faciat ass venire a festo Sci Hilar in arv. dies 
apd Westiii. 

f Att)issa pon loco suo.^Giriif frem suii.vl^ 


Digitized by 



Gilb Jil Willi . ad luc*. vl pd . si ipa in?ee S 

War. JT Ass ve . re . Si . H. Coventr Eps Sl Canonic de 

Leic. Coventr diss . inj^te 1t sii judo Priore 1 gventii 

de Coventr de lifto tenem suo in Coventf 1 I 
Sudha 1t 1 H^dewich 1 in Huminton . 1 in 
Waspton . 1 i \\Wlteton . \ i Ojffecherich . 1 i 
PacwodSl i Franketon \ i Sowe .1 i WiliJiale. 
\ i \\Cumdiauin 1t i Scrapetofi . 1 i Pakinton 1 
i WRiuton p^ p*ma corofi dni Reg. 
f Canonic venert 1 dix?ut q qn dns Rex . H. dedit 
Epatii Coventf . Jf . rfe Nondt . dedit ei p^oratu 
Coventf sic i2o^ Epc pdecessor ej^ p*oratvi 
illii huit . \ ide Rog^ fiuit totQ Prioratu illii 
in dnico suo et Baronia i* q, cep homagia libe 
tenentiii Hinvenit monacli neccia ad voluntate 
sua St pferiit carta dni Reg .H. in q* continet*^ 
q ita dedit eid Hug^ pdcm P*oratii .1 anq* id 
Hug^ huit ifi saisina obiit Rex . H. \ dein . 
ven . H. epc ad diim Rege Ric . 1t gfirmacone 
ej^ iSi pq^ ipi prea dnt qd Moises Por 
ven apd Rading . cora Arcftpo . B. \ epis 
Lond . Roffens .1 pKb} aliis horiestis pson 1 
cticis .\ viris .1 reddidit PWatii in man . H. 
Coventf Epi .T: illi in psentia oium abjuravit 
prioratii Coventf ita q pmisit se niiqj* reditum 
de ceto ad ecc*m Coventf. Deiii gtig q ict 
Epc celebravit sinod sua in EccTia de Caventf . 
tpsiliert Monach T: pcusseriit epm sup capd 
suii c q*da cruce de ead Ecclia ita q sang^ne 
a capite suo ext*xert . q c intimatii f u dno . 
pp . p assensu T: testimoniii dni.^t.'^: oiiiiii 
suffiaganeo^ ecclie Cani judo mediante Siimi 
Pontific 1 Curie Romane deleta fii illa religio. 
Tiofiaino remota.1t ecclia ordinata assensu dfii 

Diigitized by 




Reg in pbendas c tris 1 c aliis ptinentib} 
ecclie salva integ*tate Baronie . q^*' diis Rex 
9cessit • H. epo ad vita sua .1 ita auctontate 
\ mandato Siimi Pontificis Wilto Eliens Epo 
lc legato directo ordinate fuert tc pbende % 
date ilt canonic q* fic siit 1 aliis q' ja obiert 1 
silr aliis q* loco eo^ successeft^l ut fi ordinaco 
rata pmaneatl ingcussa pdce ec^e.gfirmacone 
dSii 5^ pfert . 1 ita videt' eis qd j^te % judo . 
iK 6nt saisina . \ petiit q eis allocet' q niiq* 
vidunt Canonic aliq®" placitare absente pat^no 
Et offert dKo Reg.DC. Marc ut hant Prioratu 
pdcm integ* c Baronia pdci Priorat^ in ppetuii 
sic Prior Moises huit meli^ 1 pleni^ . t ut ifi 
Kant pfirmacoem dfii Reg. 

f Prior petit ass sua de nova diss 1 saisina Baronie 
sue. Et pfert carta diii Reg in q* gtinet' qd 
dfls Rex 9cessit eid Priori p*oratu suii Covenlr 
integ*.1t habitu 1 ordinacone sua.sic meli^ 
habebat 1 q il sit ei ad impedimtii illa carta 
q* H. epc impet*verat a diio Rege. Et ut 
Hant Prioratu suu integ^ c Baronia illa . 1 
ordinis sue restitucone sic dits Rex eis p carta 
sua Qcessit ofiert dito Regi • DC . marc argi . 
f D£ls Canl petit ifi c^^iam xpianitatis . sic de 
ecctia q vacas 1 1 f 1 deb} ee in custodia sua 
desic lis \ conteco t de reb^ 1 possessidib^ 
ecc^ticis. Et Justic petiit in cur dfii Reg . ut 
de plac baroii sue. 

jf Et p h^ lite 1 contencoe voluntate dfii Reg 
9sidatii t Qsulere. 

f \\Maihs de \\Haihersen optul se . iiij. die v^sus Rad 
de WWileseck d plac bosc abscisi .1 ipe Rad fi 


Digitized by 



ve . vl se ess 1 huit diS in Od Sci Marl p esi 
JT Rad ponaf p vad \ pleg q sit apd Westm a die 
Sci Hilar in ro. rfie^.tapdfWestm. oslnsur^ qr 
ii servnvdie suu .Tt resposur^de capital plac. 

jf Recordatu f u cora Justic itiSantib} q Sim Grim 
nuq* ded releviu n^ homagiu fec Philij^ de 
Kima de ?ra q* Malg' de Banburg dironav 
vsus ipm Sim in c^^ia Reg p gcordia cirog*pll 
^ Elias Grim clamat v^sus ipm Malglum St 
[EUas'] dic q Sim neq»vit fine fa8e de ?ra illa 
q^ bastard^ f ii [T: qd natus fu aitq* ma? sua 
fuisset desposata.] 1 qd par 1 mar ej^gnovat 
i Curia q iste Elias rect^ lies t de rra illa T: 
q puer erat in custodia Philipp de Kima dii id 
iSiTwS nlacitav de rra illa p septe anfi in divsis 
^''iis vsus ipm Sim sii Hclamio vi caliipnia q* 
EUas vl aliq*s p eo i illa poSet 1 petit q finis 
teneaf q Sifh ei fec dii f u in rra illa 1 ea tenu 
ut feod suii. 

f Dies dat^ t eis a die Pasch in . i . mensi ad 
audiend jud \ record suii. 

jf Dies dat^ t RoJieisie de Duvre . petenti homag 
Milil hono^ Ric de Luci St eisd milil . a festo 
Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd Westm. 

Epc Wini deb} dno Reg . C. sol . p hiido juramto 
legaliii hoiii de visneto de Portlad utx eccfia 
Sci fSthuthun hat libtate fendi wrec suii in 
Portland . vl . ii. 

Et Jur veridci pat*e dic q niiq* vidunt si wrek 
9tigisset aliq*' m° in Portland q ablatii eet de 
ecc*' Winl 53 qd pdca ecctia a tpe Reg Cnut 
\ p^ea huit libtates suas ifl. 

Digitized by 



f[ Ric de Tame petit ut Jud Cur sibi pficiat' de 
ultim* psentacoe p* ad ecc*m dieEstwich.die^ic 
p jud Reg capta f u recognico . de illa advo- 
cacoe . 1 p jur recognitu qd Regin de Tame pf 
Rtc psentav ultima p^^m ad illa ecctiam . q" 
advocaco Ateb de \\Bruma ei deforciat St desic 
[advoco] llpdca eccKe capta fu in man diii 
Reg p defcu ipi^ A^ St detenta p xv. dies. 
ita q nults petiit ea p plevina. A^ ven 1 dic 
qd nuq* sumoit^ fii ad audiend illa rec . n*^ 

sciv qSi re5 illa capta fu nd oms 

sumoes . put c^ia gsidavit. 

jf ^t Osbti SLpp^atRicJitOsbii qS SLudivin 

domo lapidea ipi^ Ric ubi collocuti fuert 

auxiliis datis ad redepcone dni Reg 

u* ipe Ric dix p auxit qd dedat dfio Pr . . . . 
q*s Cancelt ab eo abstut infra frim Lond q 

vellet emisse qMa Catena p xl. m 1 

ej^ Cancelt eent suspensi.T: q^Jord[^Tanur] lc 

fu ibi 1 ti audiv.1 q \ 

q Jord dix q diis Rex ibi sep eet u' fu .1 q 

Rob Brand ibi sitr ||ita 1t dix. 

qc% eat vl veniat . qd nuq* tiant Lond aliu 

Rege q* Majore Lond defende 

q*n ita dixisset offert pbare vsus eos put . c^ia 

^ Ric totu defendut dc vbo in v^bii.T: 

defendet u* debuerit \ qn debuerit 

Civil Londt petut libtate Civil si fire debeat 

f[ Dies dat^ t eis ad audiend responsu suii de 
libtate q* petut . a die dnica pa* pP JesiU Sce 

Katerih in fs sepl pseq* 

\\Osb ctici . 

Henr Walesis Hub le Ferur Andr Jit . • . . 
Jit Rob F^eis Rich Jit Alic 

F 3 

Digitized by 



Witts Jit AUc . GaiLfrid Y^amuitar. 

Wilts WTannator f Pleg Rob Brand sut standi 

recto Jil Hele . . . Henf Jit Renii . 

Rob BlundP . Gilb Da^ . Matheus 

Rob Hoildd. Thom Brand \ Ham fraP ej^ 
. . . . . .Jit Barun Walf Barun . Wido de 

\\Limoges Sim le \\Curr HathorP de 

Stanes Nicol de \\Antiochia Martih 

m. 9. Die S*ci Clemenf. 

Essex. f AUc q fuit uxor Pe/* de Hausted petiit die Sci 

Clemtis . i. ac*m tre in Bello Cdpo p plevina q 
capta fiiit in maii dni Regis p ej^ def vsus 
Gaufr Jit Wiomarc t lint lic gcordandi. 

Oxcm. jf Thomas Taillard ffuit sumonit^ fuit ad waranti- 

zandu A6bi de Wincfiecube cirog*phu inr eos 
fcm in ^''ia drii Regis. Thom veii Ifwantizavit 
tra illam .1 Nich Taillard dixit q id afcb 
sumonit^ fuit d ead tra vsus eii . Ateb defend 
sumonicoem \ nulla sumonico testata fuit \ 
ipe expectav die suu. 
f Jud Atib eat sine die. 

Ndrhdt, JT Ri^ fi^ Henr de Clend petes .1 Ric fit WilU ^ de 
xxxv. sot reddit^ i Deresburc un plac f ii inr 
eos i cur dni Reg p s*^ q Ricjit Wilti recog- 
nov 1t reddidit pfato Ric de Clend xvi. sot d 
reddit^ de pdcis xxxv. sol reddit^.1 advocone 
ecctie de Clend q* ana dironav vsus eund Ric 
i cur Pr .1 relaxav eid Ric . ij. sot . 1 vj. d. de 
9vico feod . i. milil . de Moril . s . qn feod dabit 
xij. sot .\ vj. d. tc dabit feod Ric . x. sot . % s^ 
ad plus.plusA ad min^. min^. li oia tenebt 

Digitized by 



litRic 1 tedes sui d pfato Ric Jit Wilti \ de 
tiedib} suis 1 ppetuu .1 p fi fiii 1 cocord Ric 
de Clend q*etu clamav . xix. sol . de pdco red- 
ditu a se 1t hedib} suis . p^ato Ric Jit Wilti \ 
tied suis . 1 Ric de Deresburc faciet homag 
pfato Ric de Clend de . iiij. v*gal tre . un redd} 
ei pfatos xvj. sot reddit^. Cocessit etia 
Ric Jit Wilti q Ric de \\Cleind teneat rras de 
Braibroc t de Acleia q fuert Henr pris sui si 
eas pq're possit p id sviciii q tre ille ei debet. 
)f Ricjit Wilti pon loco suo Rob de Stanto ad 
cirog^pfi recipiend. 
Dies dat^ t eis ad Oct Sci Hilar apd Westm \ 
f c veniat Ric de Deresburc. 

Warcw\ f Ric des Espes . " debet" dno Reg . i. in. argn p 
habend saisina sua de vj. sot reddit^ in Espes 
un Eps Coventr eu diss !\ un ass capta f u cora 
Justic in ptib^ ilt .1 testificata * diss. 
f Ric Kat saisina in. 

Ibiit. f Wiltjit Wilti Pincine offert dno Reg.i. in. p 

habenda saisina de . i. hida ure in Gaidoh \ 
diin . un ass capta f ii cora Justic in ptib} ilt . 
1 recogii q epc Coventr eu iii diss. 

Sussex. jf Dies dat^ f Hug^ de FekinlSi MatiU de Petponte 
d plac homag a die Sci Hilar in av. dies. 

Devon. f Thom de Recheford poit^ loco Wilti Bruier petit 

jud suii de Henr JitWiUi d plac Svicii dim . 
miUl .1 recordat^ a justic q Henr Jit WiUi 
defend sumoes apd Badone 1 lex adjudicata 
fii illi 1 dies dat^ f ii illi de lege sua pficienda 
i banco T: ad die eis poitu rl veii vl se ess. 
jf Considatu i q sviciii iltd capiat*" in marl diii Reg 
T: dies capcois mandet' Itc . sii plevina 1 ipe 
F 4 

Digitized by 



Henr siimoeat'' q sit apd Westm a die Sci 
Hilar in rv. dies audit^us jud suiL 

Norhdt. if Dies dat^ t Ric de Ware 1 Rogio de Argenl 1 aliis 
appttatis p ipm Ric . in Octab Sci Hilar apd 
Westm .\ illi q* appltati siit de psensu ponat'^ 
p vad 1 pleg usq^ ad pdcm rmin . 1 alii 

DeooTu JT Diesdat^f Prioride[iirer5we/feT:Jo/«£feTorin/] 

^la More .1 Ric de Greinvilt^ d plac ass 
capte p bre ||Cam . . . de capella Sci Andr de 
Mora a die Sci Hilar in xv. dies apd Westm. 

Comut. f W dies dat^ t A6bi de TiekeslFia .1 Ric de Grein- 
vitt d plac advocois ecctie d Kilkdton. 

Drcon. jT Afeb de Forde pon loco suo WRo^ de CTiinton . de 

plac rre . vsus Hbl de Boslai . ad luc*. vl pd. 

Die Jovis in vigiF S*c*e KaterirC. 

Suhdt. f Dies dat^f JoJUJitGodwin !\ Matho de WNorton . 

T: Xpiane mat* sue . de plac tre . die dnica pa^ 
ah Natale . cora dno Canl .2Ld audiend jud 

Ibid. JT Loqla in? Epm JVinl .1 Hug" de Chekehtdle . de 

plac passag t in respecf usq^ in fs sept post 
Pasch . pce pciu 1 inrim lint licenc gcord . 
1 Eps poii loco suo Joh senesc suu. 

Eboh. JT Ham Com de Warenh pon loco suo JohJitFul' 

chi . vl Ada de Ponntges vsus Joh de Barbi de 
plac rre iMisseleia ad luc^. vl pd. 

lVarew\ f Dies dat^ t Com de Warewic .\ Henr de WChau- 
ringworth de plac rre . a die Sci Hilar in . 
rv. dies apd Westm • 1 inrim 6nt lic gcord. 

Digitized by 



••• f Loqla In? ||p>poitum Oxoh.\ Rad 

plac capcois ipi^ Radulfi t in respctu iisq^ . In 
crastin Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Oxdn. JT Thom de WTademton pon loco suo Hu^ Torel de 

pt c^da ip*sonamti vsus Rad WMetfelin. 

Saiop. f Rob de WBeaumis . Rob de WodecoL Henr CristiarP. 

visores de . ii. v'gal tre % . x. ac^rii 1 t*um 
mesuag c ptiii in Estleia 1 in Bruges q WiUs 
le Salvage clamat vsus WiltmJitTurold.\ Cecit 
uxore ej^ . \ Galfr Molend.\ Malalia uxore 
ej^ . drit q feciit visii tre illi^ . \ Simo de 
Perepoi q*rt^ visor ess . se p Alaii de Gleseleia. 

Sumisei. JT Bic jit Witt recognovit i c'ia q facet secta 
de tris suis d Nortun \ t1 Bradejord % Hele 
Hundr Epi Winl de WTantun q*Ie aficessores 
sui fecunt ancessorib} pfati Epi [scit^ Epo 
Ric . ||Tt p^q* p*mo fu epc .] t q"Ie pdce tre 
debiit 1 si sup Yi inr illos lis t gtenco oita 
fuerut ponet se sup vedcm xii. milil de 
visnel ilt.vl d hundr illo. 

••• jT Regin de Argeni pon loco suo . Albin de Scacc . 
vsus Thofh de Bassingeb^ne d plac homag ad 
luc* vl pd. 

Wi^orn. ^ -^ss . ve . re . si ||/7igft//zrflP pr Margar f u saisit^ 
in dnico ut de feodo suo . . . . die q* obiit 
de feod dim Mitl c ptin i WBreiion !\ si obiit 

p dni . H. Reg \ si Margar 

ppinq'or hes ej^ t q* tra ^Waff Haket 
f Jur diit qd IguardP obiit in saisit^ 1 q ipe huit 

s. Crisiiand matre Wilti jil WGuidon 'l 

Margar q fuert tiedes ej^ \ testal t a Justic 
q Wilts Jit WOdon hes Cristian Qcessit cora 

Digitized by 



Justic qd ass pcedat p Margar (|ainita sua 

q'cq*d de ass capet 
f Dies dat^ t ipo Iguard die dhica paf^ ah Natak 

ad audiend Jud suu. 
f Jud Margar Kat saisina sua in. 
*•* IT WJollanus P*or de Spalling^ poS loco suo Hug' 

Pore de \\Hav! . . . vsus fil Alic .1 

\\Amicid ^ sua d plac warant carf ad luc* vl 


••• JT ^^^^^^ Aguillun [\ Sarra uxor ej^j appltat 

Philippm de Stanes neqx 1 in 

pace dni Reg 1t i ro15ia ven ad dom sua apd 
^Burgha 1 p vi abdux?ut Constantid q f u 

uxor q f u 1 custodia illoj^ p 

Archiepm JRothom lc Justic 1 p . . Justic 1 
de catalt suis asportaviit xxvij. li. t.i. m. \ 
ij. d 1t Sarrd uxore sua vulnJaviit \ insangui- 

navut vsus eii p corp^ suii sic tio 

sjxaginta anno]^ et ampli^ si debuer vl p . . . 

h5iem q^ iii 

ense suii q* fi offert pbare p suu 

gsidacoe c^^ie. ^ PhilippP vent defend totu de 

vbo in vbii . vsus ipm ht Ix. anno^ 

si debuert t vsus sic vsus 

p vl p aliq . si 

"^ debuer put c'ia gsidavit 

f Dies dat^ f eis ad audiend 

jud suiL 

Oxon. (T Ass in? fVilt Jil H*vic 1 Rob le Puier de morte 

ancess de . v. v'gaJ rre c ptin in BukenhuUe 
remanet sn die . q^ tra ej^de Robi saisita t in 
manii diii Reg. 

E$sex\ ^ Ass . ve . re . si Galfr fit Pei" diss inj^te 1 sii 

Digitized by 



jucTo Atebem de \\WaIend de lito tenem suo 
i Waleden p^ p*ma coron dni Reg. 

jf Galfr dic q ass n deb} in fieri . q^ qii dns Rex 
dedit ?ra Com WilU de Mandevtt fipi Galfr 
huit rra ista in man sua St ea dedit ei 1 in 
carta sua ei fec q* ipe ptul . q q* 6 id gtinet'. 
\ q huit seisina rre illi^ p bre Cancelt lc 
Justic llq llcTtul WOtonJit Witt lc Vic Essej? q* 
in ei saisina sua fec. 

jf AHi dic q Galfr huit saisina 1 rra pdci Com 
Witti adfestn Sci Pet^ ad Vinclu \ q pdcs 
Galfr eos ad capd jejunii post iii diss Sl in 
pon se sup ass. 

fl Ass sit in resp^tu usq^.in Ocl Sci Hilar apd 
Westm .1 lc veniat ptes .ad audiend jud suu 
\ ass fi veniat 

Linc. JT AlarP de Bosc pon loco suo Galfr fX Witti . 

nepote suii . vsus Joh de Bosco d plac r . ad 
lu.vl pd. 

Witt. f Dies dat^ t Ric Fundatori . \ Robto Aurifr . de 

plac ass . de morte ancess in M^lebge q^ villata 
de M*lebge dic q ass nlta deb} capi de villa de 
M^lebge . 1 vic fi id testat' a die Pasch . in 
.1. mense. ap Westin ad audiend jud suii. 

Cantebr. JT Simo fil Eue . poii loco suo Sifn de insula vsus 
Rog^fit Humfr 1 Gocet de oib} scis . de plac 
rre . ufi duell fu . ad audiend jud suii. 

Sumiset. iT Dies dat^f Radde Hugedeh !\ Regin de WFranton 
de plac homag Regih a die Sci Hilar . in arv. 
dies . apd Westm . % inrim tint lic gcord. 

Norhdt. f Rob fit Henr .\ alii apellati de Norhdt . poniit 
loco suo Ric WRqfftl.^X Joheni fit Hug'. vsus 
Ranh * ad audiend die suii . q^usq^ Arcfipc 

Digitized by 




Warenf. j Memorand ut loqV c vic de Warewic sup fi q 
ipe fl Ruit cora Justic Wilt^XHenrJitBemard 
de Brailes . q®s Wib^ga appltat de morte Pet^ 
viri sui sic ifi bre justic recepat .1 de Alan 
clico suo . rectato de receptacoe malefco^ .1 
de apello un id vic appltavit Wiltm de \\Blact. 
\ dies dat^ t ipi Wib^ge in Ocl Sci Hilar. 

Suff\ if Ada de Badeuent petit vsus Rob || Gamoise . Ix 

ac*s tre in WChebehat. sic jus 1 feeditate sua .1 
Rob veil T: dic q tenet rra illa sic jus suu 1 ifi 
pofl se snp magna ass dni Reg. 
f Preceptu * ctico vic q faciat venire . iiij. mit . ad 
eligend xij. ad ass illa faciend in craslih Sci 
Hilaf . ap Westm. 

Norhdt. ^ Por de Luffelde petes . T: Wilts Jit Ric tenes 
cocord sut de molend illo in Heiford cxxf 
medietate ipe p*or an liuit \ alia medietate 
clamav vsus ipm Wiltm . p cirog"ptlm inr ipos 
f cm i cur Reg . p s*^ q pdcs Wilt dedit pdco 
Pori \ monacti . viij. sot . reddit^ sui . s. q°s 
Hug^ ctic^ tenu de eod Wilt i villa de Heiford 
i escabiu medietatis molend pdci .1 Por 1 
Monacli q^eta clamavert medietate illa . pdco 
Wilto \ Redib} suis p ilt viij. solidal reddit^ 
q^ in ppetuii remanebt Robo de Ltffeld. 

Kantebf. f ^ss int iJo^ de Huntingefeld .\ Pore de Longa 
villa de advocoe ecctie de Herleton t ^^ 
respecl usq^ in Ocl Sci Hilaf apd Westm . pp 
jf Wiltsft Wilti.i. eod ess se p Alaiijit 
Wilti .1 Wal? Jinhor . p Ric de Cruce Roheis 1 
Wilt WPudefad . p Rog^ de WHarreton. 
f Id dies dat^ t rec p ess suos. 

Gloec. JT Dies dat^ t Gilb Martel .1 Wiltojit Galff d plac 

Digitized by 



duelli m Ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm . ut lc 
veniat pati. 

Horhat. ff Dies dat^ t hoib} de Norhdt . 1 Rannjit Ade de 
plac apffi ad diS Dmca pa^ an Natale apd 

Ibid. JT HafAJil Ham petiit die Sce Kater. i. v^gata rre 

^ rcia pte . v***. ac*ru tre c ptin in Wika p 
plevina q capte fuert in man dni . Pr. p defcu 
ipi^ Ham St q* rra Basilia q fii uxor ^Tbern 
clamat vsus eii.T: vic testaf^ q rra illa capta f ii 
in mail dni Reg dUe Dnica pa^ j^ festU Sci 
MariSt Ham pon loco suo iiic deBeUo capo 
ad luc* vl pd. 

Sussfjc^. JT Sarra de WBonnevilt appltat Constantia q f u uxor 
Matiser filii sui qd ipa psensit 1 instinctu 1 
adq'sic6e ej^ veflut malefcores ad dom TVilt. 
viri sui 1 ea vulSavut ita q sang^nolenta fca 
f u 1 robiam fecut q* ipa monstrav WRegin .1 
Arcbpo Rothom . 1 fi offert pbare vsus ea ut 
liba mulier . sic Cia psidavit 

jf Constantia ven \ defend totii de vbo in vbu . p 
se si debuer vl p alios libos h5ies suos si c^ia 
9sidavit .1 dic q qn ratii huit q Maus vir ej^ 
mortuus fii n fiuit [ta bona] custod q*le hre 
debuit \ ido p gsiliii amicoj^ suoj^ in discessit 
c amicis suis . \ de die. 

jf Constantia pon loco suo Godefrid de Sco Marl 
de plac dotis sue.l: catallo^ suo^ ad luc* 
vl pd. 

f Dies dat^ t eis ad diS dnica pj^ an natale ad 
audiend Jud suii. 

£bof. ^ Shno de WLindon poit^ loco Margar uxor ej^ 

petiit vsus Martinfl Martel .\ Agnel uxore 

Digitized by 



ej^ q*rta pte feodi . i. milil. c ptin in Oteringha 
q* ipi eis inj^te deforciat . q f u Witti de 
Oteringhd pris ipi^ Margar cj^ ties ipa est 
ut Sifh dic. Martir? vefi 1 diS q Agnes uxor 
ej^ fi fu sum5ita 1 q ipa deb^ ee warantu suii 
de ?ra illa si debet ee in waranL Simo petit q 

ti ei allocet'' q ipa il sumoita 

f G .1 clic^ vic testat^ q sumo f ii testata. 
jf Considatu t q Margar fiat warantu suu in Ocl 
Sci Marl ap Westm. 

Ibid. jf Id Sim de Lind petiit vsus Joh de Lacelles 

iiij. virgatas tre c ptin in WBilminghobn .1 
iiij. carucaE tre in . . . . c ptin q fuert WilU 

de Oteringha ipi^ Sim 

Sim dic . T: q*s Id Joh 1 ipe Joh 

se fec ess a festo Sci Mich in . v. sepi . apd 

Westm 1 dies fu ei dat^ ad aud jud suu a 

festo Sci Marl in . aro. dies dcs 

Joh se ess fec vsus • . 

•♦• jf petit 9sus Thom de WHanton 

dote sua 

m. 10. Die LuTi arH fesiu S^cH Andr^. 

Sussea^. JT D^^s dat^ t Johi Avenel .1 Urso de WLimes de 
plac diss . de ij. v'gal tre in Bergas . ad diS 
dnica ^a^ an Natale ad audiend jud suiL 

Linc. JT ^il^^ ^ WHerdredeshuU petit record 1 Jud 

suii.vsus Thomft Wilti 1 Agnel uxore ej^ de 
plac falsi puerpii .t Epc Linc dic q loqla illa 
spectat ad c'iam xpianitatis.1 petit ea. 

Digitized by 



jf Dies dat^ t eis a festo Sci Hilar in rv. dies . 

apd Westm. 
jf Thom poii loco suo AgnetS uxore ej^ si ip inree 

ii possit .1 si ipa n venire n possit ipe Tliofn 

veniat . ad audiend Jud suu. 

Lond. JT I^i^s dat^ t CJiermih Judo \ Samson fri \\Brin 

de plac duelli in Ocl Sci Hilar .1 lc veniat 
pati ad duelt iltd faciend . apd ToteUe. 

Kei. JT Dies dat^ t Rogio Witepuse 1 WaJ$o de CUffbrd. 

1 [Hamon] ARog'^ Tunedai de plac diss . ad 
diS dnica pafm an Natat. ad aud Jud suii .1 
Rog^ petit q ei allocet'' % Ham n ven .vl se ess. 

Norf. JT JuUah de Swq/eld optul se . iiii. die vsus TViltm 

de \\Corcin de plac feod . i. milil .1 dim . in 
Helmtgha . 1 Witts n ven vl se ess . 1 sumo 
testata f ii. 
JT Jud . tra illa capiat^ in maii diii Pr. 1 dies capcois 
mandet' . 1 WiUs sumoeat^ q sit apd Westm a 
die Sci Hilar in viij. dies .1 pceptu t clico 

Lhic. JT Dies dat^ t Robto Jit RadSt Nigett de Bennig- 

worthe de plac fin f ci in c^ia diii Reg . in Ocl 
Sci HiUir .1 ||n hms n*^ bre n* record * 

Ibid. JT Dies dat^ t Joceo Jtt W^lmii .1 WAlan de LoHtoh 

de record jud sui in Ocl Sci itinle. 

Uic. JT Dies dat^ t Rad Bret \ Witto de Fi .\ Witto de 

Berewe d plac rre in Ocl Sci Hilar . de Itinle 
1 ipi hnt record .1 bria. 

Surr. jf Simo \ Petr^ de Chaihd sum5iti ad tenend fine 

\?sus HiUUhard*t MatiUid de Labur.\ Wittm 

fil Agh .1 \\Aluicid uxore Alea:^ de WHoiSg 1 

Digitized by 








Amable uxore TVilti de la War \ Helewiss 
uxore Norma de Bosewrthe hedes Rad de 
Traleia qui f cs f u int eos T: pdcm Rad in c^ia 
dni . Pr. de . ii. hid rre in Cheiha . venlut 1 
optulert se vsus eos !\ exp^^tav^t . iiij. die suii 
1 petentes n venlut vl se ess. 
jf Considatu f q ipi eant sn die \ q petentes tiant 
tale recupacone q*le Rre debet . 1 Pceptu t 
llvic llclico q illi in sit in pace q®us% hant 
nova sumone. 

jf ^Alonoth de Siurewast petiit in vigit Sci Andr 
tra sua de Hamestede \ de Bensifil p plevina 
q capta fu in man dni Reg p ej^ defectu vsus 
Pientid q fu uxor JValfi de Cauz. 

jf Roh Jit Roscelin poit^ loco Beat^c uxoj^ sue petit 
vsus Hu6t de prandeston vij. sol reddit^ in 
Melles q^ ptinet ad dote ^dce Beai^c q* ipa 
Rt de dono Willi de Burgat vir sui q®s ipe eis 
deforciat. fZiwS/^ ven T: dic q n t ties ^i/ft' cte 
Burgate n^ aliquid ten^ de ipo Wilt \ioii vult 
ei resp5de sn waranto suo . n* c^^ia gsidavit . 
Rob dic q cora Justic itinlantib} addux p^dca 
Beat^a: Yiede pdci Wilti q* warantizavit ei 
dote sua \ in petit record Justic. 

jf Considatii t q Roh pducat warantu suii ad 
XV. dies ^ festu Sci Hilcff^ . apd Westm . si 

jf Wilts le Curteis petiit die Sci Andr tra sua p 
plevina q capta fii in man dni Reg p defcu 
ipi^ vsus Thom clicu de Huntend. 

jf Amicia [uxor] Gilbti Avenel pon loco suo GilB 
virsuii vsus MathmJitOdon de Eston d plac 
tre ad luc*. vl pd. 

Digitized by 



Surr. f( Mabit de Motibrai pon loco suo Wilt de Bures 

vsus Canonic de SuwerV. d plac tre . ad luc*. 

Kent. f Dies dat^ t Lvce de Chelefeld .1 Philippjit Philipp 

de Diue . de plac porcois tre in Chelefeld in 

Norhdt. jf Basit q fu uxor Turbni petit vsus Ham .JitHam 
. i. v^gata tre 1 tcia pte . v**'. acrar c ptin in 
Wika ut ronabile dote sua.q* deb^ hre ex 
dono Turbni viri sui !\ q tra capta fu in maii 
diii Reg p defcu ipfP Ham. Ric de Bello cdpo 
poit^ loco ipi^ Haffi dic q dfls ej^ n deb} ei 
respSde de dote % n f hes ej^ . 1 dic q tes 
ej^d \\T^berli p fine fcm int ipm .1 Ham diim 
suii q'eta clamav tra illa q* ipa clamat 1 
ifi pfert cirog^hm q h testat' . 1 petit Jud 
utr debeat ei respode sn waranto suo. 

Ibid. f( Dictii t * fil Edi\>e q petit dote vsus Osbiii de 

Glanvilt q veniat ad ro. dies p^ festu Sci 
Hilar apd Westm. 

OxcSL jf Ass int Rad de la Rivere 1 Thom Hai de 

nova diss . t in respcu usq^ in Ocl Sci Hilar . 
\ pceptii t ball de Waling\ q lc hat capitale 

Dorsel. jf Mich de Basevilt .\ Isabtta ux sua petetes.l 
Ri€ de \\Sifiewast tenes de tota tra c oib^ ptiii 
de WSifhatun.^ Simjit "/2o*" vir pdce Isabelle 
ei dedit i dote ^cordati siit p sic . qd pdci 
Mich de Basevilt 1 1sabtta ux sua q'eta cla- 
mav^nt tota ^dcam tra c ptiii tota vita pdce 
Isabtte pdco Ric de Si/iewast \ hed suis 
tenda ^ tnda liba 1 q'eta ab oi svico ad eos 
ptin p . Ix . sot. anuaii in redded • p • ij. wos 
ROT. CuR. Rbg. o 

Digitized by 



aiii . s. XXX. sol. adfesl Sci MichSt xxx* sol 
ad Pascha.\ p h* q^eta clamatia \ fine 1 
9Cord . pdcus Ric de WSifurewast dedit pdcis 
tdedit Mich de BaseviU \ Isabtte ux sue . ij. 
m*c argeti 'l q p^ obil pdce Isabtte tra tota 
pdca c oib} ptin remanebit pdco Ric de 
Sifurewast \ tied suis soluta St liba St q*eta . 
ut libm feod suii i ppetuii. 

Siihai. jf iJo^ Gr05ce/m sumSit^ f u ostiisur^ 

qr diss Alex* \\Cradulan de Winl ^ q fuer ^ 
de . ij. mesuag in suburbio Winl q fuert vadia 
ipi^ Akx* usq . ad tmiii ix. anno^ \ Rad ven 
1 dic q n diss . eii . set liuit saisina in p vic de 
SuhaJt St vic dic q fec ei saisina hre de ilt . 
ij. mesuag q fuert Robti Capellan in escabiii 
. i. selde in feiria Winl. q* id Rad amisit p ass . 
de nova diss . cora Justic itinlantib} .1 un id 
Rob fQ waranl ipi^ Rad . pcepto Justic 
jf Dies dat^ t eis a festo Sci Hilar in . rv. dies ad 
audiend iud suii q^ Cives Winton emert rra 
illa . 1 inrim hnt licenc gcord. 

••♦ jf petiit rra sua p plevina die Veh 

p^ fesl f ii in man dni Reg p 

ej^ defcu fris sui q 

petit rra illa in dote. 

••» Cristianq fuuxor 

usq^ in Ocl Sci nii Pr. 

in. 10. dorS. 

Linc. JT Loqla q t inr Sim de Kima poitu loco Hawisie 

mat's ipi^5/m .1 AgnetS de Amundevilt de plac 
dot ipi^ Agn t in respecl usq in crastin Ocl 
Sci Hilar apd Westm . q^ id Sim t in §vic6 
dni Reg pcepto diii Canl c Justic ibi itinl- 

Digitized by 



f WiltsdeMorton.\SimdeLindon:iWiltsBern. 
missi ad audiend q ipa Hamsia q lang'da t 
posuerit loco suo ad luc*nd vl pd . p ea i c^^ia 
dni Reg de dote q* pdca Agn clamat vsus ea . 
dnt q ipa posii loco suo pdcm Sirh .1 Ric de 
Ormesbi q*rt^ mil . ii ven . vl se ess . ^sidatu f 
q ip ponat'' p vad .1 pl . q sit ad pdcm ?min 
apd Westm oslnsur^ qr ii ven ad die suu . \ 
ad testificand auditu suiL 

Dorsel. f Dies dat^ t Com Wilto de JTnu . \ Wilto de Mote 
Acuto de plac catall . a die Sci Hilaf in 
av. dies . apd Westm !\ intim hfit lic concord. 

SaUp. /T Lucia q fuit uxor Rob de Cauz poita fuit p pleg 

q eet ostesura q*r tulit bre de dissais v^s^ 
Wiltm de Spinel de lito tenem i Wlngwrdin . q 
ipeWilts disroavit vsus^fea:^ waret illi^ Luce de 
dote sua . i cur dni JJr .1 iii pfert cirog*pR f cm 
int eos anno . i. regni Jt Ric. Lucia veii \ dic . 
q disroav dote sua vsus ipm Alex* frem viri 
sui.i curia . H. Reg . aiio xxxiij. regni ej^.1 
in pfert cirog^pli . q hoc testaf.l petit jud . 
ut? fine fa?e potuit sup* fine p'us f cm . \ 
notad t q Alea^ q*el clamav tol j^ \ clam suii 
q hiiit i tota rra i Wlngwrdin . Wilto de Spineto 
\ IHpo Wilt.dedsLt vad .1 pleg. monstrand v^sus 
jural p q°s ipa recupav saisina q flm sac*menE 
feSant 1 ipi attachiati veflut 1 ipe nict vsus 
eos dix n^ monst*vit n* cirog^plim. Considatu t 
q ipa Lucia teneat in pace \ Wilts \ pleg ej^ 
i mia q^ n m6st*nt vsus jur q fecisset ftm 

Linl. JT I^i^* dat^ t Osbto de Langetot q' se ess . d in . 

lec.1 WalSo de Bauent poito loco Eudoi d 
o 2 

Digitized by 



Bauent . a die Sci Hilar in xv. dies . apd Westm . 
1 plac t de waranl cart. 

Linc. jf Matild de Creuecner pon loco suo Rand de 

Tunetorp vsus Brianjit Wilti de\\Pinthorm de 
pl rre ad luc^nd vl pdend. 

Kent. ^ Mauser^ Jit Wilti de ^Langedon \ Wilts de 

Aubvilt. tenes gcord sut de x. ac^ tre in 
\^Landeton p s*^. q Mauser^ q^etas clamav 
predcas dece ac*s rre de se 1 hedib^ suis ipi 
Wilto 1 Redib} suis in ppetuu. 

Linc. JT Ass Thomjit Thom diss inj^te \ sn 

judo . Eililda vidua Tt Ric fil suu . de libo 
tenein suo i Q^ppelade p^ p*ma coron dni 
Reg. " Thom veh " \ dic q ipa fii uxorata 
cuida Turkilio . q* Ruit ex ea duos fit . q' 
clamabat libtate tenem sui in cur drii pt 1 ii 
. dic ubi ,1 q ibi dironav eos ee villanos suos . 
t n defend diss . n^ aliq^^s Justic vocav sup 
illa dirone \ ipi EUlda \ Ric defendut vili- 
nag.l poniit se sup jur T: petiit ass. 
jf Considatu * q ipe nich dix qr ass . reraaneat . 
\ io dies dat^ t eis in crastih Sci Hilar 1 tc 
veniat os rec .Tt pceptu * cKco vic. 

Ibid. f ThomJit^Tim vefl in cur p sum 1 pgnov Pel 

de Holt . \ Joh de Norton xxj. marc Tt dim . eis 
debe q*s ipi exigebat vsus eii p b . . s* vendito. 
Tt cep in maii eas rcddendas ad tminos q®s 
ad ill Rre potit. 
f Dies dat^ t eis de tmiii assignand \ pleg inve- 
niend . a die Pasch in arv. dies . apd Westm. 

Norhdt. JT J5flr5i7 q fii uxor WTurhti de\\Vien.\ Ham JiX 
Ham . gcord siit de . i. v^gata ?re .1 ?cia pte . 

Digitized by 



V. ac^^ru c ptifi in Wika q ipa petiit vsus eu 
in dote. p s*" q ipa q*etu clamav totii jus 1 
clamiu suii ipi Ham . p . . . sot q^^s id Ham ei 
in dedit. 

Ibid. jf Gilb de WBemehace poit^ loco Abb de Burgo 

optul se iiij. die vsus Ric p*m d Cotinghd d 
pl hid retenti 9* ass diii Reg St clic^ vic dic q 
ipe Ric nltm laic feod lit in baill sua 1 n vult 
ei dare n^ vad . n*^ pleg. 

Siqff\ f Nicoljit Rad de Colton optut se . iiij. die v^sus 

Nicotjit Thom d plac applti . d morte Thom 
pris sui .1 ipe « Thom petes ri servav die suii. 

Linc. ^ Rann de Essebi . optut se . iiij. die . vsus Wiltjit 

Rob de Essehi de plac fin f ci in c^ia diii Reg 
ap Westm .1 Wilt n . vert vt se ess . 1 ri fiuit 
jf Dies dat^ f eis die dhica pa^ an Natale ad lindu 
bre ad respondendu vic q liat ibi bre sumois. 

Boteland. jf Ric de Martinwast optut se.iiij. die . vsus Wilt 

de R d plac catalt St Wilt n ven . vt 

se ess !\ n Ruit bre 

\\Linc. jf WalS de Lideford optut se . iiij. die vsus Joh de 

Herpha de plac waranl csLvlSt Joh n ven.vt 

se ess .1 Joh f u eat sn die .1 Joh 

feat tale recupacone q*le hre deb. 

HSttm. f Wilt Dac optut se . iiij. die vsus Cecilia q fu 

uxor . . . . . age St Vivian de Ivelcestr St Rob 

le tant .1 Wilt le WLoherein .1 Thom 

ppoitu .1 GiW de 

plac nove diss . de ipa n 

se ess 1 Hug^ ess 

pcepto d5ie Regine fec eis hfe saisina sua 

. . • . ipi 

o 3 


Digitized by 



Bauent . a die Sci Hilar in av. dies . ap 
*\ plac t de waranl carL 

Linc. jf Matild de Creuecuer pon loco sur 

Tunetorp vsus Brianjit Wilti de\[ ^ 
pl rre ad luc^nd vl pdend. 

Kent. ^ Mauser^ Jit Wilti de ^Langedon 

Auhvilt . tenes gcord siit de > 
}\Landeton p s*^. q Mauser^ ^ 
predcas dece ac*s rre de se T: 
Wilto 1 Redib} suis in ppetuii. 

Linc. JT Ass Thomjit Thom ; 

judo . Eilildd vidua 1 Ric ^ 
tenein suo i Qppelade p^ 
. Reg. " Thom ven '' \ dic < 

cuida Turkilto . q^ tiuit e 
clamabat libtate tenein su^ 
. dic ubi St q ibi dironav e 
t n defend diss . n*^ aliq ' 
illa dirone Tt ipi Elilda '■ 
nag.l poniit se sup jur " 
jf Considatu^q ipe nich di 
1 io dies dat^ t eis in < 
veniat os rec .\ pceptu 

Ibid. JT ThomJit\\Tim ven in ct 

rfe Holt . 1 Jo/E cfe Nor( 
defee q*s ipi exigebat ^ 
Tt cep in maii eas r; 
ad ill Rre potit. 
f Dies dat^ f eis de 9in" 
niend . a die Pasch i 

Norhat. JT ^5^5/? q fii uxor ||7' 
-Haw . gcord sut c! 


Digitized by 


11 vt 

Rad de 

lenhat t 


l Andr\ 

ot de Cuber- 
>lac ttosl ad 

(4 qreret pace 

im Reg p dflm 

i licencia.1 sut 

ialfridP de Sai . ^ 

ic qd faciat ei hre 


Vig^. 9sus dfim Rege 
jurataf [ee] ad dona- 
Hilar in av. dies . apct 

' \ AVbi de Rameseia d 
die Sci Hilar in xv. dies . 


:at .\ Rob jit Rad . de plac 
us% in XV. dies post festU 
tiii . pcepto dni Canl. 

loco suo Henr de Casteillun . 
inbufM al?m illojj \?siist 

G 4 

Digitized by 



HunL jf Wilts DacP poit^ fu p vad 1 pleg adee coii 

Justic apct Westm in Ocl Sci Andr ostensur^ 
q° jure 1 c^ warant o teneat se in t^b^ hid tre 
c ptin in Herford un id Wilts recupav saisina 
in c^ia drii Reg vsus Rad de Wigorn p def cu 
ipi^ RadSt tra illa capta t in mail dili Reg p 
bre dni Reg de ult* m^re St Wills ven \ petit 
ea p plevina.Tt dic q recupavit c'ia 
diii Reg vsus ipm Rad ]\xSio c^^ie.l in vocat 
c'iam ad warantu . Tt offert diio Reg . x. marc 
ut deducat^ judo c'ie diii ^.\ Hu^ Jit Rad de 
Wigof offert diio Reg . x. marc. ut Rat saisina 
sua iii sic diis Rex pcipit p bre suu. 
f Dies dat^ t eis in Ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm . 1 
Hu^ poii loco suo Thom de Huntend ad luc*. 

Lancastr. f Dies dat^ t Abbi de Salopesbur \ Wilto de IIJBi- 
shopeha de plac ass de morte aiicess de yj. 
boval tre in Norbrec a die Pasch in ax\ dxes 
pcepto dni Canl . apd Westm. 

Bx)teUnt. ^ Wal$ Jit Ade 1 i2o5 ff ej^ t WSwete Care? \ Henr 
Care? \ Wilt Bedelt d Egelton 1 Roh Paiml 
T: Ingulf^ fr HenrSt Godwin de WSaburiiSl 
Wiltjit Turgis \ Rob fr ej^.T: Odo Jit Gudred 
\ Alwi Got poiti fuert p vad \ pt adee cora 
Justic apd Westin . respSsuri de q**da anci- 

pit* gcelato que Alex* de jjPcm/rf 

ad op^ drii Canl venliit 1t dixiiit qd inq^situ t 

p sac*mentii int eos si ad de pdco 

ancipil \ nicli potuit int eos inq^ri n® aliq^d 

in T: vic de Roteland testat^ q nicli 

p* inq'rere p eos de ipo ancipil. 
f Dies dat^ -^ idis a die Sci Hilar in av. dies apd 

Digitized by 














JT Dies dat^t Jord de La \\Wulce \ Rob de WKile- 
mundesden d plac ztq . a die Sci Hilar in 
a*v. dies apd WestiS .1 inrim hnt lic gcord. 

jf Oms loqle q ptinet ad ^eobald Walf. ponut'' in 
respec? . usq^ in a*v. dies iPfesl Sci Hilar p bre 
dni Canl. 

jf Dies dat^t RoSo de la Holle \ RadMaskerel a 
festo Sci Hilar in xv. dies apd Westm . ad 
audiend record 1 jud suii . de plac diss. 

jT Petr^ le Salsier % Ada de Poinl gcord sut de 
catalt uR plac f ii inr eos in cur diii Jt . p sic q 
Ada paccav ei mediel illo^ catalt . ita q alia 
med ei q^et clamavit. 

^ Maria de Brunesbge port loco suo Osb « suii 
vsus Agath fil Joh de Wika de pt dol ad 
lu . vt pd. 

jf Alanoth de Sifrewast St Piencia q f ii . uxor Wal^ 
de Cauz gcord siit de tcia pte . i. hide rre 
in Swaneb^ne p s'' q illa q*eta clamav illa tcia 
pte rre illi^ q* petiit in dote ipi Halenoth 1 
tiedib} suis . p xx. sot • q^s ei in dedit 

jf Loqla int Willm de WGrancort t Wilt le Noreis 
h5iem Poris de Benha de plac appffi t iR 
resp^ii us% in arv. dies jPfesl Sci Hilar. 

JT Dies dat^ t Wilto ft Nigett .\ Roglo de Wotton 
de plac molend t . i. v*gal tre in Wotton . uii 
rec de morte aiicess sumoita f ii . p bre dSi 
Canl usq^ in ocl Sci Hilar. 

jf Dies dat^ t Hug^ Peverel .\ Lucie de Kokefeld. 
d plac ?re . in ocl Sci Hitr ad audiend jud 

Digitized by 



Suss€x\ JT Add de Port .1 GiW Morin poiti loco Witti cfe 
Brahose optulert se iiij. die v^sus Rob de 
Forstesbur St AUc uxore ej^. d plac . i. hid tre 
in Bedinges .1 Rob \ Alic tenentes ii venJiit 
vl se ess Sl sumo testata f u. 
ff Jud tra illa . capiat"^ in maii dni Reg St dies 
capcois mandetf^ Justic St ipi sumoneant' q slt 
apd Westm a die Sci Hilar in jcv. dks . tapd 
tWestm audit^i jud suii jf pceptii t Jocelin 
clico vic * • 

Linc. jf Elias de Hareines petiit xl. sot reddit^ p ann in 

Kinerbi \ in Barewe vsus WJoilaen de Amunde- 
vilt q**s ei debet redde annuati p fine fcm int 
ipm WJoheilein \ Thorh prem Elie . in cur dni 
Reg . H. pris dfii Reg . p vj. boval tre Tt uno 
molend in Scaletorp q Agneis de Amimdevilt 
teu} ad vita sua .Tt ilm deb} id Elias hre pfatos 
xl. sot .1 pfert cirog*plim q h id testat' .1 vic 
testat^ p bre suu qd illi xl. sot reddit^ capti 
fuert in manu drii Jtr die Ven pj^ fP J^ Sci 
Edm . p def cu ipi^ Joilah . vsus ipm EUa .1 
Joilan veil inf* a:v. dies .1 petiit pdcos xl. sot. 
reddit^ p plevina. , 

jf Considatii t qd Joilan hat p plevina ilios xl. sot 
reddit^ . 1 dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Hilaf in 
XV. dies . 1 intim hiit lic gcord . \ Joikm^ pon 
loco suo ad cirog*ptl suii recipiend Hu^ de 
WBobi . vt Rad le Franceis .1 EUas pori loco 
suo in Galfr de Hareines. 


f Rog" de Cerinl poit^ loco Abb deFordes ad luc\ 
vt pd. optut se iiij. die vs^ Her3iu de WBoil-^ 
Uers de plac . tre . 1 Herbt^ n ven . vt se ess . 
1 dies f u ei poit^ p ess suii . usq^ . in Oci . Sci 

Digitized by 



JT Jud fra capiat' in man dni ^r Ac . t Nht^ 
sumoneat' q sit apd Westm a die Pasch t fs 
sepl . audit^us jud suu. 

D'nica p^ fest\ S^c^i NicoVi. 

Surr. f Regiii de Cruce pon loco suo Rob Banastre . de 

plac servitii . i. mili? . in Mukeld . ad luc* vt 
pd • si ipe intee ^ posset. 

Wigo}. f Loqla q t inr Wat^ Haket \ Johem de Brani t 

Ricjit Wiltijil Gvidonis de plac ass de morte 
aiicess • de feodo dim milil in WBrectoh t in 
respectu usq^ in ro. dies post festU Sci Hilar 
apd Westm ad audiend jud suu de ead loqla . 
p bre dni Canl. 

Suhdt. JT WWalklin^ft Engelard petit v^sus Galfrfit Elie 

dim hida rre c ptiii in Foroille sic jus 1 
heditate sua.t un pr suus EngelardP cuj^ 
ppinq^or hes ille est fuit saisit^ in diiico ut de 
feodo die q* ir peg^nacois sue arripuit vsus 
Jertm in quo itinle obiit . in q* rra ipe Galfr 
S huit ing^ssu n* p Silvestr avunctm ipi^ 
Walk^lin q* eii huit in custod du fu infra etate. 
Galfr ven T; defendit qd niiq* huit ing^ssu 
in pdca tra p Silvestr \ dic q lit ptes rras in 
p>d2a villa de Froille . 1 petit visu rre illi^. 
jf Jud hat visu .1 dies dat^ t eis in crastino Sci 
Hilar apd Westm .1 inrim hflt lic gcord. 

CunMand. f Ricft Tniite ven in cur die dhica pa^ T^fesl Sci 
Nicot \ dix q 9valuit de infirmitate unde se ess 
in Comil d Kardoit d mat lecti vsus Ricft 
Robti .\Alah cfe||Or/ plac rre in Cum . . 
t in Vico hocard .\ optut se standi recto. 

Digitized by 



m. 12. In p'xi?na die d^nica p^t f'm S'ci Nicolai. 

Eborac. jf Assisa venit rec si UmJridP Waspailt pa? 
Walfi fuit saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feodo 
suo die q* obiit de • ij. boval rre cum ptin in 
Burton Tt si obiit Itc St si ipe Walfs ppinq^or 
lies ejus sit . q's Rob de Vilers tenet. WalSs 
petens seq^tur \ Rob no ven vt se ess 1 su- 
monico testat^ 

jf Jud terra capiat"^ i manu dni Reg p ppoitu de 
Bevllaco quia tra il!a est defeodo SciJohis de 
Bevilaco *Tt ipe faciat scire Justic die capcionis 
ap Westm in . arv. dies a festo Sci Andr. 

jf T*ra capta fuit in manii dfii Reg die Sabbti aH 
festu Sci Eadmudi \ Rob de Wilers q* rra tenet 
no petiit ea ad hora neq^ ad tminu. 

jf Considatii f qd ass ♦sumoneat^Jp [[veniet] in 
crastin Sci Hilar [in an). dies"] apd Westm 1 
?c capiat . Pceptii f vic. 

Norf\ jf Theobald fX Johis psbri de Walton siimonit^ 

fuit adee cora justic ostesur^ qr deforciat Ide 

fil \Guniti WITeml^. vij . ac*s tre i WaUohSt 

ipe vefi \ dix . q n^* clain i tra illa X q ea 

n ei deforciat .Tt ei q*eta tra illa clamav. 

Eborac. JT Dies dat^ t Canoic de Eborac 1 ppoito de 
Bevllaico de placito libtal • q poil fuit ap 
Westm p Justic de ptib^ itt ad aro. diS afesto 
Sci Andree . a festo Sci Hilarii l xv. dies. ap 

Suhdi. fi Cecilia de \\Ferrieres *^ debet*' dno Reg . ij. marc 

p hndo recordo loqle sic deducta f ii in c^ia 
diii Reg int ea 1 Godefr \\Rtiffu q dironav 4b 

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ad villan \ ut loqla illa liat in c^ia dni Reg 
[apd Westm] q t inr eos in Comitatu. 
jf Cecitia liat bre ad loqla illa sumonenda qd sit 
apd Westm . a die Sci Hilar in ro. dies . pceptii 
t . vic rt Cecitia pon loco suo Wiltm Jit Johis . 
frem suu . ad luc\ vt pd. 

Essex\ JT Herevic^ de Raimes petit vsus Rob de Welles 

feod . i. milil. in Raimes . sic jus 1 Kieditate 
sua q ei descendit ex pte Aucfu fris Osbti avi 
sui q* ea liuit It tenu a gqstu Anglie .1 post 
illu Osdt^ avus suus tpe Reg . H. avi capiendo 
iii expleta ad valencia . v. sot . vt plus .1 R 
offert pbare vsus eu p bona secta q* addux?at 
S5 nemine nomiavit ." 1 dic q Henr de Essejf^^ 
vi \ inj^te St tpe gwerre abstulit a pdco Osbto 
rra illa. 
Rob ven 1t defend vim \ injuria . 1 dic q diis 
Rex . H. pr dni Reg dedit Gervasio de Welles 
pf i suo rra illa p ^vico suo q^ t de constablaria 
sua \ in ptulit carta dni Reg q hoc id testaf^. 
1 si sup carta illa deb^ respode ia . dic q ipe 
ostendet qd H*evic nttm jus tit in rra illa 
vsus eQ. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Hilar in av. dies apd 
Westiii ad audiend jud suu. 

Sun^st. f Galfr de Mandevilt optut se vsus Henr de TilU. 

Lkn-set. de plac Baron d M^swode \ warantizav ess • 

suu . 1 dies (lat^ t eis a die Sci Hilar in 
av. dies . apd Westm . et tc warantizet ess . 
suu .T: audiat resposu suii . de ipo Henr. 

Norhat. jT Dies dat^ t Sim monactl tlndi warantu suii p bre 
Senescalt de Norm phibens q Ateb Sci Pet^ sup 
Diva llponat eu loco suo cora pdco Senescalt 
ad cirog*pfim suii recipiend inr pdcm AH!)em. 

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1 Petril de Chainneto .1 WiUm de Foro sup 
advocacoe ecctie de Foro a die Purificois . m 
av. dies apd Westm, 

Snjgr* ^ ^i^ ^^ Hemelton optut se . iiij. die rsus fFittm 

de WAuuliers . de plac rre I Sprouton St ipe 
TVills n ve . vl se ess . It huit die suu p ess 
suu a vigit OmiU Scof, in a:xi. diS q' ess eu de 
ult* mare. 
jf Dies dat^ f eis a die Sci Hilar i tv. dies apd 
Westm . % fi hms record illi^ loqle n^ bre. 

Essex. JT Dies dat^ t Ide Tket .1 Robto Rumbold poito 

loco Pei^ Picot . de plac rre i Haidenn ad 
lindu jud \ record suu a festo Sci Hilar m 
arv. dies apd Westm. 

Die ^nica arC Natale. 

Essej?. iT Prior Sci Leonard de \\Ginnes petiit p plevina 

I die Venis pa^ an festu Sci Thom ApU molen- 
din de Wigesho q captu f u in man {tr . p ej^ 
defectu vsus Wiltm fit Galfr Cheure. 

Surf. f Dies dat^ t Rad de Hallinges \ Priori de Sco 

Sahatore de plac rre adieSci Hilar in av. dies 
apd Westm cora Arclipo. 

Susses\ iT I^ies dat^ t Johi Avenel t Urso de WLimes de 
audiend record \ jud suo de plac rre a die 

Sci Hilar in av. dies apd Westm 1t tc 

Henr de Wichinl qtr finis f cs iii remansit. 

♦•♦ /r Loqla q t in? Walfm de Cliffbrd t Rog^ de 

\\Wateruse de audiend jud suo de plac nove 
diss t in respctu usq^ in Octab Sci Hilar apd 
Westm 1 dns Canl warantizav eid Waffo die 

Digitized by 



Sci Andree 1 ab eod die dic • . . qd ||tc fii 
. . . in exicitu p sumone sua. 

••• jf Dies dat^ t Wilto de Sirinton 'XRobo de Banastr 

poito loco Regin de ||H*. . . on de plac svitii 

feod . i. milil a die Sci Hilar in ro. dies 

,« , apd Westm. 

m.lS.dors. '^ 

••• Dies dat^t 1 plac ?re • 

p dueliii fcm in c^ia Eliens Epi 

in ocl Sci HiUar apd Westm T: intim hnt lic 

I-ond. Dies dat^ fWiltJit Osbti 1 Civib^ Lond de libtate 

sua tinda de aptto Ric Jit Osbti 

\ Hen Brand St Jord Tan in Ocl Sci 

Hilar apd Westm. 

ni. 13. Esson* capte apd Westm' a festo S^cH MicK 
in . XV. dies anno regni Reg' Ric* vj^^. 

Sussex\ jf Henr de P*ci ess se de malo lecti . iii. die an plac 
apd WDauton in Ebordc vs^ Briahjit Rad de 
plac rre p iJohanas de CokingW WHudard de 
jf Mittant' . iiij. milites tc et si languor n fuerit lc 
sit apd Westm a die Sdbbi pjfi T^ fesl Sci 
Edward in unU mensem. 

Eborac. ff PetT^ de Frimareis poit^ loco Wati^i de Fakinbge 
ess se de mat ven vs^ Rad de Rqfa de pla5 
tre p Ada de Rise. 

jf Rad pon loco suo HeUa * ad audiend die suiL 

jf Fid pleg m octcA O^ium Sco^. 

Sustc^. r Rogls fit Reinfr ess se de mat ven 9s^ Wilt 
de Peheden de plac warantie rre p Waff de 

Digitized by 




Wiltesir. jf Andr de Crikelade ess se de mal ven vs^ P*ore 
de M^eton de plac reddit^ p Roglm de Mes- 

Bedef\ ^ [Regth Halidai ess se] de mal veii vs^ 

WGitt de WCavendun T: Matilt de Munemue de 
pt apelli p Mathm Jit Roland. 
JT Dies dat^ t eis in c^stino OHum Sco^ apd Wesi 

Bukingh. jT Ric de Euentoh ess se de mat veii vs^ Witt 
Basset de pl tre p RadBicse. 

Bedef\ fi Philipp Halidai ess se de eod vs^ RoB de Hok- 
cotes p Wali de Bedef^. 
, f In c^stih 0*ium Scof^ apd Wes?. 

Leic. jf Wal? de Folevilt de mal ven t^s^^ WHoh 9s^ 

Miloh de Sco WMauruc 1 Rad de Sco Maur 
de pt apBi p Wilt le Fad. 
f Fid pleg in octab OHum 5co^. 

Ibid. fi Hug' Molendih de eod vs^ eosd p RobJitRad. 

f Fid pt ad eund tmin . apd Wesl. 

Ibid. JT Thofh de Seg^e de eode vs^ eosd p Wilt JU 

jf Fid pt ad eund tmin . apd Wes?. 

Norfisr. f ^^ ^ Heketoh de mat ven vs^ Wa^Jit Edric 
de plac tre p Wilt de Niwetoh. 
jf Fid pt i octab 0*ium Sco^. 

Norf\ JT R^^ ^ Plaiz de mat veii v^s^ Rob Esfiien de pt 

?re p Adelsta de Wetting\ 
jf Fid pt i c^^stih 0'ium Scof. apd Wes!. 

Berksir. ^ Odo de Kamo d . ma .ve . vsus Gaufr de Chausi . 
d pt . rre . p Johm de Mulef*. \ Pagah de 
Mulqf*.\ esson expHavit q*rtu die suu.t 
Gaujf n ven n^ se ess .1 fuit petens. 

Digitized by 












f Jud . Odo eat sfi die . T: Gaiifr fiat tale re- 
cupacom q*le hre deb}. 

(f Regiii de Argenl . q f in '^vico diii Jt . apct 
Cantebr vsus Thom de Bassinb^ne de plac 
homag p Tstaii le Violur jf T: Thorii ess se 
de m . ve . vsus eumd . p Witt Hauec. 

(f Pt ess . fid . in crastin Omu Sco^ apd Westfii. 

f[ Joh Tsgoz d iii . ve . Psus liad de Sco Audoeh 

de plac t^re p \\Fromund de \\Poctif. 
JT Fid* pt t (^stin 0'ium Sco^. 

JT AkmP nepos Rob le Frdceis de m . ve . v^sus Rad 

de Craflon de plac Pre p Add Marescall 
jT Fid pt . in crastin 0'ium Sco^ apd Westm. 

jf Wittsfit Rob . d . m . ve . v^sus Rad de Essebi 

de plac rre p Roh fW Ywein. 
JT Tt jRa<f ess se de mat . ve . vsus eude p Rob de 

(f Fid pT . in crastin 0*ium Sco^. 

f[ Magr H'berP de Sees d m . ve . v^sus c'iam de 
lege sua faciend.p Add fit Emulf* . 

f Witts de WWeHebof d . m . ve . v^sus AS^em de 

Wardon d plac tre . p WaU de H^tilande. 
f Fid pT . in crastin 0*ium Sco^. 

![ Robfit Rad de mat ve.v^sus Priore de Hospil 

d pt Svicii . p Petr de Bakeno. 
f Fid pl t octab Omium Sco^. 

f Abel de Bedef* de mal ve .\?s^ Gilt de II Wauendoii 
"X Matild de Munemue de plac apelli p Witt 
CanterelfX \?s^ Etwin de Bruha. 

jf Dies dat^ t eis apd * l c^stino 0*ium Sco^. 

RoT. CuR. Reg. h 

Digitized by 



Leic. jf Wittjit Rob de mal ve 9s^ Rarm de Essebi de 

plac tre p Robjit WYvoii \[\ Rann ess se de 
mat ve . v^s^ eund . p Rob de WBrvbee. 
jf FiJ pleg . % c^stin (yium Sco^. 

Coventr. JT Msigr Hercbt^ de Sagiis de mat ve . vs^ curia 
de lege sua facienda p Addjit Rob Emulf. 

Bedef\ JT Witt de WWellebe ess se de mat ve v^s^ A^m 
de Wardun de plac Pre p Wall de HUUand. 
jf Fid pl t c^stin 0'ium Sco^. 

Ibid. JT Rob Jit Rad de mat ve v^s^ F^orS de Hospitat 

de plac §vi5 p Petr de Bakeno. 
f Fid pt t octab OHum Scof. 

Norf*. JT Witt de Longoitt de mat ve • v^s^ Witt de Becc 

de plac tre p Rob de Godewic. 

jf Witt de Becco pofi loco suo Magrm Steph de 

IT Fid pt f octab O^ium Sco^. 

Leic. jf Durand^ de Essebi de mat ven v^s^ WMJttRob 

de plac ?re . p Rad de Burbocc . in octab OSfiH 

Eborac. f Witt de Kiltin^ de mal ve .9s^ H^berl de Sco 
Qntin de plac apefi p Rad de Frimareis. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis f octc^ OHum Sco^ . 1 Steph de 
Faukinbge T: Rob de Dodinton fueft de eod 
apett \ n veflunt vt se essoSi .1 fuert atta- 
chiati p pt . 1 considat t q Steph 1 Rob 
capiant' q tc sint ibi ad pdcm tmin. 
jf 1 p>cept t vicecom, 

ibid. Everard de Witting^ de eod v^s^ eund p Alanjit 

jf Ad eund rmiil pxim pcedente. 

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Smr. Sim de Cheihd de mat ve vs^ Pentecust 1 

WRogeirum de Horn poitos loco hedis Rad de 
WCncleia ad luc*nd vt pd . p Joh Ruffn. 
JT Fid pt i c^stin (Tium Scof apd Wes?. 

Ibid. JT PetT^ fr ej^. de eod \?sus eosd . p RadJitPetK 

f R fid ad eude Pmiii. 

£j^ f Walt de Cantebr 1 Isabel uxor ej^ . d m . ve . 

vsus Eilbold de Wenden . d plac . i . mesuag . p 
WAvwardJit Ehnegard. 
f In octdb Omiu Sco^. 

Wikict. JT Witt de m . ve . vsus t-Rocero de pt 
?re.p Wi^ JitRan. 

Linc. iT WigojiP Jit Wigan de m . ve . Psus Alan de Al- 

garekerke . d pla2 rre . p Warin de Crakehale. 
f r octab Omiu Sco^. 

Die Sabb'i pjiT f^ fe$tu S^cH EdwarcT. 

Ka. f O^^ ^ Longo cdpo ess se de m . ve • vsus Atbem 

de Boxleia d plac capiend cirog*pli suu.p 
Jord de Leinl. 

Sifffr. f Peti^Jit ITeward de m . ve . vsus jRo^' Archid . 

de plac tre p Thom . . . Wcorebi. 
jf In octab OmiU Scof. 

Ebcff. f Rad de WWlusie . d m . ve .v^sus . Mathm de WHa- 

verseg* de plac bosci abscisi p Philipp de 
JT In octab Sci Martin. 

Ibid. ff Cecilia de Ridemie d m . ve . vsus fres tSpli d 

plag ?re p WaU tSpU^fres 

fi.vefliit vt se ess.l fueft petentes.1 ess 
exp^^tav . iiij. die . suu. 
H 2 

Digitized by 



jf Ju(t . ess . Cecit eat sn die S\ Temptrii hat tale 
recpacone qMe * debet 

m. 13. doig. Die Marf p^ festu S^ci Dionisii. 

Biikingn. fi A^ de Mote Sce Kaftne de ult* mare . 
v^sus Witljit Grego^ . de plac ?re 113 Tingm 
p Ric Gallic 1 p EUd de Lond. 

Kei. f Petr^ de Huchinge . d mat ve . v^sus WaU de 

Pet^pote.S plac fiii fci in c^isi. l^ .-p Osbft 
f In crastin 0*ium Sco^. 

Warcwic. f ^^^ Boissel . de m • ve . 9sus Ric de Waure . 3 
plac appffi p Wittft Ivon. jf Pl ess.lliJe/ 
de Argenl , in octab Sci Marl. 

Ifed. f Gerard jit Drui d eod . v^sus eude . p Ric Jit 

(f WReg^ de Argento pt . ad eumd tmin. 

jf In tres sepf post festH S^ci Mich\ 

Kardoil. IT ^^ Engcram d m . ve . v^sus Adajit Ade . de 
plac gsuetud . p RaZ Sxvefi. 
jf In octab OmU Sco^ apd Westm. 

Narf.* ^ ^^^ Bardolf\ de m . ve . v^sus Xpiana q fu 

uxor Witt^ . de plac dol . p Radjit Teodric. 
f Fid pt.a die Dnica pxima pP festa Sci Luce 
Evangt in av. dies. 

JT Wittde m . ve . 9sus TAom .& II Fer- 
duein de plac ?re p Regin de Griseleia "X vsus 
Archid. de eod plac. 

jf In octab Omium Sco}^. ^ 

jf Thom pon loco suo Witt de Ficton ad lu . vt pd. 


Digitized by 



Middelsex\ f[ ErmoldP de Mandevitt .d m . ve . 9sus Witt de 
Sco MicTi a plac catatt p Rob d Hetfeld. 
f A die Jovis pa^ p^ fesl Sci Luce in av. dies apd 

Norf\ JT Milo de Hasting" de m . vc . \?sus Witt de Mun- 

ckanesi d plac tre . p Wittm Rotekin. 

jf Fid pl . a die Lun ga^ p^ festu Sci Ltice in 
aro. dies. 

jf Wittfl Rogli . recogn de eod . ess . se . p Godwin 
de Garbodeskd. 

jf Ad eud ?mifi. 

Oxon. jf Lmia de Kokefeld . de . m . ve .vsus Hug^Peverel. 

Norhdt. d pt ?re . p Regin fit Godwin. 

jf Fid pl . a die Lun pxim p^fesl Sci Luce Evangt . 
in t^s sepl apd Westm. 

Surr. JT Galfr de Ticheseia d in . ve . vsus qda hoiem 

archpi de plac catatt . p Galfr d Tikeseia. 
jf A die Jovis p^ festu Sci Luce . in aro. dies. 

Llcot. jf Por de WSicleia d ma . ve .vsus Rog" de WGatesbi . 

d plac advocois ecctie de Catesbi . p Witt de 
jf In octab OfniH Scof. 

Norf\ jf Joh de Ward . iij. die an plac d ma . lec . apd 

Feletorp vsus Galff SalceriU d plac tre . p 
Galfr * Racheia .\ Galfr de Hetlebrig. 

^^^ jf Aman^ de Sutton . de mat . ve . vsus Hug^ de 

^' Verti. d plac ?re . p StephftPef. 

jf In octab Orhiu Sco^. 

Ibid. ^ Hug" de V*ti de mal . ve . 9sus Hug' Bard p 

Ivone de \\Bemebleia. 
jf Ad eumd P. 

Ibid. 9i Hugo de WPusac d m ven 9sus Hugoii^de pt 

n 3 

Digitized by 


• •» 

• •• 


9poti reddedi p Rob de Lonesdale • in crastino 
Sci Martini apd Westm. 

jT Wittjit Spiring' d m . v . v^sus eund de eod p 
Rob de Frixtone in crastino Sci Marl. 

jf A6b de Winkecbe d m veii 9sus Thom Taillard 
d pl finis fci [in c'ia] p Ric de Chalem&^ 

Lincot. Josce de Houesbi . i. rec in? Att) de Bardenai \ 

fres Sci Lazari p Witl de Honesbi in octab Sci 
Hilarii 1 tc veii ass. 

Swr. JT H^veP de Godinges d m veii v^sus Witt H^vi . de 

pl ? . p Ric^t Nich dies dat^ t in crastino Sci 

KeL f Haih de Girude d in vefi v^sus Gild de M'lai de 

pt q tenuit c'ia infra adventii Jusl. 

m. u. A festo Sci Michael in . i. Memem. 

Nor/\ JT Rad de Verli ||eesson se de . ma . ve . v^sus Jlic 

del Hulm de plac . ?re . p Walt Jit Harald. 
jf Fid pt a vigta Sim 1 Jude f . «;. dies. 

Sudf. f ^i^^ ^ Watesfeld de ma . ve . Ps^ Rob de 

Watesfeld d pt apll . p Rob Jit. Ric. 

loqnd d jf Att) d Sco Edm petiit clam sua in ad hora 
rfaAHSis. ^ ^j^ijj^ 

(f Dies dat^ est eis . in octab Sci Hilar ap Westm. 

Ibide. jf Witts de Aubvitt d . in . ve .'It Matitt uxor ej^^sus Thom de Ardn .1 \\Ead JU 
Rob p Thom a IHoc .1 MHinU d Norfled. 
f Fid pt t ocl. S. Martini .t.rv. d. apd Westm. 

Surr. jf Re^ d Cruce ess se rcia die aii plac d mal 

Digitized by 



lecti . apd Swinebroc i Oxon p Wittm d 
WSirSton d pt . ? . p Rob Malhbe .1 Rob le 

f Mittat' . iiij. milil .\c . 'l si l t languor . tuc 5it 
J oci Sci M^tini . apd Westm. 

iBedefdd. f Hiig' de Btto Cdpo d • m . ve . \?s^ Hug' d 
WeUeboef. d pt . ? . p Galfr fil Rob. 
jf Fid pl . a vigta Sim 1 Jiuie i.av. d. apd Westm. 

Kent. f( Hug* de Leuci de m . ve . vs^ Pore de Ledes d 

pt psentacois c^dam ec® p RoB le Mei. 
f Fid pl ad eud die. 

Ibid. f Joh de Criel de . m . ve . vs^ Fore d Ledes d 

pt psentacois c^da ec^ p Thom FratorS. 
f[ Fid pl ad eud die. 

Norf. JT Rad d Bekeswelt d.m. ve,\?s^ Galfr fit PetK 

loqnd. d pt apfl: . p SpnaiUe d Bekeswett. 

jf Atb d Rameseia petit in cur sua. 
f Fid pt J d^stin Sci . Andr. 

Salldypsir. f -Ric Afib de Hagema d . m . ve . 9sus Rad de 
Ardr . d pt . ?. p Norm d Hagema. 
jf Fid j^l a die Jovis gaf^ jP festU Ciym Sco^ i. 
aro. d. 

Sudf. Wrmer^ Capttdn^ d.m . ve . 9s^ Mauric d t 

d pt 9vnc6is . p Joh de Ponte. 
jf Rd pl a die Sci Martini i . av. dies. 

loqnd. ir Ricfit Pet^\?s^ p>fal Galfr fit Pet"^ 
Norf\ de pt apfl: . p Galfrid Cocu. 

f Fid pt I (^stii Sci Andr. 

Ibid. ^ Witts fit Thom^sus eud Galfr d 

eod pt . p Jordan de Blocheleia. 
f Fid pt ad eud Pminu. 

H 4 

Digitized by 










loq c 



loq c 

JT Lefsi Jit Rad d . m . ve . vsus eiia Galfr de pt 

eod p Reiri de Pictd. 
If Fid pl . ad eud tminu. 

JT Galff R^sel d.m.v.v^sus eund d eod pt.p 

Rein Fab de Rolfeshd. 
(T Fidptadeiid.?. 

f Thom jit Ger d . m . ve . vs^ eud d eod pt . p 

Wal?Jit Agnetis, 
f Fid pl ad eud . ?. 

jf Wali BercarP d . m . ve . vsus eud d eod pt p 

jf Abbas d Rameseia petiit in c'iam sua. 
f Fid pt ad eud . P. 

jf Witts de Melcheshd d . m . ve .vsus Ric le C^s.S 

pt . r . p Philippu d Melclieshd. 
jf Fid pt a die Sci Martini i xo dies. 

jf Werries[/ieis] d Caam d . m . ve . vsus WUtm jiX 

Roh d pt . r . p Ger d Crokeston. 
f Fid pt a c^stin Sim 1 Jud i . av. dies sqpd 


jf Witts de Vemon d c^iam de 
gmui sumoii.p Rad d Catetto .^ Ric d 

Wiemar^ d Bassiggeb^ne d . m . ve . vsus magrm 
Petru de Paxston . d pt . r . p Wttm d 
f Fid pt a vigta Sim 1 Jude i . arv. dies. 

f Rad d Hildircte d . m . ve . v^sus Rob d Wat- 
Ungeston d pt . t . p Regin d Samfort. 

Afeb d Croiland d . m . ve . v^s^ c^ia d ^miii 
sumonsa p Nich d Cottehd. 

Digitized by 



f Osed d Ldgo Campo ^\ t ocl Sci Hylarij apcT 

SaUsb^e. jf Wilk d WGatacru q*da visor d ess d m lecti . vs^ 
c^^iam p Petru d \\GatacriU. 

Ebdf. Ada d Brus . ct . m . ve • vsus c^iam d Qmiii 

sumoe p Wittmjit Rob 1 Wittm Cosin. 
jf PI ess . Rob Jit Rob . in octab Sci Hilar. 

DorseT. f StepHs Tirett d . m . ve . Ps^ Saresbir Epm . d pt . 
? . p Ro^ Tirett. 

Sud/\ jf Witts d Atvilers S ult* mare v^sus Ric d Ham- 

alinl d pt . ? . p WHtm Jit Oseb. 
f Fid pt a vigt 0*ifl Scof dies . apd Westm. 

Ibid. ^ Mauric d Dodene ponit i loco suo ad luc^nd 

t pdnd . H^veU fit suii vsus Winemiu CapttanU 
d pt.?. 

Ibid. JT Att> de Sibiton . d . m . v . vsus Martin d Beaufo 

d pt . ? . p JoUJit WAngnel. 
jf Fid pt a festo Sci Martin .i.av. dies. 

Sudf. fi WittHu^^sus.TJieobWaifapX.'^. 

p BatdewinU d Bures. 
f Fid pt i (^stin Sci Martin. 

Roteland. ^ BiZ d Oia^s^ Wittm Jit Rob . d pt. 
r .p Jordan fit Joh.\ hoc fuit ess i tcia 
die pl. 
jf Fid pt a c^stina die Sim \ Jude . l xv. dies . \ 
tiic veniet Ric ostesur^ q^e i\ svavit die 

Oxon ^ Matitt d WPuz esS se v^sus Rob d Ouitt d pt . t. p 

Rad FortS. 
Pt ess fid . dat' dies eis a vigt 0'ium Scoif t . 
jcv. dies . apd Westm. 

Digitized by 



NorhdL jf Oseb d Glanwilt d . m . ve . vsus Edithd d pt. 
?.p Witt kSHmefU. 
jf Fid pt I (^stin Sci Andr . apd Westffi. 

f CrasUn^ A'la^. 

Licat. jT Witt. d Ldgo cdpo teess se rcia die aS pt d mat 

lect'. apd Marisc \\Wareineis vsus Hub de 
WHalketol d pl warat tcarta p Alard Rtiffufi 
ClemtS de Bofwiche. 

Ibid. Pet^nilt uxor ej% WiUi'& eod.feod] m° v^sus 

eud .t apd Wamelfne i Sudh p TAom.» T; JRic 
^ Friston. 

Sudsex*. JT Jo^ Tresgod de mal lecti . apd Garrlg^ ^s^Rad 
d Sco Atidean d pt . r • p Alexddr % Hendric 
hoes suos. 

\\Bedti. Hug" d^Win d Hainef 
d pl.? .p Barth BladU. 
JT Fid iiic ck -Bflfl . pt ? oc/ 5K M^tm. 

Ibid. f AUenora uxor ej^ d .m. ve. vsus eud d eod.p 

Pentecostn ^ . 
^ RiZde Baa pt I oc/ .Sci M^tini. 

Cantehr. JT JR^5^^ ^ Argenl d . m . ve . v^sus J%o^ if Bas- 
siggeb^n . d pt humag . p \\Wttm Arbelastar. 

Middelsex'. f ff^iU le Parmef d m . ve . v^sus GoddfX ^H^fyei 
d pt dotis . p RadJU Galfr. 

Lincat. JT Ro^ d Tk[]i\aml d ult* mare i 9vico Reg v^sus 
Rad d Bradeke d pt ?. p Gikb d Lee. 

NorhdL jf WSoman jit Ham d ult* mare i §vico Reg v*sus 
Mabmt d la Wika d pt dotis . p Rog^Jit Witt 


Digitized by ^ 


Middelsea?. jf Reih d ^Homtoh 3, pl veniendi 9sus Roges d 
Hamtoh d pl apll p Sim Jit Joh d Hamtoh. 

m. 16. Ess\ in crastin^ OHum S*c^o^. 

Linc. ji' Jf^itts de Longo cdpo iij. die an plac de 

mal lecti apd Mareisc WWarreis .vsus Hvb de 
WHalketot de plac warantie cartar . p Alard 
RuffU Si Clem . de Boterwic. 

Ibid. JT P^t^tult uxor ei^a eod.eod m® apd 

Wamelfne . vsus eumd . de eod . p Thom . 
Mahreward.^ Ric de Frixtoh . de itin!e justiS. 

Sussex\ jf Jotis de T^sgoz . de m . leS . apd Garinges . vsus 
Rad de Sco Audeah . de plac divis . rre . p tp 
Alea^ .1 Henr h5ies suos . de itinSe. 

Bedef. jf Hug^ de Bello Cdpo ess . se de m. ve . v^sus Witt 
de Eineford . junior d plac r . p Barthot 
f P! esi . RJc de Badoh . m octaB Sci Marl. 

Ibid. jT Alinor uxor ej^. de eod . vsus eumd . p Pentec. 

jf P! ess . ^ pl ^ Ric . ad eund tmiiL 

Cantebr. JT Regih de Argenl . d m . ve . vsus . Thom de 
BassingVne . de plac homag • p || Wilkih . Ar- 
f Pt fid fl c^stih Sci Leonard . in . ?. mensS . apd 

Mlddelsex. jf Witt P^menl S^sus Goda ft WH^eurei . 
de plac dol p Radft Galfr. 
ff In oct Sci Marl. 

Lific. JT P^^S* ^^ Thamtoh . de ult* mare q t in §vico 

dfii Pr . vsus Ranh . de Bredeleia p WGibelot del 
Le . de itifle justic. 

Digitized by 




Norhdt. f Hamdjit Ham ult* mare . q t in §vico 
dni Reg • vsus MahiU d la Wike . d plac do? ^ 
p .Rog^ Jit IVitt/l Reiniu* [fl est ess f gsi- 
cag. datii t] q, rra capiat' in mafi dni Reg 1c .1 

Ham simioneat' q sit apd Westm in crastin 
Sci Andr. 

MiddeUex\ jf \\Reinfr de ^Garinton . de m . ve . vsus Roges de 
Hamtoh . d plac applli p Sifti . de Hdton d 
itiSe Justic. 

Devon. jf Alan^ cticP de Hertilande . esi . se de m . ve . 

vsus Johm de Gerton .1 Anneis uxore ej^. de 
plac carf • p Amiot le Proz . n hms bre . sumo 
testata fu . p jRic de Wqford. 1 Witt de Sales- 
b*ie . 1 ipi n vefi n^ se ess. 

Linc. jf Prior de Spallinges . de m . ve . vsus WaSm de 

Pincebec de plac advocois ecclie de Pincebec . 
p Alric hoiem suu . de itinle. 

Ibid. JT Joh de Lacelles . de m . ve . Psus Wittm B^nier^l 

Wittm de Haketom . de plac tre . p Rob 
Dang^. de itiSe. 

Norhdt. JT Thom de Hottot . d m .ve .v^sus Emmd de WClaptoh 
de plac dol . p Rob le Mansel. 
jf R fid . flf c^stih Sci M^t in av. dies. 
f Id dies dat^ t Johi ||p\ 

Ibid. JT Atb^c^ monacP de eod. v^sus eamd . p Rob Longes- 

JT Pt fid.adeund.P. 

JVigof. JT Nigettsfit Witli capio Regih de Seldesleia de fii . 

lecti . de plac ?re . 9sus Rob Pfei . p Witt fit 
Philipp .% Wittm .fit Gerold. 

Linc. Jf Matitt q fu uxor Rob fit Jekel . d fii . ve . 

Digitized by 



\?sus Joh ja plac dol.p Wal? 
f In octab Sci Hilar. 

Ihid. ff Waff de WKideford d m . ve .\?sus Ro5 de Thdtoii 

poitu loco Joh de Herpd . de plac ?re . p Rod 
In itmie Justic. 

Ibid. jT Bx>b Camiar^. d m . ve . v^sus c^ia . p Josephjit 

Galfr. S 9mui. 

Ibid. f^susHug^deChaucbe. 

de audiend jud ^ record . suu p Galfr de 
jf In itiSe. 

Salop. jf Prior de Brimfeld. de in . ve . vsus • Ric de WPan" 

telfie . de plac rre p Reg^ holem suu. 
jf In itinle. 

^'iit. jf Constantia de la Stane . d . m . ve . v^sus Witt 

AgmUon . de plac discessionis ab eo . p Wittm 
te Bastard. 
f Pt fid . fl d^stin Sci Martin in arv. dies. 

Ibi*. ff PhiUpp de ta Stan . de m . ve . vsus . eiid . de 

jf Ad eumd rmifl. 

ITeford. 9i Thom .Jit Odon . de . m .ve .vsus .Thom de Brome- 
crqft . de plac ?re . p Ric le Bacheter . f In 

Linc. jf Ales^ de Creissi . d m . ve . v^sus . Math de Clere. 

d plaS tre.p WBressinbure. 
ff In itifle. 

Noridt. ff Henr de Sco Mauro . d m . ve . ^sus Witt 
Grimbald de plaS audiend record 1 jud suu . 
p WaSjitJoh. 

Digitized by 



ff H octab SH Hilar 1] inftm hnt licencia 

Siaff\ ^ Emold dHa\ 

Wigof. jT RegiH Panctfot . d m . ve . v^sus Joh de MuTtfiron 
de plac rec de morl.a&cesi.p WaU\\Lvx)ccrot. 
(T In itinle. 

Hefori. jf Had dc Bascervittde m . ve . v^sus ITiom de Bas- 
Ic]vitt. d plac tre p Rad de Brewor^in. 
jf In itinie. 

Hnc. f AHi d \\Torinton . de ult* mare.Psus Martin 

Martel . \ Agnetd uxote ej^ de plac rec de 
morte aflc . p fVall Labbe. 
JT De itifle. 

Wigof. jp Wa^ Haket . iii . die an plac • de m . lec . apd 
WBrocton .^six& Joh . de Brdton 1 Ric JiX Gftn- 
doh . p Joh de Craule .t Osb JiX Hiig^. 

jf gsidatu t ^ ili t ess . n^ q aliq'd de ce?o poat dfe 
qr ass debeat rema^. 

jf Recogn • sum5ant' q ait apd Westm a festo Sa 
Mart in ro. dies. 

Gloec. jf Gilb Martel de m • lec . iij, die afi plac apd 

StccmeXt. v^sus Cecilia d Hakoardesb^ie .1 Eo6 
capione suii . d plac dueS • p Rog^ Cusih . 1 
Galfr Martel 
f 9sidatu t q 8 ess % f d pace Reg infracta^ 
\ Cecilia liat bre ad vic q ^at ipm Gilh apd 
Westm . ad duellu suii faciend • \a festo Sci 
Mari .in.jcv. dies^ 'l pleg ipi^ Gilbti hat tc 
ibi ad audiend jud suu . qr !i ^uert q ple* 

Cantebr. fi Gocelih de Omib} Scis • d m . ve . v^sus SimjftXEue . 
JT Pl fid afesto Sci Mart in av. dies . apd Westm. 

Digitized by 



IWd. jf Rog^Jit eod v^sus eude . p jKoC fc Pei- 

JT Pt M . ad eund ?mia. 

If^igof. fif Nicot de Hunildd de m . lec [apd Berewe . in 
SmSseL^ 9sus uN^icor C/ic2 d plac ?re . p Peir 
Russel St Tric Luuetot de itiSe. 
f Pleg fid. 

Su^'- jf Whnius Capett. de m . ve . d plac Vre . Psus Luca 

deColecitt.^Rog^JitWim.^Lwi fxL petesT: 

ess exp^v . iiij. die suiL 

f Whntus eat sil die 1 Luc de Cholevitt hat tale 

recupacone q^le hre deb^. 

Gloec. jf Bertr^m de Hudetol . i. visoj^ . de fmordo Ro5 

Strechd c^ia.p^dituSe. 

Solop. jf Lucia de Hingwordin . de m . ve . vsus WM de 

Spineto . d plac ?re . p Ric HiMensS . de 

Ht/urd. jf Magr Petr^ de Paxton v^sus Gwiemar 
de Bassingeburn . de plaS rre . p Os5 de 
jT Pt ess • fid . a <2ie Pasce in fs sepl apd Westm . 
p dilm Cant. 

Lin€. f Alan^Jit SaSdol . [tf Leverton.'] d m . ve . v^sus 

Josce.\ Harold.\ eoi uxores.d pla8 ?re p 
Alanjit Regin . de itinle. 

f^ig^* JT Waff de Badenhale d de Brasci. 
3 plac ?re . p Ric Cusin . de iti3e. 

Bedef*. ff Rob de Aubenn . de m . ve . v^sus Sim . de BeUo 
eu plac faciend ei jPceptu dni Pr.p 

Henr Frussard. 

Digitized by 




Linc. f JRo^ de ColevUt . de m . ve . v^sus vic . de plac 

sumois . p Henr de Eston. 

Oxon. ^ Ricjit Nigett d m . ve . vsus • Henr de Clini [T: 

Hug^ de Chaucbe poitu loco ipi^ Henr .] de 
plac rre . p Rob de Blienc^t. 
f PI fid . in (fstin Sci Andr . apd WestSi . p dSm 

Linc. jf Hawiss de Kima d m . ve . v^sus Agnetd de 

\\Amandevitt . de plac ?re p Wittm Sparerve. 
jf PI fid in crastin Sci Andr. 

Ibid. jT Matitt q f ii uxor Sini de Criueqer d m . ve . vsus 

Brien de Pinkenn. de plac rre . p Rad de Pten- 
hale . de itiSe. 

Oxon. JT Thom de Tademlton .vsus Rad Manseh 

c"s. d plac q inp'sonav eu . p Hu^ Toreel . pceptu 

t vic qd faciat venire . iiij. hoies de villa de 
Oxoh ad respond . qr ii veSiit . ad die s^ datii 
ia banco . T: q Thofh tc sit ibi . a c^stih Sci 
Martih in aro. dies. 

Norhdt. ^ Wift Fotiot . d m . ve . vsus Ro^ de Brai . de plac 
servicii . p Henr Jit Rogli . t Ro^ de Brai 
petes esS . se p Hug^Jit WHti. 
JT Plegesi.fid 
^ A c^stih Pasch . in ro. dies. 

Linc. jT Marl Martel . d m . ve . v^sus Sim de Lindon .\ 

[^Margar .] uxore sua . de plac rre . p Rad 
hoiem suu 1 Margar pon loco suo Sim vir 
suu ad luc* . vl pd. 
f PI &d . a Jesto Sci Marl in aro. dies . apd 

Sum'set. iT J^i de Mainne d m . ve . v*sus RicJH Pagah de 

Digitized by 



Aven d plac ass . de morte aiicess . p Jord jit 
\Espm .1 Jord Fore .Tt id ess se vsus Galfrm 
Corbin de eod . p eosd . de itinJe. 

Berk\ jf Rob fit Rogli essoniator Galfr de Hosa . ess . se . 

vsus c^ia p Htig* fit Vivian . gcord . siit. 

Linc. jf Joh de wLacelles . d m .ve . vsus Sim de Lindon . 

\ Margar uxore ej^ d plac rre . p Rob d 
jT Pt fid . fl festo Sci Marl in arv. dies . apd 

Die D^nica paf jpP festu OnCiu S*c*o^. 

Oxon. ^ A6b de Eineshd . de m . ve . vsus Milon de 

Frettewett.\ Miliset uxore ej^. de plac rec de 
morte ancess . p Leone Gemu . 1 fValfm de 
jT R ess Rob de Wotton . in c^stin ocl Sci Hilar apd 
Westm . % pceptu t vic qd attachiat oms rec 
illos q* ri veSiit qd tc sit apd Westm oslnsur 
qr fl veSut sic sum5iti fuerl . \ ad rec illa 

fVilt. jf Thom de Sariford . d . m . ve .vsus TVitt de Warenn 

d plac suin . p Rog^ de St^tleia . in crastin Sci 

Norf. jf Witts Curteis . d m . ven .vsus Thom de Huntind. 

de plaS tde plac rre . p H*evic de Fordd . eat 
sn die q^ exp^^tav iiij. die suii . 1 Thom h ven. 

Ibid. f Witt d Mucanes ess se d m . ve Psus Theob Wal? 

d^ pl advocaconis ecclie de Badereswett p 
Emald Rusel\ || Wittm ^Gbi in octab Sci Andr. 
pleg^ Witt de \\Mdmo 1 Witt Russel 

Lancas?. jf Add Decan^ de Kirkehd T: Ric Cticus ess se d . 
RoT. CuR. Reg. I 

Digitized by 



m . ve . v^sus Theob JVaff d pl advocacois ec'e 
de wKirha p Henrjir WaU. 
jf R fid . tn ocl Sci Andr apd Westm. 

Ibid. (f Rog^ de Sanesbir . ess se d m . ve . vsus Theob 

Wal? d pt ?re p Thoffi d Baldeston. 
f Ad eund rminu. 

Ibi*. f Rob d P*ston ess se d m . ve . vs^ Theob WaJS 

d pt advocacois ecclie d P^ston p Gi^ d 
f R fid ad eund ?mia. 

Ibid. iT Margar jil Walfi d m . ve vsus eund 

Theobald de plac nubend sH lic • p Brun de 
jf Ad eumd rmin. 

WigortL f A^ de Cormeitt . iij. die afl plac de m.lec. de 
ult* mare . vsus Sim de Bello Cdpo d plac 
advocacois ecclie de Seldesleia . p Wali de 
Noent .T: Rob de Catton . jf H t ess q^ t de ult* 
mare Si id dies dat^ ^ ei in crastin ocl Sci 
Hilar . apd Westm. 

Leic. f Wittjit Rob de Cungestoh • iii. die aii plac d m . 

lec . apd WSnarkeston in Leicestr vsus Witt 
Piclna de Clakeston p Walklin 1 Add de Cun- 
gestoh . mitat'. ||iij. milil.n^ fSlit lang**^ in octab 
Sci Hilar. 

Norf. jf Oodiva q f u uxor Rog!i ♦ d m . ve . vsus t 

^t Rogli de plac rre p Wittjit Ric. 
f R fid . a crastih Sci Martih . in ro. dies . f Id 
dies dat^ t lUfa^ ^f WEue. 

Ibid. JT IJo^ (fe/ Estre . d m . ve . \?sus Petr fX Malcus 

d plac ?re • p Gilb de B . . . . 
jf R fid fl c^stih Sci Andr. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



m. 16. 








Esson* Capte in octaV OniHu S^&o^. 

f Milo de \\Baneis ess se . d m . ve . ^v^s^^ de illa 
ass* in? ITebtnjit ITebti \ Fuch de \\Auno p 

jf Hugo de Bello Cdpo ess se d m ^ve^ . [lecti] 
v^s^.Hug" de midboef.[d pl ?.] p Gerraa 
de Land 1 Rog* de WSubon 1 jacft I|ad Henton . 
in Wilisir. 

f Mittant' iiij. milil . 1 si fl t langor in crastin ocl 
Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

jf Reginjit Wace ess se d m ve . [lecti d pt t] 
vers^ Ric Jit Witt 1 jacet ap Henton . p W(a)ll 
RttffU 1 Witt de Cumton . d pl appBi. 

jf Radde Verli es§ se S. m.lecti [d pl tre] vs^ 
AUz 1 Amisia sorore sua ap H^amo^ [ulme 
S plac tre .] p Pefhn de Claie 1 Alan Bunche. 

jf Mittant' iiij. milil.1 si £1 -i langor in crastin 
octava^ Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

f Rob de wT^revitt ess se .d m. lecti de recogn*l 
q t int H^ebtUJit H^ebti % Ftdch de Auno p 
Ric Salsariu. 

f[ Andr de Poinl ess se de m . ve . vsus Pet^ 
Sauser d pT catafi p IWarinJit Rob} Gilb 
hoiem suu. 

jf Yt&dia die Sci Mari . in av. dies. 

JT Rob Gameis ess se d m . ve . vsus Add de Chib- 

befia d pt tre p Rob hoiem suu. 
f A c^stin Sci Marl in . av. dies . apd Westm. 

jf Witt de wChichesie ess se d m . ve . v^s^ Rob 
SvientS de Car^wett d pl mellee p JiHue 

f PI ess . fid • in c^stin Sci Andr apd Westm. 

I 2 

Digitized by 




Sumiset. jf Gaufr d ^Lindvitt^ [^MddesvilT] d m • ve . vsus 
Henr de \\Tillie A pt ?re p Andr Jit Witt. 
jf PI fid . afesto Sci Andr in ro. dies . apd Westm. 

Nor/it. jf GodiiSa de Gadinton ess se d m . ve . d pl . ?re. 

vs^ Rad de Gedintoh p Witt d GedintoiL 
jf A c^stih Sci Martih in.aro. dies dat^f 
Alah fit suo .1 tc veniat ass. 

TVatvnc. ff Com d Warewicsir ess se d m ve . d pl rre vsus 
Henr d Cfieicelingewurd p Sansone hoem suii . 
T: ipe Henr poii loco suo i/enf fil suii ad 
luc*ndu vl pdnd . de itiSe. 

Nor/\ JT Rog" del Est^ ess se d m .ve • d pt ?re 9s^ Pe/r^ 

ft Mar t ie^n^ p Gitb d Biecles. 

jf R fid . in ^octab^ c^stino Sci Andr. 

^Bokmgha.L JT Henf Jit Godwih ess se d m.lecti d! ♦pt tre^ 
" Z^c." [custod c^da puelt .] ap Niweport vs^ Witt d 

Canvitt.p Bhdictu .Jit Warih \ Gilbjit Attffd. 

de itiSe. 




^ Wigain Jit Wigaih ess se d m . lecti ap ffeford 
v^s^ ^Aitfred ^ [Alah^ d Ankrecherche d pt 
?re p RadJitAlah T: Rog' d ffeford. mittant^ 
iiij. milit.T: n* f8it lang®'" in ocl Sci Hilar. 
apd Westm. 

f Gileb d Asalakebi ess se d in . ve vs^ Pef^ 

ISalsarin] d pt catalt p WaUftRob. 
jf R fid . afesto Sci Marl in av. dies . apd Westm. 

jf Wimus Capellan^ ess . se iij . die aii plac de 
in . lecti . apd Orford . vsus Mauric de Toden- 
hess. de plac gvencois . p Rog' de Frawesden \ 
Rog" Baifot. 

JT Mittant' iiij. milil .\ si a ffiit lang**'' in oct Sci 
Hilaf. apd WeSa. 

Digitized by 



Ibid. (f Roh Gemeise ess . se de m .ve . vsus Ada de BawuSt 

d . plac ?re p^ visu ?re illi^ p Robjit Witti. 
jT H fid fl d^stin Sci Marl . in . av. dies. 

Ess' capt' die ^Hrcurii^ [Joxns'] fr^ octaV 
OmHu S^c^o^. 

NorfU. jf Magr Witt de Cirecestr d m veii v WArcard * d 

pl advoc ec* de Oxendun . p ITbtUjit Witti fid 
pl a die Pascke in xv dies. 

Ibid. JT Rob JitWAcardi d eod vsus eund p Ricjit Rodti. 

f Ad eund tmia. 

Ibid. f RobJitHenr d m vefl « WRadGari d pl int"sionis 

dom^ p WidonS TrSchevent. 
jf R fid a d^stin Sci Marl in ro. dies . apd Westm. 

Ibid. f( BarthJitJurd d ead 9. eund p Hv^fiUu Matitt. 

JT Plfid 
jf Ad eund ?mia. 

Ibid. f Gatifr WRuffus de eod v.eund p PetrU^Uimifum. 

f Ad eund tmia. 

Ibid. f R^c Ruff^ d eod vs^ eund p Regih 

d Fiton. 

Ibid. JT i2wr/fw5 WUin[}^us d eod \?s^ eud p V Ad eund 

Rob dLod. ( tmin. 

Ibid. ^ Petr^ Ballard d eod \?s^ eud p Reg' 

d Lod. 

Ojum. JT W^^^fc d Gwez \?s^ i?€g-m 5/W5e/ [d plac apptti] 

p iio^ d Homigeton. 
jf R fid . in c^stih Sci Andr. 

Lincat. f Rad d Paituh [d in v] y^s^ Gaufr Jit WWi [d 
pl ?J p Radjit Ric . de itifle. 
I 3 

Digitized by 



Su/J JT Ric d Caa a m.lecti.^isL die an pt ap Sild v^s^ 

WHmfit Rob a pl ? . p Theobald d C^cheston. 

Oxdn. jf JVido d Dim d m . v • d ult* mare 9fP Pientia 

uxore Wall de Cauz d pl dotis p Joh 

Norha. f JVitts d Huntedtme S, m.y . vs^ Ranulfu Gari 
a pl itrusiois dom^ p Wittm WDoltor. 
jf Pt fid • a c^stin Sci Marl in jcv. dies . apd Westm. 

Die S^cH Mart\ 

Ibid. JT Henr de Pinkenni de m . ve . v^sus Com Cestr . d 

plac rre . p Withn Brusebare. 
f R ess fid . fl die Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd 

Ibid. f Thom de Brinton . i . rec . ess . se • p Stephm Smft. 

jT Ad eund ?min. 

Ibid. JT Warn de Trop rec . de eod . p Rad fil suiL 

f Ad eund?min. 

Ibid. f Rob de Audenebi eodi . p Rob de Bukebi. 

f Ad eund ?min. 

Suff*. ^ H^euicP de Gedding^. de m . lec . apd Gedding'. 

iij. die aK plac . vsus Wittm H*evi . d plac rre 
p RicfitNichot.1 Wittm Brokehefed. 
f Mittat^ .tc.1 n* ffiit lang^^ in ocl Sa 

Comut. f Alured de Bomene . ess . se . d m .ve . vsus |f Canic 
E:con . d plac rre . i Sco Piran . p Thom Wa^ 
f Pl fid . in crastin Sci Andr apd Westm. 

Digitized by 



NorhOi. JT Witt de Dunha de Sa . ve . \?sus Com Cestr. d plac 
tre . p Rob de Dunhd. 
^ A die Sci Hilar in av. dies. 

Ibid. f Godefr de la Rokele . de ead . v^sus eund . p Rad 

de Essejf. 
JT Ad eund rmin. 

Ibid.' f Gervasi^ de Cogeleia de eod Ps^ eumd . p Rann 

Jit Henr. 
JT H fid ad eund ?mia. 

Narf\ f[ Wall de WGrancurt . d m . ve . v^sus Pore de 

Binha . d plac apptti . p Galjr jil Warih. 

Noridi. iT^tWDrittde 
plac warantie carte . p Wittm Cruider. 
jf In ocl . Sci Andr . apd Westm. 

in.i6.dor3. lu crastin S*cH Marf. 

Sfiff". f Rob jit Gil6 ess . se d m . ve . v^sus Rog^ JitAtu- 

ric d plac rre . p Wittm Benne. 

JT R fid . in c^stih Sci Andr. apd Wes!. 

Bedff. JT \\Jtird Leuveisie . i. viso^ . Batdewih Vket. ess se . 
d m . ve . v^sus clam p Gitb de Bereford. 

Ibid. JT Witts de Stepingleia de eod . vsus eamd . p Rob 

Jit Watt. 

Ibid. JT Jord de Coltesdeh . de eod . v^sus eamd . p Joh Jit 


Ibid. f Rad Jit Galjr qM^ visor ii ven vt se ess.l 

notand qd rmin^ poit^ f u ipi Batdewih . n* 
eet lang^' afesto Sci Mich in t^s sepl .^ bre 
abrasu f ii 1 ?min^ poit^ in brevi . m vi. sepl 
ff Sci . Mich. 

Sumisct. fli Ric de Mulcheha ess se de m v . v^su^ Add 

I 4 

Digitized by 




de Gersinges de plac tre ad luc*nd vel ad 

Oxoneford. ^ ^^5 de Nevitt ess se de fii veri . vsus Rob de 
WOuuitt de plac rre p Johem de MStemore. 
jf Dies dat^ est eis . iii. die * Sci Andr ap Westm. 

Berkesire. f Abbas de Radinges ess se de mal v vsu^jKoS de 
Tvilla 1 ITnr Nol T: Witt de Pirlai . de plo 
rre p Rob de Radinges. 

Susex. ^ Johes de Sanford ess se . iii. die an plac . d msd' 

lecti . ap Fingri d pl rre vsus Cecit q fuit uxor 
Ade de Sariford p Hug* fit Vidon \ Godefrict 
de WTybume. 

&/ff\ iT Comitissa Gundrea . ess . de . m . ve . p Franceis. * 

\ p Witt de WCerston de ||pla . rre cont^ Warinu 
de Bashd. 

Die M^curii. 

jf Essex'. JT Prior de Bichenacre de m . lec • apd Bichenacre . 
vsus Fore de Stanisgal d plac advocois eccTie 
de Steple . p Regin Wismd .1 Ric de Wodeha. 

Bedef\ Hugo de Bello Cdpo . de m . lec . apd Heton . 

vsus Wittm de Heinqford de plac rre p Roglm 
Carmariu \ Joh Monac. 
f Considatu t q no debet lang**^ fieri q^^Witts t infra 
etate .\ io dies dat^ t eis in ocl Sci Hilar. th . 
apd Westm .\ loqla remaneat . i eod statu i q^ 
fu ad fesl Sci Martin. 
jf Id dies dat^ t || JoA^wne. 

Essex\ JT Mattis de Berden de m • ve . vsus Wittm Reinbt 

d pl llndi warantii d plac rre p Radjit Witti. 

Ibid. If Prior de Stanisgal d m . ve . vsus Pore de Bi- 

chenacre d pl advocois ecclie p Jord de 

Digitized by 



Ibid* f Galfr Blundel . S m . lec . apd Hersha vsus 

Ric Jit Rob de pl ass rec.d morte aiicess p 
Rad le Caitseis 1 Rob Jil Warin. 

SudH. jf Edi^a dMicheldiue d mat lec apd WMicheldiure 

vsus Emd Jil Edward . d Caldeuelle . d pl rre 
p irfwrff de Stocha 1 i2o5/ rfe Sandrested. 

Esstx\ jT Beai^s q f u uxor Gi/5/i C/fci . d . m . lec apd 

Berdestaple . vsus Gfi/6 de Hacensha d plac 
do? . p Rob .\ Joh jit Witti. 

Salop. jf A^ de Hagemd . iij. die ari plac de m lec . apd 

Hagemd . vsus Rad de Arden . 1 AgnetS uxore 

ej^ d plac rre . p Wall Hagemd.\ Ric Godacre. 

jf Pt ess mittant' . iiij. milil "lc . 1 si n fuef lang®^ 

in ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Esse:if. JT Hauis de Munfirun d . mal . ve .vsus Ric de Mun- 

virU frem suu . d pl morte ancess p 
Barth le Frdceis. 

In ocf S^cH Marf. 

SuAdi' JT Henr de Limesie . d mat . ve . vsus Julian Medicu 

1 Rad.Jit Azon . de plac applti . p Ric \\Pete. 
f R fid . in oci Sci Andr . apd Westm. 

Gloec. jT Rog^Jit Nicotjit Rob . ess d mjd ve . 9sus Bert^ 

de ta Mare . p WRichun ♦ . d pT rre. 

Norf\ f Rob de Settoh . d mat ve . \?sus Rob Jit Sac^dot. 

de Selton d pt . homag . p Wall \\Serevld. 
f R fid in ocl Sci Andr . vic tit bre. 

Gloec. jf Jord de ta Wike . d m . ve . vsus Rob de KaU 

mundesden.d pt ^homag^ [tre] p Philipp 
f Pt fid . in ocl . Sci Andr. 

Digitized by 




Suhdt. jf Johs de Bremesei. d mal ve .vsus Henr Walense . 

\ Joh de Watort . d pt ?re p Petr de Froille. 

Ibid. jf Henr Wiard. de eod vsus eumd . p Jb^J hoiem 




m. 17. In crasHno Sci Martini. 

Oxon. JT Cecitt llfema Rad Wiggein d m .v. de pt porcioDis 

do![. . . in Suereford] v^su^ ^WaU Jit IRob} 
1 Matitl uxore sua p Simd de Wlebi. 

f Dies datus est eis t crastino Sci Hilar fid pT. 

jf WaU fit Rob \ Matitt ux ej^ ponut loco suo 
Wa^m pcentore London vel Wat^ de Grip- 
pinge ad luc'ndu vl pded. 

f Dies dat^ est oib} recog i Bacho. 

f Witt de \,Taidenne de eod v^su^ eand p Warin fit 

JT Fid pt ad eud ?min. 

JT ^Leticia d WChivitti d m v \?su^ Cstian uxorem 
Witti fit Lvce . p Eustaciu d Manduvitt.^ 
IWttfit Arturi petens de m ven . 9su^ Tliom 
de Cherlfne de pt nov dis3 p Galfrfit WU.'\ 

Surrei. f ^ob Belet d m v ^svP Tom d WSinale d pt ?re 

p Aluuered Cocu. 
f Q' a huim^ bre .n<^ Thom psecut^ fu . t in re- 
sp^^u sii die. 

Su%. fi Wttd Wputta d m ven Radut pt t 

p Rog^ de Muuhrai. 
JT R fid . in oclSci Andr. 

SaUop. JT Hug" de Sai a m ven v^su^ Wittm fit Simo q* 

poitu^ fuit loco Fulcon de AiU de pt bosci . 
p Wittm Franc. 

Digitized by 






Ibid de eod. 
Ibid de eod. 
Ibid de eod. 
Ibid de eod. 
Ibid de eod. 




jf R ess . fid . ^i cUe Sci Hilar in av. dies . apd^ 
Westm. Fulko poS loco suo Wittjit Sim ad 
luc*.vl pd. 

jf Add de H^eford de m vefi [de ult* mar de Hibw 
nia] vsvPHugon de Holocote de pt ftre^ ass 
de morte ancesso^ p YvonS WatSsS. 

Jf ^Witt Jit ^Arfi petes de m v v*sus Thofn de 
Cherbg de pl nove disseisifl p Gcdfrfit Wtti.^ 

jf StepH de Middelton Recognitor de assisa Ade dc 
H^tford.Si m V p Add d Middelton. 

ff Warin de Middelton de m ven p Ro^JH Edwin^ 

jf Hugo de Hupton de m ven p Ricjit Rog^. 

JT Rob de Faguotre de m vefi p Wttfit Ric. 

jf Rob Walensis d mal ven p Wall Chordiwan. 

jf Phit de Pharkme de m ven p Rog^Jit Siward. 

f[ Watl Hachet de m ven p Ric de Gorewelte. 

f Fulko de Ori petes ess se d mal ven . vsus Hug* 
de Sai.^ 

jf Witts Bumel de malo veniendi.vs^ H^ric de 
Ribeford de pt cuj^da eq* p OUvlm Costard. 
f . pT a festo Sci \Hild in . arv. dies. 

f Galff de Senhurst d m v . v^s^. Walkelinft Inge- 
lard de pt ?re p Thom de Stapele. 

jf R fid . a die Dnica paf" ^ festu Sce Kater . in 
av. dies . apd Westm. 

JT RicftEssut de Thuang' d m vefi p WaUJit Rob 

de pl 9re vsu^ Ricjit Jordan. 
jf R fid . in oct Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

JT Thm^ cticus d Huntetd posit^ loco Poris de 

Digitized by 




HutSd d m vefi . vsus Pore \ Monacos de 
Sco Neoto d pl advoc e* de Hutendun p Rad 

Suts€x\ jr Rog* de Aula d m veri . v Wittm Mascherel d pT 
?p Wa^JitElie. 
^ PI ess . fid . in ocl Sci Andr . apd Westm. 

Suff^* JT Witt de Aubvitt d m veil vsus Rad Dardene 

\ Thom fit suu \ Rad fit Roh p Osh fit 

KenL f Osh de Logo Cdpo d m . ve . vsus A^^m de 

Boa:et . de pl finis fci in cur . p Jord d Lentun. 
jf R fid . in crastin Sci Hilar. 

Sudfdc. f Rog^ pbr de WChesfeld d m ve.vsus Canoicos 
d ^Redingehd d plac advocois ecctie de 
Charesfeld p Alejif Crespin. 
f Pt fid . in octah Sci Hilar. 

Norkantun. Hug^ t 

Devcm. jf H^bt^ de \\Beallaers d . m . ve . v^sus Att)em de 
Fordes d plac tre . p Rogim OsorS. 
jf Fid pleg in ocl . Sci Andr. 
jf Att) porl loco suo gfrem Aleaf . vl Roh Medic 
ad luc^ . vl pd . vl Rog* de Cerini. 

Die S^cH aem\ 

Salop. JT <Witt Bumel d iii vefl v . Henr de Ribeford d 

pl cuj^da equi p Olimium Cocu fid pl af Sci 
HilarU in xv. dies. 

SutM. if Gatifr WDisenkurd d m vefi >? . Walkelinu fit In- 

gelard d pl t . p \\Joh de Stapile Dnica ^ f^ 
Sci Qem in . rv. dies. 

Digitized by 




In crastino S^c^i Clem\ 

Essex\ f Rog'JitRob d m I ii j die afi die pl d.i^di\\Maunes- 

tone V Sifnjit Eue S. pl duelli pcussi in EU . 
p Gilb de Wallingef* \ ^Alanu^ Arnald de 
(f Ad diS Dnicd an Natale cora Archpc. 

♦••• JT Gocelin^ de Omib} Scis . d m I apd Dittune in 
Cantebrugesire v Sim JiX Eue d eod duello p 
Wittm de Didtune 'X Alan de Dittune. 
jf Ad eund ?min. 

Leic. jf Rog^ Blundel d m I apd Querendune v Ric 

Cticu d IRalee'] pl ? p ITric Tengi 1 Gaujr 
jf Mittat' iiij. mit .1 n* ffiit lang^^ afesto Sci Hilar 
z viij. dies . apd Westm. 

Roteland. f Rob de Saiptorp ess . se de m . ve . vsus Joh de 
Witeringe d pto fifi fci . p Rod d liufetop. 
jf Pt fid . fl die Dfuca pa^ j^ festu Sce Katerin . in 
aro. dies. 

Leic. ff Witt de Wicheton d m . ve . vsus Rob des Escalles . 

d plac tre . p Thom Froste. 
f Pt fid . fl die Sci Hilar in ro. dies apd Westm. 

Ibii f Margar uxor ej^d WitU d m . ve . vsus eiide . 

\ de eod . p Add Russel. 
f Pt fid flf festo Sci Hilar in arv. dies. 

Norf. f Witts de Huntingef*. d m . ve . \?sus Afibem d 

Sco Edm . d plac ?re p Harofd de Gressinge- 
f Pt fid . iii. die p^f. Sci Hilar. apd Westm. 

Notighd. f Magr Rog' de Capett. d m . ve . v^sus Lesiard. d 
Monasfiis . d plac rre . p JoH fit Jokel . ii hms 
+ bre. 

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«iwftr^. f Bjo^ jil Bjeruff &^sus WUt de Pegedm 
d plac waracie 9re p Rad . . . d itinle. 

tn. 17. dors. Ess' a fcsto S^c^i Martin\ in . m die$ sClicl dk 

S^c^e Kater. 

WiU. ^ Bic de WBremlo ess se d m . ve . vsus Rob de 

Dotef. d pt ass . de morte a&cesso^ . p Hug^ 
h5iem suii. 
f R fid.a rfie Pasch in.i. mensS apd Westm.1 
tc veniat ass. 

Sudf\ jf Mart de Bello Fago .vsus A^m de Sibeni.Si 

plac warantie carf p fVitt d WDierha. 
/f De itinle. 

Salap. JT WaU de Witef d m. ve. v^sus Bob de Wodel.Si 

plac rre . p Brienn . hoiem suu. 
jf Afesto Sci Hilar . in arv. dies. 

Ibid. JT Etia de Langef de eod . vsus eiid . p Bemard de 

jf Ad eundrmiii. 

Salc^. f Witls ft Turold.ess se . v^sus H^ltm le Sahag^. 

d pl tre.p Bob \\Witeebig\ 
jf K fid . in oct • Sci Hilar. 

Suhdt. JT ^Witts de Boteleia "de malo veniendi *•. v^sus 

Axelind d Alenton.d plac ass.d morte afi- 
cess . p Witt de Niwebie.^ 

Norh. jf Mag Joh WCalviP ess se de m ve vsus Emd de 

Clopton de pT dotis . p Gerardf! Gerold . sfi 
die . q^ Enia fi huit warantii suii 1 ^sidatil t 
q liat eii si velit 

Linc. If Witts fit Gaufr de Hachetomd ess se de m ve 

Digitized by 



vsus Joh de Laceles de pt vad p Alea^m de 
f In ocl. Sci Hilar. 

Etf*. jf Roesia de \\He(felct ess se d . m .ve .(^sus Henr 

Marescatt de plaS ?re . p Galff Jit Sim. il 
&ms bre. 

D'nica ff S.KaSine. 

^Ebaf. ir 3^^ ^ WPirchini ff m .ven v Isabelld de Lasci 3 
pt rre p Rand de }j{Borrhaire.^ 

Ifoff*. ff Theobald de Walton d m v . v Ida d WaUone d 

pl r p Osbtu Swalewe • fid pt a die Dnica j^f* 
Sce Katerine in arv dies. 

Ibii f Rob de Sco Joh Si m vefl v^. Ricjit Robti de Tid 

de pt ?. p Ric Truhant. 
Jf R fid die Dnica ga^ an Natale . apd Westm .1 
^OUua uxor Robti d Sco Johe vefi 1 dix q ipa 
n* diis ej^ fuert sum5iti n^ in vigit Sci Edm . 
1 q^ sumo fi fu legat gsidatu t q vic sumoeat^ 
q sit ad p>dcm tmiil apd Westm resposur d 
sumonicoe illa. 

Essexe. f ^^* ^^ ^^^ ^s^ se d m veii vsu^ Hug^ WatS de 
pt ?re p Hamon jit WitL 
f A die Sci Andr in rv. dies . apd Westm. 

Ibia. iT I^ob Rnbaud poit^ [loco Pefi Picof] d m vefl 

vers^ Yda Trichet d pt ?re p Ric Suiji. 
/f Fid pleg . dies dat^ t Rob Rumbold I arv. dies a 
festo Sci Andr. 

Ibid. f Oliver^ d Halneto d m ven v^su^ Elia Baset d 

pt recg d morte aScessoj^ p SewalUjit Wtti.a 
die Sci Hilar l xv dies. 

Digitized by 



Vigilia S^c*i Andr\ 

Suff\ ^ Osb de Glanvitt ess se de mal lec ^vs^ ap 

WTateston vsus \\Edeue de WDratton . de pt 
dotis . p Wittm \\Tcheuet 1 Ran * . 
f In.rv. dies postfesl Sci Hilar. 

Ibi ^ Rob Jit Gileb . de Glemha de m lec ap Glemhd 

vsus . Rog'Jit Aluric d pt tre . p Ro^ Jit Rob 
Ibid- \ WEdward de Glemhd . de itifle. 

Oxm. IT Ri^Jit Nigtt ess iij die . an die pl de m lec ap 

JVitele vsus Hug" de Oiaucub p Rob Cticu 1 
Ric hoiem suu. 
jf Mittaf . iiij. mit lc . 1 si a t lang®'' . in c^stin Sci 
Hilar . ap Westm . \ pceptu f ctico vic . q iltd 
faciat fieri. 

Comui. jf Alured de WAbomin ess se de m lecti ap Abornih 
vsus canonic de Excestr de Sco Piran de pt 
?re p Aluredjil Osb \ Dalfin. 
^ Mittat^ iiij. si n f lang^*" a festo Sci 
Hilar in xv, dies. 

Norhdt. jf Sim Balliv^ A6b de Sco Pet^ fde sup Diva ess se 
de m . ve . vsus Petr de Kainneto 1 WiU de 
Foro . de plac capett de Forro . p Rob de 
f Q* Sim n t poit^ loco AS) . gsidatu t q advoco 
ecctie illi^ capiaf in man dni Reg . T:c. 1 Afeb 
sumoneat' q sit apd Westm in xv. dies apd 
Westm . j^fesl Sci Hilar. 

Kant. JT ^^^ de Scalar . iij, die aii plac de m . lec . apd 

Self. . d vsus Henr de Merc de plac svitii . 
p Radft AlezW Witt fit Rogii . ^ ii t ess. 
1 pcept t ctico vic q ponat Witt p melio^ 
pleg .\ pleg ej^ p pleg .1 pleg \\Regin esson p 
pt q sit [apct Westiii in crastin oci Sci Hillar. 

Digitized by 



tapd Westm ostnsur qr !i huerl q pleg 1 
qr ipe Wilt fi vefl ad die suu.1 q faciat 
ipi Henr hre catalla pris sui Atrop de M*c . 
q ei adjudicata fuer? apd Kantebr cora Justic 
itinlantib} . p defcu ipi^ WittL'\ 

Oion. jf Matitt q fuit uxor Rob d Neovitt d m lec . 

apd Takele.vsiis Rob de Neovit 1 Sma uxore 
«F ft^ d pt ?re p Joh Quetance \ Act 
f Mittanf. iiij. mit .1 si n t lang®'" in crastin Sci 
Hilar t 

ro. 18. In crastin^ S*c^i Andr\ 

Votinghd. ^ Math fit Odonis . d mal . ve . vs^ Gilb Avenel ^ 
Amicia uxore sua d pl tre p Thomfit Ract. 
fid pl .jjp fesl S*. Hilarii t ro. dies. Amicia 
pon loco suo Gileb Avenel. ad luc*. vl pd. 

£ioj. f Hti^fit Lefwin d ma . ve . vs^ Witt de Buche- 

dene \ Rog' fit Jukel d pt debiti p Hug' 
jf Pl iid in crastin Sci Hilar . ap Westm. 

Ibid. jf Witt de Comebur . d ma . ve . vs^ Witt de Buche- 

dene d pt debiti p Ric IbniensS. 
jf Pt fid ad eund ?mia. 
jf Id dies dat^ t Rog^o fit Jukel. 

Bssfx\ jT Galfr fit Pet^ esS se de mat ve . 9sus Galfr de 

Say d plac rre . p Lisiard ^ . 
f Dies dat^ t eis in ocl Sci Hilar . p brc dni 

jT Id dies dat^f 2?^^^ WGoteswelle^ aliis appttatis. 

p eud Gal/r. 

\Wa?. f Rad de Graffion . d fii . ve . v^sus Cristiand q fu 

RoT. CuR. Rkg. K 

Digitized by 



uxor Robti le Franceis . de plaS dol . p Sim de 
f P! fid . in oci • Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Oxdn. jf Rob de Brinl . d m . ve . vsus TVitt de Fifhide d 

plac advocois ecctie de Fifhide . p Osb de 
f R M.ajesto Sci Hilar in xv. dies. 

Bedef\ f Henr CamlarP. d m . ve . vsus A^m de Burg'. 
d plac . tre . p Guiotjil Henr. 
JT H fid . afesto Sci Hilar in av.dies. 

Linc. jf Afib de Chereburc . d . [d ult* mare] vsus 

Hug^ de Paris . d plac warant cart . p Petr de 
Lond.^X Rad Norense. 
f PI ess . fid . fl die Sci Hilar in av. dies apd 

Oxon. f Hug^ de Chaucbe . de m . ve . v^sus Ric fX NigeU. 

d plac tre p tp Galfr cticu suii . ess exp^t 
bre suG. 

Surf. f Witl Aguillun . d . mal ve . vsus Godefr de 

Sco Marl .\ Constancia uxore ej^. d plac dol . 
p Rog^ Anglic. 
f R fid . rfie Dnica an Natale. 

Ibid. JT Sarra uxor ipi^ TFitti . de eod .vsus eosd . p Witt 

de Mandevitt. 
f H fid . ad eumd ?min. 

Norf: JT Petr^ de Edesfeld . de m . ve . v^sus Ranii de 

Seinges . d plac rec d inorte ailcess . p Ro^de 
Mundeha . d itiSe. 

Linc. jf GervasJP le \\B'nier d m . ve . vsus Joh de Laceles 

1 Rob de Helesha . d plac appfii . p Sifi de 

Digitized by 



f Pt ess • fid . a Jesto Sci HilarH [in aro. dies\ apd 

JT Ict dies dat^ t Witto le WB^nier in banco. 

KH. f ^^ * Cerring^. d fil . ve . v^sus Archpm Cani. 

d plaC rre p Sinl k Franceis. 
JT R fid . in ocl Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

Sab^. f " Arctud Salopesbur " iij. die afl plac de m . 

lecti apd ^Letton . vsus c^iam . de plac cuj^da 
pbende p Petr . * \ Galfr # . 
f Pceptu t q pbenda sit in maii dni . Jt .1 n hus 

SnQsef. f Henr de Munford . d mat ve . v^sus Henr Biset 
de plac catalli p Rob de iHorenUde. 
JT R fid . in ocl Sci Hilar ap Westm. 

S^ ir Rob de Belt pche . d m. ve . v^sus Rob fit suu t 

vsus Susannd ♦ . d piac rre . p Hug^ Jil fValfi. 
f De itinle. 

SmSiur. f Witts Jit Galfr .1. visor de infirmitate Nicot de 
WCunilde . d in . ve . esS . se . p Ric Coge. 
jf Pt fid . in ocl . Sci Hilar. 

Ibid. f[ Witl de Bagetrope . i. visor de eod . p Osmundjit 

Garini 1 Rob Bipois . i. visor veiJ .1 Rog^ de 
Ptitinl . K veii . n*^ se ess. 

jf PT fid . ad eumd rmiri .1 Ric ponaf p vad 1 pt 
q ?c sit ibi ostesur^ qr no servav die suu. 

j[ Id dies dat^ t i2o5 Bipois. 

Linc. f jKflwf rfe Ifot^c . d mat ve . vsus Witt de More . 

d pla5 warantie . carl .1 d plac rre . p Ricjit 
JT Pt fid m oc/ 5ci //iTizr . apd Westm. 

K 2 

Digitized by 



S(Uop. f Ric de WLetton ff m . ve .v^sus Wittde Hetleia . d 

plac rre . p Joh de WRile* 
jf R fid . iiij. die ]f octad Sci Hilar. 

Devon. f Hug^ Jil Witti de Sudwrth ess se . v^sus Witt 
^W^ de Sce Mof, ecctia d plac sepacois 
capelle de Cube de mat*ce eccTia de Handhoc. 
p Rog^ DevoniensS. 
jf Pl ess . fid . die Lun pjf an Natale . ap Westm. 

Suhdt. f Rog^Jit Henr. d mal ve . vsus Ric de Hereiet S 

plac rre p Wittjit Farha. 
f Pt fid . die Dnica gj^ an Natat. 

Hunt. f ^^ ^^ Torh . d m . ve . vsus Witt de Cestreton 

de plac repacois ponte de Huntind .-g Rob de 
f R fid fl die Sci Hilar in xv: dies. 

Liiic. f ^^^^ dat^t Osbto de Langetot q' se ess . d m. 

iecti .\ Walfo * . 

Susex\ f -^^^ ^^ Bedinghd ess . se de Sa ve . vs^ Mo- 

nacli de Sco Albano de pl.pasf^ p R£c de 
f Fid pt a die Pasche in . av. dies . \ innm hnt 
licecia cocordandi. 

Eborac. f HanselnP d Estutevitt ess . d ma . ve . vsus Wittm 
Englam d plac vadii p WaU Trenchern!. 
f PI fid . in ocl Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

Ibid. f ^^ ^ Verli ess . d ma ve . vsus Rob d Northorp 

d plac roBie p Witt Morin. 
f H fid in ocl Sci Hilar. 

Ibid. f ^^ ^^ eod.vsus eumd.p/iwiem de 

f Ad eumdem rmifi. 

Digitized by 



Ibitf. jf PhiUpp de Verli de eod . vsus eumd . p Thom 

Jit. ^Gosce. 
jf Ad eumd rmin. 

Vigilia S^c^i Nicholai. 

Sudhdt. JT Magr Henr de ^Linessi ess se de m . lecti . die 
aH pt • ap Wintd . vs^ Jvliana #1 Rad vir suii . 
de pt rre . p Ric WalSsS !\ Hu^ hoem suii. 
jT N* t ess . precepl t vic q. liat eu a die Sci Hilar 
in arv. dies apd Westin . audifus jud suu .1 q 
ponat pleg ej^ p pleg q sit ad p>dcm rmin 
llostnsur^ qr n huerl q plegiavit 

Ibid. JT Witts de Wivitt ess se eod m^.ap WWit^eld i 

rsula . 9sus Rad Maketel de pl rre . p Galff 
de Hamchiston 1 Henr d Mou. 
jT N* t ess . pceptii t vic . q ass . ve . in oci Sci 
Hilar.\ q tc capiat^ apd Westm. 

Norhdt. f Henr de Angaine ess eod m? ap WStibito vsus 
Addjit Agnel de pl rre p Witt de Peikerche 1 
Wittm de Wdbeford. 
f Mittat' . iiij. mil 15. T: si n t lang®'' a die Sci 
Hilar in aro. dies . apd Westm. 

♦♦• f Rob de WSelton ess se eod m° ap ||5e//o» vsus Rob 

de Chilton de pt ?re 1 homag p Gfl^f de 
Norf^ 1 jRic cfe Bedegehd. 
f Mittaf. iiij. mit.1 si n t lang' a die Sci Hilar in 
av. dies . apd Westm. 

JEbor. f Matild Fossard ess se de . m • lec? . ap . Otrigto . 

v^s^ Galjr frem suu . de pt ?re p RicK Jit 
Matitt.t Witt de IJG^m. 
<r De itinle . Mittant'. iiij. mit lc.1 si n fuerit 

K 3 

Digitized by 




lang*^ a die Pascli in an). dies . apd Wes^ . 
pceptii t ctico vic. 

Devon. jf Ric Peverel ess se de m . ven . vs^ liUcajit Jotm 
Pinclna de pt catalt . p Ric Pwind. 
fC Fl 6d a die Sci Hilaf in arv. dies . apd Westia .1 
alii ponaf^ p vad 1 pleg q sit tc ibi. 

Ijoc. JT Witts de ^iMersha ess ;se de • m . lecl • iij die aS 

plaS.ap \\He . . . A Derebisif vsP Rob de 

Surnivitt.l Matitt ux ej^ de pt tre p Ingera 


f Id ess . se in itifle justic d^ m • ve . p Witt Forti 

\ t plac de audiend jud suo. 
(f Mittaf. iiij. mit .12 . si n t lang' afesto Sci Hilaf 
in arv. dies. 

Devdn. If Matitt de Bofeus.e^ se . iij. die aS m . ven . 

v^sus Lucd fit Johis . de pt ca^^tt . p Rog^ de 
f Pt fid • ^i die Sci Hilaf in aro. dies . apd Westm. 

Ehorac. f Witt de Buketon ess se de m lec? iij. die an 
pt . ap WMeudu vs^ CristianS Deubenie de pt 
[dotis] +?re + p Ric de ViBruto.\ Rad de ' 
\iBurto .\ tra illa capta fii in maii dfii l^ . 
c*s ^ i vic in cUe Sce Caterin . p def cu ipi^ WitU . 

\ Hug" de WEintorp . \ WHu^ vefi ad hora 
\ petiit ea. 
f H'at ea p plevina !\ respodeat Xpiane .1 de (Ipte 
Witti tiat saisina ipa Cristian. 

Kantebr. f Thom de Basstggeb^ ess se de m . v • vsus 
Regin de ArgStein de pt homag.p Wittm 
f Ad arv. dies p^ Jesl Sci Hilaf. ap Westm. 

Norf. f Witt fit Pagan ess se de m veii • v^s^ Wi« 

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Maresc . de pl waral de Barwe . p Rad Jit 
Pagan . pl ess &d.a die Lune jp^ Jest Sci 
Andr % arv. dies. 

ir In ocf S^c^i Andr\ 

^Noff\ f Alea^ WPuintes de 9vico Reg . de ult* mare 
v^sus Rob de CoJeoitt de pl debil.p Jord de 
Lentun. ^ 

Albid. JT A^^ de WFerceden de eod v^s^ eud p Gil6 

Norhdt. jf Att)S de Pipewett de m ve . vsus Witt de Benleg^ 
de pt ?re p WittJitSim. 
jf R fid . a (/«e iS« /fi&f in a;t;. dies . ii hms bre . 
1 Att) pon loco suo Henr monac suii ad 
luc*.vl pdl 

' Wiltesif. jf Rob de Brtkewrth de m . ve . vsus Witt Dd. de 
pl ?.p Witt Runetigg\ 
f n fid . fcia die ff Sci Hilaf. 

Norf*. f Witt de Btto Mote de m .ve . vsus Joh de WClinton 

d pl cataB p Joh de Plkeni. 
jf PI M.a die Sci Hilaf in arv. dies . apd Westm. 

Sudia. f Buchd Tesauraf de m ve . vs^ Thom de Strat- 

JeldSt Thom de Colilb . d advocacoe captte de 
Lokerleg* p Walera hoie suii. 
f R fid . in ocf Sci Hilaf apd Westm. 

^^'* f Jordan de Torpland de m ve vsus Rog'DacU de 

pt appffi p Gilb . (fe Snarntgg\ 
f Pl fid . a cKe iS« fli&f m o^. dies. 

Bsaf. f ^wfo /f Widon de Affeld de m ve . v^sus Wittjit 

Mathi . de pt tre . p Gaujf de Gadigton. 
f PI fid . m crastino ocl Sci Hilaf apd Westni. 

K 4 

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-^- JT W^<3f// de Flavitt de m . ve . v^sus Alexdd de Oviton, 

un^ visor de if ^mitate Gerard de Ovlton . p 
Gerard Mauculmt. 

Salop. JT Mabit de Hennele de m . ve vs^ Ivon de Clinton 

de pl dotis . p TVitt WGerafL 

Waruf. jf Henr de Ctintoh de m . ve . v^sus B'tra de Ware 
de pt tre p Stephm Jit Witti. 

Sorf. jf 3ofi de Suanetoh de m . ve . vsus Joh de Fackeha 

de pt apptti p Galfr de Binetree. 

f PI M .a die Sci Hilar in ro. dies •! Joh de 

l^Sumesha appellator fi ve& vt se ess •IJbA 

appellat^ expectav iiii. die suu . Jud Joh eat 

mia. sfi die \ Joh de Smnetoh in mia. 

Ibii ff Rog^ DacP de m ve . vsus Jurdah de Folkeland. 

de pl apptt p Hu^ Papitun. 
(f Pl fid ad eumd rmin. 

Ebor. (T Rad Bard de m ve . vsus X}and q fii uxor WitU 

Bard de pt tre p Rad de Fsula. 
f Fid plt.av. dies afSci Hilar . Id dies dat^ t 
Pet? Bard warato ej^d X^ane. 

Leic. f Rob de Colnestoh . i . viso^ de inf^mil Atea^ de 

(Mtoh ess se de m . ve . p Ad Bludu. 

Ibid. jf Ada de WColdetesbge . i . visoj^ de ead iPmil esS 

se eod m° p Robjit Erh. 

tVarwic. jf Joh de \\VurU de m ve . de ult* mare vsus B*tra 
de WWaure de pl tre p Wid de Ludintoh.M 
pt . I ocl Sci Hilar. Id dies dat^ t Ingera 
de Bagot . i. rec de eod . p Bhdcm ess suQ . 
1 Regih de Bardemora . i . rec de eod p 
ess suii Rob de Catoh.PhiUpp de CatohA. 
rec de eod p ess suii Ada hbiem suu t 

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TVall de RepSghat /i . rec de eod p T'stah 

hoiem 8UU S\ Johes de Weston . i . rec p Ric 

de Weston. 
f Fid pl . . . . 1 ceri n velSut n*^ se ess \ ido 

poned st p vad .'l pl . q tc st ibi iii resp5sur. 
jf Gattfr Cti(P lat bre T: noia. 

IF^rw'. j]* jRo8 cfe Ffl/fe de m ve . vsus Walera de 

pl ?re p Witt de Leicestr. 
jf R fid . in ocl Sci Hilar . apd Westm. 

Suhat, JT S^lo svies . Com de Aubemarle d in . ve . rsus 

Joh de Brideport d pl cataH: p Galfr de 
f PI ess fid in crastin Sci Hilar apd Westm. 

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Plac* de Tmino PascV Anno Regni Regis 
Ric. ix*'. 2. XV. dies. 

♦♦♦ Abbas de Fauresha pofi loco suo Rob de Fauresha 

vsus Mainard de Kingesfeld de pl . t . ad . lu . 

♦♦♦ f Dies dat^ t Afebi de Westm \ Wal^o de Cokham 

de pt senescalcie i adv just i ptib^ itt, 

♦♦♦ jf Abbas de Sco Albano pon loco suo Wittde Sis- 
severn vsus Robfit Walfi de pl bosci ad luc*. 

Id pon loco suo Magrm Rog^m vsus Tempt de 
pl mol de Norton ad luc*nd vl pd6nd. 

♦♦♦ JT Dies dat^ t Rob de Tomha \ Canofi de Mel- 

ton de pl . t . i Bridehatt \ alibi a die Sci 
Mich t . XV. dies pce ptiu \ intim hfit lic 

♦♦♦ jT WGeua ux Rog]i Walensis pon loco suo virii 

suii vsus Witt de Salceto de pl . t . ad lu . vl 
jf Rad Basset pofi loco suo Joh de Clopton vsus 
Thom de P^stwde de pl . t . ad • lii . vl pdend. 

ighd. Gaufr MonatP pofi loco suo Gaufr de Torha 

vsus Marchisu de Aubign de pl . t . ad • lu 
vl pd. 

Linc. JT Vic signific p bre suii qd cep i mafi Diii. 

Pr . ?ram q*m Petr^ fil Witti clain adPsus 

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Htj^ ♦ \ Alic ux ej^ 1 Hiig^ fil suu in 
iGeuekstan die Mari px^ an med Q^dr^g\ p 
defcu teneciiL 

OioH. jf Joh de Briewes poit^ loco Epi Winl pel vsus 

Ysab de Trwe . vi . virg rre cu pl i Nedburbi 
sic jus Eccle Winl . 1 p^ea vefi ip* % q*eta 
clamav rra illa 1 remisit ifi jus suii. 

Hertford. ^ AlbricP de Ver pofl loco suo Johm de Haldeham 
vsus . . uerric de Marinis de pl diss de WiU 
burgeham ad lucrand vl pd. 

Vorf. f Ass* [magna] int Roglm de Gisnei^Wittm de 

Resham pofi in resp usq^ ad adv justic i 
ptib} ilt p def cu reS .1 illa magna ass t de 
advocoe eccle de Racheia . % Nicot de Stal- 
'X- ham . i^. rec essoii se p PetrU Wardebien . 

Gai{fr de Hikeling p Turgis ♦ . Rad Jit Rad 
p Petr Knape . Barth de Martham p Witt de 
Horham . Rob Baignard p Rogim 4» . Nigett 
de Wimdeham p Wittm Cunein . Gatifr Petr . 
i^ rec t in languore sic testal fuit . id dies 
dat^ t recogR p essofl suos . 1 . iiij°' . mil q 
vener:' i banco. 

Hertfmd. ^ Ass veii Witt pat Jurd saisit^ fuit i dilico 
suo ut de feodo de . ij . car rre 6 ptifl in Tades- 
torn die q* . ob .\ si ob p^ p*m co^ . H. Reg 
pat^s Dfii Reg \ si pfat^ Jurd ppinq^or fies 
ejus sit q* rra Thomf Wittde Mare teu} . 1 
pdcs Thom ven t dix qd assisa . ifi f i fi debet . 
%ipe Jwr(f.1 fr ej^ p'mogenit^ inplacitaver 
ipm ThorH de ip* rra . p br de recto . Ita qd 
p plac illd qda pticta de tra illa eis remansit . 
\ p^ea cepiit p ead rra . ij . m . arg 1 unu 
chazuru . 1t b off pbare advsus eum put cur 

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9sid . 83 nulla pdux pba .1 Jurd ve£l \ defend 
qd ip nttm f?em p^mogenil legitime naf 
habuit . T: qd ip nuq* i cur uUa q*eta clam rra 
illa . nec iS . ij. m . vt pecunia aliq* iit cep . \ 
6 off dfende p qnda libm hoiem suii . \ 
Thofa nic6 9* defensione illa dix . vl optul . 
nec secta qd ipe Jiwr^f p^mogenitu frem habuit. 
pdux . nec cuf aliq* in q* plac eet inr eos . 
nec qn finis factus eet int eos . cosidal t qd 
ipe J2^^ hat in saisina suam. 

l!iJorf\ JT Ass* inr Porem de Norwic t Math de Guneton 

. de advoc eccte de WMarthd pofi 1 resp usq^ ad 

advent justic i ptib^ itt p^ce ptiii . \ intim tnt 

licenc ^cord • p^or pon loco suo Rann monac 

suii ad luc* vl pd. 

Bedef\ jf Ass vefi rec . si Hu^ p* de Tuddingel \ Joh 
Capett 1 Phit Sen 1 Thom Armig* % Reg" \\ho 
monach '^ Warinjit Regin Si Nigett Martl \ 
Beniamt * .1 Math Hauec Sl H^eward Barbet 
ijuste 1 sn jud diss Rog^ Pip de . li . te . suo i 
Tudingeton p? scd coroii dni . p^ . Hug* psoii 
ven \ dic.qd ass fi debet ifi fi . q^ itt tefi llt lib 
ten ecc* sue de Tudigel qd diroav in caplo. 

Surf. ^ Rog^ Jit Everard. AlbricP de Heiwde . Luc de 

Lawdecol 4» . Witt de Putldenn sum ad eligend. 
xii. mil de visn de Titinges ad fac magna ass 
de . i. carr rre c ptifi i Titinges . qua . H. epc 
Eson dam vsus Rod Bumard^X Ema ux sua. 
ufi ipi Rodl Emma ux ej^ posuert se i magna 
ass . \ petier rec ifi f i . utf ipe epc maj^ jus 
hat tenendi rra illa i dfiico . an ipi de eo r 
venerl T: elegerl istos . Gitt de Bassevitt. Rob 
de Hameldon. Witt de Insut. Gitt de Abtnge- 
wrde . Maur de Hocle • Joh de Chereburc 

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Math de Bovitt. Gitt de Wallon . Witt frem 
ej^ . RoHand de Hehstede . Albric de Heiwde . 
Rog^ Jit Everard . Gaicfr de Tichesia • Gaufr 
de Catenhd . Wall de Hehsted. Witt de Tiches. 
Witt de Bures . \\Sams de Mulesie . Rob de Wa' 
tevitt. Add de Chintge . dies dat^ t eis i adv 
just' i ptib3 itt :f Emma pon loco suo Rob vir 
suii in ad • lu • vt pd:. 

Norhixbt. ^ Gitt de Lega \ Matitt ux ejus pont loco suo Ltic 
de Wdecot vl Albric de Damartin \?sus Wali 
de WFUngeton de pl injuste desponsal cuj^da 
lidfiae . q Tuit de donorie dni p. . ad lu • vt 

NorJ\ f Ass* ven recog quis adv tpe pacis psenl ultuna 

psona q mortua t ad ecc*m de Burhamtorp .q 
vacat ut dr . cujus psentacone Phit de Burhd 
clam • vsus p*ore de Leuiis. 
JT 3\ir dic? qd Wall Jit Phitfec ultima p^ ad illa 
ecc*m tpe Reg Steph ."X q ipe fec p^ma \ ul- 
tima psona . cosid t qd Phit 6at jpsentacoe 
sua .1 p'or qrat jus suu si voluit. 

••• jf Ass veft rec si Joh pat Witt^n q* infra etate t 
saisit^ fuit i diiico suo ut de feod de . i. car 
tre c ptin i Guzistah die q' ir arrip vsus Jertm 

i q° itinle ob .\ si i? arrip 1 si p^dcs 

^i7?ppinq 6es ejus t . Que ass* pon i resp p 
def rec . q^ Osb de Langedoh .1 Hug^ de Wichd 

•« " ^l Rad de Orlauestoh ^ 1t Laur \ Joh de Her- 

tangre fecer se ess . Id dies dat^ t Rad de Or' 
lauestoh q* ?ra illa tenet S\ cetis rec • Notand 
qd Rad dic qd fi tenuit tra illa die q* siimo 
f ca fuit . immo qda femia i dof . Witt dic q 
pofi se i ass* utr sais fuit in tc . necne • dies 
dat^ t ufq^ pti i banco i adv justic. 

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Ass veii rec si Wilt de Curcio pa? Rob de Curc 
sais f iiit i dnico suo u de feod . d . cc. acr tre 
cii ptiii i Snaresgal die q* oft . . . .1 si ppin- 

q*or 'Itc. q* Pra Afeb dePonte RoblJac 

Lewin 1 Steph .\ Bic fr ejus tefi . Abb vefi \ 
dic qd AUc Comitiss de Attgo dedit ece sue 
illa t^ra i ppel elem sic illa q fuit de maritag 
suo 1 carta sua eis illa pfirm q* ptulit. q iS. 
testatf^ 1 ifi vocat ipam ad waran? .1 hed suii. 
Hat war suii a die Jov* ^x" an fesl Sci 
Georg^ .... apd Westm . conl Dfio Canl. 
Rob pon loco suo Rad Pantol.vX Joh de 
Bensinton ad . lu.vl pd versus Ro^ de Scures 
de pl injurie illate . ad . lu • vt pd. 

jf WGrelent^ de Abric pon loco suo Rod Tirel. 
v^s^ Teohald WaU de pl ?re ad luc* vl 

f Gaitfr Pistor ven T: ret*xit se de ass* de nova 
diss* q' tulat vsus Afcb de Westfn de lib tefi 
suo q clain de pistrina de Westfn \ posuit se 
i mia . id Gattfr \ pt ej^ i mia. 

JT Petrus p* de Branton siifii ostens q® waranto ten} 
se i ecc* de Brdton ^ ven \ dix qd Hermer^ 
pat ejus eQ psentav ad eccl illa 1 p eii 
istitut^ f . 

jf Henr de Childresleia . Witt de Sunessir . Petrus 
de Draiton . Rob fil Garin missi ad vidend si 
infirmil un Petr^ de Frid ess se vsus Henr 
frem suii dict q n ivenert eii ibi . consid t qd 
tra capiat^ i man dni . Jtr . . s . xiiij. acr . u . i 
Tileneia\ ipe siim qd sit i crastinSce T*n aud 
jud suii ap Westm. 

Magna ass*' int At*> de Polewrd 1t Wall de 
WWinele^eld \ Eua ux sua de pl ecc^ de Eton 

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po2 i adv justic . q^ TVitt de Hid.iP. recog ess 
se p Steph . Ada de Aldingehat p Joh . Hug" jil 
Petr p Rad .Thom de Kersewett p Nicot. M . . 
de Pateleswett. p Rob . Wittjit Wigan p EUa. 
Nicot de Mare p Ric . Hervi(P de Wibertoh p 

Witt. Rohjit Pa^ p MauriZ . t " '' M 

dies dat^ t ut^q^ pti. ' 

Worr. Henr de WBarewilL poit^ loco AS) de Abendon 

pel V8U8 tvsus Rad jit Wigah . i. hid rre c 

.^. ptiii i Hutt sic jus ecc* de Abendoh .1 Rad 

ven 1 defend jus liat visu . dies 

dat^ t i adv jusl .t irim fiat visus. 

♦♦• opl se .iiij. die vsus Ricjit 

Jurd de pt . q® waranto ten^ 1 ip 

fi yeii vl se ess .1 sumo tesl fuit . jud advoco 

illa «... 1 ip sumoii qd sit i adv 

justic ide responsur^. 

♦♦• del Arch opE se . iiij. die vsus 

Rog^ de Alhnd t vsus Beatric 

pt dol sue q ea c5ting ^suo^ 
qd fuit [jRofi] q°nda viri ... .1 ipa n veil vl 
se ess.l sumo tesl fuit.jud porco rre illi^ 

dni . Pr . 15 . 1 ip sum r' qd sit 

i adv juslide resp. 


si Amuld de Camesi q^ ded Pet^ 

de Ropett. xiij. acras ?re fuit 

sais in dflico suo ut de feod die q* ?ra illa 

dedit ut de warda . q* 

?ra Baldde la Rochett tenet q' t*xit 

ad waranl.jur dict qd Amuld ded rra illa 

ut i warda • q* habuit p^ morte 

^i^TiTcujus fied rra illa jud . Joh p>d5s 

q* fuit i custod ipi^ Amuld.l fuit petns hat 
saisioa sua. 

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In Dorso. 









jf Phitjtt Rob opl se . iiij. die vsus Henr de Bec 

de pl feod i^ mil. \ Tateshatt \ i 

Wispinton \ Karkebi T: ip n veil vl se ess \ 

sumo tesl fuit illa cap i mafi dni ^r . 

1c .1 ip Henr sum qd sit a die dnic pa^ an 

festu l.jcv. dies ifi resposuf ap 


jf Prioriss de A*bresbi pon loco suo Rob p^orem de 
Ambresbi vsus Rob Tresgoz de . . . nativo^ 
ad luc*ndii vl pd. 

f Dies dat^ t P*ori de WLanton 1 hoib^ suis 1 Rad 

de . . . . eleston 1 Gaitfr fil suo de a 

die Sci Mich t arv. dies p^ce ptiii. 

f Ass in? Add AngUc pel 1 Rog' de Sene^eld tefi 

de . iij. virg . P . c ptiii reman^ sii die . 

q^ Ada n psecut^ t • 

jf Dies dat^ f Sim de Plkenni 1 Sim de Pikeni 
nepoti suo de pl . i^. virg tre in Helingeton i 
adv justic pce ptiii. 

Jl' Witlde Mukenes fine fec c diio 
in . arg. p se T: Comitissa Cecit matta sua p 
recto suo hndo de Ludelawe cii ptifi .t de 
Wibelay \ de ^T..ias c omib^ ptiii suis.1 
Witt pdcs int*vit ad pdcm debil solvend. 
Pred Witt \ Comitissa pos loco suo WHt de 
Mamio 1 Gitt Russett ad luc* . vl pdend. 

jf Dies dat^ t Alano Brun \ AlSbi de Parco Luct 
de pl libtatis i adv justic. 

jf P*or de Bbuton obl se . iiij. die vs^ p*ore \ fres 
de Kunnigneheved de pl . q*re pcessii fuit i 
ca qMa 9* phib j^ticiaf . et ipi fl ve . t se 
ess .1t somo tesla fuit. Judiciii . p'or eat sfi 

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Es9ex\ JT Petrus Picot opl se. iiij. die v^s^ \\Aidd T^cat de 

pl rre i Heiden ad aud judm suu . et Ida 
T^cat petes ii venit.l se Qsidal ^ q 
Petrus eat sii die. 

Ebo}' JT Emma q fuit uxor Rad .f. Radpel v^s^ W77ftw . 

f*.Rad ronabile dote sua q ea gtig de li tefi. 
q fuit ipi^ Rad q°nda viri sui . i Neshd 1 
Gri[mestorp]^retun^ \ Daldton .1 WEctoh . 
\ WHeindoh .1 WCtiue .1 &torp . i Ebo^ .1 ^«n. 
geffbss .1 ||jFfor/Ac . 1 B^chestors . 1 Jlarfi . T: 
WSenedat \ Belebi .1 Elretuh .\ i Welptingtoh . 
1 «^iVr vea T: dixit q Rad pr ej^ dedit pdce 
Emme die q* ea desp5savit i dote q*nda villa . 
s . Heduh . T: in se tenuit pacata .1 ifi secta 
pduxit q tc itfuit.1 prea dixit q ipa p^t 
morte pris sui fuit ifi seisita .1 cepit in esple- 
cia du ipa voluit.l si secta q^ ifi pduxit ii 
p^sit ei suffice ponit se sup pbos hoes q^ illi 
irfuerut desposaconi . 1 sup wisnetu illii . \ 
Emma . defendit totu \ dicit q nuq^ dotata 
fuit de pdicta villa . n^ ifi se tenuit pacata . \ 
q fuit dotata ad rcia pte toci^ rre q' Rad vir 
suus habuit.^l iii pduxit secta q sue irfuit 
despdsacoi . 'l sup secta q"" pduxit ponit se 
sup legale jurata com ilii^. Emma ponit loco 
suo Marmaduc . ♦ ad lu . t p . in advetu j^tiC . 
fiat assisa illa p pbos hoes de visii illo . sic 
ut*% ps gcessit 

NcrMT. JT Rob de Hednebi \ Witt de Nonaucort \ Witt 
de Oxhenduh \ Rad Basset de || Videf^ sumoniti 
ad eliged . xij. milites . ad fa . magna assisa . ir 
WaU Lovel . pel . 1 Ric de Fordigestuh teii . 
de.xvi. ac*s bosci i Fordigestuh q*s eoj^ maj^ j^ 
habeat i pdictis . xvi . ac's bosci . ufi Ric pdicl 
•X' q* tenes f posuit se i magna assisa dfliReg. 

ROT. CuR. Reg. !• 

Digitized by 



et petit in rec5gnicone fieri . vefl .*l eleg . 
istos • Rad de Tenerchebrai . Bic de F. . rindwL 
Ric Burdet . GalfridJitGalfdi . Ric de Ghnes- 
cote . wGeradP Oisel . Rob de Wager . WiXt 
Burmund . Witt de Forde . Ada de Bosco . 
Ric de Hagelintuh . Rob de Roce . Simo de 
Gretton . Rog^ de Blachevile . GaipcP de Fsula . 
Philipp^ de Stoneston . dies dat^ t eis i ad- 
ventu j^tic St ilrim fiat vis^. 

Essex'. fl[ Ric ^de^ le F^eis \ Matitt uxor ej^. [opl se. 

iiij. die vsus] Rad de pl uni^ 
caruc tre cu ptinetiis^ipen venit 
vt se ess 1 sumonico testata fuit . gsidal t q 
tra capiaf^ i manu dni Reg 1 dies capl .1c .1 
Rad sum q sit apd Westm a die Lun pxima 
j^t festU Sci Georg^ iii resposur^. 
jf Matitt ponit in loco suo Ric vir suii ad lu . vl p. 

Herief\ jT Rog^ de Gisnei clam . i . caruc tre i Faleshangre 
vsus Rog* de Bray . q* tenes fuit 1 posuit se 
in magn ass.l. iiij. milil siim fuer? ad elig. 
xij. ad fac magn ass !\ cvl venissent iiij***^ milil:' 
veii Gittjit Elie 1 dix qd ipe tenuit ?ra iila 
T: n Rog^ de Bray.\ h id cognoverL 
f Consid t qd Gitt eat sil die \ Rog^ de Brai 
mia. i mia. 

Norf\ jf Rob Tresgoz petiit advoc eccl de Braton sic jus 

ux sue vsus Hermer de Braton .1: ux ej^ n 
9paruit . nec testal fuit qd liq* poit^ eet loco 
ej^ ad luc*. vt . pd . io . cosidatii t qd Hermer^ 
recedat sn die. 

Devon. ff Vic signir p br suu q cep i man diii . Jt . feod • 

i^. mtt c pt i ||G i crastin Sci Pe! ad 

xncla . qd Witt Briewerr clam 9su8 Jurd de 

Digitized by 



AubemU 1 Bald Giffkrd \ Marg' de \\Belland 
p defSu illo^ . \ rra illa detiita fuit p xv, dies 
sn plev . ido c5sidatu t qd Witl hat in saisina 

Deocin. f Id vic s^ liris suis sigit]: qd cep i mail dili . 

pr . i. virg tre cu ptin i Flete die Jov' px^ 
j^ CXnies q Wido de Alba Mart clam vsus 
Thoih Foliot p defcu ipi^ 2M ."i detflta 
fuit p . XV. dies sii pl . ido cosid t qd fVido 
hat iii saisin sua. 

Essex'. ff WHeubert^ de Doura opl se . iiij. die vsus Adam 

X de Surhli de pl wasti 'X bosco^ 

1 de Kingesfeld . q^ ip ht de dote 

ux sue St ipe Ad n ven vt se esS .\ siimo tesl 
fuit . jT Jud . U Atact qd sit . . . . 

Jtl<nf\ JT Dies dat^ t Gauff de Norf. \ Rad Travers . \ 

Essej^. Agnel Tresgoz de pl . r . a Dnica px" anfesl 

Sci Georg^ t ro. dies ad capiend cirog*pli 

suu iii. 

Voarf. ^Phit de Burnhd \ Emma ux ej^. posil loco Phit 

ad luc* . vl . p petut vsus Fulcon de 

Matitt ux sua med de 

It.i. marc redd.^ 

Norf\ JT Placil fuit in? Fulcon de Warr \ Philipp de 

Bumha de omib} tenemtis q fuerl RadEa^nei 
c\xf filias ipi Fuko \ Phil ftnt. jf Considat 
t qd omes rre q fuerl Rad pdci ptiant' ir 
illos .'X qd aisnecia . . . sic ei q* habet p^mo- 
genita . salvis roabilib} custis u{% . . . . sic 
9veii ir eos cora dfio Arcfi Canl. 


f Joh de Brvwes poit^ loco Ro^ Coci opl se vsus 

Wittde de pl Pre . . . . T: ip ii 

L 2 

Digitized by 



veii vt se essoii . et jud illud 

i resp us% l xv. (Ue$]^festu 

Norf\ JT ^^ ^ WLUham opt se.iiij. die vsus-jHfenr . . 

\ relevii 1 cosuetud . T: ip S 

ven vt se esson atachiet'. 

qd sit apd Westm a die Sci Mich 

Ebo-h. ^ Rdd de opl se.iiij. die vsus Rai 

de \\M feod qd tenuit de eo i 

Reii Ract 

qd sit a die Sci Mich 

jf pon loco suo . . . . de 

. . . recessit a cur 

cirog suii 

Torchaz . c5sid t q ipe . . 

locl.S^.T^l.x^ resp . . . 

Digitized by 




*"• ^* Esson' capta apd Hertford^ in octab' S^c^i 


fC Aluredus de Stapelford ess se de malo • ve . 
vs^ Johem MonacU de pl rre p Martin 

Roglusjilius Witti ess se vs^ Dionis de Ikinton 

de pl ass p Radm Jit Hogii. 
Johes ^lius JoHis vs^ Rad de vii. Jbntib} de 

pT ass p fVittm de Wiltesir . pl . fid . fl die 

Sci Mich t unu mensS.apdi Donestapt.\ tc 

ve . ass. 
Witts de wEshou vs^ Engeleisa Tt sorores ejus de 

pl ass p Sim M^cand. 
Ric de MuTtfichet vs^ Rog^ de Cauz p Ric de 

Watford de pt ass. 
jf PI fid . apd Donestapt 1 tc veniat ass. 

Cristina de Hodesdeh vs^ Biafcem de Hodes- 

den.*\ sorores ejus de pt ass p Wittm de 

Hugo Calues vs^ Ro^ de Muriden de pl tre p 

Emold de WDella . pl . fid . apd Jk Donestapt 4f 

Westm a die Sci Mich t v. sepl. 
Rob Picot vs^ Sirh ^de^ Child de pt ass p Ric 

p. Ade • pt . fid . apd Donestapt ad pdcm 

Aldith mr WRob vs^ eund de ead p Rob jiliU 

H'nr fiUus Matitt vs^ WimarcJiUd Leueric de 

pt ass p Wittm de Brokesburn . pt . fid . apd 

Donesl.\ tc veniat ass. 
I. 3 

Digitized by 



Witts de Sismern poit^ loco Abbtis de Sco AU 
bano ess se . iii. die an placil de m • lecti 
ap Sesewern v^s^ RobJiUn WaSi de pl.?re 
p PhiUpp Jil Witti \ EbrardU Stabular . 
mittat' . iiii. milites .\ si n t languor ap 
Westm ad . i. msS . p^ f* Sci Mich . *l si t 
lang*r r' ad . i . die t . i . annu apd . rrim . 
TrSchevent essoniator pdSi WHU p AlanU 

Walt de Marenni de ult* mare vs^ Luca de 
Brokesheved de pt appelli p Rad JiUa 
Regin . pt fid . id adventu justic llirum i 
ptes illas. 

Walt Poltard appSator [de ma . ve] vs? eund de 
eod p Ric Starling' pt .fid.apd Donestapt. 
Id dies dat^ ♦ 

EmaMiLS de \\H*tam ess se . iii. die aS pladl 
de m . lecti ap Sesewerh vs^ Wittm f* Rob . 
de pt ?re p WalkelinU de Roheng" 1 Withn 
de \\Botibe ap* WW^kenton in Norhant » . iiii. 
milites 1t si fi t • ktnguor :f ad Westm ad ocl 
Sci Mart . 1 si t lang^^r ap t'ri . ad • L die .1 
i. annii. 

Math f* Witti v^s^ Wittm Franc de plag ass p 
Ate^c' f* Matitt. 

Petr^ de Goldinton 9s^ eund de eod p Rog^m 

Ric Bataitt 9s^ [Rob fUtt Nigetf] f ThomJU 
Algar ^ de pl tre p Rad Bataitt. 

Aldewin^ » v^s^ Thomftia Attgar de pt ?re p 
Rad de Keneheia a die i^ Mich . t . t . misi 
apd Donestapt. \ tc veniat ass . pt fid. 

WaU Bataitt ^s^ eund de eod p Withn JHHt 
Alea^ . pt fid . ibid ad eund Pminu . 1 tc 
ve . ass. 

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WittsJiUm Godefr vs^ Wittm Franc de plac ass 
l^Rog" Jilin Witti. 

AUc q fuit ux Gerard vs^ Robjiliu Odon de pl 

ass p Nichjit Godid. 
RobJiV Ranulf* vs^ Rob JiliU Odoh de pl ass . p 

ReginaldJiUu Rob. 
Anketil vs^ Wittm Ansera de pl rre p Rob 

Ro^. S(^ptor vs^ Rob del Broc de pl ass . p 

Hug' JiUU Alah . pt . fid . apd Doh. 
Gaujr de Cluniaco vs^ Jordanu de Hormed de 

pace Pr . p Hhr Scot. 
JoHes de Grai vs^ Matitt 1 Augnel de pl ass p 

Alex" de Grai . pl . fid . apd Doh . vic lit . . . . 


de Matha v^&^ G'vasiu Jit Rog^ de 

pl ass . p GaufrfUu B*nard. 
de Fumevatt vs^ Jemegah de pl 

ass p Ricjit Witti . pl ess Ric ctic^ . ad ocl Sci 

Marl apd Westm .1 ve . ass . tc. 
Adam ParcarP vs^ Sim Angeuinu de pt tre p 

RoglmJiUu Witti pl . fid . apd Donesl. 
Rob de Glauele \?s^ Phit \ Sigar fres de pl ?re p 

Johemjit Rob. 
Johes de Stiuenach ess se de malo lecti iii. 

die afi plac vs^ Estrild de pt tre p Sim 

JiUn Rad \ Gaufr fUu Witti apd Stane i 

Rog* de Ginei ess se de malo lc . iii. die an placil 

vs^ Rob JiUu Walfi de Kersenbroc de pl ass p 

Ric 1 Ric . apd || Weleres. 

Thom de Therefeld v^s^ Rob \\Euiltarwegg' de pl 
ass . p JohfliU Thom • pl . fid . apd Donestapt. 
Id dies dat^ t • • • iiii* militib; ad facienda 

L 4 

Digitized by 



elcone xii. miliE RadfX Math . Rad de Bac • 

Regin de Walingeton . Ricardus Camlarius. 
Witls de Mora vsPRic frem *de pl rre p GilebtU 

\\Sparew\ apd Donestapt ad pdcm tminu. 
Hugo de Diklenemett vs^ Ermergarda de pt 

dol p Rad de Dikesneswett. 
Prior hospitat Jertm vs^ Margar de Winken^ 

ton de pl advocaconis eccKe p SilvestrSjit 

WRoBtus de Tarent v^s^ Phitipp \ Sigar de pt 

ass p ThomJiUu Alea^. 
de Monasfio vs^ AceUnu de Abinton 

de pl ass p RicJiUu Rad. 
de Cruce Rois vs^ Alic G^num de 

plac ass p Galfr de Cce . pl fid . apd Done- 

stapt . . • 
de HSgsteword vs^ Laurenc Captbmd 

\ Alic vidua de pl Vre p Hnr D . . . . apd 

Donestapt rminu. 

amesia de die a£L pt. 

vs^ Guarinu de Bradenhege de pt rre p Rob 

1 Adamjiliu Pagani apd Rames . 

in Htmted . apd Donesl . pt ess Rob de WLan^ 

Witts de Orsel vs^ Ranulf' Baisebatt de pl ass 

p Rad JiUu Regih . pt . fid . apd Donesl.% tc 

veniat ass • "l Lucia poii in loco suo Rann 

virii suu ad luc*ii . vt pd. 
Simjilius Ric de peg'nacone ad Scm Jaco15 vs^ 

Joh Lapegrut de pt ass p Hug^ Bruntg. 
Gaufr Jermar vsP Sabet de pt ass p AdamJUifl 

EUas Cticus de Anesti vs^ Gileb Fastiherth 

de pt ass p Ada de Anesti . pt fid . apd Dim^- 


Digitized by 



Hug^ Bard vs^ Steph de Horeweltde pl molndini 

p Nich Puintel 
Osb de Mara vs^ Wittm Scroti de pl homag p 

Radjit Gileb . apd Donestapt . aff. 
Joh Divintis ess se de ult* mare de pl dotis p 

JVittm frem suii vs^ Alic de Hormed . pl • 

sit . apd Westm i octab Sci Martin. 
Gatifr de Roinges vs^ G^vasiuJHiU Rog^i de pl 

ass p Gilbtum homine suu . pl . fid . apd Done- 

stapt ad pdcm rminu \ tc veniat ass. 
Paganus de Thorle rec . p Emald WceriU . pl . 

fid . apd Donestapt ad pdcm rminii. 
Johes de Munfichet vs^ Rog^ de Cauz de pl ass 

p Nich de Lecheword . pl . fid . ap Donesl . 

t Gerard. 

Gaufr de Cave iiii. die vs^ Joh de 

Burgele de pl xxx. acr rre i Walintoh "X ipe 

n*^ vefi n® se ess. f Judm . resumoneat' qd 

sit apd Donesl.1 n potit quid dre quin ass. 

capiat^.1 tc veniat ass. 

, f[ ....... .1 Baill Regine de Berchamsted 

petentib} hbtate dne sue ap Dunesl . Id 

dies dat^ t H^nr de AUinges \ 

Margar de Wichenton . petentib} 

. . es dat^ AtSbti de Sco Albano id 


m.l.dort. Htford. 

in.2. Rotulus de Ass' apd Hurtf anno regni Reg' 

Ric. x^ 

f Ass veii rec . si Witts [Jilius Ailwini] injusl 1 
s& judiS diss Rad Cloer de libo tenem suo in 
Gedtiston p^ scdam coronac. 

Digitized by 



f Witts veil 1 dic qd tenet tenem illud de Ru 
Tanet ad tminu \ vocat eum in ad warantu 
qui ven \ warantizat ei 1 dic qd ass no 
lldebet in f i quia ipe Rad villanus t 't qd 
Abbas de Sco Albano eum disronavit in 
com ut villanu suu 1 ifi vocat com . Comitat^ 
vefl q* h« testat'. 

ff Jud . Rob nU capit % villanus 1 1 1 i mia . p f 

f Ass ven rec . si GaufrJiUus Rad 1 Rog' de Sco 
WMantieo 1 Htig^JiUus Witt injusl 1 sfi jud diss 
Edith vidua de libo tenem suo in RadentoH 
inf * ass. 

f Jur dfit qd fi diss ita ea. 

jf Jud . Edith vidua i mia p f clam. 

f Ass vefi rec . si GerardP de Fumivatt injusl 1t sfi 
jud diss Jemeegan de Munden de libo tenem 
suo in Munden inf" ass. 

f Jur . dfit qd Gerar^ ita diss eum. 

JT Judm . Jemeganus tat seisina 1 GerardP i mia . 
\ dapnu t Ai mlai^ • xl. sot 

f Ass vefi rec . si Auger^ par Wa^ fuit seisit^ i 
dfiico suo ut de feudo de . v. acr ?re "X dim 
cu ptifi in Berqueia die qua obiit 1 si obiit 
p^ \c. qua rram Martinus p* de Berqueia 

f Jur dfit qd Aug^us ita obiit [seisit^]. 

f Judm . Wal?us hat seisina .1 Martinus i mia . 
p ijusta detncone. 

f Ass ven rec . si ITnr pr Dionisie fuit seisit^ in 
dnico suo siS de feudo de . i. v*ga£ ?re c ptifi 
in Hodenho die qua obiit . \ si obiit 12. q*m 
rram EUas de Boct tenet 

f Jur dfit qd H'nr fi obiit ita seisit^. 

Digitized by 



f Jud • EUas teneat i pace \ Diomi i nua p fo 

Jf Abbas de Waltha reddidit WalSo Pelerin . iii. 
mesag i Stansted q funt pns sui . sic jus suu. 

f Ass ven reS. si RobJiUm Wall injusl 1 sS jud 
diss Ysabel de Bennintoh de libo tenem suo 
in Bennmton inf^ ass. 

jf Ju7 dnt qd fi diss eam ita. 

jf 4 Judm . JRofi teneat i pace .1; /5a6e/ p fo clam^ 
1 WHtJit Walfi senescatt cognov qd ipa t i 
seisina sua . 1 ido c5sida£ t qd liat seisina i 

f[ Ass veii reS • si PhiUpp p? AsceUn de Abbenton 
fuit seisit^ i d£lico suo sic de feudo de dimid 
v^gal rre cii ptin i Ck)dre die qua obiit . \ si 
obiit . tc. q»m ?ra Hug'Jit Rad tenet 

jf Ju? dilt qd PhiUpp n obiit seisit^ in dfiico S} de 

f Judm . Hi^ teneat i pace S\ AceUnus i mia • p f 

f Ass ven reS . si RicJiUus Witti de Munfichet in. 

jusl 1 siijud desseis WarinU Jit Johis de liBo 

teii suo i WalUngetoh inf* ass. 
JT Ju? dat % jKic ita diss eiL 
f Jud . Warinus liat seisina . 1 /2ic i mia p diss 

dapnii II t . iii. sot Si mia t dimid m. 

jf Ass veil rec . si Rob \\Jr Augnel Jit Ric fuit 
seisit^ i dfiico suo sic de feudo de dimid 
v^gal 9re c ptifi . in Rodestvett die q* obiit St 
si obiit 'lc. quam rra WErmengeud q fuit ux 
Ade de Mandevitt tenet. 

f Ermigarda ven 1 vocat Ada filiii suii in ad wa- 
rantii qui ifra " ** etate t- 

Digitized by 



Don. jf Judm . hat qd vocavit apd Donesl .1 tc veniat 
ass . Concordati sl p sic qd Ermlgard reddidit 
p^dce Augnei tota p^dcam rra c ptin habenda 
t tenenda q*m diu Ermigarct vixlit T: ilii ei 
waratizar debet .1 Augnes ei dedit . ix. sol scit 
p hac quie£ clamanc. 

jf Ass ven rec . si Leuric pr Wimarc fuit seisit^ i 
dfiico suo sic de feudo de . i. mesag c ptiS . 
in Hurtford die qua obiit . \ si obiit . 1c. 
quam tram JTnf Jil Matilt \ Rob de Alewett 
tenet . Henr ess t .1; jRo5 dic qd nl jur clamat 
i illo mesag n' custodia q*m ht cii Pagano 
filio ux sue. 

^ Jud . querat hve si vol8it vs^ PaganU. 

jf Ass de morte ancess inr Ric de Benhal petente 
dim. v*gaJ rre in Waldeh \ Emald te Tur . . . 
tenente r^ remanet quia EmaldP cognovit qd 
tenet rram illam i vilianagio de Johe de Nevitt 
1 sicut villanus. 

jf [Judm] Ric querat bve si voluit vs^ Johem de 

Dies dat^ t Gaufr de Boct querente 1 Hug' 
Wiscard apd Duii . 1 tc veniat . ass . n* inrm 
concordari possint. 

jf Ass ven . rec si Joh de Waldo pr Thom fuit 
seisit^ in dnico suo ut de feudo de x. acr tre 
c ptifi i wTldteberst die qua obiit f\ si obiitT:c. 
qua rram Gaufr de Cluldwic tenet 

jf Dies dat^ t eis apd Donestapt ad . i. msS f^ 
Mich . p defall recognil . vic ht bve 1 n5ia 

jf Dies dat^ t Steph de Hotewett querenti 1 Hug* 
Bard de pl ass ap Westm ad . v. sepl pP f 

Digitized by 



Sci Mich 1 tc veniet ass . Id dies dat^ t 
Rob de HeirU \ Hu^ de HeirU de pl tre i 
Peruton p 15ve Arclii 

jf Ass veii rec . si Gaufr de Mara injusl \ sfi 
jud . levavit qddam fossatii i Offele ad nocum 
li15i tenem ^ sui ^ Thorh de la Mare i ead 
villa. K /6 

jf Jur dfit qd ita levavit fossai 

jf Judm . fossat pstnat' Gavfr i mia . dapnii t . 
ii. sot. 

f Ass ven rec . quis advocat^ tempe pacis psfitav 
ultima psona q mortua t ad eccliam de 

W. Roh JiUu^ JVa^i 1 Gunnof, ux 

ejus clamat vs^ RoB Jit Ambros ^ Rob ||fe 
WLansitt \ Rog" d Ginei. 

f Rog'^de Ginei t Rob de WLansitt diit "i bS 

cognosct qd aficesso^ pdce Gunno^ 

ultima p*m .1 tpe pacis . ad pfata ecctia. 

JT Rob Jit Ambr poii se sr jur.T: pel ifi 

dnt qd Rob de Valon pr pdce Gun- 

no^ psntav ultima p^m q mortua t ^d Heccam 
||de W tpe pac. 

jf Jud . Rob 1 Gunno^ ux ejus hant in advocaSone 

jf Ric de Heirtt petit qd Hug* de HeirU warantizet 

ei . ii. virgal rre cii ptin i tenle de 

eo ^ uh tit carta Johis de HeirU ailcesso^ 

pfati Hug" 1 p^t carta. Hi(gr' qd 

n debet illi waranl f q^ ^ [q^^^] ^P^ JoKis 
avi sui niiq* seisit^ fbit de rra illa Sl si if! 

carta tit tate sua uil ||ea yobiit ea 

adquisivit ^ hoc offit dironare cdsidacone cur. 
[p Thom de Wilie'] Ric hoc defendit.^ dic 
qd ejus p*tate adquisivit ^ carta 

Digitized by 



1 seisina 9re illius qHn adhuc ht . A tint die 

ap Donesl ^ • • • af¥ '* Reg . i. m. 

" p tlnda ju? legaliu hoiii de visfi . si ipe 
" unq* fuit seisit^ de rra de . . . . p^ lint 
" die apd DonestapV* 

f ITnr *t Jofies &atores de Sco Albano poiti 
fuerf p pl ad esse cora justic responsur. 
• . • vendicone p verem ulna p^ phibiconem 
qui fi venlunt.^l sl i mia \ pl llejus fiier! 
Nich Jit Ade . Baldeuinus Jil Bald. 

f Isti . iiii. milites ITnr de Gof^ha . \\Re^ de JIMtm- 
den . Gaufr Picot . Gaufr de Child . . . sumo- 
niti fSnt ad eligend xii. milites ad facienda 
magna ass . int Petr \\Canna tenenl 1 Ric 
Cave petente de . i. virgal rre S ptin in Wald 
un id Petr^ [tenes] . posuit se i magna 
ass d!li Pr ^ pet in rec quis eo^ maj^ jus 
tat i rra illa . 1 elegJunt istos . Rog^ dt 
Meridon . Osh de Mara . Witts Jilius Sim . 
Alanus de la Mara . Witts de Norton . Hu^ 
Wiscard senior . Henr Wiscard junior . Hug* 
de Bradeweia . Math de Linlee . Joh de 

Brokeburn . Joh de Audevilt Stive' 

nech • BrierP de Tiwing^. • . viellus de Tvam^. 

Petr^ de Erpefeld . Joh in loco 

suo WiHm filiii suu ad luc^.vt pd. 

% H*nt die apd Donesl ad Jesl asi. 

Id dies dat^ t ut^ pti. 

Digitized by 




m. 1. Placita corone placitata apd Hurtford' p* 
Gaufr^ Jiliu Pd^ T^ wcxo^ sms anno regni 
Reg' Ric. cf. 

Hundr de WOsdesh. 

f Jur dnt qd JohesJiUtcs Leuene \ AUcJU SiwarS 
submsi fuert in stangno molnd de Eswett t 
ft. engt n fuit ronabitr psiitat. jf Murdr. 

f Id d£(t qd qda femina iventa fuit mortua i 
campis de Erdele t nescifji fuit .1 nemo iil 
ffi. male cdit'. jf Judm . mur^. 

jf IVilts JiUtis Rog^ de Hengsteooord appttat Sam^ 
son de Hesewett de pace ^.\ affidav seq* \ 
n seq^Capiat^.t Samsd eat in ^ quiet^^ sn 

JT Id dnt qd malefgores in?fe8unt Wittm Fabr i 
domo sua apd Sandon .1 ligiv^t Ric fil ei^ \ 
vlSav^ut AlueuS 1 Auicia t nescit' qui funt . 
1 engles n fuit psiii 
fii. f Jud.murdr. 

f In campis de Qahutt invent^ fuit quida h3 occis^ 
1 nescit' [q% fuit vl] quis eu occidit. f Judm . 

f Id dnt qd Rad RustuP fug p malo recto \ fuit 

apd Russenden manes in franc pt Hospil. 
f Jud. ?ra Hospii i Russenden i mia p fuga ipius . 
D catott. t catatt ejus fuit.ij. sol.uii vi2 Hug^ de Nevitt 

debet responde. 

Digitized by 



Hundr de Edwinestre. 

f Jur diit qd i grangia monaco^ de Cogeshat apd 
Torinden duo mendici ibid hospitati inrfecut 
?ciu Sl nescit' qui ||f 8int. 
m. (T Judm . murdr. 

jT Id diit (]& Lucas de Brocheshetcet appttat fVall 

de Marenn 1 Gatifr Trenchevet de furto • L 

bovis . JVall essofi t de ult* mare . 1 Gaufr 

[n] ven . \ pl ejus fuit WUts de Marenn 1 1 

ni. i mia. 

jT Id dat qd id Lucas apptt eund W^a// qd i pace 
^ \ l felonia furat^ t ei Felicia ux sua t 
sigitt suu 1 de catatt suo ad valncia . C. sot St 
hoc offt pbare considacone curie . In adventu 

c*s. ff Wali Pollard apptt Luca de Brochesheued .\ 
Hug' Pese.l Hug" Strut.\ Ric f?em Ric 
Tanent 1 Wittm Prestre \ Ric frem ejus de 
pace Pr. 
jf Wall Pollard ess se . apd Donestapt. 

jf Apd Hadha viila Lond dfii fuit quida ho 
invent^ occis^ 1 nescit' quis fuit. 

f Jud . murdr . ^ Ric Sturm poit^ fuit p pl p 
morte istius .1 pl . ej^ fuit Rad Futerel . Rob 
Quitloc.% sl i mia % n Runt q pl.i^ 1 juf 
postea il malecredit Ric . Judm . Ric eat in 

f Jordanus de Hormed apptt Wall Hacun qd i 
pace Pr T: nequir i felonia isultav eQ i domo 
Strangie apd Ikenton 1 vulnlavit eu i capite t 
i manu t ostndit vulnla 1 hoc offt pbare con- 
sidacone cur p corp^ suu. Wall totu deffidit 

Digitized by 



de vbo in vbum vs^ eum sic vs^ canipiQiiB 
conductic iu . \ crisiatu qui bis ir suu arripuit 
1t sep rediit itiSe n completo. Jordanus 
def rldit qd ii t campio "X psequit' vs^ eum \ 
milites jur testant' qd alia vice appBavat 
eu de roberia . i. ensis \ cape St ||purpuinti 
de quib} n fuit m° menSo , hrit die apd 

Hundr de Hertford. 

f Jur dnt qd in bosco deCeslerhunl fuit quida 
ho invent^ occis^.T: nescitf^ quis f8it. f Jud 
■uirdr. murdr. 

jf In ead villa fuit occisa qdam femina Cecilia 
noie \ nescif quis ea occidit . engl no fuit 
psiiL jf Jud murdf. 

Jf Ap Wermet Rad \ Sabelot occisi f 8nt de nocte 
i domo a quoda malef core ibid: hospitato . 
engl psBl fuit 

f Id dnt qd ap Brantefeld Rog^ \\Gleiue occidit 

Andr ^catore 1 fugit . 1 utlagat^ t . 1 mansit 

I> catatt. ap WStitdneh rram Afebis de JVestm St catatt 

fugiK sl . ij. sol. uii Hug^ de Nevill « . T: fuit 

i franc pl • Ric Caretar 1 1 i mia. 

^ Hesendon 1 Regesfeld tenuit Diis Lond que 
valfit XX. li. 

f Rob Vinitor le Vinier vendidit vinii cot* ass .1 1 
m. i mia . in warf Asketitt Bene . 1 Witts f 


f Amulf^flius H^bti de Hodesden fug p lat^cinio 
1 fuit ex^frajic pl . " in Hodesden. jf Jud. 
m. viliata i mia . murd." 

ROT. CuR. Reg. m 

Digitized by 



Hundr de Daneis. 

fC Jur diit qd i campis de Wathamsted |)inventa 
fuit quida ifans Hmortuus \ nescit' quis fuit, 
engl fi fuit psSl. 
m. jf Judm . murdr. 

f Id dfit qd ^^Alpeis {]lEmoldCin!arii** fuit iventa 

occisa in bosco de BisseiaSt Sim pat ej^.1 

EdmUdP fr ejus malecdunt' de morte ej^ 1 

fugili sunt . 1 Sifh fuit i franc pl ap Audenhd 

m. Afcbtis de Westm . villata i mia. 

Hundr de Bradewaf. 

jf Jur dnt q apd Weston fuit occis^ 'Lamht^ JU 
Ric p cujus morte fugit Wali Coc.\ fuit i 
ra. franc pl Odon de Ladon . T: f i mia .1 Wall 


jf WCalli de Mundon fug p malo recto lat^cinii \ 
fuit manes apd Mundon Furnivatt ex* franc 
pl . 1 1 villata i mia. 

fi Regin de Argento tenet Wilmudele Magna p 
^ganriam pinSnie . T: valet xx. li . 1 nescit' si 
fine fec n^ . ne . ht die apd Westm ad. iij. sepl 
jjpf Sci Mich. 

Id drit qd Rog^ de Aswelt vendidit vinii cont* 

ass* 1 1 i mia. 
Picot de Weston fugit . p lat^cinio 1 ipemet fuit 

capitaLpI . \ decena ej^ t i mia. 

Franc pt . RadHurel^ i mia p fuga Witti M&rd- 

T'ra Templar in Weston i mia p fuga Berengerii. 

Franc pl Hug^ de Slag^ t i naia p fuga Johisf* 

Digitized by 



Hundr de \\Bra€hing\ 

f Jur diit q in campis de WWarre invent^ fuit 
quida ho mortuus \ nescit' quis f Sit. f Jud . 
m. niurdn 

JT Id dnt qd Witkjilius iJic subiSs^ fuit apd Warre 
m. engl ii fuit psn?. jf Jud . murdr. 

f Id diit qd i vilia de Sterteford fuit qda femina 
iventa mortua \ nescit' q f8it. f Jud . 

Isabel fuit atthachiata p pl . |> morte Edmund de 
Comeswelt 1 pT ejus funt Gaufrflius Ordlaui 
m. \ Alan de la Hach 1 sl i mia. 

f Paganus jil Ric fug p morte Ade hois Gaujr de 
Sai % fuit i franc pl . Pel^ de Cruce 1 1 i mia . 
^Dcatatt^ • . . cataH'. " " 

jf Id dnt qd Sterteford t in manu dni Reg \ 
valet xl. li. 

/f Ada Bissop fug p lat*cinio 1 ipemet fuit capitat 
pl . in Gedelestoh. 

m. f Judm . decena f i mia .1 catatt ej^ fuerl . v. sot . 
D catatt. "fi -Hi^' rfe Nevitt. 

Respice i rgo. 


Adhuc Hundr de Braching^. 

ff Id diit qd i villa de Sterteford qda femina 
inventa fuit mortua 1 p morte ejus rectati 
fuerl . Normd T: ux ejus 1 Abbas de Waltha 
Cs, rept eos • ||T: . Arch • huit eos cora ♦ 

f Id dnt qd Wilt Blund^ \ Spilema vendidunt 
vinii 9* ass ^%l\ mia. 

M 2 

Digitized by 



Dimid Hundr de Hiche. 

f Jur diit qd Hug' \ Thom \ Rob fres in?fe8unt 
WaUJit Emme . Hug* \ Thom sunt i gaola ap 
Bedef T; Rod fugils 1 1 fuit manes i Bede- 

jf Cristina ux Witti \\G*nun 1 Matitt soror ^7/ff 
appttat Joh Jit Hug* de pace Pr t af f seq' 1 n 
seq^. capiant' 1 Jo/J eat ifi quiet^. 

jf iJwg*' de Bumhd .1 jRo5 Trenchevet apptt ^i/!&w 
flte Hemcot \ Wall Chiepma \ RobJ^ Segari 
de pace ^ concordati sl p bre Archi tc capitat 

Hug' WDunel vendidit vinii 9" asS 1 1 i mia. 
Loqnd de Thom Pac. 
Villata de Hiche nicfe qd fi supi^ dcm sit 
Villata de Baldac nich qd ii sit dcm supius. 
Villata de Stertejord nicfe qd fi sit dcm supius. 

f Comitat^ recordat' qd Thom Pac rectat^ fuit de 
lat°cinio \ domoj^ fractura 1 capt^ ^ poit^ i 
gaola tempe Rob de Lanshutt tc vic St nescif 
quo devenit . Rob [dic qd] dimiss^ fuit p pt. 
in comita? quoj^ noia h sut.jRic de Hcrst 
^Hug'^ [iJicJ Wiscard. Ram Wiscard. AU 
selm^ de WCambnto . WaU Jit Odon . Witts de 
Ftitte . isti def nd£ qd a pleg eu . Vpont se sf 
Cofii . Comitat^ recordat' qd no pleg eii. Jud. 
Rob 1 mia. 

Comitat^ jy{/or(? pmisit dno Reg Ix. m . p 

quietacia carr \ hidd. 
. jf Ad jud. jur Hundr de Othesden qui concelavant 
qd amica Ahsolon Presbifi capta fuit p sus- 
picone receptatoj^ malefco^. 

Digitized by 



Witts Jilius Philipp ess se . iij . die afi pt . de 
malo lecl \?s^ Hnr de Boueriis de pl tre p 
Wittm Gerard 't Ric sviente. 


*"• ^' Dionis ponit Walt Hacon viru suii loco suo vs^ 
Rog* de Ikenton \ Elia^de plac ass ad luc*n . 
vl pd. 

Afcbissa de Anestou tenes 1 Ric de WBerle petes 
cocordati siit de pl x. ac*r rre in Hache \ 
xxwP mesag \ . ij. virgal rre cum ptiii in 
WMeaudoh \ . i. v*gaJ rre cu ptin in Wenge p 
sic qd pdcs Ric quietii clamav i ppetuii tota 
(Pdcam rra pfate Abbatiss 1 gventui. Et p 
hac quieta clamana pPdca AW)tiss cocess* pdco 
Ric X. solid reddit^ annuati pcipiendos i tota 
vita sua in redditu Rob WDunel dim m . in 
WHicIie de Magro Rod xx. d. 1 Hud de Hich 
XX. d • 1 Ric ponit loco suo Ricjiliu D^D ad 
cirog*phii recipiend. 

Basilia de Redburh pon loco suo Gaufr fAva 
suii vs^ Joh JiUa Steph de pl caruc rre i 

Rob WCutiweg* poii loco suo Rad fihQ suii vs^ 
Thcm de Teref* de pl . ?re ad luc*n . vl pd. 

Ro{f de Gidnei pon loco suo WalfumJiliU WaU 
iPs^ Rob Jit Walfi de pl advoc ecclie de 
Wetewes . t vs^ Robjit Witti de Kersebroc de 
pl ass . ad luc*n . vl pd. 

Dionisia Escorchebef pon loco suo Wittm CticU 
\?s^ Margar de Wigenloh de pl rre ad luc*n . 
vl pd. 

Johes de Neuilta ponit loco suo Ilug* de Heirtt 

M 3 

Digitized by 



vs^ Wittm de Sepehat si ipe inree n porit de 
pT rre ad luc*n . vt pd. 

Ric de Caue ponit loco suo Wiltm filiii suii vs^ 
Fetr de Caue de pl rre ad luc*n . vt pd . si ipe 
inree ii porit. 

f WittsJiUus Gaufr petit vs^ Wiltm Foliot . k virga? 
rre cumptin in \\Gatesbi sic jus suii 1 heditate 
ufi pr ejus fuit seisit^ \ cep explecia ad 
valncia x. sot .1 eo amplius . tpe . H. Reg pns 
dni Reg .Tt hoc ofTt dironare cosidacone cur . 
p Wittm de Sepehale vt Rad qui hoc offut 
dironare p corp^ suii . Witts ven \ defendit jus 
suii \ petit in visii . lit visii . Dies dat^ t eis aji 
Donestapt .\ inrim fiat vis^. 

f Johes de Nevitt petit vs^ Wittm de Sepehat . 
iiij. v'gal rre cii ptin in Lechewod sic jus suii 
1 tieditate q illi debet descende de Albam 
avo suo qui in fuit seisit^. 1 cep in explecia ad 
valncia . v. sot \ eo amplius tempe . H. Reg 
pris dni . Reg \ hoc offt dironare c5sidac6ne 
cur p Rob Pollard. \ Thom de Wilie qui hoc 
offunt dironare p corp^ suii . Witts ven 1 vocat 
Osbtu de Mara in ad warat. 

f Ermergard q fuit ux Ade de Mandevitt petit . 
i. virgal rre cii ptiii in Loket vs^ Hug^ cticum 
de Dikeswett q ptinet ad dote sua . Hug* ven 
T: dic qd n vult ei responde sn waranto suo 
n* cur cosidavit feat war ap Donestapt. 

f WRemus de Hutt optut se . iiij. die vs^ Woluric 
de Hutt de . v. acr rre cii ptin in Hensteword 
\ Woluric^ rl veii vt se ess % siimonico testata 

jf Jud . tra capiat*^ i manu dni Pr . T: dies capcoais 

Digitized by 



madetf' justic "X JVoIuricP sumoneat' qd sit apd 
Donest . responsur^ de defalta sua \ auditur^ 
illa elconem \ tc sit ibi iiij. milites . Hu^ de 
Waubadon petiit rra illa p plevina die Sci 
Luce ap Strqford p Woluric p c^ deP capta 
fuit i manu dfii Pr. 

fT Petr^ de Golt]dinton sumonit^ adee cora jus- 
tic ap H^tford ad warantizand Giffard de 
Gedeleston q*rta pte . i. virgal rre c ptiii i 
Gedeleston un ht carta Thom pris sui [ut 
dic] venit \ warantizav ei rra illa. 

ff Alina JitAlej^ de Fumaus petit vs^ Joh de Hore- 
med \ Johem Jiliu Joh \ Alea^ mrem ej^ 
ronabile dote sua de Ix. acr tre quas huit 
WaU de Horemed quonda vir suus die qua ea 
desponsavit . Joh Jit .Joh ess t . Joh de Hor- 
med ven T: pel ifl vis . llt vis ap Donest . Atea^ 
n^ ven nec se ess S\ sumon tesl fuit .\ Atina 
exp^^tav die quartu suu. 

^ Judm rcia ps xxx. acr tre llcapiant' i manu dni 
Pr.1t dies capl madet' justic apd Donesl.\ 
Atex" sumoneat' qd tc . sit ibi respSsur^ de 
defalta 1 capitali pt 

f Witts Fotiot petit vs^ Joh de Cattesbi qd ipe 
warantizet ei \ Katerin ux ejus . i. v^gal rre c 
ptiii i Cattesbi . un llt carta ejus q* pfl .\ Joh 
ven "X llcognovit ei warantizare. 

Sim de WJitebursl cep homag Pagan de Graua d 
dimid virgal rre cu ptirt i WTitebursl. 

JT ^GitbtusJiUus Etie n sequit' vs^ Roglm de Brai 
'l t i mia Si pl ejus fuerl Reginatd WCattebois . 

jT Ric fr ii sequit' v^s^ Pagantt Jit Rad 1 t i 

M 4 

Digitized by 



mia.1 pt ejus fuerf Joh JiUus Acer , Ro6 


jT Alanusjilius Witti n pt ejus f8nt 
Jordanus de Alsemc . Rog^ f^ Pet^ t t i 

Donestapt. ^ Ric de Heiru petit qd Hug^ de Heiru warantizet 
ei.ij.\*gal tre c ptiii i Standon quas clamat 
tefle de eo . et un hl carta Joh de HairU 
aiicesso^ p^ati Hug^ 1 pfl carta . Hug^ de 
Heiru dic qd no debet illi warantizare. 

m.2.dorg. Am'ciam*ta de Hertford^. 

I> hundr de Hodesdon • i. m. ^ murdr exceptis 

Ii15tatib3. i. m. 
I> rra hospitat i WRussond dim . m. p fuga Rai 

Rustic dim . m. 

I> hundf de Edwinestr. i. marc p murdr . 

excep . life. i. m. 

I> Witt de Marenni dim . m. q^ n hiiit q pt. 

dimid m. 

I> hundf de Wtford xx. sot . p murdf . 

excepl lib, xx. sot. 

]> franc pt Ric Caritar de Stiuenech dim m. % 5 

huit q pt. diin . m. 

I> As/cil Bene dimid m. p vino vedito 9* ass. 

dimid m. 

I> Wittft Salone dim m . p eod dim . m. 

]> villata de Hodesdon rra Alah de Boxle 

dim . m. p fuga ^Alah^ Emold ft H^bti. 

— dun . m. 
I> hundf Daco^ . i. marca p murdf . excep . lib. 
. i.m. 

Digitized by 



I> villata de Jldenham • !• marc p fuga Sirn \ 

Edmnd frm, .i.m. 

I> franc pl . Odon de Ladon dim • m. p fuga WaHi 

Coc. dim.m. 

I> villata de Munden le Fumival. i.m. p fuga 

Calli de Mundon. . i. m. 

I> Rog^ de Asmett dimid m . p vino vendito 9* 

ass. dim.m. 

I> tra templar i Weston dimid m. p fuga Belng^i. 


I> hundr de Braching^ . i. marc p murdr excep • 

lib. ■ . i. in. 
I> fraco pt Pe/* de Cce i Sebricteword dim • m^ 

p fuga Pagaiijit Ric. dim . m. 

D franc pl Ad Bissop dim in. p fuga ipius 

I> Spitemd dim . m. p vino vendito 9* assisa. 
I> Hug^ WDunel dim m. p eod. 
I> TheodbatdJitFoIcon dim • m^ p cScelam. 
I> Ada de ||5wm?i dim . m. p eod. 
I> Ltica de la Mora dim . m^ p eod. 
I> . Gileb de Clahutt dim . m. p eod. 
I> Regin de Wallingeton dim . m. p eod. 
I> Radjt Witti de \\Rut dim m. p eod. 
I> Wittjit Witti dim . m. p eod. 
I> AdaJitOsb dim. m. p eod. 
I> Witto Basset dim m. p eod. 
^ I> Jotie de Sandon dim • m. p eod. ^ 
I> Radjit Math dim • in. p eod. 
I> Ric Camar dim in. p eod. 
I> Gaufr de la Mar dim m. p fossato ijusl 

tl> GerardP de Fumivatt aiSciand^ ad scacc™ p 


Digitized by 



I> Rtcjit Witti [de Mufichet'] dim . m. p diss. 

D- fVal?o de Hlford dim . m. p diss. 

I> Henr M^cato^^ de Sco Albano dim m. p injusta 

vendicoe panni. 
I> Nich Jit Ade de Sco Albano dim • m. % n huit 

I> Baldjit Bald de ead viff dim m. p eod. 

I> Ric le Frere dim m. % n t psecut^. 

1> Rob Blund dimid m. % ii huit q pt. 

D- JoUejit Acer difii . m. p eod. 

I> Jordano de Alservic fr Wiscard dim . m. q^ 5 

huit q pt. 
D- Rob ctico de Ponte de Tile difii m. p diss. 
D- Petro de Pajcton diin . marc p diss. 
D Alan Jit Godefr dim . m. p defalta. 
D Witto de Sepehat difii . m. p eod. 
D Sim de WTitesbst dim fn. p diss. 
D Regin de Argento ||a&iand^ ad sccacc" p 

diss . C. m. 
D Rob de WLansilla . x ij. ^ " difii " m. % 3 

hiiit q pt 
D Comital Ix. m. p quietacia caruc \ hidag. 


m. s. JT Esson' capta ap* Hertford^. i octaV S*ci 

MicK de ma . ve. 

jf Rad de II Limnesie de ma .ve • ess se . 9* co . sumofi . 

p Witt de WOishil 
Ro^ de Stikeswaud 9* ess comune su . p Ban- 

nulp de Wiburhd. 
GerardP de Fumival 9* co . s . de ult* maf . p 

Johem de Draiton. 

Digitized by 



Comes de Clar p Gaxcet. 

Rad de TVatton p Rad Forestar. 

Abbns deRedding\^ EmaldJitiU Hnr. 

Ric WEnganie p Thom jil Witti. 

Etias de Eswett p Giled de Eswett. 

Thom de Bwr^ p Wittm jit Ric. 

Clerenbaud de la Lande p Baldeuin de Scotton. 

Neuelus de Bocl p Wittm de Sudhei. 

Wall Jitius WBond p Atex^ Jit Watfi. 

Witts Jitius Sim p Add de Hadfeld. 

Maior Lond p Ric NovU homine. 

Ric de Munfichet p Rog* JitiU Suein . 1 Sim dc 

Paganus de Thorleia p Emald M^ceriU. 
Rad de Roff^ p Gunl de WB^gueia. 
Witts de Vesci p Steph de Eswett. 
Emma de \\Humez p Eone JitiU Rad. 
Gaujr de Sei de ult* mar p Nichjil Beleng*. 
^ EmaldP de Thorleia p Etid de Thorleia.jf 
Reginald de Argento p Eustaciu * p Godejr. pt . 

fid . a die Sci Mich . i . iij. sepl apd Westm ad 

respondnd [de ^janria]. 
Wittus de Longa vitt p Eone Sviente suu f Rad. 

\ GuarinU de Wauer. 
Hug* Coleman p AilwinuJitiU Witti. 
Joh Cticus de Weston p JohemJiliU Ailward. 
Rad de Mandetitti^ Ric CticU de Thorteia. 
Rog^JiUu^ Alani p Rog^ de Berchasted. 
^ Fulchus de Audebi p Alexandr de Audebi. ^ 
Viellus de Tiwinge p Hug* de Melton. 
WAlfelmus G'nU p Wittm de Munden. 
WittsMalet de ult* mare p WittmJiliaRob \ 

Mathm de Linleia. 
Warinusjilius Gerald de ult* mare p ThomJitiU 

Algar \ Wall frem. 

Digitized by 



^ Gileb de Hida p Wittm de Stodha.^ 

Osb de la Mare p Radjiliu Gileb. 

Sim de M^sion p Osbtu CocU. 

Johes de Machd p Rad de Matchd. 

Hnr Jilius Pet p Radjiliu Auketit. 

Gaufr de la Haia p WaU Roc. 

Ric de Wares p Osbtujit Ric. 

Rad dc la Stoke p Ailnot Pollard. 
A Rad Pirot p Wittmjiliu Rad. ^ 

Ric de Popesliettm p GatifrJitAugli. 

Add de [/a] Stoke p Ric Tailliato^. 

Fulco de Baienuittp Wall Jiliu Rob. 

Rob de \la'] Mara p Sim Jiliu Godefr. 

Sim Brito p Rad Cocu. 

Com Leic p Auketit 1 Wittm Jit AiLgnel . de ult* 

Hnrjilius Reimi p Joh Peilevilein. 

Johes de Audevitt p Hug* de Branton. 

Hamelinus de Audevitt p Nich Senescatt. 

Johes de Sanford p Rob Palmium. 
* Prior de la Crotcs Rois. ^ 

Johes Jilius Gaufr p Radjiliu Rob. 

Abbas de Westm p Wall de Greneford. 

Rad de Cheineduit p Odoii de Langeleia. 

Johflius H^vei p HespelanU de Boct. 

Johflius B^nard p Rob Osmud. 

Sim Jit Sim p Rob Jiliu Heilewis. 

Reginjilius Sim p Gaufrft Witti. 

Rad de Asselue p Wall ft Albree. 

Hub deAneslie p Ric ft Turstan. 

Prior de Bermudeseia p Alured Coc. 

WaU de Cantelu de ult* mare p Ric Jit iAilbni. 

Abbas de Wauthd p EUd de [^Pote de'] \\Tele. 

Ric Pincina de ult* mare . p Mauric Jvjoene. 

ThomJiUus Johis p Rob frem suu. 

Digitized by 



Alic^ Basset p Ric Pistore. 
^ Wilt de Dtif . . . ess se de fii verl p Witt hoiem 
Wido de Bonincurt • ess . se . p Wincenl f* Rad. 

m.s.dor?. ^^' am'ciam'ta Esex\ 

f Wali Wspriet dim S^P /eg ^ j^.„j^^^^^. 

Snelltng^ p evasione Thom. \ • ♦ t 

ir Rob Hauec diin m, p pl Witt de C ^ ^^ ^ 
7 ^ * I de m. 

la Gare p eoa. J 

jf D- Sigaro Fabro 1t ejus decena i Haltsted dim m. 

p fuga Godefr Jit Sigar. 
I> ?r//? e/e Corrfan i Boltsted Sci Pauli \ ef 

decena dim . m. p fuga Rob . \ fit suo^. 
I> H*veo Jit Coleman T: ej^ decena i Betlo capo 

Danmarti . i. m. p fug Alardi. 
I> WittPeche de Bumsted dim . m. p def. 
I> Olivlo de Topefetd. dim m. p eod*. 
I> Rad de Belto Campo . diin . m. p eod. 
^ I> Gaufrft Rob de Gelha diin . m. p eod. ^ 
I> Witt de Landa [de Esse'] dim . m. p eod. 
D Hascuil de Marisco dim . in. p f o appffo. 
I> Mich de Stiffbrd xx. sot > - , ^. 

D- Wittft Alured diin .m. j 

Am'ciam'ta de ass\ in Esex\ 

I> Mich de " Hocle " . i. m. p diss. 

D Hnr Wiscard dim [m.] p eod p plevina Witt 

de Marenni. 
I> Joh Fotenjdt dim m. q^ ri huit q pt. 
I> Ro^ de Marenni [ft Leticie'] dim . [m.] p 


Digitized by 



D- TVilt de Castellioe difn . m. p diss. 
I> Nich de Walesha . i. m. p eod. 
A I> Hnr Jit Rog* de Harkesle dim m.^p 

I> Rog* de Marenni [^Jit Witti'] dim . m. p diss • 

p pl Witt de Marenni. 
I> Ro^ de Laneweland. i. m. p hnd record 1 
jud . suo. 
ad scc™. I> Alea:* de Lnci p fossat ijust 

D Witt de Donemow* dim • m. q^ n t psecut^. 
jy Witt Franco dim m. p eod . q^ n huit q pt. 
arilciam. D Witt de Ckiuilli dim . m. p diss. 
scc"™. D Rad de Arches • i. in. p f o clam. 

D- Xpqforo de B^king* dim . m. q^ recess' sn lic . 

de c^ia. 
D Aleaf de Toleshunl dim • m. q^ ii huit q pl. 
D 115^^*0 Jit Witt dim . m. p diss. 

„^,4,, jf Ass ven rec si Gatifr pr WSimois de ^Winder- 
ston^ {Titeb^este'\ fuit saisit^ i diiico suo sic 
de demi virg t^re c ptineciis i WTite- 
burte die q* oB 1 si ob . \c q* rra Gaiifr 
Picot teu}. 
Jural dBt q ii ita saisit^ ob . Jud . Ga%(fr Picot 

mia. i pace teneat .\ WGatifr de Titub^ste i mia p 

falso clain. 

jf Ass ven rec si Gaufr jit Walfi ijuste 1 sa 
judic diss Rob Jit Witt de liBo tenem suo 
de ^ i Wastoh inf* ass*m .\ Gaujr venit 1 
snjud. dic q ii diss eu sri jud.S} jud c^^ie dni sui 

Witti Marescatt q^ tra illa illi ded p ^vicio 
suo habitis oib} roabtib^ sumoii disroavit 
[sessina] llrre illi^ p defalta ipi^ Rob.\ m 

Digitized by 



pduc sumonitores . Tt cur dni sui . \ Rob 
defedit totu 9* sum .1 9* cur. 

jf Ass veii rec . si Alea^ pr Johis fu saisit^ i dnico 
[suo] ut de feod* d dim . virgal rre . 1 . i. 
mesag • c ptiii i Warhdstud die q** oti \ si 
ob \c !\ Steph d Miisldd q* rra illa ten^ r^ dic 
q tra illa tit p Agnete uxore sua . 1 liliii ipi^ 
hatea(f8. Agnetis ^ vocat ea .1 dic q ea hebit c*s si 

justic placuer Joh ven 1 ret*xit se. 

f Ass ve rec . si TVall \\pr Witti d ^Abstrot fuit 
saisit^ i dnico suo ut de feod. d. iij. acr tre c 
ptiii die q* oh .Tt si o15 \c. \ Joh de GrraiLelee . 
Dtitiestapt. ^ ?ra illa ten^ vert T: vocat Beatkia ux e^ ad 

waranl d rra illa . Dies dat^ t eis a die S*. 
Mich t.i. mese apd Donestapt .\ hat ibi 
uxore e^ sic vocavat . Id dies dat^ t rec in 

jf Ass ve . rec . si Hug^ avuncts Alah d Box fuit 
saisit^ i diiico suo ut d feod . d . iij. facres 
pHi c ptin [i Hodeston'] die q* ob Tt si ofe 1c. 
[T: Witts wCaretarP^ f^Johs d&hiele^.t^ ?ra 
illa ten^ venit \ ^ dic Jp vocat iii ad waral 
Magrm hospil d WHoford . dies dat^ t eis apd 
Ditnestapt. Dunestapt a die S*. Martin l . i. mSse .\ hat 

ibi q vocav Id dies dat^ rec . i baco. 

jf Ass ve . rec si Witt d Kersinbroc pr Rob fuit 
saisit^ i driico suo ut d feod de . iiij. acr pasfe 
i Palesseng^. die q* ob \ si ob 1c. q*m & Ro^ 
d Wignai ten^ . C5cordati sL 

Dunestapt. jf -^ss ve . rec si Witt pr Rob fuit saisit^ i diiico 
suo ut de feod d dim acre past*'^ c ptin 
i B'sehaul die q^ ob . T: si ob 1c .T: Ric 
Molendin q* rra illa ten^ vefi ^T; dic^ vocat 


Digitized by 



iii ad waranl Rog^ d Wignai diim suii. 
dies dat^ t eis apd Donestaple l • i. mse . 
T: hat ibi q vocavat . Id dies dat^ t rec . i 

jf Ass ve . rec . si Ric Pellipar ijuste T: sn jud 

diss Silvestr [^Jif^ Elie S libo tenem suo i 

WStorteford inf* ass^m . jur diit q & ita diss 

mia. eu. Jud . Ric teneat i pace .1 Silves? i mia 

p falso clam. 

jf Ass ve . rec . si Ric ll/r Reneri le WCurt fuit 
saisit^ i diiico suo ut d* feod d dim v^gal rre 
c ptiii in Brchansted die q* ob 1 si ob lc. 
1 WTheobad d Eschalers dic q ?ra illa [ii] 
teu} . qj ifra etate t in c^tod Rad . ^ Reneri^ 
dic q tenuit tra illa die q* siimo fca fuit 1 
iii poii se sr jur . Jur drit q Theohald n fiiit 
saisit^ die illa. 
Jud Theobald in ||llat q*et^.1t Rener qrat bre si 
voluer 9* Hug* d Eschalers q^ rra illa ten} . 1 
mia. RenerJP i mia p fo clam. 

jf Ass veri rec si Witt Cangier pr Tureine d Ces- 
trihut fuit saisit^ i driico suo ut d feod 
d . viij. tacres rre c ptiii i We^sldeleston die 
q* ob 1 si ob lc. Jural dnt q ii ita ob 
saisit^. JuS. Rob jil Odoh rra teneat i pace. 
mia. Tureine i mia. 

D libtate jj' Ass ve . rec . si Henr pr Reginardi fuit saisit^ 
Eliensi. j (Jnico suo ut d feod de dimid virg . t^re 

i WHafeld i die q» ob . T: si ob 1c. 1 Ric q^ 
rra illa tenet dic q* ass. iii ii deb} fi q^ ipe 
fuit saisit^ de rra illa p^ ob pns sui . q 
ipemet ii defend s} gcedi.J \iS .Ric teneat i 
pace .1 Reginald . qrat a^ bre si voluit. 

Digitized by 



Jf Ass* ve . rec . si • Nigillus injust 1 sn jud diss 
^i//;w 11^'iwg"* de \ibo tenein suo in Sabricte- 
word inf* ass. jf Jur diit qd ita diss eum. 
f Judm . ^i/& hat in seisina . \ Nigett i mia. 
Dapnii t . iiij. s . mia t dimid m. 

jf Ass ven rec si Hnr pr Reginald fuit seisit^ 1 
dnico suo ut de feud d dimid v'gal rre i 
WHalhfeld die qua obiit . 1 si obiit 12. Tt jRic 
l> libtate qui tra illa tenet dic qd ass fl debet iii fi. quia 

Eliem. ipe seisit^ fuit de ?ra illa p^ obil pris sui . qd 

ipemlt n def ndit S3 concedit jT Judm . Ric 
teneat i pace 1t Regin querat aliud bve si 

f Ass de nova diss int^ WittmJitRad\ Alic "mrem" 
ejus qrent 1 Ric de Thanei de libo tenein eo^ 
i Stapilford ** remanet % n psequiit' . \ afY 
seq^ r 

f Ass de in . aiicess inr GayfrJiUu Ad petenl .1 
Gavjrjit Gaujr te . de xv. acr rre i Redbtirn 
remanet q^ Gatifrjit Ad fl psequit'. jf Jud . 
Gaujr Jit Gatjr eat iii sri die T: Gaxifr Jit Ad 
i mia . \ pt ej^ fueTt.Alanus de \\Thitebursl \ 
Alfred Carbonator 1 s i mia. 

f Ass veri re5 si Regin Tailebois ijusl*^ sii judic 
diss Emma de Fonte de libo tenem suo i 
Stapilford. inf* ass. jf Jur dnt qd fl ita diss 
ea. jf Judm teneat i pace ^Emma^ Regiii St 
Enmia i mia p P. ct. 

f Ass veil rec . si Wall de H^tford yusl \ sfii jud 
diss Rob JUiU Osbti de libo tenem suo in 
\(Kingesvcod inf* ass. f Jur dfit qd ita diss 
eii. JT Jud. Rob hat iil seisina \ Wali 1 mia 
p diss. "Dapnu diss t dimid in. ." ^ 

RoT. CuR. Reg. n 

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jf Ass de morl a!l . in? Beat^c \ Letic T: Jtdiari pel. 
1 fVitt Atewatr \ X}and ux ej^ teil de . i . hid 
tre in \\Hodesd remanl q^a Bea^z \ JtdA 
Lelic n seqnr jf Jud Witt 1 X^an ui eant 
iii sa die . \ Beat^C} . 1 Letic . \ Julian in mia . 
\ pt ej^ fuer Hnric^ [^rj tiema de Brokeslfne . 
1 Robjit Rob de ead villa .1 s in mia. 

HCtford ex hac pte. 



Rog" de wRamesdon pon loco suo Hug^deLeindofi 

^s^ Rog" de ^Guuk \ Rob Blund ad luc» vl 

pd . de pt. 
Agnes de Wpeuitt 1 Alic 1 \\Amid t Amic sorores 

ej^ [1 Rad vir pdce AmicuB] pofit loco suo 

B^nard de Hakele vs^ Philipp de la RoketdA 

lu . vt pd de pt ass de niorte aiic. 
Cristina de Buitt pon loco suo RicJiUu Hub vs^ 

Luca de Brokesheved de pt ||svicii ad luc*. 

vt pd. 
Annajit " JValfi** \\Puiniani pon loco suo [Luca 

de Stanford'] vs^ P*oriss de Clerkenewett de pt 

ass de morte aiicess ad lu . vt pd ♦ • . . . efe 

Stanford ^ 

Add AngluP posuit loco suo Luea de Wodecol 1 

Wittm Blund vs^ Wittm Coc de pt.rec in 

WEameden p bve . G.Jit Pet\ 
Gaujrjilius Witt posuit loco suo Gaujr de Cra- 

mavitt vs^ Warinu frem ejusd Gaujf de pt 

ass • p Bre Justic ad luc*n . vt pd. 

Am'ciam'ta Esex\ 

De hundr de Norchielmlesford . xx. sot. p murdr 
excepl liBtatib^. 

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I> Johjit Rob deBadew* . diin m. p supsisa. 

D- Wolwald Telar dim . m . p supsisa. 

D Jofie Juuene dim m . % ii hiiit q^ pt. 

I> ^Witt^ \Ric\Jit Godwin dim m . p eod. 

D- fVitt Vinitore dim m . p vino vendito cont* 

D Ric Baschet . x. sol . p eod. 
^D Hhr [de Thoni'] dim . m . p eod^ p Rege. 
D ^i/? ||/2e77i5/ dim m . q^ fl huit q pt. 
D ?ri/? Luuel dim m . p eod. 
D ^ar//i rfe Feslling*. dim m . p eod. 
D Nichjit Witt dim m • q^ fi t psecut^ p pt ^Ta/Fi 

fris sui. 
D Fukon jit Ric de Melebroc . dim • m . quia fi 

hiiit q pt. 
D Pet^ de Melebroc dim . m • p eod. 
D Johejit Add dim m . p . *^ ^* defcu. 
^ D jRo8 H*eward dim m . p eod.^ 
D Robjit ItUjce x. sot p eod. 
D Huncff de Dunenuyaf xx. sol. p murdr excepl 

lib " '\ 

D Witt de Plesingeho dim . m. p fa psfitacone. 
D Villata de Wilingehat [Witti de Hispama'] 

X. sot p receptacone MatM de Witingehat. 

ex* franc pt. 
De ^lonjit Eustac dim m . p fo applto . p pl 

Fustac pris sui. 
D Rog^ Fabro tliin m. quia n huit que pt. 
D Villata de Bleston Wali de Cliffbrd . i. m. p 

recepl Warin Stakem ex* f*nc pt. 
D Thom Jit Witt dim . in. p def. 
D Witt le Norreis dim . m. p fo applt . p pt 

Theodbaldi Bel. 
D Hundr de Lexendoh . i. m. p 

murdr . except liB. 

N 2 

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D- Rod de Wesl dim m . q^ ret*xit se . p plevina 

Witt Bataitt. 
jy Letiegar mcatore dim • m. quia fi huit q pt. 
I> Wilt milite de Bures dim m . p def. 
I> Ham Belexxf dim . m • p eod*, 
A I> Hug^ Belewe dim . m . p eod. ^ 

I> franc pl H'veijit WLeschild de WEurecurt dim. 

m . p fug Hnr jit H*vei. 
I> Ric de " Gumai '* dim . m. quia ii huit q pt. 
I> Gerard avuclo WEdnochJit Rog^ dim . m. q^ S 

hiiit q pl. 
I> franc pl Witt WRacu [i villa de Thometoh'] 

dim . m. p fuga Wa^i de Bumsted. 
D- Alex" de Cogeshat dim . m. q^ ii hiiit q pt. 
D- franc pl Rog^ de Stratford jux* Cogeshat. 

dim m. p ^fiigajKo^^ eod. 
Lond-. Osb de Wiha aiSciand^ ap Lond . quia n huit q 

Adam deLega ♦ p cocelam .^ x. sot. p cocelam. 
r Thom de \\Langecurt p eod. 

. . . rf- J Witt de Hobrig^ p eod. 

V Hug^ de Illeg' p eod. 

Witt de Fenbrig* dim . m. p eod. 
Witt Mauduit dim . m. p eod. 
Wall JiUus Witt de Petefeld dim m. p def. 
Witt de Lega dim . in. p eod. 
D Robft Wittft Luce dim m. p eod. 
D dimid hundr de Herlaue x. sol . p murdf 

ex^'* Hh. 
D hundr de Rocheford . iij. in. p murdr . exceptis 

D Wal^i de Sopilond dim . m. p def. 
D Witt de Thorp dim . m. p eod. 

Respice i aiio Rotulo sequente. 

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ro-5- It' am'ciam'ta Esex\ 

I> JoTi£ clico §gato dim hundr de Wautha 

dim . m. p defalta . p plevina Witt Nappatoris . 

\ Sifil IMagni.'] 

D Ordrico de Monte \ decena sua i wHalifeld 

X. sol p fuga RogH WBoss. 

ad scc". D Rad Passem] \ decen sua i Reindon difii in. 

p fuga Witt Sierp .\ f 

D- Rog^Jit wLouenath x. in. p stulta ^* '' 


ad scc^. D Cleronbald de Lond p defalta. 

J> Rog' le Neir de W''Sumi*'istr dini . m. p eod. 

D hundr de Turstapt.x. sol. p murdr excep[tis] 


D hundr de ^wgr xx. sot p murdr ex**' lib. 

D- hundr de Wenesingestr . i. m. p murdf ex^^*. 


D hundr de B'destapt xx. sol. p murdr ex**' lib. 

D JS/iVz rfe/ Chimin \ decena sua i Sideb^nebroc 

difii . m. p fuga Normdni Fabri. 

ad scc». D JFiT?^; Witt de Benfeld ij. fii. p concelam. 

1> Hu^ de Bures dim . in. 

ad scc». 1> Ro^ft Ric . X. sot. 

1> Regin de Donton . diin . iii. » i -^ 

n Tirr^ ^ rri. j - * / P concelam. 
D" Witt de Thorendon x. soi. ^ 

D Hug^ de Boton difii . fii. 

I> Ric de B^destapt diin . iii. 

I> Hug^ft Witt. diin . in. 

jy Andr de Bures diin . in. 

jy Osbto de Ros . diin . iii. V, p cocel. 

D Ric de BUlesdun diiii . fii. 

D Witt de Dunhd . diin . iii. 

jy Rob de Ledres difii . in. p defcu. 

D Alolf Malegref difii . [fii.] p eod. 

N 3 

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D hundr de Clavling' .i. m. p murdr excepl 

I> Hnr de WBuuiera ^viente hudr dim . m. % 

minus fec q* debuit. 
1> [villata de Stanstede \ Benefeld'] f Edward 

Meteserp T: ej^ decena i Stansted^ . i. m. p 

fuga Wilti Metesarp . 1 Reimud. 
T> villata de Henna x. sol • p receptacone 

Rannul/' Jit Edward ex* frac pl. 
D Witt de Pinkepal dim m. p def. 
D Jordah de Manegedoh dim . m p def. 
D iifl^/r Rad de Writet dim . m. p fa Psntac. 
D Eustac de Barefitoh dim . m. 
D Addjit Thurgis dim m. 
D iJfl^ntf rfe Lin dim . m. 
D Walra de Wikes diin . m. 

D Gfliffr rfe 1/a/a de Writet . ^ ^ -. - 
,.^^^ > pfaPsntacoe. 

dim.m. f ^ 

D Wall Soreberd dim . m. 

D Rannulf* Godlg dim . m. 

D Watward Thunemd dim . 

D Jo^ cfe ll^/fl;? dim . m. 

D ^/wre(? Dispensato^ . i. m. p hiid vero dco 

comitat^ de appfl: p pl WalSi de Bures 1 Rad 

Jit Rad Jit Lem. 

D Matn de Neweport dmi . in. > j.^g ^g^^^^^ 

D Thoih Purkaz dim . m. ) 

D Witto Vinito^f. dim . m. p vino vendito 9* ass. 

D Andr de Winepot. i. m. p eod. 

D Ric de Wendeh diin . m. 

D WaliJitAlea^ dim.m. 

D Silvestr de Ponte . x. sot. v - , ^ 
T^ r /- • li^^ . j— - / P cocelam. 
D Lejwtno M catoif. dim . m. ' * 

D WittPigac dim . m. 

D jBo5 rfe Stradle diin . fii. 

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I> hundred de Estodelesford xx. sot p murdr . 

ad scc". I> Nich Walnse t p defalL 

1> Philipp GurS dim m. p eod. 
1> Elia CocoJitNich de Winbis dim . m. p eod. 
D Witt de Ros dim . m. p eod. 
D hundr de Westodelesford . i. m. p murdr ex^". 

^ I> WCono deArkesden dim m. q^ ii gpuit c cosociis 

cojurat . ^ p . 115. de Tumeh. 
D Hug" de wLangecurt dim . m. p lic cocord. 
I> Ric f* Hvb . dim . m. p eod. 
Custdcius de Heidon dim . m. p def. 
I> Sim de Clahaut . i. m. p cocelam . p pl 

Joh de Nevitt \ Gaicfr Cardu. 
I> hundr de Bekentre xx. sot ex^* lift . p murdr. 
I> Gileb de Achd dim . m. q^ £1 huit q pl. 
I> Sifh de Bosco dim m. p eod. 
I> WaU ctico [de Hammes'] dim.m. p ^eod^ 

^1> Leonard de Venice.^ 

I> hundr dim . de Fraarwett x. soT. p murdr ex''*. 

I> villata de \Mdgna'\ B^defeld xx. sol. p recepl 

Ric de Clar ex* franc pt. 

I> Eut^pio de M*c . i. m. p cocel. 

I> Wittf* Hub dim . m. p eod. 
D- WSum de Land diiS iii. p eod. 
1> Gileb JitAde dim . in. p eod. 
I> Ric JitBerard dim m. p eod. 
A I> Gaufr de \\Briffbrd diin . m. p def. ^ 

D^Ric Vinitore deClar diin m. p vino vendil 9* ass. 
I> Philijpp de Bello Cdpo de Hersd dim . m. p def. 
1> Joh de Campes dim iii p eod. 
D yhundr de Henghd xx. sot. p murdr ex^^. lib. 

N 4 

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D Everardjit Aihfii \ ej^ decen i Gosefeld dim 

iS. p \(Rogio T: Ade. 
1> Radjit Ailwli 4^3 A ei^ dec i Hnghd Rob de 

Cantet dim m. p fug Witti. 

D WHerlding de Wodehd . ij. in. q^ . ii ^^vav a^. 

iiisurar p [pt] Ric Joie de dimid in. 
1t Rand cticus de dim . m. \ Thom de Marisc 

de difii in. \ Rog* de Withehd de dim m. 

in* 5s dois. Ess' Esex" de placit' capt* apd Stratford! die 
D*nica ^xima p^ festu S*&i Dionisii. 

^ Hamo Belewe ^ 1 Witts [cfe] Belres n ven. 

Ric de Enganie ess se de mal veniend ^ p^ ^s^ 
Wittm de Blundevitt de pt rre p Rad Largu 
pt . fides . ap Grenewiz in crastino Sci Leo- 
nard. Hugo de Bocsted testificat^ t vis. 

AUc de Hastinges de eod vs^. Rad de Hasting* 
de pt Vre de Wilces p Wittm de ^Eistan \ 
Wittm de Aleg' pt . Witts Walnsis apd 
Westin . a die Marl paima p^ f* Sci Dionis 
i ro. dies. Id dies dat^ e. Rad de CornkuX 
\ rec Grelein de Marisco de eod vs^ Rob 
JiUu Witti \ GaUan ux ejus de pt dotis p 
Hascuil de Marisc apd Grenewiz . ||in . 

Gilbtus de Fordhd de eod vs^ WittmJiUu Gerard 
de pl ass \ vs^ Wittm JiUu Augli p Add de 

Gaufr de Nereford de eod vs^ Rad fUu Ric 
de pt advocaconis ecctie de Frimtoh p Witlm 
de Kedington . pt fides ap Westin die M*cur 
prima an f* Omin Scof . Id dies dat^ t rec. 

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Prioriss de Heingha de eod vs^ JValkelinU de 

Wicha de pT ass .p Thom de \\Heng*^ham** 

^stead^ apd Grenewiz Id dies dat?t rec. 
Phitipjf de la Roket de eod 9s^ Rob Harec \ 

vs^ . iiij. filias Godefr de Pereuitt T: eo^ maritos 

de pl ass p Wittm de Dunnematiwe . pt . fid t 

crastino Sci Leonard. apd Grennwiz. 13. dies 

dat^ t rec. 
Cristqfor^ de Berkinges de eod vs^ Ric Jitin 

EdmUd de pt ass p Wittm de Berking' pt . fid . 

apd Grenewiz l crastih Sci Leonard .\ tc ve . 

Ric de Beinflet de ult* mare i §vic6 ^ p S^lone 

filiii 4^ de pT hidag vs^ Thom de Canuitt. 
Johfitius Jacob de ma . ve.p PetruJitiU \\Stanburc 

^s^ Thom Orbn de pX^re. 
Hubt^ de Anesti de eod p Rad Pimm v^s^ Bald 

Fillel de pt magne ass . pt . fid apd Grenewiz. 
Laur de Plumberg^ t Id dies dat^ t Witt 

Faucetiu . \ Godefr de O^mavitt \ Petf de 

Fielford \ Witto de Sco Clar .\ Aubrico de 

Barth Faucelun de eod p Rob Joie vs^ Wittm 

JitiU Rad de pt magne ass. 
Leticia de Bercha de eod p SimJitiU Wotwine 

vs^ Samson de Cotes de pt rec • pt . fid . apd 

tapd Grenewiz. Id dies dat^t rec . ^Gileb . tP 

reS atthachiet^^ 
Sim de Berewic de eod p WarinU JitiU Witti vs^ 

Ale:x^ CticU de pt rec. 
Osb de Grenested de eod p Ric Grim vs^ Raud 

de Edburgeton de pt advocacbnis . apd Grene» 

wiz aff de pt ass. 
Hnfjilius Witti de Nutle de eod p Hunfff Calle 

Ps^ Nich de Smalland de pt ass. 

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JVilts de Hauuitt de eod p Mathm Jiliu Berold 

v^s^ Wittm de Taket de pl ?re . pt . fid . apd 

Grenewiz. " Id dies dat^ t rec. Id dies dat^ f 

^* Wittjit Mattii \ ef rec.** 
Bald de Sopiland de eod . p Salomon JiUu Rad 

vs^ JoJi de Sterteford de pl magne ass . " pt fid 

" a die Sci CalLrti l xv. dies.** 
Witts de Suchercti de eod p Warinu ad Den vs^ 

AUc de Hakewett de pl dotis . " apd Grenewiz 

Gatifr Blundettde eod p Reginald de Witheres- 
feld vs^ Gilebjiliu Rob de pl homagii. jf pT . fid . 

ap Grenewiz. 
Witts de Hautin^ de eod p Gerardu JiliU Witti 

vs^ Witttn de Houbrigg* de pl tre. 
Stephanus Turpin de eod p NigeUu de Audebi . 

vs^ Wittm de Houbrig^ de pl rre. 
Godefr Molnd de eod vs^ eund Wittm p Eudon 

ikrca/o& de eod pl. . q 

pi fid. ad eund rminii . ibid. - 

Suanus de Hulting* de eod p Vivianu JiUu Rob 

v^s^ eund Wittm de eod pl. 
Godefr Textor de eod p Alex^ de Marisco vs^ 

Gunnild \ Lidiard de pt rec . pt fid . apd 

Grenew* " Id dies dat^ t rec." 
Matitt de RofT de eod p ^Swanu^ [Snau'] vs^ 

eosd G. \ L\ de eod . pl . fid . ap Grenewiz 

Id dies dat^ t rec. 
EUa Flandr de eod p Hnrjilin Witti v^s^ Nich 

de SmalUmd de pt fid . £ c^stino Sci 

Leonard . apd Grenewiz. Id dies dat^ t re- 

cognitorib} \ Rob de WV^li p ess suu q* un^ 

t rec. 
JuUana de Molesha de eoSi p Roglm JiUu Tur* 

gisii vs^ Ric Lippe de pt ass. Dies dat^ t 

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« apd WestiS a die Sci Calixti i xv. dies . pce 

pciu Sl Juliana pon loco suo Ric vt Rad fit 

suii ad luc*n . vt pd. Id dies dat^ f rec, 
Hug^ de Curton de eod p Eustac Loc vs^ Paganu 
^liU Aselac de pt rec . pt . fid . apd Grenewiz . 

1 tc ven ass. 
Abbas Colecestr de ult* raare p Thoffi de Colecestr 

1 Hug" de Pedsted \?s^ J^/»» de Takelega de 

pt ass . pt ess Godtfr de Cramavitt. a die Sci 

Martin i arv. dies [apd Westm]]. Id dies dat^ 

t rec. 
Gileb de Baillel de ma . ve . p Steph Pesel vs^ 

Aubric de Captta \ Alejif de Finchingefeld de 

pt ass. 
Matitt de P'pmnt de eod p JVittm Rid v^s^ Rad 

de Stapelford de pt homag. 
Rog' Galiun de eod p WittmJiUu B*n vs^ Marg* 

de Funteines de pt ass " pt . fid . apd Grene- 

" wiz. Id dies dat^ t rec.*' 
Johjit Lamb de eod p Hnr Ruff* vs^ Alhric de 

Captta de pt rre. 
Gervasius TeinturarP de eod p Wittm NorrensS 

v^s^ Ailwin P^t de pt ?re. 
Albric de Ver de eod 9s^ PetrUjiliU Johis de pt 

ass p Wa&n CocU \ Hu^ Fabr . pt . ess. 
f^Ro^ Fab^ {Rob de ^Saultelu] de eod apd Grene- 

wic'] v^s^ Eustac de Selkef* \ f suu de pt applti 

p Walhi de Traci . " ven p^ea.'* 
Prior Canl de eod vs^ Ric Peiletdlein \ JulianU 

de Lefstaneston de pt ass p Wittm de Midelton . 

t Reginald de Bocking* . pt.M.die Sabbati 

pxima pr^f* Omiu Sco^ apd Grenewiz \ tc ve . 

ass. Id dies dat^ t Julian fit Matitt \ ||ej^ 

Witts Bataitt de eod 9s^ Jordanufliu WRe^g^i de 

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pt ass p fVall Chianterel . pT fid . apd Grenewiz 

Id dies dat^ t rec . T: Ric Portema atthachiet' 

qd tc sit ibi. 
Jk Steph de Bello Campo^ ess se de eod vs^ P'ore 

de Colun de pl ass p Gerard f EmoId.\en 

fVali Cuot " " ii fuit i pat*a ad siimoii de 

pt mali Ijrecti . p Gaufr JiUu Sebern. 
Emma Jil Elie vs^ Prioriss de Hengef* de pt 

rec . p Thurstanu Red apd Grenewiz . pt . M. 
Philipp de Bumeh vs^ Albric de Capelles de pt 

rec . p Osmudu Molnd pt . fid . apd Grenewiz. 

Id dies dat^ t rec. 
TVittsJilius Philipp ess se de malo lecti.iij. die 

an pt vs^ Hfir de Bouiis de pt rre .... 

Gerard . 1 Bic sviente ap Boueriis i Esej^. 

mittanf. iiij. miHtes T: si ri e languor apdTurri 

t c^stino SciLeonard. 1 si t languor apdTurri 

ad unu annii 1 . i. die. 
Id dies dat^ t • • miUtib^ coin ess qui ||debnt fre 

record illius loquele . s. de diin . virgal rre 'X . 

V. acr 

Gaufr de Auilli de ma . ve . vs^ Witt Thakele 

de pt ass p Rob de Wodehd . pt fid apd Grene- 

wiz. Id dies dat^ t rec. 


m.6. Rotulus de ass' apd Stratford^ p' Gaufr^ Jiliu 
Pet^ 1 socios suos anno [regni] Reg' Ric 

jf Ass vefl rec . si Witts de Sco Dionis pr Hu^ de 
Sco Dionis fuit seisit^ i dnico suo ut de feudo 
de . iii. acr tre cum ptin in Westhame die qua 

Digitized by 



obiit . \ si obiit \c. qua tram Silvr 1 Laurjit 
Bndci tenet. 
JT Jur dnt q^ n obiit ita seisit^. 
m. JT Judm . Hug^ i mia . p f clam . 1 &7it T: Laur 
teneat i pace. 

f Ass ven rec si Henr Wtscard [1 Mich de Hocle'] 
injusf \ sii judic diss Leticiam de Mareni de 
libo tenem suo i Legre inf* ass. 

f Jur dnt qd Hnr \ MicTi ita diss Leticia. 

f Judm . Leticia hat seisina . \ Hnr \ Mich i mia. 
Dapnii t . nU . mia Mi<:Ti . i. m . Hnr dim . in . 
m. p pt Witti de Marenni. 

jf Ass de diss inr Nich de Gatinge qrente de libo 
tenein suo in Ardele \ Matild de \\Lauda t 
Witts Maheure remanet q^ Matitt ven \ cong- 
nov qd int^vit i tenem illd sic in teditate sua 
q*m ilvir ejus omino vendidat. 
m. jf Jud . Matitt \ Witts i mia .\ Nich hat iil seisina. 
Dapnii t xx. sol. 

f Ass de diss inr Leticid de Marenni \ Wittm de 
Ramesh remanetr^ q^ Leticia ret*xit se \ posuit 
se i mia .T: pt ejus ffint Joh Folenfant .T: Ro^ 
de Marenni 1 sunt i mia. 


f Isti . iiij. milites Henr le ^Hont . Gaufr Escotland 
Rob de Bauton . Ham de Asketot siimoniti ad 
eligend xij. milites ad faciend magna ass de 
i. hida tre cum ptiil in Tillebi \ x. acr rre cii 
ptiri i ead villa quas Witts \\Thorel claraat vs^ 
Rob RuffU uil id Rob tenes posuit se i mangna 
ass drii l^ .\ petit in rec quis eo^ maj^ jus hat 
i rra illa eleg?unt istos . Rad de vij .Jbntib} . 
Witt Bataitt • Jacob de Tilebi . Clemenl de 
Thurroc. Witt de Cramavitt. Wittjt Witti Gilbl 
de Akenhd . Steph de B'king\ Rad de vij .\\ Victis 

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Gaufr de BeUa VaUe . Laur de Plumbe . M 
de Lambton . Pagan de Stratford. Albric de 
Duleha . Gileb de Monasfiis . WiU FauceUun . 
WaU de Langeford. Ric de Moleshd hfit die 
apd Grenewiz m crastino Sci LeonardSl inrim 
fiat visS^. iQ dies dat^ t Witto WThorel \ Rob 

jf Ass.ven rec . si Osbtus Bacun avuncts Gaufr 
BacU fuit seisit^ i dilico suo sic de feudo de 
dim . hid rre cum ptiii in Meresheia die qua 
obiit . 1 si obiit \c. Qua rram Witts de 
Thorenden tenet. 

jf Witts venit 1k dic qd n tenet rram iilam i dnico 
S3 Albinus de \\Scc'^ tenet ea de eo. 

jf Judm . Gayfr nl capit X qrat breve vs^ tenente 
si volfiit « .** 

/ f Ass ven rec si Witts de CastelUone \ *^ Nich '' de 
Walesha ijust \ sii jud diss Rob de Sco 
Owein de libo tenem suo in Tillebi inf^ 

jf Jur dnt qd ita diss eii. 

f Judm .Rob hat seisina in.l Witts 1 Nich i 
m. mia . p diss . \ dapnu t xij. sot . mia Witt dim . 

m. Ntcn . 1. m. 


jf Ass de morte ancess de . i. carucal rre cum 

ptin in Herkeslea inr H*nr fit Rogli petente 

% Wittsft Rob de Taiden \ Matitt ux Rob 

fit Odon remanet q^ recognil t p comital qd 

Witts rect^ hes t ^ nlts hl ifi rectii vs^ eiL 

jf Jud . Witts ft Rob \ Matitt teneat i pace 1 
m. H^nr i mia p f o clam. 

)f Ass ven rec . si . x. acr . cum ptiii in Lamburh 

Digitized by 



sint laic feudii Rob de Lamburn vl lifta 
elemosina ptines ad eccliam Lvcejit BarthoL 

jf Lvcas [vefi] \ pfl carta Witti de Lamburn 
pns pdci Rob i q* continet'' pdcm JVittm 
dedisse pfata eccliam c omib^ ptin \ rris 
pdco Lvce quieta ab oSai 9vico seclari sic 
ea Norm psfer ea tenuit \ Rob ven nicfi i ea 
exigens n* sviciii T: cognovit qd Norm ei 
Sviciii m fecit.1 ii defrldit carta S3 dic qd 
Lvcas cognovit qd carta illa legal n fuit .1 
LvZ 6 defndit. 

^ Jud . Lvcas teneat i pace !\ Rob i mia . p fo 

jf Ass de nova diss inr Wittm JiUn Witti petente 
\ Coiii Roglm le Bigot rem . . . . q^ id Com 
cognov qd seisivat feudii illd don^ r*^tus fies eii 

in requireret Witts Pirou petiit feudii 

suii 1 Com ei feud suii repleg in Pakeha. 

f Ass ven rec . " si Rog* deMarenni ijus? \ sn jud 
•^ diss Gaxifr Cobbe *' de lifeo tenemto suo i 
Brolcesheued inf* ass. 

jf Jur dfit qd Ro^ ita diss eii. 

jT Jud . Gauff hat . . . . T: WRog* i mia p diss . 
m. dapnii t • Ix. sol. \ mia t dimid m. pt mie 

Witt de Marenni . " 1 vi2 . fit pt de dapno.** 

f Ass veii rec si Auicia mf . AUc [ux Rog^* de 
Newelond^ fuit seisita i dnico suo ut de 
feudo suo de q*rta pte feud . i. miliE c ptiii 
i Wigebga die qua obiit Sl si obiit \c. Qua 
rra Malglus de Wigebga tenet. 
jf Jur drlt qd Avic £1 fuit ita seisita [n'' ppinq*or 

^hes lle^]. 
f Judm . Maug* t^neat i pace Sl [^Rob IJ Alic i 
Hi. "mia p fo clam. 

Digitized by 



jf Ass ven rec • si Suainus pr Alic ux Rog^ de 
Newelond fuit seisit^ i diiico suo ut de feudo 
de dim hid rre cu ptiii in Wigebga die q' 
obiit rt si obiit T:2. Q*m rra Matiglus de 
WWiggebge tenet 

f Jur dnt qd Suaintcs obiit ita seisit^ " S3 Alic n f 
lies ej^ ppinquior q^ sorore hl p*mogenita.1 
Alic dic qd mortua t St Maug^ li il def ndit . 
cosidal t q Alic hat seisina St si forte soror 
foqndy ejusveSit:' hat iii fonabile pte sua. T:lio^' 
m. ^ Alic i mia.i. m. p lind ♦bre de*T: jud 
suo ^ inq^sicone si soror Alic vivit n*^ ne.1 
p^ea veii iq^sic fca p" [vic dices qd ||n* potuit 
a*d de vita ejus iquire S5 ps advsa dedit vad 
\ pl pducedi ea 1 dies dat^ fuit ei i Ocl 
Thiil T: tc ii ven n^ ea pdux . 1 ido cosidal 
t qd Rog' *\ Alic 6at seisina sua itegr T: pt 
siimoneant'^ qd sit apd Westm audifi jud suii 
eo qd ii hiierl ||e qd pl.] 

jf ^ Ass [de morte ancess] inr Ric Wasl petente 
dimid virgaE rre "X v. acr r . c ptiii in Bouue- 
ries \ Laur de Boueries:! remanet:' % jRic 
remisit \ quiel clam Laur tol jus ^ clam qd 
huit i pdca rra. ^ 

jf Ass vefi rec si MauriciP pr Gileb fuit seisit^ 

i dfiico suo ut de feudo de cQ 

ptirl i Todeha die qua obiit.T: si obiit tc. 
Q*m rra Rad clicus de ..... . tenet . Rad 

dic qd ii tenet rra illa 1 driico . S5 Wal?us 
Stabulari^ de eo. 

f Jud . A Gilebt^ jil Maur i mia q^ n5 copuit ad 
audied^ judic diii .... ^^ Hug" Jit Rob . 
Witts MedicP \ sf i mia.^ 

jf Ass ven rec si Rogj^ de Pirho pr Witti de Pirfio 

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fuit seisit^ i dnico . . . de feudo de . i. caruc 

Vre c ptiii T Ramesdeh die q* obiit \ 

tra Ric jil Aug* 1 fVitts jit Sewat. tenet Ric 

Jit Augli dic illa n' p Wittm pdcm 

q hl i custod • Witts [v°] ven 1 vocat in ad 

warranl chet . Witts hat warant aptt 

Grenewiz . t crastino Sci Leonard. \ tc ven ass. 
Dies . dat^ Ltu:e [de Startford'] poito loco Anne 

f WaU Puniant\ Prioriss de ||C pl 

ass de morl aiicess ap Westm i crastino Sci 
Martin . id dies dat^ 

1D.6. dors. 

JT ^Witts Thatcel optul se . iiij. die vs^ Gaufr de 
WAmbtia de [pt ass de] q*da pte feudi . i. militis 
tH. i . Erdeleia . Gaufr w^ ven n*^ se ess. 

JT Jud.tG .| 

jf SiffSMau^ipe iiij. die vs^ Wittm || Avuclm « 
de pt ass de x. acr r . cu ptin i Sterteford . \ 
Witts n*^ veii n*^ se ess. 

f Judm . Witts resumoneat' qd sit apd Grenewiz t 
crastino Sci Leonard . [ostiisur^ qr ii svav die 
suii ap StratfordJi \ n potit quid dre qr assisa 

f ** Ass veii rec . si Alex' de Luci'' ijusl 1 sfi judic 
levav qdda fossal in Godicestre ad nocumtii 
libi tenem Hnr fil FulcJui i ead villa inf * ass. 

jf Jur dnt qd ita levav fossatu. 

f Jud . fossatii psrnaf. \ Alejc" i mia. 

jf Ass veii rec si Theodbald pr Heilewis fuit seisit^ i 
diiico suo iit de feudo de xij. acr rre cu ptiii 
in Stanburn die q* obiit . \ si obiit 15 . q*m 
Pram Ale£ fit Bald tenet.T: si id Theodbald 
fuit seisit^ i diiico suo sic de feudo suo de 

RoT. Cim. Reg. o 

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. iij. acr rre cum ptin \ dim in Bedemett die 
qua obiit 1 si obiit 1c . q* rram Nich Bucekart 
Nich ess ^p Alex^ ^ p Aleaf' f -^cfe apd 
Grenewiz . id dies dat^ t rec. 

f Alea:* Jilius Bald ven T: dic qd ass n debet ifi fi 
quia ead Heilewis ht . ij. sorores p^genita \ 
p^mogenita \ n vult in responde . n* cur 
cosidavit . c5sidatu qd pducat sorores suas 1 
qrat feve i q° fiat iiicio de sororib} . ij. quia 
p^mogenita ejus ^oiorWEluena yen\ posuit[ea] 
loco suo vs^ Alea:' \ Nich ad luc*. vl pd. 

Dies dat^ f Steph de Bello Campo \ Pori de 
Colun de pl rec ap Westiii in crastino Sci 
Martin apd Westm p def cu rec . Id dies dat^ 
t rec. Gileb de Theia \ Rob Jil Matitt sl i 
defcu St sl atthachiandi qd tc sint ibi. 

(f Ass veri rec . si Witts par Warini fuit seisit^ in 
dilico suo sic de feudo de iiij. acr tre in Hal- 
sted di\e qua obiit.T: si obiitlc. q*m tTa.Gatifr 
filius Witti [\ Godefr de Cramavitt] tenet. 
Gaiifr T: Godefr veniiit \ vocant ifl ad waranl 
Wittjit Andr . hat eu ad warant apd Grenumz 
in crasi Sci Leonard . id dies dat^ t rec. 

f Ass vefi rec . si Witt pr Warini fuit seisit^ in 
driico suo sic de feudo suo de xxx. acr rre 
cum ptiii in Hattsted die qua obiit St si obiit 
\c. q*m rram Gaufrjitius Witti tenet* Gaufr 
vefl \ dic qd ass iri ii debet f i quia id Warinus 
p^ morte Witt pris sui fuit ifi seisit^ i dnico 
suo \ iR cep homagiii suii \ ei sviciu iii fecit • 
Warinus hoc def iidit . 1t pon se iii sr rec . 1 

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Gaufr silr.1 urq^ petit in rec.hnt die apd 
Grenewiz ad hoc recognoscendii • id dies dat^ 
t rec. Nos hms bre T: vic noia jur. 

jT Dies dat^ t Wittf Gerard \ Gileb de Fordha de 
cirog*pho suo recipiendo de . i. virgal rre c 
ptin in Cripping^ apd Grenewiz. 

f Id diesdat^ t Hnr dePinkeni 1: fVitt\\Bauun de 

?l ass . T: inrim hiit lic concord ibid ad eund 
minu . Hnr vocat Leticid ux sua ad warant 
hat qd vocavit ibid. 

jf Ass ven rec si Witt pr Ric fuit seisit^ i dfiico 
suo sic de feudo de . iij. acr rre llwerc c ptin 
i Midelton die q* obiit .\ si obiit lc . q*m ?ra 
Gilbtusjit Ailnoth tenet. 

f Gileb ven T: vocat in ad waranl Wittjit Rann de 
WCaneueles p carta ejus (^ ht \ custodit de ejus 
donacone.T: warantizacone. 
\ Dies dat^ t eis apd Grmewiz in crastino Sci 

Leonard. Id dies dat^ t rec. 

jf Hawis de Hernested ponit loco suo WaUf* D\t 
ad recipiend cirog*phu suii vs^ Magr Hospitat 
Esex* \ Wall de Baillol de . i. virgaf rre c 

^ ptirl in Bumsted \ id Wall cognovit qd cocor- 
dati sut p sic qd tota tra illa remanet pdce 
Hawis . ap Grenewiz hnt dieT: Wall cognov qd 
n ten^ Vra illa n* ad rminu de Hospil .1 intim 
hnt lic 9Cord .T: n' ^cord fuint .•" tc ve . ass. 

Ajf Ass verl rec . si Ric Anglic^ pr Ade fuit seisit^ 
i dfiico suo sic de feudo suo de . i. v*gal rre cii 
ptifi in ^Eaumeden die qua obiit .\ si obiit .\c . 
q*m rra Wido Coc^ tenet . Wido fi veii . vl se 

JT Dies dat^t Nich Thalevaz .\ Hnr \\fiHus Wittap 

o 2 


Digitized by 



Grenewiz ad hfia cirog*ptl suu de . i. hida tre 
cii ptiii in Smalland. ufi cocordati sl p sic qff 
tota rra inr se ||dimidiabut 

jf Ass de morte aricess . inr Elfwinll Pret petente 
1t G*vasiu TlctorS de . iiij. acr tre c ptin in 
\^Hewenhale remanet q^ G*vasiP se villanu ee 
cognovit 1t teSe in villenagio riii iUa de 
Matitt de Rqf. 

jf Elwin^ nU cap p ass. 

f Ass veii rec . si Ric pr Ade AngUci fuit seisit^ i 
diiico suo sic de feudo de . i. v*gaE rre cu ptifi 
in WEaumeden die qua obiit .1 si obiit lll.qua 
rra Wido Coctis tenet. 

jf fVido Ijin sumoit^ ad ee ap Westm ess se .1 tc 
dat^ fuit illi dies p ess suii in advetu justic in 
jE5e»rMt tc.ii veii vt se ess.1 ido cosidatii 
fuit qd ass capet' [p defcu ipius Widon]. 

jf Jur diit q ita obiit seisit^. 

jf Jud Ada Jit Ric hat seisina \ Wido i mia p 
ij usta detencone . || Gileb \ \ Tulleb^c . Hu^ Cardu . 
Lambl Wiscard rec ii venlunt.T: sl i mia. 

jf Ass ven rec . si Hug\ aviicts . WittJ^Eustac fuit 
seisit^ i dnico suo sic de feudo de viij. acf rre 
cii ptiri in Depeden die qua obiitl si obiit^lc. 
qua rra WWicPtina q fuit ux Hug* J^Osgot 

f WuPtuna n^ veii vt se ess. 

JT Jud . resumoneat' qd sit apd Grenewiz \ id dies 
dat^ t rec . viij. 1t . iiij. ponat' p pt qui ii 

jf Isti . iiij. milites Wall de Langeford . Witt de 
Houbrig* . Add de Lega . Joh Folenfant . 

Digitized by 



suinoniti ad . eligend. xij. milites ad facienda 
magna ass inr Wittdel Broc 1 Barth Faicceliun 
de V. acr.tre c ptin in \\Oriinges.uiiBarth tenes 
posuit se i magna ass dfii Jt . 1 petit ifi . . . . 
utr ipe maj^ jus hat tenendi rram illa de pfato 

Wilt an id Witt tenendi eii 1 istos 

Witt de Marci . Gileb de Moasfiis . H^btuf^ 
Rad. Witt de Marenni . ^^Philpp de la Roket . 
Witt de Sco Cler . Witt de Clouitt . Joh de Mun- 

uiru . Rad de HairU Ric Hnr 

de Coddeha . Pagan de Stanford. Aubruc Du- 

leha Witt de Haia de Stow 

JubrG^nu. Dies dat^ t eis 2Lp Grenewiz in 
crastino Sci Leonard. id dies dat^ e Witt del 
Broc 1 Barth Fauceliun . \ inrim fiat vis^. 


m. 7. f! Isti . iiij. milites Witt Fauceliun . Thom de WLanger- 
wic T: Wittde Takele\ Gaujr CardU siimoniti ad 
eligendum xij. milites ad facienda recognic inr 
WittdeChiuiU.^XCristiana de Chiuili de . i. caruc 
rre cii ptifl-in Houbrig* \ in Glasen . \m Cristiana 
q tenes t posuit se i magna ass . diii ^r . 1 petit 
rec fi utr ipe Witthat maj^ jus tenendi rra 
illai dfiico suo vt Cristiana tenendi ea de illo . 
eleg?ut istos . Gileb . de Monasfiis . Witt Fau- 
celiun . Joh Folenfant . Wall de Langeford. Ada 
de Lega . Witt de Marenni de Legre Rad de 
HairU . Rad Mot el . Wbtus de M^kesele . Joh le 
Mandt . Witt de Sco Claro . Witt de Marci . 
Ricf* Hubl Hhr le Hont . Ham de WArketot 
Gatifr Cardu. 
jT Dies dat^ t eis apd Grenewiz in crastino Sci 

o 3 

Digitized by 



Leonard . \ intim fiat vis^ \ hant licencia 

f Ass ven rec si Rob de Sutton injusl 1 sn jud diss 
HnrJiUu Gerold de libo tenem suo in Tho- 
rendefi inf* ass. 
jf Jur diit % a diss eu. 
in. JT Jud . iJo5 teneat i pace . \ Hnr i mia p f clam. 

jf Isti . iiij. milites . Hnr \\de Hont . Eustacjit Emtac. 
Gileb Jit Rob . Rad Jit Morel sumoniti ad eli- 
gend xij.milites ad facienda rec . int WiUde 
Plesingeho .\ Sim de Plesingo de xxiiij. acr 
rre 1 uno mesag in Plesingeho . \ dim acr 
p*ti i ead villa.uii Sifh tenes posuit se i magna 
ass dni Reg T: petit in rec . utr ipe maj^ jus 
hat tenend rram illa i dnico suo vt WUt 
tenendi illa de eo eleg?unt istos . Aitrop Jit 
Hug^. Rad de Heiru . Hascuil WGeruez . Witt 
Fauceliun . Witt de Mara . Witt de Takele 
Ric de Essarl . Jordanus le WZuin. Rog^ de 
Chenei . Gaujr \[Escoldnd . Amulf^ de Curton . 
Rob de Taienden . Luc de Brokesheved . Witt 
de Sco Claro . Witt de Clauitt . Ric de MulesM . 
Dies dat^ f eis apd Grenemz in crastino Sci 
Leonard.\ inrim fiat vis^. Id dies dat^ t 
ut*q^ pti. 

Isti xij. milit Rog^ de WGinnesRob de WBounton . 
Pagan^ de Stanjord . Hug' de Polsted. Gaufr 
WEscodland Rad de vii.Jontib} . JuUan de LeJ' 
staneston . Rob de Trindeia . Aubric Dulehd . 
Clemes de Thurroc . Gileb Jit Gerard de Hachd 
t . electi f unt ad facienda rec 

inr Roes Jit Rog" \ Sim de Bures tenente de 
diin ^virgat Jp hida rre \ xv. acr rre cii ptiii 

Digitized by 



in Muking^ 1 in Tilledi . un Sim pdcs tenes 
posuit se sr magna ass diii Pr 1 pel in rec . 
utr ipa maj^ jus hat i rra illa. an ipe Sim. 
jf Jur diit qd. jf Concordati sl p sic qd p^dce Roies 
due ptes toci^ rre pdce 1 prea capitat 
mesagiu remanet i ppetuii T: rcia ps rre re- 
manet pfato Sim 1 hedib^ suis tenenda de 
Roesa \ Redib^ suis p sviciii qd ad porcione 
illa ptinet. 
Dies dat^ t eis ad hfid [cirog*phiil ^jud^ suii 
ap Grenewiz in crastino Sci Leonard.\ Roesa 
cep iri homagiu Sim \ fidelitate. 

jf Rad de Qffinton cep homag Bald de Qffinton de 
libo teneiii qd tenet de eo in SaUng\ 

jf Rad de Stapelford petit qd Matilt de Bercampo 
capiat homagiii suii . Ilcep de libo tenein suo in 
Rohinges . ||cep \[t homagiii Rob de Insula de 
tenem suo in Rohinges. 

f Aitrop de M^c optulit se . iiij. die vs^ Widon de 
V*don de pt . svicii indebiti \ rept avio^ . 1 
Wido ii ven vl se ess 1 fuit petens. 

jf Jud . Aitrop^ eat irt sfi die. 

* jf Auic q fuit ux Rob Jit WGubti op . se iiij. die vs^ 
Witt de B^def^ de pt ronabil dotis sue . s 
. iij. mesag i BerdefW ipe ri ven vt se ess . 
\\ sii . testata fuit .] 
jf Jud . ?ra illa ijcapiat'' i manii diii Jt . \ dies cap- 
Scep?tvic. conis mandet' justic apd Grenewiz in crastino 

Sci Leonard .1 sumoneat*" Witt pdcs qd sit tc 
ibi responsur^ de defalta [siiaj 1 capitat pt. 

jf Gaitfr fil Saloni T: Augnes ux ejus petentes op . 
se [.iiij. die] 9s^ Ric BraceatorS 1 Lecia 
ux tenentes de pl eligend xij. milil ad faci- 
o 4 

Digitized by 



end magna ass . de dim v^gal rre c ptin I 
B*kmg\ ufi pdci Ric 1 Lecia te. posuerl se 
i magna ass diii ^r \ pelt iri recognic fi 
utr ipi maj^ jus hant i rra illa an Gaufr 
\ Augnes pdci. Ric p^ea vefi \ defridit 
omem siimoii p se T: p ux sua . q n ven vt 
se ess. 
JT Jud . Ric vadiat leg e xii. manu ap Grenewiz .t 
Lece sumoneaf^ qd tc sit ostnsura qr n §vav 
die llsibi datii in adventu justic in Ese^ 
Id dies dat^ t Gaufr WEscotdand 'X Eustacf* 
Eustac i banco 't Rad de Oskeden p ess suu. 
1t Rob de Lamburn atthachief qd tc sit ibi 
ostrisur^ qr fi svav die suu \ ad eligend 
xij. milites una cii pdcis . iij. milil. 

f Eustac de Langefar optut se . iiij. die vs^ WiU 
de Donemow^ de libo tenem in Langefar.\ 
Witt n ven vl se ess .1 fuit petes. 

jT Jud . Eustac eat in sri die St Witt i mia % 5 f 
psecut^T: pt ejus i%xitWittFrancP.NichCo(P. 
m. T: sU mia. 

m. jf JuUanus de Lefstaneston i mia . q^ cont*dix cur. 
jf Witt de Cramavitt \ Jacob de Tillebi rec i def. 

jf Isti . iiij. miUtes GerardP de \\Manegeneden .Witt 
f Norm . Ric fX Gerard . Fuko de Godmg^ 
sQmoniti ad ehgend xij. milites ad facienda 
rec inr Witt Rembald \ Hug" de Barden de . 
ij. virgal . rre cii ptiii in Barden . un Hug^ qui 
tenes t posuit se i magna ass dni Pr . 1 pel 
^" iri rec quis eo^ maj^ jus hat in rra [illa] 

eleg?unt istos . Rog' Bret . Mich \\Pucin . 
Gaifr Carduh . Jordan^ de Auenet. Ham de 
Esketot . Witt de Thakek Aitropr^ de Merc . 
Gileb ft Rob . Gilb ft Ade . Laur de Plubg' . 

Digitized by 



Rod de Trindeia . Gileb f* Warin . Gerard de 
Menegedon . Fulco de Gedding* . Witt Jit 
Norrri . Ric f^ Norm . Ric j^ Gerard . dies 
dat^ t eis apd Grenewiz \ inrim fiat vis^ 
pcept t vic qd tc faciat illuc venire milil . 
1 utraq^ pte. " Jural venlut apd Westm .1 dfit 
" Q^a.Hug' maj^ jus hl "in " ^d^ ?raf a+ 
" pdca^m^ ^q» de itt^. quia mr ej^ fit fuit 
" fris p'mogenil q* tra iUa heditarie tenuit/' 

f Isti . iiij. milites . Hug^ de Polsted . Laur de 
WPlumdg' . Julian^ de Lefsteneston . Rob de 
Trindeia sumoniti ad eligend xij. milites 
ad facienda rec . inr Xpofo^ de Berking^ 1 
Worthina de Hockeleia de Ix. acr rre c ptin 
in Hockeleia urt Worthina q tenes t posuit 
se i magna ass d£li Pr . \ petit rec quis eo^ 
maj^ jus hat in rra illa eleg?unt istos . Ric 
fit Witt . Pagan de Stanford . Gileb de Mo- 
nasfiis . Wali de Langef' Joh de MunuirU . 
Witt de Sco Clar. Dies dat^ t eis ap 
Grenewiz \ inrim fiat vis^. pcepl t vic qd tc 
sumoneat illuc milit adee. 

JT Witt Russet poit^ loco Witt f Rad ad luc*n. 
vl pd . petit vs^ Fukon de Gedding\ ij. v*gat 
rre cii ptiii in Clavering' sic jus suii . Fuko 
veii 1 petit visii . ht vis. Dies dat^ t eis ap 
Grenewiz ."X inrim fiat vis^.l pcepE t vic 
qd tc veniat .iiij. milites ad testificand visii. 

jf Cristina de \\Ruilli iiij. die vs^ Lucd de 
Brokesheued de pt scutag T: ipe ii fuit 
atthachiatus . Ilq^ rt fuit invent^. % alias fl ven 
n*^ se ess. Jud atthachiet^ qd sit ap Grene^ 
wiz ostiisur^ qr ii ^vbl^ die s dal 1 resposur^ 
de capitat pt. 

Digitized by 



m. 8. Placita Corone placi[ta]ta apd Stratfor^ p 
Gaufr^ jiliu Pe^ 1 socios suos anno regni 
Reg' Ric^ decimo. 

Hundr de Chelwlesford. 

jf Jur dnt qd Rob Jitius Randulf* fuit ivent^ 
mortuus i campis de Badovf p iopia . \ engt 
n fuit psnl. 

ni. jf Jud . murdf. Et nemo iii malecdif^ . Wohoord 
Telarius . Joh f* Rob . Osb Franc . Tiarb de 
Padue .^ximi vicini atthachiati . fuerf .1 n 
veflunt .\ pt eo^ fuerl . Joh Junior .\ WiSs 

m. ft Godwini 1 sunt i mia. 

f Witts Vinitor . Hrir Basket . 1 Hnr de Toni 
vendidunt vinu 9* ass . i Chielmesford ."X st 
m. i mia. 

jf la diit qd malefcores occidunt Nich f* Avr 
chetitt ap Borha Tresgod T: nescif qui fmnt . 
m. engt psn fuit. 

f Id dnt qd Nichflius Witti appttat Joh Blund^X 
Hamori de Badew* de pace Pr . Hafn fi ven . 
\ pt ejus fuerl . Witts ftius Reinbd . Witt 
Luuet. Barth de Festting^.l sl 1 mia . Nich 
vert \ ret*xit se 1t pt ejus ffint \^FuIco'] ftius 

m. Ric Petr^ Melebroc .1 sunt i mia .'l Joh eat 

iii quiet^. vic h J Nich don*^ iveSit pt . de mia . 

m. pt " de mia . Wali it ejus.** 

jf Heres Mauric de Badew' 1 ux ejus sut i 
custod Rob de Tresgoz \ rra ejus valet xx. ti. 
1t t de feudo Bolon. 

f Rad MarescaJt tenet x. sot ?re in Badeof de 
%antia custod palefrido^ Reg.1 finivit p 
(lim . m. 

Digitized by 



JT fVilts de Cheueti tenet i Borha x. sot . ?re in 
loqnd. Sganria pinSne n^ scie^ utr fine fe§it n« ne. 

Hundr de Dunmowe. 

JT Jur dnt qd i villa de \\Kaneueles invent^ fuit 
Witts Hiche mortuus frigore 1 nemo ifi male- 
credr . engt fi psnl fuit. 
ra. f Ju^ • murdr . fVitts de Plesingeho ^viens hundr « 
qd atthachiavat . iiii. vicinos p . morte istius . 
1 adducit.iiij. homines q* n ||f^nt atthachiati . 
1, Witts f Peverel^ \\\Puinteq fuit tc vic .T: 
Rob de WLanshutt^uh eo 1 nltsp eis respondlt 
\ testal t p coin qd nlts ifi attachiat^ fuit . 
Witts i mia p f psntacone. 

jf In villa de Brakeshaued Witts de Silha lunatic^ 
invent^ fuit mortuus "l nescit' ufi ffiat nat^. 
engt n ffiat p^siit. 

jf Jud . murdr. 

f MatHs de Wilingehd WWitts de Ispania fugit . p 
recto lat°cinii T: fuit manes apd Witingeh ex* 
ni. franc pt . villata i mia. Jur dfit qd tota 

decena Math fug . p eod recto S3 unus eoa 
^Thom^ [i^flwf] Tos capt^ fuit T: poit^ i 
gaola . apd Hurtft . ufi Rob de WLansutt^^ . 

f Quidii [puerj subfis^ t ap Lindesele 1 engt 

p^snf fi fuit. 
jT Jud murdr. 

f S*lo f* Eustac appltat Rog^ Fabr qd i pace pr 
vbavit eu 1 brusavit eu ita qd noluit hiiisse 
pejoramtu p C. sot. 1 ita qd maimat^ t p 
brusura illa \ hoc offt pbare vs^ eum c6- 
sidacone c'ie . ♦ vs^ eum 4 sic maimat^. Ro^ 
tot defiidit. 

Digitized by 




jf Id appHat de vi Joh frem Rog" \ Aifr ho- 
mine suii Aiifr n ven . T: i2oJ? i^aS pt eii . 
Humfr de Barenton tc vic quesit^ si aliu 
hret pt . de Aufr dic qd [^Hnric Pincina 
en pl.q^ dic qd] Rad Morel eu i^X.Rad 
def nd q n pt eu . Hnr I mia. Considal q 
ii t maimat^. 
respcu. jf Jud . iS^fo i mia de dim . m. pt de mia Eustdc 
de Selford . appttati eat in quieti. 

f Id diit qd apd Estr G. Jit Fet fuit [fFiT?] 
Algar de nocte vulnlat^ 1 jErfi/A ux ej^ 1 
Matitt famula occise .\ ipe Witts [appttat] 
ia 5/e/?^ cfe Caldecol \ Augnete sorore ejus 
T: ?ri/&w rfe Insula T: Wolwinum de Roinges 
q' i prisona sl .1; id apttat iil GaufrScrop. 
1 ./4rfa qui fugili sL 
Witts veii 1 apttat pdcos Steph T: Augnel 1 
^jT? q i pace Pr . 1 de nocte T: nequit occi- 
dunt ux ej^ 1 famula T: eii ligavunt T: esgar- 
gatavunt . "l dors ej^ freg?unt . 1 catalla sua 
furti asportavunt.l li offt pbare psidacone 
^''ie sic ho maimat^. Ipi tol defndL 

jf Considatii t qd Steph \ Witt purget sejaqua^ 
ingne . [% eleg?iit fJre judiciii] 1 Augnes 
cor nbura t . c^ ^ovicta t • "t ipe Witt Algar 
relaxav WolwinuSt milil.juf li malecdl eii. 
Augnes pregnas t • custodiaf don* Hpeperit .1 
p^ea coburat^ 

If Warinus Stakeme gbuss' grangia mris sue ap 
Barleston Wittfn de B^neres 1; fug . \ fuit 
manes ap Berleston ex* franc pt . villata i mia 
p fuga Warini. 

jf Al/ameston . DunemowW Roinges rre Com de 

.... ne? de 

1 mia 

..... in p 
.... Matiit 


Digitized by 



Sco Paulo sl i manu dfii Pr.l valiit xxxiiij. li. 
c istaur. 

Hundr de Lexenden. 

f Jur dnt qd Witts Norrensis apptt Witt de 
Buttingehd \ Rob filiu suii qd i pace Reg 
nequir \ i hamsok robavnt ei \j . sot 'Tt 
vi. d. de catall suo \ de custod sua robarunt 
xxiiij. bidetes Tt freg?unt hostia domus cus- 
todie sue 1 seras . T: alia cataH ad valficia 
X. sot \ hoc offt pbare p corp^ suii cdsida- 
cone cur. Witt T: Rob totii defendl de \?bo i 
vbum . 1 diit qd MauricP victric^ pdci 
Witti tenuit de feudo suo . quo mortuo re- 
cognov se ad feudii suii 1 quida vicin^ ej^ 
Ale:i^ Jil PhiUp gdux ab eo pastura i eod 
feudo ad xxv. oves . 1 p^ea veii ipe Witt le 
Norreissid feud illd 1 illas oves pdcas abdux. 
1 i aliud feudii eas posuit \ detinuit ita qd 
p^dcs Witts de WBotinnigehd \ Rob filius ej^ 
venliit ad Witt Jit Gerard sviente hundr \ 
p ipm oves illas rehabuerl p plevina \ sviens 
hoc testat'. Et tot^ comitat^ testat"^ qd ex 
more solito apltat ita hdies. Considal f qd 
nlta t apltaco vs^ eos. 
m. f Jud . Witts le Noreis i mia p fa apltacone \ 
Witts \ Rob sit iii quieti. 

jf Id drit qd " malef cores " venlunt ad doin Maur 
\\d [D^erlewini apd Teid . 1 ipm occidunt . 1 
quida malefcor occidit qnda gsociu suii 
||nolnte igne accende . 1 nescif^ qui funt . vl 
quis ille occis^ fuisset. 

jf Jud.murdr. 

(f Id dilt qd Rob ||Bmen/ appttat RobJiliS WSeiene 

Digitized by 



^ Thom fres ejus de pace ^r . « ret*xit 
. - ^osuit se 1 mia . pt ej^ fuerf Leuogar 
citcor.T; JVitts de la Broke .% sl i mia. 
: ippllati eant in quieti. 

^^itleg' q fiiit Hnp de Esex* valet xxx. ti. q^m 
:truet Com de Wp^Jt^^co . p dfim Pr. 

>rK Ae \ Estorpe que fiiert Rogii de ^Planes . 
i^valiit] xxj. ti . q*s hl Ibttis de WKarenci p 
dflm Pr. 

Hundr de Tenregge. 

Jur diit qd malefcores v^aviit G*manu ita qd 
ohiit. Hnr^t \\tieuic malecdit*" T: fugit . Et fuit i 
franc pt . H^vic WLefchild'^ vicini pximi . \\H^ema 
fit H^tdewin Ednot jit Osbti . Robjit Osbti. 
Robjit \\Lefchild . Wittsft Edric siimoniti ffint 
ad com. Et vic Rob de \\Lanshulla ii atthachiav 

Gaufr de Kaleis quida marescatt Flandr pcuss' 
Ednot Jit Rog* ita q'd obiit. Et hoies de Do- 
uencurt eii cepunt . \ Ubavunt (|vic Rob de 
WLanshuti tc vic. Et vic libavit eii in custod 
Joh de Watele . \ Ric de Gumai . Alan de Wal- 
tele St Wittsft Godwini . * Gerard aviicti mortui 
T: s? i mia. 

. . . lina de Luci t in donacone dfli Reg 1 ?ra ej^ 
valet xviij. ti. in hoc hundr. 

de Reimes t in donacone dni Reg 1 tra 

ejus valet xl. ti. 


Digitized by 



m.s.dors. Adhuc Hundr de Tenregg\ 

jf Rob Folenfant lat° appHavit Walf de Bumsted 

de societate .1 fug. Et fuit i franc pt Witti 
m, Bacun \ Elie WRalcepot .1 sl i mia. Et id 

Rob appltat Leuegar Sprot 1 Rob Harcer 

de societate. 
f Jur diit qd ri malecredl Leuegar . vt Rob Sprot. 
f Judra . Rob Sprot efforciet pt suos . Et sit ita 

sub pt. Et silr Leuegar^. 

jf Queda femina iventa in domo Leuegar amica 
Wali deBumested lifeata fmtAlea:* de Coggeshat 
T: franc pt . Rog* de Stratjbrd^ libtate monacoj^ 
c*s. de Cogeshat que evasit. 

f Jud . Alex^ i mia. Et franc pt Rogli de Strat- 

Dimid hundr de Wiham. 

^ Jur dat q Witt d WHobrug' applt Steph Tpin \ 
Witt d ^Hobrugl^. q in pac Reg \ neqT excus- 
seriit avia Alano .1 Gaufr svientib} ejus que 
cepant . in dapno libi tenem \ illos vbav^iit \ 
ip^sonav^ut \ Gaiifr h offt pbare vs^ Witt de 
WHuntinges p corp^ suii nt Alan^ vs^ Steph p 
corp^ suii q* essoniati siit. Et Ric de Fos- 
sato nt Rad CocP vidunt illos ip^sonatos Tt hoc 
offunt pbare p corpa eo^. Id appttat de vi 
Godefr Molnd qui ess est . Suein de Bumford 
+ nt Gaufr Prikke \ Cambleg^ \ Ric de Munuiru 

1 Johft Witt q* il venlut n*^ se ess . Ric 1 Joh 
n sut inventi .1 inrrogadi. 1 Gaufr Tt Cambleg^ 
attachienf qd sint cora justic apd Grenewiz 
" in c^stino Sci Leonard.'^ Osb de Wihd svies 
hundr dic qd Witts Faucelin 1 alii replegiavunt 

Digitized by 



Gaxifr 1 Cambleg^ . ^ ifl vocat tesl . qui li 
jf indi.Osb in mia % fi huit qd vocavit. Dies 
dat^ t eis apd Grenewiz. 

jf Id dat qd Rob de Walur appltavit Brienu fe 
Carver.\(l \\Baild Filiolum T: vim ej^ qd i pace ^ 
eu ||assulta\?ut .1 abscidit poUice ej^ 1 robav 
ei capa sua q valuit . v. sot 1 pannos dne sue 
ad valncia xl. sot. Rob fi seq'. capiat^ BrierPii 
t ivent^ . T: Bald FilioP devocav eii \ nesc' 
quo devefi. 

Diraid liundr de Herlaue. 

ff Jur dfit qd quida ho invent^ fuit mortuus in 
bosco de Halingebi \ nescit*^ quis fuit vt quis 
eii Ijoccidit. 

jf Jud . murdr. Et nemo iii malecdr. 

Hundr de Roc/ieford. 

jf Jur diit qd fVitts Warechite 1; Matitt ux ej^ 
occisi fiierl in domo sua . S} nescit' quis hoc 
fecit . engt ii fuit psiiE. 
"i* jf Judm . murdr. 

jf Id dfit qd Boschus occidit Ric le Fschirme\r^s .1 
fug.l dix se sviente fuisse Alah Trenchem. 
engt fi fuit psrlL 

jf Judm.murdr. 

jf Watl de Palcelesha apptt Regiri de WBenton t Rad 
Bereng^.l Kinget.qdi eu escuilliaPut. Et 
WaU fi sequit" % aff seq* . Regin Rob 
1 Kinget n venlut . n^ scit' ubi fuerl mand . . . 
Regin sit sub pt. 

Digitized by 



jf Sopelond Senescalt Bolonie t i manu dHi Pr S\ 
val3X.K. Illhlvicf. 

Dimia hundr de Wauthd. 

JT Jur dilt qd: Rog" Boss 1 Witts \ Rog" fil ux « Boss 

fugili sl de villa de Halingf* \ fuerf i franc 

D catatt. pleg WG^dric de Maute i HaUngy*. Catafl: eo^ 

fuerl . iii. boves 1 iij. vacc Tt ij. vituli . \ 

xij. oves . 1 ij. eque . Tt ij. pulli . 1 ix. auce . 1 . 

i. acr 1 dim . f"meti . 1 iij avene . uri 

Abbas de Wauthd debet responde. 

jf Hundr vocat Arcli ad warantu de psntacoe engt 
Matitt occise ex ruina cuj^da .... hat qd 
vocav a die Sci Martini i arv. dies. 

jf Ro^ Jit Alnoti i mia p stultiloq^o. 

jf Id diit qd Witts Sarp \ Witt MarcarP fugiti a! 
de villa de Reindon p lat^cinio !\ WitlMarcher 
fuit i franc pt Ric Grfffin 1 Witt Sarp fuit i 
D caia». franc pl Rad Passeme Tt Rad i mia . 1 catalt 

Witt March fuerl . iij. ♦ avene un Abbas de 
Wauthd ♦ . 

jjDim Hundr de ChelrnHe^ord. 

JT Jur drit qd IWeluina q fuit ux Edolfi \ Matitt 

II ux ejus apptt Hamon Gerbod de morte .... 

\ II Welwina ret*xit se \ posuit se i mia . pl 

ear fid. 
jf Jud . II Weluina 1 Matitt i mia 

eat iii quiet^. 

f Gaufr judm fecit q^nda pprestura i 

ville de Ginges Witt de WMunteni. 

f In WGoUin^ Jit Stonard hl fum 

RoT. CuR. Reg. ^ 

Digitized by 



msura bladi 1 falsii pond? lane t capiat' ad 
respond in die Dmca ^ 
jf Monachi de Stratfbrd feSunt pprest^am in Ginges 
de d . . . sr via regia. 

Hundr de ^Danesheia. 

ff Jur dilt q Alic de Lillesle t i donacone dni Reg. 
Tt tra ej^ valet xx. sot . . . ^ . . . . Peuerett 
de [|donac6e « 

Bradewetl Baldewini de Thoni valet . iiij. K . 1 
vj. s. 1 vii. d. Tt ea custod vic. 

Hundr de WTuustapl. 

jf Jur dnt qd quida ho invent^ fuit mortuos ap 

Wihd \ nescit' quis fuit. 
jf Ju3.murdr. 

^ Id dat qd 1 villa Je Bracfed fiiit CarpentarP 
Lco \ Cristina ux ej^ 1 Augnes t AUc filie 
ej^ figati t robati a malefcorib} 1 ipe Leo 

occis^ invent^ fuit i t 

hundr 1 ligati fuerl i dim hundr de Wiha\ 

jur in nU dix?unt1 sH mia. 

Hu^ de Illega . i. jur fi c5puit 1 t i mia.l 

Osb de Wiha ; ^vie» hundf .♦ 

i mia . q^ miniis fec q^m debuit. 

Hundr de Angr, 

f Jur dnt qd GaufrftAUc fuit sub&^^ i West- 

wod^X engt n fuit pisnl. 
jf Jud.murdr. 

f Riijit Algan fiiit siib&^ apd Angr .\m^ ^ 
fuit psiif. 

Digitized by 



f In \\Roe7iges Johjit Alueue cecid sr cnipulu suu 
ita qd xiij. die obiit . 1 1 de societate Gileb Pod 
1 jur n malecdl eu iS. 

jf Sit sub pt suis. 

JT GodefrJiUm RadPiscator occidit Amic ux AU 

mar le Tumur de nov . T: libat^ 

Humfr de Barenton . obiit i gaola de Newe- 

d cauD. port . \ EdwardP. . . . respond de catatt ej^. 

\ ipe EdwardP dix?at llqm qd p Agenild q f liit 

ux Witt feSat. 

jf Jur ii malecdl ea . eat in quieta. 

in.9. Esson' capta apd Clerkenewell* die Afair 
pxima jPt festu S^cH Luce anno regni /?' 
Reg*. X. 

Herebtus de Linton ess se de ma . ve . vs^ JoTm 
JiliU Edwardi de pt rec . p Johm OiseL 

WarruP de Waluines . de ult* mare . vs^ Lecid 
Stripe . de pt re^ .p Steph de la Bare pl . fides . 
i octab Sci Hillar ap Westm . T: tc ve . ass. 

Ric [l|5iiwe^] de || Vinchelee . de malo ve .9s^ Lecid 
de pt, reg . p Ro^ de Monasfio " pt . fid . ap 
" Westin in ocl Sci Hillar.** 

II SamdrP de \\Sunebir . de malo ve . vs cur p 
Godwin Jit Sueltg. 

Julian ux Galfr de malo ve vs Alard fr Cristian 
p Petr Jit Ric de pt reg • pt • fid . apd Lamehie 
in octab Sci Martin. 

Gileb le Brazur de malo ve.vs Clemencid \ 
Jutiand . de pt reg . p RicJitHenr pt . fid . ap . 
Lamehid . in ocl Sci Martini. 

p 2 

Digitized by 



Id dies dat^ t rec Sl Gaufr P*mentario i banco . 
\ Alhred mr Jtdian q n venit nec se ess . re- 

^Andreas Albus de malo ve . vs Susarmd sorore 
sua de plr r . p Steph deCantebr.^ 

Matitt de Bedefuni. de malo ve . vs Waffumjit 
Gerard de pt rep . p Hug' Jil Ric. pt fid . apd 
Lamehie t ocl Sci Martin. 

^Hamo de Sarelfne de malo ve .v^s Marljil 
EdmUdi de pt ?.p Aihoardajit Galjr^ f 

Rob ult* mare.\?s Ro^ Jit Ric k 
Mercier . de pt reg p Witt WiUe . ^ Wilt 
^Brugor pt fid . apd Westm t octab Sci Hillar 
t tc ve . ass. 

Rog^Jit Aihvard . de malo Jec . p OsbtU Rtiffu de 
pt apeB. 

Ric de Hinton vs Aihoina de Alpton . de magna 
ass . p Ada de Hintoh . pt fid . ap Lamehid . 
in ocl Sci Martih. 

m dies dat^ t Witt de Suhat . Thom de Hou . 
Rog' de la Duh . Rob de Stamn!e . iiij. miliE qui 
debiit elig?e xij. milil. 

Ric malo \e .y?s Matitt Jit Aihmii 
de pt reg . p Ric de WNestos. 

Witls de Reimes de ma . ve . 9s^ Johm JiUu Wal- 
ram de pt homag p Rob JiUa Doresert 1 
Joh OisU pt ess WittGunS. ap Lamehie i ocl 
Sci Martih T: tc ve . ass. 

JuUana JiUa Martini de ma • ve . v^s^ Gilhtum k 
Braseur de pt ?re p Johm de Westm . pt fid apd 
Lamehia in ocl Sci Marl!\ tc ve . ass. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ass' de Middelsex\ 

f Ass ven rec . si Ailwinus pr Matitt fuit seisit^ i 
diiico suo sic de feudo de diin . v^g rre . • . . 
1 . i. mesag cum ptiii in Stanwett \ Bedefoni 
die qua obiit.1t si obiit 1c.q*m rram RicPalrnl 

ess 1 1 Wittsjilitcs AuJcetit T: Witt 

Ruff^ tenent. Witts Ruff^ dic q tenet . ii. acr 
T:.i. mesagiu ex dono pris pdce MatittSt ih 
ponit se sr rec . 1 Wittflius Aulcetit tenet 
^ medietate dim v*g.rre 1 nU scivit quin ass 


f Ass vefl reS . si Rob de Derhurst pr Matitt ux Ade 
de Westm fuit seisit^ i dnico suo sic de feudo 
de . i. acr p*ti cii ptin i Westm die qua obiit . 
1 si obiit .Itc . q*m ?ram Matitt soror Witt 
WLestran^ lltenet 

jf Jur dnt qd £1 obiit ita seisit^. 
m. jf Jud . Matitt teneat i pace . t Add 1 Matitt T mia 
p fo clam. 

jf Ass ven . rec . si Edmund de WSuhauIt pr Mar- 
tini fuit seisit^ i dnico sQo sic de feudo de . 
iij. v*ga? rre cum ptin in [^Sulhautt die qua 
obiit . et si fsi obiit p^ p*ma lc . q*m rram 
^Haman de WSireburn tenet.T: \\Haman venit 
1 dic qd duxiat i ux Margar sorore ipius 
Martini \ illa rram hiiit cii ea sic libum 
||maritag \ dic qd mortua t.T: ex ea hiiit 
filiii Witt noie qui inf* etate t t vocat eii 
ad waranL 

jf Judm etate . Philipp Ckiretarius de la 

Cherrin^ rec ^reS^ no veii 1 1 i mia. 

p 3 

Digitized by 



Placita corone placitata apd ClerkenewelT 
cora Gaujy ^ Pef 1 sociis suis anno x. 
• Regis Ric\ 

Hundr de Spelthorn. 

JT Jur dKt qd JoJis de Sunebi occis^ fuit i rede- 
undo de quada cvisia de domo Osegot de 
Sunnebi t . . . ejus capt^ fuit Jordmms Scurf 
Tt liBat^ i custodia aSitis de Westm p libtate 
ejus .1t .||jRofi Fab pr occisi vefi ^ Gaufr 
WMenii c5gnosct qd fugiendo cepunt istu 
Jordanu ^ iveniunt eu absconditu i quoda 
llarmario .1 maleSdt eu de morte ejus. 

Hcapt^ fiiit p morte ||i2oft de 

Septon Tt dimiss^ P P^ • P justic 1 in vocat 

justic iE IJrfe Septon cognov 

qd nemine atthachiavunt pp vulnus pdci-Roft 

quo ob Ijfuit. 

JT Jur dat qd £1 maleSdl . -4^0^ de morte ejus. 
sit sub pl . vic pl. 

Ilpuer inf^ etate pdit^ fuit 55 

nescit' utr sit vivus vl mortuus 

suspicone . 1 1 pngnas . sit sub pl . in adventu 
justic. . . . 

vendid vinii 9^ ass in Stanes 

1 1 i mia. 

i custod Witti de Sce Mar 

ecctia \ tra ejus valet x. li. i hoc hundr. 

1 FeUha de feudo WUU de 

Roumaf sl i ^ min ^ [manu] diSi ^r .1 val 

xiij. ti. sn instaur de Thomhd 

h? ea. 

Digitized by 



ff Jur dat qd ap WHeggemd in rra Hospitat f unt 
Ric de Meleburn T: . iij. mulieres occisi i 
do •••[••• ux sue \ Al. . . Jit Rob'] t p 
morte eo^ malecredit' Joh P'mentariics qui 
manet apd Thidoluestre i Kbtate Sci Albani 
• ••••••'% engt n5 fuit psnL 

f Jud • murdr Seil afefetis de Sco Atbano respendat 
de fuga ipus Donestapt. 

f In bosco de Stanrnle quida ho invent^ fuit 

occis^ ^ p^ ejus sepeliconem Matitt de 

p recognov eu .filiu suu fuisse . 

Gilebtus coopator t i suspcu de morte ejus 

1 1 manes i Sci . . . . \\ni 

t poit^ fuit p pt • PhilippP sviens hundr ht 
noia pt • sit in responsur^ apd Donestapt 

• . . Gilbtum • engt n fuit jpsilt. 

Jud • murdr. 

\\Godsune fugils t*^ malo recto t fuit 

manes ap Hoggeswle ex* franc pt sr rram 

. . • llata i mia^ Catalla ejus f 8nt • iiij. sot • ui! 
Joh WBuczdnl tc vic debet responde. 

atebtis de Faviesham subms^ fuit in 

WBrent infortuniu. 

fuit ab h • • . . ibi ipi^ a&btis sii 

visu svientis vic. 
sura domus cuj^d 

Thom de Parco Up Acelin ux Matitt cui . . . 

1 vulS av iiii 

villate pxime 

r 4 

Digitized by 




Rad JiUus Aihmn Pincine fug pinalo recto.1 
fuit manes ap Wormhot Epi Lond. extra franc 
pt • villata i mia. 
JT Jeremias malecredit^ t de equo Rob Fot fiirato 
\ n llffint atthachiati . % vic n'l scivit de 
malefco S\ furtu istd f cm fuit anno phrito. 
m. f Jud . Jur i mia p stulta psiitacone. 

Witt Jilius Othori tenet xl. sot de S'genna de 
cuneis i LondSl Jl finivit. 

Abbas de Wautha fec ppres- 
t'am i aqua de Lue ap 
ITtdlake. \ sumonend^. 

Abbas de Stratford obstrusit 
aq*m de BrUle. 

Thofh Vinitor de Westm vendidit vinii 9'ass. 
m. 1 1 i mia. 

JoHes Fab atthachiat^ fuit p appS Rob de Stan- 
Jord 1 Osbt^ Ruff^ silr . qui eos apptt de 
robia vj. sot. ^ . L pallii de Powenaz 1 de 
vulniib} sibi fcis.T: ipi 3 veSunt pt JoUs 
fuerl Witts fiUv^ Sigar de , . . ej^ decena i 
Hakeneia . pt Osbti Witts ||fe WPunteni cvl tf 
decena i Hakeneia 1 sl i mia.T: sit apd 
Lamehia in ocl Sci Martini p^ceptii t vic 
qd eos tc feos ibi hat. 

Hundr de Jsteleword nichil. 

Reginald fit Rog* Kage fug p malo recto.1 
fuit i f*nc pt Olardi i Heston . ^ t i mia. 

Digitized by 



Dimid hundr de Edebneton. 

f Jur dfit q in domo Rad Stork aptt Edebfnetoh 
fuit q*da ho invent^ ffuit mortuus .\ nescit' 
quis fSit. 
m. jf Jud.murdr. 

Villata de Oxebru^. 

f Joh ^Holere atthachiat^ fuit p appSm cuj^da 
lat^is ad esse cora justic Tt il veS . \ pl ej^ 
fuert AcelitP senescatt Gileb Basset .\ tota 
villata de Oxehrig^. villata i mia . pt ejus 
hant eii ap Lamehid. 

f WittsJiUiLS Wttti t i mia p stultiloq^a. 

^ Joh Bucuini op . se quarC die v^ Cristiana de 
Forda de pt warantie . i. hide tre cii ptin i 
Edehnetoh 1 ipa il veS vl se ess.1 siimo& 
testata fuit« 
JuS . Cristiana ponat' p vad 1 pt qd sit apd 
Lamehia l ocl Sci Martini ostSsura qr ii veii 
ad sumofi 'X responsura de capitat pt. 

— [ Witts Jit Ranh poit^^ loco .] Rob Corbet 
petit v^s^ Witlm [&] Cramfeld xxxvi. acr c 
ptiii i DalUn^ ||q^ clamat ptinle ad baronia 
sua \ q*m tenet i capite de dno Rege.siS 

jus Witts ** " ven 1 

dic qd ipe fec se ess de Westm 
jp Pasch i comil de B^kesir 1 p^cepl fuit 
miiil q' debuerat eu vidisse qd si ii eet 
lang^r:' poSent ei die in advetu justic i 
ptib} itt .% vocat iii record "X rotut justic d 
banco \ [dic qd] nltam huit ||h* sumori T: n 
vtt iii responde n' cur cosidavit.-' Dic & 

Digitized by 



qd Witts Jil Ravnuip n fuit poit^ loco Roh 
CoThet. Dies dat^ t ^is ap Lamehia in ocl 
Sci Martini ad inq^rend rotl justic ifl. 

Am'ciamenta Middelsex\ 

I> hundr de Osuluestan . ij. marc p murc^ 
exceptis libtatib^. 

I> viB de WiUesdoh . x. sot q^ min^ feSunt q* 

I> \iSigri de \\Illi*ge dim marc p defalta % no 

I> Godefrid de WlWge X ej^ decima dim marc 
% ii habuerl q pl. 

I> ViB de Wermeholte dim marc p recepl Rad 
Jit Athvih. 

I> . • . Vineto'^ de Westm . x. sol p vino vendito 
9* ass . qj paup f 

I> Sigar \ ej^ decima . x. sol p 

fiiga Joh Fabri. 

I> Wtl de Puntemer \ ej^ decima dim marc. 
p fuga Osbti Rifffi. 

I> viS de Sceptoh . i. marc q^ mifl feSunt q 

I> Joh Vineto^ de Stanes . dim marc p vino 
vendil 9* ass . q^ paup t. 

I> Gar hundr . i. marc excepl libtatib} . p 

* I> villat de Kiggesbire . Gilebti Malesmains . 

dim marc p recepl . Witt Godscein. 

J> frac pl Gilebti marc p fuga 
Admadi Jit WAlbedi. 

Digitized by 



I> Rob Pistor • x. v r p vino vendito 

80L I in vilt de 9* ass. 

I> Rogio Alewe. (Wxsebrge pvinovendito 
xx.sot. J V 9*ass. 

I> Alard 1 ej^ decen dim marS . p fug Reginald 
Jil Rogii i Eston. 

I> dim hundr de Edehneton xx. sot p murd? . 
excepl libtatib^. 

I> \\Hert. • • Gilebti Basset . q^ n5 hf p pt . • • . 

I> ViB de Wxsebrig^ .\. marc . % n5 habuerl 

I> WlVitl • • . • rett dim marc p stultiloq^ 

I> Ad de WWestm dim [marc] p 

I> Philipp Caretar dim marc p 

f I> JVittmo de ^Lege ^ 

^o x^ Jt Ric de itiSe. 

Digitized by ' 




m. I. H* siit ess' Pasc' \ S^c^e T^nitaf " \ S^cH 


Buk\ JT f Ham v^sus RicfDd.d pt^ .fjohf 

Joh .af^Sci Mich t iii. sepl.Bff. 

Norfit. f dDavintr \?s^ WittfJoh de pt 9.p Bob 

Sapiente 1 Bailt Sim d Davintr pe? cur . . ad 
eud r . af f. 

SoutHpt. jf Prior d Anedewett de ult* mare vsus Alan 
Basset d pl r.p Hug^ lCannet . a die S. 
[ikfic/i] ^ Joh ^ in . av. dies . aft 

Buk\ JT AS) . de WEinesh v^sus Hug' d Ftdebroc . d pl 

rec moii ailcessor.p Ric d Messenden.l ocl 
S. Joh • aff . pl essoSi . Regin Giffard. 

Ibid. jf witt }^Porcarius 9sus Witt HarengW Thoin 

frem suu de pl appBi p Jord \\Scult . a die 
S. Mich. in . iii. sepl. aff .1t irim hnt iicec 

Norfu. ^ f Bald d Bolon . v . Gerard d Camuitt.\ Rog" 

frem ej^ ^ f pt aplli Jr • P rec d pl ? . ad 
eud r.aff. 

Ibid. (T Rod d Bello Mote d eod v . eud p Rob d 


JT WaU Carniari? d eod . p Rod fit Rob . ad 
eiid 9.aff. 

Buk\ JT Ro& Alb^.w Matitt Luuel . a pl ?.a die Sci 

Mich in iij. sepl. aff. 

\ DigitizedbyGoOgle 











« IVilles: 


JT He^ d PauleshoU . v . Witt d Poni arcTi d pl 
aplti . p Wall Jil JRic . ad eud r . aff . 

f Htig' d \\Dreues d eod p Ada Bril . ad eud . 

jf Thom de Camesl . v . Joh Aurifabr d pt P . p 
Joh . ad eude t . aff. ^ 

f Gflw/^ d \\Sticheseie . v . Sarra de Warra . d pt 
catalt . p Amisiu Jit Goscet ad eiid t . af f. 

fi RodJitWitt.\.RobJit\\Lucie.a pt rec.m. 
anl . p jKoS ^ Dalton . ad eu r. 

f Witt f \Wihl . 9 . Pore d ||5'orffew . d pt 9 . p 
Wittm eund r. 

f iS^/m ^ J5o5co . V Sarrd d Wara d pt cataB p 
Henr \Jit Hosel . ad eiide r . aff. 

f Baldewin d Bolon. vsus Gerard d Kamuitl.^X 
Regin Jit Azer . d pt ? . p Rog^ NobitS . a 
die S* Mich . in . iii. sepl . aff. 

jf Wall d Bello Monte . vsus eosd 
d eod . p Rob d la Leg\ 

^ WaU Camlarius . de eod vsus 
eosd . p Rob fiX Rob. 

f Rob Blunt \?sus Matild d Torinton . d p . t . p 
WaUJ^Robfid eund P. 

^ Reginald dPateshoU . v' . Witt d Ponte \ 

arch d pt aplti p WaUJ" Ric. I ^^ ^^^^^ 

f Hug^ d WDroies . de eod vsus eund . p ( * 
Adam Briton. ) 

jf Thorh d Kemeseton . v^sus Joh Aurifabr . de pt 
? . p II Jb/rtm ||P'6wi/w ad eund t. 

ad eund t. 

Digitized by 



Surr. JT Gatifr d Tichesie .y? . Sarrd d la pl 

catatt p Amic f* Joscelin . ad eund ?. 

Essea:\ ff Rob f Witti 9 . \\Rob f \\Luce « pl rec .m. 
antec . p Rob d Alulton ad eund 9. 

Suhamt. jT Ric d Anesie . i. visor infirmil A^is d Hida . p 
JoTi de Chinun. 

Buk\ JT Witt de Hicford. p Gaujr^.f WitH. 

Kent. JT ^^^ ^ Bosco . rsus iSarrfi tf la Wart . S ^ 

cataB . p Henr \\d WHesett. ad eund t. 

fTflrnric. f Rob f Witti v^sus Priore d IISTMrfAeia . d p! ?re . 
p Rob Fresett. ad eund t. 

Suf'. ^ Joh Weland . v^sus Wall d Windeshore . d pt 

catatt p RobfWitti. 

Buk\ f Ric d Tame.v^s^.NichotJit Ham.S: pl ?.p 


JNbr. JT Joh d Haremed v^ . Pore d Niuport . de pt 

Btt*'. nativil . p Rob WRandac . ad eund ? . [afY.] 

Ibid. f Ric f Ro^.i. visor infirm Hug^ d CasteiHun. 

p WittfRad. 

Linc. f »^a// ^ ^55^ • v^sus Wall Blund . 

d pl catallor. p W^atf d Char- 

Ibid. jf Osb Gijffard . d eod v^sus eund . 

p Joh Gautris. 

Ibid. jf Joh Caretarius . d eod vsus 

eund.p WittfOsbl. 

Warr. f ^^^^ ^ Estlee de 9vicio duc . \?sus Joh Ware- 

mc.Ct pt t.p Jord f^ Rann ess exp iiij. tlie 

ad eund t 

Digitized by 













8UU 1 Joh ii ve . vt se esl . eat sn die & 
hms bre. 

f Id ^ de eod ^ rsus eund de pt catidt. 

jT PMUpp d 5/0^. vsus ultra mare p 
Rob Noter. 

JT Joh d ^Titford . vsus Joh de pt 
nativil p EUam Brun . ad eud rmiil . aff. 

JT ■PhiUpp d Bumh3 . vsus Joh Extraneu . d pt t . 
p Aaron . ad eund t . ess 1 Alex* d WRahcha • 
po . lo . Emme . Ea^nee exp iiij. die . Joh il 
ve • vt se ess • jud eant sil die. 

f Petr WCorbitun . v^. Emmam de Mumfort . de pl 
invadiamti ?re . p Ric j^ . Roh a festo 5* Jok 
% XV dies • aff . 

la dies dat' HenrHubald \ Eme d MUford i 

jf Gerard de Canrvitt v Labl d WScotteii . d pt servic 
p Joh ||Gwi/ie/ . a rfi^ Sci Mich i iii. 5ep/ aff. 

f JTiT/ ^ Pon/e Arch.^^m Rob Bluet .\ Rob d 
Mara d pl apffi . p Ric Devoii ad eund t . a 
die SciMichl iii. sepl .2St . fi fThom^lRobli 
Bloetfy^ d eod p Thomf Witt. 

f Thom de S" Vigor i? . Roidin d Colecestr . de pl 
debiti.p Ada d \\Hokenorton ^ad eund r^ 
jf essoi! exp iiii. die suu 1 ipe il ve. vt se essoil • 
Jud eat sri die. 

f Hug" de Minin.9 Rob f Rad . d pt ?.p 
Laurenc de Scoton . ad eund ?. [aff.] 

IT Ada de Gedding^ 9 \\Hueium de \\Gedding^ d pt 
t . p TVall WFambum . ad eund . ? . aff. 

Digitized by 



mgorn. JT Ric ^Pancefort . v' • Joh d Mofitiirum . de pt 
• waranl r .p HenrJ' Regin.Bd eund r.aff. 
Id dies dat' in baco Regiii PancefotSt oib} 

WUtesir. ^ ^^* Bluet . vsus jKo5 de Ponte arch . de pl 
apBi . p Thomf^ Witti . ad eund ?. 

^. JT HenrdSome .^ .\\Witt de pl ?. 

p Jlffl/^ Hareng\ 
Matild pon . iii . Witt d Watton . lo . suo . ad 
lu .vt pd.T: Epc Roffens petiit in cur suam. 
a die S' Joh in . viii. dies . aff. 

Kni. f H^ ^ Pecham . v^sus Eustac d la G^stan . de 

pt q*re eii inp*sonavy p Gerard ^a die S*. Mich 
in . iii. sepl.^ 

Norf* f Witl Jit Milon v^sus Magrm Regin de pt.!. 

p Simjit H*6 . a die S* Mich i iii. sepl aff. 

Narf.' Gaujr de SecJieJord de eod vsus eund p Witt 


Gloec. f Phitipp Molndin . vsus Pore de Lantoin . de pl 

?. p Witt Cticum . ad eiid ?. aff . [d ult' 
mare d svic ducis . p Rob Tt Labl d Scotton.'] 

NorfiT. Gerard de Kamuitt.vs Batderwin d Boloh.\ 

Witt.\ WaU . d pt ?. p Hob f ad eund ?|. 
a die 5* Mich l iii. sepl . pt ess Hub Jit Ric. 

Kni. JT " Eustach *' d Falkebg\ po . lo . Poris de || Wosto. 

vsus WAlolf^ d Bouton de pt advocois eccle 
de Bouton . p Gaujr Warre . a die S" . Joh 
in ro. dies . aflf. 

^i^* JT Witts de \Becco ^e.^.Add "t Reg" de DaUing' 

de pt « p Rtc de Wagejorin . a die Sci MicTi 
in. iii. sepl. aff. 

Digitized by 









jf JtiUan . ux . Jordan f* Reimi . v . Ric Jil Ra- 
nulf. Tt Hawis d MunuirU . d pt pasf^e p 
Wilt d Stanford. ad eund ?• 

jf For d SimpUnghd .vsiis Alicid d WWieine de 

pt dol p Siffi d Bur in.arv. dies . 


iT Rob de Coleuitt^ Alex' \\Pmniett de pt ? . p Wittm 
Franc . fl hms bre. 

f Hamo Passelewe \? Rad de \\G^Jion de pt ?.p 
Stephjit Witti . a die S*Johis in rv. dies. 

JT AuicdBello Mote.v^.WittdWBrauseaifl^.p 
Witt Tallon. 

m. l.dorS. 





JT In crastin Ascencionis. 

f[ Rob de Ferles ess . sc . de . m . lecti apd Fles . 
iii. die afl plac v.Bndan WP" pt t^. 
p Ric de Fritoh . t Gileb Wdecoc . mittat' lc. 
si laguor fi fuit a die Sci Joh l xo dies. 

f Sarra \xt . Jordah WToni eod m° apd Chigevale 
V . Rog^ f^ Nichot . de pt rec d in . an- 
cessor p Witt WNoblepas . 1 Rog^ f* S^lonis . 
fi est essofi. 

jf WMath d Brumelhd eod m° ap^ Brumelhd i\\ 
Wiltesir v^.H^ueiil d WHolecumbe' de pt ?re . 
p Joh d Brumelhd.l Ric Bastard. jf Si n t 
lang^^r a die 5* Johis in . av. dies. 

If Ric f* Rad eod m** apd Litletoh . 9. Reginald 
de Clijloh de pt ?.p Thom f Odoh 1 Ric 
Wastett. si n t . * ad eund t. 

f Math WOisett 9sus Gatfr de \\Remis de pt rec . 
RoT. CuR. Reg. Q 

Digitized by 




d morl aficess . ad aud jud suu p Alanu de 
S\ WOlauo .a die S^f Mich ^ [ Jo/i] in . jrc. 
dies.afHdi I> ||itefle justic. 

Suff\ f ^^^ de Subir. v^sus Reginald de 

pT debiti . p Gileb f Berthol 
f Matild ma? ejusd Alejf.y^sm eod p 
Thofh f Ric jf ess expecta\?ut iiii. die suu 
1t Regin n ve . vl se ess. Jud . eant sil die . 
\ Matitt 1 Thom n fuerl iveti . u* vic dicit 

Esse2\ f fVitt Talebot . 9sus Agnel de Vemu . de pt dot. 

p Andr f Witti. 

Noiingn. <r fVall de Stanton .\?sus Almaric Jit Turstan At 
pt ass . m . antec . p Henr f* Rad. 

Nor/: f Wimlus Cticus . v^ Att>em de Becco de pt falde 

levate p Witt Rastett.l ocl S" T^l afY. 
\ Ateb poii . lo . suo . Hug" [vt] Gatifr moacos 
suos iii . ad lu . vl pd. 

Oxm. ^ WaU Sauvage v^sus Rad f WitU de pt ? p 

Witt Jit Rad [a die Sci Joh t,av. dies affj 
jf Id dies dat^ AUc mat* ej^. 

Suf\ JT Rog^ Jit Gilb essoa* vocav Osbff 

ffuei ad waral \?s^ Galf d \\Ambli . d pt ?. 
p H'ueu d WWdeslure a die Sci Joh l ro. dies 

Oron. f Rob d ffpenden .\? . * Pinclnd .1 Witt IRicJit^ 

Toni.1 hoies suos d pt apffi p GilbCusin.l 
octab Sce Vnil affid. 

Middelsex\ (f Witt d Raimes ^ . Andr Bludu d pt debiti.p 
^Gilb^ Witt .Jit Rob . l ocl Sci Joh aff. JT^tl 
Andr . q . Ltwia ux ej^ posuerat lo . suo . pon | 
ip*m lo . suo in ad lu . vt pd^ 

Digitized by 
















JT Ric de Clenduii . \?sus MiUsent \ Sibilid de 
Clendon . de pl apffi . p Eustach F^^c. 

JT Ric de WEmitoh . v^sus Regih Doiiertoh . de pl ?. 
p Rob de Hetnitoh. 

f Thohi de Stok' \?sus \\Conain de Stok\ de pt dot . 
p Warinu de Stok\ 

jf Joh de Bello Monte . 9sus Rad de S" Mauro . 
de pt ass . fri . anl p Witt f Philip. 

jf Jord de WLaringsel 9sus Gaufr Rufum . de pt ? . 
p Ranh f^ Philipp. 

JT Martin^ de Quarkles . \?sus Steph de Walsingh . 
de pt tre . p Martih. 

f Ricf WRog' \?sus Matild de Hasting" de pt ?. p 

f Wittf* Auketitt.po . lo . uxoris sue . Psus Witt 
de Ebo^ .1 uxore ej^. de pt ? . p Steph f 

jf Barth de Marthd v^sus Afib de 5' Bhdco . de pt 
advoc eccte . p Wittfit Ric. 

f Add de Naptoh vsus Rob de Kednei . de pt ? . p 
Witt Coterett. 

JT Joh Vic . vsus Marg^ de Osenuitt . de pt ||tera 
invad p AlanU Messagl. 

Eustach de Wadford . \?sus Wittfit ^(f . de pt ? . 

F Wittr t 

f -4fc^ cte Ctw/r . ess . se . iii. die aii plac . ap 
Castr V Joscelih Picot d pt apffi.p Witt ^t 
Q 2 

Digitized by 



Godefr .1 Ric Chede. Dies dat^ eis a die Sa 
Mich t iii. sepl . afY. 

In crastirC 'Pnit\ 

Keni. f Witt d Sofford v^sus Hu^ d Bosco . fde \ Mar- 

garel ux ejus d pt magne ass p Agemund d 
Sofford . a die S* Mich . in . iii. sepf . [affj. 
Rad d Penherst p Alan . Rob d Meleuik . p 
Rob Larch Alured d Curton p Rob. H dies 
dat^ t recog q* ve.1 ceft q* ii ve.attach. 
Rob de Siburn . p VitalS . ad eiide rmiS 

Sufif. JT Rob de Venuz v^sus Afibem de Wav!leg' de pl 

waranl rre p Martin j^ Rad a die Sci Joh . 
in • octo dies . affid. 

f Rad Jil Turlac v^ . Rob d pl Pre .p 
Thom fit llsuu. 

W- ^ if C» ^f iJo8 Psus eund de eod p Wittft 
Rad . a die S* Joh . in ro. dies. Joh fx ej^ 
a eodp WittfitRad. 

jf Rob Hardegripe . p Wittf* Harding^ de eod. 

jf Gileb wPrudune . v Gileb Herpedeman de pl pleg 
Surf. l pJordfitRic. 

jf Wall Pruidume . v^ eund de eod . p Ric Megr. 
a die S" Mich . in . iii. sepi . ^ad eund. r aft^ 

jf IJiJo^' de \\We^ord de eod.p Ric de Esse. 

Bedef*. jf Steph de Irencestr po . lo . Henr d Norhawl v 
Edith Pipard. d pl ?re p Rob Pigace . f ad 
eund t . ^ in octab S* Joh . aff. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


SiiAl:. jf Ric d Fescanp v \\Clarin de Blaclianton . de pl 

r . p Witt d Stok^ a die 5* Joh in . iii. sepl . 

Bui^. jf Nicholaus Passelewe V Sim Passeleg' de pt r . p 

\\Rog' Norrensem a die S* Mich . in . ^iii. sepl^ . 
i. msS . aff. 

&#'• JT Rob Crec \? Comitiss Gundr f^l Thom Blac^ . de 

pl tr.p Regin Cocum Aad eund r.i^ ComiE 
po • lo . suo Gileb de Trillawe . a die S*. Mich 
in . iii. sepL 

irtf\ jf Prior de Cruce Roeis \?sus fres Tempt de pl 

lifctal p Witt Werri . ad eund r. 

Suff*. jf Witt d Hasting^ v Estmudu de Winebadesha . 

de pt blad capl . p Rob \\SimSl 1 Witt Franc . 
a die S* Joh in . jv. dies. 

H*if. f PMlipp de Naring' ^ Wittft Umfrid de pl ass . 

p Wittfit Auketitt a die S\ Mich in iii. sepl . 

Surr. jT Rob de Beseuitt \? Witt Flandr 1 Matild ux ej^ 

de pt r . p Henr Bataille . a die S*. Joh . in . 
^viii.^ [^.] dies . afY. 

SiiHr. jf Arcti Rothom 9 Hug* de Nevitt * pt debiti p 

Regin de Upton .t Petr d Wind essoii exp 
iiii. die suu. Hug' no ve. vt se ess . eat sii die. 

Bak^. jf Magr Witt de Cirencestr po . lo . AK) d Ciren- 

cestr \? Barbette . d pt t^ . p H'eberl d Ciren- 
Barbet de eod p Sim 7 ' Turgis a die S* Mich 
in . iii. sepl af f. 

jf Laurenc Cticus St Clemens fr ej^ Ht WaUfit Rob . 
nt Alan d WClinl n • ve . Ido atach qd lc sintv 
ibi ifl respSsuri . T: Olivius silr. J 

Q 3 

Digitized by 




f Hug^ de \\Elinton v Henr de 
Wichenton p Witt\\Ubbe. 

jT Wall le Unte de eod vsus eund . 
p Joh Fot. 

f iZoft Lenfant de eod p Ivohf* 

Gaufr. [adieS^Micn. 

JT Jo;i (/e ||£&w/o^ de eod \?sus [ ^^ • "''• ^^^- 
eund . p Ric Fot. 

f J/ewr de ^Wtchenton . de eod p 
Wittde Essex\ 

Rad Peverett v^ eund . de eod p 

Ess€x\ f Gileb f Rob \? Lucid ux Henr de pl ? . p 

?Fia// iZigg^e . in ocl S" Joh . af f. 

jr^j^ j^ f Jf wW de Halegetol . v' W^iTlf de Longo Campo . 

de pl ?. p Wittf WaU . a die ST. Michin. 
iij. sepl . aff. 

Kent. f Prior de Leu£shd v Witt de Wrothd de pt r . 

p Alulf* d Grenewic . a die S* Joh . in . iii. 
sepl . af f . 

^ Teobald d Enef de eod v^ eund • p Rog' f Rob 
ad eund r . aff. 

Ebof. ir ^i^ f Burand . 9 Witt f f Rob ^ Wall de 

pl ?.p iZic (f Qeiton . a die S* 
dies . \ tc af f. 

Norf. f Henr de Gememue v^ WJoscelnU Picot de pl apffi 

p Wittf Henr . ad eund r. 

Surr. ♦ jf Prior de Merton v* Justic de pl carl sue p 
Rob de \\Mulesee. 
jf Ff Gaufr de eod p Hug^ d WMulesJiee. t 

Digitized by 



Kent. JT Maria de Talewrth \?sus FoWtum de Doure . de 

pt ?.p fViltf* Wall . [Id dies dat^ Thom 
d2 Talexvrth. 

Thom de Rocheford . po . lo . ||ejus Folbti . \?sus 
eand.p ....arv. diesp^f S*Joh. 

H^tford. JT Gaufr f Gaufr \? Joh de Stoppesleg' de pt 
t . p Gileb /* Rad . a die S Mich in . iii. 
sepl . aff . 

Buk\ jf Eustach ux. fVitt le Bret 9sus Vic d Buk\ [d 

pl dol .] p WittBreton . a die S* Joh . in . arv. 

f Hug* Esturmi \? Nichot de 
Trubwic de pl apBi . p WNic- 
gellU Marescallu. \ ad eude ?. 

loqd. ] JT Joh fil ejus de eod 9sus eund 
Sussex\ l P Henr d Bebinton. 

Hug' f Hug' de eod p Ric \ 

Turketitt. I ad eud t . 

Desidatus de eod p . Bemard ( ^ff. 
Pollard. ) 

fVarew\ f Pnor de ||5/awe5 . \? iiic /^ iiic de pl ? p 
\\Spinc . a die S Mich in . iii. sepl . affid . 1 
Ric po . lo . suo Thom le Tailur ad lu . vt pd. 

Kent. JT Theobald de Twitham \?s^ Ric dc Garewinton . 

de pl ass . p Joh Piket . ad eund t . aff. Id 
dies dat'' oib} rec . p essoii suos. 

^Suff\ fl[ Ric de Durington Jj^ 

Essex. ^ Reginald de Comhitt \? Witt de Sobiri de pt ?• 

p Witt de Halgeford. a die Sci Joh . in . t;iii. 
dies . af f. 
Id dies dat' Witt d Fenbrigge . in banco. 
Q 4 

Digitized by 










JT Hob de Pole . 9 TVilt Lohereng^ de pl ? . p 
Reginald f* Wall. a die S* Joh in . av. dies. 

jf Margarel de Berking^ v Warin f Uctred de 
pt r . p Alex' /* Edwin a die S' Mich in . iii. 

f Fulco f Teobald 9 Moniales de Haliwett . de 
pl devise rre . p Rob BlUdel a die S* Joh in . 
rv. dies . af f \ ipe ponl ifi lo . suo . Jordan de 
||2^nad lu.vt pd. 

![ Herbl . de Gememue v JosceUn Picot de pt 
apffi p Rad . jT Nich . a die 5* Mich m . iii. 
sepl aff. 

jf Ric WChanum ^ Rob Waite de pt t . p Joscelm 
f* Ric . a die S* Mich in . iii. s . aff. 

jf Emelina de Ugeford v Rob de Marisco de pt r . 
p Osberl de WSto/c' f ad eundt^.i^ 

Hug* de Tiring* \?sus WRog^ de Swineford 1 ux 
ejus . \ Rob de Stapelf* Tt ux ejus • de pt r . 
p Thoihft Rob ^ad eund ?.^ Essoil exp . 
iiii. die suii ."X ipi ii ve . vt se ess . eat sfi die. 

f Steph de Suldrope . te . v. Agnet fit Gaufr de 
pt magne assise . p Hug* jit Steph . a (fe 
^ Mich i iii. sepl . aff. ^ Ide dies datMec 
p ess suos. 

jf Jordan Leuueise . i. rec . de eod p Witt BritoH 
a die S^ Mich in . iii. sept. 

jf PetT^ Lohereng de eod . p Witt de Regesfeld. 

jf Joh fit Rob ^ Rob de pt ^ f Witt 
f Rad . a die S' Joh in . xv. dies. Rob pofi in 
loco suo . Simone fit suii . ad lu vt pd. 

Digitized by 



Oxon. f Steph de Wakton ^ Matild de Bukum de pl ? . 

p Stephf^ Ade ad eund . t . afY, 

BuJ^. f Sim de Hocton \? iio^* de HaUted de pt ?. p 

Rog^f^ Rob . a die S* Joh in . iii. sepl . aff. 

lAnc. ir W^^ ^^ J^Fesseics . po . lo . Wilt de Longo Campo 

v^siis Hubl de Halegetot p Jord /* Ade . a die 
S* Mich in . iii. sepl. 

Kent. )f UmfridP le Arhalesf v Joh Bulia . de pt aptti . 

p Johf^ Maugii ad eund r. 

Hertf\ Eugenia Picot v Priore de Norhl . de pl 9 . p 

JohfRob f ad eund ?.aff.^ [a die Sci 
. . .] J iii. sepl . aff .T: Por po . ifi lo . suo . 
Sim d Dauintre ad lu . vl pd. 

Essex\ ^ Thom de Kamvitt v Jacob de Tilebiri . de pl ? . 

\ catalt p Steph de Brokeha . a die S* Mich 
in . iii. sepl. 

Enejf. jf Rad de \\Wake v, WarinH Jit Uctred. de 

pt debiti p Gaufr Jit Fukon. 

Essoh de m\ lc die Jovis llp' Thiif. 

Noff\ JT Humfr de Sidisfne . ess se de ni . Ic ap 

Sidesfne . iii. die an pt . \rs Godwin le P^mter 
de pt ?re p . WRob de WPumiton \ Witt ft 
Rob . a die Sci Mich in iii. sepi . si lagor 
ii fuit. 

Notf. jT Rog" de WBriuitt ap Giltlghd Qs^ Ada ft Thom 

de pt tre p AnseUu Monachu \ Galfr fit 
suu a die Sci Mich i . iii. sepi . si la . n 

Digitized by 



Buktghd. jf Simd jit Nicot eod m° ap Coppelawe ^ .Lvca 
de Bumehd de pt ?re . p T^stan Jit Witt .1 
IVal? de WDriu .a die . S Mich i iii. sepl . si 
langor n fuit. 

Nor/\ f Sarra ux Witt de WParroU eoS m° ap Mittoh vs^ 

Matitt q fuit ux Halan de Hndrgha de pl r. 
p Gileb Torett.\ Thom Ficheth. 

Esson' de . m\ veniend' die Jovis p^ Thtif. 

Nornr. jf JoH CalxP de . iri . ve \? . Witt Dacum Tt Enmam 

uxore ej^ de pt r . p Witt de Tichemse . a die 
S* Mich . in . iii. sepl. 

Norf\ jf Wittius de WPirhon vsus Matild q fuit ux Alani 

de Hindringha d pl t.p Thorn Fichet.^A 

Suf\ f Joh Jil Turold \?sus Wat? de WEtfetd de p! ? . p 

WGrim J* Sexi . ad eud ? . aff. 

BedeJ\ jf mtt le Lohereng' \?sus Witt de \\Carun de pl ?. 
p HuifJ* Ric . a die S" M* in . iii. sepl. aff. 

Salop. jf Grifun J" H^eward Cogh \?sus Thorfi d Noel 1 

Ric d Wapenbiri de pl ?.p Ricjt Joh ad 
eund ?. 

Norf. JT Witts de Warenne . petes v^sus Rad de Duram de 

pt advocois eccte keshd p Evlard. 


NoJ\ jf Gileb de Berton v^sus Hug^ de \\Keuesi . de pt ass 

de m . aiicess . p Gileb suu ad eund 

r . Id dies datf^ Alewi de Wiclien. 

Bcdcf. f Adam Niger v^sus Ricjit Philippi de pt ?.p 
Steph fit suu . a dic Sci Mich . l rv. dies aff. 

Digitized by 







Salopes. JT WEluina de Hugeford vsus Rob de Marisco de pl 
rre p Ric Mansett a die S* MicH in . iii . sepl. 

Nor/\ fif Hicg^ Burguinim vsus Gaufr /' Ric de pt ass . 

m . ancess p Wilt d la ICsimere . ad eund r. 
jf Id dies dat^ t Agatfi uxori ejus in banco . 1 rec 
p esson suos. 

jf Eviard de B^ton vsus AUc de Grantesete . de pt 
dol . p Witt de BUon ad eude r . af f. 

(f Emme de WKaines vs^ Witt de WKaines fit Rw de 
pt ?re . p Wittjit Wall . ad eud ?. 

JT Rog' de WBrumsburg' v^s^ Galfr de Albecote . d pt 
custod p Martih h5iem suii . a die Sci Mich 
in . m. sepl. Idem dies dat^ t Agath ux ej^ 
in banco. 

HiforA. if Johsjit Mabit vs^ Radft Ediue de pt ass . de 
m . anc . p Wittft Walt . a die Sci Mich . i 
iii. sepl ide dies dat^ t Josep de Stiuenach p 
Laurnc ess suu.T: Walfo de JP^to p Watl 
ess suu T: Rad de Wulmax . p Laurnc 1 
-Hi^* rfe Hichendon . p Gregoriu recognitores 
de eod. 

H^tford. JT J?^^"' rf^ Muride v^s^ RobftRadl Idd ux ej^ de 
pt dol p Rob venatore .1 A^s de Sco Albano 
petiit in curia sua ad hora \ Xm. 

WHtford. JT Ric ft Jyd vs^ Regiri de Argiitein de pt ad- 
voc ectie p Sim Jit Godewih. 

Si^. f ^og* de BotUsdoh 9sP Rog' de Hautbois de pt tT 

p Malg'um Ha7^eheuid. 

Hattdon. JT Hug^ de Wigorh v^s^ Wittm Dacu de pt rre p 
Witt Caretariu. 

Digitized by 



In sched. 
Norf.* jf Esson Radjit Thurlac n expectavit . iiii. die suu 

1c.l Radsumoxit^V 

qd sit apd Westm a die Sci WMich in sv. 
• • . . in. 

Ibid. j EssoiS Clementis . 1 Joh n expectavit . iiii. die 

suu illa capiat^ I siimone' 

ant'. qd sint apd Westm ad eiid r . in resposur. 

Surr. jf Rob Hardegripe p WiltHardtg*. a die Sci Micft 

i iii. sepl . af f. f 

m. 3. Ess' d' mal lc in octaV S^c^e Trinit^ 

NorJ\ jj- jRo8 de Frith ess se de m . lc apd Tinleia ?cio 

die an pt . vs^ Rtc de Sotdha de pl tr . p Sema 
1 Radjit II Ungar". a dieS* Mich . m . viii. dies . 
si n est laguor. 

S#'. f Rog^Jit Barthot eod m« ap Mikelefeld ^. Sim frm 

suii de pl ? . p Galfr de Euehd \ Hui de Tis- 
teldon si a t !• ad eund rminii. 

Bedef. f TFitt de Sapongale eod m^ ap Elesdon 9.Rog^ de pl?r.p Witt de Wahutt .\ Sim de 
Bedtforth . ad eund r . si no est laguor. 

Oxon. f Thom Basseth eod m^ ap Wittcote v^s^ Rob de 

WChou^n de ^napton de pl t^ p Robjit Vinc .1 p 

b a p. 

RobJitRad. si 8 1 1. ad eiide r. 

BuJctg. f Rad de Huchedon eod m® ap WHaS^ion i Sumlscte 

^ Galjr Jit Fulcon de pl ?r.p Hiir PincU.\ 
Danieljit Witt. si n 1 1 . ad eund ?. 

Glouc. f Joh EsceUng' eod m° apd Nateg^ v^sus 

?ri7&w Briton de pl t . p Joh de Haia 1 Warinu 

Digitized by 




Giffard sine die p pcepl . G.f. PetW laguid^ 
f 1 fi p^seq'- 

Nor/\ jT WirnHus de Hechd eod m^ apd WBukheman vsus 

Al^em de Becco . de pl cujusda fald injusl 
p levate p Ro6 1 fVittm de Mordele.n est 


SuM. f Gileb de la Dene eod m® apd Dene vsus Gileb 

^Cumain de pt r p Gaufr T^ers t Hug^ d 
Warha si fi t ? • ^d eund r. 

" '» f AdafWitti eod m^ ap Leiton 9sus W^a/? H^aAre- 

Caniebr. sor^ de pl ?re p Jacob t W^a/?. 

Z>f7. jf Gaufr ^Abbs eod m* 9sus ^ W^ai/^ jRfl(f rfe 6?^- 

nemue de pt cataH' p Witt 1 JSic . fi t esson. 

Suff". ff Witt f WaSi . eod m** apd Heppemrth \?sus 

H^ueua de \\B*ton de pl magne ass . p WittJ' 
Ailef. T: FuIconS de Tokestoc . si fi • t lang«>r . 
in . ocl S* Mich. 

Leic. jf Gaufr ^Ahbe . 9 . Rad de Gememue de pl catalt 

p WitfX Ric.afesto S*.Joh.Apt liii.sept. 
aff • q^a p^ma essofi est 




jf Esson' de m' ve. 

jf Joh de Lasceles vsus Sim de Lindon de pl r .p ocl S* Mich a£f. 

JT Wall de CUfford^. Att>em de News de p! waranl 
carte p WaU X}an . ad eund ? . aff. 

jf Matild de Chaindos vsus Margar q fuit uX Rob 
f Thom de pl apffi.p Hadewi.tJliReg' ad 
eund t . pt ess . Ric d Careuitt. 

Digitized by 










if Rob Bacun de eod v^sus eund: p Ric de \ClimU.\ 
Rob de Wiyvitt \?sus eand p Henr . ad eund ?. 

^ IVilt de \\Moray?susJohf'Aceri ^ 

d aud jud ||suo p Sim hoine \ 

suu ad eund t . [aff.] J 

f ReginaldPBasset^Henr^iMau^ 
lere de pt ^.pRobf Witti. 

f Prior de Kenilwrth de eod v^sus 
eund p Sweinf* Norm. 

jf W^fl/ra fite Heburbi de eod p ^iff 

f Wittdela\\War(ieQQa^^Witt\ 
f* WittiJ^ Milon d Coventr. 

f Rob Telarius de eod p Ric 

JT Joh /• Alured de eod p ^Sim 

f iiic/' WMilol de eod p /Je^'^ 

f ^i/? fite Heburbi de eod p iJoft. 

f Gwido de Chardelesfunt de eod 
v^sus NigeUum f* Widon. 

f Witt de Wigenton p iJo^ f Albti de rec 
Walram de Holpeston . recognitor esL 

f Rob f Alan v^sus Joh Mauduit de pt advoc 
eccte de Audinton p 0^5 d StoJ^. n t ess . q^a 
advocaco illa capta t i man diii Reg. 

f ?Fi/? de Badelesmar v^sus «^i/ST rfe \\Seiueldon de 
pl r . p iJe^i^ cfe Swqfhu in oci S* Mich . 

Sa die q^ 
jHenr dixit 
conl Justic q 
noluit seq* rs^ 

Digitized by 



Ibid. Id Witt d wSoueledon . 3 eod 9. eude . p Etistdc eude.r. 

Norf. jf Com Rog* le Bigot Vsus Comitissa Gundr de pt 

t . p Wittf^ Ric ad eund t pl essoS . Adam 
de Westm . t oci Sci Mich. 

Devon. f MathflTedti 9sus Att>em de Stanleg' de pl 
advoS eccte de Stok*. p Wall S^iant .a die S" 
Mich in • iii. sepl . [af f ] t Att) poii lo . suo 
Joh Monac suu in ad lu • vt . pd. 

Norf. JT ^^ de Htham vsus Wiltm de Hauuitt de pl ?. p 

Ric de WStoli^ ad eund ? . af f. 

NorfiT. (T ^^^ ^ ^<^?* Ponte vsus Emma q fuit ux JoA /* 

^d^ . de pl do£ p Ric de StoV adiel? Joh in 
ro. dies . aff . 

Ibid. f Rvc f* Hubti v^sus Randing* de WMulton de 

pt ass . morl antec . p Petr d Multon in ocl 
S" Mich. aff. 

Suff\ i\ EunfridP de Criketot vsus Atfcem de Seo Ed- 

mund. de pt furcar levatar in honore S* Edmdi 
p Alana de WWinesdon . ad eund ? . aff. 

H*tf*. JT Wittf* Godxvic v^sus WittFranc de pt aud jud 

suu p EUotf WittzA eund ? • aff. 

Warrm. f R^^ Pinclna 9sus Henr Maltore de pt warantie 
carte p Blakeman de Wresleg^. Henr n vult 

BuJ^. IT Al*) de Ang^s de ultra mare vsus Quentinum 
Talehot de pt 9vic p Thom de Kirkebi in ocl 
S' Mich . aff. f Quintin^ pofi lo . suo Rob de 
Foleuitt. in ad lu . vt pd vs^ Ric 

Suff*'- JT Osb de Wachesha . v^sus At* de 5* Edmund de 

pl libtat p Gerard Tesum in ocl S^ Mich . aff. 

Digitized by 



Midelsex\ f Lam&tus de S" Paulo vsus WRog^f* Ric de pt ass. 
m . antec p Ric in oci Sci Mich . aff. Id dies 
dat^ t rec in banco. 

Warem\ f Hu^ f^ Witli Psus Com de Wareaf de pl §vic p 
Alured Russelt. ad eund t . aff. 

(f Id Com vsus Hug* Falconar . 1 Anucia ui sua 
de pl advocoii eccle de WChitan p Wilt 
Cticum 1 jHewr . ad eund t . pl essoii Jori 
de Elicot. 

Ibid. if Fr Pe/r^ de Warcaf v^sus ^enr MaUore de pt 

t . p Rob Niwebolt Henr n vult pseq*. 

fi WaU de Blakewett de eod p Ricf WitU. 

Warem*. if Rob f* Lemenac vsus eund de pt t.p WaU 

Ibid. ir Godefrid de Edeshot v^sus Jbr^f (fe WUtelicot 1 

Felicid ux ejus . de pl ? . p Jo^ f suu ad eund 

Cantebrig. if H^ueius Luoett v^sus jKoS rfe Langetot de pt t . p 
»'//?/' Gaufr ad eund ? . aff. 

Ibid. ^ Eustach de Foleburii v^sus Gileb de || Tom de pt 
warantie carf p Henr ad eund t. 

Ibid. !( Sim le Bret vsus Joh de Lanmlai de pt catallor 

p BndcmfJoh ^ a die S* Joh in.iii. sepf. 

Ibid. 9[ Id Sim v^sus Sim f suii de pt ? . p Wittf 5m. ad 

eund t . aff. 

Norlir. ir -Henf (fe Pinkem v^sus PhiUppf Ric de pt advoc 

eccte de Haudenebei [p J^i/? Marescatt .\ 
Math CTicfi.] in oc/ S^Mich . pl essoS . JBo^ A 

Digitized by 




kent. JT ^^ ^ Badelesmare v^sus Witt de Soueledon de 

pl r.p Reginald de ocl S' Mich 

Ibid. jf ^iff rfe Sotieledon . de eod rsus eund p EuslacH 

Pincinam . ad eund ? . aff. 

tiunied:. f G/fc5 flte Linton q^ vocav Att)em de Rames ad 
waranl v^sus ^iff efe TaA:ef de pl ? • p Jb/t 
Leman . ad eund r . af f. 

Ibid. iT Roesia ux.Rogli v^sus Hug'f*MatJu de pl ?. 

p /o/i hoine suu . ad eund t . aff. 

Snff\ JT -^^^ Cokerett vsus Emmam de Kanteleu . de pl 

magne ass . p Petr de Ludhd . m oct S* M. 
Id dies dat^ t \\Rog* de Dalham . B^ndcl d 
Blakeha . Ranuip WBriton . ^/fo (f P^stoii . T: 
TAom (f Mendha p ess suii . \\Mich Tateua^^. 
WaVt de Weluetha .\Ric de Icwrth p ess suu. 
Rob J^ Rob p Gaufr . Brien de Netlested • p 
Nichot. Joh de GodricJiestorp . p BriciU. 

fl[ Rannulf de Glanuitt ^9sus^ ||q Thom de Ged- 
ding^ vocat ad waranl vsus Witt de Takete ad 
eund P. aff . d pl ? p Joh Villan. 

f Magr Jord de Ros vsus Sim de ITlham de pl 
rec de m . antec p Pagan f* Osb • jf a die S^ 
Mich in . i. msS . af f. 

••* ^ RaS de WCheretdtt vsus Comitissa Margarel de 

pl reddit^. i. moliidiil p H*emc de Winebode- 
sha . in .odlS^M. aff. 

Norf. JT Wall de WChereuitt de eo& p jFZt^ efe Hacford* 

ad eund t . af f. 

J^orht. JT Ascelin de fi^aufvitt v^sus Matild de Diue de pl 

advoc eccle de Upton p jriff WFumeJariU & . 
RoT. CuR. Reo. R 



Digitized by 



esi .'q'a advocaco illa capta est i man dm 

iT//"*. f Ric de Alkledewic Vs^ Rob Rumhaut de pt finis 

fci in cur p Wittf^ Nichol . in ocl S^ MicH 

Ebo^^ jf Joh de BidlU vs^ Att) de Wardoh . de pl advoc 

eccle de Wardoh p Rad d ^Durug m.ocl ^ 

Btdef^ ^ CeciUa ux ejus de eod p Rog^ de la HuUc.ziSl 
eund t: . afY. 

Ebof. ^ Witt f Rad v^sus Joh de WDanutt de pt P.p 

Wall de Samundhd .in.ocl S". Mich . aff. 

Ebof. fi WR^e de Buc vsus Adam || Ursel de pt t . p Rob 

dd. ^ in . oct 5* Mich ^ n essofi q*a rra illa 
capta fuit i manu dni Reg. 

ITff^. JT WallfB^nardv^susAlureddeStapelforddejlt 

r . p Reginald. a die Sci Joh f iii. sept . [aff.] 

Bcsif. ir OsmundP de Husseburh vsus Henr de Tubbenai 

1 Joh ux ejus . 1 Petr de Bixle 1 Matild 
uxore ejus de pt recipjend cirog^fe suu p 
Umfrid Fincewar.a die Sci Mich l.i. msS 

Ebof, fi Adam de Estringtoh rsus Epm 

Dunelm de pt t . p Witt de . 
Tetewrth. [in ocl S^ Mich. 

f Ysilia de Estrintoh de eod p 

Adam Marescatt. 

Surr. f Ric de Godesfeld v^sus Witt de LwiS . \ Roesiam 

ux ejus de pt t . p Ric Franc in oc! S* Mich • 

Digitized by 



B*i/\ j Rod de Heructewrth vsus Margaret de Heructe^ 

wrth de pl t. p Radf^Rog". a festo Sci Joh t 
iii. sepl af. 

BM. ^ Ricde \StoM v^sus Rob de \\Sauter de pt ass p 

Adam f*. \Sifn . in ocl 5* Mich aff. 

Btdef. f Basilia de Mara vsus Rob Sage de pt ? . p \\Neel 
WCuinterett. ad eund r . aff. 

Ibid. JT Wittf Gileb de eod p Rad f Rob . ad eund ? . 


Bedef. f Rtc de Cauz \?sus Witt de Stippingt de pl ?. p 
Rad de Eston . ad eund r . aff. 

Caniebr. jf Sim de Sexton vsus Gundr de Maddingt de pt 
^.^Ricf WBigan. 
JT In ocl 5* Mich . in . rv. dies . aff. Id dies dat' 
Henr fit Eust qui petiit vide essofl Gundr Tt 
n huit . Gudr . po • lo . suo Simfit ||suu ; ad lu • 

Norf. ^ Petr^ del Frith vsus Henr frem suii de pt ? . p 

Briwiswein de Wigehat. a die . S" Joh in . av. 
dies aff. 

Narf. JT Joh de Oxewic vsus Reginald de Lenn . 1 Matild 

de pt "^.^WRog" RuffimloclS^.Mich. 

Norkt. jf Hu^ Fasselewe vsus AUc q fuit ux C^ de pt 

dol p Ric PoUard .a die S" Joh . in . iii. sepl 

Ibid. J Joh f Samsoh de eod p -Rdgr* rf^ Mumbrai . ad 


IRH; f Witt de WHolerumb vsus jR/c frem suii de pt 

homag p Gatifr de Lokintoh . in ocl S^ Mich 

R 2 

Digitized by 



Esses. ff Rob \\Oein vsus Gumbatcd de pt reddit^ p WiUde 

Pakeho . in . oct S* Mich af f, 

Midclsex*. jf Gileb de Endoh vsus Martih de Braintoh . de pt m • anl • p Joscelih d Hendoh . ad eud 

Essex\ ^ Ric de BeUo Campo vsus Wall f* Un^rid . de pl 
? . p Ric Russel. f In . ocl S' Mich aflSd. 

Sum\seL jf Philipp^ de Columbs vsus Margar q fuit ux Rob 
f* Thom de pt [apelli] fdiss . p Ricjit Hu^ l 
oct S\ Mich . aff. 

Nor/: ^ Witt WPeaU Psus Wittf WaU de pt ass . de . m. 

anl p Ric Bhind in oct S' Mich . aff. Id dies 
dat^ t rec Sl Wittf*WaU hat bre ad sumonend 
ux p^dci Witti q tc sit ibi ad. aud ass. 

SuhL JT f^i^ de Solers ess • se . de ultra mare de §vico dni 

p. v^sus Witt de ^Puchardoh de pt ? . p jRic (fe 

!^if'' f[ ^Rog^ de Reimes. v^sus Witt de Reimes de pt §vic 

p Ric de Hecliam . fi hins • bre. 

Cantehr. jf Witt f* Pevlett 9sus Mich de Abingetoh de pt t^. 
p Joh de Straford. 

NorhL ^ Witt de Sco Patric vsus Godtfrid WLangeuin . de 

pt ?• p Wittf Rob.a f. Sci Joh i iii. sepl. 

+ r Hug^fAlani . de eod p Nichotf Gaufr. 

Ketii. jf Nichot de Niwentoh \?sus Hug^ Cticum Si Menelai 

1 fres ejus de pt r p Aug^tih. 

Kcnt. f Henr p^pbit^ de ^Smoie v^s^ IFubtfl de DovHe de pt 

qr no fecit ei saisina de fde rra d Sandoh sic 

Digitized by 





ei pcepl ess se p Rod j^ Hud . f( a festo Sci 
Joh % iii. sepl. 

ff Reg^ de Fonte SenescaB Atfliisse de B*ktges.v. 
GoldeuHn \ Ada de pT ass . m • antecess . p 
Alah . IT afesto Sci Joh . m iii. sept . affid. Itt 
dies dal est reS in banco. 



m. 4. Esson' a cUe S^c^e T^nitatis i xv. dies. 

WilTslr. f Witl de Perci essoii se de mal 12 . apd Chade§feld 
iii. die aii pt . v. Ranh de Tomeia . de pT rre 
p Ric WBurel \ Thom TuUe . 1 Ranh po . lo . 
suo Radft snu . ad lu vt pd . si languor n fSit • 
a die Sci Mich i . i. rhsem. 

f Marioria de fVike eod m^. apd JVike Ps^ Edith 
sorore ej^ de pt t . p WAUnic ^de^ ml WWall 
de Wike . si n5 est languor . ad eund . r. 

f JohsittCalStoh.^s^WallJitiRog' de pt reS de m . 
anl.p Stephmjit Witt.a die Sci Mich i.i. 
msem . \ vi2 no misit bre . nec noia re5 . \ ido 
p^cepl t ||ad viS ||su3i qd tc sit apd Westm ifl 
resposur^.T; faciat venire tot rec qd ass fi 

LinZ. f Rob CarniarP vs^ Sifh de Kimes de pt t . p Alah 

ft Gauf. 

I Es$ex\ f Witt Luuel v^sus fde Gauf de Cotes 1 Mabit ux 
ej^.^l Sarr de Cotes . de pt rec d m. anl . p 
WaU Wither. 

Surf. JT ^^ ^^ WViUetoh \?s^ WVielem de WOxenecroJle . de 

pt homag p ^VielS Jit Rad . a die Sci Mich i 
iii. sepl . sff. 

Huntid. |r Henr de Sco Mauro ^^ Wittft Rob d pt rec . 

u z 

Digitized by 



m . antec . p Rob de WPerer .adie Sci Mich t . 
i. msem . Id [dies] dat^ t rec . p ess suos . 1 
ceti q* n ve . atacfi. 

Surr. jp jga de Male Mmller Ps^ RicJitHamA Sim 

de \\Roge$ de pl ?.p Regin Jit Ailwih.^A 
eudem . r. 

Ebof. JT Prior de Vatton vsus Witt Burdm . d pt t . p 

Ro^ de Watton . ad eude t . aff. 

Norr. ^ WHenr de Titleshat y^.Rog" d Titleshat de pt 

apffi p Rob de WBiHig^ord. 

\\Oxon. f HenrJUWitt.v^.WittdeCoueledeft^.^m 
Jit Witt. ad eiide . t . Ide dies dat^ est . Diomi 
ux ipi^ Henr . i banco. 

Miidehe^. f Ri^ Crassus poit^ lo . Poris Sce T}ml v^sus Uas- 
cuil WGeruet. d pt t . p Ric de Berkig ad eunde 

Snrr. ir R(idjit Wilhvin v . Wall de Absehroc . de pt rec. 

de m . anl . p Reginjit Witt. 

In octaV S^c^i JoKis Bapt\ 

Kent. JT ^^^^ ^^ Sibdeston v . Ingerd Flandrensem . 1 

Gifhenna ux ej^. de pt ? . p Mathm de Sibdes- 
ton . a die Sci Mich i . i. msem . afY. 

Hunted. jf Wittjit Rad . v • Johm de Kaineto de pt rec . m . 
anl . p Hu^ de Sudhd . ad eund ? . aff. 

'SothX. % Witt de Sco Pat^cio 9 Agneljit Henr de pt ? . p 
Witt de Sicliegebi. 
jf A die Marl ^i^ post fesl Aplo^ Pet \ PauU. i 
ro. dies aff . Tt * Henr AndegavSsis ri ve . vt se 
ess . ido atacli . q^ tq sit ibi iS respos. 

Digitized by 




Bed(f\ f Witt de Pet^ Ponte . v^ . Magrm Rad de Standun . 
de pt ass . m . anl . p Johjit Nicot . a festo Sci 
Mich f . I. fnsS. 

Ibid. jf Nichot de Holewett po . lo . Mahit ux Witt de 

eod . p Alea^ de Standon. f Ad eund . r . af f . 
Id dies dat' reS . q* ve . i banco. 

Norf. JT Rad de Barsha . v. \\Henr de \\Hocton de pt ass . 

de m . anl . p HerveUjit Witt. i ocl Sci Mich . 
af f. Id dies dat^ t Roglo de Tafseie . i. rec . 
in banco T; ntt^ alioj^ ve . vl se . esson ,1 ido 

Comub. JT ^'^ WGrermnettes v Rob Brm . de pt t . p Witt 
WBrouiho . i ocl Sci Mich . aff . Tt Rob po . lo . ♦ 
Rogm Marescatt f rem suii . ad lu . vt pd^. 

Lancasf. jf Ricjit Rob v . Amabit q fuit ux pat^s sui • de pt 
Aol . p Gaup Jit Ketel.a die Sci Mich . i.i. 
fhsem . aff. 

Bksir. jf Nigel^ de Coleshitt ess se . de . m . lc . apd Ck)leS' 

hitt vs^ Rob frem suu . p WittArmig* % Helia 
d Vike jf Ad eude rmin. 

Bul^. f Rob d WPodate eod m° apd Caufunt \?. Witt le 

Lohereng" de pt P . p Witt d WRok" 1 Hug' d 

Norf*. f Pel^s de Frilh eod m^ apd Tilneid Q.Henr 

frem suu . de pt t . p Rein Franc 1 Rad 
[/f] Witt. 

Ibid. jf Lauretta Picot eod m° . apd Souleton v . Rob 

Cticu de pt ass . d . m . an! . p T*pin .1 Gauf. 

Ibid. jf «< ''Ysabet filia ej^ eod m^ apd Hokinton. 

Bedef. f Ada de WTingerie eod m° v^ . Alic de Aspele d 
R 4 

Digitized by 



Canie». f Gaufr Jit Ric eod m° apd WOreseie Q.Gilbl d 
Stagno . a p! ? . p Witt Francotana . 1 Ro^ 

Susses^. JT Rob deSco Johe eod m? apd Waburton . \?. JFi/ir 
ckiJo5 a p! Ilde ?.p iJof^f Witt.\ Witt 

^ Ric Jit Gerarct eod m^ apd Manegedene v^sus 

Wall Cticn d Couete p Gauf\ de PacaJio.X 
J^g^ fi^ Sdsonis. 

m. 5. Ess' de m*. 16 in xv. dies post festu S^ce 


Wiffe. jf Margar de Wik* ess se de m* lc iiii. die an 

p! apd Wik* vs^ Edith sorore ejus de p! ?re 
p ^liBaldric Tt WalkeUn de Wike si n t langor . 
in . i. mnsS jP f*m Sci Mich. Ide dies dat^ t 
Ade de WiV in banco. 

WilT. f Witt de P'ci eod « ap Kaldefeld Psus Ran de 

WTomeia de p! Pre p Ric Burett 1 Thom 
Tulle si fl t lang*" in . i. mnsS jP fm Sci 
Mich .\ Ran pofi lo . suo in Rad &i suil ad 
lu . v! pdeil. 

Buking. f Joh de Katu!ton 9sus Watlfit WRog' de ass 
morl an . p Steph fit Witt a festo Sci Mich 
in . i. mns . aff . T; Wall hat tunc br vic qd 
tc hat p*mii bre ibi T; noia repgnit.l ostfisur 
q*r n misit br in arv. dies p^JestU Sce Tnit. 

Linc. jf Rob Camiar vsus Sim de Kimbe de pl tre p 

Halan fit Gaufr. 

Essejc\ JT ^^^ Luuett vs^ Gaufr de Cotes \ Mdbit ux 

ej^ \ Sarra de Cotis de p! ass p Watl Witker 

Digitized by 



a Dmca pa^ j^ festU Aplo^ P. \ P. in ro. 
dies.Bft.^X Rad Jit Rand q Witt vocavit n 
ve . vl se ess. Id dies dat^ t reggfi q* vener. 
1 aliis p ess suos .Ht Rog* de Monewude\ Witt 
Reinebrt fi ve . vt se ess. " lo atachiant' '* 
qd tunc sint ibi. 

Surr. jT Ri^ de Waleton v . VielU de Oxenecrofte de pl 

homag p Vieln, fit Rad. a fesl Sci iJohi Bapt 
in iii. septim affid. 

Hunt. 11 Hnr de Sco Mauro 9s^ Witt fit Rob de pt ass 

m . an . p Rob. 

Surr. ff Agnes de MatemulUer Q.Ric fit Ham \ Sim 

fit Roges de pl dotis p Regin fit Alwin a fesl 
Sci Mich in i. mnsS aff. 

Ebor. jT Prior de Watton 9. Witt Burdtt de pl.?re 

p Rog^ de Watton • a fesl Sci Mich % . i. mnsS 

NarT. f \\IPui(P de WTaUshatt ^.Robde TitUshatt de pl 

?re p i?o» rfe Willingf. 

Middilsex\ jf Ric G^ssus po . lo . Poris Sce T^it v* Hascmtt 
W&uet de pl rre p Ric de BerJcing*. 

Lin£. jl" Clemns fil Alard v . AUa? de WBoitoii de pl 

svicii tre p Rog^ fit Atard a die Sci Mich 
i . i. mfisS af f . 1 Alea:^ po . lo . suo in PetrU 
AndegavSsem ad lu . vl pdeii. 

jf Witt de Fennes vs^ eunde de eod p Jord fit 
Mauric ad eudem rmiii aff. 

Essej". ff R^gi^ de Comehitt de mal lc . ap Lukedatt in 

Kent v^s^ Witt de pl ?r p Rog^fit 
Rob 1 llsuu . hat diem in i. m.j^f.S. Mich 
p Rob de Tumeha. . 

Digitized by 





NorhdL f Witt de Sco Pa^cio de m . ve vs^ Agnel Jit 
Hnr AndegavSsis de pl rr p Wilt de Sceggebi 
a die Marl ^a^ j^ festU Aptoif, Petr "X PauU 
^afBd^ • in av. dies . aff. 

f Witt de Pet^ Ponl v' Magrm de Standoh de 
pt ass m , aKcess . p Johm jit NichoL 

jT Mich de Holewett de eod vsus eunde p Alej^ 
de Stamdon a festo Sci Mich in i. mnsS aflSi 
Ide dies dat^t omib} reggnil in banco. 

jf Rad deBrham v^^^^Heruic de ^Hocton de pt ass. 
m . afic p H*uic Jit Witt in ocl Sci Mich aff. 
la dies dat^ t reggnit de Tatirsete . 1 oms 
alii qui fi ve vt se ess io atthachiant*^ qd tc 
sint ibi inde resposur. 

Lancastr. jf RiZ Jit Rob V . Amable novcam sua de pt dotis 
p Gaufrjit Witt jf afest Sci Mich l i.mni 
S b?. affia. 

Comet. f Witt Tremettes \?sus Rob Bruin de pt ?r f,Witt ocl Sci Mich aff.l Rob po£l lo. 
suo Reg^ Marescatt frm suu ad luc* vl pden. 

Kcnt. f Rob de Sibdeston 9 . Ingelra Flandr 1 Gifhefma 

ux sua de pt tr p Mathm de Sibdiston a die 
Sci Mich in i. mhsS affid. 

JTeJori. jT Wittft Rad v Joh de Kaineto de pt ass m . aSc 
p Hug' de Suldehd . a die Sci Mich in i. mhsS 
affid. f Id dies dat^ t Fulcoh de Bailes .\ 
Swain fil Ro^ \ Math de "^Oultoh. 


In ocv. dies p^ /'m S^ci JoKnis Bapf. 

jf Nigett de Coleshutt. de m . lc . ap Coleshutt 9 Rob 
ffem suii de pt t p Witt Amdglum\ 

Digitized by 











EUa de Wih^. si no t langor in f. mnsi ^ 
fm Sci Mich. 

JT Rob de ^Poliie eod m° apct ChaufMt \?. Witt 
le Loereng de pt . ?re p Witt de WStok".^ 
Hu^ de \Burestoc . si n t * a die Sci Mich in 
i. mnsS. 

f Petrde Frith eod m<» apd \\Tilnie ^.Hhr frm suii 
de pt fiii f 2i p Regin ^Fr^ncU 1 Rad .... % 
f de fine fco . \ Hhr exp*tovit iiii. die suu . 1 
Petr n ve . T; fuit poit^ p pl . Ind • pn' • p 
. . . pl.qd sit a die Sci Mich in.i. mhsg.t 
p*mi pl s . q°'' noia vic n misit sum q tc sint 
ibi inde resposur . ||s. q*r H svaver eu sic pleg 
a die Sci Johis in av. dies ."X esson s. WBriui- 
swein cap^.^l vic • . • . sit ibi ost&sur q*? n 
misit n5ia pl. 

JT Laureta Picot eod m** apd WSoultttoh Qs^ Rob 
Clictt de pt ass m . an p T^pih. 

ff Isahett fit ej^ de eod apd Hokintoh . n5 t esson. 

f Add Tingi eod m° ap Tingi v Alic de Aspett de 
pt ftr p Rob WSech \ Rob ^ si fi t lang^' a 
die Sci Mich l i. mhsem. 

f GaufrJitRic eod m? apd WCreseia P GiUb de 
Stangno de p! ?r p Witt Francolein 1 Robjit 
Swein si fi t * in ocl Sci Mich. 

f Rob de Sco Johne eod m° apd Wabertoh v^sus 
Witt de Ros de pl ?re p Robjit Witt 1 Witt de 
sn die p pceptii diii Reg. 

f RicJilGerard eod m° apd Mangendoh v Wall 
Cticu de Couet de pl dol p Gaifr de Pakeho!\ 
Rog' Jit Sampsoh. 

Digitized by 








in,5* dorS* 




jf N5 t ess q^ t de dote . 1 WaU pon loco suo 
Jord q^ fmt.Ltic de \\BaUntd exp^^tavit iiii. die 
suii .1 ipe £1 ve . judm . rra s. dim virgal rre 
in \^Bolinton capia' i maii dSi Reg.liy? sumo 
q sit a die Sci Mich in ro. dies audit" inde . 
judm suu. 

JT \\Matitt de Candos eod modo apd Stanweie in 
Sumisel vs^ Pore de Sco Frarhdo de pt advo- 
cois ecc* « p Walljit Alan \ Rog^ Jil Hu^. 
jf \ G'vas p* ecc* pdce deNot^i sQm q° advo- 
cato se teil i ecc* illa dic qd p Philipp de 
CulUbris quond vir p^dce \\Mabit. 

JT Johs deHasting' po lo . Rad de Hasting^ 9 Sewatt 
de Aseuitt de pt aud judm suii p Hug^ Brom 
a die Sci Mich in i. mnsem. 

Thom de Hellebec 9 Gaufrjit Gaufr de pt ?re p 
Tom de Burg^. jf In i. mnsS aff. 

jf Ric Not P . Magrm Regin de Lenn . de pl rre p 
Ric de Winton. f Ad eund ?mi!l. 

jT Eua de Langeford y Agnel de Stocton de pl t? 
p Wittde Atnet ad eud ?mifi Id dies dal?t 
Walt viro suo. 

f Witt de WHolecumbe v . Emme de WBrinig de pl 
t^ p Rog^ de Podriton aff ad eiid ?m. 

jf Natanett de Leueland po . lo . Alic Q Matitt de 
pt 9r p Witt WM^ter ad eud t^mifi afY. 

jf Rob de Bhelai ^ Ric de Ford. de pt 9r i^Jio^m 
Russelltt . in i. mnsS aff. Id Ric de Ford p 
Rob de Bradef*. ad eund ?m aff. 

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Sumiser. f Joh de Mfitagu de ult* mar v* Wali Croc de pl 
ass m a£ic p Regiii • 1 Stephjit Auketitt. a die 
Sci Mich in i. mnsS. Id dies dat^ t Alea:^ de 
Hamtd 1 Ric de WCramford in banco . Ada de 
HoUoh\ Rob de Bosco .\ Witt Jit Rog" 1 
Aleji^ de Noubi. 

Esses\ f Regin de Fontib} v^ Ricft Witt de pl ?re p Alan 

de Hida ad eudem tmin aff. 

Kanifbr. jf Addjit Sauari v'. Alic ux Elie de pt dol p Hug^ 
Jit Ric ad eiid . aff. 

Alic ui Add de eod v eand p ^ 

GaufrJitWitt. I ad euct ?m 

WittCtxcm de Witewudehd de ( ^- 

eod p ^(fl// de Colis. j 

f Evlrad Captt v . eand -4/i5 de pt n* p Gatffr de 
Madingt ad eund tm aff. Hnr Jit Witt de 
eod p fTiTSf (fe Burthop . Cecit mr ej^ de eod p 
Ric ad eund af f. 

War. f Turstanjit Wigah 9 Hhr de Becword de pt ?• 

p Petr de Stapilford ad eud ? . aff. 

iLtic. 9i HalouandP de \\ Vrlewast v. Rob de Creueq^^ de pt 

magfi as§ p Wall ||a eiid t . aff. Id dies dat^ t 
Emalct de Musteh i. recogn 'X Rob Mansett T; 
Thom dispnsatori EUe. 

f Alic de Wudehd \? [Elid de Cadneto de pt ? p 
Rob Pollard ad eund ?m aff. 

^ Rad de Chia ^ Wali Jit Ham de pt^.piiicad 

Korf. jT Mich Belet ^.Witt de G^mcurt \ WaU fil ej^ de 

pt ? . p TvrbnU de Wroclnoh. 

Digitized by 



Emrne ux ej^ de eo(t 9. ad ^ j ,-, ^^^- ^ y,„ 
euna p Hug; Lampre. I sH MicH aff. U 

Por de i?Mrf/ia de eod p ( ^ies dat^ t MicA 
Hhr de Milha aff. ) Belet in banco. 

Norf. JT Hug' Bumett \? \\Otwi de Ctipestorp de pt ass m 

afi . p Johm de Sco Pac^cio . ad eud aff. 

2/or^5f. ^ Ivode WDeane v* Pc/f <fe HoU de pt cataB p Ada 
RuffU a die Sci Mich t xv. dies aS. 

JT Hnr Falconar v^ Miloh de 
Stauford 1 ui ej^ de pt 
, ?.1 P. DanielU de \\CadS. r*i-mhs8a£f1 AEc. 

^^f' { tfene t ux ej5 p Andr ♦. > P° ; ^° • «"_° j^ 

jT Jwnor ux ej^ de gcord p 
Jo?im WWalemsem. 


SalopS. jT RobCoket^.JoJmWWalen- 
sum de pt ? . p Ric Rus- 

^^' !> ad eud ?mm aff. 

f Wido de Arundett de pt ?. 
veudep Witt Britd. 

Staff'. ^ Rah Jit Pagah y' Ric de 


f Porde Aawifeoor^. P.eude l «^^/ Sa Mick 
de eod p Rog^JitWamer. ( l i. mhsS aff. 

f P'or de J|5/<wic de eod p 

SudkdL iT For de Andewett de ult» mar v . Alah Basset de 
pt ? . p Hug* WManiot ad eud ?m aff. 

HV/c;r(f. JT Ric Badalt \> . Rob Jtt Angett de pt ? . p WaH 
BaddU ad eud t^m aff. 

Digitized by 





jf Sim Jil Rad v . Hhr fil Rob de pl cirog* recip p 
^iffjVoWo/ adeuct?aff. 

Oxm. ^ ff Henrfil Rob v eund p Osbn. 

(T Atic de Upcot Q.RobmWfVaU de pl ?.p Rob de 
Sudhd . ad eudem r. 

NorT. JT JR(ictfii Rad \? WaU de GhincU de p! ?.p Rob 

WMort in av. dies jPfi^m Sci Mich aff. 

f Wali de Ribof ^.Petronitt q fuit ux Steph de 
pt t p Gittfil Luc. 

jf Isabett ux ej^ de eod p Widon de Torp afiesl 
Sci Mich l i. mhsS af f. 

jf Htig* de CasteUu v AUc de Cestretoh de pl r p 
JohfitHug' ad eiid ? . aff. 

JT Witt de Tureuitt.9 Rad fit Witt de pt ? p 
OsbtU ^viente i m. diesj^f^m Sci Mich aff. 

jf Witt de \\Mandengett 9 Rog^ frm suu de p! ? • p 

JT WittdeScoPetrv^ WittFrontade^l^.fWitt 
Nigr ad eud t aff. 

JT Thom de Cvmestoh \? Hu^ de Rudintoh de pl ? . 
p WaU AngUc • ad eu r aff. 

f GiUeb deColestoh v^. Rob de \\Sandrvitt de pl duett 
vadiati . p Witt AngUc . ad eud . aff. 

f Hhr de WUmkeh ^.Hospil de pt waral carf p 
Witt Marescatt 1 Johm P^ ad eud t . aff. 

Bedefard. 4. jT HihrP de la HuUe v* Witt le Euueise de pt ?re 
p Baldewih ad eud ?m aff qd dies dat^ t jRa» 
fit suo in baco. 





Digitized by 




JT Waleran de Rocheford v Ivone \ Hnr Worcr\ 
Cecit ux ej^ 1 Baldric de &daJt\ Ysabett ux 
ej^ de pl ass m anc p Witt Luuett in v. 
septim jjP JestU Sci Mich . Ismenea 1 Cecit 
ponut loco suo in Rad de \\Poml[ia'} ad luc* 
vl pdend. 

If Rob Car^arP. ^ . Sim de Kime de pl tre ^WiU 
Jit Joh l arv. dies ^ fesl Sci Mich .Tt Sim poS 
lo . suo ifi Raud ad luc* vl pde. 

JT GittCusin \?. Wittft Rad \ Alic ux ej^de pl?. 
p Ric frm suu l i. msg af f* . 

Isabett de Foston vsus eosd de eod p Galfr Bri- 
ton. l i. mhse aff .1 AUZ pofi in WittVii suii 
ad luc* vl pdend. 

JT Auchett Pincina v . Porissa de WAudewich de pt 
advocois ecc* p Mich de Bolon l ocl Sci Mich . 

jf Jord fil ej^ v^ Albin de Ipewett de pl waral carl 
p Rog* Buch in i. mnsS aff. 

f Emme de Muford 9 Hnr \\Hukald de pl ? p Hiir 
de Arden a fo Sci Mich in i. mnse. 

jf Ad de Talewurth v . Fubttl de Duuere de pt 
? . p Rob Pichard i av. dies p^ f^m Sa 
Mich aff. 

JT RicCarnlariPv^.RobdeStorforddept^fWitt 
ftRic^A eund.?aff. 

Htford. ^ ^ j^ig^tf sacldos ^ Ric de Winhus de pl ? p Gaufr 
de Sandon ad eiid ? aff. Id dies dat^ t Witt 
P^sbifo i baco. 


m . . • 

Digitized by 



fVarf. JT Alari de \\Kaingh 1 Godit ux ej^ v' Ediue \ Gu-^ 

nild\ Matittl Ragenild de \\Karingh de pl V 
p Witt \ Odon de WComilumb jT Ad eund 
V af f. 

^d. jf Albfi de Bistot/ v. Moiales de Dereb de pl ad- 

vocois ecc' p Steph ad eiid ? af f. 

jf \\Amic de BeUo Campo v Witt de Brause de pl 
tT p Witt Scottu . a die Sci Mich in aro. dies 

jf Nicot de iBridirton v . Andr de WHurtmie de pt 
r p Tom ^ a die Sci Mich t i. mse 1 Andr hat 
br ad sumod iiii. mil. 

jf Add de Portu de ult* mar i §vic Reg v . Petr 
Blund de pl debil . 1 v f de pl advoc 

ecc' p Johm de CorrUg^ 1 Witt de Norton ad 
^•i\ eund r aff. 

jf Petr Blund v eunde p Thoin Luncfaud. ad euS 

jf Magf Witt de Cirencestr pofi loco suo ifi 
Sim fil llsuii de pl advo ecc'' p H*bl de 
Cirnceslr i adventu justic in ptes illas vT 

,rhdT. J ^ P^^^ ^^^ P madatu f de Welle^ 


jT Ascelin de WaSvitt v Ada jit Drogon de pt 
fossal leval injusl ad eiid. 

\iHrtford. f Witt Jit Godefr v^. WaU Jit \\Canel de pt §vic p 
Eliot filWitt2ii\tviSi. 

Norf.* JT RadRoUad 9 . Magrm Regin de Lenn de pt §vic 

p Joh Lond ad euad. 


Digitized by 



TVitt Jil WRici de eod p 


Hnr fr suus de eodp Witt \ ^ ^.^ ^^.^^^^ ^ 
rfe WHeling^ton. i ... ^^^^ ^^^ ^ 

ig/?n5 rfe WWulfricto' de [ Witt Jit Sim 

eod p Pe/n l reg • i iUa ||re 

Witt Jil Milon de eod p / pgfi jRe^m hom 

Sim. I de Utenem suo 

WittWRidi de eodp Jcte 6fe 1 't GauT Fvkon 

Hom. 1 similr. 

Galfr de WSautichef]^ Regin 

de Lenn. 
In cedula 
m. 16. 
Surr. jf Wall de Ponte Aldemar . de . m . lec • ap Lega in 

Surr . iii. die afi pl . v^ JEpm Dunelm de pt tre 
p Albric de Danmartin . 1t Alan Cocu. jf si S t 
lang^r . t ocl Sce Thiil ap Westm. , 

Ebor. jf WReg^JitHug' [po . lo . Vitt de Vesci .] eod m*» ap 

Wintringh in ^ior vsus Robjit pt 
?re p Adam de Faledon \ Reginjit WitU.\ 
id Rog* poit^ t lo • ^^^* ^ Fi?^ci . jf si n t 
lang°r i c^stin Sce Trinii. 

Suff' jf Huh de Munchenes eod m° ap Stan/eld in 

Essea^ vsus iio5 rfe Vallib} . de pl svic p 
?ri7? WSerewith . \ Gaufr Marc. jf Mittant'. 
iiii. milil lc .si fi t lang^r a die Invenc . S" Cruc 
in . iii. sept. 

SuhamL ^ Afibissa Winton eod m° ap Wintoh vs^ Jacob de 
Pofne de pl ?re p Eliam dFrohitt \ AlcJ^ de 
Froille . jf ess . exp iiii. die \ alr fi ven vl se 
ess . \ fuit petens. Jud . eat sn die. 

Oxcn. Rob Jit Pagan eod m® ap Erdington in Cum- 

Digitized by 




dlanct de pt ?re Ps^ tViltJit Heric p Joh de 
Appttford.l Ric Jit Reg\si ii t lang^^r in. 
ocl Sce Thiit. 

Cantehrig. ^ Rob de Fumaus . i. rec de eccta de Futburn . 
inr Giled de Dunmawe .\ Gileb de ^Tani . eod 
m** ap Erling* in Norf*. 

Deocn. f Rob de Vefi Ponte. eod m** ap Brawrth in Devon. 

v^sus Rob de ST Steph p Watl \ Osb. 

m. 6. Esson' de malo ven'. a die Pasch' in . xv. dies . <u< o-uix 

ann' Reg' Reg' Ric. x^ |W>->*-*><^ w 

GUmcesir. Rad Musard vsus ^iTlf de Abetot de pl . t r p 
Nichol WHelebouc. 

Id ^FiTlf de eod vsus eud p Hug^ de Hailesberi . 
ad eudem t . aff. 

Witt de Eggeswrth vsus \\. . nn. . . f \\S . . . 
jf J oc/ Sce Tnil . aff. 

£fsrx'. Rob Ruff^. vsus -4fea:^ jFa Jr . de pt tre p Ric 

Jil Ric . a die ivScon Sce Cruc l av. dies . 

Sussijf. Rob de Fles \?s Bhdcm Captt d pt ?r p Hamf 

Ric jf in c^stino WAscensiois Dhi . aff. 

Narh. Rob de \\Pari \?s^ Wittjil Gaufr 

de pt tre . p Rob de \\Piri. 

Ibid. Ric d Gerdele . vs eund ||de 

eod . * Rog^Jit Ric. 

J^Buk\ Warhus de Tothale ^ 

N(^\ Sirh de Hunteduh vsus Gileb de Tudeha de pl 

?re p Alured d Torha ^ ad pdcm t^ . aff ^ a 
fesl Sce c^^s I iii. septim . aff. 

S 2 

^ af Sce c^^cis 
likv. dies af f. 

Digitized by 


258 -- UiGlS. 


^ sus Petr Briton de pl 
, : \Bam f i (^stin Sce Tmi. 

^ T3US ||JRo^ de BQdenha de pl 
. ikHsg a die Ivecon Sce Cruc I 

^ /* v^s Gikb de WSutton de pt tre 
.zodeshac ♦« die tvecon Sce Cruc i 
, .:t c^stino Ascensio^is Dni Hafid. 

71 v^sus Elia de WimdvUt & pt 
,apa.p Wall i (fstin Sce Tnil aff. 

'" ^'^'^' :c poit^ loco ipius v^sus eund d eod. 

5;^;^;:. *::f ad eud . r • aff. 

r^er.vs Matildd de Bordesle de pl 
/-tf d \\Hord a die fSce^ tvScoA Sce 
r. dies. aff, 

^^^'^ Jua/r 9s Goscelin Pfl^ot d pl ?re p 

iCiiSne f ad eud .t .^ a die IvScoh Sce 
•M, i tres sepl. 
,v daf^ Henr'] \ H^bto . % H^veo . p ess 

Hugenden v^sus Gavfrjit Ftdcon d pl rre 
cffwji tf Hikenham i ocl Sce T^nil . aff. 

TirtHton v^sus ^rfa (? Tileneie d pl t re p 
^ ;^ Philipp f[ a die ivSc Sce Cruc i tres 

r . J^truilt v>sus iJ/z^/* »7/?. de pl ?re [de 
j5t * aiicess .] p Rob Duredent a die ivScon 
V ^^" I XV. dies . aff. 

A^ ,bt^ f Godfdo d Bumha p Hug^.l Bai 
n ^J^aI* . p •/o^ . Tt H^gr* dBrumek. 


Digitized by 



NarH. Ric de Heiford vs^ Ric d Clahalle de capiend 

cirog^t p Rob de Heiford jf fid pl a die 
tvgcon Sce Cruc t ro. dies • apd Westm . affid. 

JFi/f. Samon de la Ptmlai vsus Milon d Haudesie. de 

pl rre p Gatifr \\Ihipton jf Milo n ve . vl se 
ess .\ considatu est q Sampson hat bre ad sum 
ipm Milone qd sit apd Westm i ocl Sce T^nital 
iH responsur . \ vic tc sit ibi resp qf ii misit 

NorfJ f WaU\\Fegge.y^HenrdeFleg' apl^re ]^fWall 

FoL^ Witt Carettar a die ivgc Sce CrvZ i tres 
sepl . aff. 

Salopnir. Sampson de Storp . vs Phitipp de \\Creta . de pl 

?re p Witt \\Trauuel f Ad eud . ?. 

Ibid. Margareta de Stok* vsus eiid de eoS. p || WaUe 

d Estham ad eiid . t . aff. 

H^ff/ Thom Jil Burand Ps Matild d Melkek . de pl 

dol p Warn de MundefL ^ A die ivSc Sce 
Cruc I av. dies . aff. eod ♦ pon . lo . suo Joh d 
Cardin ad lu . vl pd. 

Witt de Bodiham . vS Margar Jita Ade de pl 
f ?re| [dotis] p Osb f Umf^di ad eud V. 
af f. Marg^ pon lo . suo iii . Joh d la \\Caucce . 
ad lu.vl pd. 

tVigorn. Henr d Estham v^sus Beatricia sorore ej^ d pl 

rre p Joh Heruig" ad eud V . aff. Et Beat^x 
po . lo . suo Rob viru suu ad . lu . vl pd. 

Midelux\ Att> de Westmins? . y^s^ Witt d Bocland d pl 
?re p Wincdcf UmPdi \ David Cote jf ad 
eud . ? . aff. 

Ktni. Amjrid de Dene \?8^ BeaMa d Eineford d pl 

?re p Alejfjit Ric . ad eud ; ? i aff. 
s 3 


Digitized by 



Buk\ Petronitt Jita Rob \\ Walese . v^s Wilt Basset . d 

pl morf ancess p Witt d Berewic ad eud r . 

Ibid. Thom d fVestorpe . v^sus eund d eod p [^Rad] 

DucS . ad eud t . af f. 

Essex\ Hug^ d Leindon v^sus Jordjit iReng'.^ Jtdian. 

[ux ej^J 1 Marg^Sl Johannd sorores ejusd. 
de pt catalt p Witt d London ^ad eud r. 
aff . ^ ^ In crast Asscesiois Dm aff. 

Sussej^. Godefrid Jit Legard vsus Sim de Catesfeld , i 

pt ?re . p Reg* Crul . A ad eud ^ .^ a die 
Sce Crucis in arv. dies . aff. 

Ibid. Gikh fr ejusd v^sus eund d eod p WilX i 

^Klaugi . a die IvScon Sce Cruc t aro. dies. 

Snff: f Rog'Jit Pei^ \?s^ I 

m. 6. (lorS. 

Sussex. Helias jit B^nard .^^ Witt.d Wistenestoh .\ 

Agnei uxore ej^ d pl tre p Norman.^A 
+ Pdcrn . ?. Wttt \ Agn po . lo . suo Hug^ de 

II Z)o/ vt Henr de \\ Winestaincob ad . lu • vl p^. 

\\Alind uxor ejus vsus eosd de eod p RadGod- 
hale jf ad eud ? . aff. 

Bedef: Reginald d ^Broc . v^sus Turstan Basset de pt 

advocois ecc^ p Thom Jit Witt ^Sid eud t^. 
a die S' Crucis . in . iii. sepl aff. 

||jKo^* pcehaie vsus eund de eod p Martirijit 
Brun ad eiid ? aff. 

Essex\ Urnfridjit Wall. 9sus Ric d Belto Capo $ pt 

tre p WittSwift ad eud ?. 

Digitized by 



Vorf: ^ Matild d G'nemue Psus Henr d Fleg' d pl ?re p 

Witt Pukin a die ivSc Sce Cruc i tres sepL [\ 
Henr po . lo. suo Joh frem suu ad lu .vl . pd.] 
Id dies dat t . Abrah viro suo . ntta recogii 
ven ."X poiti f8ut p pl 1 io pcepl f vic q* tc 
hat eos ibi. 

Wittf* Durand essoniat Avsus^ Abrahe d Ria . 
de eod p Reginald Fer ad eud . 9. 

Gkmc. Rad Walens 9s^ Rod d Aubnmre 

de pl rre p Osd de P^to a 
die Invec Sce Cruc ^t tres 
sepl ^ t jv. dies aff. 

Q / ad eiid t aff. 

Marg* uxor Rad.vsm eund 

d eod p Wall Nigra. 

\\Goce soror Marg^. vs^ eund de 
eod p Witt WiberL 

NotingfL Prior Dunelni vs^ Math de Atori de pt advoc 

ecc* p Henr de Normanl . ^ l crastin Sce 
Thiil ^ a die S* Joh l . rv. dies • aff. 

Linc^ + Rad de Wilebi 9s^ Rad de Stikeswald de pl ? . 
p Witt f* Umfrid ^a die tvec Sce Cruc l jv. 
dies .^ in ocl Sce Thiil aff .1 rec . n ve • vl se 
ess .\ ido athachiad sL 

Dorsd. + Ric fit Witt v^sus Hug" f Witt. de cap ciro- 
g*ph . p WCaukesnef. a die tv&c t tres sepl . aff. 

&«r. Rog'f Gileb v^s^ Gaufr de WAmbU de p ? . un 

vocav Osb f^. H*vei in waranl [ad eud ^m] 
p HerveH \\ Wdeclere. 

Narf: Bhdcs Ruff^. \?s^ f Goscelun Picot ^ [IVitt de 

Tung^ham] d pl apptti p Steph Album * ad 
eiid V .a die inven\^c in] iii. sepl. aff . ^ ad eiide 

S 4 

Digitized by 



3uk\ Jmttt Biset Vs Rad de Hameden . de pt svic 

p fFiff Russet a die invec t jx\ dies . aff. 

v^/. Ric d DaUing\^s Witt d Belag" \ Entmd ui, 

ej^. a pl rre p Ric f* Baid a die ivSc t tres 

yi^/: Joh dl FHth \?s^ Wiff f Turgis d p .?.p 

Seier . fad eud t. aff . ad eund r . aff. 

Ibid. Witt Hauel [^^oAo.Witt de Bello Mote.^ 

vsus Gileb de Langel de p . ? • p Ht^ d 
Reffam ad eud r. 

UewfL Petr^ Brito €^s Ric d Bello Mote . de pt robie p 

Albric CharShett ad eud r . aff. 

DcvoTi. Ric de \\Hidon vs^ Gatifr d BaritoH . d p' . ? p 

Thom Portepeisun . ad eud r. 

t^7. Prior Dunelm . vsus Afebem de WMaisse St Pore 

de Novo burg^.tWReg" ^i c^stiii Ttdl^ de 
WArmod pcentore Eboraci q*re pcesserl in (5 
cont* pcepl dni Reg inr eos \ Steph d Gise- pt ecc* d wBacstanefbrd . ^ Thoma 
Manset ^i (^stin Thul^ a die Sci 
av. dies . aff . 

DoiSi^L Henr d Bradqford essonial Witt d Witrfeld 

vsus AluredLinc . p Rob le Poher a die ivgc l 
arv. dies. 

;)tci;/i, Rog^ d Reimes vsus Gaufr d Barintoh 1 Rxt 

d WHidan t ThofA FoUot . d p .? p Rad d 
Croketon • ^ [af* Sce C"m] i tres sept. aff. 

N, 4 . :. irueius Carpent vs JosceUh Picot d pt applti . p 

RadAlbum i [/* Ocw] tres sepl.Bff. 

Adam decan^ d Bumham v^sus Steph 1 RadJU 


'i^Digitized by 












Barth dcani d Walsig* d pt nove dissaisin p 
Regmald de Bumham " ■ *' K t ess* 

Joh de Stiluu vs Wandregis de CurceUes . de pt 
tre p ThofhAlbum ^a die ivSc 5* Cruc i tres 
sepl.^ in oci Sce T^L 

Prior de Norewico vs Ric Vilethoh . de p t 
p Sim f* Milon ad eud t. 

Matild de Buhum vsus Steph de Wellecote de pt 
tre p David d la More . a die ivec 5* Cruc % 
an). dies aff. 

Id Steph vsus eund . de eod p Sleph Behoether • 
ad eud t . aff. 

Steph de Brunifeld vsus At* de Westm de pt 
bosci . p Ric Barton ad eud t . aff. 

-4c?a Sauva^ vsus Eudone Martett de pt ? . p 
lllZic y^ /ifewr a die ivgc i tres sepi . aff. 

Wilt d Ponte delArch Ps^ wReg" \\Burdun . de pt 
tre p Joh P'vum a die S* Crucis in av dies • 

ASi d iSfl/de €^s^ W^iTf Briwere . de pt advocois 
ecc" d Tatecastr p WW <? Stiueton . m c*5/m 
Sce ThUl. siff. 

Rob d \\Lelan . de eod vsus eund p Gaufr d 
Bime . ad eud r . aff. 

Henr d Norh pon . lo . suo Steph d Irencestr. 
de pt ass . 9* Edith d Blechesho ad lu . vt pd. 

m. 7. 


Witt d Abetot . v^sus f Hu^ de^ RadMusard \ 
Joh fit suu . de pt tre p Hu^ d Seinesbir . a 
die IvSc 5* Cruc t xv. dies. 

Digitized by 




Sujgr. JT ^^* Bert^ de ult* mare de svicio dSi ducis . v. 

Rod WHumus d pl advoc* ecce de Beche p Ric 
Valese . \ NicolRtiffu. [ad eude ? afY.] 

Cantebr. Ivo Quarrel 9* Rad Sanzaveir . de pl tre . p Bic 

JitfVim. sideM^.aff. 

Oxdn. Andr de Cobicote vs^ Aland f* 

Rodland de pt consuel . p 
R^^JitRoh \ ad eud P.aff. 

^Ric^ Auger^ de Cohicote . vsus 
eund . de eod p Ric f* Aug*i 

* Rcsir. X AUwand de Siftrewath vsus Roh d Creue^r d p • 
Leic. t . p Wall d Hamsted . a die Ivec l aro. dies 


Buk\ Roh de la \^Sausei ♦ vsus^ esson se t e in castett 

de Notingh . vs Ricf* Sim de pt r . p SimJS 
Clerenbaud Aad eud t .^t oci Sce TStii aff. 
Td dies dat^ estHug^ de Stanes T: Rog' de Brai. 
Tt Rad de Ltifion.\ Joh de Hameredene .1 
Ric de WLugvitt . p ess . suos .1 ceti q* n ve . tf 
se ess . atac6 pt? Rog* Jit Rogli q* tc aparuit 

Swf. WdU WTirand . vs Estmer frem ejus . de pl rre 

p Roh Pollard. ad eiid r. 

Essex\ ^Gileh^ Ric de Cauue .v^m^ Lecia de Wolde. 

de pt do? p Sim f* Witti ad eud . t . afT. 

Turstan f Witti \?s Nichot ft Witt \ Watt 
NepotS . de pl ?re p Wittf Wittad eud t^. 

Jf WittLuuel. vs^ Priore de Hatfeld de pt . advocis 
eccte d Wpvot Waltha p WittfJoh f ad eud ?.| 
Jud pon 1 resp usq^ l crastin Asscensionis . q*a 
ess se p . i. ess . 1 tc allocet' eis qd p^or ii ve . 



Digitized by 












vl se . ess. f Ibid Hascuil WGeruet petes ess . 
se de eod v . eiid . p eud Witt. dies dat^ f eis 
t crasi Ascensiois ad aud jud suu. 

Wittf^ G^vas vs Jord fratre suu . de pl rre . p 
Henr f Rad . n habem^ bre . ^ad eud r . ^ 

Philipjp^de Snaring* qm AuJcetitt de CJielse vocav 
ad waranl vs^ WittJ^ Unifrid . de recog . 
morl anl , p Rob Pelerin . ♦ad eud r .Jp aff. 

Id dies dat^ t Auketil \ \\Reg' i Baco a f Sce 
C^cis l a?v. dies. 

Steph Harengot vs Hug* Cqffun 1 Ric d ass . 
m . aiil . p Gileb Franceis ♦ad eiid . r . a' ^ J 
c^stiii S* Thtil . aff. Id dies dat^ e . rec q' ve . 
i baco.1 Joh \\Hog*.\ Steph d Marisco .\ 
Augot de Wdehorn . p ess . suos. 

Gileb de WTanie pe . v^sus Gileb de Dunmaxve . te . 
de pl advo . ecc* d Fulb^ne p Witt d Bures . 
Aad eud . r . ^p afesto Sce C^cis i iii. sepl . aff. 
tdi dies dat^ est rec .qWe.1t Rob de Femews 
T: Witt de T^pigton p ess suos. 

Rob f Ric v^s^ Wittf Martih . de pt t^re p 
MichaeU d Wathd ♦? crastin Sce T^nil^ 
jT esson exp iiii. die . \ Witt ii ve . vl se . ess . 
1t ido ivit sfl die . n huim^ bre. 

jf Witt d WOunli vs^ priorissam de Eingeha . de pl 
ass nove diss . p Rob d WCiges a die ivec t 
XV. dies . aff. 

Rog' d Dalling' \?s Witt ^ ^ec . de p . ? . p 
Richerjit Witti a die IvSc l tres sepl. aff. 

Maths de Eston . vsus Priore de Dunelm . de pl 
advo . ecc* de Normatoh p Witt Brun . ^ad 
eud ? . af f ^ a festo Sci Joh t av. dies . aff. 

Digitized by 



il H\:/7 A Wali de Cormailles . v^sus ^ 

H^f/: Joh de Brokeburn . Ps^ Wittjit Rad de pl debiti • 

p Rob Arch a die tvec Sce Cmc t av. dies aff. 

yor/V Gileb de Holcham . vs^ Witt de Bello Monte de 

pl svic.p Witt d MUd/brd.^a die tvec Sce 
CruZ l tres sepl^ a festo Sci Mich t l 

jcv. dies . afY. Id dies dat' Witt Hotiel po . lo , 
Witt de Bello Mote. 

£rtf* Rob d la Mara vs Joh de Brancestr . de pl 

reddit^ p Rob DecimatorS a die tvec i To.dies 

Lmc. AUc de Wiheme 9s Priore de SempUngha . de pt 

dol p Wall WMorcoe a die ^Sce^ ivSc t tres 
sepi afY. 

tVartm*. RadJitRad v^sus Wall fil suu d pt pacti p Rjicfi 

Rad ab eo • r . ? .rt?. dies aff. 

GlouS. Baddemu d Blechesdun vs^ Rob de Scipton de 

p.^.pRog^JitRadad eudP.aff. 

Hunied. Maths de Derling' vsP \\Rog^ de Sweneford \ 

Roesia ux ej^. \ Rob dStapelrford 1 Sara ui . 
ej^. de pl r . p Ric Fauuel [sn die . q'a ux eoj^ 
n ve . vl se ess . 1 fu . pe .] ^ad eud ? .^ 

E^j,\ Wittf Witti [pe.] v^ Reginald de Comhitt \ 

Witt d \\Fambrig* d pl ?re p Reginaldf^ Brua 
f ad eud ?^ t c^stih Sce TW/ aff. 

j L*x Id Regiii Psus eund . de servitio dni $t. p WRo^ 

F^t . ad eund ?. 

.> ^A Johanna ux . Henr de || Tubenhio . v^s^ Joh de Sca 

Helena.lFetr de pl ^re.fRicf 
Aluricfadeud^.^iodSceT^t.Bfr. U 
dies dat^ est Osmdo i banco. 

D|2itized by 




+ ••• + 



in.7. dorS. 




Gileb Malesmeins q t in svico Reg ult* mare v^ 
Atcicia ux . Rob * d pl rre . p Gaufr Jil Rob 
f ab eod . r • i tres sepl^ ad eud . t. 

5im fe Bret \i JoU de \\Lauualai de p . t.p Witt 
Megre ♦ab eod t .t av. dies^ af* Sce C^cis 
t arv. dies . aff. 

Add DiaconP 9s Wilt de Bec . de ^l ?.p Radf 
Witti . a festo Sce C^cis ♦ ab eod . t .^ I tres 
sepl af f. 

f Pe/°^ Malherbe . i • rec in? jT^/a^ ^o^^e/ T; Pore 
de WGeldrewett de ultim psenl ecce de Acle . 
ess se p Thofnjit Rob . a f^. Sce Crucis t 
iii. sepl . afY. 

i Wittft WRog^ eod ^ 
ess se p Rog* Jit l|5im. 

jf EUasJit Widon de * p Osb 
Jit ^Dracon. 

f RadJitGauP de eod Av^ 
p Amald. 

JT Gilb eodpGer- 

Id dies dat^ est 
TAom Passelexve. 
"t Osbto de llikfi. 
delcoton q* ve .1t 
ptib} i banco . 1t 
hiit licenc con- 

jf Oude Engaine de eod p 

jf Gaufr Rujf^ de eod, p 

f Wall deWLindeworct. v.Thom pX 
?.p Eustac Jit wRog". 

JT Audoen^Plabari^.v Joh \\Buha.1 fres 
pl apelti p Jo^ 6fe ilf fl[i]{fe5/ow . f c^stino Sce 
Thiil 2L{f. 

^ AmaldP PlUber de eod p Joh JU Edgar . ad 

Digitized by 











eude r . afT. Id dies dat' Hvnfr i banco • \ 

jf Witt Vinetari^ . v . Edith de Dunestaple de pt 
apffi p Joh Jit Rad. i c^stino Ascensio*is ^. 
\ Witt Jit Jordan n fuit ivet^. qraf^ ||irum. 

jf Ahir WMarecatt de eod v . eand p Cleml^ Witt 
ad eud r . aff, 

jf Thom Blac v . Rob de Crec . de pt waranl cart p 
Radjit WBeuc . l c^stin Sce Vnil aflSd. 

JT Ric jit Pet^ ess . se q est i castello de Qara • 
v' Wittjit Rann de pl advoc ecce de Hfl/- 
sted. p Warinujit Witt . t c^stin Sce Thiil . aff. 

ff GiW Malesmains ^ Wittjit Witl de pt rec de. 
m an? . p Gaujrjit Roh . l ocl ScelhUt.fl ess 
Regin de Halsted. n hms bfe.set tuc veniet 

JT SimJitAde poit^ lo . AgnJitGaur.v^s^ Steph de 
Sult?p . de pt magne ass . p Robjit Ric l crasl 
Sce Tnil. Bff. 

ff Witt de Vilton . i . rec . de 
eod p Auger. 

f Witt Longe espee . de eod 
p Rann. 

jf Wall HacU de eod p Steph 
Jit Rog\ 

Jf SimdeLale de eod p Witt. 

jf Nigett de M^ston de eod 
p Henr. 

jf Ada Jit \\Droc de eod p 

f Hug' de Wildebqf. de eod 
p Walt. 

Adeundr. Iddies 
dat^ est Pel le 
Loerefig X Rob 
Buttevilain . 1 
Jordano WLdu- 
ueise. rec.i^ye. 
1t alii q* fi ve . n*^ 
se.ess atachief 
q tuc sit ibL 


igitized by 



Buh\ f Regin de Stakesdeh . P ||/(f Picot . de pl ass de . 

m anl . p Gauf* Jil FuVc . i c^stiri ^Sce T'nilJ^ 
AsscesiSis . aff.. NBs rec ve vt se ess . 1 ido 
atach sl q tuc sint ibi iii Hreposuri .\ Edith 
vidua n ve . vt se ess . \ ido irm suraoneat' 
q tc sit ibi in resposura. 

Deo(>n. JT Rog^ de Wlariis . v . Rad de F^rariis frem suii 

de pl ? . p Rog^ Senescatt. l oci Sce Thiii aff. 
Bre a fii missii. 

Oxon. JT StepH de Walekel . v^ Matitt de Oilli de pt P . p 

Henr Tailliard . post veii. 

ni- 8. Esson de m . lect\ i . iii. sepf p^ Pa8ch\ 

JSTtJ*. ^ Hug^ de Escalers . de mal lecti 2Lpd Berchamsted 

vsus JVilt de Escalers de pt tre p Ric d ||OMe- 
with \ Joh Cardun . si n f langor . a die Sce 
T^tatis . t XV. dies. 

Sumis. jf Ric de \\Ken eod m*" apd WKen v^sus Matild de. 

Cliuedon de pt ?re p Joh [ITbt'] de \\Ken 1 Witt 
d WCatevitt si no t langor . ^ad eude V .^ a die 
Sci Joh t XV. dies. 

Ktni. f Rob de WEinebroc apd Einebroc vsus Sim de 

\\Abruncis de pt tre . p Rob de Ceriton . 1 Petr 
Jit Gatifr . si ii t langor ad eude . t. 

Wiltes. f Margar de Wika eod m*' ap* Wik? v^s^ Gaufr 

\ WEdisam ux . ejus d pt tre . p Adajit Ade . TJ 
Baldric . si n5 t langor ad eund t. 

Bedef. f Gaufr Rujff^ eod m*> apd Sulesho \?8U8 Walljit 
Martin de pt ?re p \\D'dJit \\Nich.\ WaU f 
Henf si fi t langor ad eund t. 

Digitized by 


«70 Rori 

eude t 



f Witt Vin 


aplii }.) 

\ Win 


f Alur \\M 

ad efi 


f Thoiii J 



9 1- 



jr G/v/v 




^4^'. JT ^> 


-zmlTiteshat.v^^ Alm. 
'^depl?.p Wmi 
jBgor ad eund . r. 

X' apd CotSha Vs^ AEc 

- 2 WaU\Joh de Q>teha 

. jmf.P.ilr £1 estf d^ e^ 

^'^da ps rre sue capiat^i 

iflDoneat' q sit apd West" 

*rf m* ap Heilweston .vs^ 
re. p Eustach \ Rob deS 

.jsff f ad eund • r . i^ a ^ 5ct 

- its. 

: rtiJ m** ap* Norwic . 9s^ Jor- 
jA» de Mettoh p Gaudiem 
u . 3a die q^a Ric f u pe. 

^ r* apd Favereshd 9sus /fW 
Witt\ Radjit Witti si S t 


^^om eod m** apd Fokinton v^s^ 

am 1 Matild de Mara de pl 

* TMuet Tt WittGhii no t ess . q*a 

^ - . r Matild exp . iiii. die . 1 es apel- 

. ae .1 Httg^ 1 pl ej^ i mia Jt. 

-j^ .«jtf eod m° apd HiTe/^r^. in iV^or- 
^ SB5 5/^/t flfe Cfaw de pt ?re p Pefi 
^ -x ^ WarinU Norrens.n t ess. 

^, ^ XD? SLp Fulburh Psus Albricjit 
^jitii.vRic^ Witt\\fiUisRob. 

yttOMi eod m*> ap Croiland i^^ AUc 

^ Rog* de Dretoh . de pl rre p 

^.^yO»^^ fWitt.^ Ric deCroibnd. 

Digitized by 



n . ess q*a est de dote. Jud . rcia ps tenem 
ipi^ Josep capiat' i man dni Jt . % ^P^ -^^^ 
clam i dot . \ Josep sumoneat' [qd sit apd 
Westm.] J ocl Sce Tnil. 

Sujgr. f Witt WReimmd eod m? ap Helma v^s^ Rann de 

Bello Campo . [de pt . ?.] p Wilt de WDreiton 1 
Hug' fit Witt. % arc. dies ff Sce Thiit. 

Ldnc. jf Witt fit Sim . eod m? apd Torp . i . recogH . int 

Emma de WBiJn !\ Rob de Buraun. 

CaufUebf. f Steph de \\Pudehatt eod td? ap WCumbure ^sPRob 
de Wilbure . de pt ? . p Ric \ Rog* . si ii t 
langor ad eund . r . 1 v . mat^m 

sua de pt doL 

I^mied. jf Rog^ Mowin eod m® apd Torp . vsus Anseltum 1 pt ^.jfRicFIemSg'\ Witt d GertS^ 
ton % c^stin Sce Thtil. 

jT De M. VE . in . iii. sepf p^ Pasch\ 

Narf\ f Umfri^ de Sidesfne . te . vsus Godwih pmlariu 

de pt magil ass . p Sim de Norf . die Jovis 
pa^a ^festU Sce T^nil. afY. id dies ^dies Jr 
dat' . ii . re5 . q* ve . 1 q* n ve . vt se . ess . 

Ibid. f Rog' de Fritcitt vsus Add de Mudef*. de pt ?re . 

P fReg' fit^ Ric .f Rob f % ocl Sce Thiil . | 
dis Jovl f Thtil zSi. 

Norf. f Ahm d Duhd v Hug^fitKensi de pt m. 

an! . p Wittfit Ric ad eud ? . affid. f Id dies 
dat^ rec q* ve. 

Kent. JT Margar . de WSteintoii . vsus Alnod de Broc d pt 

? . p GregoriU . die Jovis pjc^a . p^ || T^ntS af f. 
RoT. CuR. Reg. t 

Digitized by 



Nor/\ c»s. 









JT RicfitRad . \?sus Regmald de Oifton . de pt ?re. 
p Gatifr i crasl assens . aff. 

jf Thom de \\Tidueston . Ipo Ao . Eugene Picot.]^ 
v^sus fHug' de Dudington. ^ de pt tre . p >t 
TVall Anglic die Jovis pa:*a jP Thiil . aff. ^ 

f Rob Jit Eruis.^s Witt Darden \ Isolda ui. 
ej^. [de §vicio Dni Duc de ult* mar] de . pl t. 
p Witt d Maniio 1 Thom Truan . cosidat f q 
sum ad waratie ||a S ess suii. 

jf Gaufr de WDainton . i . rec . magn ass . int B^b 
Jit Vlf.\ . t p Ranri. 

f Philipj^ de Bumham .^MonaZ de Lewes . de pt. 
duelli . invad . p Rog^ d Harpele sfi die loqla 
[q*a monachi ii p*ore hfit]. 

f la ess se ^s^ Fulcoii de Oiri . sine die Quia 
I^Ico f ult* mar i 9vicio Com de Alha Mara 

(f Henr de la Pumiai .v^sus Roesia novcam sua. 
de pl dol . p Ric d Tilebir l crasl Ascesidis. 

f Witt de Chesnei . v^sus Witt d WRaimes . de pl ?. 
p Witt d Cumbe die Jovis pa^a ^ TStii. aff. 

Pahiu^ d Linton . \?8 \\Dd cum barha d pt red- 
dit^ . p Henr fit ejus ad eiide t. 

f JoU de Carum . v^s Witt Lohereng^ de pt homag. 
p Ric Franceis ad eund . t . aff. 

f RicftPJulipp 9s Ada Nigr de pl ?.pi2o5/ 
H^berti ad eund . 9 . aff. 

Gikb de Mineres q f in svicio Dm Duc . vs Jlffl- 
bilia ft Pet^ . S pt?re.p OsbfRic.adi^Sk 
Thut . I av. dies . aff. 

Digitized by 



Nor^. JT Thorn Dispensar essoH . UAtfc d Cirencestr . p 


&^. JT -Ro5 de Sancroft . ^s i^oJ de Bosco 1 ^Ma»» 

mfem ej^. de pl do! p Johjit Hu^ ^adie^ 
i crasl Ascension . aff. 

IbW. JT Hudt d Chedeston . Ps^ Reginald de Argenl de 

pt magne ass . p Htanfridjit \\Alani " die Jovis 
pa^a f T^il ." zSt. 

^Httnt.Jlf Beginah^ MonacP. i . rec . magn asi . in? Gaufr 
NorH. fit Gaufr .1 Rad d JHMortein p Mainard die 

Jovis $£a f Tral . aff. 

GUnic. f WiXt d \\B'kelaii ^sus At* de psore . de pl red- 

dit^* p Adam ad eund: ? . aff. 

Norf. Rad d Curcun . v^ JVitt d Warenn . de pt advoc 

eccle d lakesJia p Bndcm \\Jhim5te ad eund 

Sussex\ Afcb d Westm %^ Hberl Jit Hberl d pt ?re p 

Dd.t Vicent d Westm. a die Sci Mich t av. 
+ dies . aff. Id Hdl ess se p Thom fdeod: pl ess . 

Ric de Sifrewast . ad eud ?. 

Noff. f[ Wmjit Hug' ^s^ Wittf Ade de pt apffi . p 

Gatifr d WRokeliun die Jovis pj^a fP Tnil . 

fftf. ff Jacolr> d wBoxe . ^s^ Radjit Edith . de pt ?re . p 

Laur J^ Ga^fr. ad eund ? . aff . Id dies dat' 
Johfit Malit. 

Norf. Sarra ux . Witt d ^Pirou v^sus Matild q' fuit 

Alani d Jndriha . de pt ?re . p Thonl Fichet 
ad eund?.aff. 

Omr. Thom CtUP ^s^ Thom de Heford de pl ?re p 

Johft Rog' ad eund ? . aff. 

T 2 

Digitized by 





Sussea^. jf RicJitRad . vsus Reginalct de CUfton . de pl tre. 
p Gatffr { crasi assens . aff. 

Keni. jf Thoffi de \\Tmueston . [po.lo. Eugene Picot.] 

vsus ^Hug' de Dvdington . ^ de pt tre . p M 
Wall Anglic die Jovis px*a j^ Thul . aff. 

Norf\ c»8. iT Rob Jit Ends.v^s Witt Darden \ Isolda ux. 
ej^. [de svicio Dhi Diic de ult* mar] de . pl t. 
p Witt d Mamio 1 Thom Truan . c5sida{ f q 
sum ad waratie i|a d ess suu. 

jf Gaufr de WDainton . i . re8 . magn ass . inr Rob 
Jit Vlf.\ . t p Rann. 

f PhilipjP de Bumham . vsMondc de Lewes . de pt . 
duelli . invad . p Rog' d Harpele sfi die loqla 
[q*a monachi ii p*ore hfit]. 

f Id ess se ^s^ Fulcon de Oiri . sine die Quia 
Futco t ult* ma? i svicio Com de AUhi Mara 
p . m . G.Jit Petri. 

Cornub. (f Henr de ta Pumai .vsiis Roesia novcam sua. 
de pt dol . p Ric d Tilebir l crasl Ascesiois. 

Norfi. f W^^ ^^ Chesnei . vsus Witt d WRaimes . de pl t . 

p Witt d Cumbe die Jovis px^a /^ TSiii. affc 

\\BedJord. Paficius d Linton . vS \\Dd cum barba d pl red- 
dit^ . p Henr fit ejus ad eude ?. 

Ibid. fi Joh de Carum . v^s Witt Loheren^ de pt homag. 

p Ric Franceis ad eund . r . aff. 

Ibid. fi Ricjit Philipp 9s Ada Nigr de pl ^.pRobf 


CantAr. Gileb de Mineres q f in §vicio Drii Duc . v^ Ma- 

bilidJitPet^.a pt ?re .p OsbfRiZ.adkSee 
Thul . t av. dies . aff. 

Digitized by 


it:-T:Li v-iai^ iajsi ^ 

rr-. . ««I- - . — -m a Ltrsicssir' . -y 

»1.8. doK. 


A\iS r^JT^ ^-a» -^ de ^anr. de pt led- 
dil^ j) jidam ad eoDa t . aft 




£*€ de StJroBast . ad eOa t. 

ff«r. f Ja«,^^ .r \£o^.^^BafffiEdUh, de pt ?re d 

^Am» «f Jndr<au . de pt ?re n 7^*«^ k T 
adeundLaft ^' ^'^ ' P ^A«» i^A«/ 


T 2 

Digitized by 



Cantebr. f Ada d BUon . v^sus AUcid de Grantsel . de pt rre 
p Alanu d BUon ad eund r . aff. 

IbiS. JT fVm CtuP. v^sus eand de eod . p Wall d Cotes. 

ad eund ?. aff. 

/Tnc^ cfe £Von. v^sus eand. de eod p Hu^ fi 
Emald ad eude r . aff . 

Wigorn. Agath ux.||jBe^. v^s Gat^ d pt 

fWiler^ c^tod.p ^fl//5/rw^.adeund?.a£f. 

WSlapsif. Thofn Noel . v^sus Griffiin fValens . de pt catatt p 

?riW? Martin ad eund r. 

Ibid. jf RicBrito.^si\^Turtele.dLeiiX^T^.^Bx>bPigace 

ad eund ?. Et Thom de Helston petiit ifi 
curia sua ad rmiii . p Rad Grim. 

Oxm. f Dionisia Talemasch v^s^ Witt d Couele .\ AUc . de 

^ pt ?re p Rob d Abendoh .adieSce Vmi t ir. 

dies aff . 

>4/i5 tf Couele . de eod vsus eund p Alah d Abtn- 
doh . Consl d IJIFafi;^;/' pel cur m a^ Sce 
Tnil z ro. dies . aff. 

Costaftlari^ d Waltige? petiit curia sua ad hora. 

Wilecestr. f TAom de la Mara . rsus Hu^ d Fokintoh . 1 ux . 
-|- d pt aptti . p Wittf* Olivli . ess exp iiii, die 1 

Hug* n ve . vt se ess. 

Norf\ JT Radf Rad 9sP WaU de Grancurt . de pl ?re . 

p Henr de Mere . die Jovis px^a j^ Thil. 

Bedef. JT 5/7770 le \\Guuz po . lo . Afcbisse de Aunestonf.y^ 
Regih de Argentoh [1 WUt d WWilsthdsted.ii 
war carte] de pt advoc . p Wilt Bissqp . ad 
eund ?. 

Digitized by 



Narf*. PetT^ de Aubois vs^* de Hertinghd . de pt magn 

ass . p Bic Wfit Rad ad eund r . aff. Id dies 
dat' rec q* ve . i banco. 

Waremic. Mar^ des Loges . vsus Robf^ WPaine . de pt ?re 

p Witt d Warevf ad eund ? . aff. 

Noff. ^ ll^o^ ^ Birlhtgh . 9s^ Matild uxof Alani . de pt 

rre • p Lefwin de Birltghd . Petr^ d Meudon . 
vsus eand . de eod . p Witt. Hti^\ 

Pinana de eod ||vs^ ||eude .JLadie Sce Thiil > I 
t XV. dies .^inocl Sce TSntdl aff . ^ 

Suff*. f R^ ^ Boilund. vsus Witt Coc de pt warantie 

carl . p Ric WPruz" Jk die Jovis pj^a ^ TSdl.^ 
adie Sci Mich in aro. dies afT. 

NorT. ^ Ric Fab v^sus Rann OicU . de pl ?re p WRe^ 

P*cehaie ^ ad eund ? . ^ [die JoHf j^fesl Sce 

Swm'ur. jT \\Alc d WOucumbe . 9su8 Witt DacH . de pl ?re . p 
WittjfttRob . ad eund ?.aff. 

Rcsir. !i Baldwin de WAiserige .vs^ Sibitia de Sai[u . . .] de 

pt t . p Gileb WJdnieis t c^stin Asces . aff. 

Ibid. Witt wPice de eod p Sim Jit Cotebrad ad eud 


GtouZ. Archid d GUmc.vl At*) de Cirenc.S, pl ?re • p 

Rog' Doget . ^ ad eude x .J^ die Joms §^a 
f Tnil . aff . 

Ibid. Rad de Wihieton . vs Com Witt d Vemun . de pl 

intnisiois . p Sim Russett in ocl Thul. aff. 

SuU. Rog^ d CostentU . 9s Com Cestr . de pt ? . p wAtaiii 

de Glouc . ^ die Jovis ^a ^ Pnil. ^ ess exp 
iiii. die 1 Com n ve . vt se ess . sn die. 

T 3 

Digitized by 




m. 9. 









JT Witt Burdtt Psus Priore de fFatton . de pt rre p 
Ro5 d Fitlmg^ a die Sce TSiil l arv dies . aff. 

Goding^ essoii Rob Seman . p Gileb^ JofL 

Hubt d Muncanes . vs Com Rog' pt r . 
p Nichot d Welueth die \\Jov' ffSce Tnil.eK. 

f[ Rad de \\Setfuntens.i.inu milil q* deh eligJe. 
xii. milil . ad fac assisa inr Witt d THdford\ 
Rob Corbet . te . p Gatifr Mussun. 

f Hug^ de Wilecestr v^sus Witt pt §vic. 
p Hug" d Stifcle . ^ die Javis ji^ Thul . ^ l 
c^stin Ascens . aff. 

Wdard de Hodiham.^sus Ricf*\\Truite . de pt 
t . p \\Rob de Hodiham die Jovis fo^a ^ Thdl. 

jf Simon j^ Nich . vsus Luca de Bumlia . de pt 
war carte . p Hug* Arch die Jovis pj^a f 

Henr de StoV. vsus Sim de Bello Cdpo . de pt 
debiti p Rog* Ri^ ^ die Jovis pa^a jfp^ [in 
ocl Sce'] Tnil. 

WLesmn^ dAilesbir vsus JuHana dAilesbir de pl 
r . p Johd Bulewic . ♦ad eudi^ t crastin Asceni . 

jf Prior de Norew . 9s Witt f Everard 1 jRic 
WDunleche.d pt ?re.p Hu^ f Barth l ocl 
TViiY. aff. 

f Wittf* Eviard . vsus eund . [pe .] de eod . p Bit 
Franc . ad eund r . aff. 

f Sim de C^keford v^s^ Warin d Colebi 1 Rob% 
Sim . de pt advoc p Rog" f Hug" t ocl Tnil. 

Digitized by 



Snjr. ff Gaiifr de AmbU.v^s^ Rog' d WKaleston de pt 

r . p Rob d Wdha l [crasl Ascensidis afY] 
f od Tnil. I 

fNbr*4 Hug" Wac.y^s^ Attb d Wardun.a pt advoc 

Bedtf*. eccTe . p Witt Pollard ad eund . ? . pt ess Rob 


Ibid- j]- Witt de Steppingle. ^^sns Rog* de Cauz de pt 

?re . p 2eo»/f Walt . i oct Tnit af f. 

Devcm. + f Walt de Insula.^s^ Rob de S" Tpt^ve . 
^Stdit.^ p Philipp dlnsula .^ioct I^it.^ es3 exp iiii. 

die suii 1 ipe ii ve . vt se ess . eat sii die. 

Dorset. jf JoJi de SkelU . v^sus Witt Britoh .\ ux . ej^. de pt 
?re .p Wittf Ric.toct Tnil . aff . 1 Amabit 
ux Witt ponit loco suo Witt virii suii ad 
luc*ndii vt pdend. 

NorT. JT Rad de Slo .v^s^ ThomJitAde de pt aptti p ITvea 

d Rotelod die Jotis p^ IVmi/ aff. 

CantMr. f JFi/lT ^ Lintoh vsus -^ffc tf & -Hixg^. de pt dol . p 
WaU d Lintoh. f In oct TYinit aff. 

Rob de Lintoh vsus eand de ^ 

eo&p Rog^JitOrdemar. ( , .*o ^* 

\ ad eud t . aff. 

Wittd eod p IJaef ( 
d B'cha. 3 

^Bfcor. JT «/<>* Daivitt. v^s WittfRad . de pt ?re . p JBatf fe 

\\DeUure . l oct Trinit aff. 

iinc. f -Rofi (fe /Twwfa v^sus Thom Dareci . de pt rre . p 

GaufrfJoh f[ In oct Trinit aff. 

1 Thom de Aresci ^s^ eund de eod p Ricjit 
Philp . ad eund ?minii . aff. 

Bedrf\ Ateb de Ramesie.^s^ Sim d Btto Cdpo \ Steph d 

Holewett de pl ^vic . p Henr dAUntoh .\ Rog' 

T 4 

Digitized by 



d Ramesie. f In ocl Trinil . JoceUrP de 
Stiuecle t pt ess. 

Ibid. f Steheph d Holewett de eod . v . eud p Alejf. ad 

eud t. 

Cantebr. ff Curteis .1 Gileb fit ej^. Ps^ W^fl/? fAlgar . de pl 
equi .j> Robf Witt.\ Alex\ f[ Die f 'J(fif 
f Thiii. 

Ibid. jf B^nard Grim v^s Absalone CticU de pl t . p ito* 

Molndin f ^ ad eund . t . ^ p crj^f J««i- 
siois aff.] 

Sttrr. iZic Cwr/ vs^ Gatcfr de WRontg . de pt tre p Bic 

^Cursore f Die Jovis p^ Thul. 

Ibid. WaU d Wenlesmrth d §vicio Dm Duc v^sus HenSr 

de la Dune d pl ?re p Joh ATcal . die ^Jotf 
p^ Thiil. ^ Jovis p^ Ascens. 

Nor/\ . f Thomf Rob v^s Witt d Burl .\ Sim d C^fori . 
de pl advoc eccle . p Thom ♦ (Ue Jot/ f 
Tnt^toclSce Tnil. 

Hunted. f Wati d Stiuecte . ^?sus Martinjit pt 
ass . p Rog^ d Ramesie. ^ l ocl Sce Ttdl 
Ide dies dat^ t oib^ repgniE q* no venlut p ess 

Hunted. + f Prior d Rependon . v^sus Atard de pt falsorii 
breviu . p Steph Coca f t c^stin Ascens aff. 

Ibid. For de Hunted.^s pt ecdep 

SimJitRaddie Jovis f Trul aff. 

li^orf. JT Witt Wade v^sus Witt de Ebor% Matild ux. 

ej^. de pl reddit^ p Baldew' d &meston i od 
Sce Tnil. 

Digitized by 



Ibid. wEluena ux Witt . de eod . p Ada 

f* wmi 

Ibid. Wittf* WAsketin . de eod p ^Cos- \ '" '^^ ^"'^ * 

Ibid. de eod . p jE/mm 

JLH^ord. f Reginald de Argentun vsus AtSbissam de -^/we- 
5/oa^ . de pt eccte p Eusl f^ Wali. jf in die 
Jovis T^ ThiiL ^ 

CafUebr. ff Witt Clement v*s wConstantU . t ux . ej^. de pl ?re 
p Thom d Tnmpiton. f In ocl Thiii \ ux 
ej^. po . lo . suo vir suu ad lu . vt pd. 

f Joh 

••• f Eustach de Eie.vsus Gaufr d Bodekeslia S pt 

? . p Regin d Ditton f ad eund . t . aff. 

••• (T Rob de Frith v^sus Ric de pt ?.p 

Wittd Tileneie jT in ocl Tnil aff. 

••• JT W^fli/ ||efe T^le . v*s JRo^^ (fe BodenhS. de pt P. 

p ITric Walens . I orf Thiil aff. 

f WittFrisselu. 9s^ Hug" de Ulttngton de pl ? . p 
PhiUpp.f^ luon l ocl. Tnil. 

♦•• fi Math d Bremelha ^s ITveitt de Holecumb . de 

pl t. p Joh Purcett . l crastin Assens .fAscens . 

••• JT t^o de Dene.^s Petr de \\ pt catatt.p 

Hberljit Snau . t crastin Ascens . aff . 

♦•• f WittPech v^sus Sibilla de Sai . de pt ? p Simf 

Colebrant . t crastin Ascens. 

B^ord. Witt de Aston y^sus AlanU d Boa:le . de pl ? . p 

Rob M^cal . l ocl Tnil. aff. 

Digitized by 




[m.9. dorg.] 

Salop. JT Simo de Wetemore . vs Mar^ noverca sua . de pt 

dol p Joh Feisant . die Jovis jP T^nU. Marg' 
no ve . vt se ess 1 fu petens . eat sfi die. 

JT ^Wittde Baious . v^sus Witt \\Rote de pl ? . piio» 
Warn . l ocl Tnil.^ 

f EgeUna d Fokinton Psus ThofH de Mara 1 Ma- 
biUa* de pt ^ relevii .* [aptti] p Ric dBucha. 
sil die q*a Egelina fii pe. 

Norf. jf Thoffi de Rokelund v^s^ Witt Gigan \ Rad de 

Sloth . de pt aplti p Edric Larrun dieJavis j^ 
Tnil. [aff] Id dies dat' Witt^ WittJ^Ram 
ess suii. 

Essea^. Com de Clara vsus Radjit Witti . de pt eccte . p 

Witt \\Par/^.\ Witt Peu^el . % crastm Tml . pt 
ess . Godwih . d Clotha. Id dies oib^ rec . j 
ess suos. iT D" t 

Cantebr. JT MabiUa de Histan ^sus Alanjit^l^.pMartifmde l^^f^^^^^^^ 

DorseT. f FeUcia ux Ham . d CatescUue . ^ 
ABbm d jPor^d pt P. p fliwl 
vir suii. a die Sci Joh l xv. dies. 

Ibid. AlbruP de Sexton €^sus Witt' 

f Eme . 1 Petr f?em ej^ . d 
pt ^?re.^ [doQ p Witt d 

Godefr de O^mavitt. de eod . p 
Witt. de Meleford. 

Ibid. JT Walt Bonesquier ^sus Jfic cfe pt ?. p JTiTlf Bon^ 

noia rec.] rffe 


tac veniat 



Digitized by 





t oct Trin. 

Ric d Humez . de eod • p W'M 
d Poleha. 

WaU d Capelt . de eod p Rob 
Ibid. J Ridelt. 

Rob Wakns . de eod . p Sim de 
Cotes . 1 v^sus Wittd Waleshd. 

Witt Harpur . de eod . p Gile6. ^ 

Sussex'. JT f Maths ^ ^Rob^ Fab v^s Joh de 
Espauting' 1 Watl de Miche- 
weie . 1 Emald \^Fad . de pt 
apffi p Ric d Suhir. 

% Rad Molndinar . vs Ric P^po- 
sitU . \ Steph de Ekinton \ 
Joh dEkinton . de eod p Witt 

Gaufr d Auton ^ Sewate\Obbe fil ef.\RicJit 
Widon \ Osbf Sowi . d eod . p Rob d WWicbe 
in ocl Thiit.Bff. 

Catitebr. ^ Henr de Bueles . J^ Sim . te Gf^i/ . Psus Henr de 
Buetes . de pl catatt . p Sim d Pakenha . % ocl 
Trinil. ^ff. 

StiiT' f Witt de Hoton. y^sus ThoMIAgath vl.ef. de 

pt r . p ^ pvum f ad eund tminu • ^ ess exp 
iiii. die 1 ipe fi ve . vt se ess. 

StitT' ir Wittf Watl . d plc . magn assise . [v^s^] f inP^ 

ffuea de B^ton . p Huin\fr d StoV ^ad eund 

StM. Giteb de la Dene . v^s^ Gileb Conanum . de pt ?re . 

p Thoni de la Dene . t oct TW/. aff. Id dat' 
Atex' d Dnha . 1 Watl d WSci reS. 

Essea?. Aitropjit Hu^ €>8 Ada de Dertfetd de pt 9vic • 

p Paganjit Witt ad eund . ? . aff. 

Digitized by 


284 ROTULI CmiJE RE61S. 

Sitf*. Rog" fit Witti . \?sus Witt de lamrth • de pt ass. 

p Wittjil Bxid . t ocl Trinil . aff. 

Ibid. f Witt d Lelleswrth p Ales* ad eiide t . aff. 

Hunt. ff Att) de WTomie . v^s^ Add fit Drogois . de p! 

debiti . p Ric G*num . 1 Rob d Sipstan t ocl 

DHn . pl ess IIjBo^* d Wanford. 

Cantebr. ff Matild des Bauus . vsus Robfit Pagan de pt do! 
p WittKindett. die Jwisf^ Thdl aff. 

Ibid. Gunware v^sus ITueiU f* Eusl 1 Sim de Sexton 

de pl do? . p Paganfil HafA. die Jovis jP T^U. 

BedqT* S^f^ * Ippi^ ^s Henr d Buet de pl ? . p WiU 

Deppingl^. t ocl Thiil. 

Cdtebr. ff SiSi de Hoptge ^ Henr d Bueles.S pt ?.p 
Witt d Hoppige ad eud ? . aff. 

Rob Franc visor infirm Pagan 
de Waton . p Mich d B*toiL 

Rog* wGihagne . i. visor. de eod . 
Bed. ] V H^^ 

Su^s. \ ff^ali de TiUi . i. de eod . p 

Rog^ de WEmere . p Henr de 

jf Reginald de Lehd v^sus Petronett d Wittburcha 
d pt t . p Gaiifr Cumbaut . t ocl Trinii. s£f. 

jf Joh de Cunesgetoh . vs Witt 
Suff*. ^ pt vadp Turstan 

d Stowe. l ^^ crastin As- 

_ cens. afY. 
Gileb fr ejus . de eod p Aleai" 


In ocl Trinil 

Digitized by 






Suff^ cras. Ada WDilleg^ . i. rec magS ass. 
in? Gereb d Sen[c2ler 1 Rob 
d Cokef. p Petfjil EUe. 

Id Gereb . d pl magn ass . vs Rob 
de Cok^eld. p RicJitBic. 

Suff\ JT Augot de Comhert . i. iiii. milil ad eligend . xii. 

ad faciend ass . in? Wali d Capele 1 WUt d 
Walesh . de pt eccte d Dtmhd p Jacob. 

JT Joh Manant . i. de eod . p Ric. 

Surr. JT Rog^ f* Everard . i. rec . de magna ass . int Henf 

"t Watt de WWenleswrth . p Rob Franceis. 

Hunted. )f Joh de ^Brainton . vs ui Briccot .1 vsus ux . 
Witt f ej^. de pt aptti . p Rob Nobit . % oct 

Ibid. WiU de Coppentf*. i. rec . magn as§ . int MariS 

de lakesle .1 Watt de Stigelton p Rob d 

Norf\ ^ MaHtt ux Witt d Everwic v^. Witt Wad t 
AvenSt ux ej^ jfl AuketifXul ej^ d pt ?.p 
Henf dLe.loct Sce Thiil aff. 

^bfr. f ^^^ /* ^^^ ^S"8 Witt d \\Pirou . de pt advocSis 

eccte deHeueninghd ^Gileb d\\Egh& l crastin. 

Cantebf. + ^ ^^ ^ Mvnfichet .^s Judos ^icio 
II JDm/ JDt/c de pt debiti . p Witt de la Hage . 
Joh Franc.^ 

Nor/\ fi Comitissa Gundf vsus Com IIjRo^ de pt t . p 

Witt Tancard.1 Rog" /' Hug". t oct Tnil 

jf Ead Comitissa v^sus Rob Crec . 1 ux . ejus . de pt 
? . p Rob Tancard \ Witt d Lupha l crastin 
Thul . af f. 

Digitized by 



^Hunted. f Henr de ST Mauro . v^sus Wittjii Rob de pt as§ . 
p Philipp \J* TJuM . I oct TnU.^ 

Rtford. JT Ro^ d Cauz vs Eic d Munfichet . de pl tre . p 
RadjfitUde l ocl . Thut. aff. 

Cantebf. Atban^fRic . vsus Alic de \\Dreitan . de pl t . p 

Wittf* Widan t oct ThU . aff. 

Ibid. ReginaldP f* Fagan . vsus eand de eod p Joh 

Bonde ad eund t . aff. 

Devo». r Thofii d Spichevf v^s» Robjit Gikb . 3 pl ?.p 
NickotP t 

Eitex^. f Gileb Jit Rob ^sus ITum Jit pt ^c p WaU 

f eoS p Hug* 

l Oct 

r Gitebjit II WaUni . de eod p Add. 

jT ThoiHJil Witt pe.vsus eosd. 
p Gat{fr Dragun. 

LeK. JC Gatifr Abbe. v^sus Rad de Gememue . de pt leg 

faciend . p Witt t crastin Axeni . 


Cantebr. fi Ad& f Wttti . v>s Woll Wakesorg' 1 Marg ui. 
. ej^.dept?.p Wilt l oclTriri.ait. 

Surf. + ff Prior de B^mundeshie vsus GilebtU . t 

Buche. t de pt ass.p 

loqnd + f Frior de Cantuar de ult' mare v^sus Walt de 
Ibid. Apsebroc . de pt asS p WcUt de Micha -t tViU 

Blund.a die Sce Thiil i afo dies aff . apfi rec. 

ve .t atach s! q tc sit ibi. 

Digitized by 



Caniebr. if Pnor de WB^newelle v*s Laurjit fVitt d pl homag 
f de ^ p Joh Cardun . l ocl TW/. aff. 

Suff\ ^ Rog^ de WRatlesden . i . rec magn ass . int Robjit 

Sim .1 Gileb d Sencler t p Rog" d Lin- 


NorA. if Philipp de Oxendun vs^ Henr d Pinkeni . de pt 

advoc eccle p Rob P^vtt . i ocl Thiil. aff. 

NorA. 9[ Rob de Atdemebi . i. rec magn ass . inr Gaufr f^ 

Gaufr . 1 Waleram d Watreston p Rxc Btund. 

jf WittDoxenden . i. rec . de eod p Henr d Norf. 

f Gaufr jftt Gaufr . tc . vs^ Wateram de Walres- 

ton . de pt magn assise ^Fotescauch . 

^lod Vnil. ^ l oct Tnit. aff. 

Eme^. f Hascuitt WG^nel Vsus Fore S* Thiil . de pt t^re p 
Rann WG'uet . [a die'] A t crastin ^ Thiit. t av. 
dies aff . p*or po . lo suo . T^gisU . q* tc posuit 
lo . suo Ric GrassU .\ amov T^gis. 

Surf. f Matitd de ta Fetd . vsus Gileb Harpedema \ 

GunuUd ux ej^. de pt r . p RobJitGodwin die 
Jovis ji^ Thul aff. 

Esex\ JT ^Jodan^ de ^Sum . 9s Rog" f Nichot 1 Sarrd 

ux . ej^. de pt ass . p Ansetlumjit Rob . f crastin 
Ascens.Bff. Id dies datf Witt d ta Dune.l 
Joh fit T^bern .1 Rob Coco .1 aliis p ess suos. 

Cantebf. ^ ^da /* Gerard ^sus Aticia d Westho . de pt ? . 
p Simf Witti I ocl Tnit . aff. 

j[ Maths de Campes . de eod vsus eand . p ^Toti . 

Digitized by 



loqad JT PhiUpjP de \\Onne [de ^^vicio Duc'] v^sus Hug' 
Cantebf. LarcU \ Rad jil Hug^ de pl rre . p Rad de 

Saitsenton sn die q*a PhilipjP t ult* mare p 
bre Ducis. 

Norfi. f Ri€ FoUot vsus Rob Maudut . de pt §vic . p 

Gaufr de Panton .^l crastin ThtU.^ Rob S 
ve . vl se ess . eat sn die. 

^lbid.^ ^ Henr de Leke . ♦vs^i^ . i. rec . magn a^ . de 
Hunf. + Maria d lakest !\ ^fX Regin.f 

PheUpp de \\Bramton. 

lEssex'. ff fAlbricP d^ Rad de Hosden^ v^sus Rad f pl . ? . p Witt Noel. t. focl^ oct 

WiUesir. f RanuJJ^ de\\Toreni.\i^e].^sm 
Witt de P^ pl ?.p 

ThomJitRog'. l « ^ ^^ « 

I av dies aff. 
WittdeP^ci de eod . v^sus eund . 

p Wittf Gaufr. 

loqnd. j[ Thom Marih de Svicio DuZ v^s^ WittLongQ de 
Surr. + pl ?re . p Joh d \\Croindon l ocl Thul aff. 

Norh. JT Thom Basset vs^ Rob le Chein . de pl tre . p 

Matn f Witti . z Qcl Thiil. aff. 

Ibid. ff Rob de Nuers . vsus Ivon de Dene . de pl tre . 

p Rad de Ltifwic . l oct T^nil . aff. 

Ibid. f Warin de Virun . vsus Com Cestf de pl svic p 

Lambtum de Linc.^?id eund r.^ exp iiij. 
die . Com n ve . vl se ess . eat sn die. 

ad loqnd. f Rog^ de Hildesha . vsus Wittm Testepin . de pl 
Sujr. + jiQye disg ^ p Ricf* Nichot. ad eiid P . aff. 

Digitized by 



Ibid. ff Rog*f Ric 9sus Ham de Sibeton de pl debiti . 

p AnselmR de Audebiri ^i Ocl ThiU^ . die . 
SabU p^ asscSs . aff. 

Buk'. JT Thom de Stoie. ^s^ WGeue vidua . de pl ?. p Gauf 

de Brocton I Ocl Trinil . aff . 

^Norii. f Ales' f Ric v^sus Sanrnet Jud de Oxon de pt 
debiti . p Jordan^ 

Idhc. f Thom de Aresci . v^sns Rob de Insula.t Rob d 

WDunstan . 8. pl §vig p Ric f PhiUpp l Oci 
Trin. a£f. 

Suff: ir Ro^f Barth v^sus Sim frem pt ?.p 

Rob d WCodehd l Ocl TnU . aff. 

Esta^. f -K»c de Reimes . Vsus Rad Picot de pl 9vic.p 

Rob de Bures . l Ocl Thiil . aff. 

Surf. JT AlurecP Dan Martin . v^sus p 

Rob WRujr.' 

Noff: f Rad f Ric « 1 Math f Ric ^sus " Ranulf 

Wlumolf. de pT §vic p Rob Dusing' 1 Rob 
Sfmi " l Ocl TStU." 

Notf,' ^ GaufrfWitti.^sus Botild nov^ca pl 

dol . p Rob Stanard l Ocl Tnit. aff 

jfff> (T Henr d WClathat \?sus Ro^ de Glette 1 Ro^ d 

Ensteswrth de pt ? p Ada f Wa^i.l Ocl 
Trinii. ai[f. 

fKmt. fi Witt d WScouoldon . v^s^ Witt de Badenesmar de 
pt t.p Springet^ 

Surr. iT Gatifr de WTicheshie ^s^ Roesiam de Camiewett 

p Witt de Ticheshe . dU Jovis f Thiil. 

B»Fflr«D'. f Witt de Sanford v^sus Afib de Pippevcett de pl 

ROT. CCR. Rto. 

Digitized by 



?re. p wReginJitHam.l OclT^mi. af SciM 
l ax. dies aff. 

Ibid. JT Sim Cdonic^ de Thamewrth v^ fres Tempt de pt 

?. p Hug' de Wauhon.i Ocl Trinil.aff. 

Cantebf. jf Witt Brito vsus Amabta de H*lton .de pt dof p 
Hug* WRende . t Crastin ascens.*^ aff." 

Buk\ f WittMagn^ vs^ Isfvbiam novcam sua • de pt dol . 

p Osh Cocum . l Crastin ascens aff. 

ad loqnd jf Witt d Warenn [d ult* mare] vsus Etiense Epm . 
^or/.' de pl ? .p Ric\Rog' . sn die p p^cepl. G.ft 

Pei^ q*diu f uit i svic Ducis. 

Suff.' jf Gatifr de Denton . i . rec . magne ass . int Ro^ 

, Jit Rob \ Seman d Heuentgkd . p Ranulf d 

ta Leford. 

Linc. JT Witt de Aubeni vs Aftb de Newehuse . de pl r p 

Ric Everard . a die Sce Thiitatis . t arv. dies. 

Bedej: f Steph de Hotewelte v^s ^ Hug" Bardolf^ Att) de 
Ramese d ||ptt Svic p Alex* de . . . . re tOd 


^Norf: JF Jacob de Ethere vs Rob ^Rus de pl Ire p Ric 

Franc i [^Ocf] ^Crasiin^ Trinil ^ 

rec atachienf. 

BJVbr*. ir E^ma ux WittDaci v^s^ Joh de Claton . de pt rre 
p Galfr Wdie Jovis f Tnil. Id dies daf Witt 
Daco .T: Joh i banco. 

Hunted. f Lamb de Coten . de §vic Dvc de ult* mare . rs^ 
ThomJitWThom ariU.a dkSa 

Joh t . arv. dies . af f. 

Norf: If Hug^ de Polsted v^sus Witt de Grantcurt de pt 

rre q erat de donacioe sua ^f /« 

ocl S" Tnil^ p Rob ||Po 

Digitized by 



Catehr. f Gi» de WTanie 9 Eusljit WaU 3 pt ? . ^ Rob . 

Glouc. jf Wall de Novo ^Mainitt v* Wnard d Stanop d pl 

Buk\ JT Ada d Bradewett \? . Witt \\Rete d pl servic p 

Bed. JT Stepfi d Holewett. v^ A^m . t 

m. io.dor3. f Essofi de . m\ lect'. in . t. m'«em ^^ PascK. 

Salopesir. jf •/o/i fife Bramton . de . m lecti . iij. die ail pl . apd 
Bramton vsus Margar sorore suam . de pl rre 
p ^ Joh ^ Rog" Dardeh . \ Steph Bruton . 
jf Mitl .lc . si ii t lag^r a die S\ Mich in . ro. 
dies .1 p^ea significavit q convaluit de illa 
ifirmil T: q n ||fii Ijvis^.^l petiit licenc veniedi 
ad cur t huit. 

Norf.' JT f^i^ de G^ntcurt eod m° apd Clipstoh . v^sus 

Emald.\ Luc . 1t Hiug^ d Leonily^ d pt rre p 
Widone de Bumha .1 Witt de Fulmedestoh . si 
ii.^a die S*. Mich in . arv. dies. 

Jf Rad de Birstah eod m° apd Birstah vsus eosd 
de pl rre . p jKic . 1 W^i/IT d Birstah . ad eund 
? . si ||n laguor no f fiit. 

Glouc. JT J^^ de Welles posit^ loco Magri . Radde Liche' 

lad . apd iS^ Kaiind in Sumlset v^s^ CfeciTra cfe 
JEw?ew5 de pl ?. p WittmfRegih . 1 ffcnr ^ 
Frame . ad eund V. jf Id dies dat^ est Witto 
de Lichetad de eod in banco [ad eud r si ii 
fuit laguor.] 

f Radf* B^nard eod m? apd lliifirfm vsus Ric de 

Cumbe . de pt ? . p Vitale f Witti . "i Ric. 

u 2 

Digitized by 




GloiS* JT Witt de Ponte arch eod m** apd Castellu de Bm- 

toU vsus Rog^ Burdun de pl r . p Ric Fakonar 
Tt Rob de fVestm. si h ."lc. ^ad eund t.^ adie 
SciJoh z av.dies. 

Bedef: jf Rad \\Tket eod m^ apd Scamebroc 9sus Wii/ (fc 
Alseshei . de pl ?.p /i;onc dBedeT.X Witti 
Scamebroc . 4ad eund r . v si n est laguor a 
die Sci Mich % m. dies. 

Bui\ jf Sim WDouniee eod m° apd WOuniee . 9sus JoA/* 

fT/Tff .de pl ?.p jBe^ Mfli^/^^ .t jRo5 aAwieie 
si n . ad eund r. 

J5^{f^.' jf Dionisia ux W^a/?i lljyaw eod m® ap Litleton. 
vsus ^/Tl&w Russett 1 Alic ux sua d pt t.p 
W^aff^f Gifeft .\ WaUfRob . si a t lang^. 
a die Sci Joh in • av. dies. jf Id dies dat? t 
^a/& llJSTitzm in banco. 

Wigonu f[ Henr de Estham eod m° apd £^//^ vsus Beafcii 
sorore ejus . de pl ? . p Witt T^vitt \ Philij^ 
Testard . si il t m (^stin S*. Thiil. 

Suseaf. jf Godefr f Leggard . eoS m^.aB Winchenese. 

vsus 5im (f Catesfeld. de pl r .p Alanum 1 
^Ti/?/' Sxveting'. si fi . a die S' 
arv. dies. 

Ibi*. jT Gileb f Sweting* eod m° apd Hasting^.de eod 

v^sus eund . p iiic /* Witti .1 Edward f Gileb . 
si n . ad eund r. 

Hunttni. ^ /w Quarrett eod m° apd Boutoh in Huntini. 
\?s^ 2?fl<f 5^ ar?io de pl ? . p jBo^? tf ||5oi/0)i 1 
Reginald d Pedling^ . si H.a die S' Joh in. 

Cantebf. jf TustarP de Wilburcha eod m** apd Wilburcha 
9sus Nicholf Witti . nt Wall. nepote de pt ?. 

Digitized by 




p Yvon Frankelan .1t Gileb . si n . a die S* Mich 
in . av. dies \ Walt ponit iii ipm Wittm ad lu . 
vl pd. f 1 Nichot poii . iil . lo . suo . Wittf* 
Rob frem suu . ad lu . I pd. 

Bftfc/:' jT jRo5 flfe Stodha eod m« apd /S/od»a \?su8 Witt d 
Botlesford de pl ? . p Nich \ Rad. si n. a die 
5*. Joh in . j:v dies. 

Narnr. f iiic (fe G'delee eod m° ap G^^fefee v^sus Wittf 
Gaufr . de pl t . p Alured \ Rad. sin.adie 
S' Mich in . oi:;. dies. 

(f jKo5 6fe Pirie eod m® apd Pirfe^ vsus eund de 
eod . p Joh 1 Regin . si il . ad eund t. 

Cloec. fi Margar ux . Rob Walnsis eod m^ ap CUue 

in ITeford vsus jRofi ete Aubemar de pt 
?.p 0^«« £fe P^fo .1 Watl Nigr.Bi n .ad 
eund ?. 

Ibid. Sf lueta soror Margar eod m^ apd Wike.ia Gloec 

de eod vsus eund p Henr d Redle . J Witt 
Wh . si ii . ad eund r. 

^ifard. f Rob de ta Mare eod m^ apd Perendon in Essex" 
^sus Joh Brancestr . de pl r . p Wittde Bleche- 
don . 1 Robf Regin \ Petr f Rob . jf si ii . 
adieS^ Joh in . av. dies f Id dies dat^ t rec 
in banco. 

Glcee. )f WBaldrun de Blechesduh. eod m^ apd Blechesdun 

v^sus JBoft rf^ iSip/on de pt ? . p Witt de Bleche^ 
dun . 1 Rob Fat .adieS* Mich in . arv. dies. 

Stisex^. !( Alina ux Elie f* B*nard eod m° apd \\Ixjcesl ^sus 

Witt de Wonestan . 1 Agnel ux . ejus de pt r . 
p Rad Puintett \ Witt le Messag*. si fl . ad 
eund ?. JT I^ dics dat^ t -E/ie i baco in 

U 3 

Digitized by 




jf Kaiina ux . Witti Fotiot eod m** apct Suttoh in 
Bedef. 9sus Witt f Gaufr d pl P.p Wilt 
Saicser . 1 Ric f Witti . si fi . t ad eund ?. 

jT Id dies dat? t /^i^Vfo jPo/io/ q* ven i banco. 

m. II. 



Essoii de m'. lect'. m . v. sepf jp Pasch\ 

^ . . , d Huntedun . essofi se de . m . lecti . iij. die 
aii placil apd Tumham vsus Gileb. . . .nH.d 
pt tre p Joh Cheset \ Nichot d Huntedun . JT si n 
t lag^r . a die Sci ^Joh ^Mich^ in ^^iij. sepl ^ 
. arv. dies . ipet*ta ||licec p bre dni Reg. 

^aUeston eod m^ apd Ingaldes- 

torp. vsus Magrm \\ReginaIct de Lenna . . . . 

• ^ad eund r. v si laguor li est . a 

die Sci Mich l iij. sepl. 

f eod m° apd Wigenhatt d p\ t. 

.\?sus Joh dl Frith p Rad f Ric 1t Ada .... 

apd Tore vsus Matild q fuit ax 

Carniar d pt t^ . p Regin n est 

jf Steph de Comelawe v Witt JiX Milon de pt r . 
p Thom WPetitpas ad eund rin aff. 

jf Rad Jit Ascetin v^ . Sim de Holewett de pf r p 
Joh Jit Flornc . aff. 

JT Ric de \\Hairu \? Hug" de HairU de pt ?.p 
Rogj" Jit Silvestr f ad eund rm afY. 

f Alea^ de WHamU po . lo . Atebis de Ford P . 
Etia Talebot 1 WHamU de Kattisctii/ 1 Fetic 
ux ej^ de pl ? p B^nardjit RegiH a Jesi Sci 

Digitized by 




Dorsef. MtcJl in i. mnsS aff . \ Hamu 1 Felic ponut 

lo . suo ifi Witt de Waraphha v Rob de Wik* 
ad lu . t pd. 

Eborac. jf Witt fX WHugat canonic^ de Wartre v . Ric de 
Marisc de pl advocbis ecc* p Jacob jit Witt 
% rc. dies jp^Jest Sci . MicH . af f. 

NorhM. if Thom Jit WLiufP . ^ . canonicos de Kirkehd de 
pt advocois ecc* p Witt de Ildirton. 

ffrford. f Eustac de Bask*vitt \? Witt de Mara de pl tV 
p Eustac Gallicu ff l.i. mnse. affid. 

SuffC ^ Mabit de Clopton v Joh de Liston de pl dotis . 

p Ric de Clopto . jf in i. mnsS. 

Id Johs de eod p Joh Forestar . ad eund rmifl 

Salops. JT R^^ d^ Warkrtgbir v Sim de HamUdetee de pl 
? p Rob Pachot f ad eund ? . afY. 

Sumiser. 9i ^'^ ^ Fordr v* Rob jftt Mauric de pl ? p Rob 
de Bedtford ad eund t . aff. 

Staff.' iT J^^ ^^ Tatenghatt v^ Rad de Sumii de pl ? p 

Gatfr de Estorp ad eund r . aff 

Esses*. iT ^^^ C^^*^ ^^ Bolinton v Joie 1 Matitt q fuit 

ux Wittft pl ? . p Witt \\Roddere . 
ad eund ?miii. 

Saiop. JT Barthot de WMortifh \? Wall de Wittfeld\ Eva 

ux ej^ de pl fiil f ci p Wall Putrett i ij/. sept 
p^fm Sci Mich . affid. 

Surr. JT WaUft Edwin \? Edhaiud \ WGunnuId 1 Matild 

\ Hagenild de pt t p Godwin f[ ad i. 

V 4 

Digitized by 



jf mn de Rochefbrd ^ Matitt 
de BoUnton d pl dol p fVall 

Bemard P^sVr de eod vsus 
eud p Ric M*catore. 

Essex\ { Witt fit Norm de eod p fVitt \ ^ ^"«^ ^^ 
Jit Rob. [ aff. 

Joh de Boudon de eod p Witt 

Joh de Rocheford de eod p 
Regin Noblet. 

B*kesir. f Auisa de Wintenha 9 Matitt de ChiseUumton 
de pl t p Eustac de WOverS^ ad eude t . 

Sum^set. ff Philipp de Kingebir v Alex^ de Lisewis de pt 
pac Jt.p Wall de Bocland jf ad i. mnse. 

jf Afebs de fAbbisodisbir v Witt de \\KaneweUde pt 
r p Aka:* de Wint . f[ a die Sci Mich in i. 

Dorset. ) ^^^ ^^ ^- 

![ Petr^ HemU \? Rad Tomi de pt catalt p Jch 
Bret jT In iij. septim aff. 

Sun^set. jf Robjit Witt v heredes Sim de pt i. 
molndiil p Wittfit Joh f In i. mnse . aff. 

f Hunfr Hasteng^ v^ Isilia fit Edward Futlon de 
pt r p Galfr in iij. sepl . afY. 

f Witt de HelmU 9 Alex' de Helm de pt ?. p 
Gi/feS (f in iij. sepl. 

Canta^ f Rob fit AiWon v Albric fit Godwin de pt r p 
Rob fit Joh f ad i. m;i5e . aff. 


Digitized by 





ad eude rmin 

ad eud ?m 

lionen ff Peti^ de Btcwud ^ Ric del Estre de pl ?.p 
Thomfit Witt. f ad i. mnsS aff. 

Butighd. f W^ de Windsouer ^ Hug' de Nova Vitt de pl 
debil . p B^nard Senescatt ad i. mnsS. aff. 

jf Por de RepUdon v^ jlard fit 
Rad de pl t . p Stephm CocU. 

f Witt Gerbode a? Fore de Re^ 
padon de pl r p Witt fit 

JT ^Simd Walensis vsus eudem de 
eod p Alardfit Rad. 

Jf Jocelin de WWaluott v.Magrm 
Regin de pt servic p Wall 
^«/.' { fit jyketitt. 

JT Ric de BerchhS de eod v^ eud 
p AscinU de Lenn. 

Waf. JT Witt fit Wibt v^.Fore de Stodlee de pl ?.p 

Ro^ fit Ric ad eund. 

n Warf. jT Com de \Wareu ^ Eut9pe Hastenc de pl debil 
p Rk de Skale 1 Ric fit Witt ad eud ?mi . 

Surf. f Fulco Pensore v^ Thom fit WaU de pl ? . p 

Hug* de B*kiston . ad eud tm . aff. 

Bukinglu f Magr Alard fit Witti \? Rog' B*kei de pl guis 
pasf^e p Steph fit Ric . ad eud tmi . aff. 

jf Jocelin de Kaldrford ^ WaU Esturmi de pl 
svic . p Witt Blund . ad eund . aff. 

Surf. l ^ 

jf Idem essoniat se v WaU de Tatewurth de pt 

do? . p Ricfit Rob ad eund t . aff. 

Digitized by 



Ebof. jf Elias de Wadewurth 9 JoJi de Curci de pl ? 

p Gaufr Jit Rog' . a fesl Sci Mich in a:v. 
dies af f. 

Ide dies dat^ t Jord de Mar S\ Jord pon loco 
suo Witt de la Mar ad luc* vl pd. 

Oxoh. (T Hnr Jit Rob ^ . Sirfi Jit Rad de pl ? .p Osb 

Jit Witt ad euna ?.aff. 

Bede/.* JT Hug^ de HairU v Ric de Hairu de pl r . p 
B'tot Wischard ad eud ?.aff. 

Leic. JT R(^^ WFridas \? Witt de \\BuscheU de pt ? p 

Ricjit Warin ad eund r aff. 

Essex\ ^ Regin Jit B'nard v' Matitt de Bolinton de pt 

dol p Hug* Russett ad eud r sff. 

Middilsex\ JT P^orissa de Clerkenewett 9 Simjit Sim de pl ? 
p Rog^ de Clerkenewett ad eud af f. 

Essex\ JT Rad Capttanus de Halkuh r Amud de eod p 

Futchjit Rob ad eud ? affid. 

Sw^' JT ^'*^'2 Oipflh^ \? if w^ Britoh de pl ? p Mattim 

Jtmtt Bdend ? aft 

Surr. fi Thomjit WaU ^ WaU Bold de pl ? p Ai[jyed 

Prudjod . ad eud ? . affid. 

Esseaf. f Wittjit Norm \? Matitt d BoUntoh de pl dotis 

p Wittjit Wittad eund aff. 

JT Witt de Lenh \? Magrm Regih de Lenh de pl 

§vic p Add Jit Witt ad eud . af f. 

^^/' { o 

JT Gfl^ rfe Lenh V eud iie^m ^ WUt frm suu 

de pt §vic p -ffz/g-' fife Xew;i ad eiid P . aff. 

Kotebf. ^ Rob de Insula \? Rob Vavassur de pl ?re p 
Rob de Stotfald . ad eund ? . aff. 

Digitized by 



Ibii jf Petf^ de Ramton . Vsus WarinU de BUon . \ 

Cecilid ux ejus de pt rre . p Rog^ Bigot . ad 
eund r . aff. 

WUtesir. jf Rob de Herston . essoii se de ult* mare de 
svicio dni Reg . vsus Rad Morin . de pt 
debiti p WolmnU f* Fromund .a die Sci Mich . 
in . iij. sept. 

Norf! jf Ric de Wirham 9sus Alex^ de Lenna de pl t . 

p VincentiU de Wirha . f( a die S* Mich in . 
i. msem. 

Essejf. jT Mabilia q fuit ux Rob Pelerin . vsus Joh f^ 

Godefr de pt r . p Ric eund 

Ibid. jf Id Joh esson se de eod . p Joh Forestariu . ad 

eund r . aff. 

Buk\ JT ReginalcP de \\Beasis . vsus Wittm de Beaus de 

pt r . p Rad f* Rob . jf a die Sci Mich . in . 
V. sepl aff. nt huit visum illi^ tre. 

Linc. jf Henr Sar . v^sus WelandSl Albredd ux.ejus. 

de pt ? . p Rad f Jacob . ^ af S Mich 
in . V. sepl. 

Suff: jT AdeUna fit Ric Psus Psona de MeUf p Rad f 

Henr . jf a die S Mich . in . i. mse. affid. 

Siff.' JT JuUana soror ejus de eod p Gileb ft Ad . 2Ld 

eund t.aff. 

jT Die Unica p^ oct' Ap'lo^ Pet .\ Pauli. 

Wigorn. jf Odo Tirett Psus Hug* Tirett de pt r . p Samson 
Befart. Turrense \ Hug* pon iH . lo . suo Wittm de 

Estham . ad lu . vl pd . in c^stin Sci ^ Mich ^ 

Pet^ ad Vincta. 

Digitized by 



Wartm\ jf Prior de Kenihorth v^sus Henr Malore de pl 
?. p Weinf^ Norm. f Joh f* Alured . dt eod 
p Alea^f^ Reg\ f || Waleram de Heburbi . de 
eod.p Reg* P*cehaie. Rob Telarius de eod 
p Petr d Wolneie. WaU de Blakewett de 
eod . p Rob de Blacwett. jf Witt de la Lawe . 

Ibid. de eod.p Samson Walense. Wido de Che- 

deleshunte . de eoct . p Goscelin f^ WitU . fr 

Petr^ de Warew* de eod 

fr Pef^s de Warew" d eod p Ysaac de 

Witt Togod de eod p Wail Godvein. 

Robft \\Leueneth de eod p Hug* Franc. 

Essex\ JT Margar d B^king^ v . WarinU fit Uctred & pt 

t . p Alex* fit Edxvin .a die Sci Mich i xv. 
dies . aff. 

Glouc. JT R^^ de Witlinton v* Comil d Insul d pt ?.p 

Wiot . a die Sci Mich l iy. sepl . aff. 

m.ii.dors. JT A die ^cH JoKit Bapf in iij. sept. esson' 

de . m\ lc. 

^mf! ^ Rob de Crec ess se de m . lc iij. die afl pladl 

9. Thom pt ?. p Anselrn fit Regih .\ 
Regin fit Rob . si ft est lang^^ a die Sci Mich 
i . V. sepl. 

EPtfori. (T Rog^ de Henste[mr]d eod m^ apd Henste^mr^. 
si fi t languor ad eiid t.v.Margar de 
Henstewrd p Ailwin fit T/ieob 1 Bic JH 

Sugr: jf Joh fit Thorald eod m° apd Stanhd . 9. Watt 

Digitized by 



de Hetfeld d pt ^•p Wall d StanhalRob 
de Ponte . si non est languor ad eud t. 

H^tJ.* iT Ri^WChamun eod m° apd Westm v.Rob le Awaite 

de pt t . p ^iT? de Weston . \ Eustac . si ii est 
languor i Ocl Sci Mich. 

Ibid. f JValfjir B^nard eod m° apd JT//' v^.^/ur e/e 

Stapelford de pt p r • Hub \ Ricjit Witt . si n5 
est languor a die Sci Mich t . i. rhsem . Alur 
po . lo . suo # de B^ket ad lu . vt pd. 

A die *. Esson de m'. ve. 

S^ff: f Thom de Mendha v^ . Wal? de B'nha de pt ?.p 

Rog^ de Mendha a die Sci Mich l.v.sepl. 

Narht. f Ric de ^Clenden ^? . Sibitt de WClenden .\ EUsent 
de WDereb^c . de pt apptti p Eustac Franc . ad 
eund ? . aff. 

Ibid. f Ric de Hemton v . Regin de Cumtun de pt ? . p 

Rob de Hemton . in . v. sepl aff. 

Buk\ f Thom de Stok\ ^ Geua de Stok* de pt ?.p 

WarinU de Stok* . ad eiid r . aff. 

SumiseT. jf J^^ ^ ^^^ Monte 9 . Rad de Sco Mattro de pl 
nov diss p Witt Jit Phitl. 

NorfS JT Jordan de Lertgsete 9 Gauf Rt^ ♦ Lond de 

pt ? p Rann flte J5'C/e».ad eiid t. aff. 

Ibid. JT Martin de Warfles ^ .Steph de Walslgha de pt 

fiii fci. p Martinjit Mich . in Ocl Sci Mich . 

LancaS. f Ric JitRog' y^ . Matitt de Hasttge de ft^ .f Ric 
JitEimold. ♦ i r. sej^. il hms br. 

Digitized by 








f WmjUAuketil 9 mtt de Ebor \ ux ej^ ^T pt ?. 
l^ StephJitRad.2idi euDdP.aff. 

f! Barthot de March petens . v^. 
Afebra de Hulmo de pt . ad- 
vocacecctie.p?Fiffl>/iJ(,^ > adeundPafY. 

f Ide At*s de eod . ^ . eun^ p 
RadJilRadt Henr \\Pie1ms 

f Ada de Napton ^.Rob de Kaineto de pl ?.p 
WittCoterett. f In Ocl Sci Mich aff. 

f Jo^ ^/ Jo^ V . Margar de Oseuitt de pl leg 
ivadiate p Alan Messag*. a die Sci MicH. t tv. 
dies . aff. 

(T Eustac de Fatford ^.Wittjit ^ pt ?.p 
Henrjit WaU . l Od Sci Mich aff. 

WittJitJoce ^ . Gunmld de Wdedun de pl ?.p 
Hug' Jit Edwi . ad eud ? . afY. 

JT Henr CawiarP . v' . Helewiss ux Godtfr . de j^ 
dol . p Hug' Jit Henr .l.v. sepl . af f. 

f iJo/ efe WAekia 9 iJic Cizpe/? de aud jud suii p 

jT Thom de Argentein P Rog* ^Cref* de pt ?. p Regiii 
Fram . ad eund ? . aff. 

Id Ro^ Cref. de eod p Gaujr Pilet . ad eund ? 

f «^«7/^/ TAom P . J^aZf ^f W^o/? de pt ? . p Emali 
Jit Rann .l.v. sepl aff. 

f Witt de Odon v>. Juliana de Danuitt de pl fiii fci . 
p Rob de Srdelawe.t Ocl S' Mich.n' justc 
irim veflint.aff. 

Digitized by 




JT AUc ux ej^ d eod p Rob de 

Phitt de Wastinets p Henr 

Nuciu. [ ad eud ?mm 

AmpheUse ux ej^ de eod p Roh [ ^"* 

Isolda de Derebi de eod p Joh 
de Warewic 

Hunted. JT Goscet de Stiuekle • v . Sarra de Stiuelcle . de pt 
dol . p WittJitNigem . l Ocl Sci Mich . aff. 

Bedef: f Joh de \\Wadenho . v^ . Pat^c de pt ? p Ric de 

Fraanno .t.v. sepl aff. 

(T Reinl de Henstewrth 9 Gil6 de Stodfold \ AUc 
ux ej^.de pl ?. p Hug^iHug^JtOsbl ad eund 

ITtf d J ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ * -Rdg-i;? rf^ Henstewrth . i banco. 

f Osbt Jlt Rog" y? . Ysabel de \\BenUon de pt ?.p 
Laur Jit Hacon. 

JT AlblJitRob d eod p RadJtRic . ad eund ?. 

G/cwic. f Ric Ruff\ 9. /foww rfe Radeb'g de pt ? p Witt 


Oxon. JT Thom de la G^ v* . Henr le Brochere de pt ? . 

p Martin Jit Fulc . a die Sci Mich t v. sepl . 

C JT Rob P^poit^ ^ . Rad de Sco Mauro de pt nov 
Svmsel. ) diss . p Rad Ballard. 

l f WalfFpoit^ IdBruha] de eod p Witt Scarletl. 

Buk". JT Gaufr de Tikebroc 9 .Helewis de pl dol p Rob 

de Hameldon. 

Digitized by 






Lei^. f Rob de WTheohavitt de ult* mare p 9vic dfli Pr. 9. 

Bic de Leic . de pt r . p Steph Franc. 

Hunted. JT Hitg^ de Vigorn . v* Wilt Dac . de aud jud suu . 
p Hug^ de Stiuekle . f a die Sci Mich % iij. sepl. 

JT RicJit\\B't^ ^.HerirJitRob de pl ^.i^Gauff 

jf Edeua WBlac \\G*nU v . Eva ux Segari . de pl ? . p 
Warinu Jit Gitb .l.v. sept aff. 

(f Prior de Sudwerc . 9 5att?flf de pl r . p Ataii de 
Norp. ad eund t aff. 

(f Epc Winton v . Comitiss Wareaf. de pl advoc 
eclie de Onoit p Pedekin.\Rob de Cauton. 

jf pt ess. 

iT Witt Testard.\ Ric de WCitfn . a die Sci Mich m 
. i . tnsem. 

JT RicJitWAtdeney^. Bndcmjit pt ?.p 
Gilb de Senetfetd. t Oct Sci Mich aff. 

f Ric de WReni petens v* Witt de Reini de pt nov 
diss . p Henf Norrensem . i advel jusl. 

f Ric de WWainfbrd v. Rog* deDerhittde ptplevin 
p Rad Cttre Humes. 

Huntedt. jf Regin de Ovlton v . Ric de HSminton de pt 
cirog*pli recip.p Rob.Jit Witt.t v. sepi. 

Cantebf. ff Witt Brito v . Witt te Manseter poil lo . Amabit 
q fuit ux Rob BHon . d pt dol p Hug^ WReande 
a die Sci Mich in . i. msem . aff. 


Digitized by 



m. 12. 

f Wiits de Bod pon lo . suo WittmJiUu Rob vsus 
At5b de Westm de pt tre ad luc . Ic. 

JT Alan^ Basset pon . lo . suo Walf ctic^ v^sus Pore 
de WAnewetle d pl . i. virg . ? . ad luc* . 1c. 

ITtford. JT A^ de Sco Alban pet cur sua de pt tre . qd est 
ir Rob de \de Lenna teH . "l Agn q fuit * Henr 
de II Walde . ad hora. 

JB^y. JT '^e/Vo rfe I) Woniton WittLeuueise Godebatdjit Labl 

Thom jit Aitward . record qd Ailnod fuit 
utlagat^ p morte Rob Godehuge. 

Surr. iT AtSbs de Hid po . lo . suo Magrm Etid de Sudwerc 

vsus Wittm de Pirite . de pt humag ad luc* vt 

Kcnt. ir Senesc. Epi Roff*. pel iij die an pt cur dfii sui 

d pt ? . qd est in? Wittm de \\Watton \ Henr 
de Somes. 

Liuc. ^ Henr de Longo Cdpo poii loco suo . Tebatdu de 

Reinuitt vsus Rad d Amndevitt de pt waranl 
carl ad luc^ndil vt ad pd. 

Sudh. JT Dies dat^ ^Ric de Fescdpo T: Yttar d Racliinton • 

d pt • ? . e c^stifi Sce Thiitatis % id Itlari^ t i 
castello Dm Due apd ^* Forecestr.** 

f Assisa de morte ancessoris . in t Steffan de WBeto 
Cdpo pe! . \ P*ore d Cotonia teii . d . i • carr . t . 
c ptin i Bures \ Subir Ht aliis vilt . i resp usq^ 
l crastin Sce Thtit p defectu recogn 1 Robjit 
MatildTecog \ Wittjit WSiluri \ Watfjt Witti . 
Witts Fol. \ Robft Rob . * Gatfrjit Batd n 
vener vt ess 1 lo atacli qd tc stnt ibi. Ide 
dies dat^ est viij*°. q* venerl i banco .1 cens p 

RoT. CuR. Reg. X 


Digitized by 




ess suos % noia rec sl i bri. 
f u^q^ pte. 

Id||a dies dat^ 

Surr. JT Ass vefl rec si Alea? Jit Henr ijuste 1 sin jud 

diss Eugen \ Albred fit sua de lib ten suo i 
Stidwerc p^ scd coron dfli Reg Ric Jural dicut 
qSiAlex* diss Albredd ijuste 'lc. 
mie. Jud . Albreda hat saisina sua \ Alea^ i mia . 

Eugen i mia p falso clam. 

Sudsea^. JT ^'"^ de Cate^eld po . lo • suo Sim jit Hsuii Psus 
Godefr de Winchelesse de pt ?. 1 v^s^ Gittjit 
Legard de pt tre ad luc* 1c. 

£e£/«r. JT Ass veii rec si Matild q fuit ux Nigelli 1 Nich 
Jit Odon \ Wittjit Odoh ij^te \ sil jud diss 
WittJitGitt. Assa remau} usq^ l iij sepl p^ die 
Inveciois Sce Cruc q^ os rec . ess . se . pr Rob 
Lestrange 1 Henrjit Gaiifr q^ vener qU>5 id 
dies dat^ ^ * ut^q^ pti. 

2^^/ f Assa de jure ecctie de WRachee inr fFi// cfe 

Rejha \ Rog' d WGisnei . pon^ i resp usq^ i 
crastin Sce Thiitat p defc reS.q^ ntts eoj^ 
venit vt se ess \ debet poni p vad t plg. 
Ido atachient' qd sint ad eiid rmifi. 13 dies 
dat^ t ut*qj pti. 

Kent. jf Assa rec si . i. carr tre c . p . i \\llledig^ q^ Ric 

de Garwinton clam vsus Tebald de Tuitha 
sit vad ej^de Tebald vt tieditas ej^de Ric 
vt dnicii feod ej^de Tebald pon' i respc 
usq^ t crastin p defc rec . % id ||rec caliipn 
rec ee vilanos p^cepl t vic qd tot faciat venire 
ut assa n5 remaneat \ ostesur^ quare posuit 
vilanos i rec. 

Gloc. jT Assa de nova diss in? Oseb Giffard pel 1 Rad de 

WetUtoh . ponit' i respectu usq^ l ocl Sce Tnil 

Digitized by 



p pcepl dHi .G. Jit Petr quia id Osb T servic 
drii. J. Angt cu equis \ armis. 

Kancia. JT Add Jil ^Liuing* ponit loco suo. Matildux sua 
vsus Jordan jit Uri \ Nich fil suu d pl . ? . in 
Farfibgh qct est i comil. 

Sudii. ^ DSs Winl significav justic qd ipe fec inq*sic6em 

d bastard WAlanJit Rad de ^Micheledeiu* uh . 
J. A6b d ^iflT ea apBav i cur diii . ^r . n5 
fuisse de legitimo matmonio pc^^ata . cii q*da 
tra jure heditario ab eode petet \ qd suffi- 
cienr pba? t cora official suis ea n fuisse 
legitimo nata. 

f Dies dat^ t Philippo Jit Rob \ Rog' del WHoo d 
plt.a die Pasch t . v. \\sempt. pce pciii. 

f Dies dat^ t Henr Colubar \ Ad d Portu d pt 
advoc ecctie a die Pasch l . vj. sepl. 

Norf? f Atb Sci Peir sup Divd . po . lo . suo frem Siin 

monachii suii . vsus Witt d MUchanesi d pt 
advoc ecc* . d Sudton \ ecctie d Brunested 1 
dim ectie d Catesfeld \ ad luc*. vt pd . p diim 

Surf. f Dies dat^ t Rob Moriii \ Att)i de Certeseia 

d pt . r . m crastin Sce T^nit p madal . 
G. Jit Petr . q^ id Rob ivit i servic dni Angt 
apd Oxon. 

Eu. JT Dies dat^ t [iJofi] Jit WaU 1 scimonialib} d 

Haliwett de* pt . r . a rffe Pasc i vi. sepl. pce 

Susex\ JT Loqla int WitlJitRad\ Monachos AeLewes d 

ecc*.d ||/2flw/a'e/? pon' i resp2 usq^ p^dci mo- 
nachi hant Pore p pcepl G.JitPetr. 

X 2 

Digitized by 




jf Wins de WRingls . Witt le Moine. Thom d Trupi- 
ton . Alea? d Mangaut tmssi ad vidend si 
tfmitas ua Gaufr Picot ess se d m lecti v^sus 
ITvic ft Eustach esset lang^r n* ne, Dnt qS 
n5 est lang°r Ht % posuerl ei die a die Pasc i 
arv. dies apd Westm. 

Htfort. jf Aftbisa de Anestowe poit lo . suo cora . G. Jit 
Pe^.Simle\\Guiz.di^\ ecdie dWimdesleef^su 
Reg" dArgetein ad luc* vt pd p madal . G. Jit 

Cantebr. jf Rad Sh Av^io po . lo . suo Rad de Grafh . \ Isab 
ux ej^ a pt . ? . 9s^ IvonJe Qrett ad luc* vt pd. 

Willsir. f Dies dat^ t Godefr . d Sco Martih .1 WWandritt 
d WCurcolles . d pt t . fad die Pasc in . i. mse . p 
madal G. fitPetr.. 

Linc. JT Priorissa S Stikewad . po . lo . suo . Magrm . Hu^ 

gfrem suu 9s^ Hug" Scotu . d pt advoc . eclie 
a Wilghebi . ad luc* vt pd. 

llH/or. ir Vic Norf . significav p bre suu sigillat . qd cep 
in man diii Pr.advoc ectar d Suttoh 1 d 
WBrinstd 1 dim advoc eclie d WCattefed die 
VenUs ^^ jp^ /* 5* iVicAof q*s Witt de Mon- 
canes clamat 9sus S. Atti 5* Pet^ sup Divant 
p defectu ipi^ Afibis .\ Sim Monac^ posit^ 
loco ipi^ petiit illas p plevina \\die Pasch 

Cantebr. f ^ies dat^ est Rad sh Avlio . 1 Walio de Suttoh . 
Jk\ de Brunsted^ ad capiend cyrog*pti suii de 
.iiij. hid ?re c ptinenl in WCrestoh in ocl S" 
T^nital. 1 1sabt ux pdci Rad pon in loco suo 
llJBa^ dHusseburh. 

Ibid. f Isabett q fuit ux Hhric fit Reinii pon lo . suo 

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Rob frem suu v^sus Rob de WLeuin de pt . dotis 
. ad lu . vt pd. 

Ebor. jf Loqnd de RicJilRad appBantis . Witt de Sautoh 

\ Petr^ frem suii de morte pris sui . \ de bre 
+ qd ipe in tulit. 

Kni. f Dies dat^ e . Witto de Wrotha \ P'ori de Leuesha 

t Theobald de Eineford de pt rre . in c^stiii 
Sce I^itatis apd Westm quia id Witt fuit in 
svicio Dhi Angt. 

Buk\ f Oms loqie ptinenl ad Dnm epm ^ Dunelfh ^ 

Wiiusif. Wintoh us% in crastih Sce Trinil p dBm 

jRic flfe Fescamp .\ Alard de Bachamtoh. 


Buk\ jf Dies dat^ est Barbet 1 Att)i de Grencestr de pt 

concord ^r . in crastih Sce T^ml ap Westm. 

Kent. JT Osbjit Heruei veK in cur T; reddid Afic^ de Q/- 

spreng". xix. sot reddit^ in Begeduh 1 in WChilte 
xm Mich tulit bre de morl aficess. 

Down. f I^i^s dat^ t Roesie de BeUo Monte \ Ric de Belio 

Monte de pt dotis \ cataB in c^stino Sce T^nii 
p dnm G. Jt Pet\ 

Esusf. JT Witt Jit Ranulf* po . lo . suo Osb de Glade§fenh 

9sus RicJitPet^ de ptmediel ecctie a Halsted 
ad lu . vt pd. 


SuhamT. f Loquela int Archid Rothofh . \ Hu^ de Neuitt . 
de . c. marc ponr in respectu usq^ in oclPentec 
p bre dili G. Jit. Petri. 

NorhamT. f Ric de Clahutt po . lo . suo ThomJitRic v^sus Ric 
+ de Einef* . ad capiend cyrog*ph suu ad lu . vt 


X 3 

Digitized by 



Esex\ jf Ricjit Hamon po . lo . suo . ^Fromud de Tarente 

Siirr. ae pl tre p Wilt Cunin \ G'vasiu \ Philipp de 

Legh . \ Petrum Blund 1 fVat^ de Bas^vitt ad 

lu . vt pct. 

Cantebr. jf Loqla int Sim de Bret \ Sim fit ejus de pl pon'^ 
in respecl usq^ in octab Sce Trinil p bre dni. 

Essex. ^ Dies dat^ e . Com de Oara \ Witt Jit Mauric de 
pt nove dissaisiiS • in oct S' Thiit apd Westm g 
defectu recogri . 'X tc veniat ass. 

Surr. f Gaufr de Tichesia petiit tram sua p plevina. 

in vigt Sce Crucis ^apd Westm p defectu re- 
cognil ^ q capta fuit in man diii Reg p ejus 

Syf: f ^g^i^^ ux Ro6 de Crec poH lo . suo Rotp vinim 

suu vsus Comitissa Gundr \ Thom Btac de pt 
rre ad lu . vt pd. 

Ibid, f Dies dat^ e . Ro6 Aukus 1 Rob Bert^ de p! 

recogn ultime p^sentatiois eccte de WDubbech 
in crastih S'. T'nital \ intim hant licenc 

Norn. f Dies dat^ f Abett de Risden \ Priori de S" Neoto 

de pt rre m crastih ocl 5* T^nital 1 intun hant. 
licenc concord. 

Sum\ser. f WfVandrigelis de Curcett poii lo . suo Phitipp de 
Colestoh vsus Joh de Suleui 1 Hascuitt fit suu 
de pt rre ad lu . vt pd. 

Kent. ^ Senescall^ Epi Roffens pe? . iij. die afi pt cur dfii 

sui de loquela inr Witt d Wallecote \ Henr 
de Sornes. 

Linc. f Henr dc Long^ Cavipo po . lo . suo . Theobatd de 

Digitized by 



WReineuittvsusRad pt warantie 
carte ad lu . vt pd. 

Ibid. JT Dies dat^ e . Priorisse de StikeswaudSt Hug^ Scol 

de pt eccte de Wilgebi apd Westm a die 5' 
Mich in . XV. dies pce ptium 1 intim hant 
licenS concord. 

Ebor. jf Dies dat^ t Witto de Stutevitt \ Ric de ptico \ 

Beatric uxori ej^ de pt rre de Husseburn . m 
c^stin 5* T*m7. p mandal dni . G.fXP. 

Suii. iT Dies dat^ t Ric de Fescamp \ Henr de Becham^ 

ton de pt tre . in . c^stin S* Thiil quia id Joh 
fuit in castello Drii Angt. 

Essex\ iT Ass de morl ancessor int Pore de WColum tenente 

1 Steph de Bello Campo de . i. carruc tre cum 
ptinenl in Bumes \ Subir \ aliis vilt in 
respectu usqb in c^stinum S* Thutatis p defectu 
recognitor .T; Rob Jit Matitd recognitor 'X Witt 
JitSilvrm .\ Walijit Witt . Witt \\Pot . \ Robjil 
Rob . Gaujr Jit Baldewiii n veSiit vt se ess . T: 
io attacli qd tS siut ibi. Id dies dat^ est 
. viij^ q* venlut in banco % cetis p essoK suos . 
1 noia rec sl in brevi. Id dies dat^ t ut^q^ 

Ess€x\ jT SUo d Winton . Witt Leuueisie . Godebald Jit 

Lambl.ThomJit\\Alward record qdAilnod fuit 
utlagat^ p morte Rob Godehug^. 

Surf. JT Ass ve . rec si Alex*Jit Henr injuste \ sH jud disi 

Eugefi \ Albredd fitam sua de libo tenemto 
suo in Suwerc p^ scdam coron dili Reg Ric. 
Jur dicut . q Alea:^ dissaisiv Atbreda injuste 15. 
Jud Albred hat saisina sua 1 Alea^ in mia \ 
Eugen in mia p falso clam. 

X 4 

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Stissex^. JT Sim de Catesfeld pofl lo . suo Siffi de Catesfeld. 
9sus Godefrid de Wrnchelese de pt*T; vsus Gileb 
Jil Leggard de pt r . ad lu . vt pd. 

Bedef. jf Ass ve . re . si Matild q fuit ux NigeUi Tt Nichot 
fil Odon nt Wittfil Odon yusl Ht sn jud diss 
Wittfit Gileb . ass remanet usq^ m . iij. sepl. 
^ die Invenc S* Cruc q*a os recogn ess se 
pr Rob Lestrang' 1 Henrfit Gavfr q^ veflut 
q*b3 id dies dat^ f. Id dies dat^ est utriq^ 

Norf! jf Ass de jure eccte de Rachee int Witt de Refham 

\ Rog* de Gisnei ponit^ in respectum usq^ w 
c^stin . S* T^nital p defectu rec . quia ntts eor 
::% ven vt se ess . pter Ht^ de Glanvitt.q^ se e» 
p Witl de \\Luicers . % debet poni p vad t pt. 
Ido attacli q sit ad eund rminu. Id dies dat^ 
t nlq^ pti. 

Kent. jf Ass . ve . re . si una carruc rre cii ptinenl in 

Wlllesding* q* Ric de Garwinton clamat vsus 
Theobald de WTutha ||sit vad ejusd Theob vt 
lieditas ejusd Ric vt dnicu feodi ejusd Theob 
ponr in respecl . usq^ in (^stin S* Trul p defecl 
recogii q*a id Ric calumpniav recogn ee villa- 
nos • pcepl t vic qd tot faciat venire qd ass 
tc n5 remaneat \ ostensur qr posuit villanos 

Ebof. jf Wittf Pel^ \?s^ Ricfil Durand. iij. carr ?re c 

ptinenl in \\Rewinton \ in Torp sic jus suii 1 
lied . in q^ rra ii huit ing?ssum n* p mrem ipi^ 
Witt q* dux uxor Ric ven . \ pet visum tre 
iliius . hat visum. f Dies dat^ t eis in c^stih 
S" Tnit.1 inPim fiat vis^. 

Digitized by 



m. IS. 

Glouc. JT Ass de nova dissaisiil inr Osb Giffard pel.l 

JRad de \\Willuton ponr in respectu usq^ in 
ocl S* Tnit(d p pceptum diii G. Jit PetK 
quia id Osb est in serviSo drii Jt c equis 1 

SiiJ.' JT Dies dat^ est fWitti de Glanuitt \ Hubt de 

Monte Canesi de pt nove diss in octab S* 
Tnital. Witt poK lo.suo Gaxtfr frem suii 
vt Gerard cticu suii ad lu.vl ipe 
intesse n possit. 

Warew\ f Hug^ fit Witli pon . lo . suo Philipp de Kinton 
vsus Andr Giffard de pt rerag relevii ad lu . 
vt pd. 

Devdn. jT Dies dat^ t Alan de Boct 1 Pori de \\Printon 

de pt ?re . in ocl S' Thtit p^ce ptiii. 

Dev(m. JT Johanna ux Matfii fit Herb pofl lo . suo eund 

Mathm virum suu vsus Atbem de Stanteg* 
de pt advocois eccte de Stok^. ad lu . vt pd. 
jT Dies dat^ t eis in oct S" Tnit.l hiit licenc 

Zriwc. jf Loquela int Comitissam Constancia Bretann . 

1 Com Cestr in respectu q*diu rra pdce 
Comitisse ffiit in manu dni ^r p pcepl dni . 

Essex\ f Ass . de nova diss inr Matitd 1 Attcid fil 

/ Witti \ Witt de Strata .\ Gileb Swifl \ 

Albreda ux . ej^ de libo tenemto pdcarum 
Matitd 1 Alic in Rexvenhate re^we^manet 
q'a id Witt vefl \ cognov q ipe fec saisina 
in Albred q fuit ux Rannulfi Molndinar p 
consiliu amicor suor in cur d Witham 
cosidacioc cur pdce !\ ipa Albred tutat brc 

Digitized by 






quie? est. 



hiidi ronabile dote suam iil 1 TVitt n huit 
cur psente q* vocav . Ido in mia 1 p?dce 
Matild 1 Alic hant saisina sua. 

JT Dies dat^ t Witlo de \^SaiUun 1 Petro fn suo . 
\ Alan de Heset \ Rob \ Hug" fnb} ejus 
appttantis \ Ric Jit Rad de Cave appBanti 
in ocl S* Thiil . q*a apltati sl in 9vicio Dm 

(f Dies dat^ est Joh Monach posito lo . WiJti de 
Monte Canesi petentis.l fii Sim posito lo. 
Atebis 5* Petri sup Divam tenentis ad ca- 
piend cirog*ph suii in . xv. dies jp^J^ 5* Mich 
de advocoe ecctaru de Sutton 1 de Brvmsted. 
1 de medietat advocois eccte de Catrfeld . 
advocoem q^rum id atb q*el clamav p se 'l 
successorib} suis eid Witto 1 liedib} suis in 
ppetuu . \ p^ decessum Joh de Hastin^ p* 
pdcarii ecctarum. Id Witt concessit ecde 
S* Pet sup Divam . xl. sot sriingor in puril 
\ ppetua elemosina pcipiend annuati p man^ 
p*rum pdcarum ecctarii adfesl S Mich. 

JT Julian^ Jit Rad . Rob de Trindie . Witt Basset . 
Ric jit Alan ||sumi ad eligendil sup sacram- 
tum suii . xij. milil ad faciend magna assisam 
in? Joh de Stortef petenl . 1 Baldewiii de 
Sopit tenent de . Ix. acr rre c ptinenl in^ 
Sopiland . te de . Ix. acr rre c ptinenl in > t 
Sopiland. un id Baldew^ posuit se in magnai 
assisa q*s eor maj^ « hat in ead rra venliit \ 
elegerl Hu^ de Polsted . Laur d Plumh^ 
Math de Franctre . Gileb de Musters . Henf 
de Taidene . AlbricP de Dolekam . Witt jit 
Witti . Pagan de Stanford . Ric Jil Alah . 
Rob de Boutofi . Hain d Hasketot . Wall 

Digitized by 



de Langtford. Witt de Rocheford . Jacob de 
Tillebiri . JoH de Rochrford . Joh Folerifatmt. 
Dies dat^ est eis . \ utriq^ pti in c^stih 

Norf: JT Ass de nova dissaisin inr Silvrni fil Sim pel 1 

Rog^ DacU dissaisiente . de libo tenemto pdci 
S. in Torp .1 in Bodham in respectu usq^ in 
c^stinU Assumptidis p defectu recognitor . q*a 
Witt Bumett.\ Ric Maldit . 1 WRog' Figge 
Rad d Bechd \ Fetr de Bretuh.1 Nichot 
Wiard^ Rad Co(P recogfl £1 ve . vl se essoii . 
1 io atacb q tc sint apd Westm iii responsur. 
Id dies dat^ t Ade Gruel .1 Ric de Becham 
qui venlut \ cetis p essoil suos. 

Oxon. -X- JT Witt TaiUard apttaE Rob de Harpedeh q in 
pace drii Pr . 1 nequil eum isultav 1 vulnlavit 
duob} locis in capite.^l in brachio .1 ei 

i c^stm Asc. robavit . v. s. 1 vij. d. 1 abscid bursam suam . 

.1^ - *^ ^ 1 ostend bursam assisam .\ cicat*ces . plagar . 

hoinu suor. r -& 

^\Rab.Giia "^ ^ ^^^ pbare p corp^ suum. Rob ven "l 

deCramfori defend totu de vbo in vbum. Considal cur. 

f Dies dat^ t a die S". Mich in . i. mse.1 inrim 

BtiJ^. f Dies dat^ est Witto de Swqfham.l Ysaac de 

Haggestoh . de pt rre a cr^stih S* Cruc in . 
rv. dies . apd Westm. 

Vorh. jf Matild de Diua pon lo . suo . WithnJiUU Othoh 

v^sus Ascelih de WatSvitt de pl rre ad lu . 
vl pd. 

Ox(wf. «X- JT Ric Jit Rog^ apttat Rob de Harpendeh qd in 

i<^5tmAsc. feloii 1 in pace dni Reg eum insultav 1 

plagav in facie 1 cicatrice ostend.Tt ei robav 

surcotu viridem de pcio . vij. solid . 1 hoc 

Digitized by 





offt pbare p corp^ suii. Rob ven 1t defend 
totu d verbo i v^bum. 

jf nova dissaisina int Add Decanu de 
Bumhd 1 Rad \ Steph fil Barth d Walsinham 
dissaisiatores in respectu usq^ i octab S* Tml 
p defectu recognit \ pcepl t vic qd tot faciat 
venire rec \ eligi cora utraq^ pte q. assis n5 

Oxon. -X- ^ \\Touifit WToui apttat eund Rob qd in pace dni 
Pr eum plagav in capite 1 ei robav i. capa de 
pcio . V. s .1: vi. d. T: offt pbare vsus eu p corp^ 
suu . Rob veii 1 defend tol de vbo in rbum. 
jf Dies dat^t eis adieS" Mich in . I. mse 1 intim 
hant licenc concord . \ inquisicio fiat in comil 
utr plage eor ronabilr ostense fuut in comi- 
tatu . ut dicL 

Dorset. ^ JT Witt de Witejeld . op . se . iiij die vsus Alured de 

Linc de pt svic . T: Alured n ve . vl se essoS . 

\ fuit petens. Jud eat sn die. 

Essex\ JT Fr MartirP po . lo . lepsar puellarii de 1? Jacob iiij. die vsus Godtfrid de \iP^mavUt. de 
pt.ij. marc arg q*s ei debet ut dic.lipe S 
ve . vt se essofi . T: hiiit diem in banco St sumo 
testal fuit. jf Jud . atach qd sit ap Westm m 
c^stin Asces . iii resposur^. 

Lancastr. JT Atb de Leicestr iiij. die vsus Rjc de 
Marisco po . lo . Gilebfit Rennfrid de pT tre in 
WRokenhen . 1 ipe ii ve . vt se ess . T: fuit petes. 
jf Jud . Afib eat sn die. 

Bcs/7. iT OsmundP de Husseburn positus lo . Matild ui 

ej^. iiij. die vsusPe/r deBixle .1 Matild 

Digitized by 



uxore sua. de pl finis fci qm concessit in cur 
diii Reg . 1 ipe n ve . vl se essoii . 1 dies dat^ 
fuit ei in banco. Ido attacli q sit ap Westm 
in octab ST 'Pnil iii resposur^. 

Waf. jf Henr Falconar \ Annora iiij 

die vs^ Coin de Warew\ de pl advocois eccte 
de WChiriton . \ Com ii ven vl se esson 1 sumo 
testata fuit • Jud . advoco capiat' in maii diii 
Pr 1 ipe siimoneat' q sit in ocl l^nil iii 

Ibid. (T Ipi opl se vsus eundCom de pt leg^ faciende .1 

ipe fi ve S\c. jf Atacll Com q tc sit ad eund 
rminii iii responsur^. 

Sun^s. f Epc Wintoh iiij*®.die v^s^ Geroldumjit 

Ric de pl recogn de . iiij. hid . 1 i. virg ?re S 
ptinent in Neleburh . 1 ipe Gerold fi ve . vl se 
esson.1 fuit petes.Jud Ep2 eat sn die.1 
Gerold in mia . 1 pl ej^ scill Philipp de Hersic . 
% Witt d Busci silr in mia. 

Narf.* JT R^S^ ^ WBramdoh iiij. die (^sus Rog^ de 

Risinges . de placito . s . q® waranto tenet se in 
eccta de WBramdon . 1 ipe n ve . vl se esson 1 
sumo tesl fuit • Jud attacb q sit in c^stih As- 
censiois in responsur^. 

Ifcbi. JT Sim de WAldermanebi iiij. die vsus Petr 

de Sabloil de pT . x. li stlingof \ ipe Petr^ fl . 
ve . vl se esson \ sumo testal fiiit. Ido attach 
q sit in d^stino Ascensiois in respSsur^ .\c. 

OjcdH. f WittJitHenr petiit v^sus iJo^jtff^t^i.i. virg 

rre cii ptinenl in Hachamsted ufi Augi auv^ 
suus saisit^ fiiit ut de jure suo !\ p^ eum Henr 
fil ej^d Attgli.^ in q* ^dcs Rog* n huit in- 
g^ssum n^ p mrem suam q fuit ux . scda ejusd 

Digitized by 



Augli . c^ rra illa data fuit in dote . 1 ipe Witt 
fuit de p*ma ux Augii Si in pon se sup juratam 
de visneto . "l pel rec iii fi . utr Rog* alium 
ing^ssum hiiit n* p dote mns sue . Rog* veS 1 
defeiid jus suii 1 pofi se silr sup jurata. 
Dies dat^ est eis in c^stin Sce Thiital . 1 tc 
veniat jurata . Rog^ pon loco suo WittdeLeue- 
kenore in adlu . vl pd. 

Essex\ JT JdcolP de Tillebiri op • se.iiij. die vsus Thom de 

Camuitt de pt marisci T: tre in Fobing^ . 1 ipe 
ii ve . vt se esson. 

Bede/,' f Dies dat^ est Wimarc q fuit ux Rob ^Glauie^ Rob 
Butevilain de pt dol in c^stih Ascensiois. 

Essex\ ff Sewatt de Oseuitt pel ^'sus Rad de Hasting* feod 
^ dimid milil c ptinenc in Wikes . illd q |jht ei 

descende de ancess suis. Ita . s . q Rob d 
Hasting^ ded rram illam \ feofavit Akj^ 
f rem suii . \ p^ decessum ejusd Rob . id Alex* 
tenuit ?ra illa de Wm fit p)dci Rob \ f 
decessum ejusd Aleaf Witt fit ej^ tenuit de 
Witt Jit Rob \ soror Alea? fuit ava p^dci 
^Aleaf^ Sewatt.^ sic debet ei descende de 
jure . ^ ipe \ Rad sl de uno cespite . \ Rad S 
p* ee . simt dns 1 Res . q* intrusit se i feod illd 
vi 1 injuste q* descend de Rob de Hasting* . 
Rad ven t defend j^ suu.^t dic q n est hes 
pHs sui q^a huit frem p^mogenil . q* tieditate 
hiiit pHs sui . q* fr ej^ ^ Baron pns sui huit . 
\ fitm huit liede q» Rad de Comhitt hl 
in ux . It ipe Rad . 1 ux . ej^ posSiit eum in 
placil de ead rra . Ita ^ posuit se ifi sup 
magnam assi§ t^nsactis sex annis . \ illa assisa 
£1 dum rminata est . ^ ido n vult ei respode n* 
cur considavit. ff Dies dat^ t eis in (^stiii 

Digitized by 











S^ Thtil ad audiend jud suii . 1t Rad pofi lo . 
suo . JoH frem suii. 

f Dies dat^ est Witto de Longo Campo 1 Hub de 
Asketorp ad audiend jud T: record suu de pt 
lifttatis . in (f^stin S" Tnil apd Westm. 

f Dies dat^ t Bndco de ||Hbc1 Margar uxori sue. 
1 Hv^ de Chametes \ Ric de Hottorp de pl 
magne assise . de . i. carruc rre "l dim cu 
ptinenl in \\Mest... . in ocl S* Tnil\ Hu^ dc 
Chameles posit^ loco Bndci % Marg* petent 
hat bre ad sumonend recogn q tc sit ibi ad 
facienda illam assisa. 

f Dies dat^ est Edith Pipard 1 Steph de Irencestr 
posito loco . Henr de Norh de pl ass de m y 
aflcess . in c^stin S' Tnil. Bre ifi n fuit invenl 
Rob de Brai \ Ric de Argenl de ead ass n ve . 
vt se essoil. 

f Steph de Bello Campo petens iiij. die 
vsus fVitt de Wascuitt\ Matild ux sua de pt 
ass de m anteS .\ ipi n veSiit vt se esS . n® rec 
p^er . iiij. 1 alia vice. Jud. 

JT RolIandP de Hacsted.op . se . iiij. die v^sus Wal? 
Blundu de pt debiti T; Waff fi . ve . vt se essofi. ^ 
\ fuit petes. Ido Rodland eat sfi die. 

f Dies dat^ est Andr Blund posito lo ux sue . 
\ Wittd d Raimes de pt debiti xx. K. in c^stin v 
Ascens ad aud jud suu. 

f WittJitRad 1 Matild soror ej^. iiij. die 
v^s^ Witt d Mumbrai . de pt . Iv. marc 1t xl. d. / 
\ ipe fi ve . vt se ess .1 ||sum3 . 'lc. Ido attacK 
q sit in ocl S^ Tnil ifi responsur^. 

Digitized by 



Midelsex\ f Dies dat^ t Joh WBvculnte \ X^ane de la Ford ad 
capiend cirog*phum suu i ocl 5* T*m7. jf X^ana 
poii \o . suo Ric de la Ford ad cap cirog*pfi 

Narf.* jf Wa^ Daugnes pel tram suam de Redham p 

pleviil rf/e S* Joh ah portam Laiind q capta 
fuit in maii diii Reg p defectu ejusd WaS. 
vs^ Rad de Lenham. 

Sumls. f Wilt WReuett % Ylaria ux ej^ fecut fine in cuf dni 

Pr apd Westin cum Johe de Briwes [[p Ric de 
v Cilfne'] de . iij. hid rre cii ptinenc in WBruiioii 

q*s id Joh clam vsus eos p sic qd JoH quiet 
clamav totu jus qd hiiit in pdca ura de se 1 
^edib} suis p . Iv. marc argent in ppetuum . q^s 
ipi debueriit solvisse ad . iij. Pmin . s. adPasch 
gmmU p^ obitii Reg Ric . xviij. marc. % iiij. sol. 
% vj. d. 1 in f* S* Joh Bapte.xvuj. marc.l 
iiij. s. \ vj. d. 1 adfestum S" Mich . xviii. marc 
^ iiij. s. \ vj. d. 1 si ipi jpdcas . Iv. marc ii red- 
didit ad pdcos rmiii pdco Jotii ipe JoA . 
tenebit tota pdcam rram c ptinenc 1 exitib) . 
q^usq^ solvint ^pdcas . Iv.marc.^ [1 q*a n 
reddid] xviij. mar5 . \ iiij. s. 1 yj. d. ad Pasch . 
p^cepl t vic q faciat hre Johi saisina pdce rre 
c exitib} suis. Et concessii fuit cora justic 
qd solutio debiti debet fi coram eis apd 

Wiltes. fC Thom de SuhR . opl . se . iiij. die vsus Rad d 

WCoueleston \ Gaufr fit suii de pt apffi 1t ipi n . 
ve . vt se esson. jf Jud . ponant^ p vad \ pleg 
qd llsit ap Westm in c^stin Sce Tnil ^apd+ iS 

Norf.' jf Abrah de Gememue iiy. die vsus Henr 

Digitized by 



de Fleg' de pl ?re . \ Henr a ve vl . se esson 1 
fuit petes ut Abrah dix .1 bre n fuit invenl . 
Ido Abrah eat sii die. 

Nor/: ^ Wittjit WOthon posit^ lo . Matild de Diue 

iiij. die Vs^ Ascelin de Wau%itt de pt med 
eccte de Upton \ ipa Ascelih ii ve . vt se esson 
T: sumo testal fuit. jf Jud. Med capiat' in 
manii dni ^r . \ dies 1c . T: ipa Ascelin sum5ea- 
tur q sit apd Westrn in ocl S* T^nil in 

Sm^s. IT Dies dat^ est Ric Captto posito lo . Witti jit 

Walfi "l Rog' dc La WClee . ad aud jud suu de 
. i. hid rre c ptinenc in Cumton in ocl S* 

StM. fli Ric de Caleston petit vsus Philipp de Caleston 

feod dim milil cum ptinenc in \\Eina\ Andeur 
sicut jus suii t hed. Philipp veii Tt defend 
jus suu . 1 petit visum . hat visum. jf Dies 
dat^ t eis in c^stin Ascens 1 intim fiat vis^. 

tVUiesir. t ^^ ^^ P^^ ^^"^ eund PtuUpp . i. carruc ?re 1 
dimid c ptinenc iu Caleston 1 in Cumbford sic 
jus suii q eum conting in socagio q ptitum 
fuit inV . iij. f res . s . Witt de Caleston \ Eliam . 
\ Sim . \ Philipp defend jus suii \ pel visum . 
hat visum. jf Dies dat^ t eis ad eund rminu . 
\ inrim . fiat visus. 

CarUebr. jf Witt dcs Bauus . Witt le Moine . Thorh de Trum- 
pitoh . Alcx' Mangant missi ad vidend si 
inPmil ufl Gaufr Picot essoil se vsus //er- 
veiufUm Eustach eet lang^r vt fl . dicunt q fi 
est lang^r . \ qd posuunt ei die a die Pasch in . 
rv. dies apd Westm !\ tc veii. Gaxifr dix qd 
oiiis u f liut milit q* fecunt visum de eo .^ q 
RotCur. Ueg. y 

Digitized by 



os mortales inimici sui f uut. ITveiP op . se c 
campiori suo armato . \ petiit record 1 jud 
suu . \ Gaujr Picot dix q campio suus p 
llsulticia sua posit^ t in gaola dni Reg ^ petiit 
eum p vad 1 pleg. jf Considatu t qd Gau/r 
hat eu p pleg. Dies dat^ f ei a die ST Joh 
Bapie . in . av. dies . adjaciendjuellum. 

Surf. jf Gileb Jit Witl. iiij. die v^sus Witt de Sco 

Mich de pl aud record \ jud . d pl nativorii 
1 Witt n . ve . vl se esson. f Jud . ponr in 
respect usq^ in c^stin Ascens . cora . G.Jit Pe^. 

Midelsex'. ff Gatifr de Wethamsted po • lo . ux sue 
iiij. die vsus Martih de Captta de pl dol ux .ej^. 
s . rcie ptis ville de Twiford . 1 Martin^ n . ve . 
vl se essoft. f Jud tra illa capiat*^ in manu 
dai Pr.1c.1t Martin^ sumSeat*^ a sit ap Westm 
in c^stih Ascens Tesponsui^ (p n svav die suii a 
die Pasch in . av. dies % responsur de capitali 

Norfi. f[ Dies dat^ est Priori de SimpUngh de aud jud 1 

record suo de pt advocois eccte d Dadington 
in ocl Sce Trinil apd Westin * . T: id For op . 
se . iiij. die vsus eund Com de eod plac . 1 tc B 
ve . Corn vt se esson .1 huit alia vice die p 
essoii suu a die S* Mich in . iij. septim . 1 tc 3 . 
ve .vt se esson . 1 advoco illa capta fuit in 
manu dni Pr lc p ejusd Com defectu ."l Com 
sumoit^ adee apd Westm a die Pasch in . ro. 
dies m responsur^. n . ve . vl se essofi !\ pdcs 
Prior tc optut se. 

Norhia. J Joh Canoicus posit^ lo . Prioris de Kirkeham . op . 
se . iiij. die vsus Thorh Jit Liulf* de pt rec 
ultime psentatiois p« ad ecctam de ItdertoH. 
\ Tkofh n . ve . vt se essofl .'l hiiit die a die 

Digitized by 




Pasch in . ara. dies . sfl essonio in banco. jf Jud . 
ponr in respectii usq^ in c^stin Assnsiois . ap 

Norf^ f Ysaac de \\Felmigha . op . se . iiij. die . vsus Ric de 

Becham de pl recog eccle d Becham T: ipe ii 
ve.vl se essofi.T: fuit petes. jf Jud. Ysaac 
eat s& die. 

E$5ex\ IT AUcJita Auliyie pofi . lo . suo . WRog' de la Neue- 
land. vsus Rob de Setvav^ .1 Mal^ de Wigeb^ 
ad . lu . vl pd. 

Norf: JT ^*^ ^ Havuitt pel vsus Rad de Herlam . i. carr 

rre c ptin in Ekhegeton sic jus suu \ fied . uii 
avus 1 pr suus f uut saisiti . ut de feod ^ jure . 
t Rad venit \ defend jus suii . \ petit in 
visum . hat visum. jf Dies dat^ est eis in ocl 
ST Tnil apdWestm.^t in?im fiat visus. jf 't 
Witt poii in loco suo. Ric de S* EdmUd. ad 
lu . vl pd. 

Cantebrig. jf JoU de pteshat capt^ c falso brevi evasit in 
eccTam 5* Clem . \ abjurav ?ram . J. Dni 

Qloug. f \\Herun de Halecunib po . lo . suo . Magrm Joscet 

M<irescdtt vl WUt cticum suu vs^ Mathm 
de \\Dautef de pl rre in Nubelee ad lu . vl 

Leicestr. JT ^o^ Mauluuett posuit coram dno . G.Jil Fet^ loco 
suo Rad \\Grim v^s^ Witt de Rideware de pl ?re 
1 bosci . ad lu • vl pd. 

Midehei^. JT Gatifr de Wathamsted posit^ lo . ux • sue 
iiij.die vsus 3far/m dKaptta de pt dotisuxoris 
sue . iu Tix)iford . 1 ipe n ve . vl se . esspn. 
jf Jud.dos illa capiat' i man dni Jt. 12. \ 

Y 2 

Digitized by 




Martin^ sumoeat' q sit ap Westm in (fstin 
Ascenc Dni in resposur^, 

Wiltesir. f Witt de Roges petiit curia Henr de Bukum de 
pl qd t in? Ranulf de WGerain ^ Witt de Pci 
iiij. die an pt. 

Cantebr. (T Oms tre 1 possoes Rad Giffard \ Philipp de 
WSumii jubent' ee in bona pace . p bre Dni 
Duc Norm 1 q ti implacit' de aliq° tenemto 
suo . q* diu f uint in svicio Diii Duc ultra 
mare. T*. bri drii . G.Jit Pet^ sigillato. 

♦♦♦ jf Ric de Craudon \ Gaufr de Adersl missi ad 

audiend \ vidend q Por de B^neTvett q* lang^d^ 
est ut dr vellet ponle lo . suo de loqla q est 
inr ipm \ ITveiuf* Eustach de Cantebr . sup . 
iiij. mesag . " q id Herevic clam " vs^ eudem 
Priorem. '«Reg" 

Norf,' fi Ateb de Wautham pon . lo . suo Wittm SpUn^ 

vsus Ric Jit Daie \ oms alios contentos 
in eod bri . de pl tre de Geiste . ad lu . vl 


Hunted. f Dies dat^ est Henr de 5* Mauro 1 Roglo dc 
WDarnlet . Leticie de S" Mauro \ WiOd Jit Rob 
de pt recogn de m an a die S^ TrinU m. xv. 
dies pce ptium \ inrim hant licencia concord. 
Id dies dat^ est Henr de Lech .... 1 Ric de 
Britan . \ JoTi de Weret. \ Johjil Rad recogS 
p essoR suos . 1 aliis q^ venlut in banco. 

Surf. JT Witat f t Rod pon Ao.suo Alured Fabr vsus Ric 

frem suii de pt tre ad lu . vt pd. 

Surr. JT Dies dat^ i Reginald de Clijloh \ Auic de Wodeha 

de pt rre ad lu . vt pd. 

Digitized by 




Suntei. f Dies dat^ est fVall de Stilton . poito lo . Rob Jit 
Joh \ Turstan clico de Jakest de pl movi adven^ justic in . ptib^ itt pce 

Kent. JT Sim de Emench po . lo . suo Witt clicum suu 

vsus Rob de Einesbroc de pt rre . ad lu . 
vl pd. 

Essex\ jf Afebissa de B^king" po . lo . suo Reginald de 

Fontib} vsus Ric f* Witti de pt marisci 1 vsus 
Godiva de pt recog . de m aiicess ad luc 
vl pd. 

Dorset. jf Rog^ d Mortuo Mari . po . lo . suo Rad Capttan 
suii vs^ EudonS Martett de pt ultim psntacois 
p* ad ecctiam de Stipelwiniburn.zdi luc.vt 
p . cora . G.Jit Pet\ 

BCif: f I^ies dat^ t Lep^^sis de JTtf* \ Alan de Boxe de 

pt regnicois duar ac*rii p*ti . a die Lune px^ 
jpfestu . 5*. Joh an Porta Latind . in rv. dies p 

Warewic. ^ Dies dat^ t Robft \\Raine . 1 Hug* de Loges . 1 
Marg' ui.sue de pt.ij. virg rre in Cesfton 
a die Sci . Mich in un mensem pce ptiii. 

jf Ornes assiseptifi ad Com de Aubemar\ ad hoies 
tsuo q* sut in svico Dni Ducis . poiit'^ in respcm 
sn die. Dum ipe Com 1 hoTes ffint in §vico 
suo ult* mar. 

E^j\ Loqla inr Witt de BlUvitt 1 Ric de Engayh . 1 ux 

ej^ de . iiij. ti rre in Sterleshey . po' in respcni 
usq^ ad fadvend Dni Ducis in Angt p bre ipi^ 
Ducis de ult*^ mar 1 p bre . G. ft PetK Et 
demada q exigit' ab ipo Ric de deb dni Reg 
similit po' in respcm usq^ adfesl Sci . Mich p 
p^dca bria. 

Y 3 

Digitized by 




jf Rog^ de Mortuo Mar petiit cur sua de loqla q t 
inr Joh de Bramton \ Marg" de WBocton . de 
?ra de WKinleb ad hora cora G.Jit Be^. T* bn 


Utf! Assisa vefi repnosSe si Witkjil WaXkelxn inj^te 

\ sfi judo dissaisivit Hv^ Noel . de libo tefi 
suo in KenUtoh. f Jurator dfit qd WiUs ita 
niTa. dissaisiv eii. f Jud Hug" in mia p flo clam. 

Midelsex\ f Ass vefi regnosSe si Ailward WltPoonis . 1 BSc 
^luvonis \ Joh Lefstan .^ Gunild vidua inj^te 
\ sfi judo levaverl q^dda fossat in Kingesbi p^ 
scdam corofi dni Pr . ad nocumtu libi tenem 
GiUebr de Caxle^. jf Jurator dnt qd pdS « ita 
levavert tforssal illd f Jud fossal psPnat' 1 
alii in mia. 

Bed^! iT Abbas de Wardeh ponit . lo • suo . Hu^ MonaS 
suii ^s^ fli^ Wac .\ Matitt ux ej^ \ JoKem 
de Builli \ CeciUam ux sua de pt advois 
eccJie de Warduh ad luc vl p. 

Midlescj^. f Ass de mort aficessoris inr GUkhrJitGunl petfi. 
\ Martih de Bratoh tefi . de dim hyd t^re cu 
ptin in Henduh pon' in respcm usq^ m ocl S'. 
Thtitatis pce ptiu 1t tc vefi ass . 1 pcepl t 
WitiO fit Othonis qd hat tc ipm GiUebr ad 
vidndu . si t inf • etate an no. 

Kantebr. jf Pcf^nitt de Mortuo Mar po.loc suo WaU fU 
Rob vs^ Roglm del Ech . de pl dotis ad luc 
vl p. 

Kantehr, f Regih fit Alur Michfit Orgar . ||Em . missi cii 
bri vic ad testificand ut*^ Absoio fit Absoloms 
llqd fuit * Witli Arch in Kantebr . an . E^nard 
Grim lltefiat illd in dnico dfit qd Absolon ChoUe 
pat Absoionis . tenuit illd de B*nard Grim in 

Digitized by 



feod 1 hedit 1 p^ morte ipi^ Absolonis ^nard 
Grim inf^sit se in tram illa 1 ten} se int^.lt 
hoc id testat^ p iq^sicoem iii fcam in com 
p vic. 

Botelani. ^ Abbas de Westm pet p plevina a die Pasch in . 
iff. sepl advoem captte de Epping* q capl 
fuit in man dni Pr. 

Warrof. f Vic significav qd cep in man dili Pr . dim hyd 
rre cii ptifi in Ceshoh . qua Robjit WReine . \ 
Gundr ux ej^. 1 JuUan . clamat vs^ Hug^ de 
Loges . 1 Mar^ ux ej^ p eo^ defcu xn c^stih 
Sci Mathe Apti. 

Norh. JT Juliah de Burgauitt posuit lo2 suo cora . G.Jit 

Pe^ Philipp de Oxedoh virii suu vs^ Henr de 
Pinkeh de pl advois eccKe de \\Aude6i. T 

Lac. ff Dies dat^ est Wittd de WRidemare posito loco 

Com de JPeres 1 Hospitat de pl rre . a die 
5* Mich in . rv. dies pce ptium. 

£^ig. JT Dies dat^ est eid Wittd t Hv^ de Seile de pt 

rre ad eund rminum p^ce ptiumlt innm hant 
licencia concord. 

Ebof. (f Magr Greg^ poit^ loco Epi DuneVh . op ; se . iiij. 

die vsus Ric de Emhench . de pt . ij. carruc ?re 
c ptinenc in Skipwic !\ Ric ii ve . vl se ess .1 
huit die p esson suu a die Pasch in . an). dies. 
f Jud . rra illa capiat' in manii diii Reg . 15. 
1 Ric sumoeat' q sit apd Westin a die S* Mich 
in . av. dies ap Westm in responsur^. 

Nar/* f Matild q fuit uxor Alah de Hindringh . po . lo . s uo 

JBic de \\Wilethon vsus Epm Norewic 1 Porem 
deNorewSiPetr de Mantoh "^Rog^de BUingh. 

Y 4 

Digitized by 



"i Radjil Theob.\ fVittaPirlhog' de pt 
lu . vt pd. 

Hunted. ir Dies dat^ t Witto de Stiltoh poito \o.Rob fi 
Joh . \ Turstan Clico de ^Joket de pt magne 
assise . in adventu justic pce ptium. 

Ucitf.' jf Ass ve . re . si Azor pr Joh fuit saisit^ i d&ico 

suo ut de feodo die q* obiit . de . xij. acf rre 
1 • i. mesag in Torpt . Hc . 1 Witt de Mora q* 
tra illam tenet . dic q ass n debet ifi fi . q*a 
tenet tra iila de dono Com Witti . cP carta ipe 
ostend . \ vocat iil ad warantu . Gaufr JH 
Gaufr, . • q* debet ei Pra illa warantizare . q*a 
in carta continet' . q id Com \ bedes sui 

debent ei tra \ liedib} suis 9* oi 

hoies. jf Ass recessit p licenc ad sumonem. 
jf Dies dat^ t eis in ocl S Thul . ad aud 
jud suu. 

Esscd'. jf Sarra de Cotes po . lo . suo Reginald de Roinges 
vt Samson de Cotes v^sus Witt Lieuel de pl 
ad lu . vt pd. 

m. 15. 
Hunted. ^ 0*s ass q ptinet ad diSm Canl vt ad bailliv suos 
vt ad wardas suas \ pcipue assis de WStottoh 
conting Ric f^ Nigelli Baffi Diii Canl ponr in 
respect usq^ in c^stin S" Thiil p bre Dili 

Bcdrf: jf Ass de nova dissaisiil inr Sim de BeUo Campo 
petenl 1 Priore de \\Letton dissaisiatore de coi 
pastura pdci Sim in Lichet ponr in re^ed 
usq^ in ocl Tnil p defectu rec 1 id dies dat^ 
f rec q* venJunt in banco . \ ceri atacEi. 

Suff: JT Waffus fit Witti ven in cur . 1 cep homag WiUi. 

J' Gileb deColeuitt de tra sua de \\Faulhd\ 

Digitized by 




cognov rram illam ee jus suii 1t hed ipius 

Norlkt. f Loqla int P'orem de SimpUngh 1t Com Dd de 

ecctia de ^Datlinton . \ Henr de Armters de 
pt divisar ponr in respecl usq^ in.arv. diesf^ 
/• S* Joh Baple p bre . G.Jil PetK 

Cantebr. jT Ass^si JVall de Brumford injuste 1 sn 

judico diss Lepsos de Stiebrig^ de libo tenemto 

suo in Cumbtoh inf* ass, jf Jur dicl q ita 

dissaisiv eos. jf Jud . Lepsi hant iii saisina 

mia. sua \ WaU in mia. Dampnu t dim marS. 

Stiff: ^ Dies dat^ est Abbi de Sco Edmdo p Rob de 

Wodeford . \ Magrm " Gileb'* poitos lo • suo .1 
Senesc Epi EUens de pt libtal in ocl S" Tnil. 
jf Id dies dat^ est Osb de Wacheshd. 

Suff* jf Magna ass inr Emma de Cantelou pel 1t Add 

Cokerett de rra de Bukeshatt ponr in respectii 
usq^ ^in . arv. dies^ in ocl S* Trinit p defectu 

jf Magna ass ve . re . si Wido de WOue tenes hat 
majus jus tenendi . ij. virg rre c ptinenl in cur 
d Baldrjit Baldr q* illas clam vsus eum p 
bre de recto . an BaldruP in dnico. jf Jur 
dicl qd Wido maj^ jus * tenendi rra illam de 
eo • q' BaldricP in ddico. jf Jud . Wido teneat 
in pace 1t Batdr in mia p falso clam .1t cep 
homag Widon in in cur. 

Norh. JT Ass de nova diss . inr Witt f^ Sim petente . \ 

EUamJit Magri Oggli tenente . de lib te . suo 
in Houton. Quia Elias dic q recupavit in 
saisina cora justic itinlantib} ap Norh.s. 
Archid Eliens H Osb fit Hervei \ soc suis 
9sus Matitd de WHottoh . p cirog*ph q pf t ifi 



5 y 

Digitized by 





fcm . q h testat'. f Dies dat^ t eis in c^stin 
Asces . \ Witt hat bre ad sumonend' ipam 
Matild q sit apd Westm . tc ostesura q*re fec 
fine de tra q* ii hiiit . n* in custod c ipo WUto. 
ut Witt dic. 

JT Dies dat^ t Rob de S^lAudoen . 1 ♦ Gubaudde pT . 
X. solid §vic in Sandon .a die S^ Trinii in . jv» 
dies 1 inrim licenc hant concord. 

f Ass . de • m . aficess inP Rob f* Gerard\ Matild 
de Aldha \ Nichot fit suii de • xx. acr tre c 
ptinenl in ^Laneha ponr in . respectu us% in . 
ocl S* Trinil p defecl recogn . quia Hug^f* 
Hu^ esson se p Witt.\ Johs de Hecham^ p 
Roh. jf Id dies dat^ est eis p essofi suos 1 
Robjit Itsabett q n . ve • vl se esson attac^ qd 
tc sit ibi . \ id dies dat^ t rec qui venliit in 
banco . \ pcepl est vic q faciat tot recognil 
venire q^n ass remaneat . \ Matild pofi in lo. 
suo Nichot fit suii ad lu . vt pd. 

Dorset. JT ^^^ Martett pon lo . suo FromUdu cticum vsus 
Rog* de Mortuo Mari de pt ultime psenta- 
tiois ad ecctam de Winibumeton. 

Norf.' f Assis ve re . si Wall de Wirha .1 Gileb ho ipi^.1 

Witt de Sutorp \ GeraldP de Huhno t Wittde 
Fincebt . \ Wittsjit Witti injuste T: sn judico 
diss Rog' \ MartinU .1 Wittf WitUf Ysabel 
"^*"* de • ti . te . suo in Wirha p^ scdam coron Dfii 

^. Jur diciit q ipa ita dissaisiv eos • Jud . Rog' 
1 Martiri 1 Witt hant iri saisina . 1 ipa in mia 
p diss . dampn j. marc. 

Cantebr. ff ReginaldP de Seford poit^ lo • Sibilt de EscaJ \ 
Matild q fuit ux . StepJii Canuti . concord s! de 
pt dol ipi^ Matild q^ ipa petierat vsus ipam 

Digitized by 



SibiUam . p sic qd ipa Sibilla redd ipi Matild 
dote suam de rra q fuit Steph viri sui in Seford. 
\ ipa Matild . dedit ei fiS . xl . s. 

Hunted. f Dies dat^ t Priori de S" Neoto \ Rob Engame . 
de pT advocois eccte de Waresleia . in c^stin 
Asc Dni . Pce ptium. 

Kent. f MagB ass . in? Hug' de Bosco . \ Margarel 

uxore ej^ petentes . 1 WUt de Saldf tenente 
de feod dim milil cum ptinenc in Silford ponr 
in respectu usq^ in c^stin S* Thul p defectu 
rec . quia Add de WCumtg* . i . rec ess . se p Rob 
de WDun . Petr de WRutett p Wittm . Ric de 
Wabanl p Gatifr . Fulco Pentesch p Gileb 
Pilet . Ric de B'go p Greg'. WaU de Doure p 
Sinl.Hug^ de Eu!e p fid ad eund 
?mi£i. ff Id dies dat^ est cefts q* veflut in 

I^or/.' f Dies dat^ t Hug' de Bosco 1 Olivio de pl catal- 

lor in (^stin S* Thtil ^ce ptium. 

Linc. f Dies dat^ t Ales' de Pointon 1 WOtd JitRob.1 

Alard Ruffb de pt ^i2 1 homag .a die S' 
Trinil in . av. dies. AlardP poii ifi lo • suo 
Clemtem filiu suu ad lu • vt pd. 

JT Dies dat^ t Alardo Rujffb 1 WittoJitRob de pt 
^vic 1 Ham a die S^ Tnit in . rv. dies p 
^cepta . G.Jit Pet^. 

Iforf! JT Ass de in antec inr Hu^Jit Gensi petente.1 

Ahoih BaibuUoc .\ Gileb de WB'ton 1 WBrithriu' 

de Broketoh tenenl. de. xx. acf rre cum ptin 

in Buketoh remanet . q*a ipa Brictiua ven \ 

f diS q illd qd tenet de ?ra illa tenet in dote sua 

' 1 qd illdq tenet de ?ra illa tenet in dote sua %^ 

Digitized by 



ei ded fr p!dci Hu^ . \ nict 13 clam . 1 Hug' 
ti id congB. 

- : . • r Bed^x de B^destapt pon . lo . suo Ric ffl suu vsus 

Magrm Alejf de pt advocois eccTe de B^destapt 
ad lu . vt pd*. 

r Ro^ jn Witti . 1 Goslan^ de Stowe poiti f8ut p 
vad 1 pt adee apd Westm . a die Pasch in . 
iij. sepl . ostensuri q*re n vefliit af S* H'd(^ 
in . a:v. dies qui debuut testificasse cum Gatffr 
de WColumben ||3 die ei posSut n ve . vl se essofi . 
\ pt Goslan fSut Wall de Halla Holdat^ de 
Askebi . pt WittiJitGaufr Rad de Norf. Witt 
Auche . 1t ipe Witt essofl se p Wibtumjit Rob . 
pl Rog' f Witti sl . RiZfit Rob . 1 Alej^ 
Brekespe . n*' pt eo? ii ve . vt se esso&. 

f Jud . attach p meliores pt .1 p*mi pleg sumoeant' 
in ocl S* Trinif iii resposur. f Ict dies dat^t 
Wittfit Gaufr p essoft suu. 

^K/ild. f Joh Mauduit po . lo. suo . Henr Captlanu suii 

vsus Gerardde Maug^nei de pt advocois eccte 
de Audrington . ad luc*. vt pd. 

SoiHi. f Ass in? Ranulff* Lambti pel 1t Ricf Hubti de 

m . anc de . ij. virg rre c ptinenl in Muleton 
remanet quia Ric q^ tenes est infra etate t. 

v^^^ jf Thom de Recheford. iiij. die vsus Hu^ 

de Plugenei . 1 ipe fl ve . vt se essofi . Jud . 
atact qd sit apd Westm in ocl S* Trinit ifi 

V K f Jo^ Mauduit iiij. die • ^ iiij.^ v^sus Ge- 

rard de\\Mang*nei de pt ultime psent eccte de 
WAudrington . 1 ipe n ve . vt se esson . Jud . 
GerartP irm siimdeat' q sit apd Westm i 

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Google j 


oct Sr Trinil ifi ||responsuri • \ Wittjit Joh . \ 
Rob Jit Reginalct. Hug* de Rode.\ Seier de 
Taiton . Rob de Winbuitt. Ric de Dunhag^ rec 
in :^ n ve . vt se esson . attacli q tc sit ibi . Id* 
dies dat^ t ceris q' ve . T: aliis p esson suos^ 

Norh. JT Steph de Clai iiij. die vsus Rob de Mus- 

chans de pl vad rre qd f uit WUti de S^ G^man 
1 ipe ii . ve . vt se esson. (f Jud atach q sit 
apd Westm af S* T^nil in . jcv. dies. 

♦♦• f Ries Hospitat Jertm iiij. die 9sus Witt 
de Wdumton de pt . i^. virg tre c ptin in Upping* 
ham . \ ipe n ve . vT se essoii .1 sumo testal 
fiiit Jud . rra capiatur in mafi . dni Jt 15 .Tb 
Witt sum5eat' q sit ap Westm in c^stin S* 
Trinii \n respSsur^. 


HurUed. jf Ass de m . afic . de • ij . virg rre \ dim cum ptin 
in Adelington inr PhilippUjit JfOane petente . 
1t Gileb de Linton \ Matild fitam sua . \ Wittm 
virii ejusd Matild tenentes ponr in respecl . 
usQj in ocl 5* TVim/.quia ipe Gilebl Witt 
vemut \ vocaPut ifi ad warant A^m de 
Ramesia .\ t8 hant. (T Id dies dat^ t omib} rec 
in banco. Witt hl bre \ noia reS. 

Kent. jf Dies dat^ t Witt de BadelesfSe .\ Witt de Siuete^ 

don de pt rre . in . ocl 5* Thiil p^ce ptium. 

H^tj: JT Ass . ve . re . si Rob pr Witti Franci fuit saisit^ 

in dfiico suo ut de feod . de • viij. acr rre cii 
ptinenl in Gedelestan die q* Q* 
Vram Wittsjit Godejr tenet . t Wittjit Godjr 
ven \ vocat in ad waranl . G.Jit Gaijr llede 
fit Witti . Com de Mandevitt . \ pdux carta 

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in Joh de la RokeUa de dono illius .\ cofir- 
mati5em Com WUti q* fuit tes ejusd JoK 
ut Witt die. ^ Dies dat^ t eis in oci S' 
Thiil ad aud Jud suu.t ass remaneat donec 

Dorset. jf Bx)g^ de Mortuo Mari • op . se • iiij. die vsus 
Eudon Martett de pt ultime psent eccte de 
Winfburn 1 vic ii misit bre in . n'' rec in ve- 
nlut vt esson . 1 ido considatu t q Rog' hat 
bre ad vic q faciat venire assisam illam m . 
oct S* Trinil . \ tc ibi hat bre T; respond qr S 
misit br a die Pasch in . uj. sepl *\ hat ibi n5ia 

ff Dies dat^ t Sim Luuet \ Rad de Langetot de p! 
tre in ocl S^ Trinil . 1 intim fiat visus. 

(f Emma de Ribi.op . se . iiij. die v^sus Rod de 
Burum de pt magn ass de • iiij. carr tre c 
ptinenlE in Ribi.lipe se esson.1 
fuit petes • Judm. ^ Ipa eat q*eta 1 Rob in 
mia p defalta sua. 

NorfL jf Susanna q fuit ux Rog* de CoUntr • op . se . iiij. 

die . v^sus Basil custod ?re 1 Hed WAiliddeOh 
Untr . ^ \ ipa Basit fi ve • vt se ess ^ de pt 
ronabit dol sue . de libo tenemto q fuit ipi^ 
Rogli q^nda viri sui in CoUntr . 1 ipa Basit 5 . 
ve . vt se esso!l . 1 sumo testal fuit f Jud 
tcia ps . i^. virg tre q fuit ipi^ Rogli in 
CoUntr capiat' in manu dni Jt 12 . 1 ipa Basit 
sum5eat' q sit apd Westm in ocl S^ T^ iS 
respons . 1 Susann pon lo . suo . Steph clicum 
suii . ad lu • vl pd. 

Essej^. ff Dies dat^ t Rob de \\B'ner . 1 Simjil Siin . de pt . 

iiij. ti . q's Sim Jil Sim c5ce8sit Rad d ^BrnHes 




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c YsabettSisi sua m.ocl ST Trinil.\ ipe Sim 
concessit ipi Rad xl. sot reddit^ de manlio de 
Ginges . ad pficiend . iiij. libr pdcas . uii 
moniales de Clerkenewett hnt xx. solid ex 
dono ipi^ Sim • q°s ipe Siin cognov q ded cici^ 
Ysahett fil sue . xx. solid reddit^ q* m5ialib} 
pdcis . 1 intim faciat pdce Sim q*ntu predcar 

Essex\ JT Ass . de . m . antec . in? Gayfr de CotesSt Mabilid 
ux • ej^.1 Sarrd sorore sua petenl 1 WittLuvett 
tenenl . ponr in . respecl in . ro. dies p^ f* S* 
lyinil quia Witt Lutcett vocav in ad waranl 
Radjit Rann hat eum ad pdcm ?minu. Null^ 
reS ve . vl se esson [pp] Ro^ Munwod q* se 
esson p Martin. Ce?i atach q tS sint ibi . ad 
faciend ass . qr noia Witt d Bukingh hl cum 

H^tf.' jf Ric f Evlard. op . se . iiij. die . v^sus Martintt de 

Bercqueia de pl le gis vadiat e . \ Martin^ fi • 

ve . vt se esson . "X fuit petes. jf Jud • Ric . 

ffi. eat iii sii die . 1 Martm^ in mia . quia fl 


Hefort. f Witt de Mara iiij. die vsus Eustach de 
BasVvitt de pt ppsture \ Eustach no ve . 
vt se esso& \ sumo testata fuit ff JuS 
Eustach atacti q sit apd Westm a festo Joh 
Bapl in . arv. dies iH responsur • 1; vic tc hat 
p^mum bre p qd placitii fuit mol in comitatu^ 

Norhamt. JT Prior de War iiij. die 9sus Com Cestr 
de pl consuetud 1 svic . \ Com n5 ve . vt se 
essofi . 1 fuit petes. f Jud . Prior eat ifl 
sa die . 1 Com hat tale recupare q*le hre 

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Norf: jf Henr del Frith • op . se . iiij. die vsus Petr frem 

suu de pt finis f 2i in cur p cirog*pt . 1 ipe fi . 
ve . vl se esso& . 1 sum testal fuit jf Jud 
ponat' p vad \ salv pleg q sit in ocl S. Trvnii 
apd Westm in responsur^. 

GUmc. 9[ AMi de Persora po . lo • suo Hug^ Porcariu vsus 

WHtde B*ceslaiSl vim sua de pT injurie s* fce . 
ad lu . vl pd. 

Sumiser. f Thom de Rochej^ jpo . lo . Reginald de Albemwr . iiij. die vs^ Pagan d Waltd q* se ess d 
in . lecl a die S^ Hilar in . xv. dies .1 visus ifl S 
fuit fcs n*^ testificat^. T: vic n misit bre illd 
de pl tre .1 ipe fi ve . vl se esson. jf Jud. 
Thom hat bre ad vic q faciat iii fi visum . \ q 
sit apd Westm in ocl S* Trinil . ostensur^ q*re 
fi fec fi in visum n*^ testificari sic ei p^cepl 
fuit .\ qd tc ibi hat noia visorum 1 bre de 
visu illo. 

Bedef: (T Vic significav q cep in mafi dni Jt . ij. virgal tre 
cum ptinenl in Holm q*s Witt J^ Ric clam 
vsus Add f^ Yuon p defectu ipi^ Ade . die 
Jovis an Cathedr 5* Pet^ . p visum Sim de 
Holm \ Laur de Dunton. 

Comvt. Hug^ de BeUo Campo iiij . die 9sus MabiUa 

de pt feod.i. milil in B*narton.\ 
ipa n . ve . vt se esson 1 f uit petes . \ Hu^ 
eat in sii die. 

Cantebr. jf Hervei^ f^ Eusl . pel . iij. mesag vsus P^ore d 
B'newett cura ptin in Canteb sic jus suu 1 
^edil. fVitt SuppW vefi 1 defend jus siiu .1 
pel iii visum • hat visum jf dies dat^ t eis tf 
die S* Joh in . rv. dies . \ inrim fiat visus. 

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*i^' jf Magr Gileb po . lo . Afib de 5* Edmund. 

iiij. die vsus Humfrid d Kriketot de pl furcar 
injuste levatar ad suspend latrones 9* libtate 
5* Edmund.\ ipe n . ve . vt se esson. jf Jud . 
attacti q sit ap Westin in ocl 5* Triml . in 

♦ f Marg' q fuit ui Pe/* iiij. die . v^sus Sim 

f Pe^ d \\Wetemore de pt dotis de lito 

tenemto pdci Pet^ viri sui . 1 ipe Sim ii ve . vt 
se essoii. jf Jud . tercia ps de Wigemore 
capiat' in maii diii ^ .\q .\ Sim sumdeat' q 
sit ap Westin die Jov" pxim^ p^ f S TStil iii 
resposur^. ^ 

m. 16. 

Salc^. ^ Mar^ q fuit ux . Reginald de || Witemore 

iiij. die vsus Simjit PetKde pt dol sue in 
WWitemore . 'l ipe ii . ve . vt se esson . 1 sumo 
tesl fuit. jf Jud . tercia ps de || Wigemore 
capiat' in man^d^ drii l^. 1 Sim sumSeat' qd 
sit apd Westin die Jov* ga^ f f S^ Tnil iii 

Vorf: ^ Huf^ de II Winelefiei • iiij. die Psus Rog* 

CapttanU de pt . ^. solid . 1t iij. d. reddit^ d 
Buketoh \ ipe ii . ve . vt se essoii . \ sumo fuit 
testata. If Jud. attacli q sit apd Westffi in 
ocl S^ Thtit iii responsur^. 

Ebof. JT Dies dat^ f Joh de Lacett.l Sim de Lindon de pl 

Linc. ^ ? . m oct' S\ Tnil pce ptiu . 1 inPim hat lic 


iTor/: JT Coin Rog^ le Bigod iiij. die 9sus Hu^ 

Bigot de pt cIrog*pli recipiendi de fine f co in 
cur . \ ipe Hug^ ii , ve . vt se essoii . \ vic sig- 

ROT. CUR. Rio. z 

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nificav qd ii fuit invet^. jf Jud . Com hat bre 
ad vic ad Hattachiend eum q sit ap Westm a 
die S* Mich . in . iy. sepl ad recipiend cirog^B 

Bedef: jf Witt de Hocliue % Radfit Ric duo rec . de nova 
dissaisina araniata in? EUam cticum de (|flbc- 
ton pet . 1 Gregoriu Campiu . p q* ipe EBas 
recupavit saisina vsus ipm G*goriu . 1 un Greg^ 
qstus fuit q ipe Elias occupav plus de li^ 
tenemto suo in WHocton . q* ipe Elias recupavit 
p ass . t uii visus f cs ii fuit . dnt q fecuot 
visum . de . i. virg rre . 1 dim tofto c una domo 
in \\Hocton . 1 q iri ei p rec saisina dedunt.^l 
qd Elias occupav sup G^g' . i. virg rre in 
WHoctoii. uii ii feciit visum n^ dedunt ei saisina 
p rec . 1 hoc sign ||bre justic in banco . p bre 
suii sigillatu scd mandatu . G.fitPe^. f Con- 
sidatu f nElias sit in mia p injusta occupatide. 
1 qd G"^ hat in saisina . \ ut ipe EUas qrat 
bre vsus ipm G^g* . si voluit. 

Essex\ JT Dies dat^ est Robjit Amhros de Pindon 1 Hosptat 
de pl rre in Pendon in octab Sce Thul . p^ 

Kent. jf Dies dat^ est Simjit \\Alin petenti \ Ham PeSd 

in c^stino Ascensois \ ||itm fiet ptitio inr eos de 
duab^ ac^s rre c ptiii in Calleford sic cyrog*phu 
fcm inr eos testat*" 1t pticio illa significet' 
justic in banco . ad eiid rmiii . p ij. legal 
hoies q' inrfuerf ptoi .'l qd Sim 1 Hamo tc at 

Si47n\sete. jf HeUas Talebot petit vsus Afifeem de Forde feod. 
i^. mili! in Strete . 1 feod . i^. miUl in Etflei 
sicj^suiiT: heditate q* invadiavat Judeis . 1 

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q* . Maths Oisel cuj^ filia hl aq^etav de Jud . 1 
uii id Mat?is fuit saisit^ qii arripuit iV v^sus 
Jertm . 1t q* . t*didit pdco Elie [sic illa de 
q* Gaufr pr ej^ se dimiserat] . q* ipe ei 
deforciat ut dicit.T; in q* int^^sit se [ij^te] 
du fuit in pegrinacoe sua . Abbas ^dicit^ 
venit 1 defendit jus suii 1 dic qd " Gaufr 
Talebot^^ pa? predci EUe vendidit et ^cessit 
predcm feod de Strete eccTie de Forde . \ 
qn huerl iii saisina venit Ric de Lisewis \ 
inplacitavit Afibem \ Conventu de Forde. 
Ita qd Afibs vocavit inde ad warantu, predcm 
''GaufPW itaqd ''Gatifr[\EUasy' ||veSiit 
in curiam \ warantizaviit Afibi illa tram [apd 
Westm] \ posuit se in magna ass dfii Reg . 
p q* . predcs [Ric'] recupav saisina versus 
ipos \Witts ''\Elia.'' Et q«a ipe ''GaufP' 
debuit [ira] illa ipi AHii warantizare urt eum 
vocavat \ q* amisat p illa ass. " Id Att) p 
carta ipi^ Gaufr . q* hiiit" f i^ milil^ [\ p 
record cur Reg . 1t p jud cur Coiii J. recupav 
feod . i. milil.] in Hetfeld [i Escambiii de 
Strete'] \ ita tenent feod de Hetfeld 1 hiit 
\ dicit [ptea] qd Afibs \ Convent^. de Forde 
e^unt [p^ea de pdco iWc] predcm feod de 
Sfte p^q . recuperavit tra illa p ipam ass . . . 
Helias dic q" Gaufr** pr suu^ posuit se in 
magna as§ vsus ipm Ric . in curia diii Reg 
1: qd asisa illa siimonita fuit in curia ComiS 
Johis \ qd asisa no fuit ibi capta p defcu 
recognit . 'X qd Abbas vi 1 inj^te inf^it se in 
illd feod 1 petit qd ei allocef^ qd asisa illa no 
fuit ibi capta • in curia drii Reg. £t defendit 
qd magna ass n fuit iii in curia ita sumonita. 
Dies dat^ t eis ad aud jud suu l rv. dies jP 

Z 2 

Digitized by 





fesl SciJoh . Ateb pofi loco suo AIm^ de Hame 
in .\c. 

jf G.JitPet^ madav justic p Gayfr clicu de ImA 
qd RobJilPagan posuit cora se Rob de Wie 
sen suu [9sus] Radjit ''Rob** de xv m. arg 
1 de ij. eq*s de pcio iiij. marc . ad lu.vl 


Ada de Bedef. Mag Pef^s de Linton . Rii de 
Eulset testes in carta Henr de Pinkeni in q' 
continet' qd Her de Pinkeni fecit carta Frib^ 
Hospitat Jertm de oib^ rris q® fuerf Rob . s . 
qd predcs Henr tenet' aq^etare predcos Ffes 
de oib3 sclarib^ servitiis . q'' ad rras illas ptinet 
v^sus dnm feodi pt oes hoies] \ Henr pon ifi 
in loco suo Witt Marescatt. 

Middclsex\ jf Witt Jit Rann optulit se iiij. die vsus Witl de 
Crartford de pt de xxxyj. ac's rre c ptiS in 
WDangele \ ipe n venit vt se ess . 1 hiiit die in 
banco a die Sci Hylarii in iij. septim . 1 tiic 
posuit se in magna ass. Jud . tra illa capiaf 
in manu dfii Reg p def cu ej^.T: Witt sumoneaf 
q sit apd Westmins? in octab Sce T^tat^ 
auditurus jud suu. 

Bukingh. jT Ada WDrotog* poit^ loco Sim de BeUo Campo 

, optulit se iiij. die plac 

cataltlt ipe no vefi vt se ess 1t fuit petens . dies 

dat^ est eis a festo Sci Joh in xv. dies . ad 

audiendjud suu. 

Buktgha. if Quintin^ Talebot petit vsus Pore de Kirkehi 
regalia servicia de villa de ^Crqfioh . Por dicit 
q fi ht ?ra illa n' in c^todia p A^m 5« Nicol 

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de An^ q* capd est. jf Considat est qd 
querat bre vsus ipm Attm si voluit 

KtfU. jf Godefr Seredust \ Matitt uxor ej^ petiit vsus 

Xpiana q^ fuit uxor Witt xxxix ac*s tre cii ptiii 
in WNacindon in q*.n6 hl ing*ssum n* q*a predca 
Matitt ei ^misit ad rmifl • q^ p>?iit ut dicit. 
Et Nataneol poit^ loco X^ane venit \ dicit . q 
ipi nSm jus hiit in illa rra 4illa^ q^a predca 
Matitt anq* . vir hiiit vendidit . ♦/?? Odon \ ipi 
X^ane uxori ej^ tra illa . 1 dedit illam . 1 con- 
cessit tenere ilt T; tedib^ in ppetuu de illa ^ 
feedib^ suis 'X in carta eis fecit . q' ptulit q* hoc 
testat^^lhoc fcm fuit in CuriaT: [in] Halimot. 
diii \\Ecardi de \\Bleu . q* sigillu ej^ cii sigillo 
ipi^ikfa/i7?apposuit. Ow/iana defenditjus suii 
1 carta 1 vendicoem 1 cocessione . 1 dicit qd 
niiq* hiiit sigilt . 1 Godefr \ Matitt ponl se 
sup testes . q' continetur in carta illa \ X^ana 
similr. f Dies dat^ est eis a die Sci Johis Bapl 
in av. dies . T; ipi hant bre ad vic qd faciat 
siimonere Cur Ecardi predci 1t testes ipi^ carte 
q* viviit qd tiic sit ad testificand iB vitate. 

Oxoln. ^ JVitt de Eston optulit se iiij. die vs^ Rob de 

Eston de pt ix. hid tre c ptin in Estori \ 
ipe no ven vt se ess .1 siimonic . est testal . 
Jud terra capiaf^ in manu dfii Reg \c . 1t 
ipe Rob siim qd sit apd Westmins? a dit 
Sci Joh in av, dies m resposur^. 

VigofiL jf Marioria q fuit uX Pet^ opl se iiij. die v^s^ 

Sim Jit Pet^ de pl dotis. Et ipe no ven vl 

se ess.^l siimonic testata t Jud.rcia ps de 

Sutton capiaf^ in maii dni . Jtr . 1: dies lc . \ 

z 3 

Digitized by 



Sim sumoS qd sit apd Westm die Jovis f^ 
fesl Sce ThiitalAn resposur^. 

\\S. . .r. f Dies dat' Afibi Certeseie 1 AUc Jit Edmud de 
pt ass morl ancess • a die Sci Mich in ro. dies 
p mandat dni Cani. 

Norfi. jf Ric Abbas Cirencest^ ponit loco suo Mag fFilt 

cKc suii vsus Simon jit Sim de pl advocoe 

Glouc. eccte de WSurton . 1t \?s^ Arch Glouc de pl r . 

1t vsus Rann Prhrm ad lu . vt ad pd .1 hJ 
die \?sus Simjit WPet^ a die Sci fJoh^Joh 
in ro. dies . audit^^us jud X record. 

^«^- JT PhiUpp de \\Ardes pon lo . suo Jacob de ^Ardes 

9* Hospil de pt advocoe eccte ad lu . vt 
ad pd. 

Norf' jf Dies dat^ Pori Norwicl Witt f Roscet de pt 

de servit \ consuel a f^ . Sci Mich m m. 

Leic. jf Dies dat^ t Rad de Sco Maur 1 Wall de 

Foleuitt 1t Milon de Sco Maur aud jud sufi . 
a die Sci Mich in av. dies. 

Buk\ ^ Rob de Broc .Rad Jit Rog". Rob le Powr . 

Amald de Walda . iiij. milil missi ad videdu 
infirmil Rob de Pinkeni . q* ess vs^ Hu^ dc 

ydicet qd Hlaguid^ f 'l qd posuerl die 

ei a die Sci Martin in un ann 1 • i. die apd 
Turri Lond. 

Ciniebr. f Dies daf^ Pori de Bemewett .\ JoUJiXHu^ 
ad aud jud suii . de ass morl ancess de ultia 
psencoe . ad eccliam de Crauden . a die Sci 
Joh in av. dies . 1t ass t q^usq^ s&mon. 


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Stissej^. JT Henr Hose ponit loco suo Hug^ Hose . vt Rog' 
Capellan. vs^Al^m de iSarro * advocois eccte 
de t ad lu . vt pd. 

Buk". f Magna as§ in? Rod jil Baldric 1 Rob Jit 

Guiscard de . i. v*gal r . c ptin in \\Buri . ponr 
in respectii a die Sci Mich in ro. dies . 4q^^ 
Ric de V^noh ess se tp de ult* mare . p Hub . 
Witt \\Baiuet p Henr . Hug^ de Heureshat p 
Rob . Roglm jit Azur infinn^ t q testat*^ 
utq^ llptes . Hunfr Harang\ p Gileb . fVall de 
Haia p Thoffi. Ide dies dat' Rad Harang^. 
1 Hug* de WMahaines \ Witt de Brocton . \ 
Witt de Fraxin Rad Dorel . q* venfe . Watl 
de Futebroc ess se p Wittjit Hu^. 

Sussex\ jf Loq^la in? Hug^ Esturmi \ Nich de Trubevic . 
p' in resp usqjiw c^stiri Sce Thiil.p bre diii. 

Gaufr Peueret pon lo . suo Pef^ de Wett vs^ 
Decari \ Canon Gcest^. de pt advoc eccte ad 
lu.vt ad pd. 

WilT. f Loq*la in? Godefr de Sco Marl \ \\Waudriutt de 

Curcett de feodo Witt de Malel t in respectu . 
sfi die q^usq^ aliud precept fiat . p bre diii . 
J. dhi Angl. 

Bed. JT Gileb de Meperteshat pon lo . suo Thom CtiiP 

\?8^ Ric de Gtainvitt . \ Rad de Tm\ de pt 
?rar ad lu.vt pd. 

jg^, jf In ass de . m . aficess inr Ric jit Atic .1 Witt 

Norrensem . de xxx ac% ^ de ac's ^ rre 
c ptiii in WEstorp . remanet q*a testat' p jur 
qd ntlam hl ?ra in WEstorp. 
z 4 


Digitized by 



EsS. f Dies dat' Rad de Hastlges 1 Rdd de iCorTvctt 

t ux sue ad aud jud suu.a die Sci Micti 
in ro. dies. 

Bcd. f Alic Jit Mich pon lo . suo TFali de Stratle 9s^ 

Ada de Bed. de pl r . ad lu . vl pd. 

HV/l' f Ass vefi tde recog si Rob Jit Nigett diss WRad 

Batalt de litio ten suo . in Sebricteswrth 
inf* ass Jur dicl qd ita diss eii Rad tt 
saisina . Rob in mia. 

W^f- JT Godefr de Sco Marl pofi lo . suo . Fremtmd 

clicu vsus Atebissam de Will . de pt t . ad 
lu . vl pd 'l ipe pos&at ana Pet^ de Stane . 
1 eii m** deposuit:^ 1 \\Ham WCabus. 

ni.lG. dorB. 

H^ff.* jf Hug* de Digleswett petiit tra suam p plevina 

* de Tewing* die Ven]is pa^ ahf* S' DUstah q 
capta fuit in man dili Pr p ejus defectu vsus 
Jord d WTurrie. 

Htford. JT -ErfiS^ 1 Wlueua pon ioco suo Gervas f^ Reg\ 
vs^ Andr de Lake . de pl rec . ad lu . 
vl pd. 

Ebor. JT ff^i^ de Hunflgefeld \ Ysabel uxor ej^ ponl 

loco suo Witt de Curcun . vl Rog* de Friuitt 
9sus Witt de pl dol ad lu.vl 
pd . 1 ipa afia posuat Witt vir suii in q' 
transfretav jf Dies dat^ t eis . « (^stiii S*. 

Buk\ f Dies dat' Com David \ Sim de \\Guiz .\ WGuidoh 

fit Henf de pl nove diss . a die Sci JoAis 
in rv. dies . ide dies dat' re5. 

Suf.* jf Rog^ de Linsted . op . se . iiij . die • vsus Rog^ de 

^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Huntingfeld . de pl rec . de . m . ancess . d 
feod . i. milil c ptinent in Linsted • 1 ipe 3 . 
ve . vl se esi . n« aliq*s rec . n^ vic misit noia 
rec. Considatu t q Ro^ sumoeat' q sit apd 
Westm . a die S* Joh in . arv. dies . 1 vic t5 
hat noia rec . t respond q^re fi misit illa ad 
alium die. 

Ebof. f Urselt de Buc iiij. die v^sus \\Racin de 

Buc . de pl . vj. carr rre c ptinen? in ITtwett 
1 ipe se esson.l sumio test fuit . 
jf tra illa capiatur dfii ^ .1 dies . 
1c .\ ipe sumoeatur qd sit apd Westm . a die 
S* Joh in . XV. dies . ifi resposur^. 

Essejp\ ff Dies dat^ est Reginald senescaS Atfcisse de 

^'Aring^ posito lo.ejus.1 Ricf Witti de pl 
marisci a die Sci Joh in . av. dies p^ce ptium . 
nt intim hant licenc concord. 

Esse^. j Maur de Lond. iiij. die vsus Alulf de 

^Maleg^ffe de pl marisci de Radewrth . s . de 
pastura . C. oviu .1 de . C. ovib^ .1 ipe n ve . 
vl se esson .1 sumo tesl fuit f Jud. Alulf^ 
attacli qd sit apd Westm * Sce Thiit ifi re- 

Bedef. jf Witt jit Ric recupavit saisina 9sus Adam Jit 
Yvon . de . ij. virg t . c ptinenl in Holmo q 
capte fuut in man diii ^r . sn plevina . q^a 
Add fi servavit die sibi dal in banco. 

Huntei. ff Precept fuit Hug^ de Wigorn q teneat fine fcm 
in cur diii iiij. hid t . cum ptinenl 
in Upford.l \\Hudlebesleia in? ipm.1 Witt 
Dacum .1 Hug* ve .1t defend sviciii illum . 
1 cirog^pR .1 q numq* cirog*ph . i!l f cm fiiit 

Digitized by 



in cur dni Pr.1 in poS se.sup justic q* tc 
sedebant in banco 1 tes? t ||a justic q* tc 
intfuut q cirog*pBi illd f cm inr eos fuit in 
cur diii ^St io c5sidatum t q Hug^ capiatur. 
1 rra illa sit in man dni Pr.usq^ ad octab 
S* Trinil qii jud suii accipiet. 

Norf' jf AS) de Wautha iiij. die rsus jRic f* 

Daie . de . iij. acr rre c ptinenl in Geiste .1 
vsus Ham Jit Steingrim . de . iij. acr rre c 
ptiii in Geiste . 1 vsus Ketet f^ Godwiri . de . 
iij. acr rre in ead vitt 1 vsus Robjit Godrie. 
de . iij. acr rre . 1 \?sus Elueue fX Edward . 
de . i. acr . \ Estuild vidue . \ AUc vidue . 
de . iij. acr ?re 1 \?s^ Rob d Sudgal . de . i. 
acr rre .\ vsus Alan Capttanu . de . ij. acr 
rre .1 versus Witt cticum de . vj. acr M vsus 
Ascelinaftam Wartn . de . iiij. acr .1 vsus Rdb 
de Norton . de . ij. acr . 1 Ranulf* \\Gum . de . 
i. acr . \ vsus Alic q fuit . ux . WiW, . de . ij. 
acr . 1 \?sus Rob Mercal .1 Edith . de . iij. 
rod.1 v^sus Reginald Gerde dimid rod .1 
v^sus Wittf Godwin d dimid rod % \?sus Ed- 
mund \\Flam . Norm de dimid rod .1 " ipi S . 
ve . vl*' se esson .1 sumo tesl fuit f Jud. 
rre ille capiant' in . maS dfii Pr .1 dies cap!. 
Ic . T; ipi sumoeatur q sit apd Westm . a die 
S*. Joh in . XV. dies in respons. 

Norf.' jf Witt Pevlett.op . se.iiij. die vsus Mathm Pe- 

verett . de pl rec . de m . aScess . de . xl. sol 
reddit^ in Tudham . 1 ipe n . ve . vl se esson 
1 vic n misit noia rec . n* aliq*s eo^ veS. 
f Jud . Math sumdeatur q sit apd Westm m . 
ocl Sce Trinil ift respons . 1 vic hat tc ibi 

Digitized by 



noia rec Sl respondeat q^a fi huit ea ad alium 

Ltnc. jf Baldric le Angeuin iiij. die vsus Pore 

Andeg^ de pt recogn de m . aSc . de . iij. boval 
tre c ptinenc in Burton.\ ipe se 
esson. f Jud. Petir^ sumoeat'. q sit apd Westm 
a die 5*. Joh in . xv. dies audifus illam rec . \ 
Joh de Askebi.\ Gaufr Luuot \ Philipp^ 
de Pontop Rob de Askebi . Andr d Bulleburc . 
WaU de Birtorp . Mich d Askebi . WaU de 
Hauekebi . Siffi le M*le . Ada de KeUebi . Hu^ 
d Baketon . Ada de Niweton . Wittjit Eruis . 
WaUJit Ysabett. Wittjil Alured. Rog' Hird^ 
man . Rob Frost rec q* n^ veSiit vt se essofi . 
1 Witto Luuet q* vert q sit ad p>dcm tmifi ifi 

Essex^. f[ Umfrid Hasting' • op . se . iiij. die . vsus Eusl 

Fretepe de pl debiti .1 ipe ii . ve . vl se ess . 
\ fuit petes. jf Umfrid eat in sfi die. 

Waf. ^ Henr de Baixcrth posit^ . lo . Afcb de Abbendon 

pel vsus Radjit Wigain . i. hid tre c ptinenC 
in Hutt sic jus eccte de Abendon . 1 un eccta 
fuit saisita an gqstum Angl .1 tpr . H. Reg 
pns . 1 li offert pbare vsus eum p libos hoies 
suos considatioe cur . Rad ven . 1 defend jus 
♦ suii^ eccte.1 dicit qd tenet Pram illa de 
sgantia dm^.H. g felonia Rog* de Causton . 
1 iii ei fec carta sua q* ptulit 1 ^fmaconem . 
H. Reg pris . q* silr ptulit 1 q ita fuit escaeta 
d&i^.H. $ felonia Rog]i de Causton . pon se 
in magnam assisam dfli ^r . 1; utr id Rog* fuit 
ia seisit^ die q* fec illa felonia [1 si pdita fuit 

Digitized by 



p felon] Henr defend qd t^ra illa numq fiiit 
ipi^ Ro^i.\ qd eam p feloniam fi pdid.n* 
potuit teum pde . quia rra illa est adquisitio 
pdecessor A6b de Ahendoh. 

jf Dies dat^ t eis a jT S' Joh Baple in . xv. dies ad 
aud jud sun.\Radpon lo . suo Tharstanu frem 
ejus ad . lu . vt pd. 

Wigorn. f Margarel q fuit ux Pet^ iiij. die rsus 
Simf* Pet^ de pl dot 1 ipe il ve . vl se esson . 
1 sumo fuit tesL jf Jud rcia ps de StUton 
capiat' in maii dni ^. 'lcl \\Simid sum5eatur q 
sit apd Westm die Jovis p^ Scam Tnil. 

Surr. f Dies dat^ t Atebi de Certesie .1 Alicjir ^Osmdi 

de pl rec de . m . aficess .a die S". MicH in . jv. 
dies p mandal diii Canl. 

Nornr. f Ric Ateb de Cirencestr pon . lo . suo Magrm Witt 
cticu suu vsus Sim fil \\Sim de pl advocois eccte 

de t vsus Archid Glouc . de pT ?re 1 

9sus Ranulf* plbrm d pl ?re . ad lu . vl pd. 
f Dies dat^ t Sim Jit Sim .a die S* JoH Baple 
in . av. dies. ad aud jud 1 record suiL 

f Philipp^ de Hardres pofi lo . suo fsuo Jacob de 
Hardres vsus Hospil de pl advocois eccle ad 
lu . vl pd. 

Nor/: JT Dies dat^ t Pori de Norwic \ Wittf* Roscelia 

de pl svic 1 consuetud . d die Sci Mich m . ro. 
dies pce ptium. 

f Dies dat^ t Witto de \\Folevin\ M deSco 

Mauro ad aud record *l jud sufl a die S^ MicH 
in . av. dies. 


\ Digitized by VjOOQIC 







(T RobJitRad Radjit 

ad vidend . . 

f Dies dat^ t Priori Ae Enexvett .\ Joh Jit Hu^ 
ad aud record 1 jud suu de pl advocois eccle 
de WCraiLden . a die S* Joh in . aro. dies . \ ass 
remanet don* sumSeat'. 

f Henr Hose poft lo . suo Hitg^ Hose . vl Cfe- 
renbaut . vl ||JKo^m Capttanu vsus A^m de 
Sagio de pl advocois eccle de Herting^ ad lu . 
vl pd. 

jf Magna ass int' Robjit Baldr \ Rob WBustard. de 
. i. virg tre c ptinenl in WBrumton pon' in 
respecl usq^ adie S* Mich in av. dies . p defectu 
rec . quia Ric de Vemun . i. rec esson de ult* 
mare p Hub . Witt WFauuet p Henr . Hug^ de 
Hauiesha p Rob . Reginaldjit Azur infirm^ e . 
q p utrumq^ pte testatur Umfrid Hareng" p 
Gikb . WaJ$ de Haia p Thom. f Id dies dat^ 
est Rad HarengW Hug d WKaines .1 Witto d 
Bromton . 1 Wittd de Frarino . Rad Doret q^ 
venlut in banco . 1 WalfFuIebroc ess se p Witt 

f Loqla int Godefr de Sco Martin.l WWaudri- 
gis' de Curcet de feodo Wit& Malet ponr in 
respect sfi die q°us% aliud pcepl in fiat p 
pcep! Duc. 

f Dies dat^ t Rad de Hasting^. 1 Rad de Comhitt. 
\ uxori ejus ad aud jud suii a die S^Mich in 
. XV. dies. 

Digitized by 



Bedef: f -^^^ /* Micfi pon . lo . suo . WaJR de St^tlee ^sus 
Ada d Bedep. ad lu . vl pd. 

mford. jf Edith \ WWluiua pon! lo . suo G'vas Jit Regi- 
nald. vsus Andr de Lake de pt rec . ad lu • 
vt pd. 

HifoTt. JC Ass . ve . re . si . RohJitNigeUi injust \ sn judioo 

dissais \Ric Bataitt d libo tenemto suo in 

WSabrtcmrth infra ass. jf Jur dicl q iioft ita 

inia. diss eum. jf Jud i?ic hat saisina sua . *t i{o6 

i mia . Dapnii . ij. s. 

Susex\ jf Loqla in? Hug* Esturmi . 1 Nichot de Trubmc 

ponr in respect usq^ in c^stin S* Thiil . p bre . 
Gf PetK 

Suses\ jf Gaufr Peviett . pon lo . suo Petr de Welles . vsus 

Decanii 1 Canonic de Cicestr . de pl advoc 
eccte . ad lu . t pd. 

Essex\ jf Ass . de m . anl in? RicJitAUc . 1 WittNorhense. 

de . XXX. acr rre c ptinent in Estorp remanet 
quia tesl t qd nltam tram ht in Estorp. 

Eboy jf Witt de Huntingfeld . \ Ysabett ux . ejus po . lo . 

suo . Wittm Curcun . vt Rogim de Friuitt vsus 
Witt d Stuteuitt de pt dot ad lu . vt pd . 1 ipa 
p*^ pos8at Witt virum suii q* transfretaL 

Buk\ f Dies dat^ t Com Dd.\Sim de Guiz "t Godxcih 

Jit Henr de pt nove dissaisifi .a die S". Joh in . 
rv. dies. Id dies dat^ t rec in banco. 

Essex\ JT Vic signif q cep in manii dni p^. viij.acr rre c 

ptinent in Boliton die Jovis pa^ jp^ med x^ . 
p defectu Wittijit Wariii. 



V Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Esses. jf Joia de BoUton pon . lo . suo Wa^ de Colesh v^sus 

Alanu de Balun . de pl . vj. acr rre in WHaine . 
ad lu . vt pd. 

Kent. j Dies dat^ t Rog' \ Nichotjit Hug" petentib} . 1 

Thom WLango de pt assise . de m ancessor . a 
die Sci Joh in . xv. dies. jf Id dies datus e . 
rec in banco . p bre dSi Cantuar. 

NorfiT. f[ Witt WPiedef* in . mia q*a placil de ?ra Mich 

Jit Ric q* infra etate t desic ipe Witt n hiiit n*^ 
tenuit Pra illa t . cum eo q h£ in 

custod . \ Mich teneat rra illam sic tenuit 

B^csir. f Vic significavit q cep in manii dni Jt . i. acr rre 

c ptinenl . \ i. mesag in Walling^ . q EmeUn ^ 
fuit ux . Rob . clamat vsus Matild q fuit ux . 
Steph p ejus defectu .1 iij. solid reddit^ ibid . 
p defectu ilfir/iT^ q fuit ux. ^Steph^ Rad. q^s 
AUcJita Alwin clam vsus eam . die Vemis pa^ 
anf*S Valntini. 

Essej^. jT Loqla inr RicJitHamon . \ Witt Cumin .1 Grecid 

ux . ej^ de pt rre in SandeJ^ ponr in respectii 
usq^ in . ro. dies j^ Scam Trinii p bre . G. Jit 
Te^. 1 tc veniat ass. jf Id dies dat^ f omib^ 
rec in banco. 

Essesf. f JEXa ux . Witti de Marci ponit lo . suo Haih de 

Marci vsus Ric de MuTifichet . de pt . i. equi . 
\ . i. runcifi . q°s cep in castello de Angr . ad 
lu . vt pd. 

Linc. jf Ateb de Kirkested ponit lo . suo Sifh Monac 

suii vsus H^veiu de Horsenton.\ Henr de 
Langeton \ H*eb de Sco Quintino de pt r . ad 
lu . vt pd. 

Digitized by 



Bedef.* jf Ass ve . rec . si Hereward pr Magri Rad fiiit 
saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feod die q* obiit . de 
dimid virg ?re c ptinent in HolewettSt Standon. 
Ic.q* ?ram Witt de Pei^ponte .\ Mabit ui 
ejus tenet. Et Nichot dHolewell posit^ . lo. 
ipi^ Witti \ MaiiTveniutldicut qass n debet 
in fi . q*a Mabit nicli in ea clamat n* dote .1 
in vocat ad warant Steph de Holewett filiu viri 
sui. jf Hat waran? suu in ocl S^ Joh . 1 tc 
veniat ass. jf Id dies dat^ e . omib^ rec in 

WiUesif. ^ Loqla in? Rob de StoV 1 Witt de Hengef 
remanet s£l die usq^ in adventu Dvc in Angt* 
p pcep? Diic. 

Buk*. jf Emme de pi pon loco suo Witt filiu suu vsus Joh 

Morett de pl warantie rre \ vsus Rog* Waspaitt 
de pt relevii . ad lu . vl pd. 

Buk\ jf Loqd de assisa de . m . aiScessor q* WittBasset 

tulit vsus AUcJitam Witti . de . iij, virg rre 1 
dimid in Massewrth . quia ipa Alic vocav iil ad 
waranl fitm Rad Walhs . q* ven. jf Dies dat^ 
f eis a die S* Mich in . av. dies . t ass • rema- 
neat don^ sum5eatur. 

Wiltesir. JT Godefr de S^Martih poii lo . suo Fremdum cticum 
vsus Atebissam de Wiltoh de pt rre ad lu . vl 
pd . ^ ipe posuat p'^ Petr de Stanes \ m® eum 
amov.'^ WAmoh \(Camb. Dies dat^t eis a dieS" 
Mich in . aro. dies. Id dies dat^ t Sim Wac p 
esson . 1 Rog^ Waspaitt rec de eod qui ven . 1 
Rob^tRadde Winfburh. 

Bedef.' jf AsS de . m . ancess . inr Hu^* de Standeia petente • 


Digitized by 



\ Siffi le Guiz te . de dimicr hid . rre c ptinenl 
in Kemeston remanet . q^a testat est . qd Wido 
f r ejusd HiLg^ placitav Psus ipm Sim in cur 
dni Pr . 1 Sim disronavit vsus eum. 

Nwf: f Dies dat^ t Witto Pulein petenti . 1 GodardPoU 

lard de pl magne ^&l.a die S" Mich in . av. 
dies p>ce ptium. Id dies dat^ t Rob de Bolnel . 
\ WittJitBaldr . 1 Hamjit Bailhurt .\Werreis 
de Claha.\Gaufr Deskeling*.^ Thom Hamton 
p essoii suos . \ cetis q* venlut in banco . 1 
inrim hant licen5 concord. 

Oxcn. f Matildq fuit ux WaUJitRob po . lo . suo Gayfr 

WDerlet vl Ric deDerlee vsus Steph deWalecol. 
de pt . rre ad luc* . vT pd. 

Essex\ JT Ass llinPim Witt de Takele petente 1 ASiem de 

Colecestr i. virg c ptinenl in Takele 
de morte Eudon d Ambli avucli ipi^. n debet 
fi ut ipe AHJs dic. ^a ipe Wltt clamat ?ram 
illa ex pte sororis ipi^ Eudon . \ dic q ipe Eudo 
huit frs q^ ||debent ee ppinq^ores liedes iri . 
Witts dic q huit frem p^mogenit .1 ipe fuit dns 
ipi^ feod . 1 ipe Eudon tefl rram illa de eo . 1 
ipe ii potuit ee . in dns \ Res. A^s dic q 
ipe Eudo hvxt ptes fres . s . Witt Dambli . 1 
Rad Dambli. Dies dat^ t eis a f S Mich . 
in .av. dies ad audiend jud suu .1 ass rema- 

••• f Dies dat^ t At5bi de Westm.\ Witto de Bocland 
de pt ?re in WCherh^ . a die S* Joh in . ro. dies . 
pce ptiu jl^l inrim hnt licenS concord. 

Oxoti. f Dies dat^ t Witto de Porta petenti . 1 Witto 

Haren^ p S^ed qui op . se . ii tii posit^ loco 

ejus ad lu . vt pd vexacois in cur 

RoT. CuR. Reg. a a 

Digitized by 



xpianital . a die S" Mich in . ro. dies . 1 JViB 

Haren^ il ve . vl se essofi . \ WUt 

ii . ve . vl se essoii . Witt pel i8 jud. 

in.l7. dorS. 


Midebex'. jf Dies dat^ t ITfmld de Herlawe . 1 Wittd Jtt 
4suu^ suo de pt rre.a die S^ Joh in .jtc. 
dies . pce ptium . \ intim hant licenc con- 

Essei^. J Att> de Colecestr dix qd assisa n debet pcede q* 
Witt de Takele tulit vsus eum de morte EUe 
pris xij. acr tre.1 i. acf p*ti cum 
ptinenl in Takele . quia avus suus ded ecde 
5* Joh de Colecestr tra illa . \ carta sua ei in 
fec. q* Aftb ptulit q h testaf.l confirmatione 
carte EUe pris sui q illa donacione confinnat 
\ carta ipi^ Witti q ||c6ced oms donaddes avi 
1 pris sui f cas pdce eccle . T; si ass debet in fi 
ponit se sup jurata Witti de Hobri^. t alior 
legaliu hominu de ipo visneto . \ si Witt hoc 
cocede ||nol8it . ipe offt d!lo Regi . L marc 
argenl . ut hat de seniorib} \ legaliorib) hoib^ 
de ipo visneto ad facienda ipam ass. )f JFiff 
dic q ass !1 debet remanie p cartis p^dcis . \ p^ 
illam assisa desic bre loqt^ de saisina pns sui 
die q" obiit jT Dies dat^ t eis a die 5* Mich 
in.av. dies ad aud jud suu • '^ ass reman}. 

fftf.' jf Magna ass . ve . re . si Rob WEuthveg' petes hat 

maj^jus . in . i.virgtrecptinenlinjnr^/tf . an 
Thom WTutadebles q* tenes e.q* posuit se in. 
illam ass. Concordati sl. 

HUf: f Ass . ve . re . si WUt pr Ric fuit saisit^ in dnico 

Essex". suo ut de feod die q* obiit . de . iiij. acr tre c 

ptin in Midelton ."iZ.q^ ?ram Gileb Jit Ailnoth 

Digitized by 



(|tenet. jf Jur dicl q Witt obiit iii seisit^. 
jf Jud . Ric hat iiS sais. 

, . ./' f Ass . in? Witt.f Humjrid pel \ Askillu de Ches^ 

hitt. de . i. virg tre c ptinenl in Cheshitt remanet . 
\ Asketitt dix q a tenet ?ram illam n^ ad 
rminu de Philippo de Snaring' .\ ifi eum 
vocat ad warantu \ ipe Philipp ven . 'l R ||ve 
cognov. f Consiaatii t q qrat v^sus Philipp 
si volfiit. 

£^(/1' jf Dies datus est Rog*o Huscartt posito lo. Matild^ 

1 JoA Parmtar . de pl do? a die S" Joh in . 
iTi;. rfie^ 1 hl licenc concord. 

Beig^.' iT Witt de Botlesford po . lo . suo Wittm de Hesse 
v^sus Rad de Ho de pt ?re ad lu . vt pd. 

Buk\ JT Ass de . m . antec . in? Petr \\G*nun pel . 1 Joh 

Morett tenenl . de . i. hida tre c ptineni in 
Burkestatt ponr in . respectu usq^ in . av. dies 
ppf ^Mich p defectu rec . q*a Gileb de S" 
Fide essofi se p Martin 1 Waff d Fulebroc . p 
Witt. \ Witt de Bosc \ Rad de Fulebroc 1 Witt 
Frankelein . \ G^vasius de Wikendon . 1 Hug^ 
de Buketon . 1 H^eber^ de Wattoii . \ Mich de 
Ilford. Ivo Malet n . ve . vt se essofl. 
f Attachient' q tc sint ibi iii responsur. 
f Id dies dat^ t aliis q' venlut.l Witt de 
Hesse essoK se. 

Bcsir. f ly^Q^ A^^ ^ Gatifr Pecch ipeieT\\x\ Rog^ Jit Rad . 

\ Thom la Faite . 1 Hug^ Long^ tenentib} de 
pt magne assise . de . i. hid tre c ptinent in 
Ham7ne . a die S* Mich in . arv. dies p defectu 
rec . q*a Rob d Port Joh Jt Rob . Milo f 
Turold. Wittde Stanford. Thom de Hdefeld . 
Gilo de Pinkeni . Witt de Siflrewast . Hu^ /* 

A A 2 

Digitized by 



SiM n . ve . vT se esson. f Jud attacli q tc sit 
ibi apd Westm ifi responsur. Id dies dat^ 
t Thom f Ric q* se esson de ward3--«ua de 
Walingford p bre constabl . t Rob de Senecuri. 
1 WittPech.\ Sewale dHose. . . . q' veflut in 

Notingn. jf Matild fila Ric iiij. die v^sus RobJ* 
Rogii de pt falsital magfi ass . 1 ipe n . ve . vl 
se ess . 1 fuit poit^ p vad 1 pleg. jf Ponaf 
p meliores pT . \ p*mi pl sum5eant' q sint apd 
Westm . m ocl 5* Trinii. ostensur . q*re B Huiit 
eum ad die s^ poitum. 
m. 18. 

Kent* f RohelendP de Auerenges . Witt de ||5iren/5 . Hu^ 

de Dudington .JacofP de Hag^ missi p cur dSi 
Canl ad ferend record de loqla q fiiit inr Johm 
de Berges 1 Gilebi de B*ges . avunclm suu 
de . i. hida tre .1 iij. virgal c ptin in P^stoii. 
dict qd pdcs Johs de B^ges . clam pdcam tram 
vs^ eund Gilebt sicut j^ suii ita qd p clamiu 
' suu 1 resp5sum pdci Gilebti duett fuit vadial . 
\ arma? ad invice in . ita qdin campo p^ juraE 
dueltp consiliu amicor suo^ concordati sl in. 
p sic qd id Gilebert^ * tota pdcam rram ee jus 
% hedital ipius Johis . 1 illa ei reddidit . p xx. 
marc arg. Ita qd pdcs JoHs concessit pdco 
Gilebto tenere tota vita sua pdcam hid?re. 
ita q p^ decessu ipius Gileb pdca hida ?re 
rediit q'eta eid JoJii . \ hedib^ suis . 1 pdcs 
Gilbt ita ea tenuit . 1t p^ decessu ipius Gi^l . 
WFediua ui ipius JoMs . cepit saisina de pdca 
hid ?re sic dote sua uft Thom fX Wa^i . 
tulit ass de morte Watii pat*s sui q^ fuit fr 
pdci Gilbt . vsus ipam WFediud . q* in vocavit 
ad waranl Folcon WsforerU t Rob de WPaUC' 


Digitized by 



xbrthe liedes Jotiis viri sui . q* venerl \ dixerl 
q ass n deberet iii fi . q*a JoJis de B*ges 
c^ hedes ipi sl diroavit t?ra illa vsus Gilb avun- 
ctm ^suu^ ipius ^Joh.^Thom.i^ fine duelli 
in cuf dfii Canl.tpe Thom ArcR . % in vocavit 
p^dcam cuf . 1 Thom venit 1t dicit qd numq* 
duelt fuit cuf de pdca hid tre. 
immo de pdcis . iij. v*ga£ ?re . de P*ston . q*a 
illa hid no t de dnio dni Cani. q^ Joh de Sco 
Clerr tenuit feod illd de Witt de Mmkensi S\ 
Wittde diio Canl . 1t dic id Thom qd n5 clamat 
rra p Gilbl avunctm suu . immo p Wall 
pat*m suii . % cum inq'sil esset p justic qMf 
loq^^la illa venit in cuf dni Canl . desic Joh de 
Sco Claro 1 WiU de Munkenesi . fuerl dni de 
jpdca hid . inr ipm Joh de B*g€S . 1 ipm ArcR. 
dixerl pdci milites qd ipe Joh falsificavit cuf 
ipius Joh . \ p^ea ven in com 1 de com . in 
cuf dni Cani. Et Thom offt dno Regi . i. marS 
arg • ad habend iii inq^sicoem . de legat hoib^ 
pfie . si nuq* loq*la iila fuit in comil p defcu . 
comitat^ ad cuf dfii Canl. " f Dies dat^ t eis 
^ a die S* Joh in . av. dies ad aud jud suu." 

Linc. JT H^hert"^ de Sco Quintino petiit (?sus Att>em de 

Kirkebi . ij caruc rre 1 dim cii ptiii . in Time* 
lebi sic jus suu . Abbas veii t petiit in visii . 
hat visii. Dies dat^ est eis a die Sci Mich 1 
in?im fiat visus. 

Buk\ iT -AsS ven rec si Witt pf Rad fuit saisit^ in dflio 

suo • ut de feodo de dim hid tre c ptin • in 
WLapenne 15. Q*m ?ram Witt de Turuitt tenet 
Juf dicit.qd Witt ita obiit iii saisit^ 1 qd 
Rad ppinq*or hes ej^ sit . 1 dict qd ipe Witt 
1 aricessores ej^ tenuert illa rram libe usq^ . 
A A 3 

Digitized by 





m. 18. 

Sim u . 
ibi a])(l 
f TJioiii I 
WaUng I 

\ ivmi ■ 


f Matild 

se es 
p nu! 

JT Rolni 


ziiit^t in coBsuetud. 

r. s • in UDi ant^am an 

\ . ad cib suu . 1 car- 

mPerma . 1t . iij. scisuras 

l1. i. ad cibu dfiil 

, roedit q^libet anno xij. d . 

jf Dies dat^ t eis fl 

"~ ^. " f Cosidatu t qd nicfi 

tt» de recto si voluit*' 

. aenr pr Witt fuit saisit^ in 

^^jt reodo de vj acris tre ^cQ 

>t . in Mukketon die q* obiit. 

^ta tra Jo/l rfe -Bwrw tenet. 

^^^ ita ob saisit^ in. f Jud fFiff 

^ po . lo . suo Joh Flambard vsus 
VA • de pt finis facti . ad lu . 

iSandm]uitt apellatori .1 Gilbto 
C^cesf' de duello vadiato a dk 

f^ *^. 

_^ ,^Jk^ . i. hid ?re c ptifi in Hidecol 
^^^2. JteftpflW q* Wall de Morton vocav 
^^^ ^lTv^ auv^ pris sui fuit saisit^. a 
q^ ven ad conq*^sl illu \ Resmdd 
t jus suu . 1 dicit qd RoswaU 
mns sue . q* venit ad conq'stii 
Z^^ iUo Ipe fuit iii Hsasit^ .1 p^ eii 
^ sic de jure 1 feodo suo . 1 pofi 
i ass 1 petiit ifi fi recog . q's eoj^ 
^in t^ra illa . % Phitipp dicit q no 
magna ass • q^a st de uno stipite. 
Jlt$twald nuq^ iii tluit saisina . n' p 


Digfijized by 



Ballia ITvei avi patfs sui . q* fuit p*mogenit^ fr 
p^dci Restwald jf Dies dat^ t eis . a die S* Joh 
l . aro. dies ad aud jud suu • \ inrim hant 
licenc concord. 

f[ Matitt Banastfop . se . iiij. d[i]e vsus Ricjit \\Rog* 
\ Margerid ux ej^ . 1 Ro6 Stocf* poitii lo . 
eoru de pl porcione sororu.T; ipi no 
venert vl se ess . \ ||sl petentes. Jud. Matitt 
eat sn die.l: ipi hant qMe recupacoem iil 
habere debeant. 

Bed. JT Jordan^ Pev^el petiit rciam pte . i. hid tre cu 

ptin in Fiton. vsus Matitt q fuit ux . Ric de 

Fitton \ vsus Rob liede ipius Ric . in q* rram 

no hfit ing^ssum n* p pdcm Ric . q* cepit rram 

aia * Beat^ce q* cepit in ux . cii tra iUa . 'X p^ 

obit ipius Bea^cis obtinuit rra illa occaside q 

genuit ex Beat^ce fil q*nda q* silr obiit c mre 

sua scdm consuel regni.*! Matitt venit 1t 

dicit q Ric quonda vir ej^ fecit homag pdco 

Jordano de p^dca rra.T; nU clam in ea n* 

custoct p Ro6 fit ej^d Ric q* inf etal t % petit * 

etal pueri. jf ** CSsidatii t q Joh hat bre d 

" rec utriWc de \\Cumton pr Ro& ohiit iri saisit^ 

" ut d feod . *t si aliii ing^ssil huit in rra illa 

** q' p Beat^ciam p*ma 4kpx*m^ ux . q cep in 

" r ra illa. f[ T>ies dat^ e a die S. Joh t . av. 

" dies . ^ tc veniat assisa." 

ITief? JT Dies daf Pori de O^e Roheise 1t Hospitat de pl 

libtal in c^stino Sce Thiitai. 

Essex*. JT Leticia q fuit ux Ric de Calne petit . L. ac's Pre 

c ptia in Valde 9sus Ric de Caln q*s clam ee 
de roabiie dote sua q [eam] contingit de libo 
tenemto qd fuit pdci Ric quonda viri sui . \ 
ipa pduc in secta sufficiente q inrfuit despon- 

A A 4 

Digitized by 


Keni. fi Ass vei 


1: si 

358 ROTULI CirM ^ 

X. anos ari obit j: q. x. annis ailq» [ipa 

nesciut ut"m v pe saisit^ de rraiila.1 

Natat. \ iii ; ^ riiit saisit^ de tra illa 

riav feii di 7 ^mit . 1 in pducit testes 

in autupiiv iil Xt^ llat saisina sua.** 

dedit don f 

de pannai ^ua Radjit Joh . i. hid 9re c 

rf/e S' J( ^cxst jus suii 1 ^editate de q* 

cap p a ymceis avus pat*s sui [fiiit 

eodo tpr . H. Reg avi . T; die 1 

Et p^ eum Osmdus fil ipius 

' Osmdu descede debet Hm 

]P . ' cod esplecta iii ad valenl.x. sol 

, off diroare vsus eii p Rob dt 

le visul auditu.1t jussu pat*s.1 

^us T: Joh fuerf fres filii scT ffnardi. 

Wilt JT Savi tugenit^. JoZt junior . 'Tt Wall nat^ fiiit 

mog . \ Rad de Jb^ juniore . 1 p 

. Osmud:! Joh p^sedit Keditat suap 

o^ feod q*b3 ipe Joh servivit . . Rad 

Bk\ ir ' : eoUit jus suii . et saisina ipius Osm& 

•X bn cognoscit q OsmUdP 1 Joh fies 
X Joh rra illa pq^sivit 1 tcnuit.ut 
^^..t suQ. p servicio suo de capitali dno. 
iinio 1 die q° id . H. Rex auv^ obiit et 
,^^o\ regni ej^ fuit id Joh saisit^ de ?ra 
- ' ^m iJflwf fit ej^. 1 iii ponit se in magoa 
tc rec si. q*s eoji . maj^ jus hat in illa 
v:e jure 1 de ||tpe. f Dies dat^ t eisa 
ol^ m . XV. dies . ad aud record 1 jud 
uit Ucenc concord. 

^./ti i{ fuit ux Ade de Mandevitt pel vs^ 

4^ ^ Dicleswrth . i. v*gal ?re c ptifi in 

^ucW >AC illa q* Adam vir suus ei dedit.l 

^«KU^ est ad dote sua q eam contingit . 


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de libo tenemto qd fuit Ad q^nda viri sui • 
un ipe Ada fuit saisit^ die q^ ^am despon- 
savit Hug^ ven "X dicit qd no est Res Ade 
q* fuit vir suu^ n® debet ei dote faSe vl 
respddere sn waranto suo ut dicit. Consi- 
datu est ^t bre ad Knd waratii suu q^ t 
in custod Rod de Laweshett a die Sci Joh 
in XV. dies. 

Buk\ jf Wittjit Hug^ pel v^sus Regin de \\Baico . ix ac*8 

tre S ptifi in Bradewett. ut jus suii • 'X Regin defendit jus suu *t pel visii rre.Rat 
visii . dies dat^ t eis in av. dies ^ fesl Sci 
JoH .1t itim fiat visus. 

Buie. JT Ide Witt pel 9sus Ada jftt Witt xx. ac*s ?re 

cum ptiil in Bradewett ut jus suii 't Ada 
venit 1 defendit jus suii.1t vocat ifi ad 
waratu Witt Rote . sclt q'nda cive de Norh . 
hat waf suii a die Sci Joh i av. dies. 

jf Rog' [de2 Brai petit vsus Hug' de Brai iij ac^ 
?re c ptia in \\Lqfelde . q*s ipe invad Hug* 
patf ipius Hug^. ad rmifi qui poiit ut dicit . 
Hug^ defendit invadiacoem .'Tt dicit qd illa ^ 
?ra tenet in feod. Rog^ of ft Dno Dtu:i dim 
marc p hndo jural legaliu hoim de visil. 
uf^m feod ipi^ sit an vad ita invad .1 si 
?miii Priit.fcat bre 1t jur a die Sci Joh m 
av. dies . 1t tc veniat ass. 

Cantebr. AUc de Witle^ord opl se iiij. die vsus Rad de 

\Rappewrth de pt roabit dotis sue q eam 
c5tingit de ten qd fuit Math quonda viri 
sui . in Pappexvrth . 1 ipe no ven vl se esS . 
1t siimofi testata fuit. f Jud dim ps xx 
acrar rre cap in man dni Reg.ldies IS.I 


Oblac Dno 


Digitized by 



i^ Rad siimo!! qd ^it a die Sci Joli ki av. 
dies . in respds. 

Swr. jf Roheis de Cambrewett opl se iiij. die . * GatiP de 

Ticheseie de pt roab^ dol • q eam contingit 
de libo tenem qd fuit Witt Jit HeUe q^nda 
viri sui in Cambrewett ."X dos illa capta fuit 
in manu dni Reg \ dies dat^ fuit ei ad ee 
cora Jusl a die Pasch in . i. msem St tc no ven . 
1c. Considai t qd Rat dol sua . pcepl -§- vic 
q faciat fl 

Buk\ jf Precepl fuit Emme de Peri . qd waranl Joh 

Morett . i. hid rre c ptifl in Bvrkestatt • q* 
tenet \ de ea clam tenere . sic iUa q^* Lupelfi 
de Brai cP fies ipa est . dedit Rad Morelt 
cu fit sua in maritag. cujus ties ipe t. £t 
qd id Lupett ita dedit tram iUa in maritag. 
id Joh off pbare 1t diroare rsus eam p 
q^da hoiem suii . s . Ro6 de Walesgraue • vl 

^ p aliu sufficienL fVitt de Peri poit^ loco 

Emme mat^s sue defendit qd Lupett de Brai 
nu^ dedit rram illa in maritag Rod Morett. 
Tt dicit qd mat sua diroavit tram de Acle 
v^sus JVitt Basset ad ||q*.tra de Holewdt 
ptinet.T; qd nuq*.feffati fuerl pdecessores 
sui nisi p ablatores suos . 1t i!i po!i ^ sup 
jural pat*e.1 si h fi sufficit p RicCordefin. 
vl p Joh WB^tasche offt defede rsus eu. 
" jf Dies dat^ f eis a die S* Mich in . xv. dies 
" ad aud jud \ record suu iii.'' 

JT Sirh de Holewett pel vsus Rob [Jit'] Acelin. 
, , i. virg tre c ptin in Holewett . ut jus suii 

1 Rob veii t pel visu tre illi^. liat visii . 
dies dat^ f ei a die Sci Joh in av. dies. 

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Essex*. WaU de ^Cokha poit^ loco Joie q fuit ux Ltw 

de WDoUnton . ojH se iiij. die v^sus Mich 
WWfenar de pt vij. acrar rre c ptifi in Bolin- 
ton.\ rra capta fuit in manu dni Reg.T; 
retenta p xv. dies ita qd ntt^ Vra illa petiit. 
Considat t qd Kat saisina p defcu. 

BaJ^. JT Clemens poit^ [locoj Emeline mat*s sue pel 

vsus Matitt q fuit ux . Steph de Waligford. 
i. mesagiu % . i. ac*m rre in WaUgford . sic 
dol mat^s sue • un Rob vir suus ea dotavit . 
die q* ea desponsavit . 1 hoc offk diroare vsus 
eam. jf Matitt dicit q n*l clam in rra illa n* 
dol .*! custod Hu^ fil sui . q vocat ad waral . 
hat eu a die Sci Joh in av. dies. 

••• JT Dies dat^ t Hug' de HairU.I Ric de Hairtt . 
de pl t .1 de aud jud suu a die Sci Joh in 
ro. dies. 

•••♦ jj- ffr^ ^ WColeha poit^ loco Joie de Balinton 
opl se iiij. die vsus Alan de Balun de pt 
vj. acr rre c ptin in Hawme ipe n5 venit vl 
se ess • \ sumo test fuit Jud • rra cap in 
manu dni Reg 1 dies Ttc. \ ipe Alar? sumon 
q sit cora jusf a die Sci Joh in aro. dies . 
resposur^ 1c. 

•••• f WEsienar^ WC^PP^^i^ pe^ ^sus Wall de Trente . 
i. v'g rre 'X dim cQ ptiii in Kingeston siS 
jus suii . WaU defendit jus suii % dicit q 
sut fres T; q ipe t p*mogenit^ 1 alia vice 
inplacitavit eu ^ cora ^ 1 p esnecia diroavit 
rra illa 1 q*et^ ifi recessit . \ m pon se sr 
jusl \ sr rotul jusl jfJud eat sn die .q*a 
testa{ t hoc q WaU dix. 

Digitized by 



(T WYrsiliant Edward pel ^s^ Hnf Hasteng^. xij. 
ac^s rre c ptiii i Boktgwrth u j^ t beditaE 
1 ipe pel visii rre . liat visu . dies daf eis 
a die Sci Joh i rv. dies. 

Oxon. f Sim Jit Rad opl se iiij. die . vsus Herir Jit 

Rob de pT recipiend cyrog*phii suu \ ipe 
n veii .Itc. Ido atacb ^;^ %it a die Sci Joh in 
arv. dies .1c. 
m. 19. 

Nor/J JT Dies dat^ t Hug" Jit B'nard .1 Ric f WaSi 

ad cirog*pli suii recipiend .aJ^S^ Joh in 
ro. dies. Bic pon ||in Roglm de Noreaf. |jiS. 

Nornt. JT Dies dat^ est Witto de WWichenton po . lo «pris 
sui . \ Gerard d Dudington de pl X .a die 
S" Mich. in ro. dies .1 inPim hant licencia 

Ibid. f Sim J* Wall petiit cur suam . iij. die an pl . 

de loqla q t in? eu 1 Sim de Daumtr.X Witt 


Essex\ ^ Dies dat^ t Witto f Ailnoth . \ WiXto f 
^Ailnoth^ Ranulf* de pl warantie carte.a 
die S* Mich in . xv. dies .% Gileb hat bre ad 
sumonend testes qui continent' i illa carta 
q tc sit ibi t fil Rad Pirot . Ddde Santoh . 
Turstan d WTuene • Witt d Burdeles. f Id dies 
dat^t EdmdoJit\\Mari t uni Htestium q* 


Keni. f[ RollandP de Avlench po . lo • Beatric d Einejbrd . iiij. die vsus ||iio^* dLeges .dftdci 
ipi^ Beatric . in Pecha .\ Rog^ essoniav se de .1t p^ essoniu iii fcm.iiij. die.coparuit 
p*mu . 1 Jacob^ de Fugekston q ipe Bjo^ 

Digitized by 



pos8at lo • suo . in ad iu . vt pd . n • ve . vt 
se esson • \ Roland petit in considatione 

Smr. jf Gileb de Wauton po . lo . suo Rod frem suu 

vsus Rob Mauduit de pl r .vsus Emald d 
Mich ad capiend cirog^pK suu de pt t . ad lu . 

Norfotc* f Rog^ de Sco Dionis . i^. iiij. milil missoj^ ad 
Enrna ux Phitipp de Bumhd ad sciend q 
vellet ponere lo . suo . vsus Johm Ex^neum 
de pl tre dicit q posuit loco suo Aka^ de 
Buch 1 Joh de Heggeswerh ad lu . vl pd. 

Rksif. (T Vic significavit p bre suii sicut ei pcepl fuit qd 

Hug^ fr Rad Esturmi utlagat^ fuit . p morte 
Heming^ de Hendred 'X nttam tram tenuit in 
ballia sua. 

Sudsex'. f Margareta 3 fuit ux Henr de BO(Uh^e\x\t tciam 
pte XX. li tre . cii ptifi in Bodih . vsus Witt de 
Bodih q^ clamat in dot de dono Henr quonda 
viri sui . q* fuit fili^ \ Res ipi^ Witt\ un pfert 
carta ipi^ Witt in q* continet' q ipe Wittcoti' 
cessit 1 confirmavit Henr fil suo t^ciam ptem 
toci^ tre sue ut daret ea Margarel ux sue in 
dol .quando eam desponsav. £t si ita evenisset 
qd int eu *! illos convenire n possit . concessit 
eis tciam pte tre sue . cum tcia pte oium 
catalior suo^ ad manedii desup ubi e[i]s pia- 
cuisset.^l iii pduc testes.T; pba q intfuit 
desposacoi sue q® hoc ofiert pbare. £t testes 
carte pdce sunt . Alured de Sco Martin . Ric 
de Sco Leodegar . Hug^ de Linef\ Adam de 
WBaschtf. Witt de Munde/\ Witt de WEilehe . 
Rad de Bodih . Regin de Bodih . W^i7?defendit 

Digitized by 



qd-Henf fili^suu^ nuq* huit rram [illa] n* tenuit . 
n"" saisina de aliq* rra huit • qn eam Hdesposavit 
£t hoc offert pbare p qnda libm hdiem sniL 
Set n defendit carl ilia jf Considal est qd 
Margarel liat dol sua sic carta testaf. q^ n 
defendit carta n'' desp5sacoem. 

Nar/olc. JT Ass* vefi rec . si Phitipp de Bumh inj^te t sn 
jud diss Radjit WaS de libo tenemto suo in 
Harpett hif * ass^m Phitipp dicit q ass n debet 
in fi q*a cora Osbto Jit Henii 1 sociis suis 
justic llitenerantib} testal fuit 1 pbal p secfi 
c5gnato^ pdci Rad. q ipe 1 fres fuerl villani. 
\ ifi vocat Pdcos justiS. 

Surr. f[ Ass de • m . aficess WittjitRob q* inf * etal est . 

petentel Wittde la \\Langebrige ftenemt de. 
ij. ac% p*ti in Cherlewd . pon' in respectu . uscj 
in c^stin Sce Pnitat . p defcu rec q^ calumpniati 
fuerl . \ Pcepl est vic q fadat tot rec venire 
ne ass^ remaneat 

Surf. f Ass ve . rec . si Sim de B^wes \ Luc ctu^ \ Pet^s 

de B*wes inj^te 1 sfi jud diss Odon de Stanfeld 
1 JuUafid ux ej^ de li . te . S!io . in ^l^MicIieh . 
inf * ass . Sim dicit q ass' n5 debet in fi . q^a 
ipe cepit rram illa in manii jud curie sue . q' 
pduxit q hoc testat'. p defcu servicii sui. Et 
testatu fuit q Odo tenet rram illa de ipo SmL 
jf P'cepl * Sim q replegiet Pram illa Odom 1 
catalla sua 1: roabilir ducat eii in curia 

Dorset. JT Vic significavit q cepit in manu dni Reg.ij. 
caruc rre cii ptin in WPicha 1 Walebume diej(fi 
px" ^ med Q^drag^ p visii Rad Frere \ Bic 

Digitized by 












Franceis 1 Andr de Sturmemsf .... WlueUna 
de Bere. 

JT Ass* ve . rec . si Rog" de Svinef \ Rob de Sta- 
pelford inj^te *! sn jud lldess AWrm fit Marl . 
de ti . te suo . in WTunren^ inf * ass*m. Jural 
dict q ipe eii ita diss. Jud AlbrUP hat saisina 
1t ipi i mia p diss. 

f Dies dat' Comitisse Margaf 1 Vali de Cheure^ 
tdtt. de pl 9vicii .in oci Sce Thui.p bre . Gfit 

f Oms loqle ptinentes ad Ada de Pori poniit' in 
. resp . us% a die Sci Joh l av. dies . q*a ipe t in 
svicio Ducis. 

f Hawis de MUvirU poii lo . suo • Ric vir suu 9sus 
Jordan \defit Reng^ . 1 Juliana ux sua . de pt. 
pasture ad lu . vt pd. 

f Dies dat' Pef' BlUdo 1 Ade de pl 
warant cart .a die Sci Joh in xv. dies. 

f Dies dat^ t Witto de T^sgoz [peteti] et Comiti 
Albrico de pl rec de ml aiicess a die SciMich 
in iij. sepiim \ Com po . lo suo Rann Lupa . 
ad lu . vl pd. 

f Loqla in? Rog' de \\Reimes\ Gauff de Barenton 
\ Ric de Hidon \ Thom FoUot pon' in respctu 

Mich in XV. dies . p bre 


f Diis Cani ht cuf sua de loqla q est in? Nicot 

Chamdleng^ "X JVitt de Bemtges ad 


f Dies dat' Thom de \\Sansted poito loco 4suo^ 
Ric nepotis ||su6 \ Hug^fit WitU ........ 

ad capieyd cyrographii suiL 

Digitized by 



Essei^. f Alqfus ^Makgresse venit et concessit ^Mauro de 
Lond tenere mariscu de Brade .... afesto 
Sci Mich px p^ consecracoem Magn Eustdc 

in Epm Etiensem ad rmin sicut 

carta ifiius Ahfi testat' q^ iil fecit Witt BlSdo 

avunclo pdci Mauric marc 

finisqya. arg.ldim. 

Bede/: JT Ass* ve . rec si Matiltvl NigeUi % WittJitNigett 

etNicholJitOdon mttjlt 

Gilb de li . te . suo in Samebroc inf* ass^m jura£ 

dict qd Matitt ^t saisina 1: 

mla. Matitt^ Witt fil ej^ in mia . Mia Matitt dim 

Keni. jf Ass de ulfia p^sencoe ad ecc*m de Colehd inr Fore 

de B^mUdeseie usq^ a die Sci 

Mich in iij. septim p def cu recogniJ q*a Ric 

de p Edfhd. Et Jacob de Fuge- 

leston p Rob . ad eund rmifi . aff 

1 Matho HarSg' 1 Sim de Norooode. Et 

NigeUo de de WCurige \ AeJwin de 

Clive n vefi vt se essofi. 

Sun^set. f Dies dat^ est Hug^ de aud 

m. 19.dor9. 

Essex\ f Ass ve . rec . si Wal? de Hetfeld inj^te 1 sn judic 

diss Regih fitSagar . de litk) ten suo . in Wich. 
inf* ass*m f Jural dici qd il diss eu de aliq'* 
tenemto in Wicha. 

Caniebr. f Alanus Dispensator pel. i. hida rre 2 ptifi in West- 
wich vsus Joh de Cama ut jus suu. Joh venit 
1 defendit jus suu \ pel visu rre . hat visiL 
Dies dat^ t eis a iUe Sci Joh in tv. dies. nim 
fiat visus. 

Digitized by 




Essex\ f Ass de nova diss in? Rob le Pranc \ Matitt ux 

ej^ petentes et Rob \\les Hese .1 RadJitJoh diss 
de libo tenemto suo in WTrineUee .i^oti' in resp 
usq^ in ocl Sce Thtil p def cu rec . q*da venerf 
1 q*da non venerl vt se essofi. Et ido atachi- 
endi sl qd tc sit ibi. 

VorfoCc. ir Ass de nova diss . * Ymeihjit Warin petenl 1 
WAlbm Jit Rand de libo tenemto suo in Lenna 
pofi in resp usq^ in octab Sce T^nil.^ defcu 
rec . q*a nH^ eo^ venit vt se esson . *t ido 
atachiadi sunt qd tc sit ibi. £t WYsmeina 
ponit io . suo Rad fit suu . ad lu . vt pd. 

OtfUebr. f[ Dies dat^ est Gilbl de || Thanie 1 Gilb de Dunmawe 
de pt magne ass . de ecc* de Fulebume a die 
Sci Mich in iij. septim . q'a Petr^ de ^Recha . 
1.^ rec ess se p Ric . WittJitHenr p LanceUn . 
Regih de Trumpitoh p Heruis . Thom de Wod' 
detoh p Rog". Vido de Stok' p ^Henr^ Witt. 
Witt de Erewett p Henr. Id dies dat^ est 
Witt de Trumpigtoh . et Jlbrico de Capett. in 
banco. Et ceri no venlut vt se ess.1 ido 
atachiandi st q tc sit ibi. 

Buie. JT Dies dat^ est WRog' de Sco WMauro et hoib} de 

Jilesbir de pt libtat. a die Sci Joh z ot;. dies. 
Et in?im !int licec concord. 

Middebex\ jf Ass de nova diss int Lambtu WSac^stain . petenL 
\ Godejr Luje 1 JUc ux ej^. 1 Rog' Jit Ric 
de ti . te . ipi^ Lamb in Vefi Vico ex' Lond 
remanet . q*a id Rog^ dicit q ipe disroavit 
ilia ?ra in cur dni Reg . p ass de . m . an- 
cess . v^sus Rob Banastr . et ipm Ldberf. 
Et testal est p Rotut justic . q ipe Rog* 
disroavit terra illa vsus Rob Banastr.\ no 

RoT. CuR. Rbg. 

B B 

Digitized by 



vsus ipm Ldbl . Et ido considal est q Lambl 
hat in saisina. 

Cantebr. f Ass de nova diss inr Rog^ JitRic petent 1 GiB 
fit AUc \ Reg' Gijard "i Joh Giffard 1 Rad 
Giffard dissaisiatores de li . te . ipi^ Ro^ in 
Maddtgele pon^ in resp . usq^ in ro. dies ^ 
fesi Sci Joh . q'a pdci dissaisiatores dixerf q id 
Rog* tulerat bre de nova diss de eodten . vsus 
Gildt frem suii Tt vsus oes eosd. cora justic 
llitineratib} apd Cantebr. s . Abbe de Sco Edmdo . 
1 Henr de CasteliU . Tt sociis eo^ . T: capta fuit 
jur . ita qd ipe cecidit in mia dni Reg. Et p 
tindo record pdco^ justic . offert [idiGilb^ d3o 
Regi . i. marc . \ qd niiq* p^ea huit [id Rog''] 
in saisina. Et jKo^* tulit bre de nova diss. 
vsus ipm Gildt.l Regin Giffard .\ cePos.^l 
jurat capta fuit. Ht q alr eo^ . eum in dissaisiv 
\ ii . ambo. Ido remansit in . mia . 1 iii offt 
dno Regi dim . marc p hnda assisa vsus oms . 
WGileb hat bre ad sumoii pdcos justic cora 
q'b3 assisa illa capta fuit adee tc apd Westm c 
record illo. 

Bedef: jf Dies dat^ t Sim de LitUngton \ Joh de laHelle. 
a die S" Mich in . iii. sepl pce ptium \ innm 
hant licenc concord. 

H^f: jf Matild q fuit ux . Rad de Esse iiij. die 

vsus Thorh fitlhede pdci Rad. de pl dol sue . 
un nich hf ut dic . \ Thofh 3 ve . vl se eseon. 
JT Jud . ?cia ps toci^ tenemti qd fuit pd5 
Rad capiatur in manu diii 5^ . 1c. \ Thom 
sumoeat' q sit apd Wesl . in ocl S* Trinil. in 

Digitized by 



Letc^ JT ^^ de LitUngton • po . lo . suo . Hug" fit suii de 

pt r . V . Rob Mansett ad lu . vt pd. 

Salopesir. jf Dies dat^ t Philipp de Crete . \ Samson . \ Mar- 
gar de Stok\ de pt aud ||1 record \ jud suu . 
a die Sci MicU in . iy. sept. 

Bedff: f Dies dat^ t Bic Jit Rad petenl 1 WAcef Hug' 
tenenl ad aud jud suu de magna assisa capta 
inr eos de dimid virgal ?re in Kagesho in 
c^stin S" Thiit. ff 13 dies dat^ t iJo5 dBidun . 
i . rec . 1 Jord WLeuueisie \ Regin de Bal Sim 
de Leg^ . 1 Witto d Stipingle \ Jordan d Cotes- 
den .1 Witt d Surmi . 1 Rob /* Rad sS esson. 
Et Rob d Brei \ Hug" f Witti \ Rad f 
Gaufr . Tt Hv^ d Budenho fi . ve . n*^ se esson 
quia tot fe8ut essoii r' f Considatu est q vic 
hat tc eos apd Westin. 

Dcrset. J Witt de Wdigate po . lo . Sabin uxoris sue . op . 
se . iiij. die . vs^ WittLoisetur de pt . ij. carruc 
?re c ptiii in Famhd . 1 in Meteburn 1 Witt se esson.1 rra illa capta fuit in 
manii dni Reg p ej^ dfectu . \ detenta p xv. 
dies. Ita q ntts ||pel eam p plevina. jf Jud . 
Sabina hat iii saisina. 

Leic. JT Henr de WLee •, iiij. die . vsus Ric de \\Lee . 

de pl . i. carruc rre c ptinenl in Frisebi . 1 Ric 
ri . ve . vt se ess . 1 sumo fuit testal, ff Jud . 
rra capiatur in man dfii Pr • \ Ric sum5eatur 
q sit apd Westin a die 5* Joh in . arv. dies iii 

ed. jf AQi d Tomei po . lo . suo Witt MdacH . vi 
Addf* Drogoh d pt r . ad lu . vt pd. 


jf Witt Grim iiij. die vsus Hawis de Aring- 

B B 2 

Digitized by 



wrth • de pl unius Haubgefl' . \ ipa fi ve . vt se 

••♦ f Magr Reginald de Len pel vsus AUc q fiiit ui 
Sim de Gememue \ Ada fil ej^ q*rtam pte . i . 
molndifi cii ptinenl in Leh . sic jus t lieditate 
suam . \ AUc vefi t dfend jus suu .1 pet 
visum. JT Dies dat^ f eis a die ST Mich in . ^'. 
sepl . \ intim .... visus . 1t AUc pofi iS 
loco suo Ada filiii suu ad lu . vt pd. 

*** jf . . . . rfe Grimeston iiij. die vsus Priore 

de Estok* de pl warantie carte ve . 

vt se esson . 1 sumo testal fuit. f[ Jud . atr 

tacti q sit apd Westm a die iij. 

sepi iii responsur^. 

••• JT • • • • iw^ Reginald de Donewic petenl.1 Seman 

jit Ranidf* tenent de ptinenl in 

WHeuenething^ ponr in respecl usq^ in. nj, sepl 

p^ f^ S*. Mich p q^ nBs rec 

ve . p>? Rob d Colevitt . Tt Sim d Criketot. 

JT Wleston iiij. die . vsus 

Regin Witepese d pl apffi .1 ipe n . ve 

posit^ p vad \ pleg . "t vic n misif 

n5ia pleg. )f Jud . Reg^ ponat' 

q sit ap Westm . in . ocl S" Thtii ifi respons .1 
p*mi pleg sumoeant' q ' 

sco pon . Rod vir suu lo . suo 

9sus Radde Sancrqft d pt ? 


WP^cemam Inquisicio fca t ^JacolP 

Jit Ysaac d piis sui . 1 blad q 

in eod maniio 

d . . stauram. 

Digitized by 




m. 20. 








jf Prior eccte Sci ^Albani ^ Cuthbti Dunelm poii . 
lo . suo Widon Monac . vt Sim Monac vsus 
Mathm deEston de pt eccte deNormaneston. 
ad lu . vl pd. 

JT Roglm de WBramdon pon loco suo Wali Cticum 
de Hengha v^sus Rog* d ^Rising' de pl eccte 
ad lu.vt pd. 

jf Ric de \\Laucett qr q Hug^ de Stodoh 1 fr ejus 
Joellus de Vautort . Ric d Dunha . Osb de 
Aluredescol . 1 Hug^ de Morton veflut ad 
dom suam . % ei robaviit eq®s 'X arma .1 vasa 
argentea 1t aiia catalla ad valiicia . c. marS 
in felonia \ in pace dni Pr .H q ||coegiut eum 
affidare q reddet se in p*son Henrjit Witti. 

f Atti de 5* Albah pon . lo . suo magrm Rog^ 
cticum suii . vsus Rob le Mai de pt r . ad lu . 
vl pd. 

f Ass . ve . rec si Maths fr Henr seisit^ fuit in 
dfiico suo ut d feod . de . iiij. mesag ||r.c 
ptinenl in G'nemue . \ si obiit 1c . q* rram 
Abrahd de G^nemue .1 Matild ux . ej^ tenent 

f Rob de Bosco % Eva ux ejus petierl v^sus Rob 
de ^Sancrqfl . ij. carf rre c ptiii in Elmgha \ 
in Humietfeld sic illas q ptment ad ronabile 
dote suam q eam conting de libo tenemto q 
fuit Bartfiot q^nda viri sui . *! Rob ve.^\ 
defendilp % pel visum rre fhat visum 
f Dies dat^ t eis a die ^ Mich in . ij/. sepl .\ 
inrim fiat visus. 

jf Odo Pincina poii lo . suo Witt d Westoh v^sus 
Ric Engaine .1 Simjit \\Sim de pt recognii . de 

B B 3 

Digitized by 




nova dissaisina in adventu justic in ptib^ iff . 
ad lu . vl pd. 

B?ik\ f A^ d^ Einesha pon lo . suo fVitfyn de Bukingh 

vs^ Hiig^ d FtUebroc de pt ass . d m antec . 
ad lu.vl pd. 

f Witt Pecche posit^ lo . Odon de WKarliun vefi in 
cur 1 cocessit Sibille d Sumii . c. solid rre 
in WChause . "X faciet ei escambiu de feod . L 
milit in Bramton p feod . i. milil in ^EmeUh . 
un ipe Odo cep escambiu . p . iiij. marc . q*s 
ipa ded ei. jf Dies dat^ t eis a die 5* Joh in . 
arv. dies . ad faciend cirog*pR suu. 

Devm. f Loqdum de Roheis de la Pumiai q peE dote 

Camut. suam vsus Henr de la Pumai 1 pe? s* allo- 

cari q ipe fec se esson de m . ve . m . tmino 

S* Hilar . \ dies dat^ fuit ei . in . iij. sepl . 

jp Pasch . 1 tc fec se essoniare irum d 

m . ve. 

Nor/: jf Ass . ve . rec . si Rog" Bacun injuste *\ sn judico 

dissaisiv Silvrm Jit Sifh de libo te . suo in . 
Torp inf* ass. f Jur dicut q Ro^ ita dis- 
saisiv eum. jf Jud . Sitxnr hat saisina sua .1 
Ro^ in . mia. Mia Rog^ . dim marc • dampn . 
XX. sot. 

f Roh de Estoh petit p plevina in crastih Ascens 
trram sua de Estoh q capta fuit in maii dfii ^. 
p ejus defectu vsus fVittm de Estoh. 

f AtardP Marescatt pel . i. virg r . c ptinenl in 
&tesdoh vsus Pore d RepSdoh \ Por pel 
visum . hat visum. jf Dies dat^ t eis in . ro. 
dies ^f^ S* Johis 1 fiat visus. 

Buk\ ^ Ass . de m ancess . inr Rad f* Rad pet .1 




Digitized by 



Reginaldde \\Stachiden St Edvvd vidua 
ii. acr c ptinenl in Stol^ remanet . q^ Reginald 
dix q nicti clamat in rra illa n* custod p 
Hug" de Bello Campo. jf Querat bre vsus 
Hug* si voifiit 

Surf. JT Dies dat^ t Eue de Kaingnes p Walt de Fule- 

broc posil lo . ej^ 1 Reginald d Clifton po . lo • 
Ad 1t Auicie mat*s sue de pl x .a die S* JoTt 
in . rv. dies .1 hat licenc cocord. 

Surr. jf Ass de m . antec int Philipp Jil Osh pel \ 

Pore d B^mundesheie te . d . xiiij. acr tre c 
ptinenl in Rederhee ponr in respecl usq^ in . 
ocl S* Joh . q^ Joh d Hemepat 1 Joscelin d 
WRetherhest . It Ric rec . essoniavut se . % 
Gaiifr de Auenei .1 Rog* d Aluei 1 Godefrid 
Blund . \ Edward Rudet . rec . n . ve . vt se 
essori ido attach q tc sit ibi. jf Id dies dat^ 
f cetis in banco. 

Surr. f Hoies ville de ^Docking^. of ft diio Regi . x. marc 

p hnda jurata de consuetudinib^ q*s antiq^t^ 
consueviit .1 utr tenemtii eor sit libum tene- 
mtum eor an dnicum Alah Basset cui dns 
Rex dedit mamii illd. 

Essej^. jf Godqfr de Cramauitt veil in cuf 1 cognov q ipe 

debet redde Steph de S* Jacobo . ij. marc ad 
duos tminos anni. 

Cantebr. f Gaiifr de ^t^les pon lo . suo Magrm Johem de 
Crausete de pt advocois capKe d Cotes ad lu . 
vt pd 9sus Ric Engaine. 

SuffJ JT Homies de Gipeswich offunt dno Regi . xl. marc 

obto. p hilda villa eor ad vetem firma. 

B B 1 

Digitized by 











jT Ass de m aiicessoris int Henr Cticum pe . 'l 
Alured ^Souesot ^ te .^ 1 Siward Wagge .1 
Reginald filiu ejus tenentes . de . iij. virgatis 
rre c ptinenl in Lamburn remanet q*a ipi 
cognorut se ee . villanos . Hams de Dhumi 
de ?ra illa jT qrat bre v^sus Hawisam si 

jf Hugo de NevUt po . lo . suo Baldewm de Belsted 
vsus Wa1$m de Windeshore . 1 vsus Joh Jit 
Godejrid de pt debiti . ad lu . vt pd. 

jf Witt de Longo Campo ponit lo . suo Witbn de 
Farsaus vsus Hicbtum de Hdlgetqfi de pt 
libtatis ad lu.vt pd. 

jf Preceptii fuit vic q facet venire record loqle 
inr Ric d LuSington .1 Rob le Mansett de pt 
rre in \\T^linton p eosd milites . q* detulerl 
record illd cora justi5 itiflantib^ de cur 
Archiepi Hbo)^ . a die Pasch in . v. septim . 1 
Rob Mansett tc ve .1 op . se . 1 pdci milites 
tc n ve . vt se esson .1 Hug^ Bard.i^. jus- 
ticiar itiniantiu ibi ve Si dix q record illd ven 
cora eis .1 qd ad nicfi ptinebat jf Jud Rob 
eat s!i die. 

jf Com Waleram po . lo . suo Wittm Picot ^sus 
Hug^Jit Witti de pt §vic ad lu . vt pd. 

f Dies dat^f Priori de Sco Neoto 1 Rob Engaine 
ad capiend cirog*pli suu de eccta d ^Weresle . 
a die S* Joh in . arv. dies. 

jf Petr^ de Holt q'r q Ivo de Dene ven c vi sua in 
pace dni Pr ad ?ram q' tenet ad finna 1 
robavit ibi . xv. libr in denar.l catalla ad 
valencia . Ix. marc .% hoc offt pbare p Joh 

Digitized by 



hoine suii vsus eum sic cur considavit. Yvo 
venit 1 defendit robiam Si dic qd ipe recu- 
pavit q^nda rram p magnam assisam 9sus 
Almaric de Nuers . 1 vic fec ei saisina jud 
cuf .1 de catalt ibi inventis . % si catalla ibi 
inventa in saisina sua debeat hre poil se sup 
considal cur. 

Mid. JT Waleram de Rochtford po . lo . suo Petr d Paris 

vsus Forissam de Standefeld de pt advocois 
eccie . ad lu . vt pd. 

in.20. dorS. 

Norhum- j^ P*ceptu est . vic q hat iri. av. dies ]f f* Sci 

tland. j^j^ Baple rec ultime psentaciSis ad ecctam 

de Ilderton in? Fore de Kirkeham . 1 Thom 
f* Liolf* ^ q sumoeatur pleg pdcorum re- 
cognitor qd tc sint ibi ostensuri q*re no 
hfiiit eos in . a:v. dies jP Pasch sic ei pceptii 

Norf: jT Dies dat^ f Witto d Gmigha \ Bndco Rufo 

de pl fractiois domor .a die S* Mich . in . iy. 
sepi.l in?im hant licenc concord. 

Surr. ff Dies dat^ t Afibi de Westm 1 Steph de Brum^ 

feld de pl pagnag . a die 5* Mich in . j:v. dies . 
1 in?im hant licenc concord. 

Essex^. jf Dies dat^ est Joh de Storteford .1 Bald de 

Sopiland.S pt.lx. acr tre i Sopiland.a die 
5* Joh Bapie in . arv. dies . p dfectu rec . 
f Id dies datus t Hug" d Polstedp \\Wade .\ 
Laur d Plttdge p MartinU .\ Maths d Bramle 
p Rob.Henr de Taiden p Wittm.Wittf 
Witti p Petr.Pagan de Stanf p Akaf . 
Jacob de Tilebiri p RiZ . affida^t . Gileb de 
Musters . Ric f Alah . Rob d Bouton t 
Hamon de Hasketot . Wall de Langeford . \ 


Digitized by 






Witt . \ Joh de Rocheford . Joh Folenfaut 
rec . n . ve . vl se esson . io attac^ q tc 
sint ibi. 

jf Sarra ux . Jord le WZuun pofi lo . suo Jord vinim 
suu . vsus Rog^ J* Nkhot. de pl m . 
ancess . ad lu . vl . pd. 

j[ Hug* de Wigorn pe.1 Witt Da(P tenes con- 
cordati s? de . iij. hid rre c ptinenl in Ugf* 
1 de . i. hida tre in Ewaldeshor cum ptifi. 

jf Assisa de ultima psentatioe eccle d Cotes int 
Ric Engaine pet .1 Gaufr de WB^ges tenenl 
ponr in respecl usq^ in tres sepl jj^f* S* Mich 
p defecl rec ^q^ % ^^^ Franc . i. rec esson 
se . p Rob . 1t Eustach de Barenton p Joh . \ 
Rob Vavasur p Robjit Alic.% Wittjit WRogon 
\ Reginald Giffard .1 Regin d Eu^don .1 Witt 
pvus . 1 Osbt^ Epc . 1 Rog" de Erleton . n 
ve vl se esson t ido attac^ sut q sint apd 
Westm tc in responsuri .t id dies dat^t Wittb 
Jit Alured.\ Eviard fii suo.t Widon JH 
WAuggod!\ Savlico deCotes q' veSut in banco. 
1 Joh p^ de Granteshede poit^ loco ipi^ 
Gaufr de WFeles ve .1 dic q ass n debet in fi . 
q^ alia vice fuit placil inr eu \ Joh prem ipi^ 
Gaufr . ita qd id Joh posuit se in in magnam 
assisam .1 adh*^ f illd placil sub record 1 
judico .\ dic q eccta illa fi t vacas .1 qd ipe 
Joh p* illius capelle t 

Warevo\ JT Pnor de Kenilwrth poii lo . suo Pe . canonic suu 
vsus . Comil d Waretif de pl bladi capti 
ad lu.vl pd. 

T^orf: jf Att) de Becco pon lo . suo . Hu^^ t Gaujr 

moacos suos vl alrm eorum si ambo inree n 

Digitized by 



porint . V . Wmium Cticum de Hocham de q'da 
falda levata injuste . ad lu .v! pd*. 

Notingli. f Ass de m aotec int ^iYnkzf^^ii^/oc^petente. 
1 Wa&rn de Stanton tenente de villa de Crop- 
hitt ponr in respecl p^ f* ^ Joti p defecl 
recog q^ Rad de WGausi . i. rec esson se p 
Wittm .1 Hug" de WBingU p WToui.\ Wittde 
5* Pauto p Ric . 1 Artur de Niweton p Joh 1 
Rad de Sai p Rad fil suii .1 iJoft dispensator 
p «^flrm. affid. 1 Hug" Scot .\ WaffdeHoe . 
1t Mic^ de Malueres . 1 iJoft JitS^lon . ii ve . vl 
se esson . \ ido attach sunt . q tc sint apd 
Westm in resp . id dies dat^ t Rob d Burton 
\ Rad de Holeton q^ ve . in banco. 

Essex. jf Ass . de m . anl . in? Rog" t pel 1 Jord le 

Zuin . 1 Sarram uxor ej^ de . i. carr rre in 
WLancedon ponr in respec? . usq^ in . iij. sept j^ 
f^ 5* Mich . q*a Jord ve . T: dic qd ?ra illa data 
fuit ei in maritagiu cii Sarra fita Witti de 
Chiuili pris ipi^ Sarre . 1 in vocat ipm Witt ad 
warantu. Id dies dat^ est . rec in banco q* 
ve . "l Witto de ta Dune . p Ric .\ Ambrosio p 
WarinU affid. 

Rotcland. jf Jord% Leuina ux ejus petiert die Dnica pPAscens 
?ram suam de Uppinghd . i. virg tre q fuit 
capta in mafi dni Reg p defectu Witti de Ctop- 
ton diii eorum . q nicti ||pe{ clamare in illa tra 
v^ Hospitalarios. f Leuina poJi loco suo Jord 
virum suii ad lu . vl pd. 

Essex. f Dies dat^ t Rob fil Watii . \ Monialib^ de Hati. 
wett de pl ? . a rfic Dmca p^Ascens in . jv. dies . 
1 hnt licen5 concord. 

BfdtfJ f Dies dat^ t Edith de Dunstapt . 1 Witto Vmetario 

Digitized by 



de pt apffi a die S^ Joh m . rv. dies . t hnt 
licenc concord. 

Norfir. f ^i^ J^^ Sim • op • se . iiij. die vsus Matild de 

Hocton de pt finis fci in cur dni Pr de rra q' 
n hnt n* in custod cum ipo WUto St ipe n . 
ve . vl se essoii .1 sumo fuit testai jf Jud . 
attach qd sit ap Westm in ocl Sce Pnii . in 
responsur. jf I^ dies dat^ t Alahjit O^i in 
banco . c q° fine fec. 

Leic. JT R(id\ de (rnemue iiij. die • vsus Gauff 

Alde . de pt catalt . 1 ipe n . ve . vl se essofi . \ 
huit diem in banco p essoii suu m crastui 
Ascens. jf Jud attach q sit apd Westm in . 
ocl iS" iSiil . mia in . respecL 

ID. 21. 

Essej^. JT Hug^ de Nevitt op • se • iiij. die vsus Joh Jit 

Godefr d^ pl debiti . \ ipe n ve . vt se essofi . 
1 debuit poni p vad 1 pleg • 1 vic n misit 
noia pleg. jf Jud ponatur p meliores pt . q 
sit apd Westm in . an). dies p^ f* Sci Joh 
in responsur^ .t vic hat ibi noia pleg p^mor 
1 alior. 

Essex\ JT Htig* de Nevitt pel v^sus Wat^ de Windeshor. 

x.marc arg q*s ipe debuit Henr deComhitt. 
cujus hed ipe Hug' h? in custod . 1 WaS\e . 
t defend sumone f Jud . Waff defendat se . 
xij. manu • ||s. leg faciend. jf Dies dat^t ei a 
die A datus ^ S" Joh in . av. dies ad facied lege 

Derebi. JT Sim de Aldmanebir op . se .iiij . die vsus Petr de 
Sabloittde pt . x. lib debiti 1 debuit poni p pl. 
1 ipe n ve • vt se essoii . 1 vi€ n misit noia 
pleg. jf Jud . attacti qd sit apd Westm a die 

Digitized by 



5* Joh in . XV. dies . in responsur . \ p*mi pt 
sumdeaDt' qd tc sint ibi ostensur qr n5 huit 
q pleg. 

Buk\ jf II Lubias q fuit ux Witti de Husketot petes .1 Witt 

Grent tenes concord sl de ronabli dote ipi^ 
Lubie q eam conting de \ibo tenemto fVitti 
quonda viri sui in Huscol p sic q ipa Lu6 
remisit "l quie? clamav ipi Witto 1 hed suis 
tol clamiu suu qd huit in illa dote . 1 id fVitt 
fec lift ronabile divisam TVitti yiri sui p visum 
leg hdi^um de illo visnel . t id fV^ ded ei . 
ii. marc 1t dim. f Dies dat^ t eis a die S^ 
Joh in . arv. dies ad capiend cirog^h suum. 

IVareaf, jf Rob de Valuines . op se . iiij. die vsus Petr^ Cor- 
bicun . de pl rre . un cep homagiu suu . 1 un 
ei fec cirog*pfi suu . % ipe Peir^ ii . ve . vt se 
esson . 1 sumo fuit tesL jf Attacti qd sit apd 
Westm a die 5* Joh in . av. dies. 

In crastin^ S^c^e Trinit\ 

NorfJ ^ Sim de Hunted q* se essoft de m lecti vsus Giteb 

de Tudeham de pt rre significav qd convaluit 
de infirmitate sua . 1 qd fi fuit visus 1 pel 
licenc veniendi ad cur 1 hl p Joh de 

Hif! JT RddCticus senescaff TVitti de ta Haia petiit rram 

suam de HGxt^eia p plevin q captafuit in manu 
diii Pr p defectu ipi^ vsus t ux Rad de 

Esseton die Jov' ah Thul. 

Ebof. jf Jiea^x Hakel poB lo . suo Ric Ijvirum suum vsus 

Wittm uvirum suum de pl rre ad lu . vt pd. 

Digitized by 



Surr. jf Matild de Besevitt pon lo . suo JVittm le Flamag 

virum suum vsus Rob de Besevitt de pt r . ad 
lu . vl pd. 

fVilt JT Oms loqle q ptinent ad Dnm Winton ponr in 

respect p pcep? dSi . G. jit Pet^ usq^ in . 
iij. sepl f r S' fMicH^ Joh BapL f M 
dies dat^ t Rob de Beugrant posito lo . 
Comitiss de \\Warreu\ 1 Gatifr de Piteleston 
de pl recogn. 

ITtf.^ jf Rob Rumbaud pon lo . suo Joh de Sandon vsus 

RicJitPet^ de pl finis fci ad luc*. vl pd. 

Bedef.' JT Loqla* est in? Ricjit Rad^ ^AscerumJit Hug' de 
magna ass q capta fuit de dim virg rre m 
Caisho . ponr in respecl usq^ in . rv. dies f /* 
S Joh Bapl p p>cep? diii G. JitPe^. Id dies 
dat^ f Rad f* Gatifr rec . Tt Siih de Lega . \ 
Witt de Subir 1 Hug' f Witti qui veflut.l 
Rob de Bidu7i . p Alanu . Tt Hug* de Budenho . 
p Ric . 1t aliis q* se esson . Jordan de ColesdoH 
qui ii ve . attacfi q tc sit ibi. 

Ebo^. fli Loqla inr Wittm de Stutevitt\ Wittm de Unting' 

feld T: Ysabett ux ejus de pl dc^ . 1 loqla q est 
inr ipm Wittm \ AlanU Jit Elie de advoc 
eccle de Kirkebi Useburn ponr in respecl usq^ 
in.iy. sepl p^ f* S* Mich p bre dni Reg.p 
custod Com Cumbland t Norhumbland \ cas- 
tallor ei comisso^. 



Norf* jf Rob Curpetit pel rram suam in Buketon p pleviS 

in crastin Sce Trinil q capta fiiit in manii dni 
Reg p ejus defec! v^sus Umfrid de \\Winesleia . 

Digitized by 



\ vic signif q cep pd^ rram in manum dni Pr . 
m ocl Asceni. 

Buk\ (T Dies dat^ est Att)i de Woburn . 1 Bic del Broc 

posito lo • Elie de fVimbvitt, de pt rec ultime 
psentatiois captte de Undrigg^.a die 5* Mich 
in . av. dies . 1 intim hatnt licenS concord. 

Essex\ jT Dies dat^ est Forisse de HaUwett .\ Robjit 

JValfi de pt t . a die 5* Joh Baple in av. dies. 

Norf* jf Mag* ass de jure advoc eccte de Racheie inr 

Wittm de Refham pel . 1 Rog^ de ^Gisnel ponr 
in respecl in advenljustiS in pl ifi pce ptium. 
JT Id dies dat^ t rec in. 

Boieland. If Vic significav p bre suu qd cep in manu diii 
Jt . i. virg tre cum ptiil in Huppig » defecl 
WitK de Qopton . q' Hospit clamant vsus eum 
die Ascensiois . 1 Witt ve . m c^stin S^ Thiit . 1t 
dix q ii tenet rram illam. Immo Jord de 
Uppingg^ . 1 Jord petierl eam p plevina die 
dnica pP Ascens cum Leuina uxore sua. 

Esscj^. JT Ass ve rec si Marg* Jita Reginald de la \\Mane* 

brigg^ qui se essoii p etate in cur dni ^r . vsus 
WarinUjilin Uctred de pt ?re in Blkingg^ tat 
sit etatis qd possit t debeat placitare scdm 
consuetud Angt. jf Jur dicl q pdca Marg^ 
erat.xvi. annoj^ die S" Joh Bapte anno regn 
Reg* Joh p^mo. 

fVigorn. f Dies dat^ t Henr de Estham .\ Beatrici sorori 
ejus de pt maritag ||sctt a die S^Mich in . arv. dies . 
pce ptium .1 in?im hant licenc concord. 

Surr. jf Ass . ve . re . si Rob pr Witti qui infra etate est 

fuit saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feod in Chtewod 

Digitized by 



die q' obiit . 15 . q' ?ram JVitt de Langebr^ 
tenet. jf Jur dicl . qd Rob ita obiit seisit^. 
jf Jud • WM hat saisina suam. 

EMdr*. jT Loqla in? IJfl^ «te Hasiing* . 1 Sewatt de Osemtt 

ponr in respecl a die S^ Joh Bapl in . ig. sept. 
pce ptium. 

Ebof. f Dies dat^ est Witto Briwerr .1 AQii de Sauteia 

de pl advocois eccte de Tatekastr .adieSci 
Mich in . XV. dies . apd Westm . \ AQi poii in 
lo . suo Henr ^frem suu in ad lu . vt pd. 

Suff: JT Ass . ve . re . si Steph de Bello Campo pr Steph 

de Bello Campo fuit seisit^ in dfiico suo ut de 
feodo de . i. carr tre cii ptinenl in Clopton die 
q^ obiit. q*^ ?ram \\Witt d WaseuiU t Matild 
ux ejus tenent. f Jur dicl . qji Steph ita ifi 
obiit seisit^. jf Jud . S. hat seisina. 

Hlf.* JT Prior eccle S* Andr de Norhampton po . lo . suo . 

Sim de Dauintr vsus Eugen p de pl 

custod cujusd puells ad lu. vl pd. 

Bu**. JT Ass de m antec int Sim de Maidewell . pe .1 

Henr de Stoft^ de dim virg rre in WHese ponr 
in respecl usq^ a die S* Joh in . iij. sept p defecl 
recogn . q^ Gaufr de Upton . i. rec ifi ess . se p 
Wittm . Rog* Paskeden . p Gatifr . Johf*Aitnod 
p Gaufr . \ WalS de Harpwett. Sim de Sco 
Maur.\ Henr de Eselbg* . £1 ve . vl se esson . 
ido attach q tc sint ap Westm. jf Id dies dat^ 
est rec aliis q* ve . 1 vic faciat venire tot rec 
de baillia altius vl de baillia .... Henr ne 
ass llp^set deferri p defectu rec . \ sciend q 
Henr dix qd ii tenuit tram illam \ SifA dii q 
tenuit tram q*re ass illa sumoita fuit . 1 iS 
posuit se sup jurat. 

Digitized by 




Ess€x\ jf Ass • de • m • antec de . i. carrucal rre c ptinent in 

Bures .Wn La Merse .1 in Alfelmeston St Su5i 

1 Hai in? Steph de BeUo Campo pe? \ Pore 

de Colun ponr in respecl usq^ in tres sepl p^ 

f* 5* Mich p defectu rec. 

/T//.' f Ro^ Jit ^WUti^ [Hug"^ posit^ lo. Witti de 

Wesci esson se de m lecl apd Ebo^ vsus Rob 
Jit Wali. de pt rre . *\ pcepl fuit ifi fi visum . 
1 Senescatf JloJj^f Wali veii 1 dix qd quida 
ho Rod noie tulit bre de visu illo faciend Ht 
nescit' q^ deveS . vt si vivit vl si obiit. Con- 
sidatu t qd . Witt eat sil die. 

0x0». f Ric le Harpur iiij. die vsus Sarram q 

fuit fita Ric ^Laban .1 ipa essoil se de m lect. 
iil • de pt • i. virg rre c ptinenc in Hidebge . 1 
lang^r fuit ei adjudicat^ • 1 dies dat^ erat ei a 
die S^Bamab Apti . in . i. annu 1 . i. die • 1 ipa 
tc Ji • ve . vt se esson . n** p se sufficiente respon- 
sale misit^ jf Jud Ric huit iil saisinam p 
defectu ipi^ Sarre . \ ipa hat tale recupatione 
q*le iil hre debeat 

Essex\ ^ TheodoruP de Gillinghd iiij. die vsus 

Sim de Wakton ^Ae pt.iij. solid reddit^ cum 
ptinenl in Esttillebiri .1 ipe fl . ve . vt se 
, Jessoii .1 sumo test t et q*a invenl erat uil 
Ireddit^ ille exiret . ^ qd capet in maii drii {t . 
cosidal t q sit ap Westm . a die S^Johis . in.av. 

Caniebr. X Joseph de Draiton q' se essoft de m lecti vsus 
Ricjit ^Ro^ significav justic tin convaluit de 
infirmitate sua . \ pel licenS veniendi ad cur • 
t hiiit. 
Rot.Cur.Reo. c c 

Digitized by 



Surr. f Rob de lokesford posit? loco A%is de Certesie 

petit vsus Rob \\Morin . i. carruc rre c ptin in 
Sutton sic jus eccte de Certesie .\s\c illam un 
Witt quonda A^ de Certesie fuit saisit^ in 
dnico suo ut de feodo ut de jure ad victii 
mSacoru tpr . H. reg avi capiendo ifi espleda 
ad valiicia dimid marc vl plus . \ hoc ofjft 
pbare vsus eum • p duos lib holes suos q^ boc 
offfit pbare vsus eum.ut de visu \ jussu pns 
eorum . Rob veii 1 defend jus eccte \ poil se 
in magna assisam* . \ pel i£l f rec • utr ipe hat 
majus jus tenendi rram illam de ipo A^ . p . 
X. s. p annum . vl ipe Att) in dnico. f Dies 
dat^ t eis a die S^ Mich m . iij. sepl . 1 tc 
veniant . iiij. milif ad eligend . xij . ad facienda. 
magna assisam. 

Surr. JT Dies dat^ t Priori de \\Mereton ad hndum cuf 

suam de quoda judico fco in cur sua . 1 dc 
qMam h5ie ei t*dito.a die S* 

SuffJ f Ass . ve . re . Quis advocat^ tpr pacis psentavit 

ultima p* q mortua est ad ecc*m de Heue- 
nigha q vacas t ut dr . cujus advocone WiU de 
WPirhou di5 ad se ptifle q* advoc Robf* WaSi 
ei deforciat. 

jf Dies dat^ t eis . a rffe 5* Mich in . ii;. seji.1 
in?im hant Hcencia concord^jKoft pon.lo. 

suo . Wittf* Walfi vt Henr \\Lohend vl Magrm 
Edfhdu ad lu . vt pd .\ tc veniat ass n* intun 


Suff.' JT Witt Reimund po . lo . suo YuonS fil suu vsus 

Rainuip de BeHo Campo de pt rre ad lu. vt. 

Digitized by 



JBbo}. f Lo^la in? Gileb de la Lega 1 Ej^m Dtmelm de pt 

rre ponr in respecl . a die S* JoU in . vo. dies 
p bre dni Reg quia id Gileb est in ^^vicio dni 

^^f*' IT JosceUnus Picot apfiat ITveiu CaretariU q ne- 

quir concelav ppstura f 2am sup dnm Rege de 
G^nemue . uii finna diii Jl llp^set ||aminitari . 
de . XXX. marc . t hoc offt pbare p corp^ suu . 
ITveius \en 1 defend nequicia . 1 ppsture 
concelatione . 1 diS qd appffavit ples an 
eum de f co illo . "l il vult ei in responde n* 
considatioe cu? anq^* psecut^ f uit vsus eos . 
q^s p^ appffavit jf Dies dat^ est eia die S* 
Mich in . iij. sepl ad audiend jud suu. 

Surf. f Witi Long^ pel vsus ThoM \\Marin feod dimid 

milil c ptinenl in Tadefeld sic illd qd ||ht ei 
continge ex ronabli pte sua. Thom ve.lpet 
visum . hat visum. jf Dies dat^ e . eis . a die 
5* Mich in iij. sepl . " % inrim fiat visus." 

Keni. f Dies dat^ t Ric Coffin q* inf * etate t pel . T; 

Steph Harengot de pt ass • de . m . aiicess . de . 
i. carr r .Ht . i. marisco in Gistelee . a die S* Joh 
in . av. dies . p^ce pcium inrim hant licenc con- 
cord . 1 15 veniat ass . n* concord. 

2Xy^ f Dies dat^ f Ric de Bello Mdte 1 Roesie de Bello 
M6te de pl dof .1 llipi Ric \ Pe^ Britoii de 
pt apffi .adie S* Joh in. iij. sept. 

jj^^ f Ass de nova diss inr Steph de ^Senlee qrente . Ht 

Ada de Hoggeston diss . de \ibo tcnemto suo 
in IJC^o^ ponr in respecl usq^ a die S* Mich 
in . iij. sepl p defectu rec . 1 vic tc faciat 
venire tot 1 tales tvenire q ass fi remaneat . \ 
respondeat q^e posuit tales rec . in jura{ qui 
c c 2 

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?ram 3 tenuert . s. mtt de EmbH.\ Si&f 

CanieUF. jf Turstar^ de WiUmrgh q* se essoil de m . lecti 
v^sus Nichotf* Witti .1 Waif nepote de pl fre 
mandav p WUtf Ric q convaluit de illa in- 
firmil qd n fuit visus 1 pef licenS veniend ad 

Essex\ f Dies dat^ est Osbto de Gladesfen.\ Wittdft 
Rannulf p ipm Osbtum . \ Ricjit Pefi ad aud 
jud 1 record suu de advocoe eccte de Halsted 
adie S Mich in . iij. sepl. 

Salop. f Vic signific q cep in man d&i ^ rciam pte de 

Wettemor .1 xix. i.l ij.d . reddit^.1 i. mot. 
de.v.l.die Marl ps* an Pentecosl . q* JMflr- 
gar^ q fuit ux \\Pet^ clamat in dote vsus Simf 
Pet . p ejus defectu. 

Wigwii. ^ Vic signifiS q cep in manu d&i Pr rciam pte 
vUle de Sutton die Pentec q' MargcSr q fuit 
ux llPe/* clamat in dote vsusSimftPef p 
defectu ifii^ Sim. 

<3ftw& f Dies dat^ t Wittd de Grencestr posito loco 

AS)is de Grencestr.t Ric UArched Glouc de 
pt ? . a die S^ Michin.iij. sepl. pce ptium. 

£$sejt'. f( Ass ve • re • quis advocat^ tpr pacis psentav 
ultima p^ q mortua est ad ecclam d Butemere 
q vacans est ut dr. Cujus advocSne Radft 
Witti clamat vsus Com d Clara. jf Jur did. 
qd Witt pr Rad psentav ultima p» ad illana 
ecctam . s . Gileb Foliot btcYi Essex tpr pacis. 
JT Jud . Rad hat bre ad epm q recipiat idonea 
p^ ad illam ecctam ad psentacione sua. 

OxoH f Dies dat^ t WittdfHenr 1 \\Rog'fAu^i de 

Digitized by 



pl rec af^SMtch.ia . i. msem pce ptium . 1 
\Ro^ poii iK lo . suo Wilt frem suu ad lu . vl 

Hunieni. ^ Rog" d Stok.Rad de Tichemers . Rob de TU 
ckemis . Ranulf de Clopton missi ad WRog^ 
Mowin ad vid ♦ infirmil uS se essoS vsus An^ 
seUum Moxcin 1 Alic mrem ej^ de pl rre in 
Catewrth . eet lang^r an a . dicl q lang^r e .1 
qd posfiut ei dis a (^stin S^ Bamahe Apti in . 
I. annU .t i. die apd Turrim Lond. 

Bcta. f Dies dat^ t Witto de WCUpton .\ frib} IHospitat 

Jertm] ^ Milicie tempU ^ . de pt ? . a cfie 6^ 
Mich . in . i. msS ad aud record 1 jud suu. 

Kent* jf Dies datus ♦ Eugenio Picot . 1 AUc Picot de pt 

9viS .a die S^ Joh in . xv. dies \ inrim hant 
licenc concord. 

Surr. ff Loqd de Wittb de S" Mich.l. de Gileb dePuden^ 

don de pt libtal . u& id Witt vocavit rotulos 
justiS. JT Dies datus e . eis .a dieS* Joh in • av. 

Rertf* ^ OUvltis de Arden iiij. die Psus Hug' de 
Bosco de pl debiti . 1 ifJe H ve . vt se essoK .1 
fuit petes. f Jud . eat sn die. 

Glaie. JT Alured Psore poS lo . suo Ro^ de la WDune ^f? 

Wittm d B^kelai de pt a€^ioru injuste captor 
ad lu . vt pd. 

Hunted. f ^^^^ datus e . Pori de Huntedune .1 Witto Daco 
d pt advocois eccte de Upprf*. a die S* Mich 
in . iff. sepl . jpce ptium. 

c c 3 

Digitized by 



Bi. 22. 

Btdef: jf Ada jil Osbti • op . se • iiij. die vsus WUtm de 
Barkeston . de pt . L • marS .1 . i • suptunica fur- 
rata q id Witt dix ipm Add fuisse furatum • 1 
uii eum apfiavit . \ pcepl fuit vic q mitret apd 
Westm p leg milil record iilius loqle deducte 
in Com illo in crastin S* Trinil . 1 fi misit 1 
Add fuit attachiat^^l p^cepl fuit ipi Witlo qd 
tc eet ibi ad pseqdum apttm suii si vellet 1 n 
ve • t inveii pleg • de pseqdo in comiL 
f Dies dat^ t ipi Ade a die ^ Joh in . n. 
dies •1 tc est loqd cum justic ad aud jud 
suu iii. 

Nor/.' f Vic signific p bre suu qd cep in manu dSi Jt 

in vig^t AscenS Dni reddil . v. solid • 1 iij. d. 
in Bukenton q*8 Umfrid de WWiuesleshda 
clamat v^sus Regin \\Curtpeitt p defectu ipi^ 

Nor/.* f Wittde Grant Curt pon lo^ suo Watf film suu 

Psus Mich Belet \ Emmam ux ejus • 1 Pore 
de Kokesford de pt ?re ad lu vl pd. 

Ibid. JT Witt de Grant Curt 1 Rad de Dirstoh essoft sc 

de m . Iec€ vsus Emald de WLuing \ fres suos . 
1 petierl licenc veniend ad cur 1 hueri 

Norf: JT Magna ass de advoc eccle de Herpingh . int 

Petf de Haubois 1 Rob de H*pingh ponr in 
respecl sn die q* diu id Petr f 8it in Svido 
dui {Jr ultra mare p f^cepl . G^^t Pefi. 

Bede/.* f As8 ve . re . si Rob pr Ric fuit saisit^ in dfiico 
suo ut de feodo de redditu . v. sot cum ptiS 
in WLinton die q* obiit . 1c . Qm redditii Paf» 
cius de WLinton ei deforS • c5cord sL 

Digitized by 




Hunted. ff Dies dat^ est Thomf* ThofH petenl.T: Thom 
Ctico de Hmted q* vocav ad war Larnhtum de 
Colonia q* se essoii de pl ass morl antec . a die 
ST Joh in . av. dies . \ tc veniat ass. f Id dies 
dat^ est rec in banco. 

Hunted. JT Ass de nova diss inr Joh le Sire . 1 Rob jit 
NigelU de libo tenemto ipi^ Jph in Sutton 
ponr in respec? us% in.arv. diesjpf* S* Mich. 
\ vic tc faciat venire ass. 

Surr- JT Gaufr de Rohinges pel . i. virg rre cum ptinenl 

in WPitch sic j^ suii vsus Ric de Curl.\ Ric ve. 
1 dix q K tenet tram illam in diiico . immo 
Rob de wKareuitt cui ipe rram iilam ded .1 ri 
pol rram illam amitue . n*" sfl eo iii placitare .1 
Gaufr ven 1 dix q ipe mov in placil v^sus eum * 
rram illam tenuit . \ de hoc poii se sup jur de 
visneto . 1 Ric silr. 

ISif: jf Ass . ve . re . si Rob Jit Rodld injusl 1 sn judic6 

diss Almaric de ^Boxe de libo tenemto suo in 
Wautr p^ scdam coron diii Reg Ric. jf Jur 
dicl . qd Rob ita dissasiv eum . Jixd.Almaru^ 
.ffi. hat saisinam suam . \ Rob in . mia. jf Dampn 

diss . t V. s. mia . dim . m. 

sr(f: ff Reginald de Argentoin pel ^'sus At*issam de 

Alnestoxve advoconem eccte de Wirhdele sid 
jus suii . 1 siS iiiam q ptinet ad heditate suam 
q* tenetin sgantia de diio Rege in fVimUdesle . 
q* disronav vsus Andr de WFitric. in q* ecclam 
ipa nltam lit ingjssum n* p ablatore suu.^l 
Sirfi le Guiz posit^ lo , A^isse . ve . 1 defend 
jus suii .1 diC q Judith Cointissa neptis Reg 
JVitti Conqstoris q' fundav Abbacia de Alnes- 
c c 4 

Digitized by 


393 ROTUU CURIifi R£G1S. 

tmf ded eccte d Alnest(yaf viUam de Hicch 
cum eccla ejusd ville . 1 c captta de Wimdde 
q ptinet ad ecctam de Hkh p cartam suam 
q* ptulit . 1 q testatur qd ita ded ^eam in 
libam 1 ppetua elemosinam . in q* \ carta 
continet' . concessio 1 confirmaco Reg WilU 
Conqstoris in ^ assensus WUU fit ^dS 
Reg • pduc ecia coniirmac Reg Henr . in . 
1 p^ea confirmatione Reg . H. pns dni R^ . 
^ p^ea sc^pta Epoj^ q^ fuunt officiales in 
Epatu illo.t testimoia Arc6 q testant' qd 
eccta de Wimundet fuit ptines ad ecdam 
de Hicche . 1 testimdium Epi q* dedicav 
ecctam illam . \ testimoium p scriptu . "-ff •Ix 
" Reg" q* fuit te tempis \e^t^.\ lUginam 
dic . qd numq^' eccta de Wimtmdet fuit ptines ad 
ecctam de Hicch.\ qd numq* Rex W^ tenuit 
Wimundet in dnico . S} tpr suo tenuit Pra illa 
qdam Alfled. % ^sentatioem p* fec ad ecclam 
illam \ p^ ea dns Rex ded Wimundele sic 
escaeta suam Reginald avo jpdci Reginald in 
sgantia . t itl fec p^senl fp® ad ecctam iliam 
duas p*s q*rum ultima p* fuit q'da Osb . 1 iS 
pduc sectam q^ %l offt pbare ut de visu suo 
considatioe curie . T; q ^dca PWissa huit in 
ing?ssum p ablatores suos . 1 ifi pofi se sup 
ju? pat^e. jT Dies dat^ t eis a rffe 5* Midl 
in . XV. dies.Sid aud jud suii. Reginald po. 
lo suo Joh de WSaudoh . vt Witt de WBosco ad 
lu . vt pd. 

if(nf: f Dies dat^ est Wa^o de Grancurt.l RadJH Rad. 

de pt.xy acrar rre cii ptinenl in ^Stib^ .a 
die S* Joh in . aro. dies . 1 inrim hant licenc 

Digitized by 



Caniebr. f[ Ass . ve . re . si JVall pr Alani fuit saisit^ in 
dflico suo de dimid acr rre c ptinenl in HnS' 
ton die q® obiit .15. q*ni tram Henr * t Mabit 
ux ejus tenent . 1 Henr . ve . 1 dic qd nic& 
clamat in tra illa n^ custod ad tminum de 
fnb} Hospitat. 1 q ipe villan eor est. jf Jud . 
JT Wali qrat bre si voluit vsus Hospitalar. 

Suff: jf Dies dat^ t Reginald de Argentd tenenti 1 Hubto 

de Chedesston de pl mag' i. carruS t • 
cum ptinenl in H'isel .a die S* Mich . in . iif. 
sepl ^ce ptium .1 tc ve.ass.1t Reginald 
pon in lo . suo Joh de Saundon ad lu . 
vl pd . vl Wittm de Bosco . 'l Hubttm de 
Chedeston pon . lo . suo Ric jit IIJKo^. ad lu . 
vl pd. 

CanteW. f Alic q fuit ux EUe pel Psus Winm Cticum .1 Henr 
frem suu ronabile dote suam q eam conting 
de libo . te . q fuit Elie q^ndam viri sui in 
||. .ton.l Witt dic q ii vult ifi ei responde sn 
waranto suo . s • herede ^dci EUe. jf Dies 
dat^ eis a die S* Joh in.av. dies.l ipa hat 
bre ad vic q Bies f^dcs tc sit apd Westm. 
f Henr did q nU clamat n^ custod p CeciUam 
mrem ej^. cujus dos tra illa t . t in vocat 
eam. jf Hat eam ad waranl ad eund rminu . 
t AUc po . lo . suo iii . Henr cticum suu . ad 
lu . vl pd. 

Ibid. f Fd2a Alic petiit Psus Adajit Capttam ronabile 

dote suam ibid S\ Ada ve 't dic q n tenet 
tram iilam n* p custod . s . p AUc ux ejus . 
cujus maritagiu t^ra illa est • t ea vocat in 
ad warantu. jf Hat eam a die S* Joh in . 
sv. dies. 

Digitized by 



Huntect. f Assisa de nova diss inr Rob WAkari qrente ^ Pore 
de Hunted 1 Thom Cticum de lito te . pd5 
Rob in WITtford jux* Hunted . \ in WBranton 
ponr in respectu usq^ in . xv. dies p^f^ S" JoJi 
p defectu recogK . quia H^veius de Hurst ess . 
se p Ada . \ WCubtus p Laur . 1 Wittf Hilde^ 
gar p Osb . 1 Martin p Ric . \ Thom d Hurst 
p Joh.\ Thom f Ailbti p Witt.1 EUas 
Chechel. \ Rad f Witti n . ve . vl se essofi . \ 
ido attachiandi sl q tc slt ibi, Id dies dat^ t 
aliis q* veSiit . 1 p*or pon in . lo . suo pdcm 
Thom ad lu . vl pd . 1 Rob ^dcs ponit in lo . 
8U0 Thom Cticum ad lu . vl pd. 

♦•• f Dies dat^ i f Witto^ Walfo de Grancurt.X 

Hug^jT Hug' de Potsteddpt q're 

JuUanaJitam Hu^ de WCandos 9* 

convencionem f ca dni Jt . a 

die S" Mich in . av. dies . "X Hug^ d Polsted . 1 
Hu^ de Tabari sint ibi 

••• jf ret iiij. die vsus Ysabett de 

Bas^vitt de pl dimid virg rre 1 

ipa venit 1 dix qd noluit sequi vsus illu .t io 
recessit Ric sn die. 

••• q fuit ux Witt.1 Beafic que fuit 

ux * WDineweld apttatib} . 1 Joh Jil Eudonis 

suoj^ a Jesto Sci MicH in rv. 


••• Margareta 4que fuit^ de Hottot 

pon . . . loco suo Wittmjit Sim de 

pt magne as3 . 1 ipa p^ posuerat loco suo 
Hug' de WCharmt. 

Digitized by 



m.M.dor8. ff /n ocf S^c^c Trinif. 

H*(f.* ff Gileb de Hida po . lo • suo . Johem fH suum vsus 

fVitt de la \\Lane . de pt ass magn* ad lu • 

Suniser. f WRog" de Groue . Ro5 Franc . Wali de Tilti . WRo^ 
de la Rivie missi ad vidend « infirmil Pagani 
de Walton . q* se essoii de . m . lecl de pl t . 
^sus Reginald d Albemare eet * vt ii . dicl qd 
lang*d^ est .1 qd posuut ei die . a . dmdecima 
die Ap^t in . i. ann . % i. diS ap Turrim Lond. 

g^ff^f fi LauretajiXa Aleaf de Windreuitt po . lo . suo Rob 

frem suii vsus ITueill de \\Tilsteden de pt ass . 
ad lu • vt pd. 

NorHr. JT f^i^ de Kenei iiij. die v^sus WittJ^ Ric 
de Kaines de pt ? in Claketorp . 1 ipe ii ve . vt 
se esson . 1 fuit petes. jf Jud . eat sn die. 

Nmf! ir P^tf^ de Melton poii lo . suo vsus AUc q fuit ux 

Atani de Indringh WRog^ d Bermingh . de pl 
rre ad • lu • vt pd^ 

Essex'. JT Rog" de Omil^ Scis \\Baitt de Weston . Joh f 
Godejr . WaU /* Alani missi ad vidend q^m 
Umfrid Jit Watfi vellet pofle lo suo.Psus 
Ric de Belto Campo • de pt t . dicl q posuit 
lo • suo AuiS ux . ejus • vt Wati fit suii . vt 
alrm illor si ambo in?esse nd poriit . ad lu • 
vt pd. 

Dorset. ff G»^t\\Gatffr signific p bre suxi qd Joh de Eske^^ 
tingh t in tali languore q n p^ ambulare vt 
loq* . 1 ido jpcep q teneat in pace de loqla q 
est inr ipm . 1: WittBriton .1 Amalnlg ux ejus 

Digitized by 



de pt ?re in Akrford.% in saisina sua q* diu 
id Joh vixiit. 

E$sex\ (T Ass . ve . rec . si Sifn de Waleton . \ Durand.\ 

Roheis ux ej^ injuste 1 sn judico dissaisiv Joh 
f^ Rob de . libo . te . suo in Moking^ p^ scd 
coron diii ^r. jf Ju? dicl q Sifh . 1 cteri ita 
dissaisiv Joh in. jf Jud . Joh hat in saisina . 
t ceti in mia . \ reddat dapnii in fcm . xxx. 
ni. den . mia . dim. marS . t ceti nicb hnt. 

Bede/: if ^c f Rad.1 Joh de Estwic . Gatifr de CoS' 
tentin . Rad de Tiuilt missi ad aud q Atbs de 
Rames vellet flocotsuo pon!e lo.suo rsus5m 
de Bello Campo . 1 5/^^ cie Halewelle de pt 
Svic . dict qd po lo . suo in JVall de Stiuecki 
vt ReinerU Elemosinariii ad lu . vt pd. 

Essex\ fl[ Ass • ve . re . si JVitt de Kiuilli injuste J, sn 
judico diss.Forissam de Ingha de libo tenemto 
suo in ^Heingha^ fValtha p^ scct corofi dni 
Pr.jRic. ff Jur dicl. qd ita dissaisiv eam. Jud 
Forissa hat seisina suam t Witt de Ktueli 
in mia. 

Huntet. ff Ass . de m • antec in? Martin /* Alured pe . 1 
Wali de \\Stiucle . remanet q^ Wall diS q n te . 
tram illam immo Goscelin^ * ux . ejus . querat 
bre vsus Goscelin si voiuit. 

Kent. JT Fubtus de Doure pon . lo • suo Albinu de Scac- 

cario 9sus Adam de Talewrth . 1 Henr P^posit 
de Sandwic de pt r . ad lu • vt pd. 

Ghuc. f Dies dat^f Roglo Ctico posito lo . Witti llCom dc 

Insuta • 1 Rad de Wiliton de pt cujusda puelle 
desposate sii licencia Com die Lune px^ fPf 
S' Joh in . w. dies pce ptiu. 

Digitized by 












f[ QuintifP Takbotpon lo . suo Rob de Frolevitt vt 
Ric de Witm . vsus Atibem 5* Nich de Angers 
de pl svic • ad lu • vt pd. 

f Ass . ve . re . si Rob de Wilebi ded Rad de Stike-^ 
wald filo suo . ij. bov tre c ptinenl in Wile- 
gebi •1 si in ei carta fec . 1 si iii fei unq* 
saisina huit.ponr in respecl usq^ a die 5' 
Mich in • i. mse . g defectu rec . % Witt de 
S" Vasto .\ Witt de Eskebi .t Witt d \Arkmd. 
WaVt de Rudestaxn n . ve . vl se esson. jf Ido 
attacti q sint ad eund t . tc. 1 x • rec venlut 
quib} id dies dat^ est in banco. 

f Dies dat^ t haur de ^Tohrig^ po . lo • Ric de 
Munfichet . 1 Rog^ de Cauz de pl r . a die 
S^ Mich in . viij. dies . 1 inrim hant licenc 
concord p>ce ptiu. 

f Prior de Norew^ venit in cu? 1 ded Matild de 
Indringh . xxiiij. acr tre de tenemto q fuit 
Alani de Indringh in dote . 1 in pacata est. 

(T Petr^ de Melton.Rog' de Birlingh.Hug' Pin^ 
c!na concessnt eid Matild . x. acr \ dimid 
ibid . \ dimid marc arg . t iil pacata est. 

JT Rob de Anhus pofi lo . suo Ranulf* fil suu vsus 
Rob ^tram de pt advoC eccle de WObeche ad 
lu . T;c. 

(f Vi2 signific q cefi in man dfii ^r . die Sabbi pj^ 
jjp Ascens rciam pte tenemti q fuit Rad de 
Essekue in Grauele .a^Matild q fuit ux ejusd 
Rad clamat in dote vsus *• 

jf Afeb de Stankg* poii lo • suo Joh monaS suum 
vsus Mathm f* H'berti de pl advoc eccte ad 
lu.vt pd. 

Digitized by 



Warm\ ff FeUcia de ^Acleshat pon lo suo Jord vir suum de 
pl ?re v^sus Godejrid de ViEclesfuit ad lu . 
vl pd. 

Ibid. f ViS signif q cefi in manu dfli ft die Penl. advoc 

eccte de Kirton . q* Henr Fakonar \ Amcia 
ux ejus chunant vsus Com de ^Warenn. 

ITtf" JT Ass ve . re . si Wittf* Wall injusj 1 s£l judioo 

diss Ysabett viduam de libo tenemto suo in 
^Beniton p^ scdm corofi dni Jk. jf Jur dicl q 
baillivi ejusd Witti ea diss. sciK Osb P^posifi 
Ailbtus Bedett.*^ip2i hat saisina .1 Witt in mia," 

Cantebr. (T Vic signif q cefi in mafi dni ^r . rciam pte. 
i. virg rre c ptinent in Draiton q* AUc de 
Draiton clam vsus Joseph de Draiton ut dote 

jy^jjyf» 1 f Albtus Jit WBond injuste t sS 
judico diss Ysmeinajit Wariii de libo tenemto 
suo in Lenna p^ scdam coron dfti Reg Bic. 
f Jur dicl q Albtus fi diss eam. jf Jud. 

Sujff? Sf Ass . ve . re . si Roheis amita ^ff rfe Takele fuit 

saisil in dnico suo ut d . iiij. pte 
feod . i. milil cu ptinenl in Sum!esha . die q^ 
obiit 1 si obiit . V!. q* rram Gaiffr de Ambli 
tenet. ^ ve . 1 dic q ass ii debet iii fi q*a ipa 
Roheis huit frem . c^ fil adhuc viv . s . Rad de 
Ambli . 1 ille db} majus jus hre . in feod illo 
q* ipe Witt genit^ de sorore . 1 pterea dic qd 
ipa Roheis soror huit pTes . 1 Matild q*nda 
noie . cujus fil adhuc sl inf* . . . . 1 ipi debent 
hre jus suii 1 porcone . *lt sfi itt n p* f i finis . 
1 Witt dic qd Rad Damblie n p* n^ debet 
clamar iri jus aliq^d q^ ipe * pol iii ee dfis . . . 
huanit^ contigisset de fihis Ht fiHab^ . 6rafi/r 

Digitized by 



Damblie.lqjS. nesc qd . . . . huit noie McUild. 
\ Gaufr dic q Stus est ita ee. 

Buk\ f Ass de nova diss inr Cecil f* Htig^ qrente T: 

Magrm H . - ejusd in WGrauet ponr 

in respecl usq^ in . xv. dies 

1 Ric de Logoil .\ Hiig* de Rikespaud .1 

Rog* d Wketon \Rob deStodha . 

\ Rog^ de Brai rec ifi fi ve . vl se esson . . . 

sint apd Westm. Id dies dat^ t Ric 

de PaveU p Nichol essofi 

suos . t ceris rec qui venliit in banco. 

Suff? (T Joh le Manant . Rog* de Ratlesden . Godqfr de 

Herth . sum ad eligend . 

xij. milil ad fa eccte de 

Dunha q* Witt de Walesha 

Wall in in magna assisam • 1; tc rec 
veflunt \ eligerl 

Ebof. jf Rob de po . lo suo Rog* frem 

Psus WittJitH^vei de pt ? ad lu . 

vl . . . . 

Ebo-f. f Dns Rex significav Justic de banco 

v^sus Wall de Tateshat ........ 

sfi die ult* mare c equis 

1 armis. 
m. 28. 

MideUeaf. jf Ass . de m . anl . in? Gilebfit \\Gunl .1 Martih de 
Brantoh de dimid hid rre c ptinenl in Hehu 
doh ponf in respecl us% in ocl ST Mich p 
defectu re5. 

Hunted. jf Dies dat^ t Adef* Drogoh t A!*i de Tomei. 
de pt debiti . v . marcar .a die SP Mich m . i. 
msem . p^ce ptium. 

Digitized by 



^bi// JT t N.A dies dat^ t jRic Fabro 1 RanulfCUco de 

pt rre a die S* Mich in . ro. dies p>ce ptiu. 

Cumtland. JT Sifn de \\Tillott RobfAdam . Odo de \\Rachardebi 
WaU Barun ffiut missi teste vid * infir- 

"* rml q» Robf* Pagani vsus Wittjit 

Henr apd Irdington . eet lang^r vl n . 1 ipi S 
compuerl . S3 vic significav p bre suii qd ipi 
n invenlut eum ibi . S3 inveSiit eii apd Hailon 
ubi tenuit placil dni Arch.^Xfe^ixnt sum ei 
qd eet in ocl Sce Trinil apd Westm. jf Con- 
sidatu t q milites attach qd llsit apd Westm . 
a Dnica pa^ p^f* AptorU Pefi 1 Pauli . in . av. 
dies ad testificand visum suii .^ q die ei 

Siiff? jf Ass . ve . re . si Rob pr WitU qui infra etate t ut 

dr fuit saisit^ in dnico suo die q* obiit de . i. 
carr rre cum ptinenl in WCuling^^Xc. q* Pram 
Gileb Malemains tenet jf Juf dict q Rob pr 
Witti fuit ita saisit^. JT Jud Witt hat iS 

Natf: ^ Add Decan^ de Bumhd tulit bre de nova diss. 

v^sus Steph de WalsingJid . 1 ret^ se . 1 
fn. posuit se in mia.s.i. marc.l: petieri licenc 

concord . t huiit . S . ut^q^ eor dim . m. 

Notf: f Dies dat^ t Witto Peviett\ Mich Pevlett de pt 

rec in ocl S* Mich p defecl rec. 

Lihc. JT WRog^ de Ingha . Gaufr Columbett \\Iuolanct de 

Stow" . Witt de Laketon missi ad vid inf ^mital 
un AUc de WAngo ess se de . m . lec . de pT tre 
vsus Wittm de Burg^ utr eet lang^r vt n . diciit 
qd lang'da est \ qd pos8iit ei die . a crastin 
Sa Hilar m.i. annU .1 i. diB apd Turri Lond. 
ff Id dies datus est Witfo dt Burgo in banco. 

Digitized by 




Bedef\ f Dies dat^^ t At5bi de Ramesie . 1 Sim de Belto 
Campo . 1 Sim de Holewett de pt §vic a die S' 
Mich in . i. msem . \ in tim concord. 

Siif. jf Ass . ve re . si Witt de \\ Testedeh injuste T: sii judico 

diss ^Rog^ Cticum 1 Nickot filiu suu de libo 
tenemto suo . in f p^ scdam coroR dni 

Reg Ric. f Jur dict q n ita diss en jf Jud . 
Witt eat in quiet^.1 Rog^ 1 Nichot in mia p 
falso clam. 

NoriiL jf Dies dat^ t Rod de Mortuo Mari posito lo . pris 

sui . 1 Gaujr J^ Gatifr te . de pl mag* ass . de 
feod.ij. milil in Cunet^p .1 in Sudt^p\ in 
Sto/i^ in oct S" Mich. jf I^ dies dat^ est Rob 
de WSaucel rec iii . 'X Rog^Jit Pagani . "X Steph 
de Marhd . Rob de Haudenebi Ernaldde Her- 
laue . Rob de Ver . fVitt de Ojrendon . 1 Witt de 
Qntoii in banco Si Hu^ de la ^Surs. Witto de 
WiUnton . Ric de Sardington . \ Sim Malfe . p 
essofi suos . 1 Rob de Nuers . 1. Atmari(P de 
Nuers . il . ve. f[ Ido attacti q tc sint ibi. 

Huniet. JT Dies dat^ t R^ de Tiuitt. pe . 1 \\Reg* deArgen- 
tein de pl nove diss . \\b\ tenem in Rames in 
ocl S' Mich . p defecl rec . quia Ada Curteis . 
Rob Kideman . Joh Fab . Rob WFdicat Alan^ 
Tqfte n . ve . vl se essofi . Ido atach q tc sint 
apd Westin. f Id dies dat^t H^veio de Pet^. 
Ric Crowe p esS . suos. 

Suff^. jf Atb de S* Edmund pon . lo . suo Magrm Gileb 

v^sus Senescalt Epi Eliens de pt lit)ta£ ad lu • 
vt pd. 

NorHr. ff Dies dat^ f WittoJ^ Ade.\Matild de Hotton 

de pt rec morl ant • de . vj. acr r re cii ptifi in 
HoT. CuR. Reg. i> d 

Digitized by 



Mukton . in oct S* Mich . \ tc veniat ass . \ 
inrim hat licenc concord. 

Sujgr. jT Dies dat^ t Ranulf* de [\Hames po . lo . pris sui . 

Tt Rod BUram de pt advoc eccte d lEling" a die 
S' Mich in . i. mse . pce ptium. 

Suff*. If Ass . de nova diss . inr Wittm de Glanvitt\ Huh- 

\ tum de Monte Chanesi ponr in respct us% m . 

ocl S* Mich p defecf rec. Id dies dat^ t rec 

qWe . 1 alii q* ii ve . vl se esson atacb q tc 

sint ibi. 

H'tf\ f Witt de la Haia recognov in cur dni Pr Matild q 

fuit ux Rad tota ||rrciam pte r re q* pdcs Rad 
tenuit die q* obiit ee ronabile dote suam. 

Gloitc. jf nova diss . int' Rad Giffard .% Rad de 

Wiliton de libo tenemto ej^ ponr in resp*c q* 
diu id Osb f uit in svicio dni ^r ultra mare. 

Cantehf. f Ass . de m . anl inr Gaufrjit Umfrid. t Eustach 
de Eya de . i. virg rre .1 . ||ix. ac*s tre cii ptifi 
in ^Diton ponr in respecl usq^ a die S* Mich 
in . i. mse . q^ Rad le Sumeillur.\ Joh de ^Diton 
Joh f Pet^ .Henr f Rich.Hug" d Mainurs 
Rob Torkanasse . n . ve . vl se essofi. ^ Ido 
attacli q tc sint ibi. f Id dies dat^ t aliis 
q* ve. 

Ibid. jl Rob de WSausitoii 1 Alan^ po . lo . Gaufr J^ CTiw. 

frid \?sus Eustach de Eia de eod ad lu . vt 

Hunted. ^ ^i^s dat^ t Witto Daco \ Hug" de Wigorh de 
aud jud suo de fine fco in cur diii Reg in 
ocl S* Mich . 1 inrim concord . 1 rra illa int^ 
sit in man diii Reg. 

Bcdef: JT Ass . de nova diss . inr Sim de Bello Ca^npo 

Digitized by 



qrentg T: Pore de Letton diss . de coi pastura 
sua in Licelad ponr in respect usq^ in . oci S* 
Mich p defectu rec . % Ro5 de Stodfid . T: Rad 
Jit Ric \ Hug' le Bret. ITveius Salvage • Gre^ 
de ITlingho re5 n • ve . vl se essofi. jf Ido atacli 
q tc sint apd Westm .1 Ric Venator ess . se p 
Henr • Hueius de \\Toterho p Steph. Hug* 
BuUoc p Hug". Ric Blak' p Nichot. 

Midelsex\ jf Dies datus t fVitto f \\Ranuilf. po . lo . Roj 
Corbet . \ Witt de \\Cramford • de pl . xxxvj. 
acr rre \ bosci in Dallee . a die S* Mich in . 
I. ihsem . \ inrim hat Witt tram sua p plevirt 
que capta fuit in manu dni Pr. 

*f^. JT Ass . ve . re . si . Gerard pr Rob fuit saisit^ in 

dnico suo ut de feod . de . xxxvi . acr de llware 
cum ptinenl in ^Lqfh die q° obiit .1 si obiit p^ 
p^mam coroK Reg Ric .\ si pdcs /?o5 ppinq'or 
lies ejus sit . q* tram Matild de Haldhd \ Nich 
fil ejus tenent. jf Jur dicl cont*ria .1 p^ea 
considatu fbit concessioe ut^usq^ partis qd rec 
iii intim fiat . sciK tal . f 

Cantebf. f Ass . ve . re • si Rob de la Mara avuncls Wittijit 
Rannuf/* fuit saisit^ in dfiico suo ut de feod . 
de . iiij. virg tre cu ptinenl in Seluerleg* die 
q® obiit . \ si obiit p^ p*mam coron dni . H. 
Reg pris .1 si pdcs Witt ppinquior lies ejus 
sit . q* tram AlbricP de Btto Campo . Godefr de 
Cramavitt !\Maria ux ejus .\ P^oriss deSwqfha 
tenent jf Jur dicl q Rob ita obiit in saisit^. 
8} pdcs Witt no t ppinq^or Iies ej^ fest . q*a ipe 
t fil ie^usdvL Rannulf* Bastard q* se fecit fil de^ 
purchaseia Haih pris Wifti .\ Rob pdci.TtM 
Steph ilcujusd.1 Emmce soror eor cuj^ IiedesJ 
adhuc vivut 1 debet ppinq^ores ee pdci Rob . 
q» pdcs Witt. f JucT. 

O 1) 2 

Digitized by 










Sarra ux Rob po . la . suo Rob vinim suu 
v^sus Hug^f MatfU 1 fAbrahd frem ejus^ 
de pt ?re ad lu . vl pd. 

Hii off iit replegiare Aldred le Wild de Nme- 
biri . WaUChawiarius de Weford. Witt le Wild. 
Ric Mainard. Ric de Kareuitt. 

. . . . Ida 

f Dies dat^ t Aitropf HugW Ric de Bassing' 
burn po . lo . Ade jit Pagani de pt catallor a 
die S^ Mich in . I. mse pce ptium. 

f Gileb de Derefeld Reginald de Trumpiton. Witt 

f* Umfrid. Wall de la Haia missi ad Fore de 

Bemewett ad • sciend q ponle vellet lo . suo 9* 

Laur de Craudon de pt homag . \ relevii . dicl 

q posuit Witt Supp^ore suii ad lu • vl pd. 

f Ric de Leke pel p plevina . i . carr r . cum ptinenl 
in Friesbi in c^^stih ocl S' T^nil q capta fuit in 
mafi dfli P: p ejus derectu vsus Henr de Leke. 

f Henr de Isleia . Witt de P'stoh . Ric de Puers . 
Add de lUega missi ad Gileb de Waldingford 
ad sciend q vellet ponle lo . suo vsus Ric de 
WBrohat de pt q*^ warant tenet se in eccta de 
Foxele . dict q posuit Witt fit suii vt Rob de 
WaUngfeld. ad lu . vt pd. 

jf Witt Costentin iiij. die . 9sus Adam de 
Welpele . de pt . ij. virg rre . \ dim cu ptin in 
\^Pedewrth .1 in .^luuentet .'X ipe n . ve .vt se 
esson .\ sumo fuit test. jf Jud rra capiat^ in 
man dni Pr . t Add sumoeat' q sit apd Westm 
in ocl S* Mich in resp. 

jf H'veius f Eustach pel 9sus G'vasium Wrench. 
i. virg ?re c ptinen! in . Grantedeh sic jus 

Digitized by 



suu . Gervasitis ve . 1 defend jus suu . 1 pel 
visum . hat visum. jf Dies dat^ t eis in ocl 
S* Mich . \ inVim fiat visus. 

Stff* JT Matild q fuit ux Godefr po . lo . suo Henr frem 

suum . 9sus Ricf* Henr de pl dol ad lu . t pd. 

Essex\ ^ Witl de Takele pon lo . suo . Magrm GHvasium 

vs Gatifr Dambli . de pl ass de m . ant ad lu . 
vt pd. 

Linc. JT Thofh de Aresci poii lo . suo Petr de Nevitt. vsus 

Rod de Daueston . ad lu . vl pd. 

Snff: ^ " Dies dat^t Priori de Norew\'' 1 Wittof*Eviard 

de pl . i. carr rre cum ptiii in Gapetorp a dieS^ 
Mich in . av. dies.*^\ inrim hant lic concord". 
1 Por pori lo . suo . Magrm WRatilf* moacum 
suum . vl Gaufr ad lu . vt pd. 

SuJT. JT D^es dat^ t Osbf H^vei q Rog' fX Gileh vocat 

ad warant .1 Gaufr Dambli de pt ? . 1 in?im 
6ant licenc concord. 

Sujgr* ^ Adam de Watefeld v^sus Rad WCtic^ tulit bre de 

nova diss . de libo tenemto suo in Watefeld 

posuit se in . mia . \ concessit ipi Rad rram 

Jllam c vestitu . q*a id Ada reddid ei cartajo^ 

ft Rad q* in huit. 

Susej^. ir BMft BrienSi Gunnora ux.ejus petnt vsus 

A6b de Sagio advoc eccte deBocking^ sic jus 
pdce Gunnore . 1 Witt For Darundel vefl 1 
dic . qd Ateb ii fuit in pria qn sumo ve .1 testal 
t q ita est. f Dies datus t a die S* Mich . in . 
av. dies . affid ad hiid tS Abb . t Rad\ Gunora 
ponl loco suo Rob Cros ad lu . vt pd. 

Nor/: ^ II Wmfrid de |l Winek pel \?sus Ijiio^' \\Curtpeitt. v. 

sot reddit^. \ iij. d. in WBuketoii , ut jus sufi "l 
D D 3 

Digitized by 



heditate . q°8 Warin^ pr suus invad With WCurU 
peitt *^dci \\Rogli tpr Reg Steph ad tmin q* 
pteriit ut dic . WRog' veSt defend invadiatione. 
1 dic qd tenet illos reddit^ sic fiedil 1 lifeum 
tenemtum . t offt defende jus suu p Petr de 
Wimbeis sic cur cosidavit . ut de Qloginquo 

Suff\ f Dies dat^ t Rog' de \\ Westm .\ Witt de Lexetvrtti . 

de pl . viij. acr rre cii ptinenf in Lexewrtti in 
ocl S' Micti.\ hfit licenc concord.l Ro^ 
pon iii lo . suo Witt Cticum ad lu . vl pS. 

Nor/\ f Gaufr Cticus ve.T: reddid Botild vidue rona- 

bile dote suam in Morle de lifto tenemto q 
fuit Witti q^nda viri sui . 1 pcepl t vic q 
faciat fi. 

Hwited. (f Ass . de in . antec . de . ij. virg l • cum ptinenl in 
AUngton in? PJiilipp Jit X^ani petenl \ Witt de 
Linton . T: Wittm . «i» \ Matild ux ejus ponf in 
respecl . usq^ in . ocl S" Mich p defectu rec 
quia Rog' de WMalaricis .1 Rogj' de Long^vilia. 
"X Bartti Bonairc . 1 AceUn de Sellon . 1 Rog" 
Waltlief ♦. 

NorhT. f Epc Linc mandav p littas suas justic dSi Pr . q 

WittJ^Ade * q* tram q*dam clam ^)m^Eustadi 
de Watford cora '^yxstic itinlantib} in Nortum- 
ion q' objecit eid Witto q bastard^ fuit q suflB- 
cienl pbatum e . p^dcm Wittm ee . legitime 

Cantchr. JT ^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^ Rad jil Hug^ pef v^sus Hugj" fit 
suu ronabile dote q eam conting de libo 
teneiiito Rad q°nda viri sui in Campes . \ in 
\^Horsel . Hug" ve . \ cocessit eid faSe ronabile 
pte de tenemto qd tenet. 

Digitized by 



Ibid. ^ Ead pel simai m® v^sus Adajit Gerard Pciam pte . 

ix. acrar c ptinenl in Horsee . \ Add ve .1 dic 
♦q anteq* desp5sata fuit^ qdi Gerar(f^ pr suus 
tenuit eas de Radf* Hug^ viro suo \ ho ejus 
fuit . \ dic qd infra etate est . \ pel etate . \ 
ipa dic qd pr suus intrusit se in illam tram . 
p^q* ipa fuit desponsata . 1 in pofl se sup juf 
visneti • t q^a Hug* cognov cart* pris sui 1 
donone in .hat saisina . ix. acr . s . rciam ptem . 
\ faciat escambiu de p?dco. 

Ibid. ^ Ead pel simili m^.v^sus Witt. ix. acr cu ptinent 

in Horsee ut dote suam . \ Witt ve . \ dic qd 
aSq* desponsata ||est vt dotata . fuit saisit^ in . 
'l iii pon se sup jur visneti \ ipa silr . utr Hug^ 
pr viri sui eii feffav anq^* dotata eet. jf Hat 
jural .a die S^ Mich in . i. mense. 

Ibid. jf Ead pet vsus Wall de Capttis rciam pte dimid 

virg r . in Horsee ut dote * \ WaU veii Tt dic 
q AlbriiP pf suus fuit ho ipi^ Rad viri sui . 1 
ipe p^ea deveii in ho ejusd Rad \ carta suam 
ifl ei fec q id testatur . qd ipe Rad ded pdco 
Albrico . v. acf r . p homag t svicio suo .1 dic 
q Hvg^f* Rad debet ee . ejus warant . 1 aliam 
carta silf ptut de aliis . v. acf . \ m vocat 
pdcm J^Rad^ Hug\ Et q^a ii t negal q*n 
dotata eet . io considatu t II hat saisinam de . 
iij. pte . X. acf. 

Ibid. f Ead pet . vsus Roh Walens . rciam pte . i. virg 

rre cn ptin in dote . T: Rod ve . 1 dic . qd ht 
cartam iii pdci Rad \ ipe t ||ho Hug* in .\ 
ipe t in sumoit^ ad warantizand eum .1 ipe 
Hug* \e .\ti id cognov.q debuit tram illa 
warantizare . hat rcia pte. 

Ibid. f Ead pel tciam pte de xiij. acf tre in dote suam 

D D 4 

Digitized by 



v^sus Mathm CUcum .\ cognov tciaiQ 

ptem ei q*m tenet 

Ibid. jf Ead pel \?su8 Wali de Pelham rciam pte. v. acrar 

t . in Horseia in dote .... Rob .... dic q 
-He/ww ff suus tenuit tram de ^dcoRadA 

carta ifl hiiit . 1 ipe obiit t ^es ejus , 

1 dic qd Hug'f Rad t sum ad waranl n* rra 
illam . t Hug^ ve . "X cognov carta illam J\ dic 
q Rad pr suus fl tenuit n* . iiij*. pte . L milil 
\ de illo feod pr suus ded 1 cartis suis con- 
firmav septies . xx. ac*s 1 x. 't tm ei in S 
remasit qd pl ifi fa8e regale 9viciu . 1 p^ 
cosidatione cur . si ita face poluit desic. 

f Hat saisina . rcie ptis sic petit 

jf Ead iiij. die . vsus Rob f* Rad de pt 
tcie ptis.vj. acr c ptin in Cdpis q* pel in 

dote ii ve . vl se esson . \ sumo fuit 

tes!, f Jud • tra capiaf^ in . maii dni Pr . 1 ipi 

sumoneaf^ qd apd Westm .in.oci S* 

Mich . iii resp. 

JT Eod m® . pet vsus Ro^ Curteis . t^cia pte . i. acr c 
ptin in Campis .\v^m Rad f^WH^bti . . . .?cie 
ptis . duar acr "X dimid in Capis .1 p eor de- 
fectu. jf Jud t q t ra illa capiat' in man dfii Pr. 
t ipi sumoneant"^ q sit apd Westm .adieS^ 
Mich in . viij. dies . in resp. 

tn. 24. 

Cantebf. JT E^^ P^^ ^sus Ric de Humez tciam pte . x. acr 
?.in dote.t Ric ve.t dic q Rad f Hu^ 
ded tram illam Joh de Fwnaus p homa^ suo . 
\ carta suam in ei fec . \ ipe Joh ded tra iUa 
p homag "l svico suo. jf hat i rcia pte suam. . 

Digitized by 



Ibid. JT Ead pel 9sus TViltm Cticum tciam pte . xxij. acr 

ut dote . It ipe ve . 't dic q Hug^Jit Rad debet 
warantizare tram illam ei \ Hlibenr faciet ei 
tciam pte salvo escambio q Hug^ f* Rad ei 
fa8e debet. f hat saisina . tcie ptis . 1 Hug^ 
faciat ei escambiu. 

Ibid. jf Ead pel v^sus Wittm de Widrefeld tciam pte 

dimid virg tre in dote .1 ipe ve . 1 dic qd 
nict clamat in ea n* custod p Robf* Olivii . 
q* inf^ etate . t • JT Considal t q hat saisina de 
dote sua q^ Hug* n negavit qd Rad pr suus 
ri feofav OUvlil prem fsuu^ Rod.\ faciat 
escabiu ipi Witto. 

Leic. f Dies dat^ t Witto de Chameles posito lo . Bndci 

de Hoo . 1t Margar ux ejus .1 Uic ck Hottot 
tenenti de pt magne ass . m ocl S^ Micfi p 
defecl rec . quia nlts eor ve . vl se essoii. 
f Ido atacli q tc sit apd Westm . Witts hat iii 

Norf: (T Witt de Burg^ iiij. die ^sus Thomf* 

Rob po . lo . Warin de Colebi . \ Sim fns ejus 
ad lu.vl pd . de pt ultime psentac mediel 
eccle de Colebi ."X ipe fl . ve . vt se essoii . \ 
huit die p essoil suii .in.oct S* Tnitai . 1 ipi 
f8ut petenL f Jud . Witts eat in sii die . 'l hat 
I?senl suam . in !\ hat bre ad epm ||ut suscipiat 
cticum suu ad psentatione suam. 

Cantebr. f ConstantirP po . lo . Aeleis ux sue . pel v^sus 
Wittm Clemenl. i. virg tre c ptinenl in H^les- 
ton sic jus^t tiedil jPdce Aeleis. Witt ve.1 
defend jus suu . 1 pel in visum. (f Hat visu 
f Dies dat^ t eis in ocl Sci MicH • 1 intim fiat 

Leic. JT JuUana de \\Hauuitt po . lo . suo Rob de Mumfort 

Digitized by 



v^sus Philipp de Wastineis . 1 Witt de Werd \ 
^ Witt^ PJuUpp de Derebi .\ ux eor de pt con- 
cordjl fec in cur dfii Jt . ad lu . vl pd. 

fyjll^ f Samson de Pom^ai iiij. die vsus Milon 

de wAntesia de pl finis f ci \ Milo ii . ve . vt se 
essoa . \ pcep? fuit vic q ponlet lCuJ p vad \ 
salv pleg . ^ vic n misit lil misit noia pleg 
(f Jdo considatum est q pofletur p meliores 
pleg q sit a die S^Joh in. iff. sepl iniresponsur^. 
\ vic hat tc noia primo^ pleg . 'X scdonim . \ 
respond qr a misit noxa pl . in ocl S". T^niL 

Norf*. f( Humfirid de \\ Winet pet vsus . ^Ro^ WCurtpeitt . v. 

solidreddil t . iij. d. in ^Bukentoh sic jus suii . 
\ tiedil q®8 Warin^ pr ej^ invad Witto Curt' 
peittpn pdci \\Rog\ tpr lleg* StepH ad tminii 
q' ptiit ut dic . Rog* ve . ^ defend jus suu .1 
invadiatione illam .1 dic q tenet illum redditu 
ut liedil suam . 1 libm tenemtum suii . T: ofYt 
defende « p Petr de WimbisMo cur considavlt 
ut de longo tpr. 

Surr. f Henr de la Dune iiij. die vsus Walbn 

f* Giled ^ \Psus Wallm ^ de pt . i. virgal t . in 
II Wenleswrorth . uii Henr po . se . in magna ass . 
1 milit fuut electi . *ad^ 1 ve . . in cur . ad 
faciend ass . 1 WaU n . ve . vt se essofi . \ fiiit 
petes. f Ido considatii t qd Henr recedat sn 
die \ ipe q*ie debWit hat recupat. 

Cantebr. f Loqla int Witt de Scalariis \ Hug^ de Scalar de 
pt tre remanet sii die q*diu HenrJitHug' 
fuit in svico dni ^ cum equis 1 armis ult* 

Bedef.' f Henr ^de Buelles^ Picot . po . lo . suo v^sus Henr 
de Buelles Hug* de Grantes . de pt debiti ad 
lu.vl pd. 

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Norfit. ^ Dies dat^ t Priori de SimpUngh de aud jud suo 

de advocoe eccte de Dodington vs^ Com Dd 
a die Sci Mich in . arv. dics . 1 Com n ve . vt 
se esso£i . \ advoco capta fuit in manu diii 

jf Robjit Walfi poii Wittmjiliu Wa^i senescallum 
siiii loco suo vsus Wittm dc Vcsci de pt r . ad 

jf Robjit Sim iiij. die vsus Gircbl de Sco 
Claro de pt advoc eccte de Bradcfeld .\Gircbt 
esson se ad die placil . 1 posfiat lo . suo Wali 
dc Hope vt GilcbJ^ Viuiani . ad lu . vt pd . 1 
ad diem illum n comparuit . WaU posit^ lo . 
4suo^ ipi^ Girebti . vt essoii .1 Rob petiit sup 
hoc . Jud cur desic Wali * apparuit vt esson 
desic Gercbt posuit eum lo . suo psecufm 
loqlam si inree li possit. jf Considatum est 
qd Rob hat iii saisinam . q^ Wall po . lo . 
ipi^ Gircbti vt Gileb £1 comparuit vt essoS. 

jf Dies dat^ t Nichotjit Rob .\ Johi fri suo .1 Rob 
de Wameford de pl aptti t fiiiis suis a die 
Dnica paf^ I^f* S* Joh in . viij. dies. 

jf Prior de WPlinton iiij. die . vm^AlanU de 
Bocland. de pt. iiij. fling tre in Bocland\ in 
Ho . t ipe ii . ve . vt se essoil . 1 hiiit die in 
ocl S* Trinii . ^ fuit petes. jf Jud prior eat iri 
sn die . ^ Alan hat tale recupatione q*le hre 

f Witt de Punchardun . op . se . iiij. die vsus Witt 
dc Solers de pt nove diss . t Witt de Solers . 
essori se de in . ve . 'l il jacuit . \ esson ii . ve . 
jf Ido considatum -i- qd oms rec atacti qd sint 
apd Westm a die Sci Joh in . iij. scpl ad faciend 
iii assisam. 




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Ebfff. f[ Ricf* Rad iiij. die 9sus Witl de ^Sautoh . 

\ Hug* de Hesett. \ Rob frem suum . de pt 
aplti .1 ipi n . ve . vl se esson . \ hiieii diem 
in banco in ocl S* Mich in responsur. jf Ict 
dies dat^ t Petro de Sautoh apltato de vi in 


Norf\ JT Witt de Ebo^ T: Matild ux ejus pel « Wittmfl 

Wade . \ Ailina ux ejus • x. s. reddit^ cum 
ptiii in Leiham . ut ronabile pte suam q eam 
conting de rra q fuit WOlin* Salmar. cuj^ filia 
fuit mr ejusd Matild.\ ipi ve . t petierl visum 
rre . uii reddit^ exit . hat visum. jf Dies dat^ 
t eis a die S* Joh in . iy. sepl . \ intW fiat 

jT Witt de Ebo^ .\ Matild ux ejus pel simili m® ^sus 
Wittmf\\Auketitt.\ WTheda ux ej^. x. sot red- 
dit^ cum ptinen? in Lenna . ut ronabile pte 
suam q conting eid Matild de rra q fuit Renii 
Salmar . c mr fuit fita ejusd Reimi \ \ ipa pef 
visum rre uri reddit^ exit . hat visum. jf Dies 
dat^ t eis a die S* Joh in . ^av dies^ . in . iij. 
sepl .\ intim fiat visus. 

NorhU jT Dies dat^ t Priori de Simplingh . 1 Com Dd ad 

aud jud suu de advocoe ecctie de Dodington 
a die S* Mich in . jrv. dies . 1 advoco capta fuit 
in manii dfii JSr . 1 Com n . ve . vt se essoii. 

NorhdT. jf Wittjit WOthoh poit^ loco Matitt de Diua 
iiij. die vsus Ascelina de Wa&itt de plac ad- 
voconis medietatis ecc' de Uptoh . T: Ascelin 
ess se de m. ve. 1t advoco illa capta fuit in 
manu dili Pr . p defalta ipi^ Ascelih :f die Lm 
panma jP Assensione Si detenta p xv. dies . i' 
qd nltus petit eam p plevina. Ideo gsidatii t 

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qct Matitt hat inde saisina . T; AsceUna hat inde 
tale recupare q*le inde habe deb}. 

Noff^ ir Qsidatii t qd Baffi de Norwiz athach qd sint apd 

Westfh a fo Sci Joh in iij. sepl . ostfisur q*r 
n fe8E mandatu vic Scdin pceptu justic eis 
dir^tum de nova diss * it Atebem de Rammes 1 
Oliver monac . 1 inrim sumoii xij. li 1 leg 
homies de visnel qd tc sint ibi ad 4id^ 
faciendu ass. 

Norhdt. J Witt Grim op se iiij. die v. Andr de Armtgwurth 
1 Hams ux ej^. de plac . i . haubergett . \ ipi 
n llveniut n*' se essoii . 1 poiti fuerunt p vad \ 
pt bis ^ \ ipi ii ve . n*^ se ess . lo psidatu t qd 
vic hat eos a festo Sci Johis in iij. sepl . ^ ut 
hat ibi Gitt Flandr T: ITbtu fit ejus p^mos pt . 
ostnsur qr ri hiierunt qd ptgiav . \ ultimi pt 
summon qd tuc sint ibi inde responsur. 

Norhamt. jf Dils Linc ||signavit p iitas suas patntes qd Witt 
fl Hervei disronavit se cora eo esse legitimu 
natum \ a legitimo mat'moii que Eustdc de 
Wafford dixit esse bastardii. lo gsidatu t qd 
Witt hat bre ad sumo ipm Eustac qS, sit apd 
Westin afesto Sci Joh in iij. sepi Siudit^us inde 
judm suu. 

Caniebr. f l^i^s dat^ t Hnrjit Rob petiiti 1 Ricft Bertram 
de plac r . a festo Sci Joh in iij. sepi . 
Idem dies dat^ t Hnf "X * Bert^ ad capiendii 
cirog*phu suii. 

Sitff\ JT Magr Gitt poit^ lo . At*>is de Sco EdmUdop se iiij. 

die V . Epm Eliensem "X Senescalt suii de plac 
lat^ni suspnsi.^q^m^ [9*3 libtate SciEdmttdi\ 
dies dat^ fuit eis in ociSce iSiii ad hfidiicartas 
libtatii suar • ||ut*% \ Afebs misit cartas suas . 

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s . cartas Reg Edward.\ Reg Witt ^questor 
\ cartas ^ H. l q^b^ gtinet*^ qd dederunt 1 
gcesserunt Sco EdmUdo omia gnla libtatii q 
p^sint dari alic* p donu alic^ Reg . Epc 3 ve n^ 
se essoniat jf Judm. Epc sumoii qd sit apd 
Westm in octab Sci Mich inde responsur . 1 
qd hat ibi tc cartas suas. 

Nor/.^ jf Ass de m . anl . ir Jacobu Jit WRog* petiite 1 BxA 

de Sco \\Sauo ij. mesuag in \\Grenemue. 
p"^ in r" [usq^] a die SciJohis usq^ in iij. sepl.]^ 
defcu regg . q, Hnr aic^ Wittft Unfr H^U 
nepos Helewis . Johjit Helewis . Hug^ de Lud- 
ham . Hug* de WTostis . Austin de Dunewiz . 
Alan WPedes . Wall Segge . Bndcs Rt^ffus . Hnr 
Q^t^mars . EdmUd^ ^Hff^ . n ve . n*^ se ess . io 
athacb qd sit tc ibi ad faciendu assisa. 1; ostn- 
suri q*r n fuerut ibi t oct /S* T^m/. 

Nojf.* JT Regin de Lenne \ Matitt ux ej^ op se iiij. die. v. 

TurstanCloher .\Johem deOxenewich de pt xv. 
ac*i t . c ptiii in \\F^insha . 1 ipi ii ve vt se ess. 
t sumo testal t . Judm . rra capia"" in manu I>. 
Reg tc. 1 * JoJis sumori qd tc sit apd Westm 
t octab Sci Mich inde responsuri .1 11220«-' pon 
loco suo Mar . . . . ad luc*ndii l ad pdendCu 

Cantebr. JT Josep de WDrauiton ess se de m . ve . v^ Alic de 
WDrauiton de pT . tcie ptis iij. virgal rr "X rcie 
ptis . vj. ac^rii tre q*s ipa clam in dote .\ pdcs 
Josep hat die p ess suii \ ad die illii ess se de 
m . lecl . "X gsidatii fuit qd ii erat essonii . q^ 
fuit de dote .t io rra illa capta fuit i manu I>. 
Reg t sii replevina . q^ recordatii erat p Witt 
de Warenn . ^ socios suos justic itinlantes qd 
ide Josep hiiit diem i banco . io Qsidatii t qd 
Alic hat inde saisina sua. 

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Ibide. f Nichot de WCotham ess se eod modo de in . ve . 't 

de mal lc . vsus eande Alic de pt tcie ptis . 
i. virgaf Vr c ptint in WDraiton .t ess de m. 
lc ii fuit recepJ q^ fuit de dote . 1 id t rra illa 
capta in manu d.Jt. sn plevina.q^ testatu 
fuit qd hiiit diem i banco . cora justic.Ideo 
9sidatu t qd ipa hat inde saisina. 

Suff*. JT Hnr Kingesman poit^ lo . ilffl///?. q fuit ux 

Godefr op . se iiij. die vsus Ricjit Hnr de pt 
ronabit dotis ipi^ Matitt.c^m clani vsus ipm 
Ric . 1 ipe Ric fi ve vl se ess . T: sumoS testal 
fuit. Judm . tcia ps tr que fuit Godefr vir 
sui i Spottishat capistt' in maii diii ^r . Itc. 1 
Ric sum qd sit ap Westm ajo Sci Mich t rv. 
dies . inde respons. 

Cantebr. jf Dies dat^ f Alic de Draiton t Regin Sacldoti de 
pl dotis a die Sci Mich l xv. dies \ intim hant 
liciic 9Cordandi. 

Ibidc. JT Alic de Draiton petit \?8us WAlbinJit Ric tcia pte 

ij. virgal tre c ptiiil i Draiton ut ronabilem 
dotem sua q ea ^ting hre ex dono Rog^.Jit 
Witt. quond viri sui ^ ^Albin venit t defendit 
qdii fuit inde dotata n^ potuit.qjjKic pat suus 
fuit .... feffat^ ex dono Ro^ viri sui anq*m 
desposata esset • 1 inde ponit se sup recogni- 
coem visneti "X Alic silr. 

m. 25. 
Cantebf. JT Ric J^ Rogli sumoit^ ad warantizand ^/ii^ ^* 
Ric carta Rogli pris sui de dimid hid tre q* 
Rog* pr suus ei ded . \ carta sua confirmav. 
Ric pr ipi^ Albini ."X ufi llfiir ipi^ Ric clamat 
tciam pte in dote vsus ipm Albinu . Ric ve . \ 
dic q fl vult ei responde . anq* piacil int AUcid 
mrem ejus . 1 eu tminal sit. 

Digitized by 



Caniebr. f WittJitRob po • lo • Petronitt q fuit ux . || Um/rid ♦ 
vsus Reg^ de Leiham . xl. s. reddit^ cii ptin in 
Wilburgh q®s clamat ee . dote ipi^ Petronitt q 
eam conting de libo tenemento q fuit ^Rogii 
viri sui . ut dic . Reginaldve Sl pet visum tre . 
hat visu jf Dies dat^ t eis in . av. dies jiPf* 
ST Mich .1 inrim fiat visus. 

BHk\ jf Getia q fuit ux Rogli de Stok pel vsus Tliom de 

Stok^. iij\ pte . i. virgal tre cu ptinenl in Stok\ 
q eam conting ex dono Rog^ q^ndam viri sui . 
Thom ven . 1 dic qd vir ejus numq^* tenuit 
tram illa ut de feodo . 1 qd tra illa n descend 
ei in liedit ex pte ipi^ Ro^i . S5 hl eam de 
dono Witti de Eineford. \ in poii se sup rec 
visneti ,1 Gem silr. jf Veniat rec . a die S^JoH 
in ♦ jn) dies^ [jij. seplJ] \ intim fiat visus. 

Stiff*. jf Rob de Waltingf. po . io . Gileb de Walding'. op. 

se . iiij. die v^sus Ric P^brm de Foxole d pl q® 
waranto tenet se in eccla de Foxot.^X ipe n. 
ve . vl se essoii "X sumo testal fuit. jf Jud . 
Ric atacli qd sit a die S* Mich . in . av. dies 
apd Westm in resposur . t ostensur qf n ve. 
in ocl S' Thiil. 

Essex\ jT Ass . de nova diss . int Wittmjit Maur Hpente .1 

Com de Clara .% Ric Gardinu . 1 Thomf Rad 
de nova dissaisiil de libo tenemto suo 1 ^ead^ 
villa de Tacsted ponr in respecl usq^ in ocl Sa 
Mich p defectu rec . % Rob Ogg". Elias Eu- 
croc . Ric d Basstgb . Rad de Bosco . Turstan^ 
de Eiston . Joh fr ejus . Witt de Karum . Rad 
de Hid. Eustach de Buett. n . ve . vl se esson. 
io atach qd tc sint ibi ad facienda illam rec. 
'lc. JT Id dies dat^ t Walfo Martett .1 Eustach 
de Selford. Ricf* Aldan q* venlut. 

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Devon. jf Dies dat^ f Rob de Ve?i ponte . 1 Rob de ST Steph 

a die ^Mich . in . i. mse. de recipiend cirog"ph 
suo de pl t . in Brawd. 

Cantebr. jT Amabt q fuit ux * Britoh po . lo . suo Witt le 
Mazelun . vs^ WittBritoh ad emdend cirog*pli 
suii in • iij. sepl jPf* S* Joh. 

Bedef. jf Witt ^Buuiu pet rsus tAtt)ein de Alnestow*. q 
Witt de Wilsamsted vocavat ad waranl . de 
dimid virg Avirc^ c ptinenl . in Wilsamested. 
ut jus \ liedil suam.T: Sim le Guiz 
Afibisse . ve . 1 vocat ih ad warant . Sim f* 
WSim . hat eum ad warantu .adieS* Mich in . 
iij. sepl. 

Norkar. JT Robft Alah petiit p plevina die Dhica pj^ jp 
fesl Sci Johis tra Gerard de WMatquci q capta 
fuit i manu dni Reg p defalta sua vsus Joh 

Bedef: If Walljit Mauric petit vsus Gaufr RufU i. hida 

tre 2 ptiR \ dim hid in Goggepatt sic jus 
suu 1 6edil . 1 Gaufr ven 1 def ndit j^ suG , 
1 petit iii visii . hat visii. Dies dat^ \\Sl a die 
Sci Mich I uh fhsem \ intim fiat vis^. 

£^^ f Loqla in? Ricfit Ham 1 Wittm \\Cumih . \ Grecia 

ux ej^ p' in r'm q*m diu ipe ifiit in svico 
dni Reg ult* mare cu eq*s \ armis p b*ve dfi 

£^^ ^ Wall de Albna siimoit^ ad ee apd Westm ostfisur 

quo advocato teneat se i ecc* de WPeluencseia. 
[dic] qd p Robft Witt cuj^ pr ea ei dedit. 

Hertjort. if Wittfit Rad petit vsus Att>em de Faveris/id vj. 
hid Vre c ptin I WT^hangr sic jus suu \ hedital. 
1 Turbt^ Carniar? poit^ loco At*is venit 1 
RoT. CuR. Reg. e e 

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defndit j^ suu . t petit in visu habeat visu . 
Dies dat^ t eis . a die Sci Mich in . i. mnse . 1 
inrim fiat vis^. 

Glouc. f Dies dat^ t Rad Musard \ Witl de WAWetot a die 

Dnica ^a^ p^Jni Sci Joh in av. dies de reci- 
piend cirog*ph suo . t Rad ponit ioco suo iS 
WaU de Heliun .1 Wittm ponit loco suo Wittm 

Oxon. jf Dies dat^ t Ro5 de Harpndoh apltato T: IVitt 

Taillard 1 Ricjt Rog". \ Thom Jit Toki ap- 
pltatorib} a fo Sci Mich in i. fhnse . \ inttm 
fiat inquisico p comil \ p legal milit \ p illos 
qui c^todierunt placita corone utr plage essent 
ostnse ad hora \ ad rminu \ recntes r' uii ipe 
Rob apltat^ t . 'l inq^sico illa tc mittat"^ ibi p 
iiij. tegat milil de comitatu qui intfuer iqui- 
siconi p b^ve vic sigilla?. 

EsS' f Rog" de la Neweland \ Alic ux ej^ pmisunt dno 

Pr . i. m*. argiiti p hnda Tqsicone utr ipsa AUi 
hat sorore p^mogenita vivete q debeat pticipe 
ex heditate Amic mris sue . in Wiggebg^ sic 
obj^^tu fuit a Maug^o de Wiggebg* . \ Rob de 
vij. Vallib} vs^ q°s ide Rog* ^ Alic petier dimid 
hid rre • \ inq^sico veii p vic \ dix qd n p* 
inq^rere qd ipa Alic hat sorore \ qd Rob 1 
\\Malg^um Ivenliit pl qd hrnt sorore Alic pd& 
ap Westin cora justic i oct Tnil.^X Mal^ n ven 
vt se ess . n*^ Rob . n^ sorore illa pdux^unt . 
\ io gsidatii t qd Rog* T: Alic hant saisina sua 
de t^ra p^dca . ^ qd pt . s . Nichft WUt.\ Witt 
jit WRocelih \ Witt de Tortaine . Joh de Lcffr 
^vlvd^ ad esse ap Westin a die Sci Joh in iy. 
sepl . ostnsur Itc. 

jf Insp^^tis siq p^ea rotulis justic itinianciu in ptib> 

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ilt 9ptu t qd illi p sediiccoem tra illa habe 
Ijvellnt. Quia p ass ablata erat eis . s . p ass de 
morte aHcess . ablata erat eis tra illa . cora 
eisd justic.t io gsidatu t q nU ||capiat p 
inq'sic6nem illa. 

BukigH. JT ^'^ ^^ Rigate \ Agnes ux ej^ op . se iiij. die 
9s^ Ric Juvene de pl . i. virgate tre c ptin in 
Stoke \ ipe fi ven vt se ess t siim® tesf fuit. 
Judin . rra capia' in manu d. Pr. t dies lc. \ 
Ric siimoia' qd sit ap Westm a die Sci Mich 
in . i. mnse in respos . \ Witt pon loco suo . in 
Agnete ux sua . ad luc*nd vt pdend. 


Sumlsei:. JT Maths de Cliueden pel vsus Ric de Ken . vi. hid 
rre t dimid in Ken.\ Hiwic. ut j^ \ hedil 
suam . q ei descend ex jure de Ilebto q* veii in 
conqstu ♦de Hilebto q* ven in cdquestu^ usq^ 
ad Henr pavu ejusd Math . q' tram illam 
tenuit. tpr. i^. Reg avi dni Jt . capiendo iii 
esplecia ad valencia . v. solid . \ pl^ . \ ti offt 
disronare vsus eum p q&dam hoiem suu q* hoc 
offt pbare \?sus eum . Ttc. Ric ve . \ defend 
jus suii . t petit bre audire p qd posit^ fuit in 
placiL^l Maths ret*xit se .1: ad illii die n ptu- 
lit bre. in c^stino ess se de in. ||ville.^ die rcio 
silr . t Ric pel ut ei allocet' qd petiit audire 
bre \ p^ea fi comparuit. jf Considatum e . 
qd Maths nictl capiat p bre illd S3 qrat aliud 
bre si vol8it . 1 ad die q® tutit aliud bfe sit in 
considaci6ejusti5 si p^sit hre aliq* recupacione 
p bre scdm ad loqla illa n® ne. 

Canubf. f Mag* ass in t Rob Rujff^ petrl . \ Stephm Rage- 
dat te de dirii hid tre 5 ptiii i WWrating^ p' in 
r"m usq^ t . 1. mnsl p^ fm Sci Mich . p defcu 
reggnic . q^ nlts eo^ venit p Alan de Feug^is Sl 

E £ 2 

Digitized by 




Rod de Nevitt. \ Regin de Tntmpitoh esi ae 1 
ceri oriis. 

Huntect. jf Dies dat^ f Radjit Witt petn 1 Agnel de Atmiou 
de pt rre a die Sci Mich l . i. mnse p defcu bns 
ii Ijinventi . \ Agnes pon in loco suo . ^Grmin 
de Lega ad lu . vt ad pd. 

Oxon. jf Witt de WKouele petit vs^ Alic de \\Kauele . i. vir- 

gal Fre c ptin i \\Kavele . sic suii jus T: heditate f 
1 Alic petit in visii . habeat visii. Dies dat^ f 
eis a fb Sci Mich i . i. mnse \ inrim fiat visus. 

Ebor. f WRascius de Bosco petit tra sua p plevina die 

M^cHi px^ jpfestu Apto^ P. \ P. que capta 
fuit in manu drii Pr . p ejus def cu rsus Ursellu 
de Bosco. 

f German de \\Chisenton qui ttit br de nova diss 
vs^ Jord de Turri veii \ ret*i se \ posuit se 
in mia. 

JT Dies dat^ + Ric Captto pel . t Rog' de WCteia ad 
audiedu judm suu in iij. seplim jP fm Sa 

f Sim Mausep op . se iiij. die vsus Alwin Caretar 
de pt ass de m . aficessof . t vs^ Witlm || Uncle . 
1 silr de pt ass de m aiicess . 1 ipi fi venlunt 
vt se ess .Tt siimo testata fuit f Judm AibjctrP 
\ Witt resiimoneat' qd sint apd Westm a die 
Dnica pa^ jP fm Aptof P.J. P. in ro. dies . 
Id dies dat^ t omib} reggnitorib} i baco. 

Sumerst. JT ^ss ve . reg . si Osewald pr Walffi fuit saisit^ in 
dnico suo ut de feod de . i. virga? tre c ptin 
in Cheihd .^die q* obiit. T: si obiit 15. Q*m tra 
Rad P^poW teu}. f Jural diit qd Osewald 
inde obiit saisit^. f Jud • WaU in hat sai . 




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Norkant. f StepH de Claie op . se iiij. die vs^ Rob de Mus- 
chafips de pT ivadiamnti rre . \ ipe n ve . vt se 
ess . \ debuit poii p vad t pt ad ee ap Westm 
l rv. dies jPfm Sce ThtiL f Judm . atacli qd 
sit ap Westm a fo Sci Mich l i . mnse iii re- 
sposur^. T: vic tc sit ibi inde resposur q*r n 
misit br. 

Norhdl. ^ Alic q fuit ux Witt Blund . sumoita ad ee ap 
Westm a fo Sce Thtii in ccv. dies ostnsur qd 
jus hat in dote sual decuj^ dono ea hat.T: q® 
M^arato ipam teneat i veS 1 dic qd t dissaisita 
de dote sua . 1 petit saisina sua anq^* respo- 
deat . gsidatii t qd Alic hat saisina . 1 q sit ap 
Westm sup ^dcis resp5sur a die Sci Mich 1 1. 

Sudhant. JT Wall de Benetleg^ . 1 Ric fv suus op . se iiij. die 
Vs^ Ric Wlrchium 1 Rad frm suii • 1 Ric de 
Ferle^. \ Sim de Langef\ \ Bemard de Sap- 
horn . 1 WT^ricU frm suii 1 Ric de Bosinton \ 
Hug* Hk Nich fit suos .1 Thom Pir ipi fi veSunt 
vt se esso .1: Vic sig qd ii fuerl iventi. jT Judm . 
athach qd sint apd Westm a fo Sci Mich in 
Tv. dies n* Justic i ptes illas [iveflint.^l qd 
sumoneat diim de Wintoh. Wittm Briewer. 
Ric de Herieth . Magrm Thofn de Husseburn 
qd tc hant recordu apffi . \ sumo iiij. legat 
mili^ de comil qd tc sint ibi ad id faciend S 
justic pdcis ifi record illd. 

Ebor. JT ^o* ^^ Tumhd po . lo . suo . Wittm de la Haie . 

vt Joh lChap vsus Epm Dunelfh de pt ptiii 
magne ass . de Clift S\ vsus cticos deDanecastr 
de pt 9vic ad lu . vt pd. 

CttfUebf. JT Addft Witti . qui se essoii de . m . lec . 9sus Wall 

E E 3 

Digitized by 




fVakesorg* ."X pl « Mandav q 
covaluit . 1 pel licenc veniend ad cur . 1 

in.26- In octabis S^cH JoKs Bapt\ 

Ebor. JT -S^* ^^ Tumh po. loc Asuo^ Witt de Haia vt 

Joh wOiape vsus Epm Dntm de pt ptineciar 
mag ass de CUfW vs^ clicos de Donecastf de 
pt svicii ad luc*^ vt pd. 

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Absalojit Absat de life tenm suo in Cdtebr post 
scda coro . Reg Ric. jf Jur dicl qd B^nari 
ita dissaisivit Absal inde. ^ Jud • Absal hat 
mia. saisiii iii . 1 B^nard in mia \ reddat dapnii 

Absat . sct} . i. m*. jf mia B*nard t . i. m*. 

Rtford. if Ass ve re si Rob de Broc injus? t sn judo diss 
Albred Jit Wall de libo tenem suo I Sat^cte- 
wurth p^ scdam coronone Reg RicStRob ven 
t dic qd ass n deb} ifii fi q^ ipe recupavit in 
saisiil vsus llfrem p*mogenitii WRog*. ipi^ Albre 
cora justic apd Dunestapt p ass de mort anc. 
\ ipa dic q n recupavit saisin de tefi pdco . q 
fr ej^ n tenuit tra illa tc n*^ fuit ifi saisit^ S5 
ipa tc fuit iii saisita 1 de !i pofi se sup jur 1 
ipe similr. j[ Jur dnt q ipa tc f u ifi saisita .1 
inia. a fj ej9 jiQg^ r^ ^g^ /Jq» de Broc i» diss ea in. 

jT Jud ipa hat in saisiii 1 Rob i mia in . \ red- 
dat dapnii ifi fcum . s . i. m\ mia ej^. ij. m*. 

Cantebr. JT ^^d CtuP ess se de ma . IS . vsus Wall Wakirs- 
orgen 1 Margar ux ej^ de pt rre . 1 fi fuit 
visus . 1 madavit p niiciu suii Witt Pupard q 
^valuit de infirin illa \ petiit licn vefi ad 
c'iam . t huit. jf svet die suu. 

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Essex\ jf Dies dat^ t Witt de Sobi petflti 1 Regin de Com- 

hitt \ Witt de WFembrig' teiitib} de pl Pre 
t octab Sci Mich . pce ptiu . \ inrim hant licii 

BukingH. (f Ass Everwih t Phit aviicli Hug* de 
Fulebroc fuer? saisiti in diiico suo ut de feod 
de ij. bovaf rre cii ptiii in Fuleb^c die quo 
obiit . \ si obiit 12. \ si id Hug' ppiq^or lies 
ejus f Q^ni tra Afcbs de Einshd tenTt . Witt de 
Bukingh po^. lo . Afibis veii \ dic . qd ass ii ||ii 
deb} . vsus Abbm iii fi . % ipe ii tenT: rram illa 
immo ^dcs Witt ten^l ea de pdco Atebe. 
jf -fiTMgr* qrat se vsus ipm qui tenet rra illa . 
si volfiit. 

Bukingh. f Rad de Huggedon qui se ess de mat Ic vsus 
GauJrjitFutc de pl rre sigcavit justic i baco 
p nuciii suii qd visus n fuit fcus . \ qd Qvaluit 
de ifirmil illa • 1 petiit licnc venied ad curia 
1 habuit 

Vordf\ f Rob de Sudgate \ Alic ux Witt . Estritt Alic 
Beat^a:^ WittCtic^ petierunt die Sabbi pximop^ 
festu Apto^ P. T: Pauli tra sua p plevina in 
Geiste que capl fuit in manu diii lleg p eoj^ 
defcu v^sus Abbm de Walth. jf Dies dat^ t 
ut*% pti a die Sci Mich in i. miise pce ptiu . 
Tt Abbs pdcs remisit [eis] 1 oiiiib} aliis poitis 
i plac illo claraiu suii de veti feofeamiito de 
pdca ?ra. 

n. f Wittjit Rob \ Alah fr suus petut 9sus Rob de 

\\Titlishale ronabile pte de i. carruc c pti8 in 

Norf. \\Titlishatt.\ Rob venit 1 dic q tra illa niiq* 

llpetita fuit n^ deb^ 1 de h poii se sup legat 
hoies de visfi \ Witt\ Alah sitr. jf hant br 
E E 4 

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iii ad vi2 q faciat venire ifi jur de visn a feito 
Sci Mich i i. mnse . apd WestiS. 

Surr. JT Ass de morf afic in? Phitjit Osbn petiil 1 Pore 

de Bermudeseia de xiiij. ac^s tre c ptin i Red- 
kirheia po' in r^^m usq^ in ocl Sci Mich p defcu 
regnil. q^ Gavfr de \\Aln ii ve . q* t L reg . S3 e5^ 
se p Gatifr 1 Ran de Kambrewett p Regin . 
Martin de WDelewise p EdmUd. Id dies dat^t 
omib} aliis q* veniut 

Bucfi. f Turstah Basset q^eta clam advocone eclie de 

WAclet Pori deCAfltttfett?e/!f1successorib3 [suisj 
\ totujus q hiiit i itt ptin * de se 1 heredibj 

SudH. JT Atbs de II fVaruelee optulit se q*rto die vers^ jRoft 

de Veniz de pt finis fci in cur 1 ipe 3 ve . vl 
se esson .1 dies fuit ei dat^ p essoniii suii in 
octab Sci Johis. f Jud • atachiet' Rob p vact 
1 salv pt qd sit in octab Sci Mich ostnsur qf n 
^3vav die suii . 1 resposur de capitat pl . 1 intim 

pdcs A^s de aviis suis vsus eundem 


jSii, jT Ass ve reg . si Ailmh de Hugging^ yusl 1 sn jud 

diss Pagah t Wall \ Ham de libo tenemto 
suo in Hvging* p^ scdm coroH Reg Ric. 
jf Aitwih ven \ dic qd disronavit rra illa rs^ 

Pagah \ aviiclm pdco^ Wali \ Ham 

i c'ia dni Archepi jud cur illi^ . 1 iB 

Wall \ Ham dflt qd ipe Sampso n tenuit ?ra 

illa . S5 ipi tenueriit illa 1 de fi ponit 

se sup jur. jf Jur dnt qd Ailwih diss eos in. 
jf Jud hant in saisiii 1 W. Ailwih .... 1 
niia. reddat eis dapnu.sct^ xx. sol . mia ej^ dim m*. 

Linc. ^ -K^* ^^ \\Tibsai opttit se iiij. die vsus Hti^ AUm 

\ Beatce ux ej^ de . pt v. sol. reddit^ . . , . 1 

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ipe fi vefi vt se ess . \ sum testata fuit . 1 q^ 

inctu fuit uti reddit^ ille deb gsidatu 

t qd pdci Hug' 1 Beat^x ||atashient' qd sint in 
octab Sci Mich ap Westm in resposur. 

Es5ex\ f Alan^ de WDaalU pel die Dnica pa:^jpfm Apto^ 

Petr 1 Pauli p pleviii rra sua de Hame q 
capta fuit in man dni Reg p ej^ def cu vsus 

Noiigfi. f[ Agnesjit Eve optt se iiij. die vsus H*nr \\Angeul 
de pl q*r [dedit] Witto de Sco Pat^cio feod . 
i. mil in Deresburg* p^q* AgnesftEve t*xat 
eQ in plac ifi \ ipe n ven vt se ess . 1 sum 
tesl fuit jf Juct atachie' Hnr qd sit tii ocl 
Apto^ P . \ Pauli ap Westm ifi respos'. 

Htf.* f Rob de Sibesei vefi \ ggnovit qd tenuit xij. deil 

reddit^ in Lenne de Wittjit Rad q eu . . . • 
de redditu illo redd£ldo ||i2eg^n?i fn p^dci Witt 
p fiS 9Cord. 


Surr. f Witt de BametUtt po lo . suo Alan Ctica vt Steph 

Esswi v^sus Gaufr de Rohing^ de pt ?re ad 
luc* . vt pdend. 

Glouc. f Rann de Chilteh pel die m/ p plevin * octabAptof 

P. 1 P ?ra sua de Chilteh 5 capta fuit in 
manu dni Reg g ej^ defcu vsus IIAfibm de 

Middilsex. f Andr BlUdP petns \ Luc ux ej^ 1 Witt de \\Bauues 
tenes gcord sut de pt xxx. m* de debito s. 
qd pdci Andr 1 Luc q'etu clamat pdco Wittfh 
de pdco debito p xv. m* argnti q*s ipe Witt 
eid Andr "X Luc debl dare apd Westm in arv. 
dies f^/m Sci Mich pximS seq*s p^ coronem . 
J. Reg . 'l: n' t' reddidit eis ^ Andr \ Luc 

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recupabut vsus ^ qnivsii pdcm debitu . s. xxx. 
m* . sii plac .1 ||idem Ric^t Nigett servet carta 
de ]pdco debito. 

^ In .ocv. dies jp f S^cH Joh\ 

Surf. JT WSiTn de Brurnfeld sumoit^ ad ostend q' roe exigit 

communa in bosco Afebis de Westm qui vo- 
catur WPanchetAe^ic idA^s nttam ht comuna 
in bosco ipi^ WStepTi . ve . 1 petit visum . hat 
visum. jf Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Mich in . 
i. mse . \ intim fiat visus. 

ir^ord. JT Loquend de Nesta de BasJcluitt que petit cas- 
tellii de Bredewrth c p\m suis qd Rob de 
Wastre ei deforciat . T: qd ipa Nesta dic ee jus 
1 heditate suam • \ dns Rex pcep \\c qd 
capet castellum illd in manii sua.1 vic dic 
qd castellu illd t ex* baillia sua 1 n t ausus 
appoSe manu sua in illo castello . qd n t in 
sua potestate . 1 Witt de Bratise dic . qd n« rex 
n^ justic . n*^ vic debiit man sua appoSe in lib- 
tate sua. jf Loqla remanet sh die . don*^ sciat' 
in voluntas dni Reg. 

Rotet. f Dies dat^ t Atebi de Westm . 1: Joh Mansett 
petenti de pt advoc eccte in Lega a die Sci 
Mich in . av. dies. \ inPim hant licencia 
*^ concord ". 

ITeford'. jf Dies dat^ t Wal?o le T^aille .\ uxori sue.t 
Roglo de Bodeha de pl ?re a die Sci Mich in . 
i. mse apd Westin T: Witt de Brause ^cep in 
manu corajustic hre uxore ipi^ Walti. ad illum 
die . 1 dies dat^ t sfi esson. 

Norf.' f Gifeft de Tudeha pel Psus Sim de Hunted . i. 

carruc Pre cum ptiii in Tomhd sic jus 1 

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heditate sua . Sim ve . "X defend jus suii • 1 pel 
visum bat visii, jf Dies dat^ t eis a y^ Sci 
Mich in . i. msS . 1 inrim fiat visus. 

H^tfori. JT Mordales de Haliwett tpetit vsus Fulconefit Teo- 
bald duas marcal reddit^. s. unam marca in 
Essewelle . 1 fin marc in Suff* q* Eustach de 
Brahd solvere solebat q*s TeobahP pr ejus eis 
ded in . elemosina . \ carta sua cofirmav . q* 
pf t . 1 Fulco ve . 1 dic qd pr suus fuit in 
saisit^ die q*^ fuit vivus \ mortu^. t ille nunq" 
saisina huunt iii . '^ qd pr ejus ded plusq* . Ix. 
solid ult* rciam ♦ tocius rre sue . \ pel iri con- 
sidatione cur utr warantizare ||debuit loPm^i 
dopatides . \ pterea dic qd soror ej^ familiaris 
pH suo fuit . \ sigillii suu huit ad libitu suii . 
q fuit moniat ap HaUweUe . \ potuit sigillare 
qd vellet . t ii defend carta, jf Concor- 
dati sL 

Cantebr. JT ^R^ '^^^ Avlio posit^ lo . Ysabett ux sue pel 
vsus Yvone Qrrett.i. hida tre cum ptin in 
Croxton sic jus suii 1 hedi? ipi^ Ysabett. \ sic 
illa q* Ric de Vemun ded CeciUe mri ipius 
Ysabett in maritagiii . \ Ivo ve . t defend jus 
suii 1 dic . qd a conqstu Angt tenuer? aiices- 
sores sui de aiicessorib} ipi^ Ysabett p ^* sviciii. 
X. sot p annum" . 1 debiit . \ offt homagiii iii 
fa§e . 1 in poii se in magna assisa . utrii maj^ 
jus hat tenendi rram illa de ipo p illd sviciii . 
an Rad.\ Ysabett in diiico. (f Dies dat^ t 
eis a die Sci Mich in . rv. dies . \ tc veniat . 
iiij. eligend.xij. milil ad faciend iii 

BedrfJ f -^^^ ' ^^ • ^^^ • wtrum Ric de WEutori alit hGit in- 

gJssunuin . iij\ pte . i. hid rre cu ptiri in Etton. 

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qtde feod Jordan Pcviett.q^ p Beairicjit 
Swein . uxore ipi^ Ric \ utr obiit iS saisit^ ut 
de feod suo.vl ut de warda ponr in respectii 
usq^ a die Sci MicH in . i. mse . q^ RamUp 
Flameg' . \ Henr de Dagehat. \ Rad Jit In- 
gulj^. 1 Ric Jit Basit.\ Ric d StanBge .1 
Everard de Totho n . ve • vl se essofi . t ido 
atach qd tc sint apd Westm. jf Id dies dat^ 
t aliis q* venJiit. 

Bedej: f Dies dat^ t Witto de Botef. t Rad de Hou 1 
ux ejus . 1 Hug* Briton . t uxori ej^. t Rob de 
Stodhd de pt rre . a die Sci Mich in . t^. sept. 
\ intim hant licencia concord. 

Essex\ f Celestia warenl Joie q fuit ux Luce pon lo . suo 
Watl de Cotehd v^s^ AtanH d WBaatun 1 Ricf 
Ric . \ Atex* de Botiton de pt dol ad lu . vl 

Essej.\ JT Ricf Hubt posit^ lo . X>ane de WRuitti .1 Luc de 

Bro/cesheued concord sl de pt anrerag servic . 
i. milil \ dimid in Stepott. 1 in Clepesho . t in 
Lawde p . xl. s. q*s Luc ei ded. 

Ebof. JT WRog^ de Tateshat posit^ lo . Rob de Tateshatt. iiij. die vsus Wittf* Herum de pt 
q*re recollig Fres Milic T*pli de WP^mdett in 
libo tenemto ipi^ Rob in ^Witton \ ipi n ve. 
vt se essofi . t sumo fuit testai )f Jud.atacb 
qd sit apd Westm . a die Sci Mich in . xo. dies 
in responsur. 

f Id iiij. die vsus Tempt de eod . 1 ipi n . 
ve . vt se ess . 1 sumo fiiit testaL f Jud 
attacli qd sit apd Westin .adieSci Mich in . 
rv. dies. 

Buk\ JT Witt de Bukingh iiij. die 9sus Afeb de 

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Woburn . de pt . i^. virg rre c ptifl in Wketon. 
\ ipe ii . ve . vt se esson S\ sufiio fuit testata. 
jf Jud . tra capiaf in manu diii Reg . \c. 1 
Afibs sumoeatur qd sit apd Westm . a die Sci 
Mich in . Tv. dies iii responsur. 

Suj: j Ass ve . rec . int Witt de Takele petente . \ 

Thofh de Gedding' de. iiij'^. pte feod.i. milil 
cum ptiri in WITstM ponr in.respecl usq^^adie 
Sci Mich • in i. fnse p defectu rec . q* Joh de 
Fuleburn .1 Witt le Vilein . \ Gileb f Witti . 
\ Sim de WCaneued \ Alea^ de \\Glanqford re- 
cogii.iii essoii .\ affid. ad eund dies 
dat^ t recogn q* veflut 

m. 27. A die S^c^i Joh'is in xv. dies. 

Warew\ f Dies dat^ t Hug' de ChaukUbe 1: Priori de Che- 
ntgwurd de pt advocois ectie de WermeUstoh 
ad adventu justic in ptes illas pce ptiii. 
(T Hug^ ponit loco suo ifi Rad de Grqftoh ad 
lu . vel pdend. 

Sudhdt. JT GiUebt de la Dene ess se de mat lecl vsus GiUeb 
WCund de pt rre .1 madavit p nuciu suii qd 
9valuit de infirmitate itt . 1 petiit licnc ve- 
niendi ad c'ia .\ huit. 

Bedej: f KaUh ux Witt FoUot ess se de fii . lecl versus 
t de pto rre \ ii fuit visa 1 mandavit p 

niiciu suu qd gvaluit de infirmitate ilt 1 petiit 
licncia venidi ad curia \ huit 

j^nl. ir Loqued de Magro Jord \ Ric de Mares qui 

debt waratizare pdco Jord carta Witt pat's 
ejusd Ric. 

Surr. JT P or de Bermudes petiit curia sua ad hora de pt 

?re qd t in? illu \ WaU WBoU. 

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BucH. f Rad de Grqfton \ HamU Passelewe ocordati siit 

de rra de Morselee x& pt fiiit inr eos sic qd 
pdci Rad 1 Hamu ||t*didit rra illa in manu 
Hodieme ux Hug" de ChavcUbe miis ux pdco^ 
Rad \ HamUd usq^ adfestU (yium Scof furimu 
seq^s p^ corononem J. Reg . T: inrim p^da 
Rad T; Hamud debnt pquirere pceptu curie 
dni Reg ad sum recordii curie de Maumesbi 
ubi duellii fuit int pdcam Odiemd 1 Hug' 
Malet de rra illa in quo duello ipe Hamud 
llpugnavit . \ pdci Rad \ Hamu ronabile re- 
cordii curie ||sequent' . \ catalla que capta 
fuerunt in pdco tenem debflt libari in manu 
pdce Odiern usq^ ad pdcm rminiL H^ gcord 
formata fuit p Hug^ de ChaucHbe. 

JT A die S^cH JoKis Bapt' in xv, dies. 

Nor/.' JT ^o* ^ ^^^ J^^ '^ \\Oline ux ej^ recesseriit sn 

die v^sus Witt ^Ras p svico diii Reg in quo 
misit mili^ suu Uqamdiu q^m ipe erit 4^in 
svico ^ in svico diii Pr. 

jf Pt Ran de Buc . Witt de Comebi . MathJitOdonis 
standi ad r*^tii vsus Magrm Thom de Husse- 

Kanthebef. f Afefcs de WEinesb po . lo . suo Witt de la More 
monacii suii vsus Walijit WaU de pt tre ad 
luc*nd . vt pdiid. 

Sudf\ f Ass venit reg . si Gaujr de WAmbU injusl 1 sine 

judo diss P'orem Sce Mar de ftot f . de libo 
tenem suo in Qffinton p^ scdam coronone Reg 
Ric. jf Jur diit qd Gaufr dissaisivit eum iS. 
jf P^or hat in saisina . \ Gaufr in mia . \ red- 
mia. dat dapnii iii fcm s. vi. sot . mia t diin m'. 

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BucA. jf Ass ve . reg . si Magr Hug^ inj usl \ sfl judo dissais 

Cecitjit Hug^ de libo teneih suo in \\Cntwellee 
p^ scdam coroiione Reg Ric. |f Jur dicf qd 
Magr Hug* no diss ^eam^ inde. 

Norhat. jf Ass de nova diss inr Odone Pinclna \ Gervas de 
Bemot petii T: Pore de Landa . T: Ric de Er- 
mtgwurth Tt Ric Engain . 1 ^SimJil Sim diss p' 
in respm usq^ a die Sci Mich in i. mense p 
defcu reggnil . q^ Ric de WDaus ess se p Aud' 
wen . Eustac de Kirkebi . p Ric :! Ingold p 
Rog^.% Hub de Harlgdeuurd . Wittjit Rob 
de Midelton . 1: Witt de Midelton . Hnr Seiliz . 
Joh de Pavelli fl venlunt vl tesse ess . lo atach- 
iant'' qd tc sint apd Westin inde responsur. 
Ide dies dat^ t aliis qui veSunt in banco . T: 
Por ponit in loco suo Wall. canonicu suii . 
Emald \Voc^'] ess se p Emald Rad Passcmer 
p Hnr Witt Foliot p Rog". 

Northabldd. f ^ss ve reg utr P*or de Kirch psrltavit ultima 
psona que mortua t ad ecctiam de \\Hilderiton 
que vacas t ut dr. f Jur drit qd P'or de 
Kirch psiitavit ad eccTiam illa ultima p*™. 
que mortua t sct^ Petr de Ros. jf Jud: . Por 
hat inde psentaconem sua. 

A. f Dies dat^ f Priori de \\Dutm 1 Mathjit Odon de 

pt advoconis eclie a die Sci Mich in . i. men^ 
sem . pce ptiu. || jf Math pori loco suo Jord 
de Eston ad luc* vt pd. 

ni.27.dors. Adhuc afesto S^c^i J6K in xv. dies. 

Cantebf. f Ass de morl ancess inr Absatjit Absat petii de • 
i . ac* ?re c ptifl i Keneb^c T: Martih Whvard 
teri p' i r^^m usq^ a die Sci Mich in i. mnse . % 

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Marl vocav ifl ad waratu Bald WBlac^nU . tc 
hat warat suii. jf Id dies dat^ t omib^ reg . in 

Notigh. jf Ass de mor afiic inr Avmaricjil jyslan petn T: 
WMatitt de Statd * de rra de Crophitt reman^ % 
id Wall vefi 1 dic q^ ipe -dux mrem ipi^ Au- 
maruP in ux cuj^ lieditas rra illa 1 1 ipa ht 
ptes fit . 1 n^ clam i tra illa n^ ad tm p ipam 

Sudf: JT Ass de m . afic in? Briaiijit Berolf* petfi \ Rob 

P^po^il tefi de xviij. ac's tre c ptin in Bror 
distoh p' i rm usq^ l.i. mse p^Jestu Sci Mich. 
% Rob ven \ vocav inde ad waratil Ric de 
WMabbedoh Jit Gilieb q* tra illa ei dedit p 
svico \ homag suo . 1 ifi carta ei fec q* ptlit. 
q ti testa' . (f hat br ad hfidu waratu suu tc ap 
Westm . id dies dat^ t omib^ reg . q* venlunt 
in banco. 

Suds€x\ JT Ass ve reg . si i. virg tre c ptin in Ptiges sit 
liba elemosina ptines ad capltam de PUiges q 
t JoJis de ^Bracestr in laic feodii Petrjil Hhr 
majoris Lond . 1 Isabett ux ej^. jf Juf dSt 
qd t laic feod Pel t Ysabett. 

Norh. JT Sifhjit Sim po . lo . suo Wittjit Rad vsus A6bm 

de ^CurrUcestr de pt ass de ultim psncone 
eclie ad lu • vl pd. 

Bnch. JT Alic de Cestreto po . lo . suo Rog" Jit Witt v^s^ 

Hug' de Castillu de pt tre ad lu . vt pd. 

Oxm. ^ IM^^ ^^ WPomia po . lo . suo . Gauff de Huptoh vt 

Wittm frm suu vsus Gaufr de Mar de pt 
nove diss ad lu . vt pd . T: de ass guni paste. 

Leic. f Loqla in? Rog' Pahtqf' petiite \ Wall de Tattis- 

hatt \ Isoud ux ej^ 1 Eustdc sorore p^dce 

Digitized by 



Isold de feod i. mit . c ptin in Ketlebi t 
in Holewett t sH die q^ id Wali t i svico diii 
Reg ult' mare p jpcepl G.^t Petr. 

-5'^' ^ As3 ve regg si Ran de GlaUvitt ijust ^ sfi judo 

diss Thom de WManeston de litio tenem suo I 
WBroclee p^ scdam Hcoronone Reg Ric. jf Jur 
dflt qd Rah ita diss eu in f Jud TAo^ hat iH 
saisina. T: jKa» i mia dim m* t reddet dapnii 
mTa, dim m*. 

Bedrf". JT Ass de no . diss inr Widoh jit Hhr qrete \ 
Comil Dd \ Sim Guiz diss de li . teft . pdci 
Wid i WKenestoh p' in r^^m usq^ a die Sci Mich 
in . I. mense . q^ ide Sifil ven 1; dix qd ipe disro- 
nav* llvsu^ eiid Wid rra illa i c^ia dfli Reg ap 
Westm \ in recupav* saisina jud c'ie p defcu 
Comil Dd 3 ipe Wid vocav i waratu . t Wid 
dic qd n t rra illa q* ipe disronavit vs^ eii i 
c^ia dfli Reg . imo t alia rra . \ irl poii se sup 
jural % Sirn simitr id dies dat^ t oinib} repgii . 
1 inrim faciat vic fi visii rre q* ipe Sim dis- 
ronavit vsus eii p illos mit q* tc ir fueriit 
visui pdSe rre . 1 p duos illoj^ testifice' visus 
eoj^ utr rra un id Wid q'r dc nova disS 
sit illa rra q* ipe Sim disronavit vsus eii 
vl H. 

ITtf: f P*or de Hatiwett po . lo . suo Witt Captt ^h^ Fulc 

Jit Tebald de pl ||i. m» . reddit^ . ad lu . vt 

Ebor. f[ Loqla inr Gilleb de Lega 1 Epm \\Dulms t sn die 

ta diu q* ipe G//!f f8it in SviJf diii Jtr .\ qd ipe 
n* hoies sui mm placitet' . p br dni ^r de ult* 

Surr. f Dies dat^ t Monacti Canl \ Ediue de Horlee de 

ROT. CUR. Rio. F F 

Digitized by 




pl i. virgal tre i Horl die Driic^ [^P^'^ ^^ fi^^ 
Sce Margar pce ptiii. 

Norhat. jf Ass de no . diss nAddJit WDracon qrenl \ Ascelin 
de Wa^vitt diss p^ in r^^m usq^ i oci Sci Mich p 
def cu reggnil q^ ntts reg . venit vt se ess . \ io 
oms athachient" qd tc sit ap Westni ifi 

Hatndon. f Ass ve reg . si Magr Aristotit 1 Rad de Stiuect 
injusl \ sii judo diss Jord le Euueise de g& 
past^a sua i Stiuect q ptin ad libm tenem suu 
i ead villa p^. s coron Reg jRic. f Jur dnt 
qd Aristotit q batts t pris sui 1 Rad i* dis- 
saisivnt eu in. f Jud . Jord in hat saisiS \ 
ceri i mia 1 reddat dapnu in fcm.s.x. s. 
mia. mia Aristotit t xl. s. mia Rad t dim m*. 

BcKS. JT Loqla fi Mabit de \\G^ua petii 1 Hawis de Sco 

Qntih de pl rre i Cherleton un ipa Hawis dic 
fine esse f cm i ^''ia H.^.p^ in r^^m don^ dfis 
Rex J. locut^ f 8it iti c Witt Senescatt Norm 
cora q° finis iii f cus fuit . p br dni Reg de ult* 

Norhar. JT Robjit Alan petiit p pl tra dBi sui Gerardde 
\\Malq'ci die Venlis paf" p^ ocl Apto^f, PeP^ \ 
Pauli q capt fuit in manu dni Pr p ej^ defcu 
vs^ Joh Malduit. 

Sudf: f P'cept t p br diii Jfc de ult* mar ne Raii de 

Glauvitt pon*^ i plac de [aliq**] libo tefi suo 
9* Qsuetudie A^gt du ipe fuit i c^tod dfii 
Canl . 1 don*^ liurit etate plac . 1 tat etatis sit 
qd debeat plac. 

LeiZ. f Dies dat^ t Hhr de \\Lec petn \ Rw de WLec de 

pl ?re a die Sci Mich % • i. mhse . \ t^im hat lic 
\ ....9Cord. 


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E$u£. f Dies dat^ t WiU de Boct pqreti T: Wall de Chi^ 

silden \ ej^ ppiicib} de pt qd wulnlavnt lioies 
ipi^ fVitt a die Sci Mich in iij. sepl pce ptiu. 

Sudf: JT Thom de Sibethoh po . lo . suo Ernald de Tike- 

born \?s^ Galfr WPalm de pt ?re ad luc» vt 

Sumiset. F Regih Carphl sum ostnsur q** waral levav qdda 
fossal \ domos i \\M'estoh ad nocum libi tenem 
tied . Sim de WaUorl ven T: dic qd fec p stul- 
ticia, f psrnet ||illa. 

HiUnd. ir Loqdu de ass Rob f* WAchar vs^ Pore de Huth- 
doh 1 Thom de Hunthdn. 

Bdinr. jf Aldred de NetM capt^ p mala suspicione t*dit^ 
t Johi de Ferles vic ut hat eii die Dhica pa^ 
ahfestU Sce Margar .% inPim inq^raf utr sit 
utlag an n . 1 hat tc iq^sicone illa. 

f Dies dat^ i Witt de Puntarch IRog^ Burd de pt 
rre i Waddoh a die Sci Mich l . i. mhsem. 

jf Rad de Ld Valeie po lo . suo Radft WaU vsus 
Witt de la Vateia de pt rre de Hamitoh 1 i 
Blac^ue ad luc*. vt pdn . un dic * siim esse \ad 
die Sci Joh t iij. sepl. 

f Hug* de Welles po^ loco Rad de Lechelad ess se 
de malo lecl vs Cecit de Eulols de pt t?re . 
madav^ qd pvaluit de infirmital ilt .1 petiit licu 
ven ad c'ia 1 huit 

Cantebf. f H^uifP fit Eustac petit Psus Pore de B'newett iij. 

masag in Cdtebr sic j^ suii 1 lieditate sua \ 

Por ven 1 defndit in jus suu . T: pon se in i 

. magnaass.1 petit in f i reg' q's eoj^ niaj^j^ 

hat in rra illa. f Dies dat^t eis a die Sci 

F F 2 




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ad jud. 



Mich t . i. mse . T: ITuu^ hat br ad su iiij. 
mit . ad elignd . xij. ad faciend in ass illa. 

jf Joh de WSqP petit p pt tra sua i Eston die Sa6N 
pa^ jp^ od Apto:^ P. 1 Paut q capta fuit i mafi 
drii Reg p qrimoia ux Wall de \\Hudesi^. 

jf Witt OUuer q^etu clamavit i c'ia G.Jit P. homag 
1 §vic Witt de WBrqP. s . c. sol p annii 1 svic 
feod dim mil in Bercheholt qd id WHt de 
\\Brof ten5 ibi. 

jf Ass . ve . reg . utr reddit^ i. m* . argn sit liba ele- 
mosina ptines ad ectiam de fVelewes sic Joh 
de Brdcestr dic an laic feodu Robjit Ambr .\ 
Rob Jit Ambros ven \ dic q ipe ii ten rra ufi 
reddit^ ille exit n' p c^tod • 1 q^ WNicot dic q 
ten^ tra illa T: Sim poit^ loco Joh dic q ipe 
tenuit rra illa qfi sum de ass illa fiiit fca \ ifi 
pon se sup jur . 1 milil elecl ad llilld jur qati 
utr Rob fuit saisit^ de tra ufi reddit^ ille 
exit ut de feod die q® vis^ ifi fuit f cs 1: qn asi 
iUa sum fuitvtfir' dfit qdRob ifi fuit saisit^ut 
de feodo die q° vis^ ifi fuit f cs • 1 qd nemiem 
ifi llvidint saisitu n* illii. 

jf Ass ve reg • q's advocat^ tpf pacis psfitav* ultim 
p*m q mortua t ad ecctiam \\Ade Beltoii q vacat 
ut dr . c^ advocone Rob de Corhh dic ad se 
ptinle rone \\Abitt&L \ hed Elie de BeUon q t 
1 ej^ custod . \ Por de \\Watt q* advocone illa 
ei deforc vefi 1 dic q fi vult ifi ei respode n* 
gsida? cur de sic ille WAbitt t inf^ etate . *l br fi 
lo*^ de eo • in r^^m usq^ in oci Sci Mich . ad 
audiend ifi judm suii. \ ass remaneat 

JT Dies dat^ t Att>i de Westm \ Witt de Boct de 
pt manlii de Cheliseia a die Sci MicH l xv. dies 
pce pciii. 

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EM. jT Loqd de Bic de Marisc pqrnt qd At5bs de 

Meaus 1 Por de KiptUon 1 Magr 

pces^unt i cam it ipm \ Canonic de Wartre de 

ecctia de WCUfion 9* phibicoe justic 1 Ric poR 

lo . suo • Htig* Lespecer ad lu . vl pd. JT Con- 

sidatu t qd ... hat bre ad judices qd n 

pcedant amplius in cuf illa \ ad sumoned 

eos qd sint apd Westin .aJ^Sci Mich . in . 

I. msS. 
m. 28. 

Unc. JT Loqdum de Radjit Sim . 1 Alanjil Bemard in? 

q^s t contenco de advocoe mediel eccle de 

\\Ormesbi . q'a un^ eorum . s. Rad trahit illa 

ad baroii Com Cestr . t Alan ad baronia Thom 

de Aresci. f Dies dat^ t eis a die Sci Mich 

in . i. msS . t urq| hat tc warantu suu . si 


Bssej^. JT Dies dsA^ fHug" de Nevitt .\JohJit Godeff de 
pl 4?re4p debiti in. ocl Sci Mich.1 innm 
hant licenc concord. 

Bed. JT Dies dat^ t Ascejit Asce pel.l Ricjit Rad a 

die Sci Mich t av. dies . de pt magne ass p 
def cu rec . Id dies dat' Jordano WLeuueise . \ 
Rob de Brai . \ Hug" de Budeho . rec iii. Et 
Rob fit ♦ ess se p Witt. \ Radjit Gaujr p Rob . 
1 Regiii de Baton p Witt .\ Hug" Jit Witt p 
Ric . 1 Rob de Bidun . p Henr . Siin de Lehga 
p WBkia \ Witt de Subi p Hug" . aff . ad 
eund t. 

Hmt. jT Pet^nilla Jit Sim opl . se iiij. die \?8^ Wall de 

Faukenbge . 1 Agn ux ej^ . de pt ?cie ptis 
feodi . i. milil i Witton .\ de . x. boval Vre \ 
dim c ptiii in Risebi . 1 de xx. sot redd . in 
Malbton.^ ipi n venerl vt se ess.T; suino 
tesl.fuit.JT jud rra capiat' in mafl dfli Reg 
F F 3 

Digitized by 



Itc. 1 ipi sumoneant' q sint apd Westm a dk 
Sci Mich in . i. msem . in resp • Pee^mUa po . 
lo . suo Ranii de WMileto . v^. Wall de Ribof. \ 
Agn ux ej^. d pt r . ad lu . vl pd. 

Nor/: If Emald de Tikebro* po . lo . Henr de Sibitoh opl 

se iiij. die . vs^ Gauf Palm . de pt xviij. aCT 
t . in Sibeton 1 ipe no venit vt se ess . t sumo 
tesl fuit. Jud tra capiat' in mafi dni Reg.1 
ipi sumoneanf^ . q sint apd Westm a die Sci 
Mich in . I. rhsem . in resp. 

Ehor. f Ursett de Bosco pel rs^ ||i{^u de Bucy^. canic 

r . c ptiii in Herthilt sic illa q* iJ^g-*^ ^ ^<^ 
renfi dedit t/r^tf/? pat* suo • p homag 1 servic 
8UO . \ ipe Ursett dedit eam fil suo Ursett 
juniori u t ^''caciu suul ipe dedit Racio fn suo 
heditate in Normann . ut lledi suo . ita q ipe 
Ursett p^ obil UrseUi pat^s sui . remansit in 
custodia Regin de Warenh dni ipi^ feod taq* 
ille q* fuit inf* etate . \ ipe dns p custod ilii^ 
cep [in] expleta . ad valenc . v. s. t pl^ . 1 1i 
offert pbare p qda Alah . Racius defend jus 
suii.1 dfend q pr suus nKam tieditate ei 
dedit . n* huit pr illa q* Ursett pel • q* Regih 
de Warenh dedit ei p homag 1 svic suo . q^ 
rram pr ej^ ten[u]it tota vita sua.1 p^ ej^ 
obit ipe Raci^ remansit i liedil pns sui . ut 
rect^ heres • \ p^mogenit^. Ita q Regih de 
Warenh deforciavit aliquando ei jus suu . 1 
ipe Ipe Ric deLuci pq^sivitjus suii in cur dfii 
Reg. Ita q p pcept Jusl fuit ?ra illa ptita . 
int^ ipm \ dfim suii. 1 iii pduct ^t^ milit q' 
int^fuert iili ptioi.lsi debuerit ofYt defende 
j us suii . p qda hoiem libm suii. ^ Dies daf 
eis a die Sci Mich in . i. msem . 1 hnt licenc 

Digitized by 



Cantebr. f Wittjit iP^all pel vsus A6bm de Eveshd . i. v*gal 
tr.T:dimcptin in Huslon. ut jus suultiedital. 
At5b8 defendit jus suu.T: pel visu . liat visiL 
Dies dat^ a die Sci Mich i v. sepl . irim fiat 

HmL jf Ass ve . rec . si Por de Hunted \ ^ Por ^ Thom 

Cti(P inj^te T; sn jud diss Rob Jit Atcar de libo 
ten suo 1 Huted 1 in Hereford . p^ scdam 
coron Reg Ric. Jur dfit q Por T: Thorh t 

Essej^. JT Ambrosius Capett sumoit^ ad ostendend q® wa- 

ranto ing^ss^ sit in libm feod Matitt de Pet^ 
Ponte in Roinges ven 1 dicit . q fi t feod ipi^ 
Matitt. S3 vocat in ad waran? Pore 1 Mona- 
chos del t hat waranl suu a die Sci Mich 

in rv. dies. 

H*tf* JT Ermegard q fuit ux Ad de Mandevitt pel vsus 

Hug^ de Digeneswatt.i. v'gaf tre c ptin in 
ULofe sic ea q* . vir suus ei dedit in dote die q* 
eam dsponsavit. 1 uK vir suu^ fuit saisit^ die 
q* ir arripuit \?sus Jertm i q^ obiit . \ in pducit 
secta q intfuit desponsacoi sue q hoc offt 
pbare put cur considavit . Hug^ ven \ defend . 
q nuq* fuit iii dotata. Immo de tra de WBede- 
wett.l in tenuit se pacata. Et ipa dicit q illa 
v'gal rre deficit ei de dote sua . q* habere de- 
bet .1 pet tcia pte ubiq^ de tota Vra q fuit Ad 
viri sui. Et Rob de WLeneswett q* ht tied ipi^ 
Ade . i custod . dicit q ipa dotata fuit \ pacata 
de rra de WR(tdewettd'\e q* eam desponsavit . 1 
in pon se sup jur . Hug* pon lo . suo Gaiif de 
Norhat . ad lu . vl pd. f Dies dat^ eis a die 
Sci Mich in . v. sepl . \ tc veniat jur. 

Kent. ^ Ass de iii . anl . ft inr Rogm 1 A^icof petentes 1 

Thom Longu pon*^ in resp . usq^ a die Sci Mich . 
F F -4 

Digitized by 



t . i. msem . q*a nfi^ rec vefi . 1 ido attac^ . 1 
♦ce?i q' ii ve . ^ Thom q* n ve . vl se ess . re- 
sumoneat" q tc sit ibi. 

Hunr. f Matitt q fuit ux Alur pel.i. messag in Sco 

Neoto q ptinet ad roabil dol sua Por veS 1 
defend \ pet visu . hat visu dies dat*^ eis a die 
Sci Mich in . v. sepl . irim fiat vis^. 

Oxoh. JT ^'^ ^^ Eston petiit ix hid rre c ptifl in Estoh 

in cur tied Com Sarr p bre de recto vs^Rob de 
Eston 1 ipe ^«7? inpet*vit brejustic q loqla q 
fuit in comitatu eet apd Westm \ rra illa 
capta fuit in man dni Reg vsus ipm Rob . p 
ej^ def cu . 1 petita ad hora 1 rmifi . p plevina 
1 dies dat^ fuit eis a die Sci Joh in xv. dies . 
1 tc ven mn^l petiit ea \?sus ipm Ro6 .1 Rob 
dfedit q loqla illa nuq* deducta fuit in comit. 
\ iil vocat comit . Et vic testaf^ p bre q misit 
de capcoe pdce rre in mafi dni Jt . q nuq' 
loqla illa deducta fuit in comil inr eos £pe suo 
n*^ fpe alio^ vic . sicut inq^sivit p legsit milit 
de comil .1 ido 4 n5 ^ ||sumoneant ipm Rob. 
jf Considal t q Rob eat sn die . \ Witt re- 
maneat in mia q% testat fuit q loqla illa 8 
fuit deducta in coniiL 

Bedf\ JT Dies dat^ t Wa^o Hacon \ Witt Russett po . lo . 
ux sue . a die Sci Mich in . i. msem.^X WitthaX 
bre ad faciend visu . de infirmi? Dionis ux sue. 
q se ess d malo lci . 1 pcepl fuit Vic alia vice 
q facet visu fieri • t fi fecit. 

Btd/.* JT Sim de Holewett pel vsus Robjit Ascelih . i . v^ga! 

rre c ptifi in Holewett sicut jus suQ \ sic illa 
q fuit WMachi avi sui 1 p^ea Thom pns sui . 
u!l ipe Thom fuit saisit^ ut de feodo \ de 
jure Ipe Henr Reg avi . die 1 anno q^ obiit . 

Digitized by 



capiendo i!l explel ad valenS. v. s. vt pl^ .1 hoc 
offert pbare .Rod ve .1 defend. jus suu .1 dicit 
q WMarcher^ Havu^ p>dci 5im.huit xiiij. v^gat 
1 dedit WAuketit nepoti suo pro homag 1 ser- 
vico suo . i. v*gaf p defend xiij. v^gal . 9* secta 
comil 1 hudr . 1 p^ea . ve . Rob d Buleres Ive 
Steph Pr • in werra . t adq'sivit pdcas v*gal r . 
p Sim d Bello Campo . q^a Thom pr p^dci Sim 
fuit occisus . \ ipe erat tc inf* etate . 1 c ipe 
Sim venit ad etate inplaci[ta]vit eu iii. Ita q 
p concord in cur dfli sui . ita concordati fuert . 
q ipe Rob dedit p>d2o Sim 1 remisit d p^dcis 
v*gal.\j. v'gal c fil sua. Ita q Robto reman- 
sert.viij. v^gat . residue v*gal remansert Rob 
q*ru octo . ista una . f. Et Sim defend q nuq^ 
in fecit . c Rob d BuUeres . set Sim de Bello 
Campo dfis ej^ reddidit ei in \j. v*gal tre 1 
p^ea iplacitavit de vij v*gal rre residuis . ipm 
Rob.i cuf diii Reg r' Ita q apd Dunestapt con- 
cordati fuerL Ita q eq*lir ptite fuerl in? eos 
illos v*gal rre q*s Rob tenuit . T: vj. v^gal q*s 
Sim tenuit salvis messagiis . eor. 

Esse^. ^ Rog^ de Windhutt q'r « Joh BlundP removit ij. 

domos in rra sua q* ei pmiserat usq^ rmiii xij. 
anno]^ ad valenc . ij. marc . 1: xxv. s. insitas in 
orto suo . Joh ve • \ dicit q ipe p libil ipi^ 
Ro^ domos illas apreciatas . ij. m • asportavit. 
t q ipe vendidit ei xiiij. ♦ insitas . p . i. surcotto . 
1 iii pducit sectam q t testat^ \ Rog^ defend 
tol. jf Jud . defendat se xij. manu . a die Sci 
Mich t . V. sepl . d lege facienda . pt ej^. Joh d 
StortefordPt fVitt .Jit Alur. 

Essex\ f Joia q fuit ux Luc pel vi. ac^ rre c ptifi in 
Hamm . q ptinent ad dol sua . vs^ Alan de 

Digitized by 



Balun.^X tra illa capta fuit i man dni ^r . 1 
petita ad hora \ tmin . 1 Alan^ ve . \ dfeod 
p*m 1 scdam siimoem . psidacoe cur jf Con- 
sidat t % AlanP p'm siimoem . 1 scdam . dfen- 
dat scj xxjijj. manu. Dies dat^ -^ eis a die 
Sci Mich m . v. sepi d lege facienda. 

Essex\ f Priorissa de Clerlcenewett .\ Rad Sa^idos 

iiij. die vsus Simf* Sim de pl ronabt escam- 
bii marisci de \\Horsitt . 1 ipe n ve . vl se 

NoiingA. JT Petronilt Jita Sim iiij. die . v^sus TFall de 
Falkebg^ . \ Agnel pl . xx* . ptis 
feod . i. mili? . in Cukeni 
esson . 1 sumo fuit testaL jf Jud rra capiaf 
in . manii dni . Pr . 1c. 1 ipi sumoeant' qd sint 
apd Westm . a die S". Mich in . i. mse . in . 

JLeic. JT Amicia de Aubeigni pel vsus lAicianaJit Rod .1 

mesag c ptiii in Pva \\Seile sic jus 1 mari- 
tagium suii. ViLiucian ven *1 defend jus suu.1 
vocat iii ad waranf Joh Jit JVa^i Jit H*berti. 
f Hat eum a die Sci . Mich . in . v. sepl. 

KfU. JT Ass . ve . re . si Hug* Cqffin . aviicls . Ric.\ Hu^ 

Cqffin q* inf * etate sl . ut dicit"^ fuit saisit^ in 
dilico 8U0 ut de feodo die q** . i. camic 
Pre cii ptiii i Chistet lc. Et si p^dci Ric \ Hug" 
sint ej^ ppinq'ores hedes q' rra WS^e^te^l^ph 
Harengod ten^ .1:31^ dnt qd Htig* Coffin 
hiiit . ij. fres p*mogenitos . Rad 1 Ric \ fila 
ipi^ jK/c p*mogen[i]ti fris ad huc vivit. Et 
Thom de Rocheford dicit q Hug^ Cqffin hiiit 
fres p*mogenitos q* pati fuer cu eod . d gavili- 
cude q* ||hiinl S} no de ista tra q^ est laicu 

Digitized by 



feud *1 purcaciu i^i^ Hu^ 1 q? de bosco in 
asartato f concordati sunt. 

Sudtea^. ff Bndicfijit Ric pet tq/o^ de ^Alunicheston poitu 
lo . suo vs^ Robl de Ferles iij hid Pre cu ptin 
in Ferles sic jus suu 1 heditate . un Ric pr 
suus fuit saisit^ ut de feud 1 jure in dnico 
Ipe . H.^. pns diSi Reg . caj5 iil espl ad vat 
dim.m 1 pt 1 offt pbare vs^ eii p suffic 
pba . Rob ven 1t dic q Basitt jit Ham tenet 
ia tciam pte 1 q ipa disroavit ?ram illa in 
cur vsus Ric pf em pdci Bndicti . \ q qdam 
Alea^ de Folkeneshesl . tenet in . i. v*gat . \ non 
vult sii itt d tota responde n* cuf gsidaverit . 
Joh dicit q p>dcs Alea:' n tenet aliqy de itt . 
iij. hid n*^ aliq^d fuit in visu illo f co . 1 bii 
9gnovit q Basilia « i dote de rra S3 inj^te . 1 p 
illu q* nU juris fit 1 illa. n® huit (f Benedcs 
reliq^d bfe suu . \ vult pq'rere bfe vsus qlibet 

Camub. !f Hug^leMazun pe! v^s^ Witt \de''s chef^ [cptiii''] 
in Bomin "sic*' jus suii \ Witt defendjus suii . 
*1 petit ia visu. f Hat visii. Dies daf^ eis a 
die Sci Mich in v. sept . \ intim fiat visus . 1 
Hug^ ponit lo . suo . Hug* fit suii ad lu . vt 
pd . 1 Witt ponit lo . suo Pet^Jit Amald. ad 
lu . vt pd. 

Cantehf. ff Vic significavit q cepit in man dfli Reg p visii 
Sewat.t Witt Freismantel. 1 Robjit Gauf . 
1 Robjit Rob.x. ac*s ?re c ptin in Pampes- 
wrth . die Mari pj^ pP fesl Sci Botulfi . q»s 
AUc de Witk^ford. clam in dot . v^sus Rad de 
Pampeswrth . p ej^ def cu . t tVa illa n fuit 
petita ad hora . 1t Alic expectavit iiij. die suii. 
Jud . f Alic hat in saisina p dfcu ipi^ Rad. 

Digitized by 



Bedef! ff Sim de BeUo Campo po • lo . mo.Rob de ^Lauesha 
Ps^ Scac'in de pl debil. 

Boteland. JT Magna ass inr Comil Dd. ten . T: Henr de Har^ 
monters pe . de pl divisar .tre remanet sn die. 
ppr t*nsfretacioem ipi^ Dd. 

Notigfi, JT ^^^ ^^ Burgehd appttator .1 Rad WSim apellat^. 
de pace dni Reg ifracta veSut.l posut se in 
mia. mia . \ Maths de Muscamp t pl Ric pdci d 

mia. mia . pl Rad Hug^ WTirel. 

Bedef: jf Edith q fuit ux Dd ^de Dunestaple^ appellans 
fVilt VinitorS de Dunestaple d pace ^ .\ 
constans est q fecit p atiam 1 eat Witt sn die 
q^a nSam ostend . plaga* 

Warr. jf Rann de Kenewarton opl se iiij. die vfpjohanh. 

ux Ric Bridde . de rcia pte ij. hid rre . c ptin 
in Catton. 

Id opt se vsus eand de pl . i. hid rre ^ ptin ia 
Kinewartoh . 1 ipa n ve . vt se ess . 1 sQmo 
testata fuit . S} Ric vir ej^ venit )f Jud ?ra 
cap in mafi ^r . \c. \ ipa sumoneat' q sit apd 
Westm a die Sci Mich in . v. sepl. in resp . ^ 
ostensura qr ii servavit die sibi poitu. 

Surf. f Gatifr de Tichesie . * iiij. die 9s^. Roes de Camb- 

welfXCecilid [soror] ^ux^ ej^ de recipiendo 
cyrog*pho suo de . i. hid ?re cQ ptiri in Cam- 
brewett. un finis fcus fuit i cur.p ||vij. acS 
rre q debent remanere ipi Roes 1 Cecit 1 ipe n 
venert vl se ess • Jud.atacli q sint.apdWestm 
a die Sci Mich in . i. msem . ad cap cirog^fi 
y, ostensure 15. 

Surr. iT Amald de Cantelu opl se iiij. die v . GilM d 

Vatton ad recipiend cyrog*pfi suu . 1 ipe 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 









ve . vl se ess. f Jud Gilb atach q sit apd 
Westm a die Sci Mich I aru. dies. 

f Dies dat^ t Stepho Tiret .1 Epo Sarr ad aud. 
Jud suu de pl nov diss a die Sci Mich in v. sepl. 
Steph po • lo . suo Roglm fil suu . ad lu . vt 

JT Ada jil Oshl apttat^ de . L. m* 1 . i. surcotl . p 
Thom de Hottot . \ Witt d Barkestoh opl se 
iiij. die vsus eos .1 ipi no psecuti sl apttm suu . 
JT Jud Ada eat q'et^. 

jT Sibitt de Sumi po . lo . suo . Joh de Bemes . vl 
Witt de Herchh ^s^ WittPechie . po . lo . Odon 
de Carliun ad cap . cirog*ph suu . de iiij. li . 
tre . in Milef. vl 4ni^ . C. sot . tre i WBrdtoii . 
in Devoh . q*s ipe debet fa§e eid Sibitt p dol 
sua. jf Dies dat^ t eis l ocl Sci 
capiend cirog*pfii. 

f Witt Rote q Radjit Rob vocav ad waranl . opl 
se iiij. die vs^ Witt Hu^ c p^dco Rad. de pl 
XX. ||ac*s tre c ptin in Bradervett.^ ipe n ve. 
vl se essofi . 1 Witt fuit petens f Jud Witt\ 
Rad eant sn die. 

jf Dies dat^ t Rob Seman .1 Curteis de Cantebr. 
ad cirog*p!i suu recipiend . d . i. mesag in Can^ 
tebr . a die Sci Mich in . v. sepl . \ itim iq'rat' 
ut^^m id Curteis hat frem p^mogenil siC idRob 
ei obicit. 

f Wittf WaU t 

Digitized by 




m. 29. A die S^c^i J6K in . iij. sepf. 

Suses\ ff Dies dat' Regin de WCtiJlon petenti 1 RieJitRad 

a die Sci Mich in av. dies . ad aud record 1 
jud suu . de . ||ix. hid tre i Pin^ 

Cantebf. ^ Dies dat' Pori de Bemewettl Andr le Gtdz ad 
aud record 1 jud suii de ecclia de WCrauden a 
die Sci Mich in . iy. sept. 

BukigA. f Dies dat' Epo Winton.\ Gaiifr de Piketestorp. 
de pt ass de m . aiicess . a die Sci Mich in • i. 
iAsem . pce ptiiL 

Unc. f Ass ve . rec si Ysmena de Q^elade .1 Baldr de 

Grandat . inj^te 1 sn jud diss ThomJitJoh . de 
li.te suo in \(^dhmtermn . ^ fesl . ^ fest . 
Sci Mich pjf an corofi. J. Reg. Jur dfit 
qd ita diss eu. jf Jud Thom bat saisina . \ alii 
in mia .1 reddant dapnu de dim marc . 1 ut% 
in mia . de . x. s. 

Sttin. ir Ass ve . rec . si Witt de Soters inj^te 1 sn jud diss 

Witt de Punchardun de li . te . suo . i Attinges 
p^ scdam coroB l^.Bic. jf Jur dfit.q WHt 
ita diss eu. jf Jud . Witt de Punchardun tat 
saisina.l Witt de Solers in mia .1 reddent g 
dapno ix. m*rc . 1 vij. S. T: v. d. 1 Witt ad- 
ficiand^ t- 

Herefora. f( Eugenia Picot po . lo . suo . Thofh de Kemeston 
vt Steph de BerJclges . vsus Pore Sci Andr de 
Norhat . de pt custod ad lu . vl pd. 

jf Johs.1 T^stan^ de Franshd petierl tras suas p 
plevina die pa^ an fesl Sce Margar . q capte 
fuerl in man dni Reg p defcu illor vsus 
Rog*m Passatorg . 1 ux ej^. 


Digitized by 



Susex\ jf Dies dat^ est Htig^ Esturmi \ filiis suis \ Nicot 

de Turwic . de pl aptti in octab Sci Mich p 
bre dni Reg de ult* mare . \ diis Rex waran- 
tizat ei oes dies ei poitos d aptto eod. 

Essea^. jf Ass ve . rec si Joh pal Godiue fuit saisit^ in dfiio 

suo ut de feodo die q* obiit de iij. acr rre 
cum ptin in Berktge \ si obiit 1c. q" tram 
Atebissa de Bergige tenet. f Jur dnt q Joh 
ita obiit sasit^. 1 q Godiua ppinq^or 6es ej^ 
est jf Jud Godiua ^at saisina . \ Atf>issa in 
mia q^ senescalP ej^ dixit q ipa Godiua ca viro 
suo q^eta clamavit Vra illam ipi AWise in cu?. 
sua p diifi . in . t in fuit convictus . q*a ipa hoc 

MiddeUex\ jf Ass ve . rec . si AUc \ Witt vir suu^ 1 Rob 1 
Nigell^ fres ipi^.inj^te \ sil jud diss WGodeleua 
Jit Rarm de Sfiford f^ f* Sci 
Mich px" . an coron . J. Pr. Jur drtt q ipi ita 
diss eam. ff Jud . Godeleua hat saisina . 1 alii 
in mia . \ redd dampnu . dim marc • \ q^slib} 
eor dabit dim marc . p mia. 

Esseaf. JT Ass de nova diss int WReginJit ^Sagar petenl 1 

WaU de Hetfeld . de li . teS . suo i Hedfeld. 
remanet . q*a id WaU dicit q saisivit ten ittd 
qj erat eskaetu jud cur sue . \ in vocavit cur 
sua .1 pduxit . ||i . Eustac de WDamesrvett.Rann 
Jil Gerard Rxc de Munuiru. Hug" Jit Ric . 
MauriciP Jit Witt . Witt Mustard . Witt de 
Bricted . Gatff Jit Giffard . Witt de Dunmawe . 
Wittjit Rad.q^ ve.T: dixerl.q ten illd dal 
fuit in maritag . de ancessorib^ ipi^ Wall . c 
q*da feia . \ ipa hiiit lied Rad Folenfcut . q* 
sri liede obiit.^ ipi judicavert ei ||cape feod 
[Ijsaisire] suu don* veniret q^ ittd exigeret . ab 

Digitized by 



eo q* jus ifl Biret . 1 Regin dicit qd niiq* huit 
in sumoem • i cur 4 sua . ^ illa • 1 aliqM bre n 
fuit ia de rec . Jud . TFall in mia . \ oes q* 
itfuert curie illi . ad illd falsu jud fadend. 

Linc. jf Ass de . m . antec . inr Pef^ le Angeuin \ Baldf 

le Angevin de iij. boval ptin in Bur- 
ton . pon*' in resp . usq^ a die Sci Mich .in.v. 
sepi . p defcu rec . q^ nH^ rec ve . vl se esson 
p>r Gaufr Luuet.\Ada de Neweton.1 Wall 
Jil Ysabet. 1 WaU de Hakonebi qWe . T: Mich 
de Ascebi . ess se p Pef^ . \ Rob Frost p 
Osbl. aflfi. 1 os alii atachient' q tc sint ibu 

Nor/\ jf Ass . ve . rec . si Regin Jil ITvi . inj^te \ sfl jud 

diss . X}ana de Pikehd de li . ten suo i Pikeha. 
jpfesl Sci Mich px". a!l coron . /. ^. Jur dnt 
qd Regin ita diss ea. 

Essex\ ^ Ass . ve . re . si Ailwin de \\Don fbailfi WFubti de 
WDon ijuste 1 sn judico diss Gilajit Anegod de 
libo ten suo i Kingestoh jp fesl Sci Mikaet 
pxim an cor diii Jtr . J. jf Jur dicl q ipe 5 
diss ea j^ fesl Sci Mich pxim an coronai 
f Jud Gila i mia p flo clam. 

Buking. " IT -A.SS* . ve . re . si Alan avuncTs Sim de Maidewett 
iuit saisit^ i dnico suo ut de feudo die q* 
obiit de dim virg rre c ptin i Heselbg" 15. 
1 si ipe Siffi iu ej^ ppinquior ties . q^ tra Hnf 
de WTocU tenet . ponit i resp usq^ a die Sci 
Mich l . V. septirn . p def ctu . rep . q^ Witts Vivens 
de mse . 1 Rad de la WLec n veii . vl se ess . 1 
ido attachiandi sl q tc sit ibi. £t id dies 
dat^ t Robi ft Eviaud \ Henr de \\Bisingt 1 
Witto ft WAuketit.l NigeUo de CaUecol 1 
Rann de la Loc p ess . suos . 1 aliis q^ veSunt. 
1 vic tiic respondeat q? fi fec tot rec venire 

Digitized by 



sic ei pcepl fuit ne ass^ rema0et p defctu 

BtJcigH. f Dies dat^ t JoJu de Sanfbrd 1 AUc ux ej^ de 
pt do? . l oci Sci Mich . p^ce ptiii !\ intim hflt 
licenS gcord. 

Kent. f I^ies dat' Fori de Leuesha po . lo . Afcbis de 

Gant.l Teobald de \\Einesford tenentib^ 1t 
Witt deWrothd . peteti de pl t . a rfie Sci Mich 
in . I. msem. 

Kent. f Dies dat' Henr p]po*ito de Sandwic 1 \\Fu6to de 

Dovre ad faciend saisina a die Sci Mich t av. 
dies Pce ptiiL 

Bul^. fi Dies dat' Sim de Bello Campo t Hnr P^po^ito a 

die S* Mich .in.i. fnsem. 

Cantebf. jf AmaruP de Babtget 1 Eugenia Picot ten p Thoni 
de Kemeston . po . lo . ej^.1 Wall Por Sci Andr 
d Norhat \ EgidiP nepos ej^ pel . C5cordati 
sl de pt q fuit ir eos in cur dfii Pr . sr custod' 
9re de -Bocf . ita q p^dcs Alfn vt tiedes sui dabl 
pdco Walfo \ Egidio . L. marc arg . inf^ anii 
p*m obit^ Reg . jK. solvend s21t ad fest Sci 
Joh Bapt . XV. marc . adf^. Sce Fid V^g^ . xv. 
in • adfest 5*. Thom Martiris claus 
Pasch X. m . 1 si pdcs Almar . vt tied sui ista^ 
pecun p>d5is.r . n reddidint . ead Eugen Picot >t 
vthed sui ad p^dcos tminos.pdcam pecuii'' 
pdcis Wat^o 1 Egid solvent . 1 si forte Alma- 
ri(P \ Eugen vt tied eoj^ n solv . ipi ^cesserC 
p)dcis Walt . \ Egid custod 9 . d Bokt hM a 
festo Asscensidis Dhi px* p^ obil Reg Ric . usq^ 
i . vij. annos . ita libe 1 q'ete \ iteg^ sic WNeuot 
ea iiq* . meli^ tenuit . \ \i affitt ipe Atmaf \ 
Eu^ p se 'l tedib} suis fidelr tend. 

RoT.CuR. Reo. g g 

Digitized by 








in.29. dorS* 

JT Ass ve . re . si Witt Baret \ Aldeth ui ej^ disi 
Absolon Jil ||jRo/ ij^te 1 sii jud de libo ten • 
suo . 1 Cantebr p^ fesl S". Mich px" an coroS 
dni Reg . J. 

f Dies dat' Pori de Bislepp po . * A«)is de Bec\ 
Wmx> de Hochd d pt falde ij^te levate a die 
S* Mich l . V. sepl . p^ce ptiii. 

JT Gaufr de Roing\ pel . i. v*g . ? . c ptin i Puttehd 
^s^Rob de Barreuitt. sicj^ suii . 1 un id Gaufr 
fuit saisit^ in dnico suo ut de feodo tpe Reg. 
H.^^ . Ric . capiendo in expt ad valenc . v. s. 
vt pl^ 1 h*^ offert pbare vs^ eii sic cuf con- 
sidaverit . jRoS defend jus suii.t in 
magna ass . ut^m eor maj^ jus tiat . jf dies dat' 
eis a die Sci Mich in . v. sepl. 

jf Dies dat^ t Witto de LanuaUai .\ RaS de Lanr 
ualai ad audiend jud pt rre a tiie SS 
Mich . in . iij. sepl. 

(f Ass . ve . re . si Witt Baret .\ Edith ux ejus injuste 
1t sn judico dissaisiv Absalonjlt \\Rog^ de libo 
teneiiito suo in Kantebrig^ p^ jT* Sci Mich 
pximii an coroii dni Reg . J. 1 Witt . 1 Edith 
diciit q. tenemtum illtt recupaviit vsus ipm 
Absalon in cur dfii Reg apd AWestm^ WTiJbrd 
1 ipe Absalon dfend S5 bri cognov qd ipi dis- 
ronavut vsus eum . i. mesag in Cantebri^ Si in 
ii conqrit^. Dies dat^ t eis . a die Sci Mich m . 
iy. sepl . \ vic faciat hoies leg de visnet vide 
tenemtum illud qd disronaviit vsus ipm Ab- 
salon .\ un ipe Absalon qrif^ utr sint id illd 
mesagiii . \ tenemtii pdcm un ipe Absalon 
qr vl n . 1 tat rec faciat vic tc venire ne re- 
maneat assisa p defectu recogri. 

Digitized by 







♦ Deven. 

ff Loqd de Wilh de Lanualai . \ Rad de Lanualai 
de pl ^re.a die Sci Mich in . iij. sepl . 1 inrim 
hant licencia concord. 

JT Ham de Hottot ve . \ cognov Hqd Rad de Sco 
Mauro saisina de tenemto suo in WBrenn 1 
ei redd cora justic p licenc . uii assisa de nova 
dissaisina sumoita fuit in cur dni Pr inr eos 
\ reddat ei catalia sua in capta . \ hoc pmisit 
cora justic se forefcurum. 

f Loqd de Johe de Lanualai q^ pel vsus Sim le 
Bret . q*r xx. m. de catatt .1 Sim \en \ dic qd 
n vult ei responde . desic ipe t itur^ in §vicio 
dni Reg n* cur considavit . 1 Joh pel qd ei 
allocet'^ qd Sim n comparuit • ante diem 
tcium . 1 Joh pdcs . op se cum lege sua q* 
vadiavat vsus Sim qd ipe Sim injuste \ sn 
judico cuf Com Britanii eum de pdcis catatt 
dissaisiavat * ipe Sim 1 fit suus .1 Wilt le Meg^ 
arripSflt ipm Joh p manu dexram extnsa ult* 
libm . Ildcntes qd neqT voluit abjurare sr eu 
pecunia illa. (f Considal t qd Joh disronav 
pdcam pecun vs^ Sim 1 Sim fit suu 1 Witt 
Lemegr in mia. 

JT Hu^ Bardt « 

jf Assisa WittBarat.^ Edith ux ejus 
injusl 1 sn jud diss Absalohjit WRog^ de libo 
te . suo in Kantebr . J^f* S* Mich pxim an 
coron dfii Reg . J. T: Witt. 1 Edith dicut qd . 
te . illd recupaviit . vsus ipm Absaloh in cur 
dni Reg apd Teqford.1 ipe Absalon defend. 
% bn cognosc qd ipi disronavut vsus eum . i. 
mesagiu in Kantebrig\ \ in no conqrit^ Dies 
dat^ f* Sci Mich . in . iij. sepl . \ vic 
faciat itm leg hoies de visnel vide. te . illd. 
c G 2 

Digitized by 



qd disronav v^sus eunS Absahn St ten . ufi ipc 
conqritur . utr sit illd niesagiu Sl tenem. ||ip. 
uii ipe qr vl n . 1 tales rec faciat venire . tc 
ne remaneat assisa p defectu rec. 

*«'• JT Thom de Osperiges iiij die vsus Emmd de 

Creitequer d recipiend cirog*pti suu de rona- 
bili dote q ea gting de rra WitU q^nda viri 

{sui. Et ipe Gitt n veii vl se ess. (T Ponat' p 
vad 1 salv plg ipe Gitt q sit a die Sci Mich in 
arv. dies . irl responsur^. 

Buk\ jf Simjit Nich * ess se de mat lc v^s^ Luc d Bumt 

d pt rre mandavit justic qd gvaluit. t petiit 
lic veniend ad cu? 1 huit 

fVigorn. f GaufrfrMargr poit^ lo.ej^de Margr. o^t. 
se . iiij die vs^ Gittft Sim ad capied drog^R 
suii d ronabit dote q ea gting de rra WitS 
q^nda viri sui 1 ipe Gitt n veS vt se ess. 
jf Ponat' p vad 1 salv ptg ipe Gitt qd sit 
a die Sci Mich in . ru. dies responsur^. 

NorM, jf Emma q fuit ux Johisjit ||2yi iiij die vs^ 

Wittm de Fefi Ponl de pt ronabit dol sue q 
ea gting de \\h tenemto qd fuit Johis q^^nda 
viri sui in WHardighorn Et ipe n ven vt se 
ess .1 dies dat^ ei fuit p ess . suu a die Scijoh 
in t^s sept. f Judin tcia ps pPdci ten capiat' 
in mafi dni Reg 1 dies lc. Et ipe sumon qd 
sit ap Westin in oct Sci Mich m resposur^. 

Suff\ f Dies dat^ t Witto Ctico Osbtft ITvei t Johi 

Cugeslun 1 Gitt fn suo d pt vad in B^escic in 
oct Sci Mich. Et inrim hiiit lic gcord. 

Linc. (T Dies dat^ t Witto d Hardreshutt 1 Ade d Nevitt 

q^ M in custod WG^cid q*nda puella q dicebat' 
ee fit Agnel q fuit ux Thom d Satebi. 

Digitized by 



Essex\ f I^i^s dat^ t Hamon . d Ascot 1 Witto dSuschirch 
ad capiend cyrog*pli suii d dol Alic ux pdci 
Hamon a die Sci Mich in . v. sepl . 1 tc faciant 
venire hdies q®^ svic assignabr Ham. 

Bed. jf Wilt d Steping^le q* se mat le5 vs^ Ric 

d WCauz . d pt rre madav justic qd gvaluit 1 
petiit lic veniend ad cuf p Witt d Wahaut \ 

JT Isold mal Jnrfr iiij. die . \?s ^nrfr [" fit 
suii"] d pt finis fci in cur p cirog*p1i d. v. 
v*gal rre c ptin in Lewintd \ ipe n ven vt se 
ess. Et p^cepl fuit ^it qd ponat' p vad \ salv 
pt \ ||un no misit bre illd n*^ noia ptg. jf Jud 
ponat' p ptg qd sit a die Sci Mich . in av. dies 
apd Westm in responsur^ n* justic inrim 
veSint i ptes illas. Et vic tc respond ftS qre 
n misit noia ptg sic pcepl ei fuit alia vice. 

Cantebr. f Eic Jit\\B^tin op . se iiij die p ess suu vs^ Henr 
Jit Robl petenl d pt r . Tt Henr n vefi vt se 
ess . \ huit die in banco. f Jud Ric eat sin 
die 1 Hnr ||q*lr recupacione in hre debeat. 

G G 3 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


I N D E X. 

G G i 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


I N D E X. 

AARON, 223. 

Abbe, Abbas, Gaufridus, 237, 286. 

Abbendoii, Abbendun, Abbas de, 

7,^ 347, 348. 
Abbenton, Ascelinus de, 155. 
Abbenton, Philippus pater Ascelini 

de, 155. 
Abbisodisbif, Abbas de, 296. 
Abendoii, Abbas de, 143. 
Abendon, ecclesia de, 143, 347. 
Abendon, Robertus de, 276. 
Abemun, Walterus de, 53. 
Abetot, Gaufridus de, 276. 
Abetot, Willielmus de, 259, 265. 
Abiilia filia et heres Eliae de Bel- 

ton, 436. 
Abindon, Alanus de, 276. 
Abingetoii, Acelinus de, 11. 
Abingeton, Michael de, 244. 
Abingewerd, terra de, 15. 
Abingewrde, Gillebertus de, 140. 
Abintoii, Acelinus de, 50, 152. 
Abomifi, es8 apd, 128. 
Abomiri, Aluredus de, 128. 
Abraham frater Hugonis filii Ma- 

thiei, 404. 
Abraham vir Matildas de Gerne- 

mue, 263. 
Abric, Grelentus de, 142. 
Abruncis, Simon de, 271. 
Absalon, Absolon, filius Absalonis, 

Absolonis, 326, 422, 431. 
Absalon, Absolon, filius Kogeri, 

450, 451, 452. 
Absebroc, Walterus de, 246. 

Absirot, Waltenis pater Willielmi 

de, 175. 
Absolon Cholle pater Absolonis, 

326, 327. 
Acardi, Robertus filius, 117. 
Ace filius Hugonis, 371. 
Aceleia, terra de, 46. 
Acelina, 215. 
Acelinus — Senescallus Gileberti 

Basset, 217. 
Aceri, Johannes filius, 168, 170, 

Acham, Gilebertus de, 183. 
Achari, Robertus filius, 435. 
Acle, ecclesia de, 269. 
Acle, terra de, 362. 
Acleia, feod milil in, 22. 
Acleia, terra de, 71. 
Acleshai, Felicia de, 398. 
Aclet, ecclesia de, 424. 
AdfiB, Adam filius, 33, 100, 271. 
Ada?, Alexander filius, 194. 
Ada3, Elias filius, 45. 
Ada3, Gaufridus filius, 177. 
Adae, Gilebertus filius, 183, 200, 

Adss, Johannes filius, 179, 233. 
Adae, Johannes filius, et Emma quie 

fuit uxor ejus, 239. 
Ado?, Margareta filia, 261. 
Adse, Nicholaus filius, 158. 
Adae, Philippus filius, 121. 
Adae, Radulphus filius, 286. 
Adee, Rannulphus filius, 77. 
Adce, Reinerus filius, 7, 32, 45. 
Adse, Ricardus filius, 149. 
Ada», Robertus filius, 149, 400. 
Ada?, Simon filius, 270. 

Digitized by 




Adae, Stephanus filius, 233. 
Adfie, Thomas filius, 279. 
Adffi, Walterus filius, 88. 
Adfie, WiUielmus fiUus, 227, 275, 

302, 401, 406. 
Adae vel Adam, Alicia uxor, 253. 
Adae, Matilda uxor, 307. 
Adffi de Breideston, Adam filius, 

Adae de Sancto Albano, Nicholaus 

filius, 170. 
Adae de Westm, Robertus de Der- 

hurst pater Matillidae ux- 

oris, 2ia 
Adam, 136, 155, 184, 224, 245, 

275, 286, 294, 375, 394. 
Adam, Decanus de Bumham, 264, 

316, 400. 
Adam filius Adae, 33, 100, 271. 
Adam filius Agnetis, 133. 
Adam filius Aiiciae, 372. 
Adam filius Capellani et Alicia uxor 

ejus, 393. 
Adam filius Draconid, 434. 
Adam filius Driun, 119. 
Adam filius DroS, Drogonis, 257, 

270, 284, 371, 399. 
Adam filius Emulfi, 97. 
Adam filius Gaufi-idi, 152. 
Adam filius Gerardi, 287, 407. 
Adam filhis Liuingi, 307. 
Adam filius Osberti, 169, 390, 445. 
Adam filius Pagani, 152, 404. 
Adam filius Savari, 253. 
Adam filius Simonis, 243, 372. 
Adam filius Thomae, 233. 
Adam filius Thurgis, 182. 
Adam filius Walteri, 289. 
Adam filius WiUielmi, 237, 281, 

286, 298, 361, 421. 
Adam filius Yuonis, 336, 345. 
Adam filius Adae de Breideston, 

Adam filius Ricardi Anglici, 195, 

Adam filius Roberti Emulf, 98. 
Adam fiUus Simonis de Gememue, 

Adam homo Gaufridi de Sai, 163. 
Adam pater Eliac, EUe, 45. 

Adam — SenescaUus Buchard» 6. 
Adelina fiUa Ricardi, 299. 
AdeUngton, terra, &c. in, 333. 
Adersl, Gaufi-idus de, 324. 
Admundus fiUus Alberedi, 218. 
Aedmundi, Curia Sci, 16. 
Aeleia, Rogerus de, 302. 
Aeleis uxor Constantini, 409. 
Affeld, Wido fiUus Widonis de, 

Agatha uxor R^inaldi, 276. 
Agatha uxor Thomae, 283. 
Agatha fiUa Johannis de Wika, 

Agatha uxor Galfiidi de Albecote, 

Agatha uxor WiiUehni de la Ker- 

simere, 235. 
Agemld quae fiiit uxor WilUelmi, 

Agnes filia Eve, 425. 
Agnes fiUa Gaufridi, 232, 270. 
Agnes filia Henrici, 246. 
Agnes filia Henrid Andegavensis, 

Agnes quae fiiit fiUa Henrici de 

Walde, 305. 
Agnes uxor Martini Martel, 77, 

78, 110, 112. 
Agnes uxor Radulphi de Arden, 

Agnes uxor Roberti de Crec, 310. 
Agnes uxor Rogeri Qerici, 30. 
Agnes uxor Stephani de Mus- 

land, 175. 
Agnes uxor Thomae fiUi WiHielmi, 

78, 79. 
Agnes quae fiiit uxor Thomae de 

Salebi, 452. 
Agnes uxor Walteri de Faukoi- 

berge, 437, 442. 
Agnes uxor Walteri de Ribof, 

Agnes uxor WiUielmi de Rigate, 

Agnes uxor WiUielmi de Wisten- 

eston, 262. 
Agnes uxor WiUielmi de Woncs- 

taii, 29a 
Agnetis, Adam filius, 133. 

Digitized by 




Agnetis, Walterus filius, 104. 
Agnetis, Willielmus filius, 79. 
(v. Angnes^ Augnu^ &c.) 
Aguillon, Willielmus, 109. 
Aguillun, Agwillun, Willielmus, et 

Sarra uxor ejus, 13, 74, 130. 
Ailbemi, Ricardus filius, 172. 
Allberti, Thomas filius, 394. 
Ailbon, Robertus filius, 296. 
Ailef, Willielmus filius, 237. 
Ailesbif, homines de, 369. 
Ailesbif, Juliana de, 278. 
Ailesbif, Leswinus de, 278. 
Aili, Fulcon de, 122, 123. 
Ailina uxor Willielmi filii Wade, 

Ailmaricus filius Eustachii, 379. 
Ailmeri, Everardus fiiius, 184. 
Ailmeri, Kadulphus filius, 184. 
AilnoA, Johannes filius, 384. 
Ailnodus, 305, 311. 
Ailnodi, Gilbertus filius, 195, 354, 

Ailnothi, Willielmus filius, 364. 
Ailwardi, Johannes filius, 171. 
Ailwardi, Rogerus filius, 212. 
Ailwardi, Thomas filius, 305. 
Ailwardus filius Galfridi, 212. 
Ailwini, Matillida filia, 212. 
Ailwini, Radulphus filius, 218. 
Ailwini, Reginaldus filius, 246. 
Ailwini, Willielmus filius, 153, 

Ailwinus filius Theobaldi, 300. 
Ailwinus filius Willielmi, 171. 
AirdeS, Willielmus de, 221. 
Aiserige, Baldewinus de, 277. 
Aistre, Rogerus de, 10. 
Aitrop filius Hugonis, 198, 283, 

Aiwardus filius Elmegardi, 99. 
Akari, Robertus, 394. 
Akari, Robertus filius, 439. 
Akeford, terra in, 396. 
Akenham, Gilbertus de, 189. 
Akleia, terra de, 26. 
Alamannia — adventus Regis de, 

38, 46. 
Alani, Alanus filius, 98. 
Alani, Brianus filius, 6. 

Alani, Hugo filius, 151, 244. 
Alani, Humfridus filius, 275. 
Alani, Radulphus filius, 116. 
Alani, Ricardus filius, 314, 377. 
Alani, Robertus- filius, 238, 417, 

Alani, Rogerus filius, 171. 
Alani, Walterus filius, 252, 286, 

Alani, Walterus pater, 393. 
Alani de Box, Hugo avunculus, 

Alani de Heset, Hugo fi^ter, 314. 
Alani de Heset, Robertus frater, 

Alanus, 125, 207, 228, 245, 277, 

292, 382, 402, 438- 
Alanus avunculus Roberti de Hote- 

shat, 272. 
Alanus avunculus Simonis de Mai- 

dewd), 448. 
Alanus — Clericus Vicecomitis de 

Warewic', 76. 
Alanus Comes Britann', 56. 
Alanus filius Alani, 98. 
Alanus filius Bernardi, 437. 
Alanus filius Elise, 382. 
Alanus filius Euie, 114. 
Alanus filius Gallridi, Graufridi, 

Godefridi, 56, 170, 245. 
Alanus filius Herberti, 54. 
Alanus filius Ogeri, 380. 
Alanus filius Reginaldi, 111. 
Alanus filius Rodlandi, 266. 
Alanus filius Walteri, 282. 
Alanus fi ius Wil ielmi, 76, 168. 
Alanus filius Godithse de Gadin- 

ton, 116. 
Alanus filius Radulphi de Miche- 

ledeia, 307. 
Alanus filius Roberti le Bulett, 

Alanus filius Sacerdotis de Lever- 

ton, 111. 
Alanus fi^ter Willielmi de Camera, 

Alanus frater WiUielmi filii Roberti, 

Alanus nepos Roberti le Franceis, 


Digitized by 




Alardi, Clemens filius, 249. 
Alardi, Rogerus filius, 249. 
Alardi, Willielmus filius, 297. 
Alardi Ruffi, Clemens filius, 331. 
Alardus, 173, 219, 280. 
Alardus filius Radulphi, 297. 
Alardus filiusWillielmi, — Magister, 

Alardus frater Cristianae, 211. 
Alba Mara, Comes de, 274. 
Alba Mart, Wido de, 147. 
Albano, Abbas de Sancto, 138, 

150, 153, 154, 215, 235, 

305, 373. 
Albano, libertas de Sancto, 215. 
Albano, Henricus Mercator de 

Sancto, 158, 170. 
Albano, Monachi de Sancto, 132. 
Albano, Nicholaus filius Ade de 

Sancto, 170. 
Albanus, avus Johannis de Neville, 

Albanus filius Ricardi, 286. 
Albecote, Galfridus de, 235. 
Albemaf , Albemare, Reginaldus de, 

336, 395. 
Alberedi, Admundus filius, 218. 
Albemon, Rogerus de, 143. 
Albernun, W^terus de, 417. 
Alberti, Rogerus filius, 238. 
Albertus filius Bond, 398 
Albertus filius Martini, 367. 
Albertus filius Randulphi, 369. 
Albertus filius Roberti, 303. 
Albetot, Willielmus de, 418. 
Albinus filius Ricardi, 415. 
Albrea filia Walteri, 422. 
Albrea soror Willielmi Pinceme, 

AlbreoB, Walterus filius, 172. 
Albreda filia Eugenii, 306. 
Albreda filia Alexandri filii Henrici 

Albreda mater Juliani, 212. 
Albreda uxor Welandi, 299. 
Albreda uxor Gileberti Swift, 313. 
Albreda qu£e fuit uxor Rannulfi 

Molendinarii, 313. 
Albricus, Comes, 2, 245, 367. 
Albricus filius Godwini, 272, 296. 

Albrictis pater Walteri de Capdlis, 

Albus, Andreas, 212. 
Albus, Hugo, et Beatrix uxor ejus, 

424, 425. 
Albus, Radulphus, 264. 
Albus, Robertus, 220. 
Albus, Stephanus, 263. 
Albus, Thomas, 265. 
Aldanebi, Robertus de, 287. 
Aldani, Ricardus filius, 416. 
Alde, Gaufndus, 380. 
Aldemar, Walterus de Ponte, 258- 
Aldene, Ricardus filius, 304. 
Aldenham, villata de, 169. 
Aldermanebif, Aldermaneberi, Si- 

mon de, 317, 380. 
Aldeth uxor Willielmi Barei, 

Aldewinus, 150. 
Aldham, Matilda de, 330. 
Aldham, Nicholaus filius Madlds 

de, 330. 
Aldingehat, Adam de, 143. 
Alditha mater Roberti, 149. 
Aldra, Hugo de, et Matilda mater 

ejus, 14. 
Alebi, Robertus de, 26. 
Aleng', Williebnus de, 184. 
Alenton, Azelina de, 126. 
Alewe, Rogerus, 219. 
Alewelle, Robertus de, 156. 
Alexander, 22, 83, 106, 107, 280, 

284, 377. 
Alexander — Magister, 332. 

Alexander de re, 290. 

Alexander Clericus de Bolintou, 

Alexander filius Adce, 194. 
Alexander filius Baldewini, 193, 

Alexander filius Edwini, 232, 300. 
Alexander filius Henrici, 306, 311. 
Alexander filius Matillidce, 150. 
Alexander filius Philippi, 205. 
Alexander filius Reginaldi, 300. 
Alexander filius Ricardi, 41, 261, 

Alexander filius Silvani, 32. 
Alexander filius Walteri, 171. 

Digitized by 




Alexander pater Johannis, 175. 
Alexander frater Roberti de Has- 

ting', 318. 
Alexander pater Ricardi de Orme, 

Alexandri, Radulphus filius, 128. 
Alexandri, Thomas filius, 152. 
Alexandri, Walterus filius, 182. 
Alexandri, WillielmufiT filius, 150, 

Alexandri filii Henrici, Albreda 

filia, 311. 
Alexandri filii Henrici, Eugenia 

filia, 311. 
Alexandri de Furnaus, Alina filia, 

Alexandri de Windrevill, Robertus 

fi-ater Lauretse filiae, 395. 
Alexandrina mater Johannis filii 

Johannis, 167. 
Alfameston, terra in, 204. 
Alfelmeston, terra in, 385. 
AlfwinesfeW, terra in, 59. 
Algar, Willielmus, et Editha uxor 

ejus, 204. 
Algarekerke, Alanus de, 99. 
Algari, Ricardus filius, 210. 
Algari, Thomas filius, 150, 171. 
Algari, Walterus filius, 280. 
Algari, Walterus fraterThomae filii, 

Alicia, 152, 226, 252, 253, 254, 

273, 276, 346, 423, 447. 
Alicia filia Alwini, 351. 
Alicia filia Auicie, 323. 
Alicia filia Edmundi, 342. 
Alicia filia Herevici, 36. 
Alicia filia Michaelis, 344, 350. 
Alicia filia Osmundi, 348. 
Alicia filia Siwardi, 159. 
Alicia filia WiUiehni, 313, 314, 

Alicia mater Ricardi, 415. 
Alicia soror Ceciliae, 36. 
Alicia uxor Adam vel Adae, 253. 
Alicia uxor Elie, 253, 393. 
Alicia qua^ fuit uxor Grerardi, 151. 
Alicia uxor Hugonis, 139. 
Alicia qxwe fuit uxor Ulfi, 243. 
Alicia quae fuit uxor Willielmi, 346. 

Alicia filia Cristinae uxoris Carpen- 

tariiLeo, 210. 
Alicia mater Anselli Mowin, 389. 
Alicia mater Radulphi de Ludesia, 

Alicia mater Willielmi filii Radul- 

phi, 177. 
Aiicia soror Agnetis de Perevill, 

Alicia uxor Adae filii Capellani, 

Alicia quae fuit uxor Radulphi filii 

Hugonis, 406. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi filii Radulphi, 

Alicia qua? fuit uxor Alani de In- 

dringli, 395. 
Alicia uxor Gilberti de Stodfold, 

Alicia uxor Godefridi Luffe, 369. 
Alicia uxor Hamonis de Ascot, 453. 
Alicia uxor Johannis de Sanford, 

Alicia quaB fuit uxor Petri de 

Hausted, 70. 
Alicia uxor Roberti de Forstesbuf , 

Alicia quae fuit uxor Rogeri de 

DretoS, 272. 
Alicia uxor Rogeri de la Neweland, 

Alicia quse fuit uxor Simonis de 

Gernemue, 372. 
Alicia quas fuit uxor Willielmi 

Blund, 421. 
Alicia uxor Williehni Estri», 423. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi Hiberniensis, 

Iberniensis, 7, 28, 29. 
Alicia uxor Willielmi Russett, 292. 
Alicias — filius, 74. 
Aliciae, Adam filius, 372. 
Aliciie, Gaufridus filius, 210. 
Aliciae, Gilbertus filius, 370. 
Alicias, Richardus, Ricardus, filius, 

69, 343, 350. 
Aliciae, Robertus filius, 378. 
Aliciae, Willielmus filius, 70. 
Alicia^, Ingaiii pater, 7. 
Aliciae uxoris Ivonis de Keneton 

Silvester avunculusi^ 18, 

Digitized by 




Alicias uxoris Rogeri de Newelond, 

— Suainus pater & Auicia 

mf, 191. 
Alienora mater WiUielmi de Eines- 

ford, 3, 4. 
Alienora uxor Fulconis filii Theo- 

baldi, a 
Alienora uxor Hugonis de Bello 

Campo, 106,107. 
Alina filia Alexandri de Fumaus, 

Alina uxor — ^ 262. 
Alina uxor EUee filii Bemardi, 

Alinae, Radulphus pater, 56, 57. 
Alinae, Simon filius, 338. 
Alington, terra, &c. in, 406. 
Alinton, Henricus de, 279. 
Aliz soror Radulphi de Verli, 

AlkledewiS, Ricardus de, 242.. 
Allgari, Tliomas filius^ 150. 
Allinges, liberum tenementum in, 

Allinges, Henricus de, 153. 
Almaricus, 449. 
Almaricus filius Turstani, 226. 
A15, Gaufiridus de, 424. 
AJnestow*, Abiestowe, Abbatissa 

de, 281, 391, 417. 
Alnestow*, ecclesia de, 392. 
Alneto, Willielmus de, 252. 
Alnod, 214. 

Alnoti, Rogerus filius, 209. 
Alperton, Ailwinus de, 212. 
Alricushomo Prioris de Spallinges, 

Alseshei, Walterus de, 292. 
Alsewic, Jordanus de, 168. 
Alsewic, Jordanus firater Wiscardi 

de, 170. 
Alsieston, Godefiridus de, 28. 
Aluei, Rogerus de, 375. 
Aluerton, Robertus de, 222. 
Alueua, 159. 

Alueuae, Johannes filius, 211. 
Aluicia uxor Alexandri de Hoieng, 

Alunicheston, Johannes de, 443. 
Aluredescol, Osbertus de, 373. 

Aluredi, Johannes filins, 238, 300. 
Aluredi, Martinus filius, 396. 
Aliu*edi, Reginaldus filius, 326. 
Aluredi, Robertus filius, 8. 
Aluredi, Williehnus filius, 173; 

347, 378, 441. 
Aluredi, Matilda que fint uxor, 

Aluredus, 293. 
Aluredus filius Osberti, 128. 
Alurici, Ricardus filius, 268. 
Alurici, Rogerus filius, IIO^ 128. 
Alvilers, Wiiliehnus de, 105. 
Alwardi, Thomas fiiius, 311. 
Alweis uxor Ernoldi Cinerarii, 162. 
Alwini, Alicia filia, 351. 
Alwini, Reginaldus filius, 249. 
Amabilia, Amabila, uxor Williehni 

Britoii, 279, 304, 395, 417. 
Amabilia quae fiiit uxor patris Ri- 

cardi fil Roberti, 247. 
Amable noverca Ricardi fiilii Ro- 

berti, 250. 
AmaUe uxor Williehni de la Waf, 

Amandevilt, Agnes de, 112. 
Amberli, Eudo de, 353. 
Amberlia, Gaufi-idus de, 193. 
Ambli, Galfi-idus, Gaufiidus, de, 

226, 263, 279, 398, 399, 

Ambli, Radulphus de, 398. 
Ambresburi, Priorissa de, 144, 
Ambresburi, Robertus Prior de, 

Ambrosii, Robertus filius, 157, 

Ambrosii de Perindon, Robertos 

fiUus, 338. 
Ambrosius, 379. 
Ameria soror Agnetis de P««vill, 

Amicia filia Joscelini, 222. 
Amicia mater Alicias de la Newe- 

land, 418. 
Amicia soror Agnetis de PereviU, 

Amicia soror Radulphi Verli, 115. 
Amicia uxor Ahnarici le Tumur, 


Digitized by 




Amicia uxor Gilberti Avenel, 80, 

Amicia uxor Henrici Falconarii, 

Amicia uxor Hugonis Falcona!^, 

Amiciae de Pereville, Radulphus 

vir, 178. 
Amisius filius Goscelini, 221. 
Amphelisa uxor Theobaldi, 8. 
Amphelise uxor Phillippi de Was- 

teneis, 303. 
Amund, 298. 
AmundeviB, Agnes de, 25, 82, 

83, 90. 
Amundevill, Joheileinus, Joilaenus 

vel Joilanus, de, 90. 
Amundeville, Radulphus de, 305, 

Andeg, Prior, 347. 
Andegavensis, Henricus, 246. 
Andegavensis, Petrus, 249. 
Andegavensis, Agnes filia Henrici, 

Andevf, JustiS apd, 40. 
Andeu?, feod, &c. in, 321. 
Andeweft, Prior de, 254. 
Andreae extra Holebume, Paroch 

Sancti, 19. 
Andreae de Mora, Capella Sci, 

Andrece de Norhampton, Prior ec- 

clesise Sancti, 384, 446. 
Andrece de Norhaml, Walterus 

Prior Sancti, 449. 
Andrese, Willielmus filius, 173, 

Andreae Albi, Susanna soror, 212. 
Andreas, 161, 254. 
Andreas filius . . . ., 69. 
Andreas filius Williebni, 116, 226. 
Andreas filius Ysoldae, 453. 
Andreas filius Roberti de Orblinge, 

Anedeweft, Prior de, 220. 
Anegod, Gila filia, 448. 
Anesie, Ricardus de, 222. 
Anesti, Adam de, 152. 
Anesti, Elias Clericus de, 152. 
Anesti, Hubertus de, 185. 

Anesti, Ricardus de, 43. 
Anestie, Hubertus de, 172. 
Anestou, Anestowe, Abbatissa de, 

165, 308. 
Anewelle, Prior de, 305. 
Ang, Robertus de, 113. 
Angaine, Henricus de, 133. 
Angelli, Robertus filius, 254. 
Angers, Ang, Abbas Sancti Nicho- 

lai de, Abbas de, 239, 340, 

341, 397. 
Angeuin, Baldricius le, 347, 448. 
Angeuin, Petrus le, 448. 
Angeuin, Angevinus, Simon, 151. 
Angevin, Henricus, 425. 
Angiers, terra in, 56. 
Angleis, Robertus le, 103. 
Anglia — adventus Ducis in, 325, 

Anglia — adventus Rc^ in, 53. 
Angliae, — conquestus, 93, 347, 

358, 427. 
Angliae, — consuetudo, 383, 434. 
Angli» — Dominus, J. Dominus, 

307, 309, 311, 323, 343. 
Anglicus, Adam, 144, 178. 
Anglicus, Ricardus, 195, 196. 
Anglicus, Rogerus, 130. 
Anglicus, Walterus, 109, 255, 274. 
Anglicus, Willielmus, 255. 
Angnetis, Johannes filius, 105. 
Ango, Alicia de, 400. 
Angod, Walweinus filius, 17, 18. 
Angr, castellum de, 351. 
Angf, hundredum de, 181, 210. 
Annus, Robertus de, 397. 
Anhus, Ranulfus filius Roberti de, 

Ankrecherche, Alanus de, 116. 
Anna filia Walteri Puiniant, 178, 

Anneis uxor Johannis de Crerton, 

Anningeton, terra, &c. in, 39. 
Annora uxor Henrici Falconsu^, 

Anselli Monachi, Galfi*idus filius, 

Ansellus, 273. 
Ansellus filius Roberti, 287. 

Digitized by 




Anselmus filius R^naldi, 300. 
Ansera, Willielmus, 151. 
Antesia, Milo de, 410. 
Antiochia, Nicolaus de, 70. 
Appellford, Johannes de, 259. 
Apsebroc, Waltenis de, 286. 
Arbalesl, Umfridus le, 233. 
Arbelastarius, Wilkin, 107. 
Arbelastarius, Wiliiehnus, 106. 
Arbelastarius, Arbelesterius, Urri- 

cus le, 31, 41. 
Arcardus, 117. 

Arcfc, del, 143. 

Arched, Robertus, 212. 
Archer, Hugo, 278. 
Archer, Robertus, 268. 
Archer, Willielmus, 326. 
Arches, Radulphus de, 174. 
Ardele, liberum tenementum in, 

Ardeii, Henricus de, 256. 

Ardeil, Oliverus de, 389. 

Arden, Radulphus de, et Agnes 
uxor ejus, 121. 

Ardeii, Thomas de, 24. 

Ardern, Thomas de, 102. 

Ardes, Jacobus de, 342. 

Ardes, Philippus de, 342. 

Ardr, Radulphus de, 103. 

Aresci, Thomas de, 279, 289, 405, 

Arewe, capella de, 52, 134. 

Argenl, Argentein, Argentoin, Ar- 
genton, Argentun, Regi- 
naldus de, 6, 60, 73, 97, 
100, 106, 107, 134, 162, 
170, 171, 235, 275, 276, 
281, 308, 391, 393, 401. 

Argentein, Thomas de, 302. 

Argentoin, Reginaldus avus Regi- 
naldide, 392. 

Argenton, Ricardus de, 60, 61, 319. 

Argenton, Rogerus de, 72. 

Argenton, WiUielmus de, 14, 99. 

Aringworth, Hawisia de, 371,372. 

Aristotit — Magister, 434. 

Arkesden, Conoa de, 183. 

Arketot, Hamo de, 197. 

Arkwfd, Willielmus de, 397. 

Armiger, Thomas, 140. 

Armiger, Willielmus, 247, 250. 
Armingwurtfc, Andreas de, et H»- 

wisia uxor ejus, 41^ 
Armode, Reginaldus de, Fcentor 

Ebor*, 264. 
Armters, Henricus de, 329. 
Amaldi, Petrus filius, 443. 
Arnaldus, 269. 
Amulfiis filius Herberti de Hodes- 

den, 161. 
Arsic, Alexander, 24, 25. 
Arturi, Hugo filius, 37. 
Arturi, Willielmus filius, 122, 123. 
ArundeB, Wido de, 254. 
Arwe, terra de, 51. 
Asce filius Asce, 437. 
Ascebi, Michael de, 448. 
Ascelina filia Warini, 346. 
Ascelini, Radulphus filius, 294. 
Ascelini, Robertus filius, 362, 440, 

Ascelini de Abbenton, Philq[ipus 

pater, 155. 
Ascerus filius Hugonis, 382. 
Ascot, Hamo de, et Alicia nxor 

ejus, 453. 
Aselac, Paganus filius, 187. 
Aseuitt, Sewafi de, 252. 
Askaim vel Askam, pastura, &c. in, 

Askebi, Holdarus de, 332. 
Askebi, Johannes de, 347. 
Askebi, Michael de, 347. 
Askebi, Robertus de, 347- 
Asketillus, 355. 

Asketini, Willielmus filius. 281. 
Asketorp, Hubertus de, 319. 
Asketot, Hamo de, 189. 
Aslackebi, Ricardus de, 4» 
Aslakebi, Gilebertus de, 116. 
Aspele, Aspeft, Alicia de, 247, 251. 
Asselue, Radulphus de, 172. 
AssweB, Rogerus de, 169. 
Astoii, Williehnus de, 281. 
Aswett, Rogerus de, 162. 
Aswintoii, villa de, 14. 
Atewatr, Willielmus, 178. 
Atoii, Matheus de, 263. 
Aubeigni, Amicia de, 442. 
Aubemaf, Comes de, 325. 

Digitized by 




Aubema?, Robertus de, 293. 
Aubemarle — Serlo serviens Com 

de, 137. 
Aubeni, Willielmus de, 290. 
Aubenn, Robertus de, 111. 
Aubermare, Robertus de, 263. 
Aubernun, Jurdanus de, 146, 

Auberviii, Matilda de, 13. 
Aubervi», Willielmus de, 24, 84, 

102, 124. 
Aubignei, Marchisus de, 138. 
Aubois, Petrus de, 277. 
Auche, Willielmus, 332. 
Auchelli Pincemfie, Jordanus filius, 

Aucherus frater Osberti, 93. 
Auchetilli, Nicholaus filius, 202. 
Audeano, Radulphus de Sancto, 

106, 107. 
Audeberi, ecclesia de, 327. 
Audebi, Nigellus de, 186. 
Audebiri, Audeburi, Alexander de, 

Audebiri, Anselmus de, 289. 
Audebiri, Audeburi, Fulcherus de, 

Audelini, Willielmus filius, 40. 
Audenebi, Robertus de, 43, 118. 
Audenham, villata de, 162. 
AudeviH Hamelinus de, 172. 
Audeville, Johannes de, 158, 172. 
Audewich, Priorissa de, 256. 
Audinton, ecclesia de, 238. 
Audoen, Robertus de Sancto, 330. 
Audoen, Radulphus de Sancto, 

Audrington, ecclesia de, 332. 
Audwenus, 431. 
Auecc, Willielmus, 134. 
Auenei, Gaufridus de, 375. 
Auenel, Gilbertus, 269. 
Auenel, Jordknus de, 200. 
Auerenges, R6helendus de, 356. 
Aufridi, Gilbertus filius, 116. 
Aufridus homo Johannis fratris Ro- 

geri, 204. 
Auger, Augerus, 270, 317, 318. 
Augeri, Graufridus filius, 172. 
Augeri, Henricus fiUus, 317» 

Augeri, Ricardus filius, 193, 266. 
Augeri, Rogerus filius, 317, 318> 

Augeri, Willielmus filius, 184. 
Augerus pater Walteri, 154. 
Auggodi, Wido filius, 378. 
Augnes, 151. 
Augnes filia CristiancB uxoris 

Leonis Carpentarii 210. 
Augnes soror Stephani de Calde- 

cote, 204. 
Augnes uxor Gaufridi filii Salofii, 

199, 200. 
Augnetis, Willielmus filius, 172. 
Augnetis fUiae Ricardi — Robertus 

frater, 155, 156. 
Augo, Alicia Comitissa de, 142. 
Augustinus, 244. 
Auicia, 159. 
Auicia mater Adas, 375. 
Auicia uxor Roberti, 269. 
Auicia mater Alicise ux Rogeri de 

la Newelond, 191. 
Auicia quse fiiit uxor Roberti filii 

Guberti, 199. 
Auicia uxor Roberti le Bulett, 

Auicise, Alicia filia, 323. 
Auilli, Gaufridus de, 188. 
Auketil, Auketilus, 151, 172, 285. 
Auketili, Radulphus filius, 172. 
Auketili, Robertus filius, 15. 
Auketili, Auketilli, Willielmus filius, 

213, 227, 229, 302, 448. 
Auketilli, Willielmus filius, et The- 

da uxor ejus, 412. 
Auketilli, Stephanus filius, 253. 
Auketilus nepos Simonis de Hole^ 

well, 441. 
Aukus, Robertus, 310. 
Aula, Rogerus de, 124. 
Aumericus filius Turstani, 432. 
Aundemere, esson apd, 291. 
Auneie, Robertus de, 292. 
Aunestow, Abbatissa de, 276. 
Auneto, Agnes de, 272. 
Auniou, Agneta de, 420. 
Auno, Fucherus de, 115. ' 
Aunor uxor Henrici Falconai^, 


RoT. CuR* Reo. 

H H 

Digitized by 




Auri&br, Johannes, 221. 
Aurifr, Robertus, 75. 
Auton, Gauiridus de, 283. 
Auuilers, Robertus de, 58. 
Auuiliers, Willielmus de, 94. 
Auvers, Robertus de, 30. 
Avelina uxor Oseberti de Longo 

Campo, 11. 
Aven, Ricardus filius Pagani de, 

Avenant uxor Willielmi Wad, 285. 
Avenel, Gilbertus, et Amicia uxor 

ejus, 80, 129. 
Avenel, Johannes, 78, 94. 
Averench, Rolandus vel RoUandus 

de, 364. 
Avicia uxor Ricardi de Bello 

Campo, 395. 
Avunculus, Willielmus, 193. 
Awaite, Robertus le, 301. 
Azonis, Radulphus filius, 121. 
Azor pater Johannis, 328. 
Azu?, Azer, Reginaldus filius, 221, 

Azuf, Rogerus filius, 343. 

A na, terra, &c. in, 146. 

Al fiUus Roberti, 215« 


B. Archiepiscopus, 66. 
Baa, Ricardus de, 106. 
Baalun, Alanus de, 428. 
Baavent, Adam de, 117. 
Babingei, Amaricus de, 449. 
Bac, Radulphus de, 152. 
Bachamton, Alardus de, 309. 
Bacheler, Ricardus le, 109. 
Bacstaneford, ecclesia de, 264* 
Bacun, Gauiridus, 190, 
Bacun, Osbertus, 190. 
Bacun,' Robertus, 238. 
Bacun, Rogerus, 374. 
Bacun, Willielmus, 207. 

Badalt, Ricardus, 254. 
Badalt, Walterus, 254. 
Badelesmare, Badesmaf, Badeles- 

mere, Badenesmare, Williel- 

mus de, 238^ 241, 289» 

Badenhale, Walterus de, 111. 
BaderesweiJ, ecclesia de, 113. 
Badeuent, Adam de, 76. 
Badew, Badow, villata, campi, &&» 

de, 202. 
Badew, Hamo de, 202. 
Badew, Mauricius de, 202. 
Badew, Johannes filius Roberti dev 

^ 179. 
Badon, Ricardus de, 107, 
Badoii, summonitiones apud, 71. 
Bagetrope, Willielmus de, 131. 
Bagot, Ingeramus de, 136* 
Baibulloc, Alwinus, 331. 
Baico, Reginaldus de, 361. 
Baienuitf, Fulco de, 172. 
Baifot, Rogerus, 116. 
Baignard, Robertus, 139. 
BaiJes, Fulco de, 250. 
Bailhurt, Hamon filius, 353. 
Baillel, Gilebertus de, 187. 
Baillol, Walterus de, 195. 
Bailliolo, Gerardus de, 372. 
Baious, Williehnus de, 282. 
Baiseballe, Ranulfiis, et Lucia uxor 

ejus, 152. 
Baiuel, Willielmus, 343. 
BaiwrA, Henricus de, 347, 348. 
Bakeno, Petrus de, 97, 98. 
Baketon, Hugo de, 347. 
Baldac, villata de, 164. 
Balderaue, Williehnus, 5. 
Baldeston, Thomas de, 114. 
Baldewini, Alexander filius, 193; 

Baldewini, Baldewinus filius, 15^ 

Baldewini, GaHHdus, GaafiidiO) 

filius, 305, 311. 
Baldewini, Ricardus filius, 264» 
Baldewinus, 255. 
Baldrici, Baldricus filius, 329. 
Baldrici, Robertus filius, 343, 349. 
Baldrici, Willielmus filius, 353. 

Digitized by 




Baldricus, Baldric, 248, 271. 
Balinton, Joia de, 363. 
Balintoii, Luc de, 252. 
Ballard, Petrus, 117. 
Ballard, Radulphus, 303. 
Balun, Alanus de, 351, 363, 441, 

Bam, Edwardus de, 260. 
Banastr, Matillda, 359. 
Banastre, Robertus, Robertus de, 

91, 95, 369. 
Banburg, Malgerus de, 68. 
Baneis, Milo de, 115* 
Barat, Willielmus, et Editha uxor 

ejus, 451* 
Barba, David cum, 274. 
Barbet, Barbette, 229, 309. 
Barbet, Herewardus, 140. 
Barbi, Johannes de, 72. 
Bard, Hugo, 47, 48, 55, 62, 101, 

153, 156, 376. 
Bard, Petrus, 55, 136. 
Bard, Radulphus, 55, 136. 
Bardemora, Reginaldus de, 136. 
Barden, Bardenai, Abbas de, 9, 10, 

Barden, terra, &c. in, 200. 
Bardeii, Hugo de, 200, 201. 
Bardt, Hugo, 451. 
Bardl, Radulphus, 11, 12. 
Bard}, Bardieia, Willielmus, et 

Christiana qufie fuit uxor 

ejus, 11, 12, 55, 136. 
Bardolf, Hugo, 290. 
Bardolf, Petrus, 100. 
Bare, Stephanus de la, 211. 
Barenton, Eustacius, Eustachius, 

de, 182, 378. 
Barenton, Gaufridus de, 367. 
Barenton, Humfridus de, 204, 

Baret, Willielmus, et Aldeth uxor 

ejus, 450. 
Barewe, redditus in, 90. 
Barewe, Willielmus de, 109. 
Barewiil, Henricus de, 143. 
Bariton, Barinton, Gaufridus de, 

BarkestoS, Willielmud de, 390, 


Barlestoii, villata de, 204. 
Barneuitt, Wiliieimus de, 425. 
Barr, Robertus de la, 18. 
Barreuitt, Robertus de la, 450. 
Barsham, Radulphus de, 247. 
Bartholomaei vel Bertholomaei,Gile- 

bertus fit, 226. 
Bartholomeei, Hugo fiiius, 278. 
Bartholomcei, Lucas fiiius, 191. 
Bartholoniffii, Ricardus filius, 2, 

Bartholomffii, Rogerus filius, 236, 

Bartholomaei, Stephanus filius, 264. 
Bartholomffii Decani de Walsing- 

ham vel de Walsinham, Ra- 

dulphus et Stephanus filii, 

264, 265, 316. 
Bartholomsei, Simon frater Rogeri 

filii, 236, 289. 
Bartholomseus, 373. 
Bartholomaeus filius Jurdani, 117. 
Barton, Ricardus, 265. 

Barun, filius, 70. 

Barun, Walterus, 70, 400. 
Barwe, liberum tenementum in, 

62, 135. 
Bascervilt, Radulphas de, 110. 
Baschef, Adam de, 365. 
Baschet, Ricardus, 179. 
Baset, Elias, 127. 
Basevitt, Michael de, et Isabella 

uxor ejus, 81, 82. 
Basevitt, Ricardus de, 43. 
Basham, Warinus de, 120. 
Basii, 334. 
Basilia, Basillia, fiiia Hamonis, 

Basilia filia Nicholai, 62. 
Basilia, Basilea, quse fiiit uxor Lu- 

vet de Brai, 23, 26. 
Basilia quae fuit uxor Tubemi vel 

Turburti de Vien, 77, 81, 

Basiliee de Redbum, Gaufridus 

filius, 165. 
Basilii, Ricardus fiiius, 428. 
Baslceruitt, Nesta de, 426. 
Baskervitt, Eustacius de, 295, 335. 
Baskerviit, Thomas de, 86, 110. 

H H 2 

Digitized by 




Baskervitt, Walterus de, 310. 
Baskervitt, Ysabella de, 394. 
Basket, Henricus, 202. 
Basset, Alanus, 220, 254, 305, 

Basset, Alicia, 173. 
Basset, Gilebertus, 219. 
Basset — Acelinus senescallus Gile- 

berti, 217. 
Basset, Johannes de, 23. 
Basset, Osmundus, 23, 26. 
Basset, Radulphus, 138. 
Basset, Reginaldus, 27, 117, 238. 
Basset, Ricardus, 24. 
Basset, Thomas, 288. 
Basset, Turstanus, 262, 269, 424. 
Basset, WiUielmus, 22, 23, 96, 

169, 262, 314, 352, 362. 
Basset de Vider, Radulphus, 145. 
Basseth, Thomas, 236. 
BasseviH', Gilebertus, 140. 
Bassiggebourne, Thomas de, 106. 
Bassiggebourne, Wiemarus de, 104. 
Bassinboume, Thomas de, 97. 
Bassingburn, Ricardus de, 404, 

Bassingebourne, Thomas de, 38, 

73, 107, 134. 
Bassingeburii, Gwiemarus de, 111. 
Bastard, Ricardus, 225. 
Bastard, Willielmus le, 109. 
Bataille, Henricus, 229. 
Bataille, Batafi, Radulphus, 150, 

Bataille, Ricardus, 150, 350. 
Bataille, Rogerus, 150. 
Bataille, Walterus, 150. 
Bataitt, Willielmus, 180, 187, 189. 
Batofi, Reginaldus de, 437. 
Bauent, Eudo de, 83, 84. 
Bauent, Walterus de, 83. 
Bautoii, Robertus de, 189. 
Bauues, Willielmus de, 425. 
Bauun, Willielmus, 195. 
Bauus, Matilda des, 284. 
Bauus, Willielmus des, 321. 
Bauvent, Eudo de, 42. 
Bavent, Ade, 5. 
Baxerevitt, Radulphus de, 86. 
Be, Robertus, 41. 

Beallaers, Herbertus de, 124. 
Beasis, Reginaldiis de, 299. 
Beatricis, Robertus vir, 261. 
Beatricis de Berdestapt, Ricardos 

filius, 332. 
Beatrix, 143, 178, 423. 
Beatrix filia Swein — uxor Ricardi 

de Eutoii, 428. 
Beatrix, soror Henrici de Esthain, 

261, 292, 383. 
Beatrix quae fuit uxor Dineweld, 

Beatrix quae Aiit uxor GQberti 

Clerici, 121. 
Beatrix uxor Hugonis Albi, 424, 

Beatrix uxor Johannes de Grau- 

elee, 175. 
Beatrix uxor Ric de Fitton, 359. 
Beatrix uxor Ricardi de Portico, 

Beatrix uxor Roberti fiilii Rosce- 

lini, 80. 
Beaufo, Martinus de, 105. 
Beaumis, Robertus de, 73. 
Beaus, Williehnus de, 299. 
Bebintofi, Henricus de, 231. 
Bec vel Becco, Abbas de, 226, 237, 

378, 450. 
Bec, Henricus de, 144. 
Bec, Becc vel Becco, Willieknus de, 

98, 224, 267, 269. 
Becco, Hugo Monachus de, 378. 
Becham, ecclesia de, 323. 
Becham, Radulphus de, 315. 
Becham, Ricardus de, 315, 323. 
Bechamton, Henricus de, 311. 
Bechamton, Nigellus de, 59. 
Beche, advocacio ecclesiae de, 

Beche, Petrus de, 15. 
Becword, Henricus de, 253. 
Bedefeld, 103. 
Bedefonl, terra, &c. in, 213, 
Bedefordsire — Bedeford, Bed;&c., 

3, 4,11,20,32,87, 96,97, 

106, 107, 111, 115, 119, 

120, 130, 140, 164, 221, 

223, 228, 232, 234, 236» 

242, 243, 247, 250, 251, 

Digitized by 




Bedefordsire, &c. — cant. 

254, 255, 257, 262, 265, 
269, 270, 271, 274, 276, 
279, 280, 284, 290, 291, 
292, 293, 294, 298, 303, 
306, 312, 318, 319, 326, 
328, 336, 338, 340, 343, 
344, 345, 350, 352, 355, 
359, 361, 368, 370, 371, 
379, 382, 390, 396, 401, 
402, 410, 417, 427, 428, 
429, 433, 437, 440, 444, 
445, 453. 

Bedef, Abet de, 97. 

Bedef, Bed, Adam de, 340, 344, 

Bedef, Ivo de, 292. 

Bedeford, Robertus de, 295. 

Bedef, Walterus de, 96. 

Bede^ Willielmus de, 199. 

Bedeforth, Simon de, 236. 

Bedefunl, Matillida de, 212. 

Bedegeham, Ricardus de, 133. 

Bedelingehope, Lefwinus de, 8i 

BedeW, Ailbertus, 398. 

Bedelt de Egelton, WilUelmu% 

Bedeswefl, terra in, 194. 

Bedewett, terra in, 439. 

Bediggefeld, Adam de, 1. 

Bedigham, ecclesia Sanctae- Marias 
in cemeterio de, 1. 

Bedigham, Benedictus de, 1. 

Bedinges, terra in, 90. 

Bedingham, Alan de, 132. 

Begedun, redditus in, 309» 

Beilhus, Rogerus, 37. 

Beinflet, Ricardus de, 185. 

Bekentre, hundredum de, 183. 

Bekeswett, Radulphus de, 103. 

Bekeswett, Spemaille de, 103. 

Bekeswui manerium de, 13. 

Bekinton, ecclesia de, 10. 

Bekinton, terra in, 32. 

Bel, Theobaldus, 179^. 

Belag, Willielmus de, et Emnm 
uxor ejus, 264. 

Bele Perche, Robertus filius Ro- 
berti de, 131. 

Belebuche, Walterus, 58. 

Beleburi, Belel^i, 145. 
Belengeri, Nicholaus filius, 171. 
Belengerius, 169. 
Belet, Michael, et Emma uxor 

ejus, 253, 254, 390. 
Belet, Robertus^ 122. 
Belew, Hamo, 180, 184. 
Belewe, Hugo, 180. 
Bella Vaile, Gaufridus de, 190. 
Belland, Margareta de, 147. 
Bello Campo, terra in, 70. 
Bello Campo, Albricus de, 403. 
Bello Campo, Amicia de, 257. 
Bello Campo, Hugo de, 103, 107, 

115, 120,336,375. 
Bello Campo, Hugo de, et Alianora 

uxor qus, 106. 
Bello Campo, Radulphus de, 2, 

Bello- Campo, Rainulfus, Ran- 

nulphus, de, 273, 386. 
Bello Campo, Ricardus de, 77, 81, 

244, 262. 
Bello Campo, Ricardus de, et Avi- 

cia uxor ejus, 395. 
BellaCampo, Simon de, 11, 111, 

114, 278, 279, 328, 340, 

396, 401, 402, 441, 444, 

Bello Campo, Stephanus de, Stef- 

fanus, 188, 194, 305, 311, 

319, 385. 
Bello Campo, Willidmus de, 64. 
BeUo Campo) Stephanus de Bello 

Campo pater Stephani de, 

Bello Compo, Wakenis filius Ri- 

cardi de, 395. 
Bello Campo Danmartin — Decen- 

na de, 173. 
Bello Campo de Hersam, Philippus 

de, 183. 
Bello Fago, Martinus de, 126. 
Bello Fago, Martinus de, et Gila 

uxor ejus, 19. 
Bello Monte, Auic de, 225. 
BeUo Monte, Johamies de, 227, 

BeUa Monte, Ricardus de, 260, 

264, 309, 387. 

U H 3 

Digitized by 




Bello Monte, Robertus de, 220. 
Bello Monte, Roesia de, 309, 

Bello Monte, Waltenis de, 221. 
Bello Monte, WiUielmus de, 44, 

135, 264, 268. 
Belres, Willielmus de, 184. 
Bektede, Baldewinus de, 376. 
Belton, Abillia filia et heres Elise 

de, 436. 
Belton, Adam, 436. 
Belwether, Stephanus de, 265. 
Bemflet, Williebnus filius Willielmi 

de, 31. 
Bemtofi, Ysabel de, 303. 
BendeviiJ, Aluredus de, 13. 
Bene, Asketillus, Askil, 161, 

Benedicti, Laurencius filius, 189. 
Benedicti, Ricardus pater, 443. 
Benedicto, Abbas de Sancto, 

Benedictus, 136. 
Benedictus filius Johannis, 240. 
Benedictus filius Ricardi, 443. 
Benedictus filius Walkelini, 304. 
Benedictus filius Warini, 116. 
Benefeld, villata de, 182. 

Benetleg, Walterus de, 421. 
Benetleg, Ricardus frater Walteri 
de, 421. 

Benfeld, Williehnus filius Willielmi 
de, 181. 

Benhale, Ricardus de, 156. 

Benham, Prior de, 89. 

Beniamin, 140. 

Beninton, Simon de, 130. 

Benitoii, libermn tenementum in, 

Benleg, WiUiehnus de, 135. 

Benne, Williehnus, 119. 

Benningefeld, Adam de, 47, 48. 

Benningeworthe, Nigellus de, 79. 

Benninton, tenementum in, 155. 

Bennintone, Isabel vel Ysabel de, 

Bensinl, terra, &c. in, 42, 80. 

Bensinton, Johannes de, 142. 

Bentoii, Regmaldus de, 208. 

Berardi, Ricardiis fihus, 183. 

Bercampo, Matillida de, 199. 
Bercamsted, Berkhamsted, Lucas 

de, 11, 50. 
Bercarius, Walterus, 104. 
Berceslai, Willielmus de, 336. 
Bercham, Leticia de, 185. 
Bercham, Radulphus de, 279. 
Berchamsted, esson apud, 271. 
Berchamsted, libertas de, 153. 
Berchamsted vel Berchansted, terra 

in, 176. 
Berchamsted, Rogerus de, 171. 
Bercheholt, feod mit 1c. in, 436. 
Berchestors, lib tenementum in^ 

Berchham, Ricardus de, 297. 
Bercqueia, Martinus de, 335. 
Berdefeld, mesagium in, 199. 
Berdefeld, Thomas de, 355. 
Berdefeld Magna, villata de, 183. 
Berden, Matheus de, 120. 
Berdestapt, ecclesia de, 332. 
Berdestaple, esson apud, 121. 
Berdestaple, honor de, 45. 
Berdestapt, hundredum de, 181. 
Berdestapt, Beatrix de, 332. 
Berdestap!, Ricardus de, 181. 
Berdestapt, Ricardus filius Beatrids 

de, 332. 
Bere, lueUna de, 367. 
Bereford, Gilbertus de, 119. 
Bereng, Radulphus, 208. 
Berengerius, 162. 
Berewe in Sumerset, essou apud, 

Berewe, Willielmus de, 79. 
Berewic, vad apud, 452. 
Berewic, Simon de, 185. 
Berewic, Willielmus de, 262. 
Bergas, terra in, 78. 
Berges, Gaufridus de, 378. 
Berges, Gilebertus de, 356, 357. 
Berges, Johannes de, et Fediva 

uxor ejus, 356, 357. 
Berginge, Abbatissa de, 447. 
Bergo, llicardus de, 331. 
Berham, Radulphus de, 250. 
Berkei, Rogerus, 297. 
Berket, 301. 
Berkelai, Robertus de^ 252. 

Digitized by 




Berkelai, Berkelaii, Willielmus de^ 
275, 389. 

Berkesir, Bercsir, Berk, &C., 20, 
28, 80, 96,113, 120, 144, 
242, 247, 250, 252, 255, 
266, 268, 277, 296, 316, 
351, 355, 358, 363, 365, 
376, 434, 435, 445, 450, 

Berkesir, comitatus de^ 217. 

Berkham, Matillida de, 32. • 

Berkier, Gilbertus le^ 58. 

Berking, Berkinge, Berkingg, terra 
in, 200, 383, 447. 

Berkinges, Abbatissa de, 245, 325, 

Berkinges — Reginaldus de Fonte 
senescalt Abbissae de, 245. 

Berking, Berkinges, Cristoforus, 
Christophorus, de, 174, 185, 

Berking, Margareta de, 232, 300. 

Berking, Ricardus de, 246, 249. 

Berking, Berkinges, Stephanus de, 
189, 446. 

Berking, Willielmus de, 185. 

Berkistoii, Hugo de, 297. 

Berle, Ricardus de, 165. 

Berlestoii, 204. 

Berleston, villata de, 179. 

Berlingh, Rogerus de, 327. 

Bermingb, I^gerus de, 395. 

Bermundeseia, Bermundeseie, Ber- 
mundesheie, Bermundeshie, 
Burmundeseia, Prior de, 
24, 172, 286, 368, 375, 
424, 429. 

BerS, Williehnus, 83. 

Bemardi, Alanus filius, 437. 

Bemardi, Elias filius, et Alina uxor 
ejus, 293. 

Bemardi, Gaufridus filius, 151. 

Bemardi, Helias filius, 262. 

Bemardi, Henricus filius, 27. 

Bemardi, Hugo fiiius, 364. 

Bemardi, Johannes filius, 172. 

Bernardi, Radulphus filius, 291. 

Bemardi, Reginaldus fiiius, 298» 

Bemardi, Thomas filius, 5. 

Bemardi, Walterus filius, 242, 301. 

Bemardi, Williehnus filius, 187« 

Bemardi deBrailes,Henricus filius, 

Bemardi le Franceis frater Johan- 

nis — Osmundus filius, 360. 
Bemardi de Saphorn, Terricus 

frater, 421. 
Bemardus filius Reginaldi, 294. 
Bemardus — Senescallus, 297. 
Bemarton, feod milil in, 336. 
Bemebieia, Ivo de, 101. 
Bemehace, Gilbertus de, 85. 
Bemeham, terra in, 23. 
Bemeke, Gilbertus de, 30. 
Bemer, Robertus de, 334. 
Bemeres, Radulphus de, 334, 335. 
Bemeres, WilUehnus de, 204. 
Bemes, Johannes de, 445. 
Bernewelle, Prior de, 287, 324, 

336, 342, 349, 404, 435, 

Bemham, terra de, 20. 
Bernham, Walterus de, 301. 
Bemier, Gervasius le, 130. 
Bemier, Williehnus le, 108, 131. 
Beminges, Willielmus de, 367. 
Bemot, Gervasius de, 431. 
Beroldi, Matheus fihus, 186. 
Berolfi, Brianus filius, 432. 
Berqueia, terra, &c. in, 154. 
Berqueia, Gunl de, 171. 
Bersehaul, terra, &c. in, 175. 
Bertelot, 57. 

Bertfeld, Rannulphus de, 301. 
Bertin, Ricardus filius, 453. 
Bertlesdun, Ricardus de, 181. 
Bertoii, Adam de, 276. 
Berton, Alanus de, 276. 
Berton, Everardus de, 235. 
Berton, Gilebertus de, 234, SSl. 
Berton, Hervicus, Herveus, de, 

237, 276, 283. 
Bertoii, Michael de, et Ceciha uxor 

ejus, 284. 
BertoS, Warinus de, 299. 
Bertoii, WiUiehnus de, 235. 
Bertram, Robertus, 266, 310, 397, 

Bertrami, Ricardus filius, 304, 413. 
Berwes, Petrus de, 366. 
Berwes, Simon de, 366. 

H H 4 

Digitized by 




Besevitt, Matilda de, 382. 
Besevitt, Beseuitt, Robertus de, 

229, 382. 
Beteliggehope, terra in, 8. 
Betsham, Warinus de, 44. 
Beuc, Radulphus filius, 270. 
Beugrant, Robertus de, 382. 
Beverlaco, Praepositus de, 92. 
Beverlaco, Feodum Sancti Johan- 

nis de, 92. 
Beverleia, Ivo de, 132. 
Bichenacre, esson apud, 120. 
Bichenacre, Prior de, 120. 
Bidun, Robertusde, 371, 382, 437. 
Biecles, Gilbertus de, 116. 
Bifeld, villa de, 60. 
Bigan, Ricardus filius, 243. 
Bigge, Walterus, 286. 
Bigod, Bigot, Hugo, 337. 
Bigod, Bigot, Rogerus le — Comes 

Rogerus le Bigod, &c., 87, 

191, 239, 278, 299, 337, 

Bikeleia, Willielmus de, 43. 
Billigeford, Robertus de, 246. 
Bihningholm, terra, &c. in, 78. 
Binetree, Galfridus de, 136. 
Blng, Willielmus, 177. 
Bingham, Hugo de, 379. 
Binham, Prior de, 119. 
Bipois, Robertus, 131. 
Bire, Petrus de, 268. 
Birlingham, Lefwinus de, 277. 
Birlingham, Rogerus de, 277, 397. 
Birne, Gaufridus de, 265. 
Birstau, esson apud, 291. 
Birstan, Radulphus de, 291. 
Birstan, Willielmus de, 291. 
Birtorp, Walterus de, 347. 
Biseleia, Ricardus de, 28. 
Bisett, Ansellus, 264. 
Biset, Henricus, 131. 
Bishopeham, Willielmus de, 88. 
Bisingt, Henricus de, 448. 
Biskeleia, redditus in, 34. 
Biskeleia, Seherus de, 34. 
Bisseia, boscus de, 162. 
Bissop, Adam, 163, 169. 
Bissop, Willielmus, 276. 
Bissopeston, Fretheric de, 64. 

Biston, Albertus de, 257. 

Biwenl, Robertus, 205. 

Bixle, Petrus de, et Matilda uxor- 

ejus, 242, 316. 
Blac, Thomas, 229, 270, 300, 310. 
Blacgraue, terra de, 435. 
Biachanton, Clarin de, 229. 
Blachevile, Rogerus de, 146. 
Biacwett, Robertus de, 300. 
Blad; Williehnus de, 76. 
Blaft, Ricardus, 403. 
Blakeham, Benedictus de, 241. 
Blakeman, filius Elfeini, 8. 
Blakew^, Walterus de, 240, 300. 
Blancgemum, Baldewinus, 402. 
Blanc Gemum, Edeua, 304. 
Blechedoii, Blechedun, Willielmus 

de, 293. 
Blechesdun, esson apud, 293. 
Blechesdun, Baddemus, Baldru- 

nus, de, 268, 293. 
Blechesho, Edith de, 265. 
Bleu, Ecardus de, 341. 
Bliencourt, Robertus de, 112. 
Blocheleia, Jordanus de, 103. 
Bloet, Robertus, 223. 
Bloet, Thomas, 223. 
Bloihon, Williehnus, 250. 
Blokeleia, Reginaldus de, 55. 
Bluet, Robertus, 223, 224. 
Blumvitt, Williehnus de, 325. 
Blund, Andreas, 319. 
Blund, Godefridus, 375. 
Blund, Johannes, 202. 
Blund, Petrus, 310. 
Blund, Ricardus, 244, 287. 
Blund, Robertus, 168, 170, 178. 
Blund, Simon, 238. 
Blund, Walterus, 222. 
Blund, Williehnus, 178^ 286, 297, 

Blund, Willielmus, et Alicia que fait 

uxor ejus, 421. 
Blundel, Blundett, Galfridus, 121, 

125, 186. 
Blundel, Robertus, 232. 
Blundel, Rogerus, 125. 
Blimdeville, Willielmus de, 184- 
Blundus, Adam, 136. 
Blundus, Alexander, 49. 

Digitized by 




Blundus, Andreas» et Lucia uxor 

ejus, 226, 425. 
Blundus, Bartholomceus, 106, 107. 
Blundus, Hugo, 49. 
Blundus, Johannes, 441. 
Blundus, Osbertus, 49. 
Blundus, Petrus, 15, 257, 367. 
Blundus, Ricardus, 49. 
Blundus, Robertus, 70, 308. 
Blundus, Simon, 49. 
Blundus, Walterus, 319. 
Blundus, Willielmus, 163. 
Blundus de Bustlesham, Henricus, 

Blunt, Robertus, 221. 
Bobi, Hugo de, 90. 
Bocking*, ecclesia de, 405. 
Bocking', Re^inaldus de, 187. 
Bocland, Boki, Boct, terra de, 411, 

Bocland, Boct, Alanus de, 313, 

Bocland, Boct, Gaufridus de, 156. 
Bocland, Boct, Hespelanus de, 

Bocland, Philippus de, 99. 
Bocland, Boct, Walterus de, 296. 
Bocland, Boct, Williehnus de, 261. 

305, 435, 436. 
Bocle, Elias de, 154, 155. 
Bocle, Neuelus de, 171. 
Bocoro,' — Clericus, 14. 
Bocstede, Hugo de, 184. 
Bocton, Margareta de, 326. 
Bodeham, Rogerus de, 426. 
Bodekeshiam, Gaufridus de, 281. 
Bodenham, Rogerus de, 260, 281. 
Bodham, Bodili, liberum tenemen- 

tum in, 315, 365. 
Bodiham, Henricus de, et Marga- 

reta quse fuit uxor ejus, 365, 

Bodiham, Radulphus de, 365. 
Bodiham, Reginaldus de, 365. 
Bodiham;, Wiiiieimus de, 261, 365. 
Bodiham, Henricus filius Willielmi 

de, 365, 366. 
Boilliers, Herbertus de, 90, 91. 
Boilund, Radulphus de, 277. 
Boissel, Ricardus, 100. 

Boitoii, Alexander de, 249. 
BoitoS, Radulphus de, 292. 
Bokingwrtli, terra in^ 364. 
Bold, Walterus, 298. 
Boleford, 20. 

Boiibe, Willielmus de, 150. 
Bolitoii, Joia de, 351. 
Bolintoii, Boliton, terra in, 252, 

350, 363. 
Bolintoii, Alexander de, 428. 
BolintoJi, Matillda de, 296, 298. 
Bolinton, Alexander clericus de, 

Bolne!, Robertus de, 353. 
Bolonia, curia de, 48. 
Bolonia, honor de, 202. 
Bolonia, Baldewinus de, 221. 
Bolonia, Michael de, 256. 
Boloniae — Senescatt, 209. 
Bolsted Sancti Pauli, villata de> 

Boll, Walterus, 429. 
Bomene, Aluredus de, 118. 
Bomiii, 443. 

Bonaire, Bartholomeus, 406. 
Bond, Albertus filius, 398. 
Bond, WaJterus fiHus, 171. 
Bonde, Johannes, 286. 
Bonesquier, Walierus, 282. 
Bonesquier, Willielnms le, 282. 
Bonincurt, Wido de, 173. 
Bonneviit, Sarra de, et Constantia 

quas fiiit uxor Mauseri filii 

ejusdem Sarrae, 77. 
Bordesle, Matilda de, 260. 
Borham, terra in, 203. 
Borham Tresgod, villata de, 202. 
Borrhaire, Randulphus de, 127. 
Bortoii, terra in, 38, 54. 
Bosclius, 208. 
Bosco, Adam de, 146. 
Bosco, Alanus de, 7, 8» 32, 45, 

56, 75. 
Bosco, Hugo de, 389. 
Bosco, Hugo de, et Margareta uxor 

ejus, 228, 331. 
Bosco, Johannes de, 56, 75. 
Bosco, Radulphus de, 49, 416. 
Bosco, Rascius de, 420. 
B06C0, Robertus de, 253, 375. 

Digitized by 




Bosco, Robertus de, et Eva uxor 

ejus, 373. 
Bosco, Simon de, 183, 221, 222. 
Bosco, Willielmus de, 355, 392, 

Bosco, Ursellus de, 420, 438. 
Bosco, Ursellus pater Urselli de, 

Bosewrthe, Normannus de, et Hele- 

wissa uxor ejus, 80. 
Bosintou, Ricardus de, 421. 
Bosinton, Hugo filius Ricardi de, 

BosintoD, Nicholaus filius Ricardi 

de, 421. 
Boslai, Herbertus de, 72. 
Boss, Rogerus, 181, 209. 
Botef, Willielmus de, 428. 
Boteleia, Williehnus de, 126. 
Botereus, Madllida de, 134. 
Boterwiche, Clemens de, 106, 107. 
Botilda— Vidua, 406. 
Botilda, noverca Graufiridi filii Wil- 

liehni, 289. 
Botlnnigeham, Williehnus, 205. 
Botlesford, Williehnus de, 293, 355. 
Botlisdon, Rogerus de, 235. 
Botolf; Robertus, 50. 
Boton, Hugo de, 181. 
Boudoii, Johannes de, 296. 
Bouereis, Laurencius de, 192. 
Boueriis in Esex, villata, &c., 188. 
Boueriis, Henricus de, 165, 188. 
BouetOD, ecclesia de, 9. 
Bountoii, Robertus de, 198. 
BoutOD, ecclesia de, 224. 
Bouton in Huntingd, esson apud, 

Boutoii, Alolf de, 224. 
Bouton, Prior de, 144. 
Bouton, Robertus de, 314, 377. 
Bouueries, terra in, 192. 
Bovift, Matheus de, 141. 
Boxe, Box, Alanus de, 175, 325. 
Boxe, Almaricus de, 391. 
Boxe, Hugo avunculus Alani de, 

Boxe, Jacobus de, 275. 
Boxet, Boxele, Boxleia, Abbas de, 

11, 99, 124. 

Boxle, Alanus de, 168, 281. 
Braceator, Ricardus, 199, 200. 
Braching vel Brachering, hundre- 

dumde, 163, 169. 
Bracted, villa de, 210. 
Brade, mariscus de, 368. 
Bradefeld, ecclesia de, 41 1« 
Bradeford, terra de, 73. 
Bradeford, Henricus de, 264. 
Bradeford, Robertus de, 252. 
Bradelee, Radulphus de, 106. 
Bradenhege, Guarinus de, 152. 
Bradewater, hundredum de, 162. 
Bradeweia, Hugo de, 158. 
Bradewett, [viUata] Baldewini de 

Thoni, 210. 
Bradeweft, terra in, 361, 445. 
Bradeweft, Adam de, 291. 
Braham, Eustachius de, 427. 
Braham, Teobaldus pater Eustachii 

de, 427. 
Brahose, Williehnus de, 90. 
Brahost, Williehnus de, 45. 
Brahum vel Brahim, Ricardus, 59. 
Brai, Hugo de, 361. 
Brai, Lupellus, Luvet, de, 22, 362. 
Brai, Lupellus de, et Basilia qust 

fuit uxor ejus, 23, 26. 
Brai, Robertus de, 319, 437. 
Brai, Bray, Rogerus de, 1 12, 146, 

167, 266, 361, 399. 
Bray, Williehnus de, 43. 
Brai, Hugo pater Hugonis de, 361. 
Braibroc, terra de, 71. 
Brailes, Henricus fihus Bemardi 

de, 76. 
Brainton, Johannes de, et Briccot 

uxor ejus, 285. 
Braintoti, Martinus de, 244, 
Braintori, Williehnus filius Johan- 

nis de, 285. 
Braitoft, Galfridus de, 109. 
Brakeleia, Walterus de, 59. 
Brakeshaued, villa de, 203. 
Bramdon, ecclesia de, 317. 
Bramdon, Rogerus de, 317, 373. 
Bramle, Matheus de, 377. 
Bramshohne — mariscus de^ 44, 

BramtoS, esspn i^, 291. 

Digitized by 




BramtoD, feoda in, 374. 
Bramton, terra in, 445. 
Bramton, Hermerus de, 146. 
Bramton, Johannes de, 110, 326. 
Bramton, Johannes de, et Marga- 

reta soror ejus, 291. 
Bramton, Martinus de, 326. 
Bramton, Philippus de, 288. 
Brancestr, Johannes de, 268, 293, 

432, 436. 
Branche, Willielmus, 50, 51. 
Brand, Henricus, 95. 
Brand, Robertus, 69, 70. 
Brand, Thomas, 70. 
BrandistOD, terra in, 432. 
Bran{, Johannes de, 91. 
Brantefeld, villata de, 161. 
Branton, ecclesia de, 142, 146. 
Branton, liberum tenementuni in, 

Branton, Hugo de, 172. 
Brantoii, Martinus de, 399. 
Branton — Petrus Parsonade^ 142. 
Brasci, Robertus de, 111. 
Braseur, Gilbertus le, 212. 
Braudewelle, ecclesia de, 1. 
Brause, Willielmus de, 225, 257, 

Brawd, terra in, 417. 
Brawrtli in Devon, e8§ apud, 259. 
Brazur, Gilebertus le, 211. 
BrectoS, terra, &c in, 91. 
Bredeleia, Rannulphus de, 107. 
Bredewrth, castellum de, 426. 
Brei, Robertus de, 371. 
Breideston, Adam filius Adee de, 9. 
Breideston, Johannes filius Widonis 

de, 9. 
Brekespere, Alexander, 332. 
Bremelham, Matheus de, 281. 
Bremesel, Johannes de, 122. 
Bremlo,. Ricardus de, 126. 
Breneres vel Berneres, Radulphus 

de,etYsabella filia ejus, 335. 
Brengewrthe, Robertus de, 44. 
Brenii, tenementum in, 451. 
Brent, 215. 

Bressinbure, Galfridus de, 109« 
Bret, Hugo le, 403. 
Bret, Johannes, 296. 

Bret, Radulphus, 79. 

Bret, Rogerus, 200. 

Bret, Simon le, 240, 269, 310, 451 . 

Bret, Willielmus le, et Eustachia 

uxor ejus, 231. 
Bret, Simon filius Simonis le, 310. 
Bretasche, Johannes, 362. 
Breton, Willielmus, 231. 
BrettoS, Brecton, terra, &c. in, 73. 
Brettoii, Godefridus de, 29. 
Bretun, Petrus de, 315. 
Breworthin, Radulphus de, 110. 
Brianus fiHus Alani, 6. 
Brianus filius Berolfi, 432. 
Brianus filius Radulphi, 95. 
Brianus filius WiUielmi de Pin- 

thorm, 84. 
Briccot uxor Johaimis de Brain- 

toii, 285. 
Briche, [villata] Rogeri de Planes, 

Bricius, 241, 437. 
Bricted, Williehnus de, 447. 
Briddle, Ricardus, et Johannauxor 

ejus, 444. 
Brideha», terra in, 138. 
Brideport, Johannes de, 137. 
BridirtoS, Nicolaus de, 257. 
Brien, filius Radulphi, 37. 
Brieni, Radulphus filius, 405. 
Briennus, 126. 
Briewei^, Brieweri', Willielmus, 146, 

Briewes, Johannes de, 189. 
BriflTordi Gaufridus de, 183. 
Brimfeld, Prior de, 109. 
Brin, Samson frater, 79. 
Brming, £mme de, 252. 
Brinkewrth, Robertus de, 135. 
Brinsted, ecclesia de, 308. 
Brinton, Robertus de, 130. 
Brinton, Brinl, Thomas de, 43> 

Bristoue, castellum de, 292. 
BritannijF, Comes, 451. 
Britanniae, Alanus Comes, 56. 
Britanniae, Galfi-idus Com, & Con- 

stantia Comitissa, 56. 
Britannia?, Brittanii, vel Brettan, 

Constantia Comitissa, 313. 

Digitized by 




Britan, Ricardtts de, 924. 
Britofi, Bril, Adam, 221. 
Briton, Galfridus, 256. 
Briton, Hugo, 298, 428. 
Briton, Brito, Petrus, 280, 264, 

Briton, Ranulfus, 24 L 
Briton, Brito, Ricardus, 276, 387. 
Briton, Robertus, 304. 
Britou, Robertus, et Amabilia 

quee fuit uxor ejus, 304, 

Briton, w/Brito, Simon, 172. 
Briton, Willielmus, 232, 236, 254, 

290, 304. 
Briton, Willielmus, et Amabilia 

uxor ejus, 279, 395. 
Briuitt, Rogerus de, 233. 
Briuiswein vel Brunswein, 251. 
Briwer, Briwere, Briwerr, Wil- 

lielmus, 57, 63, 265, 384, 
Briwes, Johannes de, 147, 320. 
Broc, Alnod de, 273. 
Broc, Reginaldus de, 262. 
Broc, Ricardus del, 383. 
Broc, Robertus del, 151, 342, 422. 
Broc, Willielmus del, 197. 
Brochere, Henricus le, 303. 
Broclee, liberum tenementum in, 

Brocton — esson apud, 110. 
JBrocton, Gaufridus de, 289. 
Broctori, Williehnus de, 343. 
Brohat, Ricardus de, 404. 
Brohat, Willielmus filius Ricardi 

de, 404. 
Broke, Willielmus de la, 206. 
Brokebume, Johannes de, 158, 268. 
Brokeham, Stephanus de, 233. 
Brokehefed, Willielmus, 118. 
Brokesburne, Willielmus de, 149. 
JBrokesburne, Henricus filius Here- 

manni de, 178. 
Brokesheued, tenementum in, 191. 
Brokesheved, Brokesheued, Brokes- 

hevede, Brokesheved, Lucas 

de, 150, 178, 198, 201, 

Brokesheved, Lucas de, et Felicia 

uxor ejus, 160. 

Broketon, Brithriva, Brictiva, de^ 

Bromecroft, Thomas de, 109. 
Brom^ WiDielmus de, 436. 
Bromton, Williehnus de, 349. 
Broun, Hugo, 252. 
Browiho, Willielmus, 247. 
Brubec, Robertus de, 98. 
Bruele, Radulphus de, 146. 
Bruge, terra in, 14. 
Bruges, terra, &c. in, 73. 
Bruham, Elwinus de, 97. 
Bruhire, Urricus de la, 52. 
Bruier, Willielmus, 71. 
Bruin, Robertus, 250. 
Bruiton, terra, &c. in, 320. 
Brum, Bruma, Abbas de, 4> 7, 69. 
Brumele^ Hugo de, 260. 
Brumelham, esson apud, 225. 
Brumelham, Johannes de, 225. 
Brumelham, Mattheus de, 225. 
Brumfeld, Simon de, 426. 
Bnimfeld, Stephanus de, 265, 377. 
Bnunfor^ WfiJterus de, 329. 
Brumgor, Willielmus, 212. 
Brumham, Walterus Prepositus de> 

Brumle, aqua de, 216. 
Brumsburg, Rogerus de, 235. 
Brumsted, ecclesia de, 314. 
Brumtoii, terra, &c. in, 349. 
Brumtoii, Willielmus fihus Ricardi 

de, 15, 16. 
Brun, Alanus, 144. 
Brun, EUas, 223. 
Brun, Radulphas le, 20. 
Brun, Reginaldus le, 20. 
Brun, Robertus, 247. 
Brun, Willielmus, 267. 
Brun, Martinus fiUus, 262. 
Brun, Reginaldus filius, 268- 
Brunesberge, Maria de, 89. 
Brunested, ecclesia de, 307. 
Bruning, Hugo, 152. 
Brunsted, 30a 
Brunton, Alexander de, 52. 
Brunton, Ricardus de, 134. 
Brunus, Willielmus, 9, 59. 
Brus, Adam de, 105. 
Brusebare, Willielmus, 1 18r 

Digitized by 




BrutOD, Stephanus, 291. 

Buc, Race, Racius, Racinus, de, 
242, 345, 438. 

Buc, Ranulphus de, 430* 

Buc, Ursett de, 345. 

Bucekarf, Nicholaus, 194. 

Buch, Alexander de, 365. 

Bucfa, Rogerus, 256. 

Bucham, Ricardus de, 282. 

Buchard, Bucard, — Thesaurarius 
Eboracensis, 6, 7. 

Buche, 286. 

Buchedene, Willielmus de, 129. 

Buchenhat, feodum in, 87. 

Bucuint, Bucuinte, Johannes, 215, 
217, 320. 

Buddebroc, manerium de, 43. 

Budeho, Budenho, Hugo de, 371, 
382, 437. 

Budeho, Budenho, Robertus filius 
Hugonis de, 437. 

Buett, Eustachius de, 416. 

Buelles, Bueles, Buet, Henricus de, 
283, 284, 410. 

Buha, Johannes, 269. 

Buhum, Henricus de, 324. 

Buhum, Matilda de, 233, 265. 

BuiB, Christiana de, 178. 

Builli, Johannes de, 242. 

Builli, Johannes de, et Cecilia uxor 
ejus, 326. 

Bukeberi, Robertus de, 118. 

Bukenhale, feoda, &c. in, 31. 

BukenhuUe, terra, &c. in, 74. 

Bukentoii, Buketon, redditus, &c 
in, 331, 337, 382, 390, 
405, 410. 

Bukeshatt, terrade, 329. 

Buketon, Hugo de, 355. 

Buketon, Willielmus de, 134. 

Bukheman, esson apud, 237. 

Bukinghamscire— Buckingh— Bufc, 
&c., 7, 15, 44, 49, 61, 96, 
100, 220, 221, 222, 223, 
225, 227, 229, 231, 232, 
233, 234, 236, 239, 243, 
245, 247, 248, 251, 255, 
259, 260, 262, 264, 266, 
271, 278, 289, 290, 291, 
292, 294, 297, 299, 301, 

Buckinghamscire, &c. — cont, 

302, 303, 309, 315, 340, 
342, 343, 344, 349, 350, 
352, 355, 357, 361, 362, 
369, 374, 381, 382, 383, 
384, 387, 397, 399, 416, 
419, 423, 424, 428, 430, 
431, 432, 436, 445, 446, 
448, 449, 452. 

Buft, Vic, 231. 

Bukingh, Williehnus de, 44, 335, 
374, 423, 428. 

Bulemere, ecclesia de, 388. 

Buleres, Bulleres, Robertus de, 

Bulett, Robertus le, et Auicia uxor 
ejus, 53. 

Bulewic, Johannes de, 278. 

Bulleburc, Andreas de, 347. 

Bulloc, Hugo, 403. 

Bumford, Suein de, 207. 

Bumsted, terra in, 195. 

Bumsted, Bumested; Walterus de, 
180, 207. 

Bumsted, Williehnus Peche de, 

Bunche, Alanus, 115. 

Bu?, Simon de^ 225. 

Burbocc, Radulphus de, 98. 

Burd, Rogerus, 435. 

Burdeles, Williehnus de, 364. 

Burdet, Ricardus, 146. 

Burdun, Reginaldus, 265. 

Burdun, Robertus de, 273. 

Burdun, Rogerus, 292. 

Burdun, mlliehnus, 246, 249, 

Burebecfc, Robertus de, 97. 

Bured, Hugo filius, et Radulphus 
filius ejus, 29. 

Burel, Burett, Ricardus, 245, 248. 

Burel, Rogerus, 45. 

Bures, terra in, 305, 385. 

Bures, villata de, 180. 

Bures, Andreas de, 181. 

Bures, Baldewinus de, 105. 

Bures, Hugo de, 181. 

Bures, Robertus de, 289. 

Bures, Simon de, 198, 199. 

Bures, Walterus de, 182. 

Digitized by 




Bufes, Waiielmus de, 81, 141, 267. 
Burestoc, Pugo de, 251. 
Burestret, Hugo de, 247. 
Burgate vel Burgat, Willielmus de, 

Burgauitt, Juliana de, 327. 
Burgeham, Ricardus de, 444. 
Burgele, Johannes de, 153. 
Burgham, villata de, 74. 
Burgo, Abbas de, 85, 130. 
Burgo, Andreas Abbas de, 24. 
Burgo, Abbatia de, 24. 
Burgo, Adam de, 30. 
Burgo, Thomas de, 171, 252. 
Burgo, Willielmus de, 400, 409. 
Burguinun, Hugo, 235. 
Burham, Philippus de, 141. 
Burhamtorp, ecclesia de, 141. 
Burkestatt, terra in, 355, 362. 
Burmund, Willielmus, 146. 
Burn, Johannes de, 358. 
Bumard, Robertus, et Enima uxor 

ejus, 140, 141. 
Bumeham, Lucas de, 234. 
Bumel, WiUiehnus, 123, 124. 
Burneii, Hugo, 254. 
Burnett, Willielmus, 315. 
Burnham, Godfridus de, 260. 
Burnham, Hugo de, 164. 
Bumham, Lucas de, 278, 452. 
Bumham, Burneh, Philippus de, 

188, 274, 366. 
Bumham, Phillippus de, et Emma 

uxor ejus, 147, 223, 365. 
Burnham, Reginaldus de, 265. 
Burnham, Wido de, 291. 
Burnham, Adam Decanus de, 264, 

316, 400. 
Bur!, terra in, 343. 
Burthop, Williehnus de, 253. 
Burton, terra, &c. in, 92, 347, 448. 
Burton, Radulphus de, 134. 
Burton, Robertus de, 379. 
Burton, Williehnus de, 280. 
Burum, Robertus de, 334. 
Buschebi, Williehnus de, 298. 
Busci, Williehnus de, 317. 
Buse, Radulphus, 96. 
Bustard, Robertus, 349. 
Bustlesham, terra ini 28. 

Bustlesham, Christiana de, 28. 
Bustlesham, Henricus Blundus de^ 

Butevilain, Robertus, 318. 
Butteleia, Prior de, 44. 
Buttevilain, Robertus, 270. 
Buttingeham, Willielmus de, 205. 
Buueres, terra in, 311. 
Buuiera, Henricns de, 182. 
Buuiun, Willielmus, 417. 
Buwud, Petrus de, 297. 

B . . . ., Gilbeitusdfi, 114. 


Caam, Werrheis de, 104. 
Caan, Ricardus de, 118. 
Cabus, Hamo, 344. 
Cadamo, Ricardus de, 42, 43. 
Cadendene, Danielus de, 254. 
Cadneto, Elias de, 253. 
Caisho, terra in, 382. 
Caldecote, Stephanus de, et Aug- 

nes soror ejus, 204. 
Caldeuelle, £ma filia Edwardi de, 

Caleston, terra in, 37, 321. 
Caleston, Elias de, 321. 
Caleston, Philippus de, 321. 
Caleston, Ricardus de, 321. 
Caleston, Simon de, 321. 
Caleston, Willielmus de, 321. 
Calle, Humfridus, 185. 
Callebois, Reginaldus, 167. 
Calleford, terra in, 338. 
Calne, Ricardus de, et Leticia vet 

Lucia quas fuit uxor ejus, 

359, 360. 
Caltecol, Nigellus de, 44a 
Caluertoii, Johannes, 245. 
Calues, Hugo, 149. 
Calvus, Johannes, 126, 234. 
Camb, AmoD, 352. 
Cambenton, Anselmus de, 164. 
CamWeg, 207, 208. 
CambreweB, lift tenementum in, 362. 
Cambrewett, i.hid terr, &c. in, 444. 

Digitized by 




Cambrewett, CamereweB; Roesia, 

Roheis, de, 289, 362. 
Cambrewett, Cecilia soror Roesiae 

de, 444. 
Camera, Johannes de, 368. 
Camera, Williehnus de, 39. 
Camerarius, . . . ., et M atilda quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 294. 
Camerarius, Henricus, 130, 302. 
Camerarius, Ricardus, 152, 169, 

Camerarius, Robertus, 7, 109, 245, 

248, 256. 
Camerarius, Rogerus, 120. 
Camerarius, Turbertus, 417. 
Camerarius, Walterus, 220, 221. 
Camerwett, Robertus Serviens de, 

Camesi, Arnuldus de, 143. 
Camesl, Thomas de, 221. 
Campain, Robertus de, 13. 
Campes, Campis, liberum tenemen- 

tum, &c. in, 406, 408. 
Campes, Johannes de, 183. 
Campes, Matheus de, 287. 
Campio, Cralfridus, 54. 
Campiun, Gr^orius, 338. 
Camuitt, Thomas de, 318. 
Camvitt, Gerardus de, 223. 
CamviU, Rogerus frater Gerardi de, 

Cancellarius, Cancellarius tunc 

JustiS (i. e. W. de Longo- 

campo, Eps ElienS), 54, 69, 

Candos, Matilda de, 252. 
Candos, Juliana filia Hugonis de, 

Canesi, Hubertus de Monte, 313. 
Canel, Walterus filius, 257. 
Caneued, Simon de, 429. 
Caneueles, WiUiebnus filius Rann 

de, 195. 
Cangier, Wiilielmus, 176. 
Cannan, Petrus, 158. 
Cannet, Hugo, 220« 
Canonicus, Johannes, 322. 
Cantebf, Kantebrig, tenementa, 

messuagia, &c. in, 336, 422, 

435, 445, 450, 451. 

Cantebrig, Judaei de, 285. 

Cantebrigscire — Kantebrig, &c., 
2, 9, 15, 25, 34, 38, 45, 
64, 75, 76, 87, 97, 104, 
106, 107, 110, 111, 128, 
129, 134, 142, 235, 237, 
240, 243, 244, 248, 251, 
253, 255, 259, 266, 267, 
272, 273, 274, 276, 278, 
279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 
284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 
290, 291, 292, 296, 298, 
299, 302, 304, 308, 310, 
321, 323, 324, 326, 329, 
330, 334, 336, 342, 349, 
361, 368, 369, 370, 375, 
378, 385, 388, 393, 398, 
402, 403, 404, 406, 407, 
408, 409, 410, 413, 414, 
415, 416, 417, 419, 421, 
422, 427, 430, 431, 435, 
439, 443, 445, 446, 449» 
450, 451, 45a 

CantebF, Curteis de, 445. 

Cantebf, Stephanus de, 212. 

Cantebf, WcJterus de, et Isabella 
uxor ejus, 99. 

Cantebf, Herveius filius Eustachii 
de, 324. 

Cantele, Robertus de, 184. 

Cantelou, Kanteleu, Emma de, 241, 

Cantelu, Amaldus de, 444. 

Cantelu, Walterus de, 172. 

Canterett, Williehnus, 97. 

Cantoii, Philippus de, 136. 

Canton, Robertus de, 136. 

Cantuarias, ecclesia, 66. 

Cantuarias, homines, 9. 

Cantuaf, monachi, 433. 

Cantuariensis, Canl, Dominus, Dds 
Archiepiscopus, Archiepis- 
copus, &C, 9, 14, 25, 32, 
35, 14, 43, 45, 46, 47, 53, 
67, 72, 82, 87, 88, 89, 90, 
91,94, 104,111, 112, 129, 
131, 142, 147, 164, 328, 
342, 348, 351, 356, 357, 
367, 434. 

Can{,Thomas Archiepiscopus^ 357. 

Digitized by 




Canl, Cantua?, Cantuariensis, Prior, 

22, 187, 286. 
Canuii}, Thomas de, 185. 
Canuti, Stephanus, et Matilda quse 

fuit uxor ejus, 330. 
Canuudon, ecclesia de, 52. 
Canvitt, CJerardus de, 51. 
Canvia, WUUelmus de, 51, 52, 

Capele, Walterus de, 285. 
Capella, Capett, vel Capellanus, Ca- 

pellis, Albricius, Albricus, 

Aubricius, de, 187, 188, 

298, 369. 
Capella, Martinus de, 322. 
Capella, Walterus de, 283. 
Capellani, Adam filius, 393. 
Capellanus, Alanus, 346. 
Capellanus, Ambrosius, 439. 
Capellanus, Benedictus, 259. 
Capellanus, Everardus, 253. 
Capellanus, Henricus, 332. 
Capellanus, Jobannes, 140. 
Capellanus, Laurencius, 152. 
Capellanus, Radulphus, 11, 124, 

Capellanus, Ricardus, 45, 302, 321, 

Capellanus, Robertus, 82. 
Capellanus, Rogerus, 125, 337, 

343, 349. 
Capellanus, Vincencius, 13. 
Capellanus, Williehnus, 433. 
Capellanus, Wimerus, Winemerus, 

103, 105, 111, 116. 
Capellanus de Halkun, Radulphus, 

Capellis, Walterus de, et Albricius 

pater ejus, 407. 
Caperun, Robertus, 61. 
Capon, Robertus, 36. 
Carbonator, Alfredus, 177. 
Cardin, Johannes de, 261. 
Cardoit, comitatus de, 91. 
Cardoit, Kardoil, 33, 100. 
Cardoil, Kardoit, mesuagium in, 26. 
Cardoit, Adam de, 26. 
Cardun, Gaufridus, 183, 197, 200. 
Cardun, Hugo, 196. 
Cardun, Johannes, 271, 287. 

Carefutt, Robertus, 61. 
Caretarius, Alwinus, 420. 
Caretarius, Herveius, 387. 
Caretarius, Johannes, 222. 
Caretarius, Philippus, 219. 
Caretarius, Ricardus, 161. 
Caretarius de la Cherring, Philip- 

pus, 213. 
Caretarius, Carettarius, Willielmiis, 

175, 235, 261. 
Careter, Henricus, 88. 
Careter, Swete, 88. 
Careui}}, Ricardus de, 237. 
Carliun, Odo de, 445. 
Carpentarius, Leo — Cristiaiia uxor 

et Alicia filia ejus, 210. 
Carpenter, Herueius, 264. 
Caipenter, Reginaldus, 435. 
Carum, Johannes de, 274. 
Carun, Willielmus de, 234. 
Carver, Brienus le, 208. 
Casteillun, Casteliun, Henricus de, 

87, 370. 
Casteillun, Castellun, Castillun, 

Hugo de, 222, 253, 432. 
Castellan, Williehnus, 248. 
Castellione, W^illielmus de, 174y 

Castf, essonia apud, 227. 
Castf, Alexander de, 227, 260. 
Castreton, terra in, 42. 
Catebi, ecclesia de, 39. 
Catebi, Robertus de, 39. 
Catefeld, ecclesia de, 314. 
Cateifo, Radulphus de, 104. 
Catenham, Gaufridus de, 14K 
Catesbi, ecclesia de, 101. 
Catesclive, Katescliu', Hamo de, et 

Felicia uxor, 282, ^K^ 

Catesfeld, ecclesia de, 307. 
Catesfelde, Simon de, 262, 292, 

Catesfelde, Sinoon filius Simonis, 

Catewrtli, terra in, 389. 
Cattefed, ecclesia de, 308. 
Cattesberi, terra, &c in, 167. 
Cattesberi, Johannes de^ et Kate- 

rina uxor ejus, 167* 

Digitized by 




CattoS, terra, &c. in, 444. 
Catton, Robertus de, 114. 
Caucce, Johannes de la, 261. 
Caue, Petrus de, 166. 
Caue, Ric^dus de, 166. 
Caufunt, esson apud, 247. 
Caunvitt, Willielmus de, 43. 
Causeia, terra de, 381. 
Causeie, Johannes de, 381. 
Causeis, Radulphus le, 121. 
Caustofi, Rogerus de, 21, 347, 

Cauton, Robertus de, 304. 
Cauue, Ricardus de, 266. 
Cau«, Ricardus de, 243, 453. 
Cauz, Robertus de, et Lucia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 83. 
Cauz, Rogerus de, 149, 153, 279, 

286, 397. 
Cauz, Walterus de, «t Pientia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 42, BO, 89, 
Cave, Gaufridus de, 153. 
Cave, Ricardus de, 158. 
Cave, Ricardus filius Radulphi de, 

Cave, Willielmus filius Ricardi de, 

Cavendun, Gillbertus de, 96. 
Caxleg, Gillebf de, 326. 
Cecilia, Comitissa, 144. 
Cecilia filia Her\'ei, 35, 36. 
Cecilia filia Hugonis, 399, 431. 
Cecilia mater Henrici, 393. 
Cecilia mater Ysabelloe, 427. 
Cecilia mater Willielmi de Burthop, 

Cecilia soror Roesiae de Cambre- 

wett, 444. 
Cecilia uxor AdaB de Sanford, 120. 
Cecilia uxor Henrici Porcf, 256. 
Cecilia uxor Johannis de Builli, 

Cecilia, Cecillia, uxor Radulphi filii 

Wigain, Wiggein, femina 

Radulphi Wiggein, 20, 122. 
Cecilia uxor Warini de Berton, 

Cecilia uxor Williehni filii Turoldi 

re/Turaldi, 14, 15, 73. 
RoT. CuR. Rbg. I I 

Cecilia uxor , 242. 

Cecilia quae fuit uxor age, 85, 

Ceciliae, Alicia soror, 36. 
Celestia, 428. 
Cellaf, Galfridus de, 30. 
Cerinton, Cerin!, Rogerus de, 90, 

Ceritoii, Robertus de, 271. 
Cerring, Adam de, 131. 
Cerston, Williehnus de, 120. 
Certesie, ecclesia de, 386. 
Certesie, Certeseia, Abbas de, 307, 

342, 348, 386. 
Cesterhunl, boscus de, 161. 
Cesterton, terra in, 325, 327. 
Cestreton, Alicia de, 255, 432. 
Cestreton, Willielmus de, 132. 
Cestf, Comes, 43, 118, 119, 277, 

288, 313, 335, 437. 
Cestrihunt, Tureine de, 176. 
Chadesfeld, essoii ^ud, 245. 
Chaiham, Petrus de, 79. 
Chaiham, Cheiham, Simon de, 79, 

Chaindos, Matilda de, 237. 
Chainneto, Petrus de, 94. 
Chainun, Ricardus, 301. 
Chalemundesdeii, Ricardus de, 

Chamberleng, Nicolaus, 367. 
Chamerarius deHereford,Walterus, 

Chanesi, Hubertus de Monte, 402. 
Chanterhett, Albricus, 264. 
Chanum, Ricardus, 232. 
Chape, Johannes, 422. 
Chaper, Johannes, 421. 
Chardelesfunt, Gwido de, 238. 
Charesfeld, advoc ecctiae de, 124. 
Chameles, Charnel, Chamil, Hugo 

de, 319, 394. 
Charneles, Willielmus de, 409. 
Chartres, Walterus de, 222. 
Chaucumbe, Hugo de, 109, 112, 

128, 130, 429, 430. 
Chaucumbe, Johannes de, & Ho* 

diema uxor ejus, 430. 
Chaudewell, Prior de, 424. 
Chaufhunt, esson apud, 251. 
Chauringworth, Henricus de, 72. 

Digitized by 




Chause, terra iii, 374. 
Chausi, Galfridus de, 20, 96. 
Chauz, Rogerus de, 236. 
Chebeh^, terra in, 76. 
Chechel, Elias, 394. 
Chede, Ricardus, 228. 
Chedeleshunte, Wido de, 300. 
Chedeston, Chedesston, Hubertus 

de, 275, 393. 
Cheiham, terra, &c. ^in, 80, 420. 
Chein, Robertus le, 288. 
Cheineduit, Radulphus de, 172. 
Chekehuile, Hugo de, 72. 
Chelefeld, terra, &c. in, 32, 81. 
Chelefeld, Lecia de, 32. 
Chelefeld, Lucas de, 81. 
Chelewode, Williehnus de, 44. 
Cheliseia, manerium de, 436. 
Chehnersford, hundredum de, 202, 

Chelse, Auketiii de, 267. 
Chembenhat, terra in, 3. 
Chenei, Rogerus de, 198. 
Cheningwurd, Prior de, 429. 
Chera, Ricardus de, 105. 
Cherberg, Thomas de, 123. 
Cherbourne, Thomas de, 122. 
Cherdinton, Robertus filius Ricardi 

de, 11. 
Chereburc, Abbas de, 130. 
Chereburce, Johannes de, 140. 
Chereuift, Radulphus de, 241. 
Chereuitt, Walterus de, 241. 
Cherigg, Adam de, 8. 
Cherinton, Rogerus de, 72. 
Cherinun, Johannes de, 222. 
Cheritan, advoc ecclesifle de, 240. 
Chert, terra in, 353. 
CherletoS, terra in, 434. 
Cherlewod, feodum in, 383. 
Cherlewod, pratum in, 366. 
Chermin, Judssus, 79. 
Cherring, Philippus Caretarius de 

la, 213. 
Cheruill, Ricardus de, 238. 
Chesel, Johannes, 294. 
Chesfeld, Rogerus Presbitcr de, 

Cheshitt, terra, &c in, 355. 
Cheshitt, Askillus de, 355. 

Chesnei, Willielmus de, 274. 
Chetewode, Robertus de, 55. 
Cheueli, WiUiehnus de, 20a 
Cheuelingewurde, Henricus de, et 

Henricus filius ejua^ 116. 
Cheure, Williehnus filius O^ifiridi, 

Cheureuitt, Vall de, 367. 
Chianterel, Walterus, 18a 
Chibbeham, Adam de, 115. 
Chichesie, WilUelmus de, 115. 
Chielmeresford; burgus de, 202. 
Chiepman, Walterus, 164. 
Chigevale, esson apud, 225. 

Child , Gaufridus de, 158. 

Childe, Simon de, 149. 
Childresleia, Henricus de, 142. 
Childwic, Gaufridus de, 156. 
Chilte, redditus in, 309. 
Chilteham, terra de, 425. 
Chilteham, Rannulphus de, 425. 
Chilton, Robertus de, 133- 
Chimin, Elia del, 181. 
Chininge, Adam de, 141. 
Chiritoii, ecclesia de, 317. 
Chiselhoniton, Matillda de, 296. 
Chisentou, Germanus de, 420. 
Cliisilden, Walterus de, 435. 
Chistet, terra, &c. in, 442. 
Chiuet, Magister Helias de, 3. 
Chiuili, Cristiana de, 197. 
Chiuili, ChivUli, WUUehnus de, 174, 

QnuiU, Sarra fiiia WiUielmi de, 

ChiviUi, Leticia de, 122. 
ChoUe, Absolon, pater Absolonis, 

Chordiwan, Walterus, 123. 
Chou'n, Robertus de, 236. 
Christian, Walterus, 237. 
Christianae, PhiUppus fiUus» 306, 

(v. CrisHana^ &c) 
Cibi, WUUehnus, 113. 
Cicestr, ecclesia Sanctae Trinitatis, 

Cicestf, Episcopus, 12. 
Cicestr, Decanus et Canonkri de^ 

343, 350. 

Digitized by 




Cilteme, Ricardus de, 304, 320. 
Cinerarius, Emoldus, et Alweis 

uxor ejus, 162. 
Cinges, Robertus de, 267. 
Cirencestf, Abbas de, 27, 229, 275, 

277, 309, 388, 425. 
Cirencestf, Cirecestf, RicardusAb- 

bas de, 342, 348. 
Cirencestf, Herbertusde, 229, 257. 
Cirencestf, WiUielmus de, 388. 
Cirencestf , Cirecestf , MagisterWil- 

lielmusde, 117,229, 257. 
Cirencestf, Simon filius Willielmi 

de, 257. 
Clahalle, Ricardus de, 261. 
Claham, Werreis de, 353. 
Clahaule, Simon de, 183. 
Clahutt, campi de, 159. 
Clahufl, Gilebertus de, 169. 
Clahul), Ricardus de, 309. 
Clai, Claie, Stephanus de, 333, 421 . 
Claie, Petrus de, 115. 
Clakeston, Willielmus Pincema 

de, 114. 
Claketorp, terra in, 395. 
Claptoii, Emma de, 108. 
Clara, castellum de, 270. 
Clara, Qaf, Comes de, 171, 282, 

310, 388, 416. 
Clare, Ricardus de, 183. 
Clare, Ricardus Vinitor de, 183. 
Claricia mater Rogeri de Hineton, 

30, 39, 40. 
Claro, Girebertus de Sancto, 411. 
Claro, Johannes de Sancto, 357. 
Claro, Willielmus de Sancto, 185, 

197, 198,201. 
Clathaf, Henricus de, 289. 
Clatoii, Johannes de, 290. 
Clau, Stephanus de, 272. 
ClauiUe, WiUielmus de, 198. 
Clavering, hundredum de, 182. 
Clavering, terra, &c. in, 201. 
Clee, Cleia, Rogerus de la, 321, 

Geindon, Ricardus de, 71. 
Clemencia, 211. 
Clemens, 236. 
Clemens fiUu» Roberti, 228. 
Clemens filius WiUielmi, 270. 

Clemens fiUus Alardi Ruffi, filius 

Alardi, 249, 331. 
Clemens frater Laurencii clericif 

Clement, Johannes, 30. 
Clement, WilUelmus, 281, 409. 
Clemente, MatiUida de Sancto, 19> 
Clementis, ecclesia Sancti, 323. 
Clementis fiUi Roberti, Johannes 

fi-ater, 228. 
Clend, advoc ecclesia de, 70. 
Clendon, MUisent de, 227. 
Clendon, Clendeil, Clenduu, Ri- 

cardus de, 27, 70, 71, 227, 

Clendoii, Clenden, Sibilia de, 227, 

Clendon, Ricardus fiUus Henrici 

de, 70. 
Clepesho, servic mUil, &c. in, 428. 
Clere, Matheus de, 109. 
Clerenbaud, Simon fiUus, 266. 
Clerenbaut, 349. 
Clerici, Simon fiUus Rogeri, 30. 
Clericus, Absalon, 280. 
Clericus, Adam, 422. 
Clericus, Alanus, 425. 
Clericus, Alexander, 185. 
Clericus, Gaufi-idus, 137, 231, 406. 
Clericus, Gilbertus, 18. 
Clericus, Gilbertus, etBeatrix quce 

fuit uxor ejus, 121. 
Clericus, Henricus, 376, 414. 
Clericus, Hugo, 244. 
Clericus, Laurencius, 229. 
Clericus, Lucas, 366. 
Clericus, Matheus, 240, 406. 
Clericus, Nicolaus, 111. 
Clericus, Radulphus, 1 84, 381,405. 
Clericus, Ranulfus, 277, 400. 
Clericus, Ricardus, 41, 113, 15L 
Clericus, Robertus, 128, 247, 251. 
Clericus, Rogerus, 30, 396, 401. 
Clericus, lliomas, 275, 343, 394, 

Clericus, Turstanus, 60. 
Clericus, Walterus, 60, 305. 
Clericus, WiUiehnus, 165,224,240, 

276, 284, 393, 406, 409, 

423, 452. 

I 1 

Digitized by 




Clericus, Wimerus, 2*26. 
Clericus de Anesti, Elias, 152. 
Clericus de BolintoS, Alexander, 

Oericus de Couele, Walterus, 248, 

Clericus de Hengham, Walterus, 

Clericus de Hocham, Wimerus, 

Clericus de Hunted, Tliomas, 391. 
Clericus de Ralle, Ricardus, 125. 
Clericus de ^rhorleia, Ricardus, 

Clericus de Weston, Johannes, 171. 
Clericus de Witewudeham, Williel- 

mus, 253. 
Clericus Osberti filii Herevici, Wil- 

lielmus, 44. 
Clerici, Henricus frater Willielmi, 

Clerici, Nicholaus filius Rogeri, 

Qe?, Willielmus de Sco, 197. 
Clerkeneweft, placita, &c. apud, 

211, 214. 
ClerkeneweW, Moniales de, 335. 
Clerkenewett, Priorissa de, 178, 

298, 442. 
Clerkenewett, Rogerus de, 298. 
Clerf, Johannes de Sancto, 357. 
Cli^ Clift, magna assisa de, 421. 

Cliffbrd, Walterus de, 79, 94, 179, 

CliftoS, ecclesia de, 437. 
CliftoS, liberum tenementum in, 

CliftoS, Reginaldus de, 225, 274, 

324, 375, 446. 
Clinl, Alanus de, 229. 
Clintero, Willielmus, 1. 
ClintoS, Henricusde, 1, 112,136. 
ClintoS, Ivo de, 136. 
Clinton, Johannes de, 135. 
QintoS, WilHelmus de, 24, 25. 
Clipestorp, Otwi de, 254. 
ClipstoS, terrae et consuetudines de, 

ClipstoS, essoS apud, 291. 

Clipton, Willielmus de, 389. 
CUue, liberum tenem in, 145. 
CliuedeS, Matheus de, 419. 
CliuedoS, Matilda de, 271. 
Clive, in Hereford, esson apud, 293. 
Clive, Aelwinus de, 368. 
Clober, Turstanus, 414. 
Cloer, Radulphus, 153, 154. 
Ck)ppesif, Estenarus, 363. 
CloptoS, terra in, 384. 
CloptoS, Ema de, 126. 
CloptoS, Johannes de, 138. 
Clopton, Mabilia de, 295. 
CloptoS, Ranulfiis de, 389. 
Clopton, Ricardus de, 295, 299. 
CkptoS, Williehnus de, 29, 379, 

Clotham, (Jodwinus de^ 282. 
Clouifl, Williehnus de, 197. 
ClumtoS, WilUelmus de, 333. 
Cliuiiaco, Gaufi-idus de, 151. 
Cnoil, ecclesia de, 304. 
Cnut, Rex, 68. 
Cobbe, Gaufridus, 191. 
Cobicote, Andreas de, 266. 
Cobicote, Augerus de, 266. 
Coc, Aluredus, 172. 
Coc, Radulphus, et Matilda quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 22. 
Coc, Walterus, 162, 169. 
Cocame, Willielmus, 272. 
Cocus, Alanus, 258. 
Cocus, Alueredus, 122. 
Cocus, Ernaldus, 431. 
Cocus, Galfi^idus, 103. 
Cocus, Nicholaus, 200. 
Cocus, Oliverus, 124. 
Cocus, Osbertus, 172, 290. 
Cocus, Radulphus, 172, 207, 315. 
Cocus, Reginaldus, 229. 
Cocus, Robertus, 287. 
Cocus, Rogerus, 147. 
Cocus, Stephanus, 280, 297. 
Cocus, Walterus, 187. 
Cocus, Wido, 195, 196. 
Cocus, WilHelmus, 178, 277. 
Cocus fit Nicholai de Winbis, HiJBS, 

Coddeham, Henricus de, 197- 
Codeham, Henricus de, 2. 

Digitized by 




Codeham, Robertus de, 289. 
Codie, terra, &c. in, 155. 
Coffin, Ricardus, 387. 
Coffin, Hugo, avunculus Ricardi et 

Hugonis Coffiii, et Ricardus 

et Hugo Coffin, 442. 
Coffun, Hugo, 267. 
Coffun, Ricardus, 267. 
Coge, Ricardus, 131. 
Cogeleia, Gervasius de, 43, 119. 
Cogesbal, villata de, 180. 
Cogesbal, Monacbi de, 160. 
Coggeleia, terra in, 44. 
Cogesbat, Alexander de, 180, 207. 
Cogb, Griffun filius Herewardi, 

Cokefeld, CokesfeW, Adam de, 15, 

16, 17. 
Cokefeld, Cokef, Robertus de, 

Cokere», Adam, 241, 329. 
Coket, Robertus, 254. 
Coking, lohanas de, 95. 
Coldelesberge, Adam de, 136. 
Colebi, ecclesia de, 409. 
Colebi, Warinus de, 278, 409. 
Colebi, Simon frater Warini de, 

Colebrand, Simon filius, 277, 281 . 
Colecestr, Ecclesia Sancti Johannis 

de, 354. 
Colecestre — Judoei de, 15, 16. 
Colecestre, Abbas de, 187,353, 354. 
Colecestre, Gilbertus de, 358. 
Colecestre, Roidinus de, 223. 
Colecestre, Thomas de, 187. 
Coleham, ecclesia de, 368. 
Coleham, Walterus de, 138, 363^ 

Coleman, Herveus fihus, 173. 
Coleman, Hugo, 171. 
ColeS, Lambertus de, 290. 
Colesden, Colesdoii, Jordanus de, 

371, 382. 
Colesh, Walterus de, 351. 
Coleshitt, ColeshuH, esson apud, 

247, 250. 
Coleshiii, Nigellus de, 247, 250. 
Coleshitt, Coleshult, Robertus frater 

Nigelli de, 247, 250. 

Colestofj, Gillebertus de, 255. 
Colestoii, Philippus de, 310. 
Colevitt vel Cholevitl, Lucas de, 

Coleviii, Coleuiii, Robertus de, 112, 

135, 225, 372. 
Coleuiii, Wiilielmus filius Gilel)erti 

de, 328, 329. 
Colintr, terra, lib tenementiun in, 

Colintf, Aihd de, 334. 
Colintr, Rogerus de, 334. 
Collesden, Jordanus de, 119. 
Colne, Adam de, 30. 
Colneston, Robertus de, 136. 
Colonia, Lambertus de, 391. 
Coltoii, Nicholaus filius Radulphi 

de, 85. 
CoIuml)af, Henricus, 307. 
Columbeit, Gaufridus, 400. 
CoIuml)en, Gaufridus de, 332. 
Columbers, Philippus de, 244. 
Columbers, Thomas de, 135. 
Columbris re/CuIumbris, Philippus 

de, et Mabillia de Candos 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 252. 
Colun, Colonia, Prior de, 188, 194, 

305, 311, 385. 
Com, Ricardus filius, 2. 
Comelawe, Steplianus de, 294. 
Comesweii, Edmundus de, 163. 
Computator, Albinus, 6. 
Conan, Gilebertus, 283. 
Constancia, Walterus de, 95. 
Constancia, Comitissa Bretann, 56, 

Constancia, uxorGaufridideSancto 

Martino, 77, 130. 
Constantia, quae fuit uxor Mauseri 

fiHi Sarrae de Bonneviii, 77. 
Constontia quae fuit uxor , 

Constantinus, et Aeleis uxor ejus, 

Constantius, 281. 
Copmaneford, Rol)ertus de, 285. 
Coppelawe, essoii apud, 234. 
Coppenef, Wiliielmus de, 285. 
Corbet, Robertus, 217, 218, 278, 


1 I 3 

Digitized by 




Corbiciin, Corbitun, Petnis, 223, 

Corbin, Galfridus, 113. 
Corcin, Willielmus de, 79. 
Cord&n, Williehnus de, 173. 
Cordefin, Ricardus, 362. 
Corfetoii, terra de, 26. 
Corftoii, feodum, 22. 
Cormailles, Walterus de, 268. 
Cormeilles, Cormeitt, Abbas de, 11, 

Comeberi, Willielmus de, 129, 

Comb, Robertus de, 436. 
Comhert, Augot de, 285. 
Comhitt vel Corahuii, Henricus, 

Hainricus, de, 14, 380. 
Comhili vel Cornhut, Radidphus 

de, 184. 
Comhill, Comehull, Radulphus de, 

et uxor ejus, 318, 349. 
Comhift, Comehiit, vel Cornhuii, 

Reginaldus de, 14, 226, 

231, 249, 268, 423. 
Comilumb, Odo de, 257. 
Comilumb, Williehnus de, 257. 
Comubia, Cornub, &c., 72, 86, 

118, 128, 247, 250, 265, 

274, 336, 373, 374, 443. 
Cormng, Johannes de, 257. 
Corweit, Radulphus de, 344. 
Cosin, Willielmus, 105. 
Costard, Oliverus, 123. 
Costentin, Gaufridns de, 396. 
Costentin, Willielmus de, 24, 404. 
Costentun, Rogerus de, 277. 
Cote, David, 261. 
Cotenham, esson apud, 272. 
Cotenliam, Johannes de, 272. 
Cotenham, Nichol de, 272. 
Cotenham, Waltems de, 272. 
Cotereil, Williehnus, 227, 302. 
Cotes,*advocatio capell« velecclesiae 

de, 375, 378. 
Cotes, terra in, 18. 
Cotes, Gaufridus de, et Sarra uxor 

ejus, 245, 248, 335, 
Cotes, Samson de, 185, 328. 
Cotes, Sarra de, 248, 328. 
Cotes, Savericus de, 378. 

Cotes, Simon de, 283. 

Cotes, Cotis, Walterus de, 253, 


Cotingliam, de, 30. 

Cotingliam, Ricardus Parsona de, 

Cotham, Nicholaus de, 415. 
Cotteliam, Nicholaus de, 104. 
Couele, Alicia de, 276. 
Couele, Williehnus de, 246, 276. 
Couele, Walterus Clericus de, 248, 

CouelestoS, Radulphus de, 320. 
Couelestoii, Gaufridus filius Radul- 

phide, 320. 
Coventr, 97, 98. 
Coventf, Ufe tenementum in, 66. 
Coventr, Conventf, tenentes de 

baronia, 5, 6. 
Coventf, Conventf, Canonici, 3, 

66, 67. 
Coventf, Conventf, Monachi, Prior 

et Conventus, M oyses Prior, 

3, 66. 
Coventf, prioratus, prioratus & 

baronia, 3, 66, 67. 
Coventf, ecclesia, 3, 66. 
Coventf, Episcopus, 71. 
Coventriensis, H. de Nonant Epis- 

copus^ 66, 67. 
Coventriensis, Rogerus Episcopus, 

Coventf, Conventf, Wibert Succoi- 

tor, 3. 
Coventf, Milo de, 238. 
Cradulan de Winton', Alennder, 

Crafton, Radulphus de, 97. 
Crakeford, Cracford, Simon de, 

278, 280. 
Crakehale, Warinus de, 99. 
Cramaville, Gaufridus, Godefiidus, 

de, 178, 185, 187, 194, 282, 

316, 375. 
Cramaville, Gaufridusde, et Marii 

uxor ejus, 403. 
Cramaville, Williebnus de, 189, 

Cramfeld, Willielmus de, 217. 
Cramford, Gilebertus de, 315. 

Digitized by 




Cramford, Ricardus de, 253. 
Cramford, Cranford, Willielmus 

de, 340, 403. 
Crassus vel le Cras, Ricardus, 17, 

18, 1*04, 246. 
Craucumbe, Alicia de, 277. 
Craudeii, advocatio ecclesiee de, 

342, 349, 446. 
Craudon, Laurencius dc, 404. 
Craudou, Ricardus de, 324. 
Craule, Johannes de, 110. 
Crausete, Magister Johannes de, 

Craverang, Eustacius de, 296. 
Crec, Robertus de, 229, 270, 285, 

Crec, Robertus de, et Agnes uxor 

ejus, 310. 
Cref, Cref^ Rogerus, 302. 
Creissi, Alexander de, 109. 
Creseia, esson apud, 251. 
Crespin, Alexander, 124. 
Creston, terrae, &c. in, 308. 
Creta, Cretae, Philippus de, 261, 

Creuequer, Crewequer, Cruveqer, 

Emma de, 35, 452. 
Creuecuer, Matilda de, 84. 
Creuequor, Robertus de, 253, 

CreuiH, Willielmus de, 61. 
Criel, Johannes de, 103. 
Crikelade, Andreas de, 96. 
Criketot, Eunfridus de, 239. 
Criketot, Simon de, 372. 
Crioil, Johannes de, 36. 
Cripping, esson apud, 195. 
Cristescnerche, castelliun de, 40. 
Cristiana mater Mathasi de Norton, 

Cristiana mater Willielmi filius 

Guidoni, 73. 
Cristiana quae fuit uxor Roberti 

Fransiginfie, qufle fuit uxor 

Roberti le Franceis, 86, 87, 

129, 130. 
Cristiana uxor Willielmi filii Luce, 

Cristiana, Christiana, uxorWillielmi 

Atewatf, 178. 

Cristiana quae fuit uxor Willielmi 

Bardleia, Bard, 11, 12, 55, 

Cristiana uxor Willielmi de Wi- 

chend, 18. 
Cristiana, Christiana, quae fiiit uxor 

Willielmi, 100, 341. 
Cristiana quae fiiit uxor , 

Cristianae, Alardus firater, 211. 
Cristianae, Christianae, Philippus 

filius, 333, 400. 
Cristiana uxor Leonis Carpentarii, 

Cristiana uxor Willielmi Gemun, 

Cristianus, Henricus, 70, 73. 
Criueqer, Simon de, 112. 
Croc, Walterus, 253. 
Crocheston, Theobaldus de, 

Crofton, villa de, 340. 
Croiland, Abbas de, 104. 
Croiland, esson apud, 272. 
Croiland, Ricardus de, 272. 
Croiland, Thomas de, 272. 
Croindoii, Johannes de, 288. 
Crokeston, Gervicus de, 104. 
Croketon, Radulphus de, 264. 
Croperi, Simon de, 15. 
Crophitt, terra de, 432. 
Crophitt, villa de, 379. 
Cros, Robertus, 405. 
Crowe, Ricardus, 40 L 
Croxtoii, terra in, 427. 
Cruce, Galfridus de, 152. 
Cruce, Petrus de, 163, 169. 
Cruce, Reginaldus de, 48, 54, 91, 

Cnice Roeis, Cruce Roheise, de la 

Crous Rois, Prior de, 172, 

229, 359. 
Cruce Roheis, Ricardus de, 76. 

Cruce Rois, de, 152. 

Cruider, Willielmus, 119. 
Crul, R^naldus, 262. 
Cruleia, Radulphus de, 99. 
Cruwellee, liberum tenementum 

in, 431. 
Cubertiis, 394. 

1 I 1 

Digitized by 




Cuinain, Gilebertus, 237. 
Cuintereft, Neel, 243. 
Cukeni, feod milil in, 442. 
Culing, terra in, 400. 
Culterweg, Robertus, 165. 
Culterweg, Radulphus filius Ro- 

berti, 165. 
Culumbris, Philippus de, 252. 

Cum , terra in, 91. 

Cumbaut, Gaufridus, 284. 
Cumbe, capella de, 132. 
Cumbe, Ricardus de, 291. 
Cumbe, Simon de la, 1. 
Cumbe, Willielmus de, 274. 
Cumberford, terra in, 321. 
Cumberland, 26, 258, 259, 278, 

Cumberland, custodia comitatus^ 

Cumbermaf, Nicolaus de, 87. 
Cumberton, liberum tenementum 

in, 329. 
Cumbure, essoii apud, 273. 
Cumdiaun, tenementum in, 66. 
Cumeston, Thomas de, 255. 
Cumin, Willielmus, et Grecia uxor 

ejus, 351, 417. 
Cuming, Adam de, 331. 
Cumtevitt, Willielmus de, 271. 
Cumtoii, terra in, 321. 
Cumtoii, Ricardus pater Roberti 

de, 359. 
Cumton, Willielmus de, 115. 
Cumtun, Reginaldus de, 301. 
Cunaii, Comes (Britanniae), 56. 
Cunan, GiUebertus, 429. 
Cuneb, 34. 

Cunein, Willielmus, 139. 
Cunesgetori, Johannes de, et Gile- 

bertus frater ejus, 284. 
Cunetorp, feod milil in, 401. 
Cungeston, Adam d^ 114. 
CungestoS, Walklinus, 114. 
Cungeston, Willielmus filius Ro- 

berti de, 114. 
Cungestuii, Johannes de, et Gil- 

bertus frater ejus, 452. 
Cimilde, Nicolaus de, 131. 
Cunin, Willielmus, 310. 
Cuot, Walterus, 188. 

Curcelles, CurceH, Curcolles, Wan- 
dregis, Wandrigel, Waudri- 
gis, Wandrillus, Waudriufl, 
de, 265, 308, 310, 343, 

Curci, Johannes de, 298. 

Curcio, Robertus de, 142. 

Curcio, Willielmus de, 142. 

Curcnn, Radulphus de, 275. 

Curcun, Willielmus de, 344, 350. 

Curinge, de, 368. 

Curpetit, Robertus, 382. 

Curf, Simon le, 70. 

Curruncestf, Abbas de, 432. 

Cursor, Ricardus, 280. 

Cursor, Rogerus, 124. 

Curt, Ricardus, 280, 391. 

Curt, Ricardus frater Reneri le^ 

Curteis, 280. 

Curteis, Adam, 401. 

Curteis, Rogerus, 408. 

Curteis, Willielmus le, 80, lia 

Curteis, Gilebertus filius, 280. 

Curtoii, Aluredus de, 228. 

Curtoii, Arnulfiis de, 198- 

Curton, Hugo de, 187. 

Curtpeitt, Reginaldus, 390. 

Curtpeitt, Rogerus, 400, 405. 

Curtpeitt, Wiilielmus, 406. 

Curtpeitt, Williehnus, pater Rogeri 
Curtpeitt, 410. 

Cusiii, Gilbertus, 226, 256. 

Cusiri, Ricardus, 111. 

Cusin, Rogerus, 110. 

Cusiii, Willielmus, 18. 

Cuthberti, Dunelm, Prior ecclesise 
Sancti, 373. 

C , Priorissa de, 193. 

Ch , manerium de, 43. 


Daalun, Alanus de, 425. 
Dacof, hundredum, 16a 
Dacus, Gilbertus, 70. 
Dacus, Rogerus, 45, 135, 136, 

Digitized by 




Dacus, Willielmus, 85, 88, 234, 
235, 277, 278, 280, 304, 
345, 378, 389, 402. 
Dacus, Willielmus, et Emma uxor 

ejus, 290. 
Dadington, ecclesia de, 322. 
Dagehale, Henricus de, 428. 
Daie, Ricardus filius, 324, 346. 
Daintoii, Gaufridus de, 274. 
Daivitt, Johannes, 279. 
Daldtoii, libenun tenementum in, 

Dalfin, 128. 

Dalham, Rogerus de, 241. 
Dallae, boscus in, 403. 
Dalling, terra in, 217. 
Dalling, Reginaldus de, 224. 
Dalling, Ricardus de, 264. 
Dalling, Rogerus de, 267. 
DaltoS, Robertus de, 221. 
Damberli, Radulphus, 353. 
Damberli, Willielmus, 353. 
Damblie, Dambli, Gaufridus, 398, 

399, 405. 
Damblie, Radulphus, 398. 
Damerel, Rogerus de, 324. 
Damesweft, Eustacius de, 447. 
Danecastf, Clerici de, 421. 
Daneis, Danesheia, hundredum de, 

162, 210. 
Dang, Robertus, 108. 
Dangele, terra in, 340. 
Daniel filius Williebni, 236. 
Danmartin villata de Bello Campo, 

Danmartin, Albricus de, 141, 258. 
Dan Martin, Aluredus, 289. 
Dan Martin, Walterus de, 2, 3. 
Danuitt, Juliana de, 302. 
Danu&, Johannes de, 242. 
Danzel, Galfridus, 24. 
Dardene, Radulphus, et Thomas 

filius ejus, 124. 
Dardene, Rogerus, 291. 
Dardene, WilTielmus, et Isolda uxor 

ejus, 274. 
Dareci, Thomas, 279. 
Darundel vel De Arundel, Williel- 

mus Prior, 405. 
Datlinton, ecclesia de, 329. 

Dauestou, Robertus de, 405. 
Daugnes, Walterus, 320. 
Dauintre, Daventf, Simon de, 220, 

233, 364, 384. 
Daus, Ricardus de, 431. 
Dautes', Matheus de, 323. 
Dautoii in Eborac, 95. 
Dauton, Hudardus de, 95. 
David, 275, 444. 
David cum Barba, 274. 
David, Comes, 329, 344, 350, 411, 

412, 433, 444. 
David, Robertus, 242. 
David, Willielmus, 44, 135. 
David filius Nicholai, 271. 
Davidis, Ricardus filius, 165, 220, 

Davidis, Walterus filius, 195. 

Davintf, de, 220. 

Deane, Ivo de, 254. 
Debbeham, feod milil in, 18. 
Decimator, Robertus, 268. 
Delewise, Martinus de, 424. 
Deliure, Radulphus le, 279. 
Della, Emoldus de, 149. 
Dene, essoii apud, 237. 
Dene, Amfridus de, 261. 
Dene, Gilebertus de la, 237, 283, 

Dene, Grodefridus de la, 22. 
Dene, Ivo de, 281, 288, 376. 
Dene, Radulphus de la, 58. 
Dene, Thomas de la, 283. 
Dene, Warinus ad, 186. 
Denton, Gaulridus de, 290. 
Depedeii, terra in, 196. 
Depping, Willielmus de, 284. 
Dereberc, BUisent de, 301. 
Derebi, Derebisif, 100, 134, 317, 

Derebi, Isolda de, 303. 
Derebi, Moniales de, 257. 
Derebi, Philippus de, 410. 
Derebi, Robertus de, 128. 
DerefeW, Adam de, 283. 
Derefeld, Gilebertus de, 404. 
Derehurst, Prior de, 7. 
Deresburc, redditus in, 70. 
Deresburc, Ricardus de, 71. 
Deresburg, feod in, 425. 

Digitized by 




Derhitt, Rogenis de, 304. 
Derhurst, BLobertus de — pater Ma- 

tillidae uxorisAdaBdeWestm, 

Derlee, Ricardus de, 353. 
Derlet, Gaufridus, 353. 
Derlewini, Mauricius, 205. 
Derling, Matheus de, 268. 
Desideratus, 231. 
Deskeling, Gaufridus, 353. 
Deubenie, Cristiana, 134. 
Deuias, capellania de, 30. 
Deuias, Robertus, 30. 
Deverel, terra in, 30, 39. 
Devonscire, Devon, &c. 45, 53, 65, 

71, 72, 87, 104, 108, 124, 

132, 134, 146, 147, 239, 

259, 260, 264, 271, 279, 

286, 304, 309, 313, 367, 

374, 387, 397, 411, 417, 

Devon, Ricardus, 223. 
Devoniensis, Rogerus, 132. 
Diaconus, Adam, 269. 
Diaconus, Godefridus, 29, 57. 
Diaconus, Johannes, 29. 
DicleswrA, Hugo de, 360, 361. 
Didtune, Williehnus de, 125. 
Dierham, Willielmus de, 126. 
DigeneswaB, Hugo de, 439. 
Diglesweft, Hugo de, 344. 
lyi, Johannes filius, et Emma quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 452. 
Dikesneswelle, Radulphus de, 152. 
Dikleneswelle, Hugo de, 152. 
Dilleg, Adam, 285. 
Dinant, Hawisia de, 34, 35, 376. 
Dinant, Sibilla de, 35. 
Dineweld — et Beatricia quae fuit 

uxor ejus, 394. 
Dionisia uxor Walteri Ham, 292. 
Dionisia uxor Willielmi Russetf, 

Dionisia uxor Willielmi filii Wil- 

lielmi, 246. 
Dionisiae, Henricus pater, 154, 155. 
Dionisio, Hugo de Sancto, 188, 

Dionisio, Rogerus de Sancto, 365. 
Dionisio,Wiiliehnus deSancto, 188. 

Dionisius, 165. 
Dirstoii, Radulphus de, 390. 
Disenhurd, Gaufridus, 124. 
Dispensaf, Thomas, 275. 
Dispensator, Alanus, 368. 
Dispensator, Aluredus, 182. 
Ditoii, terra, &c. in, 402. 
Ditoii, Johannes de, 402. 
Dittofi, Reginaldus de, 281. 
Dittune, esson apd, 125. 
Dittune, Alanus de, 125. 
Diua, Diue, Matilda de, 241, 313, 

321, 412, 413. 
Diua, Philippus de, 32. 
Diua, Widode, lia 
Diue, PhiHppus filius Philippi de, 

Divam, Abbas Sancti Petri super, 

93, 128, 307, 314. 
Divam, ecclesia Sancti Petri siq>er, 

308, 314. 
Divinus, Johannes, et WiUidmus 

frater ejus, 153. 
Docking, viila de, 375. 
Dodene, Mauricius de, et Herveus 

fihus ejus, 105. 
Dodington, ecclesia de, 19, 411, 

Dodinton, Robertus de, 98. 
Doget, Ricardus, 23a 
Doget, Rogerus, 277. 
Doget, Willielmus, 296. 
Dogg, Williehnus, 283. 
Dol, Hugo de, 262. 
Doleham, Albricus de, 314. 
Dohnton, Lucas de, et Joie qu» 

fuit uxor ejus, 363. 
Dohor, Williehnus, lia 
Doii, Ailwinus de, 44a 
Don, Fubertus de, 44a 
Donecastf, clerici de, 422. 
Donemow, Willielmus de, 174, 

Donesl, Donestap), Dunestap}, Doo, 

essofi & placita apud, 149, 

150, 151, 152, 153, 156, 

158, 160, 161, 166, 167, 

168, 175, 176, 215, 422, 


(v, Dimestaple.) 

Digitized by 




Donewic, Reginaldus de, 372. 
Dontoii, Reginaldus de, 181. 
Dorel, Radulphus, 343, 349. 
Doresert, Robertus filius, 212. 
Dorsetscire, Dorsel, &c., 16, 17, 30, 

39, 81, 83, 93, 105, 263, 

264, 279, 282, 283, 295, 

296, 297, 316, 325, 330, 

334, 340, 366, 367, 371, 

395, 445. 
Dot, Hamo, 57, 58. 
Dotef, Robertus de, 126. 
Douencurt — homines villataB de, 

Douere,Doure,Fubertus, Folbertus, 

de, 230, 244, 396, 449. 
Douertoii, Reginaldus, 227. 
Douniee, Simon, 292. 
Doura, Heubertus de, 147. 
Doure, Walterus de, 331. 
Doxendeii, Williehnus, 287. 
Draconis, Adam filius, 434. 
Draconis, Osbertus filius, 269. 
Dragun, Gaufridus, 286. 
Draitoii, terra in, 398, 415. 
DraitoS, Dreitan, Drauitoii, Alicia 

de, 272, 286, 398, 414, 

Draitoii, Johannes de, 170. 
Draitoii, Drauitoii, Josephus de, 

414, 272, 385, 398. 
Draiton, Petrus de, 142. 
Drake, Robertus, 51, 52. 
Dratton, Edeua de, 128. 
Dratton, Josephus de, 273. 
Dreiton, WilUelmus de, 273. 
Dretoii, Rogerus de, et Alicia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 272. 
Dreues, Hugo de, 221. 
Driu, Walterus de, 234. 
Drogonis, Droc, Adam filius, 270, 

257, 284, 371, 399. 
Droies, Hugo de, 221. 
Drotog, Adam, 340» 
Drui, Gerardus filius, 100. 
Druin, Adam filius, 119. 
Dubbeck — advocatio ecctiae de, 

Dudington, Gerardus de, 364. 
Dudingtofi, Hugo de, 274, 356. 

Duleham, Albricius, Aubruc, de, 

190, 197, 19a 
Dulm, Prior de, 431. 
Dune, Henricus de la, 280, 410. 
Dune, Robertus de, 331. 
Dune, Rogerus de la, 212, 389. 
Dune, WiUiehnus de la, 287, 379. 
Dunel, Hugo, 164, 169. 
Dunel, Robertus, 165. 
Dunehnensis, Episcopus, 62, 242, 

258, 327, 387, 421, 422, 

Dunelm, Prior, 263, 264, 267. 
Dunelm, Prior ecclesiae Sancti 

Cuthberti, 373. 
Dunemow, Dunmowe, hundredum 

de, 179, 203. 
Dunemow, terra in, 204. 
Dunestan, Dunestoii, ecclesia de, 

32, 37, 57. 
Dunestaple, David de, et Editha 

uxor ejus, 444. 
Dunestaple, Edith, Editha, de, 270, 

Dunestaple, Willielmus vinitor de, 

Dunestoii, viUa de, 38. 
Dunewiz, Austiii de, 414. 
Dunhag, Ricardus de, 333. 
Dunham, ecclesia de, 285, 399. 
Dunham, Alexander de, 283. 
Dunham, Alwi de, 273. 
Dunham, Ricardus de, 373. 
Dimham, Robertus de, 119. 
Dunham, WiUielmus de, 43, 119, 

Dumng, Radulphus de, 242. 
Dunleche, Ricaj*dus, 278. 
Dunmawe, Gilebertus de, 259, 267, 

Dunneniauwe, Willielmus de, 185, 

Dunstan, Robertus de, 289. 
Dunton, Laurencius de, 336. 
Dunvitt, Robertus de, et Emma 

uxor ejus, 15. 
Dupton, Gaufridus, 261. 
Duram, Radulphus de, 234. 
Diirandi, Ricardus filius, 230, 812. 
Durandi, ITiomas filius, 261. 

Digitized by 




Durandi, Willielmus lilius, 263. 
Durandus, 396. 
Duredent, Everardus, 3. 
Duredent, Robertus, 260. 
Durington, Ricardus de, 231. 
Dusing, Robertus, 289. 
Duuere, Fubertus de, 256. 
Duvre, Rohesia de, 68. 
Dux, Radulphus, 262. 

D - . . . Henricus, 152. 

Duf WiUielnms de, 173» 


Eadmundus filius Roberti, 102. 

Eameden, plac apud, 178. 

Eaumeden, terra,&c in, 195, 196. 

Eboi — Eborac, &c., 6, 7, 1 1, 
18, 32, 37, 38, 41, 44, 45, 
48, 55, 72, 77, 80, 86, 89, 
92, 95, 98, 99, 101, 105, 
123, 127, 129, 132, 133, 
134, 136, 144, 145, 148, 
230, 237, 242, 246, 249, 
258, 264, 265, 267, 278, 
279, 295, 298, 309, 311, 
312, 314, 327, 337, 344, 
345, 350, 376, 381, 382, 
384, 385, 387, 399, 412, 
420, 421, 422, 428, 433, 
437, 438, 445. 

Ebor, civil, 385. 

Ebof, Dauton in, 95. 

Ebor, firma, 55. 

Ebof, Archiepiscopus, 18, 44, 49, 
376, 400. 

Ebof, Buchard Thesaurarius, 6. 

Ebof, Willielmus de, et Matilda 
uxor ejus, 227, 280, 302, 

Ech, Rogerus del, 326. 

Ecleshot, Ecleshal, Grodefridus de, 
240, 398. 

Ecleshol, Johannes filius Godefridi 
de, 240. 

Ecleshof vel Ecleshat, Willielmus 

filius Ricardi de, 52. 
Ectoii, lib tenementum in, 145. 
Edburgetoii, Raudulphus de, 185. 
Edelmetoii, essoii apud, 217. 
Edelmetoii, hundredum de, 217, 

EdelmetoS, terra in, 217. 
Edenesford, libenun tenementum 

in, 33. 
Edesfeld, Petrus de, 130. 
Edeua Blanc Gemum, 304. 
Edgari, Johannes filius, 269. 
Edhaiua, 295. 
Edini, Elias de, 53. 
Edisa uxor Gaufridi, 271. 
Editha, Edith, 106, 154^ 271, 

344, 346, 350. 
Editha soror Margaretae, Maijorias, 

de Wik vel Wike, 245, 248. 
Editha uxor Davidis de Dunestaple, 

Editha uxor Willielmi Algar, 204. 
EdithauxorWillielmi Barat, Baret, 

450, 451. 
Edithte, Radulphus filius, 275. 

Edithae, filius, 81. 

Ediva, 375. 

Edmundi, Alicia filia, 342. 
Edmundi, Martinus filius, 212. 
Edmundi, Ricardus filius, 185. 
Edmundi, Simon frater, 169. 
Edmundi, curia Sancti, 16, 17. 
Edmundi, ecclesia Sancti, 25. 
Edmundi, libertas Sancti, 337, 

413, 414. 
Edmundo, Abbas de Sancto, 25, 

102, 125, 239, 329, 337, 

370, 401, 4ia 
Edmundo, Ricardus de Sancto^ 

Edmundus, 162, 368, 424. 
Edmundus, magister, 386. 
Edmundus filius Mari, 364. 
Ednothi filii Rogeri, Gerardus 

avunculus, 180. 
Ednot filius Osberti, 206. 
Ednot filius Rogeri, 206. 
Edolfus, et Matilda uxor ejus, 


Digitized by 




Edric, Waltenis filius, 96. 
Edric, Willielmus filius, 206. 
Edwardi, Elueua filia, 346. 
Edwardi, Johannes filius, 211. 
Edwardi, Rannulfus filius, 182. 
Edwardi, Yrsilia filia, 364. 
Edwardi de Caldeuelle, Ema filia, 

Edward FuUon, Isilia filia, 296. 
Edwardo, Abbatissa & Moniales de 

Sancto, 65. 
Edwardus, 211. 
Edwardus Rex, 414. 
Edwardus filius Gileberti, 292. 
Edwi, Hugo filius, 302. 
Edwinestf, hundredum de, 160, 

Edwini, Alei filius, 232, 300. 
Edwini, Rofferus filius, 123. 
Edwini, WfiJterus filius, 295. 
Effeld, feod milil in, 18. 
Egelina, 282. 
Egelton, Willielmus Bedett de, 


Eggeswrth, Willielmus de, 259. 
Egham, Gilebertus de, 285. 
Egidius nepos Walteri Prioris 

Sancti AndraeaB de Nor- 

haml, 449. 
Eia — curia honoris de, 13. 
Eie, Eustachius de, 281, 402. 
Eilehe, WiUielmus de, 365. 
EilUda vel Elilda, 84. 
Eilildae, Ricardus filius, 84. 
Einam, feod milil in, 321. 
Einebroc, essoii apud, 271. 
Einebroc, Robertus de, 271. 
Eineford, Beatricia de, 261, 364. 
Eineford, Ricardus de, 309. 
Eineford, Einesford, ITieobaldus 

de, 309, 449. 
Eineford, Einesford, Willielmus de, 

et Alienora mater ejus, 3, 4. 
Einesber', Abbas de, 430. 
Einesbroc, Robertus de, 325. 
Einesham, Einsham, Abbas de, 1 13, 

220, 374, 423. 
Eingeham, Priorissa de, 267. 
Eintorp, Hugo de, 134. 
Eistan, Willielraus de, 184. 

Eiston, Turstanus de, et Johannes 

frater ejus, 416. 
Eiton, 7. 

Ekenl, Johannes de, 2. 
Ekintoii, Johannes de, 283. 
Ekintoii, Stephanus de, 283. 
Ela uxor Willielmi de Marci, 351. 
Elchegetoii, terra, &c. in, 323. 
Elesdori, 236. 
Elfeini, Blakeman filius, 8. 
Elfcini, Godefridus filius, 8. 
Elfeini, Godericus filius, 8. 
Elgedoii, Willielmus de, 272. 

JjB/i, Eliens, ^c.) 
Eh — duellum apud, 125. 
Eliens, libertas, 177. 
Eliensis, Archidiaconus, 329. 
f^iensis, Episcopus, 34, 95, 176^ 

290, 368, 413. 
Eliensis, WiUielmus Episcopus, 67. 
Eliens Epi — curia, 34, 64. 
Eliensis — Senescallus Episcopi, 

329, 401. 
EH<B, Alanus filius, 382. 
Eliae, Alicia uxor, 253. 
Eliae, Enmia fiha, 188. 
Elice, Galfridus filius, 91. 
EHoB, Gillebertus filius, 146, 167. 
Eliae, Hugo fiHus, 14. 
EHae, Petrus filius, 285. 
Eliae, Silvester filius, 176. 
EHae, Simon fiHus, 64. 
EUiae, Walterus filius, 124. 
Eliae, WilHelmus filius, 22, 23. 
Elifie de Belton, Abillia filia et 

heres, 436. 
EHas, 143, 165, 281, 393. 
EHas Clericus de Hoxton, 338. 
Elias fiHus Adae, 45. 
EHas filius Bemardi, et AHcia uxor 

ejus, 293. 
EHas fiHus Morkier, 37. 
EHas filius Offgeri, 329. 
Elias filius Wahenjs, 53. 
Elias fiHus Widonis, 269. 
Elicot, Jordanus de, 240. 
EHlda vel Eililda, 84. 
EHn^, ecclesia de, 402. 
Eiingham, terra in, 373. 
EHnton, Hugo de, 230. 

Digitized by 




ElintoQ, Johannes de, 230. 
Eliot fiUus Willielmi, 239, 257. 
Elmcamp, Simon de, 52. 
Elmegardi, Aiwardus filius, 99. 
Elretun, lib tenementum in, 145. 
Eluena, 194. 

Eluena uxor Willielmi, 281. 
Elueua filia Edwardi, 346. 
Ema filia Edwardi de Caldeuelle, 

Ema uxor Roberti de Ouuitt, 17. 
EmsB, Willielmus filius, 282. 
Emee, Petrus frater Willielmi filii, 

Embiri, Willielmus de, 388. 
Emelin, feod milil in, 374. 
Emelina mater Clemends, 363. 
Emelina qu£e fuit uxor Roberti, 35 1 . 
Emefe, BLogerus de, 284. 
Emiton, Ricardus de, 227. 
Emma, 19. 
Emma filia Elias, 18a 
Emma mater Willielmi de Peri, 362. 
Emma soror Stephani, 403. 
Emma que fiiit uxor Johannis filii 

Adae, 239. 
Emma quae fuit uxor Johannis filii 

lyi, 452. 
Enrnia quae fuit uxor Radulphi 

filii Radulphi, 145. 
Enuna uxor Michaelis Belet, 254, 

Enrnia uxor Philippi de Burnham, 

147, 223, 365. 
Emma uxor Roberti Biunard, 140, 

Enuna uxor Roberti de Dunvifi, 

Emma uxor Roberti de Neovit, 

Emma uxor Turberni de Wroclnoii, 

Emma uxor Willielmi Daci, 234, 

Emma uxor Willielmi de Belag, 

Emmae, Walterus filius, 164. 
Emmce de Peri, Willielmus filius, 

et Fulko pater ejusdem 

Emmae, 26, 352, 362. 

Endon, Gilebertus de, 244. 
Enef, Teobaldus de, 230. 
Engainne, Henricus, 119. 
Engaine, Guda, 269. 
Engaine, Enganie, Engayn, Ricar- 

dus, 171, 184, 325, 373, 

375, 378, 431. 
Engaine, Robertus, 331, 376. 
Enganet, Rogerus, 6. 
Engelardi, Williehnus fiUus, 91. 
Engeram, Williehnus, 33, 100, 

Enxteswrth, Rogerus de, 289. 
Eoii fihus Radulphi, 171. 
Eon Serviens Willielmi de LoDgo 

Campo, 171. 
Epping, capella de, 327. 
Erdele, campi de, 159. 
Erdeleia, feod mili{ in^ 193. 
Erdington, esson apud, 258. 
Erdiue, Radulphus fillus, 235. 
Erewett, Williehnus de, 369. 
Erleton, Rogerus de, 378. 
Erling, esson apud, 259. 
Ermergarda, 152, 155, 156. 
Emergarda, Ermegard, vel Ej-men- 

geuda, quae fuit uxor Ads 

de Mandevi», 155, 166, 

360, 439. 
Ermingwurth, Ricardus de, 431. 
Ernaldi, Hugo filius, 276. 
Ernaldi, Riccirdus filius, 227. 
Ernaldus, 291, 431. 
Ernaldus filius Henrici, 171. 
Ernaldus fiUus Rannulphi, 302. 
Ernoldi, Gerardus filius, I88w 
Ernoldi, Ricardus filius, 301. 
Ernoldus filius Herberti, 168. 
Ernulf, Adam filius Roberti, 

Ernulfi, Adam filius, 97. 
Ernulphi, Robertus filius, 136. 
Erpefelde, Petrus de, 158. 
Eruis, Robertus filius, 274. 
Eruis, Williehnus filius, 347. 
Esbriham, Reginaldus de, 32. 
Escalers, Williehnus de, 271. 
Escalers, Sibilla de, 330, 331. 
Escalles, Robertus des, 125. 
Esceling, Johannes, 236. 

Digitized by 




Eschalers, Escalers, Hugo de, 176, 

Eschalers, Theobaldus de, 176. 

Eschirmers, Ricardus le, 208. 

Escodland, Escoldnd, Gaufiridus, 

Escorchebef, Dionisia, 165. 

Escotland, Escouiand, Gaufridus, 
189, 200. 

Eselberg, Henricus de, 384. 

Eshou, Engeleisa, 149. 

Eshou, Willielmus de, 149. 

Eskebi, Williehnus de, 397. 

Eskelingham, Johannes de, 395. 

Esketot, Hamo de, 200. 

Espania, Lewinus de, 25. 

Espauling, Johannes de, 283. 

E^)es, redditus in, 71. 

Espes, Ricardus des, 71. 

Espus, Jordanus filius, 1 13. 

Essarl, Ricardus de, 198. 

Esse, Radulphos de, et Matilda 
quae fuit uxor ejus, 370. 

Esse, Ricardus de, 228. 

Esse, Walterus de, 222. 

Esse, Williebnus de Landa de, 

Esse, Thomas filius et hoeres Ra- 
dulphide, 370. 

Essebi, Durandus de, 98. 

Essebi, Radulphus, Rannulphus, 
de, 85, 97, 98. 

Essebi, Willielmus filius Roberti 
de, 85. 

Esseleia, ecclesia de, 61. 

Esseleia, feodum de, 61. 

E^sseleia, Petrus de, 61. 

Elsselue, Radulphus de, Matilda 
quffi fuit uxor ejus, 397. 

Essete, Ricardus de, 32. 

Esseton, Radulphus de, 381. 

Essewelle, redditus in, 427. 

Essex, Esex, &c., 2, 5, 12, 20, 
22, 31, 41, 48, 49, 52, 
70, 74, 93, 94, 99, 120, 
121, 125, 127, 129, 144, 
145, 146, 147, 173, 178, 
181, 184, 188, 196, 197, 
200, 206, 221, 222, 223, 
225, 226, 2:30, 231, 232, 

Essex — cont. 

233, 241, 244, 245, 248, 
249, 251, 252, 253, 258, 
259, 262, 266, 267, 268, 
270, 282, 283, 286, 287, 
288, 289, 293, 295, 296, 
298, 299, 300, 305, 307, 
309, 310, 311, 313, 314, 
316, 318, 323, 325, 328, 
330, 332, 334, 335, 338, 
343, 344, 345, 347, 349, 
350, 351, 353, 354, 359, 
363, 364, 367, 368, 369, 
375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 
380, 383, 384, 385, 388, 
395, 396, 404, 405, 416, 
417, 418, 423, 425, 428, 
435, 437, 439, 441, 442, 
447, 448, 453. 

Essex — amerciamenta com, 173, 
178, 181, 184. 

Esse^ Vicecome^ 75. 

EsseSc, Boueriis in, 188. 

EsseSc, Gilebertus Foliot archidia- 
conus, 388. 

Essex, Magister Hospitat, 195. 

Essei, Esex, Henricus de, 93, 206. 

Essex, Radulphus de, 119. 

Essex, Willielmus de, 230. 

Essex filius Sweni, Robertus de, 

Essid de Thuang, Radulphus filius, 

Esswi, Stephanus, 425. 

Estdeii, terra in, 58. 

Estham, essoii apd, 292. 

Estham, Henricus de, et Beatrix 
soror ejus, 261, 292, 383. 

Estham, Walter de, 261. 

Estham, Williehnus de, 299. 

Estillebiri, redditus, &c, 385. 

Estlee, lliomas de, 222. 

Estleia, Estlee, terra, &c. in, 14^ 

Estmer frater Walteri Tirand, 

Elstodelesford, hundredum de, 183. 

Estok, Prior de, 372. 

Estoii, terra, &c. in, 341, 374, 

Digitized by 




Eston, Bernardus de, 126. 
Estofi, Henricus de, 112. 
Eston, Jordanus de, 431. 
Eston, Matheus de, 267, 373. 
EstoB, Radulphus de, 243. 
Eston, Robertus de, 303, 341, 374, 

Eston, Willielmus de, 341, 374, 

Eston, Matheus filius Odoni de, 

Estorp, terrae, &c. in, 343, 350. 
Estorp, Gaufridus de, 295. 
Estorpe, valor, &c., 206. 
Estf, Villata de, 204. 
Estre, Ricardus del, 297. 
Estre, Rogerusdel, 2, 114, 116. 
Estrilda, 151. 
Estrifl, Williehnns, et Alicia uxor 

ej«s, 423. 
Estrington, Adam de, 242. 
Estrinton, Ysilia de, 242. 
Estuild, 346. 
Esturmi, Hugo, 231, 343, 350, 

Esturmi, Hugo firater Radulphi, 

Esturmi, Johannes filius Hugonis, 

Esturmi, Walterus, 297. 
Estutevik, Hanselmus de, 132. 
EstwiS, Eistwicii, ecclesia de, 4, 7, 

Estwic, Johannes de, 396. 
Esweft, molendinum de, 159. 
Eswett, Elias de, 171. 
Eswett, Gilebertus de, 171. 
Esweit, Stephanus de, 171. 
Etfeld, Walterus de, 234. 
Etfled, feod milil, &c., 33a 
Ethere, Jacobus de, 290. 
Eton, ecclesia de, 142. 
Etton, terra, &c. in, 427. 
Etton, Priorissa de, 65. 
Eucroc, Elias, 416. 
Eudonis, Johannes filius, 394. 
Eueham, Galfridus de, 236. 
Euenton, Ricardus de, 96. 
Euerdon, Reginaldus de, 378. 
Euere, Hugo de, 331. 

Euereus, Walterus de, 14. 
Euerhench, Ricardus de, 327- 
Euerols, Cecilia de, 435. 
Euerset, Ricardus de, 340. 
Eugenia filia Alexandri filii Hen- 

rici, 311. 
Eugenii, Albreda filia, 306. 
Eugenius, 306, 384. 
Euiltarwegg, Eulterweg, Robertus, 

151, 354. 
Eurecurt, Herveius filius Leschild 

de, 180. 
{Eustacia vel Eustachia^ S^cJ) 
Eustacia soror Isold ux Walt de 

Tatishall, 432, 433. 
Eustachia uxor WilUrfmi le Bret, 

Eustachii, Ailmaricus filius, 379. 
Eustacii, Eustacius filius, 198, 200. 
Eustachii, Henricus filius, 243. 
Eustacii, Heruicus, Herveius, filius, 

284, 308, 321, 322, 336, 

404, 435, 436. 
Eustachii, Osbertus filius, 100. 
Eustacii, Serlo filius, 179, 203. 
Eustacii, Willielmus filius, 196. 
Eustachii de Cantebr, Herveius 

filius, 324, 
Eustachius, Eustacius, 171, 269, 

270, 272, 301. 
Eustacius, Magister, 368. 
Eustacius filius Eustacii, 198, 200. 
Eustacius filius Rogeri, 269. 
Eustacius filius Walteri, 291. 
Eustachius filius Willielmi, 281. 
EutoD, Ricardus de, et Beatrix 

uxor ejus, 427. 
Euueise, Jordanus le, 434. 
Euueise, Willielmus le, 255. 
Eva mater Roberti de Bosco, 275. 
Eva uxor Segari, 304. 
Eva uxor Roberti de Bosco, 373. 
Eva uxor Walteri de W^itefeld, 

Eva uxor Walteri de W^nelesfel^ 

Ev», Agnes filia, 425. 
Ev8B, Alanus filius, 114. 
Evae, Simon filius, 25, 34, 35, 75^ 
110, 125. 

Digitized by 




£verard, Ricardus, 290. 
Everardiy Petrus filius, 33. 
Everardi, Ricardus filius, 335. 
Everardi, Rogerus filius, 140, 141, 

Everardi, Willielmus filius, 278, 

Everardus, 57, 234. 
Everardus filius Ailmeri, 184. 
Everardus Irater Willielmi, 378. 
Everaudi, Robertus filius, 448. 
Everencii, Simon de, 325. 
Evereus, Cecilia de, 291. 
Everwic, Willielmus de, et Matilda 

uxor ejus, 285. 
Everwinus avunculus Hugonis de 

Fulebroc, 423. 
Evesham, Abbas de, 52, 439* 
Ewaldeshor, terra in, 378. 
Ewrestwich, Thomas de, 41. 
Pbcenet, homines de, 9. 
ExoS, Excestf, Canonici de, 118, 

Exoniensis, H. Episcopus, 140* 
Extranea, Emma, 223. 
Extraneus, Johannes, 13, 20, 23, 

24, 223, 365. 
Extraneus, Radulphus, 147. 
Extraneus, Robertus, 96. 
Eya, Eustachius de, 402. 


Faber, Alexander, 259. 

Faber, Aluredus, 324. 

Faber, Hugo, 187. 

Faber, Johannes, 216, 218, 401. 

Faber, Normannns, 181. 

Faber, Ricardus, 277, 400. 

Faber, Robertus, 214, 283. 

Faber, Rogerus, 179, 203, 204. 

Faber, Sigarus, 173. 

Faber, WUliehnus, 159. 

Faber de Rokesham, Reinerus, 

Fabri, Ricardus frater Aluredi, 

Fackeham, Johannes de, 136. 

Fad, Emaldus, 283. 
Fad, Willielmus le, 96. 
Faguotre, Robertus de, 123. 
Faite, Thomas la, 355. 
Fakinberge, Walterus de, 95. 
Falconarius, Henricus, 254. 
Falconarius, Henricus, et Amicia 

uxor ejus, 398. 
Falconarius, Henricus, et Annora 

uxor ejus, 317. 
Falconarius, Hugo, et Amicia uxor 

ejus, 240. 
Falconarius, Ricardus, 292. 
Faledon, Adam de, 258. 
Faleshangre, terra in, 146. 
Falesthorpe, Graufridus de, 9. 
Falkeberg, Eustachius de, 224. 
Falkeberg, Waiterus de, 442. 
Fambrig, Willielmus de, 26a 
Fambum, Walterus, 223. 
Fardinges, Ricardus de, 55. 
Farham, Willielmus filius, 132. 
Farnburgli, terra in, 307. 
Farnham, terra, &c. in, 371. 
Farsaus, Williehnus de, 376. 
Fastiherthe, Gilebertus, 152. 
Fat, Robertus, 293. 
Fauceliun, Faucelun, Bartholo- 

raeus, 185, 197. 
Fauceliun, Faucelium, Faucelin, 

Willielmus, 185, 190, 197, 

198, 207. 
Fauconburge, Faukinberge, Ste- 

phanus de, 38, 98. 
Fauconburge, Faukenberge, Wal- 

terus de, 41, 42. 
Faukenberge, Walterus de, et Ag- 

nes uxor ejus, 437, 442. 
Fauresham, Robertus de, 138. 
Faulham, terra de, 328. 
Fauuel, Ricardus, 268. 
Fauuel, Robertus, 272. 
Fauuel, Willielmus, 349. 
Faveresham, esson apud, 272. 
Faveresham, Faverisham, Faures- 

ham, Abbas de, 138^ 215, 

Fediua uxor Johannis de Berges, 

Fegge, Walterus, 261. 

RoT. CuR. Reo. 

K K 

Digitized by 




Feisant, Johannes^ 282. 
Fekinton, Hugo de, 32, 71. 
Feld, Matilda de la, 287. 
Feletorp, essoii apud, 101. 
Felicia uxor Hamonis, Hamonis, 

de Catesclive, Kattiscliue, 

282, 294, 295. 
Felicia uxor Jordani de Utelicot, 

Felicia uxor Lucse de Bnrfcesheved, 

Felmigham, Ysaac de, 323. 
Feltliam, villa vel manerinm d^ 

Fembrig, Fenbrig, Fenbrigge, Wil- 

liehnus de, 180, 231, 423- 
Fennes, Willielmus de, 249. 
Fer, Reginaldus, 263. 
Ferceden, Aliz de, 135. 
Fereles, Gaufridus de, 378» 
Fereres, Comes de, 327« 
Fering, Thomas de, 13. 
FerintoS, Henricus de, 284. 
Ferlam, Edmundus, 346. 
Ferleg, Ricardus de, 421. 
Ferles, esson apud, 225. 
Ferles, terra in, 443. 
Ferles, Gaufridus de, 375. 
Ferles, Johannes dc, 378^ 435. 
Ferles, Robertus de, 225, 259, 

Ferles, Ricardus pater Roberti dc, 

Ferlington, Waltenis de, 141. 
Fernet, manerium de, 13. 
Fernews, Robertus de, 267. 
Ferrariis, Radulphus de, 271. 
Ferrator, Thomas, 103. 
Ferrieres, Cecilia de, 92, 93. 
Ferur, Hubertus le, 69. 
Fescamp, Fescampo, Ricardus de, 

229, 305, 309, 311. 
Feskenges, feodum de, 32. 
Fesseus, Williehnus de, 233. 
FesterUng, Festling, BartholomaBUS 

de, 179, 202. 
Feugeres, Radulphus de, et Juliana 

uxor ejus, 38, 39. 
Feugeres, Robertus de, 45. 
Feugeris, Alanus de, 419. 

FfangefiPos, liberum tenementnm 

in, 145. 
Ficheth, Fichet, Thomas, 234, 275. 
FictoH, WilUehnus de, 100. 
Fide, Gilebertus de Saneta, 355. 
Fide, Williehnus de Sancta, a 
Fielforde, Petrus de, 185. 
Fifhide, ecelesia de, 130. 
Fifhide, Williehnus de, 130. 
Figge, Rogerus, 315. 
FiHa Adae, Margareta, 261. 
FiHa Ailwini, Matillida, 212. 
Filia Alexandri filii Henrid, At 

breda, 311. 
FiHa Alexandri fiUi Henrici, Eo- 

genia, 311. 
FiHa Alexandri de Fumaos, Alina, 

Filia Alexandri de WiDArcaffl; 

Laureta, 395. 
FiHa Alwini, Alicia, 351. 
Filia Anegod, Gila, 44a 
Filia Auieise, Alicia, 323. 
Filia Crisdanfe uxoris CarpcBCarii 

Leonis, Alicia, 210. 
Filia Cristianae uxoris Carp^iteii 

Leonis, Augnes, 210. 
FiHa Edmundi, AHcia, 342. 
FiHa Edwardi, Elueue, 346. 
FiHa Edwardi, Yrsilia, 364. 
FiHa Edwardi de CaldeueUe, Ema, 

Filia Edwardi FuUon, IsUia, 296. 
FiHa EHae, Emma, 18a 
FUia et heres EUae de Belton, 

AbUUa, 436. 
FiHa Eugenii, Albreda, 306. 
FiHa Evffi, Agnes, 425. 
FiUa Gaufi-idi, Agnes, 232, 270. 
FUia Gileberti de Linton, Madlda^ 

FiHa Godefridi, MatiUida, 58. 
FiHa Hamonis, BaaUUa, 443. 
FiHa Henrici, Agnes, 246. 
FiUa Henrici Andegavensis, Ag- 

nes, 250. 
FiHa Henrieide Walde^ Agnes, 305. 
FiUa Herevici, AUcia, 36. 
FiUa Hervei, CeciUa, 35, 36. 
FUia Herwei, Goda, 10«, 107. 

Digitized by 




Filia Hug^miB, Cecilia, 399, 431. 
Filia Hugonis de Candos, Juliana, 

Filia Hugonis de Plaiz, Helewisa, 

Filia Johannis de Wik^ Agatha, 

Filia Joscelini, Amicia, 222. 
Filia LaureUe Picot, Isabella, 251. 
Filia Leuerici, Wimarcia, 149. 
Filia Martini, Juliana, 212. 
Filia Matillidae, Juliana, 187. 
Filia Michaelis, Alicia, 344, 350. 
Filia Nicholai, Basilia, 62. 
Filia Osmundi, Alicia, 348. 
Filia Petri, Mabilia, 274. 
Filia Rannulphi, Godeleua, 447. 
Filia Reginaldi de la Manebrigg, 

Margareta, 383. 
Filia Ricardi, Adelina, 299. 
Filia Ricardi, Matilda, 356. 
l^ilia Ricardi Laban, Sarra, 385. 
Filia Roberti, Luciana, 442. 
Filia Roberti Walensis, Petronilla, 

Filia Rogeri, Roesia, 198. 
Filia Simonis, Petronilla, 437, 438, 

Filia Siwardi, Alicia, 159. 
Filia Swein, Beatrix, 428. 
Filia Walteri, Albrea, 422. 
Filia Walteri, Margareta, 114. 
Filia Walteri Puiniant, Anna, 178, 

Filia Warini, Ascelina, 346. 
Filia Warini, Ysmeina, 369, 398. 
Filia Willielmi, Alicia, 313, 314, 

FUiaWillieimi,Matilda, 313,314. 
Filia Willielmi de Chiuili, Sarra, 

Filiffi Alexandri de Windrevitt, Ro- 

bertus frater Lauretic, 395» 
Filiae Ricardi, Robertusfrater Aug- 

netis, 155. 
Filii Bartholomaei, Simon frater 

Rogeri, 236, 289. 
Filii Bernardi, Johannes et Os- 

mundus, 360. 
Filii Dauie, Fulko filius Rogeri, 35. 

Filii Emae, Petrus frater WiUielmi, 

Filii Gervasii, Jordanus frater Wil- 

lielmi, 267. 
Filii Guidonis, Ricardus filius Wil- 

lielmi, 25. 
Filii Henrici, Albreda filia Alex- 

andri, 311. 
Filii Henrici, Eugenia filia Alex- 

andri, 311. 
Filii Herberti, Johannes filius Wal- 

teri, 442. 
Filii Hugonis, Hugo filius Radulphi, 

Filii Legard", Gilebertus frater 

Godefridi, 262. 
Filii Lem, Radulphus filius Radul- 

phi, 182. 
Filii Luce, Robertus filius Williel- 

mi, 180. 
Filii Mathei, Abraham frater Hu- 

gonis, 404. 
Filii Philippi, Stephanus filius Ri- 

cardi, 234. 
Filii Radulphi, Regnerus fi:ater 

Wilhelmi, 425. 
Filii Radulphi, Ricardus firater 

Willielmi, 256. 
Filii Radulphi, Walterus filius Ra- 

dulphi, 268. 
Filii Roberti, Alanus frater Williel- 

mi, 42a 
Filii Roberti, Johannes fi:Bter Cle- 

mentis, 22a 
Filii Roberti, Johannes frater Ni- 

cholai, 411. 
Filii Roberti, Johannes frater Ro- 

berti, 34. 
Filii ftoberti, Rogerus filius Nicho- 

lai, 121. 
Filii Rogeri, Gerardus avunculus 

Ednothi, 180. 
Filii Simonis, In^eramus frater 

Roberti, 33. 
Filii Turlac, Thomas filius Radu!- 

phi, 22a 
Filii Uri, Nicholaus filius Jordani, 

Filii Willielmi, Walterus firater Ni- 

cholai, 179. 

K K 2 

Digitized by 




FUii WiUielmi, WilUelmus filius 

YsabeUae, 330. 
FUii WUUelmi, Warinus frater Gau- 

fridi, 178. 
FUii WiUielmi de Bemflet, WiUiel- 

mus fiUus Willielmi, 31. 
FUii YsabeUae, WUUelmus fiUus 

WUlielmi, 330. 
FUiolus, BaUdiwinus velBaldwinus, 

FUius Absalonis, Absolonis, Absa- 

lofi, Absolon, 326, 422, 

Filius Acardi, Robertus, 117. 
FiUus Aceri, Johannes, 168, 170, 

FUius Achari, Robertus, 435. 
Filius Adae, Adam, 33, 100, 271. 
FUius Adae, Alexander, 194. 
FiUus Adae, Elias, 43. 
FUius Adae, Gaufi-idus, 177. 
FUius Adae, GUebertus, 183, 200, 

Filius Adae, Johannes, 179, 233. 
FiUus Adae, Johannes — et Emma 

quie fiiit uxor ejus, 239. 
FiUus Adae, Jordanus, 233. 
Filius Adae, Nicholaus, 138. 
Filius AdflB^ PhiUppus, 121. 
FUius Adae, Radulphus, 286. 
FUius Adae^ Rannulphus, 77. 
FiUus Adae^ Reinerus, 7, 32, 43. 
FiUusAdae^ Ricardus, 149. 
FiUus Adae, Robertus, 149, 400. 
FUius Adae, Simon, 270. 
Filius Adae, Stephanus, 233. 
FUius Adae, Thomas, 279. 
Filius Adae, Walterus, 88. 
FUius Adae, Willielmus, 227," 275, 

302, 401, 406. 
FUius Adae de Breideston, Adam, 9. 
FUius Adae de Sancto Albano, Ni- 

cholaus, 170. 
Filius Agneds, Adam, 133. 
FUius Agnetis, Walterus, 104. 
FUius Agnetis, WUUehnus, 79. 
FiUus Ailbemi, Ricardus, 172. 
Filius AUberti, Thomas, 394. 
FiUus Ailboni, Robertus, 296. 
FiUus AUef, WUliehnus, 237. 

IlUus Ailmeri, f^verardos, 184^ 
Filius AUmeri, Radulphus, 184. 
FiUus AUnod, Johannes, 384. 
FiUus AUnoA, GUbertus, 195, 

Illius Ailnothi, WUUelmns, 364. 
Filius Ailwardi, Johannes, 171. 
FUius Ailwardi, Rogenis, 212. 
FiUus AUwardi, Thomas, 305. 
FiUus Ailwini, Radulphus, 218w 
Filius Ailwini, Reginaldus, 246. 
Filius AUwini, WUlielmus, 153. 
FUius AUwini Pincemae, Radid- 

phus, 216. 
FUius Akari, Robertns, 439. 
FiUus Alani, Alanus, 98^ 
Filias Alani, Brianus, 6. 
FUius Alani, Hugo, 131, 244. 
Filius Alani, HumfHdus, 275. 
Filius Alani, Radulpbus, 116. 
FUius Alani, Ricardus, 314^ 377. 
FUius Alani, Robertus, 238» 417, 

FiUus Alani, Rogerus, 171. 
FUius Alani, Walterus, 252, 286, 

FUius Alardi, Qemena, 249. 
FiUus Alardi, Rogerus, 249. 
FUius Alardi, WiUieimus, 297. 
FiUus Alardi RufB, Clemens, 33K 
FUius Alberedi, jEdmundus, 2ia 
FUius Alberti, Rogerus, 238. 
Filius Albree, Walterus, 172. 
Filius Aldani, Ricardus, 416. 
FUius Alexandri, Radulphus, 128L 
FiUus Alexandri, Tiiomas, 152. 
FUius Alexandri, Waltems, 18t2. 
FUius Alexandri, WiUielmus, 1501, 

Filius Algari, Ricardos, 210. 
Filius Algari, Thomas, 171. 
FUius Algari, Walterus, 280. 
FiUus Aiicias, Adam, 372. 
Filius Aliciae, Gaufridus, 210.. 
FUius Aliciae, Gilbertus, 370. 
FUius Alicias, Ricardus, Richardas» 

69, 343, 350. 
FiUus Aliciae, Robertus, 378w 
FUius Aliciae, W^lUelmus, 70. 
FiUus AJicioe^ > 74. 

Digitized by 














Alin, Simon, 338. 
Allgari, Thomas, 150. 
Alnoti, Rogerus, 209. 
Alueue, Johannes, 211, 238, 

Aluredi, Martinus, 396. 

Aluredi, Martinus, et Ma- 

tUda qu£e fuit uxor ejus, 


Aluredi, Reginaldus, 326. 
Aluredi, Robertus, 8. 

Aluredi, WiUielmus, 173, 

347, 378, 441. 
Alurici, Ricardus, 268. 
Alurici, Rogerus, 119, 12a 
Alwardi, Thomas, 311. 
Alwini, Reginaldus, 249. 

AmbrosU, Robertus, 157, 

Ambrosii de Perindoii, Ro- 

bertus, 338. 

Andraeae, Andreeas, 453. 
Andraese, WiUiebnus, 173, 


Angelli, Robertus, 254. 
Angnetis, Johannes, 105. 
Angod, Walweinus, 17, 18. 
AnselU, Galfridus, 233. 
Amaldi, Petrus, 443. 
Arteri, Hugo, 37. 
Arturi, Williehnus, 122, 123. 
Asci, Asce, 437. 
Ascelini, Radulphus, 294. 
Ascelini, Robertus, 362, 440, 


Aselac, Paganus, 187. 
Asketini, WiUiehnus, 281. 
Auchelli Pincemse, Jordanus, 


AuchetUU, Nicholaus, 202. 
Audelini, WiUielmus, 40. 
Aufridi, GUbertus, 116. 
Augeri, Gaufridus, 172. 
Augeri, Henricus, 317. 
Augeri, Ricardus, 193, 266. 
Augeri, Rogerus, 317, 318, 


Augeri, WiUielmus, 184. 
Auggodi, Wido, 378- 
Augnetis, Willielmus, 172. 

FUius AuketUi, Radulphus, 172. 
Filius Auketili, Robertus, 15. 
FUius Auketilli, Stephanus, 253. 
FUius Auketili, WUIielmus, 213, 

227, 229, 302, 412, 448. 
FUius Azonis, Radulphus, 121. 
FUius Azur, Azef, Reginaldus, 221, 

FUius Azur, Rogerus, 343. 
FUius BaUhurl, Hamo, 353. 
Filius Baldewini, Alexander, 193, 

FUius Baldewini, Baldeiwnus, 158, 

FiUus Baldewini, Galfridus, Gau- 

fridus, 305, 311. 
Filius Baldewini, Ricardus, 264. 
Filius Baldrici, Baldricus, 329. 
FUius Baldrici, Robertus, 343, 

FUius Baldrici, WUIiehnus, 353. 
FiUus Bartholomflei, Gilebertus, 

Filius Bartholomaei, Hugo, 27a 
FiUus Bartholomffii, Lucas, 191. 
FiUus Bartholomaei, Radulphus, 

FiUus Bartholomaei, Ricardus, 2, 

FUius Bartholomaei, Rogerus, 236, 

FiUus Bartholomaei, Stephanus, 

Filius Bartholomaei de Walsinham, 

Radulphus, 316. 
FiUus BartholomaBi de Walsinham, 

Stephanus, 316. 
Filius Bamii, 70. 
FUius BasUiae de Redbum, Gau- 

fridus, 165. 
Filius BasUii, Ricardus, 428. 
Filius Beatricis de Berdestapt, Ri- 

cardus, 332. 
FUius Belengeri, Nicholaus, 171. 
FUius Beraidi, Ricardus, 183. 
FUius Bernardi, Alanus, 437. 
FiUus Bemardi, EUas, et Alina uxor 

ejus, 29a 
FUius Bemardi, Gaufridus, 151. 
Filius Bemardi, Helias, 262. 

K K 3 

Digitized by 




Filius Bernardi, Henricus, 27. 
Filius Bemardi, Hugo, 364. 
Filius Beraardi, Johaimes, 172. 
Filius Bemardi, Osmundus, 360. 
Filius Bemardi, Radulphus, 291. 
Filius Bemardi, Reginaldus, 298. 
Filius Bemardi, Thomas, 5. 
Filius Bemardi, Walterus, 242, 

Filius Bemardi, Willielmus, 187. 
Filius Bernardi de Brailes, Hen- 

ricus, 76. 
Filius Beroldi, Matlieus, 186. 
Filius Berolfi, Brianus, 432. 
Filius Bertiii, Ricardus, 453. 
Filius Bertram, Ricardus, 304, 

Filius Beuc, Radulphus, 270. 
Filius Bigan, Ricardus, 243. 
Filius Bond, Albertus, 398. 
Filius Bond, Walterus, 171. 
Filius Brieni, Radulphus, 403. 
Filius BmS, Martinus, 262. 
Filius Bmn, Reginaldus, 26a 
Filius Bured, Hugo, 29. 
Filius Canei, Walterus, 257. 
Filius Capellani, Adam, et Alicia 

uxor ejus, 393. 
Filius Christianfie, Philippus, 333, 

Filius Clerenbaud, Simon, 266. 
Filius Colebrand, Colebrant, Simon, 

277, 281. 
Filius Coleman, Herveus, 173. 
Filius Cora, Ricardus, 2. 
Filius Curteis, Gilebertus, 280. 
Fiiius lySj Walterus, 195. 
Filius Daie, Ricardus, 324, 346. 
Filius David, Ricardus, 165, 220, 

Filius IVi, Johannes, 452. 
Filius Doreserl, Robertus, 212. 
Filius Draconis, Osbertus, 269. 
Filius Droc, Drogonis, Draconis, 

Driun, Ackm,- 119, 257, 

270, 284, 371, 399, 434. 
Filius Dmi, Gerardus, 100. 
Filius Durandi, Ricardus, 230, 

Filius Durandi, Thomas, 261. 

Filius Durandi, Willielmus, 26a 
Filius Edgari, Johannes, 269. 
Filius Edithae, Radulphus, 275. 

Filius Edithae, , 81. 

Filius Edmundi, Martinus, 212. 
Filius Exlmundi, Ricardus, 185. 
Filius Edrici, Walterus, 96. 
Filius Edrici, Williehnus, 206. 
Filius Edwardi, Johannes, 211. 
Filius Edwardi, Rannulfus, 182. 
Filius Edwi, Hugo, 302. 
Filius Edwiii, Alexander, 232, 

Filius Edwini, R^^ros, 123. 
Filius Edwini, Waltenis, 295. 
Filius Eiliidas, Ricardus, 84. 
Filius Elfeini, Blakeman, a 
Filius Elfeini, Godefridus, a 
Filius Elfeini, Godericus, a 
FiHus Eliae, Alanus, 382. 
Filius Elifie, Galfridus, 91. 
Filius Eliae, Gilbertus, Gillebertxi% 

146, 167. 
Filius Eliae, Hugo, 14. 
Filius Eliae, Petrus, 285. 
Filius ElifiE, Silvester, 176. 
Fiiius Eliae, Simon, 64. 
Filius Eliae, Walterus, 124. 
Filius Eliae, Williehnus, 22, 2a 
Filius Elmegardae, Aiwardus, 99. 
Filius Emae, Willielmus, 282. 
Filius Emmae, Walterus, 164. 
Filius Emmae de Peri, Willielmiis, 

Filius Engelardi, Walklinus, 91. 
Filius Erdiue, Radulphus, 235. 
Filius Emaldi, Hugo, 276. 
Filius Ernaldi, Ricardus, 227. 
Filius Emoldi, Gerardus, 18a 
Filius Emoldi, Ricardus, 301. 
Filius Emulfi, Adam, 97. 
Filius Emulphi, Robertus, 136. 
Filius Emis, Robertus, 274. 
Filius Eruis, Willielmus, 347. 
Filius Espus, Jordanus, 1 la 
Filius Essui de Thuang, Radiil- 

phus, 12a 
Filius Eudonis, Johannes, 394. 
Filius Eustachii, Ailmaricus, 379. 
Filius Eustacii, Eustacius, 198, 20a 

Digitized by 




Filius Eustachii, Henricus, 243. 
Filius Eustacii, Heruicus, Her- 

veius, Herveus, 284^ 308, 

321, 322, 336, 404, 435, 

Filius Eustachii, Osbertus, 100. 
Filius Eustacii, Serlo, 179, 203. 
Filius Eiistacii, WiUielmus, 196. 
Filius Eustachii de Cantebf, Her- 

veius, 324. 
Filius EvflB, Alanus, 114. 
Filius Evae, Simon, 25, 34, 75, 

110, 125. 
Filius Everardi, Petrus, 33^ 
Filius Everardi, Ricardus, 335. 
Filius Everardi, Rogerus, 140, 141, 

Filius Everardi, Willielmus, 278, 

Filius Everandi, Robertus, 448. 
Filius Farhana, Willielmus, 132. 
Filius l^lorencii, Johannes, 294. 
Filius Folconis, Theodbaldus, 169. 
Filius Fretherici, Willielmus, 64. 
Filius Fromundi, Wolvemus, 299. 
Filius Fulberti, Sewale, 64. 
Filius Fulcheri, Henricus, 19a 
FiHus Fulcheri, Johannes, 72. 
Filius Fulconis, Cralfridus, Gaufri- 

dus, 233, 236, 260, 271, 

Fdius Fulconis, Martinus, 303. 
Filius Fulconis, Theobaldus, et 

Alienora uxor ejus, 8. 
Filius Fulkonis, Willielmus, 17. 
Filius Fulkonis pater Henrici, 

Henricus, 64, 65. 
Filius Garini, Osmundus, 131. 
Filius Garini, Robertus, 142. 

(Gaufridi, Galfridi, §-c.) 
Filius Gaufridi, Adam, 152. 
Filius Galfridi, Ailwardus, 212. 
Filius Galfridi, Gaufridi, Alanus, 

56, 245. 
Filius Gaufridi, G., 333. 
Filius Galfridi, Galfridus, Geufri- 

dus, 146, 177, 231, 252, 

275, 287, 328, 395, 401. 
Fih'u8 Galfridi, Gerardus, 42. 
Filius Gaufridi, Halanus, 248. 














Gaufridi, Henricus, 306, 


Gaufridi, Johannes, 172. 
Gaufridi, Ivo, 230. 
Galfridi, Josephus, 109. 
Gaufridi, Laurencius, 275. 
Gaufridi, Nicholaus, 244. 
Gaufridi, Petrus, 271. 

Galfridi, Gaufridi, Radul- 

phus, 106, 107, 119, 269, 

371, 382, 437. 
Gaufridi, Robertus, 443. 
Galfridi, Willielmus, 76, 131, 

166, 240, 259, 288, 293, 

294, 332. 
Galfridi Cheure, WiUielmus, 


Gaufridi de Hachetornd, 

WiUielmus, 126. 
Gensi, Hugo, 331. 
Gei', Thomas, 104. 
Genddi, Warinus, 171. 
Gerardi, Adam, 287, 407. 
Gerardi, Rannulphus, 447. 
Gerardi, Ricardus, 200, 201, 

248, 251, 252. 
Gerardi, Robertus, 330. 
Gerardi, Walterus, 212. 
Gerardi, WiUielmus, 184, 

195, 205. 
Gerardi de Hacham, Gile- 

bertus, 198. 
Geroldi, Gerardus, 126. 
Geroldi, Henricus, 198. 
Geroldi, Willielmus, lOa 
Gervasii, WUHelmus, 267. 
Giflkrdi, Gaufridus, 447. 
Gileberti, Edwardus, 292. 
Gileberti, Radulphus, 153, 

GUberti, Robertus, 119, 272, 

Gilberti, Rogerus, 226, 263, 

Gileberti, Walterus, 292, 

Gilberti, Warinus, 304. 

Gileberti, Gileberti, Wil- 

Helmus, 243, 306, 312, 


K K 4 

Digitized by 




FiUus Gaeberti de Coleuitt, Williel. 

mus, 328, 329. 
Filius Gilberti Flandr, Herbertus, 

Filius Gileberti de Glemham, Ro- 

bertus, 128. 
Filius Gileberti de Hida, Johannes, 

Filius Gilleberti, Ricardus Mabbe- 

don, 432. 
Filius Godefridi, Alanus, 170. 
Filius Godefridi, Johannes, 12, 299, 

376, 380, 393, 437. 
Filius Godefridi, Simon, 172. 
Filius Godefridi, Williehnus, 151, 

227, 228, 257, 333. 
FiUus Godefridi de Ecleshol, Jo- 

hannes, 240. 
Filius Godid, Nicholaus, 151. 
Filius Godrici, Robertus, 346. 
Filius Godwi, Rofferus, 61. 
Filius Godwici, Williehnus, 239. 
FiUus Godwmi, Albricius, 272, 296. 
Filius Godwini, Henricus, 116. 
Filius Godwini, Johannes, 72. 
Fihus Godwini, Ketet, 346. 
FiHus Godwini, Reginaldus, 101. 
FUius Godwmi, Robertus, 287. 
FiUus GodwiniwZGodewini, Simon, 

FiUus Godwini, Ricardus, 179. 
FUius Godwini, WUUelmus, 202, 

206, 346. 
FiUus Gosce, Thomas, 133. 
FiUus GosceUni, Amisius, 221. 
FUius Gospatric, Rogerus, 10. 
FiUus GregorU, WiUiehnus, 44, 49, 

FUius Guberti, Robertiis, 199. 
FiUus Gudredi, Odo, 88. 
FUius Guidonis, WiUielmus, et 

Christiana mater ejus, 73. 
FiUus Giiiscard, Robertus, 343. 
FUius Gundredi, Simon, 243. 
FiUus Guniti Heming, Ide, 92. 
FUius Gunl, GUebertus, 326, 399. 
FiUus Gwidonis, Ricardus, 110. 
FUius Gwidonis, WUUehnus, 43. 
FiUus Haconi, Laurencius, 303. 
FiUus Haldeloc, Waherus, 41. 

FiUus Hamani de Sirebum, WU- 

Uehnus, 213. 
FUius Hamonis, Hamo, 77, 81, 84, 

85, loa 
FiUus Hamonis, Nicholaus, 222. 
Filius Hamonis, Paganus, 284. 
Filius Hamonis, Rc^maldus, 290. 
FiUus Hamonis, Ricardus, 246, 

249, 310, 351, 417. 
FUius Hamonis, Saman, 106. 
FiUus Hamonis, Walterus, 253, 


FiUus Hamonis, , 220. 

Filius Haraldi, Waltenis, 102. 
FiUus Harding, WUUehnus, 22a 
FUius HeUewiS, Robertus, 172. 
FiUus Helewis, Johannes, 414. 
FUius Helewise, Radulphus, 20. 
FiUus Hele....... 70. 

FiUus HeUae, WUUehnus, 362. 
FiUus Henrici, Alexand^, 306, 

FUius Henrici, Emaldus, 171. 
FiUus Henrici, Godwinus, 350. 
FiUus Henrici, Gmdo, 344. 
FiUus Henrici, Guiot, 130. 
FiUus Henrici, Hugo, 302. 
FiUus Henrici, Petnis, 2, 10. 
FUius Henrici, Radulphus, 299. 
FiUus Henrici, Rannuiphus, 119. 
Filius Henrici, Ricardus, 21 1,265, 

405, 415. 
FUius Henrici, Robertus, 75, 117. 
FiUus Henrici, Rogerus, 132. 
FUius Henrici, Wdterus, 271. 
FiUus Henrici, Wido, 433. 
Filius Henrici, Willielmus, 230, 

259, 317, 318, 369, 388, 

FUius HenricideCheuelingewurdei 

Henricus, 116. 
FiUus Henrici de Clen^ Ricardus, 

FUius Henrici majoris London', 

Petrus, 432. 
FiUus Herberti, Alanus, et Goda 

uxor ejus, 54. 
FiUus Herberti, Emoldus, 16a 
FUius Herberti, Henricus fiUus, 
I 54. 

Digitized by 




Filius Herberti, Herbertus, 37, 

Filius Herberti, Herebertus, 115. 
Filius Herberti, Hereberti, Ma- 

theus, 239, 397. 
Filius Herberti, Matheus, et Jo- 

hanna uxor ejus, 313. 
Filius Herberti, Petrus, 37. 
Filius Herberti, Radulphus, 408. 
Filius Herberti, Robertus, 32, 

Filius Herberti, Simon, 224. 
Filius Herberti de HodesdeS, Ar- 

nulfus, 161. 
Filius Heremanis de Brokesbume, 

Brokesboume, Henricus, 

Filius Hereuic, Henricus, 206. 
Filius Herevici, Willielmus, 34, 

Filius Herevici, Osbertus — Wil- 

liebnus Clericus ejus, 44. 
Filius Herewardi, Petrus, 99. 
Filius Herewardi, Reginaidus, 4. 
Filius Herewardi Cogfa Grifiun, 

Filius Herlewin, Radulphus, 20. 
Filius Hemaldi de Herlawe, Wil- 

iieknus, 354. 
Filius Hertdewini, Hereman, 206. 
Filius Herum, Williehnus, 42a 
Filius Hervei, Henricus, 180. 
Filius Hervei, Johannes, 172. 
Filius Hervei, Heruei, Herui, Os- 

bertus, 226, 263, 309, 329, 

366, 405, 452. 
Filius Hervei, Williehnus, 399, 413. 
Filius Hervi, Reginaldus, 448. 
Fihus Hildegai', Willielmus, 394. 
Filius Hose), Henricus, 221. 
Filius Huberti, Hubertus, 12. 
Filius Huberti, Ricardus, 12, 178, 

183, 197, 239, 332, 428. 
Filius Huberti, Robertus, 245. 
Filius Huberti, WiUielmus, 18a 
Filius Hugant, Williehnus, 295. 
Filius Hugonis, Aitrop vel Ate, 

98, 283, 371, 404. 
Filius Hugonis, Ascerus, 382. 
Filius Hugonis, Henricus, 410. 

Filius Hugonis, Hugo, 139, 231, 

Filius Hugonis, Johannes, 15, 75, 

164, 255, 275, 342, 349. 
Filius Hugonis, Nicholaus, 16, 17, 

Filius Hugonis, Osbertus, 110. 
Filius Hugonis, Radulphus, 288, 

406, 407, 408. 
Filius Hugonis, Reginaldus, 258. 
Filius Hugonis, Ricardus, 244. 
Filius Hugonis, Rogerus, 252, 278, 

285, 385. 
Filius Hugonis, Willielmus, 275, 

343, 349, 361. 
FUius Hugotiis fil' Burred, Radul- 

phus, 29. 
Filius Hugonis de Budeho, Rober- 

tus, 437. 
Filius Hugonis Esturmi, Johannes, 

Filius Hugonis le Mazun, Hugo, 

Filius Hugonis de Polsted^ Hugo, 

Filius Humfridi, Rogerus, 75. 
Filius Humfridi, WiBielmus, 355. 
Filius Jacobi, Johannes, 185. 
Filius Jacobi, Radulphus, 299. 
Filius Jekel', Robertus, 108. 
Filius Ingelardi, Walkelinus, 123, 

Filius Ingulfi, Radulphus, 42a 
Filius Joce, Williehnus, 302. 
Filius Johannis, Benedictus, 240. 
Filius Johannis, Gaufridus, 279. 
Filius Johannis, Gileberttis, 278. 
Filius Johannis, Johannes, 149, 

167, 220, 302. 
Filius Johannis, Jordanus, 105. 
Filius Johannis, Lucas, 87, 134. 
Filius Johannis, Petrus, 187. 
Filius Johannis, Radulphus, 360, 

Filius Johannis, Ricardiis, 234. 
Filius Johannis, Robertus, 296, 

325, 328. 
Filius Johannis, Thomas, 172, 

Filius Johannis, Walterus, 109. 

Digitized by 




Filius Johaiinis, Warinus, 165, 
Filius Johannis, Willielmus, 93, 

158, 220, 256, 266, 296, 

333, 364. 
Filius Johannis de Brainton, Wil- 

lielmus, 285. 
Filius Johannis de Hamton, Simon, 

Filius Johannis Pincemae, Lucas, 

Filius Johannis Presbyteri de Wal- 

ter, Theobaldus, 92. 
Filius Johannis de Suleui, Has- 

cuillus, 310, 
Filius Jokelis, Johannes, 125. 
Filius Jordani, Ricardus, 123. 
Filius Jordani, Williehnus, 270. 
Filius Jordani filii Uri, Nicholaus, 

Filius luete, Ricardus, 100. 
Filius luete, Robertus, 61. 
Filius Jukelis, Johannes, 109. 
Filius Jukelis, Rogerus, 129. 
Filius Jurdani, Bartholomeus, 117. 
Filius Jurdani, Ricardus, 143. 
Filius Ivonis, Philippus, 281. 
Filius Ivonis, Willielmus, 100. 
Filius Kensi, Hugo, 273. 
Filius Ketel, Gaufridus, 247. 
Filius Lamberti, Godebaidus, 305, 

Filius Lamberti, Johannes, 187. 
Filius Lamberti, Ranulfus, 332. 
Filius Lefberd, Hugo, 19. 
Filius Lefchild, Robertus, 206. 
Filius Leftvini, Hugo, 129. 
Filius LegarcU, Leggardi, Gille- 

bertus, 306, 312. 
Filius Legardi, Leggardi, Godefri- 

dus,. 262, 292. 
Filius Lemenac, Robertus, 240. 
Filius Leschild de Eurecurt, Her- 

veius, 180. 
Filius Leticiae , Rogerus de 

Marenni, 173. 
Filius Leuene, Johannes, 159. 
Filius Leveneth, Robertus, 300. 
Filius Liolfi, Thomas, 377. 
Filius Liuingi, Adam, 307. 
Filius Liul^ Thomas, 295, 322. 














Louenath, Rogerus, 181. 
Lucae, Gillbertus, 255. 
Lucae, Robertus, 179, 221, 

Lucae, Willielmus, et Cris- 

tiana uxor ejus, 122. 
Luvet, Fulko, 22. 
Mabil, MabiUae, Johannes, 

235, 275. 

Malci, Petrus, 114. 
Maf, Petrus, 116. 
Martini, Albertus, 367. 
Martini, Edmundus, 364. 
Martini, Waltenis, 271. 
Martini, WiUielmus, 267. 
Mathaei, Hugo, 241, 404, 

Mathaei, Radulphus, 152, 


Mathaei, Willielmus, 135, 


Mathiae, Willielmus, 36. 
Matillidae, Alexander, 150. 

MatillidaB, Henricus, 21, 

149, 156. 
MatillidflB, Matilldae, Hugo, 

117, 363. 
Matillidae, Richardus, 13a 

MatiUidae, Robertus, 194, 

305, 311. 

Matilldae, Willielmus, 36a 
Matildae de Aldham, Hald- 

ham, Nicholaus, 330, 403. 
Maugeri, Johannes, 23a 
Mauricii, Gilebertus, 192. 
Mauricii, Jordanus, 249. 
Mauricii, Robertus, 295. 
Mauricii, Walterus, 417. 
Mauricii, Williehnus, 310, 


Mauricii de Dodene, Her- 

veus, 105. 

Michaelis, Hugo, 59. 
Michaelis, Martinus, 301. 
Milonis, Rogenis, 21. 
Milonis, Simon, 265. 
Milonis, Williehnus, 224, 

258, 294. 

Miloi, Ricardus, 23a 
Morel, Radulphus, 198. 
Morkier, Eiias, 37. 

Digitized by 




Filius Nicholai, David, 271, 
Filius Nicolai, Johannes, 247, 

Filius Nicolai, Radulphus, 232. 
Filius Nicholai, Ricardus, 102, 

118, 288- 
Filius Nicholai, Rogenis, 225, 287, 

Filius Nicolai, Sunon, 234, 278, 

Filius Nicholai, Wiilielmus, 242. 
Filius Nicholai filii Roberti, Ro- 

gerus, 121. 
Filius Nicholai de Winbis, Elias 

cocus, 183. 
Filius Nigelli, Ricardus, 112, 128, 

130, 328, 426. 
Fihus Nigelli, Robertus, 150, 344, 

350, 391. 
Filius Nigelli, Williehnus, 89, 303, 


Filius Normanni, , 372. 

Filius Normanni, Ricardus, 201. 
Filius Normanni, Swein, 238. 
Filius Normanni, Wein, 300. 
Filius Normanni, Willielmus, 200, 

201, 296, 298. 
Filius Odonis, Matheus, 129, 430, 

Filius Odonis, Nicholaus, 306, 312, 

Filius Odonis, Robertus, 151, 176. 
Filius Odonis, Robertus, et Ma- 

tilda uxor, 190. 
Filius Odonis, Tliomas, 109, 225. 
Filius Odonis, Walterus, 164. 
Filius Odonis, Willielmus, 73, 306, 

Filius Odonis de Elstoii, Matheus, 

Filius Odonis de Karno, Williel- 

mus, 20. 

Filius Odonis, ^, 341. 

Filius Ogeri, Alanus, 380. 
Filius Oggeri, Elias, 329. 
Fihus Oliveri, Robertus, 409. 
Filius Oliveri, Willielmus, 276. 
Filius Ordemari, Rogerus, 279. 
Filius Ordlaui, Gauiridus, 163« 
Filius Orga?, Michael, 326. 

Filius Osberti, , 69. 

Filius Osberti, Adam, 169, 390, 

FiHus Osberti, Aluredus, 128. 

Filius Osberti, Ednot, 206. 

Filius Osberti, Hugo, 49, 303. 

Filius Osberti, Paganus, 241. 

Filius Osberti, Philippus, 375. 

Filius Osberti, Ricardus,- 69, 95. 

Filius Osberti, Robertus, 177, 

Filius Osberti, Walterus, et Marga- 
retSL filia ejus, 10. 

Filius Osberti, Willielmus, 95, 105, 

Filius Osborn, Philippus, 424. 

Filius Osgot, Hugo, 196. 

Filius Osmoundi, Hugo, 60. 

Filius Osmundi, Walterus, 360. 

Filius Othonis, Willielmus, 216, 
315, 321, 326, 412. 

Filius Pagani, Adam, 152, 404. 

Filius Pagani, Philippus, 358. 

Filius Pagani, Ranulphus, 135, 

Filius Pagani, Reginaldus, 286. 

Filius Pagani, Robertus, 143, 258, 
284, 340, 400. 

Filius Pagani, Ro^erus, 401. 

Filius Pagani, Willielmus, 134, 
135. . 

Filius Pagani de Aven, Ricardus, 

Filius Pagani, , 63. 

Filius Paine, Robertus, 277. 

Filius Patricii de Linton, Hen- 
ricus, 274. 

Filius Petri, G., Galfridus, Gaufri- 
dus, 9, 50, 51, 74, 75, 103, 
104, 129, 159, 178, 188, 
202, 204, 214, 237, 274, 
290, 307, 308, 309, 310, 
311, 313, 322, 323, 324, 
325, 326, 327, 329, 331, 
338, 340, 343, 350, 351, 
367, 382, 390, 433, 436. 

Filius Petri, Henricus, 172. 

Filius Petri, Hugo, 143. 

Filius Petri, Johannes, 402. 

Filius Petri, Radulphus, 99. 

Digitized by 




FiliusPetri, Ricardus, 103, 270, 

309, 382, 38a 
Filius Petri, Rogerus, 37, 168, 

Filius Petri, Simon, 341, 242, 

S4Q, 388. 
Filius Petri, Stephanus, 101. 
Filius Petri, Willielmus, 312. 
Filius Petri de Melling, Gaufridus, 

15, 16. 
Filius Petri de Melling, Gilbertus,. 

15, 16. 
Filius Petri de Wetemore, Simon, 

337, 342. 
Filius Peverelli, Willielmus, 244. 
Filius Philippi, Alexander, 205. 
Filius Philippi, Rannulfus, 227. 
Filius Philippi, Reginaldus, 260. 
Filius Philippi, Ricardus, 234, 274, 

279, 289. 
Filius Philippi, Walterus, J7, 141. 
Filiu» Philippi, Williehnus, 108, 

165, 188, 227, 301. 
Filius Philippi de Diue, Philippus, 

Filius Presbiteri, Johannes, 162. 

{Filius Radtdphi, Rannulphij Sfc) 
Filius Radulphi, Alardus, 297. 
Filius Randulphi, Albeitus, 369. 
Filius Radulphi, Brianus, Brien, 

Filius Radulphi, Brianus, et Gu- 

nora uxor, 37, 405. 
Filius Radulphi, Eon, 171. 
Filius Rannulphi, Emaldus, 302. 
Filius Radulphi, Gaufridus, 154. 
Filius Radulphi, Gilebertus, 231. 
Filius Radulphi, Henricus, 226, 

267, 272. 
Filius Radulphi, Herbertus, 197. 
Filius Radulphi, Hugo, 155, 407, 

408, 409. 
Filius Radulphi, Ingeramus, 134. 
Filius Radulphi, Johannes, 119, 

265, 270, 324, 405. 
Filius Rannulphi, Jordanus, 222. 
Filius Radulphi, Julianus, 314. 
Filius Radulphi, Leisus, 104. 
Filius Radulphi, Martinus, 228. 
Filius Radulphi, Paganus, 167. 

Filiua Radulphi, Randulphi, Ran- 
nulplu, Radulphus, 32, 139, 
145, 245, 248, 249, 235, 
268, 276, 302, 335, 374, 

Filius Radulphi, Ranulfi, Ricardus, 
152, 225, 268, 274, 277, 
309, 371, 382» 396, 412, 
437, 446. 

Filius Radulphi, Ranulphi, Ran- 
dulfi, Robertus, 16, 17, ^ 
37, 79, 87, 96, 97, 98, 
151, 202, 223, 235, 236, 
349, 371, 40a 

Filius Radulphi, Robertus, et £m- 
ma quaefuit uxor ejus, 145. 

Filius Radulphi, Rogerus, 268, 

Filius Radulphi, Salomon, 186. 

Filius Ranulii, Seman, 372. 

Fihus Radulphi, Simon, 151, 255, 
280, 298, 364. 

Filius Radulphi, Stephanus, 227, 

Filius Radulphi, Hiomas, 129, 

Filius Radulphi, Vielus, 245, 249. 

Filius Ranulphi, Wiganus, 99. 

Filius Radulphi, Rannulphi, Wil- 
liebnus, 145, 172, 177, 
185, 201, 217, 218, 222, 
226, 228, 232, 242, 246, 
250, 268, 270, 279, 282, 
284, 307, 309, 340, 364, 
388, 403, 417, 425, 432, 

Filius Radulphi, Willielmus, et 
Matilda soror ejus, 319. 

Filius Radulphi, Willielmus, et Ali- 
cia uxor ejus, 256. 

Filius Radulphi, Willielmus, et Ma- 
tilda quae fuit uxor ejus, 

Filius Radulphi, Wincentius, 173. 

Filius Radulphi filii Hugonis, Hugo, 

Filius Radulphi filii Lem, Radul- 
phus, 182. 

Filius Radulphi filu RaduIphi,Wal- 
terus, 268. 

Digitized by 




Filius Radulphi filii TurlaS, Tho- 

mas, 228. 
Filius Rannulphi de Caneueles, 

WiUielmus, 195. 
Filius Radulphi de Cave, Ricardus, 

Filius Radulphi de Coltoii, Nicho- 

laus, 85. 
Filius Radulphi de CouelestoB, 

Gaufridus, 320. 
Filius Radulphi Dardene, Thomas, 

Filius et hssres Radulphi de Esse, 

Thomas, 370. 
Filius Radulphi de Litlington, 

Hugo, 371. 
Filius Radulphi de Micheledeiu, 

Alanus, 307. 
Filius Radulphi de Pevennes, Wil- 

lielmus, 2. 
Filius Radulphi Piscator, Gode- 

fridus, 211. 
FiUus Radulphi de Sai, Radulphus, 

Filius Radulphi de Wigorn, Hugo, 

Filius Radulphi de Winterbum, 

Robertus, 352. 
Filius Radulphi de Writel, Radul- 

phus, 182. 
Filius kadulphi de eleston, 

Gaufridus, 144. 
Filius Raine, Robertus, 325. 
Filius Randwi, Roger, 4. 
Filius Reginaldi, Alanus, 111. 
Filius Reginaldi, Alexander, 300. 
Filius Reginaldi, Anselmus, 300. 
Filius Reginaldi, Bemardus, 294. 
Filius Reginaldi, GervaS, Gerva- 

sius, 344, 350. 
Filius Reginaldi, Henricus, 224. 
Filius Reginaldi, Jordanus, 187. 
Filius Reginaldi, Radulphus, 150, 

Filius Reginaldi, Ricardus, 259. 
Filius Reginaldi, Robertus, 293, 

Filius Reginaldi, Warinus, 140. 
Filius Reginaldi, Williehnus, 291. 
FiUus Reif, Rogerus, 2. 

Filius Reinberdi, Willielmus, 202. 
Filius Reine, Robertus, 327. 
Filius Reineri, Galfridus, 104. 
Filius Reineri, Henricus, 70, 172, 

Filius Reineri, Henricus, et Isabella 

au8e fuit uxor ejus, 308. 
eineri, Jordanus, et Ju- 

liana uxor ejus, 225, 262. 
Filius Reineri, Radulphus, 41. 
Filius Reineri de Lond,WiIIieImus, 

Filius Reinferi, Rogerus, 95. 
Filius Reinfer!, GiUbertus, 1. 
Filius Renefridi, Rogerus, 126. 
Filius Reneri, Henricus, 70. 
Filius Reng, Jordanus, 262, 367. 
Filius Rennfridi, Gilebertus, 316* 
Filius Ricardi, Adam, 196. 
Filius Ricardi, Albanus, Albinusy 

286, 415. 
Filius Ricardi, Alexander, 41, 261» 

Filius Ricardi, Benedictus, 443. 
Filius Ricardi, Fulco, 202. 
Filius Ricardi, Gaufridus, 235, 

248, 251. 
Filius Ricardi, Geroldus, 317. 
Filius Ricardi, Gillbertus, 254. 
Filius Ricardi, Godefridus, 25. 
Filius Ricardi, Hamo, 259. 
Filius Richardi, Henricus, 402« 
Filius Richardi, Hubertus, 224. 
Filius Ricardi, Hugo, 212, 234^ 

253, 447. 
Filius Ricardi, Jordanus, 228. 
Filius Ricardi, Joscelinus, 232. 
Filius Ricardi, Lambertus, 162. 
Filius Ricardi, Matlieus, 289. 
Filius Ricardi, Michael, 351. 
Filius Ricardi, Osbertus, 172, 274. 
Filius Ricardi, Paganus, 163, 169. 
Filius Ricardi, Petrus, 211. 
Filius Ricardi, Philippus, 240. 
Filius Ricardi, Radulphus, 117, 

184, 187, 289, 294, 303, 

338, 403. 
Filius Ricardi, R^naldus, 238. 
Filius Ricardi, Ricardus, 231, 259, 

285, 428. 

Digitized by 




Filius Ricardi, Robertus, 102, 237, 

267, 270. 
Filius Ricardi, Robertus — et Wil- 

lielmus filius et haeres ejus, 

42, 43. 
Filius Ricardi, Rogerus, 181, 240, 

259, 289, 297, 369, 370. 
Filius Ricardi, Simon, 152. 
Filius Ricardi, Stephanus, 297. 
FUius Ricardi, Thomas, 226, 309, 

Filius Ricardi, Toli, 287. 
Filius Ricardi, Walterus, 221. 
Filius Ricardi, Willielmus, 17, 76, 

114, 123, 163, 171, 227, 

239, 256, 258, 273, 279, 

336, 345, 388. 
Filius Ricardi fUii Philippi, Ste- 

phanus, 234. 
Filius Ricardi de Bello Campo, 

Walterus, 395. 
Filius Ricardi de BosintoS, Hugo, 

Filius Ricardi de Bosinton, Nicho- 

laus, 421. 
Filius Ricardi de Brohid, Williel- 

mus, 404. 
Filius Ricardi de Brumton, Willi- 

elmus, 15, 16. 
Filius Ricardi de Cadamo, Werreis, 

Filius Ricardi de Cave, Willielmus, 

Filius Ricardi de Cherdintoii, Ro- 

bertus, 11. 
Filius Ricardi de Ecleshal, Williel- 

mus, 52. 
Filius Ricardi de Fitton, Robertus, 

Filius Ricardi de Kaines, Kainnes, 

WiUielmus, 24, 235, 395. 
Filius Ricardi de Lideford, Jo- 

hannes, 86. 
Filius Ricardi de Melebroc, Fulco, 

Filius Ricardi le Mercier, Rogerus, 

FiUus Ricardi Truet, Ricardus, 

FUius Roald, Robertus, 391. 

FiUus Roberti, Alanus, 53. 
FiUus Roberti, Albertus, 303. 

FiUus Roberti, AI , 215. 

FUius Roberti, AnseUus, 287. 
FUius Roberti, Clemens, 228. 
FiUus Roberti, Eadmundus, 102. 
FiUus Roberti, Fulcho, 298. 
FUius Roberti, GaUridus, 103, 269, 

FiUus Roberti, Gilebertua, 186, 

198, 200, 230, 286. 
HUus Roberti, Henricus, 255, 298, 

304, 364, 413, 453. 
FUius Roberti, Hugo, 192. 
FiUus Roberd, Hunfridus, 64. 
FiUus Roberti, Johannes, 42, 151, 

202, 232, 233, 355, 396. 
FUius Roberti, Nicholaus, 411. 
FUius Roberti, Petrus, 293. 
FUius Roberti, PhUippus, 144, 307. 
FUius Roberti, Radulphus, 2^ 124, 

172, 243, 299, 340, 445. 
FiUus Roberti, Reginaldus, 151, 

266, 300. 
FUius Roberti, Ricardus, 91, 117, 

121, 223, 247, 250, 273, 
297, 332. 

FUius Roberti, Robertus, 34, 105, 
178, 220, 221, 230, 241, 

305, 311, 443. 

FUius Roberti, Rogerus, 25, 64, 

111, 125, 128, 230, 233, 

249, 290. 
FiUus Roberti, Simon, 81. 
FUius Roberti, Thomas, 232, 269, 

280, 409. 
FiUus Roberti, Vivianus, 186. 
FUius Roberti, Walterus, 116, 123, 

172, 221, 229, 292, 326. 
FiUus Roberti, Walterus, et Ma- 

tilda uxor ejus, 20, 21, 22, 

122, 353. 

FUius Roberti, Warinus, 115, 122. 

FiUus Roberti, Wibertus, 332. 

FUius Roberti, WUUelmus, 97, 98, 
104, 105, 118, 150, 171, 
172, 190, 226, 233, 244, 
245, 249, 272, 277, 286, 
293, 296, 305, 318, 324, 
331, 366, 416, 42a 

Digitized by 






















Roberti, Wita!, 324. 
Roberti de Anhus, Ranulfus, 

Roberti deBadevf^, Johannes, 

Roberti de Bele Perche, Ro- 

bertus, 131. 
Roberti Culterweg, Radul- 

phus, 165. 
Roberti de Cungeston, Wil- 

lielmus, 114. 

Roberti Emulf, Adam, da 
Roberti de Essebi, Williel- 

mus, 85. 
Roberti de Gelham, Gaufri- 

dus, 173. 
Roberti de Hasting, Williel- 

mus, 318. 
Roberti de Midelton, Williel- 

mus, 431. 
Roberti de Orblinge, An- 

dreas Alius, 10. 
Roberti de Richinhale, Hugo, 

Roberti de Sudale, Simon, 

Roberti de Taiden, Williel- 

mus, 190. 
Roberti de Tid, Ricardus, 


Rodlandi, Alanus, 266. 
Roesiflp, Simon, 388. 

Rogeri, , 114. 

Rogeri, Absalon, Absolon, 

450, 451. 
Rogeri, Ednothus, Ednot, 

180, 206. 
Rogeri, Eustacius, 269. 
Rogeri, Gaufridus, 298. 
Rogeri, Gervasius, 151, 153. 
Rogeri, Henricus, 112, 190. 
Rogeri, Jacobus, 414. 
Rogeri, Johannes, 167, 275. 
Rogeri, Osbertus, 124, 30a 
Rogeri, Radulphus, 149, 

243, 342. 

Rogeri, Reginaldus, 219. 
Rogeri, Ricardus, 123, 222, 

227, 300, 301, 315, 359, 

385, 393, 415, 418. 

Filius Rogeri, Robertus, 113, 356. 
Filius Rogeri, Rogerus, 266. 
Filius Rogeri, Stephanus, 270. 
Filius Rogeri, Swain, 250. 
Filius Rogeri, Thomas, 288. 
Filius Rogeri, Walterus, 245, 248» 
Filius Rogeri, Willielmus, 30, 96, 

101, 128, 253, 269, 302. 
Filius Rogeri filii Dauie, Fulko^ 

Filius Rogeri Clerici, Nicholaus, 

Filius Rogeri Clerici, Simon, 30. 
Filius Rogeri de Harkesle, Henri* 

cus, 174. 
Filius Rogeri de Hengsteworde, 

Williehnus, 159. 
Filius Rogeri Kage, Reginaldus> 

Filius Roge§, Simon, 16, 17, 249. 
Filius Roffonis, Willielmus, 378. 
Filius Rokndi, Matheus, 96. 
Filius Roscelini, Robertus, et Bea- 

trix uxor ejus, 80. 
Filius Rocelini, Willielmus, 342, 

348, 418. 
Filius Sacerdotis de Leverton, Ala- 

nus, 111. 
Filuis Sacerdotis de Selton, Rober- 

tus, 121. 
Filius Sagari, Reginaldus, 368^ 

447, 448. 
Filius Saloni, Gaufridus, 199, 200. 
Filius Salone, Willielmus, 168. 
Filius Samsonis, Johannes, 243. 
Filius Samsonis, Reginaldus, 248. 
Filius Sampsonis, Rogerus, 251. 
Filius Savari, Adam, 253. 
Filius Seberni, Gaufridus, 188. 
Filius Segari, Robertus, 164. 
Filius Seine, Robertus, 205. 
Filius Selone, Willielmus, 161. 
Filius Serlonis, Robertus, 379. 
Filius Serlonis, Rogerus, 225. 
Filius Sewalis, Obbe, 28a 
Filius Sewat, Willielmus, 19a 
Filius Sexi, Grim, 234. 
Filius Sigari, Godefridus, 173. 
Filius Siga?, Willielmus, 216. 
Filius Silvani, Alexander, 32. 

Digitized by 




Filius Silvestf, Rogerus, 294. 
Filius Silvest?, WiUielmus, 305, 

FUius Simouis, Adam, 243, 372. 
Filius Simonis, Galfridus, Gaufiri- 

dus, 127, 304. 
Filius Siinonis, Gillbertus, 452. 
Filius Simonis, Hugo, 355, 356. 
Filius Simonis, Philippus, 302. 
Filius Simonis, Radulphus, 49, 

Filius Simonis, Reginaldus, 172. 
Fiiius Simonis, Ricardus, 266. 
Filius Simonis, Robertus, 33, 287, 

Filius Simonis, Rogerus, 269. 
Filius Simonis, Savaricus, 36. 
Filius Simonis, Silvester, 315, 374. 
Filius Simonis, Simon, 172, 298, 

334, 335, 342, 348, 373, 

417, 431, 432, 442, 451. 
Filius Simonis, Thomas, 5. 
Filius Simonis, Willielmus, 122, 

123, 135, 158, 171, 240, 

258, 273, 329, 330, 380, 

Filius Simonis le Bret, Simon, 

Filius Simonis de Catesfeld, Sunon, 

Filius Siwardi, Rogerus, 12a 
Filius Siwardi Wagge, Reginaldus, 

Filius Snau, Herbertus, 281. 
Filius Sowi, Osbertus, 28a 
Filius Spiring, Willielmus, 102. 
Filius Stanburc, Petrus, 185. 
Filius Steingrim, Hamon, 346. , 
Filius Stephani, Hugo, 232. 
Filius Stephaiii, Johannes, 165. 
Filius Stephani, Radulphus, 22, 2S. 
Filius Stephani Tiret, Rogerus, 

Filius Stonardi, GoUing, 209. 
Filius Stonhardi, Godardus, 9. 
Filius Sueini, Rogerus, 171. 
Filius Sueting, Godwinus, 211. 
Filius Suthidi, Williehnus, 55. 
Filius Swein, Reginaldus, 54. 
Filius Swein, Robertus, 251. 










Swen,— Robertus de Easez, 


Sweting, Gilebertus, 292. 
Swetmg, WUliehnus, 292. 
Theobaldi, AUwinus, 300. 
Theobaldi, Tebaldi, Teobal- 

di, Fulco, 8, 232, 427, 43a 
Theobaldi, Radulphus, 32a 
Theodrici, Radulphus, 100. 
Thomae, Adam, 23a 
Thomae, Johannes, 42, 151. 
Thomae, Nicolaus, 85. 
Thomae, PhUippus, 286. 
Thomae, Ricanlus, 62. 
Thomse, Robertus, et Mar- 

gareta quse fuit uxor ejus, 

237, 244. 
Thomae, Thomas, 84, 290, 

Thomae, WiUiehnus, 103, 


Thoraldi, Johannes, 300. 
Thurgis, Adam, 182. 
Thurlac, Radulphus, 236. 
Tiui, Tiwe, Thomas, 39, 84 
Toki, Thomas, 41 a 
Toui, Toui, 316. 
Trahemi, Johannes, 287. 
Truite, Ricardus, 91, 27a 
Turaldi, WUUehnus, 14, 15. 
Turgisu, Rogerus, 186. 
Turgis', Simon, 229. 
Turgis', WUliehnus, 88, 264 
TurketUli, Walterus, 297. 
Turlac, Radulphus, 22a 
Turoldi, Johannes, 234. 
Turoldi, Milo, 355. 
Turoldi, WUliehnus, 126. 
Turoldi, WUlielmus, et Ceci- 

lia uxor ejus, 7a 
Turstani, Aumericus, Alma- 

ricus, 226, 432. 
Turstani, Ricardus, 172. 

Uchtred, Uctred, Warinus, 

232, 233, 300, 38a 
Umfridi, Gaufridus, 402. 
Umfridi, Osbertus, 261. 
Umfridi, Waltenis, 244 
Umfridi, Unfridi,WUUehniis, 

229, 263» 267, 404, 414 

Digitized by 




Filius Umfridi, Wincencius, 261. 
Filius Ungaf, Kadulphus, 236. 
Filius Uri, Jordanus, 307. 
FUius Urselli, Ursellus, 438. 
Filius Vidonis, Hugo, 120. 
Filius Vinc, Robertus, 236. 
Filius Viviani, Gilebertus, 411. 
Filius Viviani, Hugo, 1 13. 
Filius Vlf, Robertus, 274. 
Filius Wace, Reginaldus, 115. 
Filius Wade, WUlielmus, et Alina 

uxor ejus, 412. 
Filius Wael, Reginaldus, 45. 
Filius Walini, Gilebertus, 286. 
Filius WalkeUni, Benedictus, 304. 
Filius Walkelini, Willielmus, 326. 
Filius Walrami, Johannes, 212. 
Filius Walteri, Adam, 289. 
Filius Walteri, Alanus, 282. 
Filius Walteri, Alexander, 171. 
Filius Walteri, Elias, 53. 
Filius Walteri, Eustacius, 291. 
Filius Walteri, Henricus, 29, 114, 

227, 302. 
Filius Walteri, Hugo, 131. 
Filius Walteri, Gaufridus, 174. 
Filius Walteri, Radulphus, 366, 435. 
Filius Walteri, Reginaldus, 222, 

Filius Walteri, Ricardus, 49, 60, 

61, 364. 
Filius Walteri, Robertus, 119, 150, 

155, 157, 165, 255, 258, 

279, 285, 307, 379, 383, 

385, 386, 411. 
Filius Walteri, Rogerus, 13a 
Filius Walteri, Simon, 364. 
Filius Walteri, Thomas, 297, 298, 

356, 357. 
Filius Walteri, Umfridus,262,395. 
Filius Walteri, Walterus, 14, 165, 

302, 430. 
Filius Walteri, Willielmus, 155, 

230, 231, 235, 237, 244, 

283, 321, 386, 398, 411, 

439, 445. 
Filius Walteri filii Herberti, Johan- 

nes, 442. 
Filius Walteri de Kersenbroc, Ro- 

bertus, 151. 

Filius Warini, Benedictus, 116. 

Filius Warini, Fulko, 35. 

Filius Warini, Fulco, et Hawissa 

uxor ejus, 37. 
Filius Warini, Galfridus, 119. 
Filius Warini, Gilebertus, 201. 
Filius Warini, Ricardus, 298. 
Filius Warini, Robertus, 121. 
Filius Warini, Willielmus, 350. 
Filius Warneri, Rogerus, 254. 
Filius Welmeri, Joceus, 79. 
Filius Wi, Gaufridus, 117. 
FUius Wiberti, Willielmus, 221, 

Filius Widanis, Williehnus, 286. 
Filius Widonis, Elias, 269. 
Filius Widonis, Nigellus, 238. 
Filius Widonis, Ricardus, 283. 
Filius Widonis de Affeld, Wido, 

Filius Widonis de Breideston, Jo- 

hannes, 9. 
Filius Wigain, Wigani, Radulphus, 

143, 347, 348. 
Filius Wigain, Kadulphus, et Ce- 

ciha uxor ejus, 20, 122. 
Filius Wigain, Turstanus, 253. 
Filius Wigaini, Wigani, Wigainus, 

99, 116. 
FUius Wigani, WiUielmus, 11, 143. 
Filius WUliehni, Adam, 237, 281, 

286, 298, 361, 421. 
Filius Willielmi, Ailwinus, 171. 
Filius Willielmi, Alanus, 76, 168. 
Filius WiUielmi, Alardus, 297. 
FUius WiUiehni, Andreas, 116, 

FUius WiUielmi, Clemens, 270. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Daniel, 231. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Eliot, 239, 257. 
FUius WiUiehni, Eustachius, 281. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Galfridus, Gaufri- 

dus, 75, 122, 123, 151, 

172, 178, 194, 195, 222, 

250, 253, 289. 
FUius WUUelmi, Gerardus, 186. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Gilbertus, 66, 

322, 429. 
FiUus WiUielmi, GosceUnus, 300. 
FiUus WUUelmi, Hamo, 127. 

RoT. CuR. Reg. 

L L 

Digitized by 




Filius WilJielmi, Henricus, 71, 186, 

195, 246, 253, 373. 
Filius Willielmi, Herbertiis, 117. 
Filius Willielmi, Herveus, 247, 


Filius Willielmi, Hugo, 112, 154, 

181, 240, 263, 273, 313, 

367, 371, 376, 382, 437. 

Filius Willielmi, Jacobus, 296. 

Filius Willielmi, Johannes, 121, 

207, 292. 
Filius Willielmi, Jordanus, 32. 
Filius Willielmi, Laurencius, 287. 
Filius Willielmi, Martinus, 280. 
Filius Willielmi, Matheus, 150, 

288, 298. 
Filius Williehni, Mauricius, 447. 
Filius Williehni, Nicholaus, 179, 
202, 266, 292, 293, 388, 
Filius Willielmi, Nigellus, 108. 
Filius WiUiclmi, Osbertus, 29a 
Fihus WiUiehni, Oto, 75. 
Fihus Wilhehni, Paganus, 283. 
Filius WilUehni, Petrus, 138. 
Fihus WiUiehni, Philippus, 109, 

FUius WUUehni, Radulphus, 120, 
226, 247, 255, 260, 269, 
272, 282, 288, 388, 394, 
FiUus WiUielmi, Reginaldus, 246, 

FUius WUliehni, Ricardus, 27, 31, 
70,71,73, 115, 131, 151, 
201, 240, 253, 263, 266, 
292, 294, 297, 301, 325, 
FiUus WUUelmi, Richerus, 267. 
FUius WiUiehni, Robertus, 109, 
117, 174, 175, 184, 221, 
222, 238, 248, 251, 280, 
296, 304, 417. 
FUius WiUielmi, Rogerus, 108, 
111, 149, 151, 284, 332, 
415, 432. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Segerus, 174. 
FUius WiUielmi, Sewalus, 127. 
FiUus WiJlielmi, Silvester, 152. 
FUius WUUelmi, Shnon, 266, 287. 

FiUus WilUehni, Stephanus, 61, 

136, 225, 245, 24a 
FiUus WUliehni, Thomas, 30, 31, 
171, 179, 223, 224, 262, 
286, 297. 
FiUus WiUiehni, Thomas, et Agnes 

uxor ejus, 78, 79. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Turstanus, 234, 

FiUus WiUiehni, Vitalis, 291. 
FUius WiUiehni, Waltenis, 305, 

311, 328. 
FUius WiUielmi, Warinus, 185, 

FUius WUUehni, WUliehnus, 12, 

41,76, 115, 169, 189,191, 

217, 238, 266, 268, 270, 

298, 314, 330, 377. 
FiUus WiUielmi, Willielmus,et Dio- 

nisia uxor ejus, 246. 
FUius WilUelmi filU Guidonis, Ri- 

cardus, 25, 91. 
FUius WiUielmi filii L.uce, Ro- 

bertus, 180. 
FUius WUUehni de Bemflet, WUli- 

elmus, 31. 
FUius WUUehni fiUi Willielmi de 

Bemflet, WUliehnus, 31. 
FUius WiUiehni de Benfeld, WUU- 

elmus, 181. 
FUius WiUielmi de Boddk, Hen- 

ricus, 365, 366. 
FUius WUUelmi de Buttingeham, 

Robertus, 205. 
FiUus WilUelrai de Cirencestr, Si- 

mon, 257. 
FiUus WilUelmi de Grancurt, Wal- 

terus, 253, 390. 
FUius WilUelmi de Henton, Ri- 

cardus, 45. 
FUius WiUielmi de Kersebroc, Ro- 

bertus, 165. 
FUius Willielmi de Langedon, 

Mauserus, 84. 
Filius WilUelmi de Mare, Thomas, 

FUius WiUielmi de Marenni, Ro- 

gerus, 174. 
FUius WiUiehni de Munfichet, Ri- 

cardus, 155, 170. 



Digitized by 




Filius Willielmi de Nutle, Hen- 

ricus, 185. 
Filius WiUielmi de Petefeld, Wal- 

terus, 180. 
Filius WiUielmi Pincemse, Williel- 

mus, 71. 
Filius Willielmi de Pinthorm, Bri- 

anus, 84. 
Filius Willielmi Reimund, Yuo, 

Filius Willielmi Reiner, RogeruSy 

Filius Willielmi de Rut, Radul- 

phus, 169. 
Filius Willielmi de Sudwrth, Hugo, 

Filius Willwini, Radulphus, 246. 
Filius Wiomarc, Gaufridus, 70. 
Filius Wolwine, Simo, 185. 
Filius Ysaac, Jacobus, 372. 
Filius Ysabellae, Robertus, 330. 
Filius YsabellflB, Walterus, 347, 

Filius Ysmeinae fili» Warini, Ra- 

dulphus, 369. 
Filius Yuonis, Adam, 386, 345. 
Filius Yuonis, Yweini, Robertus, 

97, 98. 

Filius i Andreas, 69. 

Filius , Radulphus, 134, 349. 

Filius i Rogerus, 34. 

Filius , Serlo, 185. 

Filius , Thomas, 19. 

Filius , Willielmus, 227. 

Fillel, Baldewinus, 185. 
Filtoii, Radulphus de, 36. 
Fincebert, Willielmus de, 330. 
Finchingefelde, Alexander de, 187. 
Fineleia, Johannes de, 45. 
Fmgale, Finghale, terra in, 7, 32, 

Fingale, Willielmus Clericus de, 8. 
Fingri, essoii apud, 120. 
Finhor, Walterus, 76. 
Fiteling, Fitling, Robertus de, 41, 

Fiton, terra, &c. in, 359. 
Fittoii, Ricardus de, et Beatrix 

prima uxor, et Matilda 

secunda uxor ejus, 359. 

Fitton, Robertus filius Ricardi de, 

Flamang, Willielmus le, 382. 
Flambard, Johannes, 358. 
Flamenc, Robertus le, 48. 
Flameng, Ranulfus, 428. 
Flamvitt, Walterus de, 136. 
Flandrensis, Elias, 186. 
Flandrensis, Gillbertus, 413. 
Flandrensis, Ingeramus, et Gif- 

henna uxor ejus, 246, 

Flandrensis, WilHelmus, et Madlda 

uxor ejus, 229. 
Flandrensis, Herbertus filius Gill- 

berti, 413. 
Flandrensis, quidam Marescallus, 

Flariis, Rogerus de, 271. 
Fleg, Henricus de, 261, 263, 320, 

Fleg, Johannes fi^ter Henrici de, 

Flemeng, Ricardus, 273. 
Flete, terra in, 147. 
Flitte, Williehnus de, 164. 
Florencii, Johannes filius, 294. 
Fobing, terra in, 318. 
Fokinton, essoii apud, 272. 
Fokintoii, Egelina de, 282. 
Fokinton, Hugo de, 272, 276. 
Fol, Walterus, 261. 
Folconis, Theodbaldus filius, 169. 
Foleburn, Eustachius de, 240. 
Folenfait, Radulphus, 447. 
Folenfent, Johannes, 173, 189, 

196, 197. 
Folenfant, Robertus, 207. 
Folenfaunt, Johannes, 315, 378. 
Folescauch, 287. 
Folevitt, Robertus de, 239. 
Folevitt, Foleui», Walterus de, 44, 

96, 342. 
Folevitt, Willielmus de, 34a 
Foliot, Ricardus, 288. 
Foliot, Thomas, 147, 264, 367. 
Foliot, Willielmus, 58, 112, 166, 

167, 431. 
Foliot, Willielmus et Katerina 

uxor ejus, 294, 429. 

L L 2 

Digitized by 




Foliot, Gilebertus, archidiaconus 

Essex, 388. 
Folkeland, Jurdanus de, 136. 
Folkeneshesl, Alex de, 443. 
Fonte, terra in, 23. 
Fonte, Emma de, 177. 
Fonte, Reginaldus de, 245. 
Fonte, Reginaldus de, Senescafi 
ATOisse de Berkinges, 245. 
Fondbus, Reginaldus de, 253, 

Fontibus, Radulphus de Septem, 

189, 198. 
Ford, Ricardus de, 252. 
Forda, Cristiana de, 217« 
Fonkdiam, terra in, 9. 
Fordam, Herevicus de, 113. 
Forde, Fordes, Abbas de, 72, 90, 
124, 282, 294, 338, 339, 
Forde, ecclesia de, 339. 
Forde, Cristiana de la, 320. 
Forde, Ricardus de la, 320. 
Forde, Willielmus de, 146. 
Fordham, Gilbertus de, 184, 195. 
Fordingestuii, boscus in, 145. 

Fordingestun, Ricardus de, 145. 

Fordf, Ricardus de, 295. 

Forestarius, Cralfridus, et Madlda 
qu8e fuit uxor ejus, 63. 

Forestarius, Johannes, 295, 299. 

Forestarius, Radulphus, 171. 

Forneis, monachi de, 1. 

Foro, Forro, capella de, ecclesia 
de, 94, 128. 

Foro, Willielmus de, 94, 12a 

Foroille, villa de, 91. 

Forstesbuf, Robertus de, et Alicia 
uxor ejus, 90. 

Forti, Willielmus, 134. 

Fortis, Radulphus, 105. 

Fossard, Matilda, 133. 

Fossato, Ricardus de, 207. 

Foston, Isabella de, 256. 

Fot, Johanncs, 230. 

Fot, Ricardus, 230. 

Fot, Robertus, 216. 

Foxele, Foxole, ecclesia de, 404^ 

Foxole, Ricardus presbiter de, 416. 

Frainsham, terra in, 414. 
Frame, Henricus de, 291. 
Framundo, Prior de Sancto, 252. 
Franc, Eustachius, Eustadus, 227, 

Franc, Hugo, 300. 
Franc, Johannes, 285. 
Franc, Osbertus, 202. 
Franc, Regmaldus, 251, 302. 
Frang, Reinerus, 247. 
Franc, Ricardus, 242, 278, 290, 

FranS, Robertus, 284, 395. 
Franc, Robertus le, et Matilda 

uxor ejus, 369. 
Franc, Stephimus, 304. 
Franc, Willielmus, 122, 150, 151, 

174, 200, 225, 229, 239. 
Franceis, Bartholomeus le, 121. 
Franceis, Bemardus le^ 360. 
Franceis, Gilebertus, 267. 
Franceis, Radulphus le, 90. 
Franceis, le Franceis, Ricardiis, 

274, 366, 367. 
Franceis, Ricardus le, et MatiMa 

uxor ejus, 146. 
Franceis, Robertus le, 69, 97, 130, 

Franceis, Robertus le, et Om- 
tiana quae fuit uxor ejus, 
Franceis, Rogerus le, 16, 17. 
Franceis, Simon le, 131. 
Franceis, Willielmus le, 16, 17, 

Franceis, , 120. 

Franci, Robertus pater W^illielmi, 

Fitmcolanus, Francolein, WTllid- 

mus, 248, 251. 
Franctre, Matheus de, 314. 
Francus, Willielmus, 200. 
Frankelafi, Yvo, 293. 
Frankelein, WiUielmus, 355. 
Franketon, life teu in, 66. 
Fransham, Turstanus de, 446. 
Fransigina, Robertus, et CrisdaDa 
quae fuit uxor ejus, 86, 87. 
Franton, Reginaldus de, 75. 
Frater Briii, Samson, 79. 


Digitized by 




Frater Cristianfie, Alardus, 211. 
Frater Godefridi, Henrieus, 405. 
Frater Helifie, Eliae, Ricardus, 

Frater Henrici, Matheus, 373. 
Frater Osberti, Aucherus, 93. 
Frater Radulphi, Johannes, 319. 
Frater Reginaldi Crul, Gilebertus, 

Frater Roberti, Helias, 408. 
Frater Roberti, Stephanus, 47. 
Frater Rogeri, Gilbertus, 370. 
Frater Rogeri, Johannes, 204. 
Frater Rogeri, Willielmus, 389. 
Frater Willielmi, Everardus, 378. 
Frater Williehni, Henricus, 258. 
Frater Alani de Hesel, Hugo, 

Frater Alani de Heset, Robertus, 

Frater Aluredi Fab?, Ricardus, 

Frater Augneds filifie Ricardi, Ro- 

bertus, 155. 
Frater Bemardi de Saphorn, Ter- 

ricus, 421. 
Frater Clementis filii Roberti, Jo- 

hannes, 22a 
Frater Gaufridi filii Williehni, Wa- 

rinus, 178. 
Frater Gaufridi de Huptoii, Wil- 

liehnus, 432. 
Frater Gerardi de Camvill, Ro- 

gerus, 220. 
Frater Gileberti de Wauton, Ro- 

bertus, 365. 
Frater Gilleberti de Walton, Wil- 

liehnus, 141. 
Frater Grodefridi filii Legard, Gile- 

bertus, 262. 
Frater Godefridi filii Ricardi, Ra- 

dulphus, 25. 
Frater Godefridi de Ecleshol, Jo- 

hannes, 240. 
Frater Henrici de Fleg, Johannes, 

Frater Henrici de Frith, Petrus, 

Frater Hugonis CoflBn, Radulphus, 


Frater Hugonis Coffin, Ricardus, 

Frater Hugonis filii Mathei, Abra- 

ham, 404. 
Frater Hugonis de HeseH, Ro- 

bertus, 412. 
Frater Hugonis de Standeia, Wido, 

Frater Johannis filii Bernardi, Os- 

mundus, 360. 
Frater Johannis de Cunesgeton, 

Cimgestun,Gilebertus, 284, 

Frater Johannis Divini, Willielmus, 

Frater Laurencii Clerici, Clemens, 

Frater Lauretfie filiae Alexandri de 

Windrevitt, Robertus, 395. 
Frater Margaretse, Gaufridus, 452. 
Frater Nicholai filii Roberti, Jo- 

hannes, 411. 
Frater Nicholai filii Willielmi,Wal- 

terus, 179. 
Frater Nigelli de Coleshill, Coles- 

hull, Robertus, 247, 250. 
Frater Osmundi filii Bernardi, Jo- 

hannes, 360. 
Frater Petri de Frid, Frith, Hen- 

ricus, 142, 243, 247, 251. 
Frater Radulphi Esturmi, Hugo, 

Frater Reginaldi de Argenl, Ro- 

gerus, 60. 
Frater Reginaldi de Lenn, Williel- 

mus, 298. 
Frater Reneri le Curt, Ricardus, 

Frater Ricardi Ircherii, Radul- 

phus, 421. 
Frater Ricardi Tanent, Ricardus, 

Frater Roberti filii Roberti, Jo- 

hannes, 34. 
Frater Roberti filii Simonis, Inge- 

ramus, 33. 
Frater Roberti de Hasting, Alex- 

ander, 318. 
Frater Rogeri filii Bartholomei, 

Simon, 236, 289. 

L L 3 

Digitized by 




Frater Simonis deCheiham, Petrus, 

Frater Thomae filii Algari, Wal- 

terus, 171. 
Frater Thomae filii Johannis, Ro- 

bertus, 172. 
JFrater Thomae Brand, Hamo, 70. 
Frater Turstani de Eiston, Jo- 

hannes, 416. 
Frater Walteri filii Adae, Robertus, 

Frater Walteri de Benetleg, Ri- 

cardus, 421. 
Frater Walteri Tirand, Estmer, 

Frater Warini de Colebi, Simon, 

Frater Williehni de Camera, Ala- 

nus, 59. 
Frater Willielmi Clerici, Henricus, 

Frater Willielmi filii Emas, Petrus, 

Frater Williehni filii Gervasii, Jor- 

danus, 267. 
Frater Williehni filii Radulphi, 

Regnerus, 425. 
Frater Willielmi filii Radulphi, 

Ricardus, 256. 
Frater Willielmi filii Roberti, Ala- 

nus, 423. 
Frater WiUiehni filii Turgis, Ro- 

bertus, 88. 
Frater Willielmi de Glanvitt, Gau- 

firidus, 313. 
Frater WiUiehni Hareng, Thomas, 

Frater Williehni de Holerumb, Ri- 

cardus, 243. 
Frater Willielmi de MandengeS, 

Rogerus, 255. 
Frater Wimehni Prestre, Ricardus, 

Frater WiUielmi presbiteri de 

Plumsted, Ricardus, 9. 
Frater WiUiehni de Sauton, Petrus, 

309, 314. 
Frater Wiscardi, Jordanus de Al- 

sewic, 170. 
Frater — — ^, Rogerus, 399. 

Fratres TempU, 99, 290. 
Fratres MiUtiae TempU, 389. 
Fratres MiUtiae TempU de Pande&f 

Fratres HospitaUs Jenisalem, 14, 

330, 340, 389. 
Fratres Sancti Lazari, 9, 10, 102. 
Frawesden, Rogerus de, 116. 
Fraxino, Ricardus de, 303. 
Fraxmo, WiUiehnus de, 343, 349. 
Fraxwett, hundredum de^ 183. 
Freismantel, WiUieimus, 443. 
Fremund, Fremundus, — Clericus 

Godefridi de Sancto Mar- 

tmo, 344, 352. 
Frere, Radulphus, 366. 
Frere, Ricardus le, 170. 
Fresetf, Robertus, 222. 
Fretepere, Eustachius, 347. 
Fretheric, WUUelmus fiUus, 64- 
Frettewett, MUo de, et Milseot 

uxor ejus, 113. 
Frid, Petrus de, 142. 
Fridas, Radulphus, 29a 
Frimareis, Petrus de, 95. 
Frunareis, Radulphus de, 98. 
Frimton, ecclesia de, 184. 
Frisebi, Friesbi, terra in, 371, 404. 
Frisselu, WiUiehnus, 281. 
Friston, Ricardus de, 106. 
Frith, Henricus del, 243, 247, 251, 

Frith, Johannes de, 23, 264, 294. 
Frith, Petrus del, 243, 247, 251, 

Frith, Robertus de, 236, 281. 
FritoS, Ricardus de, 225. 
Friuitt, Rogerus de, 273, 344, 

Frixton, Ricardus de, 107. 
Frixtone, Robertus de, 102. 
Frohitt, EUas de, 25a 
FroiUe, Alexander de, 258. 
FroiUe, Petrus de, 122. 
Frolevitt, Robertus de, 397. 
Fromundi, Wolvemus fiUus, 299. 
Fromundus — clericus Ivonis Mar- 

te», 330. 
Frontus, WUlielmus, 255. 
Frosl, Robertus, 347, 448. 

Digitized by 




Froste, Thomas, 125. 
Frussard, Henricus, 111. 
Fugelestoii, Jacobus de, 364, 368. 
Fulberti, Sewale filius, 64. 
Fulburii, esson apud, 272. 
Fulburn, Fulburne, Fulebume, ec- 

clesiade, 259, 267, 369. 
Fulcherii, Johannes filius, 72. 
Fulcherii, Henricus filius, 193. 
Fulebroc, terra in, 56, 423. 
Fulebroc, Hugo de, 220, 374^ 

Fulebroc, Radulphus de, 355. 
Fulebroc, Waiterus de, 343, 349, 

355, 375. 
Fulebroc, Everwinus avunculus 

Hugonis de, 423. 
Fulebroc, Philippus, avunculus Hu- 

gonisde, 423. 
Fuleburii, Johannes de, 429. 
Fulgers, Alanus de, 15. 

(Fulko, Fulcoj Sfc.) 
Fulko filius Luvel, 22. 
Fulco filius Ricardi, 202. 
Fulcho filius Roberti, 298. 
Fidco filius Tebaldi,TeobaIdi, 232, 

427, 433. 
Fulko filius Warini, 35. 
Fulco filius Warini, et Hawissa 

uxor ejus, 37. 
Fulko filius Rogeri filii Dauie, 35. 
Fulco filius Ricardi de Melebroc, 

Fulko pater Emmae de Peri, 26. 
Fulcoii, Gaufridus, 258. 
Fulconis, Galfridus, Graufiridus, fili- 

us, 233, 236, 260, 271, 

Fulconis, Martinus filius, 303. 
Fulconis, Matilda uxor, 147. 
Fulconis, Theobaldus filius, 8. 
Fulkonis, Willielmus filius, 17. 
Fulkonis patris Henrici, Henricus 

filius, 64, 65. 
FuIIon, Isilia filia Edwartl, 296. 
FulmedestoS, Willielmus de, 291. 
Fumelarius, Willielmus, 241. 
Fundator, Ricardus, 75. 
Fundenhale, Alicia de, 32, 37, 38, 


Funteines, Margareta de, 187. 
Fumaus, Joliannes de, 408. 
Furnaus, Robertus de, 259. 
Fumaus, Alina filia Alexandri de, 


Fumevalle, de, 151. 

Fumivalle, Gerardus de, 154, 169, 

Fumivatt, Mundeii Mundoii le, 

villatade, 162, 169. 
Futerel, Radulphus, 160. 

F...rendun, Ricardus de, 146. 
Fulch* . . ., Robertus de, e^J. 
Fulcode 147. 


Gradeleia, Galfridus de, 55. 
Gadinl, tenementum in, 36. 
Gadingtoii, Gaufi*idus de, 135. 
Gadinton, Goditha de, 116. 
Gaidon, terra in, 71. 

(Galfridi^ Gaufridij §*c.) 
Gaufridi, Agnes filia, 232, 270. 
Gaufridi, Adam filius, 152. 
Cjalfi*idi, Ailwardus filius, 212. 
Galfridi, Alanus, Halanus, filius, 

56, 245, 248. 
Galfi*idi, Galfridus, Gaufridus, filius, 

146, 177, 231, 252, 275, 

287, 328, 333, 395, 401. 
Galfi*idi, Gerardus filius, 42. 
Gaufridi, Henricus filius, 306, 312. 
Gaufridi, Ivo filius, 230. 
Gaufridi, Johannes filius, 172. 
Cjalfi*idi, Josephus filius, 109. 
Gaufridi, Laurencius filius, 275. 
Graufi*idi, Nicholaus filius, 244. 
Gaufridi, Petrus filius, 271. 
Gralfridi, Graufridi, Itadulphus filius, 

106, 107, 119, 269, 371, 

382, 437. 
Graufridi, Robertus filius, 443. 
Galfridi,Gaufridi,WiIlieImu8 filius, 

76, 131, 166, 240, 259, 

293, 294, 332. 
Galfiidi, Juliana uxor, 211. 

L L 4 

Digitized by 




Gaufridi filii Willielmi, Warinus 
frater, 178. 

Galfridi Cheure, Willielmus filius, 

Gaufridi de Hachetomd, Williel- 
mus filius, 126. 

Gaufridi de HuptoS, Williehnus 
frater, 432. 

Gaufridus, Galfridus, 70, 104, 129, 
130, 131, 207, 209, 241, 
247, 271, 274, 290, 296, 
331, 378, 384, 405, 424. 

Gaufridus, Abbas, 237, 286. 

Graufridus Clericus de London, 
340, 345. 

Galfi*idus Clericus Hugonis de 
Chaucumbe, 130. 

Gaufridus filius Adae, 177. 

Gaufridus filius Aliciae, 210. 

Galfridus filius Anselli, 23a 

Gaufridus filius Augeri, 172. 

Galfridus filius Baidewini, 305, 

Gaufridus filius Bemardi, 151. 

Galfridus filius Elice, 91. 

Gaufridus filius Fulconis, 233, 236, 
260, 271, 423. 

Galfridus filius Galfridi, Gaufridi, 
146, 177, 231, 252, 275, 
287, 328, 333, 395, 401. 

Gaufridus filius Giffardi, 447. 

Gaufridus filius Johannis, 279. 

Gaufridus filius Kete!, 247. 

Gaufridus filius Ordlaui, 163. 

Galfridus filius Petri, 9, 50, 51, 
74, 75, 103, 129, 159, 
178^ 188, 202, 204, 214, 
237, 274, 290, 307, 308, 
309, 310, 311, 313. 322, 
323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 
329, 331, 338, 340, 343, 
350, 351, 367, 382, 390, 
433, 436. 

Gaufridus filius Radulphi, 154. 

Galfridus filius Reineri, 104. 

Gaufridus filius Ricardi, 235, 248, 

Galfridus filius Roberti, 103, 269, 

Gaufridus filius Rogeri, 298. 

Gaufridus filius Salom, 199, 200. 
Gaufridus filius Sebemi, 188. 
Galfridus fiUus Simoms, 127, 304. 
Gaufridus filius Umfridi, 402. 
Graufridus filius Walteri, 174. 
Galfiridus filius Warini, 119. 
Galfridus, Gaufridus, filius Wiliid- 

mi, 75, 122, 123, 151, 172, 

178, 194, 195, 222, 250, 

253, 289. 
Gaufridus filius Wiomarc, 70. 

Gaufridus fiUus Wi , 117. 

Gaufridus filius Basiliae de Red- 

bum, 165. 
Gaufridus filius Radulphi de Cooe- 

leston, 320. 
Gaufiddus filius Radulphi de e- 

leston, 144. 
Gaufi-idus filius Roberti deGelhani, 

Gaufiidus fi^ter Ivonis, 230. 
Gaufiidus fiater Margaretae, 452. 
Galfridus fi^ter Matildae Fossard, 

Gaufiddus fi^ter WiHielmi de Glan- 

vitt, 3ia 
Gaufridus Monachus de Becco, 

Gaufiidus pater Elliae, 339. 
Gaufiidus pater Simonis de Tite- 

bureste, 174. 
Galiana uxor Roberti filii ^Hliel- 

mi, 184. 
Galiun, Rogerus, 187. 
Gallicus, Eustacius, 295. 
Gallicus, Ricardus, 100. 
Gant, Abbas de, 449. 
Gapetorp, terra in, 405. 
Gar, hundredum de, 218. 
Garbodesham, Godwinus de, 101. 
Gard, Willielmus de, 63. 
Gardan, Walterus de, lia 
Gardinarius, Ricardus, 416. 
Gare, Willielmus de la, I7a 
Gari, Radulphus, 117. 
Gari, Ranulphus, lia 
Garini, Osmundus filius, 131. 
Garing, terra in, 53. 
Garinges, Garringes, esson wud, 

106, 107. 

Digitized by 




Garini, Robertus filiusy 142. 
Garintoii, Reinfridus de, 108. 
Gameis, Gamois, Gamoise, Ro- 

bertus de, 5, 76, 115. 
Garwintoii, Garewinton, Ricardus 

de, 231, 306, 312. 
Gatacr*, Petrus de, 105. 
Gatacr', Willielmus de, 105. 
Gatesbi, Rogerus de, 101. 
Gatesberi, terra in, 166. 
Gatinge, Nicholaus de, 189. 
Gaudienus, 272. 
Gaudingtoii, Nicolaus clericus de, 

Gausi, Radulphus de, 379. 
Gautris, Johannes, 222. 
Gawet, 171. 

Gedding, esson apud, 118. 
Gedding, Adam de, 223. 
Gedding, Fulco de, 201. 
Gedding, Herevicus, Hemeius,Her- 

veus, 15, 16, 17, 118^ 223. 
Geddmg, Thomas de, 241, 429. 
Gedeleston, capitat pleg in, 163. 
Gedeleston, Gedelestan, Gedliston, 

terra, &C., 153, 163, 167, 

Gedeleston, Giffardus de, 167. 
Gredintoii, Radulphus de, 116. 
Gedinton, Williefmus de, 116. 
Geiste, terra in, 324, 346, 423. 
Geiton, Ricardus de, 230. 
Geldrewett, Prior de, 269. 
Gelham, Robertus de, et Gaufridus 

filius ejus, 173. 
GelleforA, — assisa, &c. apud, 54. 
Gensi, Hugo filius, 331. 
Georgio, Eustachius de Sancto,272. 
Georgio, Robertus de Sancto, 272. 
Ge?, Thomas filius, 104. 
Gerain, Ranulf de, 324. 
Geraldi, Warinus filius, 171. 
GeraS, Willielmus, 136. 
Gerard, Willielmus, 165. 
Gerardi, Adam filius, 287, 407. 
Gerardi, Alicia quse fuit uxor, 151. 
Gerardi, Rannulphus filius, 447. 
Gerardi, Ricardus filius, 200, 201, 

248, 251,252. 
Gerardi, Robertus filius, 330. 

Gerardi, Walterus filius, 212. 
Gerardi, Willielmus filius, 184, 195, 

Gerardi deCamuill, Rogerus frater, 

Grerardi de Hacham, Gilebertus 

filius, 19a 
Gerardus, 153, 188, 206, 224, 313. 
Gerardus filius Drui, 100. 
Grerardus filius Emoldi, 188. 
Crerardus filius Galfiridi, 42. 
Gerardus filius Geroldi, 126. 
Gerardus fiiius Willielmi, 186. 
Gerardus pater Roberti, 403. 
Gerardus avunculus Ednochi filii 

Rogeri, 180. 
Crerardus pater Adie filii Gerardi, 

Gerbod, Hamo, 209. 
Gerbode, Willielmus, 297. 
Gerde, Reginaldus, 346. 
Gerdelee, esson apud, 293. 
Gerdelee, Gerdele, Ricardus de, 

259, 293. 
Germano, Willielmus de Sancto, 

Germanus, 206. 
Gemeise, Robertus, 117. 
Gememue, messuagia, &c. in, 373. 
Gememue, purprestiura apud, 387. 
Grernemue, Abraham de, 320, 321. 
Gememue, Abraham de, et Matil- 

da uxor ejus, 373. 
Gememue, Henricus de, 230. 
Gernemue, Herbertus de, 232. 
Gememue, Matilda de, 263. 
Gememue, Radulphus de, 237, 

240, 286, 380. 
Grememue, Simon de, et Alicia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 372. 
Cremum, Alicia, 152. 
Gemum, Aub?, 197. 
Gemum, Ricardus, 284. 
Gemum, Edeua Blanc, 304. 
Gernun, Alfelmus, 171. 
Gemun, Leo, 113. 
Gemun, Petms, 355. 
Gemun, Radulphus, 35. 
Gemun, Willielmus, et Christiana 

uxor ejus, 164. 

Digitized by 




Geroldi, Gerardus filius, 126. 
Geroidi, Henricus filius, 198. 
Geroldi, Willielmus filius, 108. 
Geroldus filius Ricardi, 317. 
Gersinges, Adam de, 119, 120. 
Gersin^ feod in, 24, 25. 
Gerstan, Eustacius de la, 224. 
GertentoS, Willielmus de, 273. 
GertoS, Johannes de, et Anneis 

uxor ejus, 108. 
Geruet, Geruez, Hascuil, Hascuil- 

lus, 198, 246, 249, 267, 

Geruet, Rannulphus, 287. 
Gervasii, Willielmus filius, 267. 
Gervasii, Jordanus frater Williehni 

filii, 267. 
Gervasius, 252, 269. 

Gervasius, y Magister, 405. 

Gervasius filius Reginaldi, 344, 

Gervasius filius Rogeri, 151, 153. 

Geua, j Vidua, 289. 

Geua uxor Rogeri Walensis, 138. 
Geua quae fuit uxor Rogeri de 

Stok, 416. 
Geuelestan, terra in, 139. 
Gibun, Philippus, 27. 
Gidnei, Rogerus de, 165. 
Gifehenna, Giufhenna, uxor In- 

gelrami Flandf, 246, 250. 
Giffard, Andraeas, 313. 
GifFard, Baldewinus, 147. 
Giffard, Johannes, 370. 
Giffard, Osbertus, Osebertus, 222, 

306, 307, 313. 
Giffard, Radulphus, 324, 370, 402. 
Giffard, Reginaldus, 220, 370, 378. 
Giffard, Warinus, 236, 237. 
Giffardi, Gaufindus filius, 447. 
Gigan, Willielmus, 282. 
Gigmes, Willielmus de, 5. 
Gihagne, Rogerus, 284. 
Gila fiiia Anegod, 448. 
Gila uxor Henrici de Hecham, 42. 
Gila uxor Martini de Bello Fago, 

Gilberti, Gileberti, Edwardus filius, 

Gilberti, Radulphus filius, 153, 172. 

Gilberti, Robertus filius, 119, 272, 

Gilberti, Rogerus fiHus, 226, 263, 

Gileberti, Walterus filius, 292, 410. 
Gilberti, Warinus filius, 304. 
Gilberti, Gileberti, Gilleberti, T^H- 

lielmus filius, 243, 306, 

312, 36a 
Gileberti, Mauricius pater, 192. 
Gileberti de Coleuitt, W^illiehnus 

filius, 328, 329. 
Gillberti Flandf, Herbertus filius, 

Gileberti de Glemham, Robertns 

fiUus, 12a 
Gileberti de Hida, Johannes filins, 

Gileberti de Linton, Matilda filia, 

Gilleberti de Mabbedon, Ricardus 

filius, 432. 
Gileberti de Wauton, Robertos 

frater, 365. 
Gilbertus, Gilebertus, Gillbertus, 

Gillebertus, 85, 115, 153, 

185, 215, 234, 255, 266, 

283, 286, 293, 294, 296, 

343, 349, 358, 364, 452. 
Gilebertus, Gillbertus, Magister, 

329, 337, 401, 4ia 
Gilebertus Prepositus, 4. 
Gilebertus filius Adse, 183, 200, 

Gilbertus, Gilebertus, filius Ail- 

noth, 195, 354. 
Gilbertus filius Aliciae, 370. 
Gilbertus filius Aufi-idi, 116. 
Gilebertus fiiius Bertholomiei, 226- 
Gilebertus filius Curtei§, 280. 
Gilbertus, Gillebertus, filius Hiae, 

146, 167. 
Gilebertus, Gillebertus, filius Gunl, 

326, 399. 
Gilebertus filius Johannis, 27a 
Giiebertus, Gillebertus, filius Le- 

gardi, Le^rdi, 306, 312. 
Gillbertus filius Luc, 255. 
Gilbertus filius Mauricii, 192. 
Gilebertus filius Radulphi, 231. 

Digitized by 



Gilebertus, Gillbertus, filius Rein- 

ferl, Rennfridi, 1, 316. 
Gillbertus filius Kicardi, 254. 
Giiebertus filius Roberti, 186, 198, 

200, 226, 230, 286. 
Gillbertus filius Simonis, 452. 
Gilebertus filius Sweting, 292. 
Gilebertus filius Viuiani, 411. 
Gilebertus filius Walini, 286. 
Gilebertus filius Warini, 201. 
Gilbertus, Gilebertus, filius Willi- 

elmi, 66, 322, 429. 
Gilbertus frater Rogeri, 370. 
Gilebertus frater Turstani, 284. 
Gilebertus filius Gerardi de Hach- 

am, 198. 
Gilebertus frater Godefridi filii 

Legard, 262. 
Gilebertus frater Johannis de Cunes- 

geton, Cungestun, 284, 452. 
Gilebertus homo Walteri de Wir- 

ham, 330. 
Gillingham, esson apud, 233. 
Gillingham, Theodoricus de, 385. 
Gimigham, Willielmus de, 377. 
Ginei, Rogerus de, 151, 157. 
Ginges, manerium de, 335. 
Ginges, villa de, 209, 210. 
Ginnes, Prior Sancti Leonardi de, 

Ginnes, Rogerus de, 198. 
Gipeswich, liomines de, 375. 
Gireberl, 272. 
Girunde, Hamo de, 34, 102. 
Giseburn, Stephanus de, 264. 
Gisnei, Gisnel, Rogerus de, 139, 

146, 306, 312, 383. 
Gistelee, mariscus de, 387. 
Gladesfenii, Osbertus de, 309, 388. 
Glainvitt, Ricardus de, 343. 
Glamvitt, Osebertus de, 106. 
Glaneford, Alexander de, 429. 
Glanvitt, Hubertus de, 312. 
Glanntt, Osbertus do, 81, 128. 
Glanvitt, Rannulphus de, 24, 241. 
Glanuitt, Willielmus de, 313, 402. 
Glanvill, Gaufi*idus fraterWillielmi 

de, 313. 
Glasen, terra, &c. in, 197. 
Glauele, Philippus de, 151. 

Glauele, Robertus de, 151. 

Glauele, Sigarus de, 151. 

Glauie, Robertus, 318. 

GIaimuiit,GIaunvitt, Ranulphus de, 
39, 433, 434. 

Gleiue, Rogerus, 161. 

Glemham, esson apud, 128. 

Glemham, Edwardus de, 128. 

Glemham, Robertus filius Gileberti 
de, 128. 

Glentham, Aluredus de, 50, 51. 

Gleseleia, Alanus de, 73. 

Glette, Rogerus de, 289. 

Gloucestrescire — Gloc, Gloec, 
Glouc, &c., 4, 7, 14, 36, 
55, 76,89, 110, 111, 121, 
224, 225, 235, 236, 252, 
259, 263, 265, 268, 275, 
277, 291, 292, 293, 300, 
303, 306, 813, 323, 336, 
342, 358, 388, 389, 396, 
402, 418, 425, 435. 

Gloec, Abbas de, 30. 

GIouc, Gloucestf, Gloucestrie, Ri- 
cardus archidiaconus, 277, 
342, 388. 

Gloec, Willielmus Comes, 40. 

Gloucestf, Alainus de, 277. 

Gnitf, Willielmus, 12. 

Goce soror Margarete, 263. 

Goda filia Hereuei, Herfthei, 106, 

Goda QUfie fuit uxor Alani filii 
Herberti, 54. 

Godacre, Ricardus, 121. 

Godardus filius Stonhardi, 9. 

Godebaldus filius Lamberti, 305, 

Godefridi, Alanus filius, 170. 

Godefridi, Joliannes filius, 12, 299, 
376, 380, 395, 437. 

Godefridi, Matillida filia, 58. 

Godelridi, Simon filius, 172. 

Godefridi, Willielmus filius, 151, 
227, 228, 257, 333. 

Godefridi, Henricus fi^ter, 405. 

Godefridi, Radulphus pater, 19. 

Godefridi, HolewisS uxor, 301. 

Godefridi filii Legard, Gilebertus 
fi^ter, 262. 

Digitized by 




Gode&idi de Ex;leshol, Johaimes 

frater, 240. 
Godefridus, 171, 302, 405, 415. 
Godefridus filius Elfeini, 8. 
Godefridus filiusLegardi,Leggardi, 

262, 292. 
Godefridus filius Ricardi, 25. 
Godefridus filius Sigari, 173. 
Godefridus filius Radulphi Piscatof , 


Godefridus de , 399. 

Godehuge, Godehug, Robertus, 

305, 311. 
Godeleua filia Rannulphi, 447. 
Godericus filius Elfeini, 8. 
Godesfeld, Ricardus de, 242. 
Godewic, Robertus de, 98. 
Godhale, Radulphus, 262. 
Godicestre, fossatum in, 193. 
Godid, Nicholaus filius, 151. 
Goding, 27a 
Goding, Fulco de, 200. 
Goding, Rannulfiis de, 182. 
Godinges, Herveius de, 102. 
Godit uxor Alani de Kaingfa, 257. 
Godiva, 325. 
Grodiva quae ftiit uxor Rogeri, 

GodivaB, Johannes pater, 447. 
Godrichestorp, hereditas in, 34. 
Godrichestorp, Johannes de, 241. 
Godrici, Robertus filius, 346. 
Godscein, Willielmus, 218. 
Godsewein, Alanus, 150. 
Godvein, Walterus, 300. 
Godwi, Rogerus filius, 61. 
Godwici, Willielmus filius, 239. 
Godwini, Albriciusfilius, 272, 296. 
Godwini, Henricus filius, 116. 
Godwini, Johannes filius, 72. 
Godwini, Ketei filius, 346. 
Godwini, Reginaldus filius, 101. 
Godwini, Ricardus filius, 179. 
Godwini, Robertus filius, 287. 
Godwini, Simon filius, 235. 
Godwini, Williehnusfilius, 202, 206, 

Godwinus, 295. 
Godwinus filius Henrici, 350. 
Grodwinus filius Sueting, 211. 

Goggepsdl, hida in, 417. 
Goldewinus, 245. 
Goldinton, Petrus de, 150, 167. 
Golling filius Stonardi, 209. 
Gorewelle, Ricardus de, 123. 
Gorham, Henricus de^ 158. 
Gosce, Thomas filius, 133. 
Goscelin, Radulphus, 82. 
Goscelini, Amisius filius, 221. 
Gbscelinus filius Willielmi, 300. 

Goscelinus, , et uxor ejus, 396» 

Gosefeld — decenna in, 184. 
Gospatric, Rogerus filius, 10. 
Got, Alwi, 8a 

Groteswelle, Radulphus de^ 129. 
Gracia filia Agneds uxoris Thoms 

de Salebi, 452. 
Graf%9 Radulphus de, et Isabdk 

uxor ejus, 308. 
Grafton, Graffiton, Radulphus de, 

129, 225, 429, 430. 
Grai, Alexander de^ 151. 
Grai, Johannes de, 151. 
Gramin, Willielmus de, 133. 
Grancurt, Grauncurt, Grantcort, 

Walterus de, 1 19, 255, 276, 

392, 394. 
Grancort, Grantcurt, Grrant Curt, 

Williehnus de, 89, 253, 290, 

291, 390. 
Grancurt, Grauncurt, Grant C^ut, 

Walter, Waltenis, filius Wil- 

lielmi de, 253, 390. 
Granda}, Baldricus de, 446. 
Grant, Simon le, 28a 
Grant, Willielmus, 272. 
Granteden, terra, &c in, 404. 
GranteS, Hugo de, 410. 
Grantesete, Grantsel, Alicia de, 

235, 276. 
Granteshede, Johannes parsona de, 

Grassus, Ricardus, 249, 287. 
Gratesdoii, terra in, 374. 
Graua, Mabilia de, 434 
Graua, Paganus de^ 167. 
Graua, Radulphus de, 253. 
Graue, Thomas de la, 30a 
Grauele, Gravet, tenementa, &c. 

in, 397, 399. 

Digitized by 




Grauelee, Johannes de, et Beatrix 

uxor ejus, 175. 
Grecia uxor Willielmi Cumin, 351, 

Gredd}, Baidricus de, et Ysabella 

uxor ejus, 256. 
Gregorii, Willielmus filius, 44, 49, 

Gregorius, 40, 235, 273, 331. 
Gregorius — Magister, 327. 
Greinvitt, Adam de, 58. 
Grreinvili, Ricardus de, 72. 
Gremmettes, Willielmus, 247. 
Greneford, Walterus de, 172. 
Grenemue, mesuagium in, 414. 
Grenestede, Osbertus de, 185. 
Grenew, Grenewic, Grenewiz, 184, 

185, 186, 187, 188, 190, 

193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 

198, 199, 200, 201, 207, 

Grenewic, Alulf de, 230. 
Grent, Willielmus, 381. 
Gressingehale, Haroldus de, 125. 
Gretton, Simon de, 146. 
Griffin, Ricardus, 209. 
Griffim filius HeVardi Cogfc, 234. 
Grim, Bemardus, 280, 326, 327. 
Grim, Elias, 6a 
Grim, Radulphus, 276, 323. 
Grim, Ricardus, 185. 
Grim, Simon, 68* 
Grim, WUliehnus, 371, 4ia 
Grim filius Sexi, 234. 
Grimbald, Williehnus, 109. 
Grimescote, Ricardus de, 146. 
Grimesleia, Ricardus de, 28. 
Grimestofi, Baldewinus de, 280. 

Grimeston, de, 372. 

Grimestorp, Hberum tenementum 

in, 145. 
Grippinge, Walterus de, 122. 
Griseleia, Reginaldus de, 100. 
Griselh, Wiliielmus de, 100. 
Gritorp, hft tenementum in, 145. 
Groue, Rogerus de, 395. 
Gruei, Adam, 315. 
Gubaud, 330. 
Guberti, Robertus filius, et Auicia 

quae fuit uxor ejus, 199. 

Gudredi, Odo filius, 88. 
Gruido filius Henrici, 344. 
Guidonis, Wiliielmus filius, 73, 74. 
Guidonis, Ricardus filius Willielmi 

filii, 25, 91. 
Guinet, Johannes, 223. 
Guiot filius Henrici, 130. 
Guiscard, Robertus filius, 343. 
Guiz, Andreas le, 446. 
Guiz, le Guez, Guiz, Simon de, 

308, 344, 350, 353, 391, 

417, 433. 
Gumbaud, 244. 
GuS, Ranulfus, 346. 
Gundreda, Gimdrea, Grundf, Co- 

mitissa, 120, 229, 239, 285, 

Gundredae, Simon filius, 24a 
Gundrida uxor Roberti filii Reine, 

Gunild, Gunnilda, Gunnild, Gun- 

nuld, 186, 295, 326. 
Gunilda uxor Toli, 2a 
Guniti H'eming, Ida filia, 92. 
Gunora uxor Briefi filii Radulphi, 

Gunnora uxor Radulphi filii Brieni, 

Gimnora uxor Roberti filii Walteri, 

Gunt, Gilebertus, GiUebertus, filius, 

326, 399. 
Gunter, Philippus, 183. 
Gunter, Willielmus, 212. 
Gunullda uxor Gileberti Harpede- 

man, 287. 
Gunware, 284. 

Gumai, Ricardus de, 180, 206. 
Guuk, Rogerus de, 178. 
Guuz, Simon le, 276. 
Guzistaii, terra in, 141. 
Gwez, Williehnus de, 117. 
Gwido pater Abbatissas de Sancto 

Edwardo, 65. 
Gwidonis, Ricardus filius, 110. 
Gwidonis, WilHelmus filius, 43. 

O , feod* milit*, &c. in, 146. 

Digitized by 





H. Eps Exoniensis, 140. 
Haale, ecelesia de, 9. 
Hacenshain, Gilbertus de, 121. 
Hacford, Hugo de, 241. 
Hach, Alanus de la, 163. 
Hacham, Giiebertus filius Grerardi 

de, 198. 
Hachamsted, terra, &c. in, 317. 
Hache, terra in, 165. 
Hachet, Walterus, 123. 
Hachetorn, Alexander de, 127. 
Hachetornd, Williehnus filius Gau- 

fridi, 126. 
Hacon, Hacun, Hacune, Walterus, 

160, 165, 270, 440. 
Haconis, Laurencius filius, 303. 
Hacsted, Rollandus de, 319. 
Hadewi, 237. 
Hadfeia, Adam de, 171. 
Hadfeld, Simon de, 171. 
Hadham, villa de, 160. 
Hafeld, terra in, 176. 
Hag, Alicia de la, 279. 
Hag, Jacobus de, 356. 
Hage, Willielmus de la, 285. 
Hagelintun, Ricardus de, 146. 
Hageman, esson apud, 121. 
Hageman, Abbas de, 121. 
Hageman, Ricardus Abbas de, 103. 
Hageman, Normannus de, 103. 
Hageman, Walterus, 121, 
Hagemont, Canonici de, 18. 
Hagenesse, Hagenes, insula de, 

Hagenild, 295. 
Hagernier, Ricardus le, 46. 
Haggeston, Ysaac de, 315. 
Hai, terra in, 385. 
Hai, Thomas, 81. 
Haia, Gaufridus de la, 172. 
Haia, Johannes de, 236. 
Haia, Walterus de, 49, 343, 349, 

Haia, Willieimus de la, 381, 402, 

421, 422. 
Haia de Stow, WilHelmus de, 197. 
Haia de Writel, Gaufridus de, 182. 

Haidenn, Haidon, terra in, 5, 94. 
Hailesberi, Hugo de, 259. 
Haine, terra in, 351. 
Haine^ Williehnus de, 106. 
Hah-um, Hugo de, 294, 298, 36a 
Hairum, Radulphus de, 197. 
Hairum, Ricardus de, 294, 298^ 

Hairun, Johannes de, 168. 
Haiton, placita apud, 400. 
Hakele, Bemardus de, 178. 
Hakeneia, decenna in, 216. 
Hakentoii, capella de, 9. 
Haket, Beatrix, 381. 
Haket, Walterus, 73, 91, 110. 
Haketom, Williehnus de, lOa 
Hakewelle, Alicia de, 186. 
Hakonebi, Walterus de, 448. 
Halanus filius Gaufridi, 248^ 
HalchUd, Godefridus, 19. 
Haldeliam, Johannes de, 139. 
Haldeloc, Walterus filius, 41. 
Haldham, Matilda de, 40a 
Haldham, Nicholaus filius Matilds 

de, 403. 
Hale, ecclesia de, 10. 
Halecumb, Heriui de, 323. 
Halewelle, Stephanus de, 396. 
Halgeford, WiUiehnus de, 231. 
Halgetoft, Hallgetot, Hubertusde, 

Halhfeld, terra in, 177. 
Halidai, Phihppus, 96. 
Halidai, Reginaldus de, 20, 96. 
Halifeld, decenna in, 181. 
Halingeburi, boscus de, 208. 
Hahngford, villa de, 209. 
Haliwett, moniales de, 232, 307, 

379, 427. 
HahweB, Prior de, 43a 
HaliweH, Priorissa de, 38a 
Halketot, Hubertus de, 106, 107. 
Halkun, Radulphus capellanus de, 

Halla, Walterus de, 332. 
Hallinges, Radulphus de, 94. 
Halneto, Oliverus de, 127. 
Halsted, decenna in, 17a 
Halsted, ecclesia de, 270, 309, 


Digitized by 




Halsted, terra, &c. iii, 194. 
Halsted, Reginaldus de, 270. 
Halsted, Rogerus de, 233. 
Halwardesberie, Cecilia de, 110. 
Halwardesberie, Robertus, 110. 
Ham, Walterus, et Dionisia uxor 

ejus, 292. 
Hamalinl, Rieardus de, 105. 
Hamani de Sirebuni, Willielmus 

filius, 213. 
Hamedeii, Radulphus de, 264. 
Hameldon, Robertus de, 140, 303. 
Hameleden, life tenementum in, 

Hameredene, Johannes de, 266. 
Hamertoii, terra de, 435. 
HameS, Ranulfus de, 402. 
Hamestede, terra de, 80. 
Hamihoc, ecclesia de, 132. 
Hamme, terra, &c. in, 355, 363, 

425, 441. 
Hamme, Alexander de, 340. 
Hammes, Walterus clericus de^ 

Hamo, 58, 272, 331, 424. 
Hamo filius Bailhurt, 353. 
Hamo filius Hamonis, 77, 81, 84, 

85, loa 
Hamo filius Ricardi, 259. 
Hamo filius Steingrim, 346. 
Hamo fiiius Wiliieimi, 127. 
Hamo frater Thomae Brand, 70. 
Hamo pater Walteri, 360. 
Hamo pater Willielmi, 403. 

Hamonis, fiiius, 220. 

Hamonis, Basillia filia, 443. 
Hamonis, Hamo filius, 77, 81, 84, 

85, 108. 
Hamonis, Nicholaus filius, 222. 
Hamonis, Reginaldus filius, 290. 
Hamonis, Ricardus filius, 246, 249, 

310, 351, 417. 
Hamonis, Saman filius, 106. 
Hamonis, Walterus filius, 253, 

Hamstede, Walterus de, 266. 
Hamtoii, Alexander de, 253. 
Hamtou, Reinerus de, 107. 
Hamtoii, Roges de, 107, 108. 
Hamtoii, Simon de, 108. 

Hamtoii, Tliomas de, 353. 
Hamtou, Simon filius Johannis de, 

Hamun, Alexander de, 294. 
Hamundeiee, Simon de, 295. 
Haninge, Williebnus de, 101. 
Hantoii, Tliomas de, 78. 
Harald, Robertus, 279. 
Haraldi, Walterus filius, 102. 
Harang, Hunfridus, 343. 
Harang, Radulphus, 343. 
Harcef, Robertus, 207. 
Hardegripe, Robertus, 228, 236. 
Hardeii, Radulphus de, 18. 
Harding, Wiliielmus, 236. 
Harding, Wiliiehnus filius, 228. 
Hardinghorn, life tenementum iii, 

Hardres, Jacobus de, 348. 
Hardres, Philippus de, 348. 
Hardreshutt, Willielmus de, 452. 
Hare, Emoldus, 41. 
Hare, Willielmus, 57. 
Harec, Robertus, 185. 
Hareheuid, Malgerus, 235. 
Hareines, Hiasde, 90. 
Hareines, Galfridus de, 90. 
Haremed, Harmed, Johannes de, 

222, 22a 
Hareng, Matheus, 224, 36a 
Hareng, Radulphus, 349. 
Hareng, Umfridus, 349. 
Hareng, Williehnus, 220, 353, 354. 
Hareng, ITiomas frater Willielmi, 

Harengod, Harengot, Steph, 267, 

387, 442. 
Harewecort, Aiicia de, 62. 
Harewemede, terra in, 15. 
Harimes, Thomas de, et PetroniUa 

uxor ejus, 25. 
HaringdeuuW^ Hubertus de, 431. 
Harkesle, Henricus filius Rogeri 

de, 174. 
Harmonters, Henricus de, 444. 
Harold, 111. 
Harpedeman, Gilebertus, et Gu- 

nullda uxor ejus, 287. 
Harpendeu, Harpendon, Robertus 

de, 315,316, 4ia 

Digitized by 




Harpele, Rogerus de, 274. 
Harpeft, tenementum in, 366. 
Harpham, Galfridus de, 41. 
Harpur, Ricardus le, 385. 
Hai-pur, Willielmus, 283. 
Harpwett, Walterus de, 384. 
Harreton, Rogerus de, 76. 
Hascebi, Johannes de, 9. 
Hascuillus filius Johannis de Suleui, 

Hasketot, Hamo de, 314, 377. 
Hastenc, Eutropius, 297. 
Hasteng, Hunfridus, 296, 364. 
Hasting, esson apud, 292. 
Hastinges, Alicia de, 184. 
Hasting, Johannes de, 252, 314. 
Hastinge, Matilda de, 227, 301. 
Hasting, Milo de, 31. 35, 101. 
Hasting, Hastinges, Radulphus de, 

184, 252, 318, 344, 349, 

Hasting, Robertus, 318. 
Hasting, Umfridus, 347. 
Hasting, Willielmus de, 229. 
Hasting, Alexander frater Roberti, 

Hatfeld, Prior de, 266. 
Hatfeld, Williehnus de, 7. 
Hathersen, Matheus de, 67. 
Hatton, terra, &c apud, 55. 
Haubois, Petrus de, 390. 
Haudenebei, ecclesia de, 240. 
Haudenebi, Robertus de, 401. 
Haudesie, Milo de, 261. 
Hauec, Matheus, 140. 
Hauec, Robertus, 173. 
Hauec, Willielmus, 97. 
Hauekebi, Walterus de, 347. 
Hauel, WiUiehnus, 264. 
Hauenkendun, ecclesia de, 8. 
Haueresham, Hugo de, 349. 
Hauerton, esson apud, 236. 
Hauichiston, Galfridus de, 133. 
Haured, Willielmus de, 54. 
Hausted, Petrus de, et Alicia quae 

fuit uxor ejus, 70. 
Haustede, Rogerus de, 45. 
Hautbois, Rogerus de, 235. 
Hauting, WiUielmus de, 186. 
Hauuitt, Juliana de, 409. 

Hauuille, Hauuifl, Willielmus de, 

186, 239, 32a 
Haverseg, Matheus de, 99. 
Hawisia mater Simonis de Kima, 

82, sa 

Hawisia uxor Andraese de Arming^ 

wurth, 41 a 
Hawissa uxor Fulkonis filii Wa- 

rini, 37. 
Hebston, lifc tenementum in, 48. 
Heburburi, Waieramus de, 300. 
Heburburi, Willielmus de, 238. 
Hecham, terra in, 42. 
Hecham, Henricusde